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Learn German the interesting way- Talking about hobbies, interests and family

teacher avatar Andy Gobel, Professional German teacher

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (46m)
    • 1. Why should I take this course?

    • 2. Curious part 1

    • 3. Curious part 2

    • 4. 7 Must see live music locations in Berlin

    • 5. Verb sein

    • 6. Possessive pronouns Singular

    • 7. Verbs sprechen + sehen + fahren

    • 8. Saying what you (don`t) like

    • 9. Numbers 1 to 20

    • 10. Numbers 20 to 2222

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About This Class

This course is perfect for people who are interested in German language and culture


who would like to have a good time while learning something new!

In 45 minutes, you will learn how to

  • have a basic conversation about your hobbies, interests and family
  • build the verb sein (to be) 
  • use the possessive pronouns in the singular
  • form essential irregular verbs (e.g. to speak, to see, to drive among others)
  • express what you like and what you don´t like
  • count from 1 to 2222

We start with a realistic dialogue, while all the following lessons provide basic grammar and useful vocabulary directly related to it (the dialogue is part of a story between David and Anna meeting in Berlin, which is developing through my courses- for part one please look at my course Introducing yourself).

At the end, you´ll be able to apply what you´ve learned in a creative way!

Picture by peoplecreations / Freepik

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Andy Gobel

Professional German teacher


A positive learning experience is the key to effective learning

I am a native-speaking professional German teacher with more than ten years experience teaching German as a foreign language. I also have university qualifications in music, philosophy and teaching.

My interest in teaching German started, when I helped my wife to learn German from the very beginning. I realized soon, that the most important way to succeed in learning a new language is to have fun doing it. After thousands of German lessons with all kinds of students through the years, this simple truth has been confirmed over and over again. That?s why my teaching aims to keep the learning efficient by providing a good experience.

