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Learn French for the Holidays (Countries, Hotel, Restaurant & More)

teacher avatar Cléo - Learn French With Me, French Teacher

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (47m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Main Vocabulary & Four Seasons

    • 3. Places To Go On Holiday

    • 4. Directions In French

    • 5. Accommodations

    • 6. Transports

    • 7. Holiday Activities

    • 8. Money & Currencies

    • 9. Restaurants & Shops

    • 10. Continents & Countries

    • 11. Class Project & Conclusion

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About This Class

Learn French For the Holidays (Countries, Hotel, Restaurant & More)

In this course, we will have a look at the main topics related to holidays for you to have more vocabulary and knowledge in French. The course is divided in 10 topics as follow:

  • Introduction to the main vocabulary
  • The four seasons
  • Places to go on holiday
  • Directions
  • Accommodations
  • Transport
  • Activities
  • Money & Currencies
  • Restaurant & Shop
  • Continents & Countries

If you have any question or suggestion, feel free to leave a comment in the discussion. If you need more vocabulary about certain topic, feel free to ask.

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Cléo - Learn French With Me

French Teacher


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1. Introduction: Welcome everybody, welcome to this new French course. I'm delighted that you've decided to join me today. In this course, we will have a look at the main vocabulary and related topics about the holidays. Discourse is for all label. So if you're a beginner, you will allow simple vocabulary about the holidays. If you level is intermediate, you can learn more with the different sentences that will be provided. And for more advanced levels, discourse, it's just a good way to catch up with some previous learning. So let's have a look at all the different topics. First, we will learn the main vocabulary over the holidays. Then what are the forces on infringe depending on when you would go on holiday? We will find out about the different places to go to on holiday. We will look at how to use and give direction in French. We'd also look where you could stay with the different accommodation and had to travel to places with different transport. Then we will have a look at what to do during holidays, what kind of activities? You will also learn about money and currencies. And had you talk in a restaurant or in a shop. And finally, we will learn about all of the seven continents and some of the countries, their capitals, and the nationalities of these different countries. And the last topic will be about where you could speak French in the world. So we have a lot to learn today. So let's begin. 2. Main Vocabulary & Four Seasons: First of all, let's learn the main vocabulary about holidays. Holidays. Vacation in French is leave vehicles. Vehicles to go on holiday. Bacteria or vehicles or vehicles. I go on holiday. Park or vehicles should park or vacuoles. I'm on holiday. Just resolve that goes just freeze on back-ups among annually. Just resolve causing just result. Cozy. And you can notice as well, our doodling is on after the three should resolve causing fit. Something that you can learn from another course about pronunciation. Holiday time, silly vacuoles. Philly vectors have a good holiday, but vehicles have a good trip. Both voyage to travel, voyage, Voyage. The traveler. On Voyager, if it's a man who in via shrews, if it's a woman, a holiday Mecca. And in fact Karski, if it's a man as well, in vacuum. If it's a woman, a tourist, tourist. If it's a woman in tourist, it's the same world which has changed yet. The article, a suitcase in valleys, luggage, the baggage, a map in Westport, and best for an ID card in capillary density. Now that we have seen all of this vocabulary, I have created some sentences through the whole course so you can do more than just words. The translation will always be provided. And you don't need to learn the whole paragraph, but you can just pick which sentences it could be useful in your learning. And you will have similar exercises at the end of the course as well. So for example, I wrote saying, yeah, just reason causing all that goes Dima. And like methane emissions and enclosed body image, semi Wu Qu baggage, SharePoint, gut, porno, bumble, parable is your OCI more basketball enact just didn't take the map them. And this means that's it. Among annually are gone holiday tomorrow with my family and my friends. I have a big suitcase and my friend have a lots of luggage. I'm taking my map