Learn From The Best: Lessons Learned from Skillshare's CEO | Franki B. Kidd | Skillshare

Learn From The Best: Lessons Learned from Skillshare's CEO

Franki B. Kidd, FBKwrites.com

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8 Lessons (18m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. K.I.S.S

    • 3. Competition

    • 4. Don't Fall into the idea, idea, TRAP

    • 5. Shut up & Listen!

    • 6. Final: Two Things!

    • 7. Bonus Tip

    • 8. Validate


About This Class

Using the lessons I learned from taking a single class taught on Skillshare by Skillshare's CEO I was able to apply the knowledge and land my class in the # 1 spot of the 8,000 classes on Skillshare for a couple of days,  during the month of August.


In this class, I invite you to come along on a journey as I share with you the top 5 lessons I learned from taking  CEO/founder of Skillshare Michael Karnjanaprakorn’s class.

I want to share this information with you because:

  • If you are a teacher on Skillshare (or thinking of becoming one), you will profit greatly from the nuggets of wisdom shared
  • If you are an entrepreneur the tips shared will bring clarity to your latest startup or project


I do NOT know Michael Karnjanaprakorn.   Let me repeat that.  I have never met Michael Karnjanaprakorn, and I don’t know him.

However, what I do know is some dang good advice when I hear it.  Karnjanaprakorn might not (yet) be one of the well-known CEOs like Zuckerberg, Bezos (his hero), but he’s whip-smart, and he knows a Minimum Viable Product when he sees it. 

Hiis class focuses on MVP and startups, but you can apply much of the advice to your Skillshare class or any other online endeavor.

Click & Enroll.  I’m excited to share with you some good information.





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Franki B. Kidd


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