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1. Why should I take this course?: 2. Curious part 1: in this section will start again with a dialogue that takes place just after the jazz concert in the A train has finished when our two lovely characters meet again. Don't worry if you don't understand everything at first I'll explain all the new aspect in turn afterwards. And I'm pretty sure you will recognize a lot from what you have already learned. Okay, let's start. The concert is over and David is waiting for the female piano player to appear. Xun dish Susie in Good to see you shown dish Xeon dunker foodie in latam It's far Toilet Spee Lindsay off in Berlin Things for the invitation It was great. Do you often play in Berlin dunker, Foodie? Fine lad. Um as far toll spielen Z oft in Belene nine. Does va does? Yes to my Zargham via too No, that was the first time. Let's use do literally she's asking Do we say you And this is a common way How to offer to speak informally If you remember our last Section nine Dust vadas is to my Zargham via too . Okay, each muster in photo from concert on minor familia Zenden is dust okay for dish? Okay, I'd like to send a picture from the concert to my family. Is that okay with you here? There is no difference between the two okays Just two options. How to write it. Okay, each muster in photo from concert on minor familias. End is dust Okay for dish not to release. Want Dina familia in current off course Does your family live in Cologne? Not too early. Want Dina familia? In current newer minor enitem minus vester won't in Stockholm Only my parents my sister lives in stock Home here does is mine ish Vester Maria wound your familia z ist for high hearted owned hot Svay Kindle See are blighted else Manager in by Ikeya here that is my sister Maria and her family. She's married and has two Children. She works as a manager at a Kia and we say manager of in because for all professions we have a female version adding in i n at the end off the word like dear John, a list d journalist in also their student d student in etcetera. Here thus is minor Szilveszter Maria on your Familia Z is for high hearted, owned hot survive Kingda, see our bite it all its managers in by Ikeya end off curious Part one 3. Curious part 2: into the sunt minor a Return Common House Deutschland. There's hope. Propecia East Deutsche Mind Buddha spritzed our Spanish as a fish won't ambition. Yeah, Panish Spartan Isn't Zain Hobby Vasant Dina. Hobbies. Interesting. My parents come from Germany. That's why I speak German. My brother Also speak Spanish, Arabic and a bit of Japanese languages are his hobby. What are your hobbies into her son? Minor Elarton. Common House Deutschland This help pressure is storage mind. Buddha's breached our Spanish Ah ha rubbish Won't NBC in your Spanish Carson's and Sign Hobby thus and Dina hobbies each lease again. Cream ease Wound ish her again Hook musique on Do I like to read crime novels? And I like to listen to rock music and you It leads again. A cream ease owned her again. Hawk Musique on to easy again to film a won't intake again Nor your Stata. I like to watch old films and discover new cities. Ekezie again Ultra filmer owned intake again nor year. Stata Kandir, Baleen Teigen I can show you Berlin ish Candia Berlin Sagon does were toil Yes. Give it your mind. Anouma Nool. Heinz ZX Too high. It's my aunt's onesie. fear on vans ish survive on fear. That would be great. I give you my number. 0163 20 to 24. 42 Does we're told SK body a minor Numa Nool eines ZX die serve I owned Vance's fear on Vance's so I don't feed etc. Zubar here has two minor should an avenue No super. This is mine. Have a nice evening. Literally Beautiful evening Still, Zuba here, Haas To minor should an ABBA and no, this done is for your me. See you. I look forward to it. This done, he's for you. Me It seems like our two characters will meet again. But before that let's have look at all the new things we came across in the dialogue. Let's start with the verb to be Zain. 4. 7 Must see live music locations in Berlin: in the light of the current events. In our story, I would like to tell you a bit more about some extraordinary life music locations in Berlin . Of course, this selection is subjective, and it's impossible to mention even 10% off all the places with life music you confined in Berlin. That's why I've chosen locations I find special for one reason or another. Since I'm not sure about the copyright, I won't show you any pictures but provide you with the websites. Cosy Mortal. Founded in 1975 by an Italian who had moved to Berlin for Emory's reasons, the Quasimodo is nowadays one of the most renowned life clubs in Europe. First class musicians from all over the world play here as a part of their tour through Germany or Europe. The atmosphere inside is traditional for Life Club, with deep black walls and low lit illumination. The club, situated five minutes from the zoo in the center of West Berlin, is quite small, which allows a direct contact to the artists. I have already experienced a lot of great concerts here, from jazz to blues, funk, Latin rock, soul or singer songwriter. If you want to have a look before going there. You can access their website toe Watch the concert in Life Stream. Gosh Cooney, Frog Prince. Every Wednesday evening, this small bar in Noikorn, with a lot of beautiful black and white film photos on the walls, offers a quite special event. You can watch old silent movies accompanied life by a piano player. This is quite an exciting time journey, since many films are set in the Berlin off the past. Pacione Scared Passion Church. The Pass Eons Keisha is a church in courts back next to the popular back munched NASA and the beautiful Shah missile Keats. Keats is a special word from Berlin and Means neighborhood Shar miso Keats. It's Sanctuary was transformed into a stage, and the acoustic is also much better than in a normal church. You can experience high quality concerts with jazz, pop, world, classical or even organ music in the unique atmosphere. They even have an under floor heating system so that you never feel cold inside. Even in the deepest winter bar, Yida Fallujah left the name of this location is already a clever pun because of the double meaning off the word bar On one hand, it means bar off every reason. But it's also an idiomatic expression, meaning devoid off all reason. As one can imagine, This place is a bit crazy, quite hidden on some kind of parking area. In Vilma Stoff, you experience a big surprise. Entering into a mirror tend with lots off colors and an atmosphere like in a small, intimate circus. The