Learn German 2: Woher kommst du? (Where do you come from?) | Harun German | Skillshare

Learn German 2: Woher kommst du? (Where do you come from?)

Harun German, Online Instructor | www.harungerman.com

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5 Videos (1h 7m)
    • Grammatik: Deklination von heißen

    • Ich komme aus

    • Ja, ich komme aus

    • Where do you come from? Woher kommst du?

    • Worksheet:Arbeitsblatt: I come from:Ich komme aus


About This Class

In this class you will learn how to ask and respond to the question "Woher kommst du?" (Where do you come from?) followed by declination of "kommen", positive and negative answering "Ja ich komme aus.../Nein, ich komme nicht aus..." (Yes, I do come from..! No, I do not come from..) and practical exercises





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Harun German

Online Instructor | www.harungerman.com

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