that you get lost and also take my passport and my wife's ID card. So what's good about writing the sentences? It's going to build up the vocabulary you learn. And it's not just a couple of words that you learn, it's actually sentences. So the more you learn vocabulary is that we've words. And then when you feel more confidence that running some sentences like that or you could use it on a daily basis. Now let's have a look at the four seasons. Spring in French is pumped up. And I've also had indices and as an adjective because we've got it as a noun, little panel, but we also have the adjective. And I've put the example of spring holidays. And there's two ways of saying this infringe. So for instance, spring holidays in French is lead lag calls du Pont off literally mean the holiday of string. And the second way of saying it is, leave that calls content yet. Leave my calls do pant on the vacuoles, Pantene. Summer. French is lithic. Summer holidays. Lever calls the t o. The vehicles is Stephen, autumn or fall. In French is Lawton. Be careful we don't pronounce the M. Luton. Looked on Odum holidays. Levi called Dalton. Oh, leave I cos o to l. And the last one, Windsor in French, is leave it leave it. Winter holidays. Lead vocals. Oh, the vet comes either lab. 3. Places To Go On Holiday: Now let's have a look at different places to go to on holidays. Main vocabulary. Ali, Allah, pledge to go to the beach. I leave to go to the seaside. Lucille, the ocean. And they allow me to go to the mountains. Alae, ala company to go to the countryside, to the city. Eduardo FF&E to go see family. Added while the x_min to see friends. But it only to go to a foreign country. Now let's have a look at some sentences. Just recently, a vec master media on their view Lucille illegally Book Widow vacuum. Which means today, I went to the beach with my family. We saw the ocean. There were lots of waves. I would like to go to the seaside one day. And other sentences to less than media. Exhibit a warm is Amy exhibit some or permit the parties down-sample it? Which means I'm going to see family. They live in the mountains. On the way back. We go see my friends. They live at the border. It allows me to go in a foreign country. And then one more sentence. Albert. Allah compatible. Which means Alba doesn't like the countryside. It prefers visiting a city. It really likes Rob. 4. Directions In French: Now let's have a look at how to understand and hutch give direction in French. So first of all, in French is No, no, you don't pronounce the d at the end. Is should lose sued. You do problems to the west is west and east is asked. Lu, Lu Xun, West Less. Now let's have a look at some vocabulary. Also told her work can be found something Wu C2, where it's situated. Something coma ideally are hard to go to. Somewhere. Gosh, gosh. Left on the left. Do what? At what? Right on the right. Tool BWA, straight up, put in our hood. Take the road. Luteal route, the motorway, the highway Lucia RMA, the lane the Bab low home point around about me to to turn around EC law. Here, there. Now let's have a look at some sentences with the vocabulary bourgeois. Jue Shang De Hua, who sued for serving leisure. Partial. Who do they pump at the what preceded will. They also told me, I gosh, is he bought a petition, Ebola, which means hello. I am looking for the village called EVA. Whereas this village, hello, you need to take the next right, then follow the road, and then turn left and follow the small lane. And there you are. And other sentences. Bonjour, Monsieur, pooja room or super mushy. Oh, bourgeois Madam would do their whole polluter would say 2D what people wanted. And Socrates says USDA. Plato, who wants your vote could walk. Wouldn't put a parity. Which means, hello, sir. Could you tell me where the supermarket is situated? Oh hello madam. You need to go back on the motorway. It straight on. And then you take the exit number ten and it's just after the roundabout on your right. You can't miss it. One last sentence. Excuse MY commentary. Julia Versailles. Was at that it hold one fed. Doom me to see to doo-wop, very loop UNODC do kilometers. Which means, excuse me. Hi, can I go to Versailles? You tufa turnaround it straight on. You will see the sign in about two kilometers. 