artistic program goes from Sean Sans and musical to comedy are Cabaret, and they also have fine in house gastronomy. Zip. My Assists Vie Home Voom, Zepp Myers, two Room Apartment, Zet. Mayer was a famous German goalkeeper in the sixties and seventies. Actually, he has nothing to do with music, but nearly everyone in Germany knows his name. This location is special for two reasons. First, it's inside of a private apartment. The guy who lives there with his cat decided years ago to have regular exhibitions and concerts in his living room before and after the music. He also sells drinks in his kitchen. When I played there, our backstage area was his bedroom, so everything is quite small because it's just a two room apartment. Secondly, the concerts are exclusively dedicated to duos, so the intimacy off the location goes quite well with the intimacy off the music. Vac Start Dear Cool Toolan Workshop of Cultures Berlin is famous for being multicultural. People from all over the world live here, which also has an interesting impact on the music scene. The Workshop of Cultures offers versatile concerts with music from everywhere, as well as exhibitions, conferences, films, performances and parties. According to the motto, We celebrate cultural differences. Besides the regular music program, there are also a lot of opportunities to visit one off the various jam sessions or open stages. Here you can experience very different local life acts in an authentic atmosphere in one evening. There are many locations, so just have look at these websites to find out more. All right, I hope to see you soon in one of these locations. 5. Verb sein: like in many languages. The verb design to be is irregular. Let's have a look at the different verb forms. Just remember, there are three ways to conjugated verb in the singular as well as in the plural ish Been I am is bean do best you are do best s z ist he it she is Yeah s z ist via zint. We, uh the zint Year Zeit. You guys Ah year Zeit z z zint They formal You are Z Z zint. Let's look at some examples using different forms off the verb Zain, try once again to pick out the ones you have heard in the dialogue. A secret tip to off them He's been lead ish. I am single a spin ladies beast do for high hearted Are you married beast do for high hearted Does East minor Szilveszter, that is my sister does is minor Szilveszter v isn't to spit We are too late Veers isn't to ship it Zai it ear gash vista Are you siblings? Zai it Ear cash vista fastened Dina hobbies What are your hobbies Thus Zind Dina hobbies. Although this verb is irregular, you won't have any difficulties memorizing it soon because you simply use it so often. Repetition is one of the secrets off effective language learning All right. In the next lesson, we will learn about possessive pronouns, which you need to know if you want to have any conversation about friends or family. 6. Possessive pronouns Singular: welcome back. In this lesson, we will learn about singular, possessive pronounce in English. These are words like my your his her and it's the last dialogue with David, and Anna is full off them. As you might have heard already, German Ounce can have three different genders masculine, feminine or neuter. We will have a closer look at this in a later section, but you will soon understand why I already mention it here. The process of pronounce ah mine dying or year, which is the formal way Zain Year Zain. In our dialogue, we also find thes same words with an E added at the end like my no dying a year Zeina he her and Zeina they actually mean exactly the same. This e appears when the noun after the process of pronoun is either plural or feminine. Singular. Off course. This means that the pronounce that precede masculine and new to announce don't have that final e. All right, let's have look at some examples. Miners Vester Speed Volleyball Mine, Buddha, Ashfield, Foosball Wound minor L Ton Shell and tennis. My sister plays volleyball. My brother plays football and my parents played tennis miners Vester Speed valuable main board are speared. Full spy Want minor l Ton Spielen Tennis won't Earache Vester in Amsterdam? Does your sister live in Amsterdam? Asked in a formal way. Won't Earache Vester in Amsterdam. Thus ist dying. Leap Ling's Essen. What is your favorite food? Asked in an informal way. Thus is dying. Leap Ling's Essen Yates Spear hot designer Regan. Every game has its rules. You need a spear. Hot designer Regan Zeina organs and plow owned era organs and bone. His eyes are blue and her eyes are brown. Zeina organs and blow won't either organs and pound. Okay, now you know how to build the singular possessive pronouns. Test yourself by looking back at the dialogue and trying to identify all 12 possessive pronouns that you'll find in there. Up next, we have a look at common verbs that we use talking about hobbies. See you 7. Verbs sprechen + sehen + fahren: In this lesson you will learn how to build three important verbs. You might need to speak about activities and hobbies expression to speak Z and to see and father and to drive. These verbs are irregular because they change their stem in two specific forms. They are also called strong verbs in contrast to weak verbs which don't change anything. This is logical when you realize that changing something always needs strength. We start with possession to speak e possession. I speak each possession Do priest you speak Do spirit s the spaced Hey it she speaks s z perished via position We speak for year position year expressed you the plural form speak year expressed the Z expression they or formal you speak z the expression you can easily see that the verb stem changes its vowel. This only happens in the U and he she it form other verbs that change this them in the same way. Ah given to give Yeah. Keep Neiman to take Z nim Empt Essen to eat. Yeah, East Fair guessing to forget the fag Asst Tiffen to meet the Drift and Helfand to help as his gift in the following examples I also show you what other languages are called in German Z spliced Wucetich won't ah ha Rubbish. I want a pretty poor to give dish won't ambition Heaney's ish. She speaks Russian and Arabic and I speak Portuguese and a bit of Chinese, and it's a bit challenging to pronounce that I'll say it once again. Z flourished Hosts ish wound Ah ha Rubbish wound a profession. Portuguese ish wound ambition. Heaney's ish expressions e English. Do you speak English? Formally asked. Possession ze English. She released Do fun sues ish. Do you speak French? Informally asked. She placed Do front sues ish do drift feeler inter centre loiter In Berlin, you meet many