5. Accommodations: Now let's have a look at the different accommodation where you could stay during a holiday. Accommodation in French is Lizzie Belgium or let's have a look at some vocabulary. And hotel. A hotel and accompanying, accompanying site. In Villa. A viola and a flat or an apartment. In mezzo. A house, you know, bear the Jeunesse, a hostile. In Schama, a row. Avik Aneesh sample with a single bed. And do we have a double bed in cell? Do bump the bathroom. And let's have a look at some sentences. Just puberty or vehicles apparently is just realistic. Those are no tell. You prefer a pawn shop. They can sum up clean Schaumburg, I've accounted do blue, Uzi in cell do bump up attention. So that means I went on a holiday in Paris and I stayed in a hotel. A preferred staying in a room with a single bed. For my friend chose a room with a double bed. There also was a shared back from next sentence. Do not end with I felt completely by Damiano. Don't, don't follow me. Say super. The early Ubuntu and Damiano add-ons, you know, bales degeneracy, which means tomorrow, I am leaving with my brother and we will be camping. We would slip in a tent for tonight. It's great. I call went to go there. On the way back. We would sleep in a hostel. And finally, one last sentence. May battled backed on vehicles on this span. Don't lose supermen, meanness, FDA suitable Louis in Villa won that battle in PC, MATLAB bottom-up and visual EMI. And that means my parents are going on holiday to Spain in two weeks. But they don't know if they're going to rent a villa or reflect the villa as a swimming pool, that the flat as a CV. 6. Transports: For this topic, we will have a look at the vocabulary related to each transport. So first of all, we're going to start with the train traveling by train. Voyage on top. Some vocabulary. Look hung. The train. The Tang, the T KIP. Look controller, the inspector. Lucky. The platform. Like Gary, the station. And now we're going to look at some sentences where we can use that vocabulary. Poorly vehicles, DC did a party on top? Or should they be a_dagger? Usual men. So lucky numero due. Prioritizing controller even knew very few multi-copy. For the holidays. We decided to take to train a good my train ticket at the station on the same day and I went on the platform number two. During the journey, the inspector came to check my ticket. Now we're going to look at the next transport. Traveling by plane. Voyage on live. You lead your the plane. Lily Cup tear the helicopter. The plane ticket, the equity to take off. Layer will pull the airport at the rear to lend largest Homo that shaken loose terminal, the terminal, the Deepa departure, Liza 3v arrivals. And now sentence using that kind of vocabulary. Palm lead polynomial for geothermal VAW. Ramy momenta layer will go with terminal do really philologist Commander Mei baggage. And that means I'm going to take a plane for the first time. I have finally my flight tickets. Rami's taking me to the airport at the terminal. Number two, I'm going to check in my luggage. Then the next one, traveling by car, voyage on which you are traveling by road. Leverage. The car. Like Caravan, took care of a cat, the comping van, Pluto, who's the motorway or the highway? Repairs, the tool. Now let's have a look at some sentences using that vocabulary. Fits you best. Fit any new porno love what you put in by palm Leto whose opinion page? Joseph Xuan or coating gas can casual pretax. And that means it's great. This year. We taking the car to the mountains, we will take the motorway and therefore the door. Joseph will meters with accompany them a few days later. The next one, traveling by boat on bed to libretto, the blue fairy. The ferry. In quasi to go on the cruise port, the port available mental map to be SCC. And then a sentence using this vocabulary. New pornography or Duvall, torn street feminine quasi shampoo goal that to G, at the Toba, remove lamellae domain in a baptismal video allele. And that means we taking the ferry in Dover to go on a cruise on a much bigger boat. I cannot wait to be at the port, but my brother is sick. It does not really want to go there. And nonetheless, transport, which is about public transport, to take public transport, palm lithos, bone coma. They transport on coma. Public transport. The underground, the subway loop use the bus. This test you will do mitt hope, the underground stations and detach a double-dip KOBAS. And finally your paragraphs using all that vocabulary. You visit or logo sit n0. It was Allan Palmer, limit hold Rondonia, pull up cornea for his own. Glad that bell YouTube idea plan does testing older MIT who alone over OC palm lupus. And that means we are visiting London this year and we are taking the London Underground for the first time. English people call it the tube. There are many underground station in London. We will also take the bus. 7. Holiday Activities: Now let's have a look at different activities you could do on a holiday. As always, if some of the vocabulary you would like to know is not mentioned, feel free to ask me in the description below. So the activities, it is activity. Let's have a look at different activities. I Lee Aleppo, to go to the swimming pool, to swim. Failed use Kino tick. You go water skiing. Felt or upload it. To go scuba diving. Felt you can't really felt eukaryotic. Canoeing, kayaking. Alae, ala, pledge to go to the beach. Ballsy. To time. A couple more activities failed. You saw idealistic to go bungee jumping. Failed. You parachute to parachute. Felt risky. Do you serve to go skiing, to go surfing? Felt Alejandro knee to go hiking, visited sightseeing, Phelge, karaoke, karaoke, and Satya to go out. Then let's have a look at some sentences with this vocabulary. Move back at the early spot, acquitted. It fit, use Keynote sheet. It will approach a new part of our consular math, truly zone pulsar. And that means my father likes water sports. It goes water skiing and scuba diving. We go on holiday to do see every year for this another paragraph. My Mac adult visited it. You touristic, let alone visit book wouldn't music? Middle SUA, who's an unfair to karaoke in Osaka, long-view. Which means my mother likes to go sightseeing touristic places. She loves London. She visits a lots of museum. But in the evening we go karaoke and we go out in town. And one last paragraph, ma, person, NO. One company, a noncontact, atomic limit your formal dessert. Avik mission, which means Me personally, I prefer hiking. I like going to the countryside and to be in contact with nature or go for walks for hours with my dogs. 8. Money & Currencies: Now we're going to have a look at currencies and money. We're going to start with currencies, which is infringed limb unit. We're going to have a look at the French Euro, US dollar, and the UK pound. So let's start with the Euro. One. Euro in French is unknowable. Then if it's plural, this whole with an S at the end. And then you've got two ways of writing it. A €100, for example, the EU, or with the symbol of the Euro at the end. So as you can see in Ireland, the Euro symbol is before. So how do we know where to put the Euro symbol? Well, it depends on the previous currency of those countries. So if we take France, for instance, we used to have the hope. And the full symbol was after the number. In island. They used to have the Irish pound and the currency symbol was before the number. So each country has kept the same position of the currency symbol depending on their previous currency. Another note as well. If you look on banknotes, there is no S at Euro. And it's because the Euro written on the nodes is more like the symbol of the euro, not really the world. Now let's have a look at the US $1.1 dollar is doula plural, the Douala. And you've got two ways of writing it. A $100. So we've the dollar symbol or you as D. The last one, the UK LB. One LB is you leave standing, pounds, the lever styling, and you only add an S to leave, not to staling. Then you have two ways of writing it. Gbp at the end for a 100 pounds or adding the symbol which is at the front. And then let's have a look at money. Money in French is larger. So let's have a look at the rest of the vocabulary. To bet in cash. In French, we have three ways of saying it. Pay on this Bess, pay, cash, or the liquid. A credit card is in cash, the credit to pay by card, pay back. Or you can also say the cat, Banca. The cash machine and distributor to pay by check or uncheck, to take money out. Or what should they do? Drop a pin, could and could pin a transfer and VR mode to make a transfer on the amo. To cash a check on Casey, uncheck. The bank lab bulk and account or a bank account sampling. You can say it in two ways. Unquote, oh, unquote, bunker. Let's have a look at some sentences. Ballroom, Jew would reduce, although it has no legal standing. Sylvia Plath, Jabal voyage Duma to warm FMI will see my gulp Banca, sugary again, more on Casey uncheck. And that means Hello. I would like to take up €200.300 pounds, please. I'm traveling tomorrow to go see my family. Here is mapping cup. I would also like to cash out to check another paragraph. My opinion on this best cementum and Italy would distributor allow us to set Nobel cat may matter was small and assuming they buy the song could pin o, who's more cooler? Mycorrhizal, accept blue liquid. And that means my mother had to been cached this morning. She went to the cash machine to take out some money. She received this new code, but unfortunately, she could not remember how PIN could. Fortunately, the Shop accepts cash. And the last paragraph is, should to found the OMOP suprema clinic. This will applicants from Lula bulk somone telephone refit to treat. And that means I'm making the transfer. I can login the app of the bank on my phone. I'm doing it right