interesting people in Berlin Do drift feeler inter centre loiter in Berlin veers possession ever poorly teak on the expression uber does Vulcan end. We are speaking about politics and they are speaking about the weekend. The expression uber politique owned Z expression Uba Does Vulcan end the irregular verb Zeon to see changes its verb stem in a similar way Each zeer I see each zeer do Z east. You see do Z East s z Z eat He it She sees S Z z Eat via Z and we see Vere Zee and year Zied you and a plural form C year z eat z z z and they are former. You see Z Z Z and here the verb stem becomes i e, which is pronounced in German like a long e. Other quite useful verbs changing like this are Lee's in to read air Least Gaussian to happen This your sheet and I m feeling to recommend Z m feared 1/3 group of irregular verbs . Change the verb stem like far in to drive ish Father I drive ish Father do fast que drive do fast now it z felt he it sheet drives s z See that via Fartman We drive Veer Fasten your fart. You guys drive year fart z z fun they formal You drive Z z fastened. As you can see, the A becomes an A or r oom lout and a with two dots. Other useful verbs being conjugated like far in low, often to work air. Lloyd left. The vowel combination is pronounced oy in German air. Loi eft sh laughin to sleep z sh left felon to fall here filled or target in which can be to carry or to where Z tanked. In order to be sure that you use thes quite common verbs correctly, I recommend to learn the he she it form together with the infinitive form. If it is irregular. This is enough because you know now that the change is always appear only in the U and he she it form. All right, now you know how to use all these common verbs. In the next lesson, we will learn how to express what you like and maybe even more important, what you don't like. See you. 8. Saying what you (don`t) like: in our dialogue. Anna and David speak about what they are others like to do like them. It is natural to speak about hobbies, preferences, etcetera. When you meet someone for the first time, the way we do this in German is different from English. If you like something, you simply use the word again. Organa. After the verb in the following examples, I will not repeat the ones used in our dialogue so that we can cover more things one can like doing. Let's start east. Learn again and no Yes. Won't s again show cool larder. I like learning new languages and I like eating chocolate. Each learn again. And Neuer Schweinhafen owned Essar Ganor Show Cool larder two Guest Gan in ski No! You like going to the cinema? Do guest Gan in ski No Z sh left can be Izmit Tac She likes sleeping until noon. Z sh left can biz Mitar Veer Speed and Gana Full spy on year Get gana in coffin We like playing soccer and you guys like to go shopping Veer spiel and Gana Foose pile on Ear Gate Gana in coffin Zeev own and Gana here they like living here Z Voronin Gan here if you are quite disappointed now because you don't like doing any off those things Now it's your turn . If you want to say that you don't like doing something you add next Gan Ornish Ganor After the verb, for example, it s a finished gana to Martin. I don't like eating tomatoes. It s a finished gana to Martin Do guest Finished again in small cesium. You don't like to go to the museum to get finished? Began in small cesium z sh left Nish can in hotel She doesn't like sleeping in a hotel. Szish left next Gan in hotel via Spielen East Gana goals Won't you get finished? Gana Dungan, We don't like playing golf And you guys don't like to go fishing via Spielen East Gana Golf . Won't you get next? Canna London Ziona finished Gana here. They don't like living here. Zeev own and next Gana here. All right now you are able to express your personal likes and dislikes in a differentiated way. In the next lesson, we will learn some numbers so that we are able to understand, among other things, phone numbers given to us by nice people. See you next time 9. Numbers 1 to 20: in this lesson, you will learn how to count from 1 to 20 and I invite you to be my echo to practice the pronunciation off the numbers right away. Let's start Heinz of I the high fear food z six Zemun asked, Knowing seen it is it's worth tight scene fi it seen food scene zest Scene zp scene Ah, Scene nine seen Great! These were the numbers from 1 to 20 And now you are prepared to count from 22 2222 in the next lesson See you. 10. Numbers 20 to 2222: there are many reasons why it's useful to know how to count beyond 20. Firstly, some people like to recite their phone number using numbers between 10 and 99 like a now did in the A train. Also, most of the bills you have to pay in a cafe or restaurant will cost something in between. Last but not least, your age is most likely near that range, too. So now that you have learned to count to 20 you'll be surprised to learn that the numbers are a bit back to front after 20 in German. But you get used to it instead of 2122 etcetera. We count one and 22 23 20 etcetera. Let's have a closer look. It's one C. As you may have noticed, the ending I G in German is pronounced, which, by the way, doesn't apply only to numbers. And again I invite you to be brave and be my echo again, even though the words are a bit longer now, so I'll start again. Seven c. I known someone see so I don't fancy die on fear on someone. See food on seven c ZX wants Once ish Zieba Nonce wants ish after 176 nine on solvency. Well done. Oh, I see I owned Dicey. Don't worry, I won't continue counting like that until 2222. I think if I do so, you will use this video If you can fall asleep at night so I will continue a bit faster if you see Z c z Pepsi. Uh, see nine c nine on nine c Einhorn dot I am haunted mines. As you can see, we only say 101. There's no owned in between like an English Einhorn that lines Svay hoon dot Svay hundert scene I am 1000 and now you will see the longest word off the whole video calls. Attention, please. Survived 1000 Spy Hundert Spy on 70 Now you Quite good. If you show this word to a friend who doesn't know any German, he will certainly be quite impressed by your effort. A quick note about year and dates. No Insane Hoon that as you can see, 1980 in German becomes 1980. So all you have to do is to add who ended in the middle off the number just in case you'd like to tell someone the year you were born or simply talk about the good old times. Great. Now that we have clarified everything about our A train conversation, it's time to go back to our two characters who had promised to meet again. But when and where the story of David and Anna will continue in my next course.