now. 9. Restaurants & Shops: Another topic that is very important for the holiday is how to talk in a restaurant and in a shop. So we're going to start with restaurants. A restaurants in French is a crystal. And we're going to have a look at some vocabulary that you can use in a restaurant. A prefect, and be fair. Vestal Avante to book a table, to book a table. Reserved the tablet to order. Come Monday. Excuse me. Excuse anymore. A waiter. So if it's a man and a woman in cell, a menu, I'm a new starter. You're not hit a main unplug, has he been? But this it the bill the check legis you. And finally, to leave a tip, listening on port. Let us have a look at some sentences. So SUA Lozano dawns on histone Avante, have a two-term FMI, moped, unresolved. The entablature policy person. Just sucrose really commonly polar this. And that means Tonight we are going to a buffet restaurant with my whole family. My father book The Table for six people. Already know whether we'll order for this, that and the last paragraph, geodesic and been Swami laundry did is use GDAL. The LED is shown. Lsl is usually really set on pull block to Sancho, which means I had a great evening. The starter with diminishes as the way to foot the bill and the laughter, the tuple, €5. Now let's have a look at shops. So a shop infringe Lu mechanism. And now let's have a look at some vocabulary you can use in a shop to buy. As should they too send vulnerable a clothing shop, a mechanism to vet mode. The closed size that Talia, a shoe shop and mechanism. The shorts you though shoe size, Lab portfolio. To go grocery shopping, family cooks, to go shopping, fell, do shopping. Expensive, share, share. The second one if it's the word is feminine. The first one, if the word is masculine, chip, best share, best share something. The first one is for masculine word, and the second one is for a feminine world. A department, radio, a supermarket, and Sue Bell mushy, the Jacob, do till like guess. The cassia Luke ESC. If it's a man, like gifts, yeah. If it's a woman. Now let's have a look at some sentences. Should be fairly cuz I like move where you Busan STD pump it, you let loose you Bell machine a balloon is Sunni battle to share. Which means I'm going grocery shopping with my brother and need to buy some bread and some milk. The supermarket is not fall and it's not too expensive. And the last paragraph, ONE, Vasa allows you this ceded to fail you shopping. It will measure did a new venture shoe, it calculate mod omega zone level does Madam on them upon shoe promo has_many, the show's shock Ulla, the long-term and loosen pressure measured in Zambia. And that means it's my birthday. So I have decided to go shopping and buy some new shoes and some clothes. At the shop. The seller as me, my shoe size to get the shoes I wanted for awhile. They are Chip, but I like them. 10. Continents & Countries: Now we're going to have a look at the world. We're going to learn all the seven continents plus a couple of countries and more information about these countries. First, domain vocabulary is a continent. Or a country. Campaigns a capital. In capital, a nationality. Your nationality. Now we're gonna go through each continent. First continent we have is Antarctica, long-term. Long-term. To be careful we don't pronounce the sea long tactic. The next one is Africa. Left-click. And we're gonna look at a couple of countries. Let's start with Algeria. Luxury. The capital is algae. Algae. And the nationality. If you're a man, algeria, if you're a woman, Algeria, Egypt. Egypt and its capital, look, look, care. If your man is gypsum. If you're a woman. Can moral Qu, Lu malloc. And the capital is a hub of the nationality. Ma ho count o, Wo Kan. And the last country we're looking at, South Africa. Left-click do sudo. But capital is Pretoria. And the nationality Sue deftly count or sued F3 can. Now let's have a look at North America. Let me reach geno. First country. We're looking at Canada. Canada, the capitalise, Bowtie BWA. And for the nationality, we said cannot jump. Can that Mexico is low mixing. And the capital Mexico City. For the national editor makes the cal mix you can. And then the last country we're looking at today. United States of America leaves it as you need that may affect the capital is Washington. We said the same in French, Washington. And for the nationality America. Oh, American. Now for South America, lemme do students. We have a couple of countries. Argentina, tin, and it's capital. When those there, be careful the pronunciation is different in French. When those. And the national entity, Amazon. Oh, Argentina. Next country, Brazil. And its capital. Brasilia. Some pronunciation. And the nationality. Brasilia, Brazil. Chile, Lu Shi Li, capital, some Chegg. And the national entity, cilium. She'll yen. Columbia law, Coulomb, and the capital book, good. Nationality. Columbian. Columbian. Nonetheless country we're looking at Peru. Loopy, who capital is Lima. And the nationality Pigouvian. Pigouvian. Then the next continent we're looking at is Asia lenses. Lazy. China is less shin and the capital is beijing. Beijing. For the national entity we said She NWA Shin was injured, is lambda. Lambda and it's capital New Delhi. New Delhi. Nationality. And Jiang Jin, Japan luge Apple, Capitolium, Tokyo. And for the nationality we said, yup, when they're Japanese. And the less country we're looking out. Thailand, Laos, Thailand. The capital is Bangkok. And for the nationality, we said k lambda, k lambdas. And now for Europe, Lu hop. We have Belgium. That Belgium. And the capital is in English, Brussels, but in French we say bookseller. Nationality is Belgium, which is feminine and masculine. So you only need one word for the nationality. Friends left Hamas. Capitalise Paris, but infringe, be careful we pronounce it. Patty. Patty, you don't pronounce the S at the end. And the nationality. Paul said. Paul says, next one is Germany. The capital is Berlin. In English or in French, we say BATNA. And the nationality Alma al mondo. Now we have Italy lethally. Capital is a home. And the nationality Italian, Italian. Next country, Spain, less spending. And the capital is metadata. For the National NDT, we said Espanol is spend your sons the same where we add a knee when it's feminine. The next one is Switzerland. Less. Capital is Ben, bits written differently. And the nationality suisse, which is like Belgian, It's feminine and masculine. You only need one world streets. And the last one is United Kingdom. La Jolla means the capital is London, but we said long ago. And the nationality, Brittany. And nonetheless continent, Oceania, Lucy and new. We have Australia loose tally with the capital of Colombia. And for nationality or stallion, oestrogen. Now we have Fiji. Fiji, capital in silver and the nationality Fijian feature. And then the next country, New Zealand law in New Zealand, the capital Wellington and the nationality nail cylinder. And there was a long tense. So if you're currently learning French, you don't need to just go to froms to practice. There are many countries in the world where French is the official language. Could you guess how many countries? While it's 29 countries, and it places French of the English In terms of official language. So let's have a look at which countries. You've got 21 countries in Africa, DR. Congo, Madagascar, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Niger, Burkina Faso, Mali, Senegal, Chad, gaining Rwanda, Burundi, bending, Togo, Central African Republic, Congo, Gabo, Equatorial Guinea, Djibouti, Comoros, and say Shall we go five countries in Europe, France, Belgium, Switzerland, looks on book, and Monaco. And then we have to countries in North America, Canada and IT. And one country in Oceania. Value2. 11. Class Project & Conclusion: Well done everybody, you've made it to the end of this course. Maybe you're planning a trip in a French speaking country, or you just want to learn more about this topic to improve your French language skills. So now it's your turn to practice. You have a couple of exercises to do. The first thing is to write a paragraph about the places to go on holiday, like I've done in the course. You need to write a paragraph about the accommodation and a transport, as it was done in the course as well. You've got a couple of sentences to translate about the direction. You've got an exercise about vocabulary learning in the course. And you've got two questions to answer about the money and the restaurant part of the course. So find more information and all the exercises in the PDF you can download in a class project section below. Don't forget to submit it, so I can have a look at it and we can discuss it. Good luck with your work. So let's summarize everything we have learned today. You know the main vocabulary about holidays. You know the four seasons. You know, different places to go on a holiday. You understand, and can give direction. You know, the different accommodation where you could stack, you know, the different transports. You could take, you know, some activities to do on holiday. You can use money and all but different currencies. You can talk in a restaurant and in a shop. You know the seven continents and some countries and their capitals, you know, some nationalities. And where you could be speaking French in the world. Marsupial with liquid, they attribute onto a rock.