Learn French Vocabulary: 100 French Verbs (Sensory Verbs, Motion Verbs & More) | Cléo - Learn French With Me | Skillshare

Learn French Vocabulary: 100 French Verbs (Sensory Verbs, Motion Verbs & More)

Cléo - Learn French With Me, French Teacher

Learn French Vocabulary: 100 French Verbs (Sensory Verbs, Motion Verbs & More)

Cléo - Learn French With Me, French Teacher

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8 Lessons (18m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Movement Verbs

    • 3. Sensory Verbs

    • 4. Cooking Verbs

    • 5. Feeling Verbs

    • 6. Speaking Verbs

    • 7. Common Verbs

    • 8. Conclusion

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About This Class

Learn French Vocabulary: French Verbs

In this course, we will have a look at some vocabulary in French and in particular different verbs.

Here is the list of the different topics:

  • Introduction
  • Movement Verbs
  • Sensory Verbs
  • Cooking Verbs
  • Feeling Verbs
  • Speaking Verbs
  • Other Common Verbs
  • Class Project
  • Conclusion

If you have any question or suggestion, feel free to leave a comment in the discussion.

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Cléo - Learn French With Me

French Teacher


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1. Introduction: Hello everybody, welcome to this new French goals. Today we will improve our vocabulary knowledge by learning a hundreds of apps. This course is aiming at beginners, but all levels and welcome to. This course is divided in the following topic. First, we'll have a look at the movement verbs, also called motion verbs. Then we'd have a look at the sensory VAB, which are related to the five senses. We also would look at the cooking of apps, the feeling verbs, speaking verbs, and any other common verbs. You would have a class project. At the end of the course. I went introduced the three different friends and conjugation. Usually I will use the President to make it quite simple. But before you learn all those new verb, I advise you to look at my conjugation cause to actually be familiar we've conjugation in French. So let's get started. 2. Movement Verbs: So we're going to start with movement verb, also called motion VAB. The first one we have these alley to go. I've put an example up first. I'm going to the post office to get closer. Zmapp harsh to them MSM. I'm getting closer to the house at EV to arrive Geneve dolls, you know, Aloe, right. And our advocacy to move forward. Jevons Don I could moving forward in the queue to move il bourgeois leisure with removes the toys. Andrea to Dr. Drew quandary may have watcher. I drive my car Korea to run. 2d Zhu. I run every day. The umami to start should the Maglev, once you start the cow. Diplomacy to move the plasma pure. And I'm just adding a note about bourgeoisie. And they place it because they translated by two move. In English or in French, we have two words. The difference is it Bushi is more the idea of just the movement. And the Plessy is more the idea of moving from one place to another place, from a to B. This cycle to go down. And they saw she goes down grumpy to climb to Gump. So let w you climbing on the table. Marshy to walk. Know Marshall or villa. We walk in town. Monti, to go up remote, DOM rational. I go up to my room and energy to swim, manage truly matter. I swim every morning. But here to live. I'm leaving tomorrow. Bessie, to pass law. Don't pass. The plane is passing law. To dive, to PLOS, don't admire. You dive in the sea. Kitty to leave ELL kids on a de Sitter. He's leaving work at 05:00 PM. Clojure to wriggle little baby. Well, me to Latane. The baby recalls older time. So t to jump, mock suitable Aflac. Mark jumps in the puddle, support money to take a walk. Drummer Pullman, eventually sham, I'm taking a walk with the dogs. Sin guanine to move away in cell one to LA, moves and it moves away from the mountain. Satya to go out. And satyagraha, she goes out of the Garret. Toby to fall. Brian, it Bombay do love. My n has fallen from the tree. Veneer to come to the on-demand outcome tomorrow. Vole to fly. Lewis who voted Donald CL, the bird flies in the sky. So that's the first part of the course. If there's any other movement verb dam might have not mentioned and you would like to know, feel free to leave a comment in the discussion. Thank you. 3. Sensory Verbs: Now let's have a look at the sensory verbs, so they are related to the five senses. Look LD to watch, should regard that television. I'm watching the television and look out. They can also be translated by to look at, in the sense I am looking at this guy up our server to catch sight of g. I could sight of my daughter. Voir, to see voila. I see the dough. Now we're going to have a look at verb related to hearing. Equity. To listen. Gee could loop officer. I listen to the teacher ensemble to hear John Tom Mama. I hear my mother. Now we're looking at web related to the touch, to shape, touch, more fees to shed to Mason touches everything related to the taste. Good, to taste, to try. Zhe Ge Gnutella soup. The soup. To eat. Gmos, do show cola. I'm eating some chocolate. Dig rusty to save a piece-by-piece. I'm saying that because we've got another verb that is very similar in French, you, they used that, that I'm tasting UPI severally to savor. So the difference is more vigorously is more piece-by-piece and sub-array is more bad. Enjoy the whole thing, the whole meal. Juicer. I've also PLA, I'm severing this mirror. And finally, a verb related to smell, some clear, to smell through some path phone. I'm spending you perfume. So that's it for all the sensory verbs. Thank you. 4. Cooking Verbs: Now we're going to have a look at verbs related to cooking. Cosine, to cook, cuisine, to leisure. I cook every day. So in English we've got to cook, but we have two verbs to level differences. Queasy is more about the general election of cooking. The general idea and clear is about cooking an ingredient. So if you look at the example, it makes more sense. Should carry the palm data. I'm cooking the potatoes. So it's really the action of cooking that ingredient, the potato. Rather than the first example was you cooking every day as the general election of cooking? Clear to fry Libyans? I'm trying the donuts. To roast. A roasted dammit. Bowyer to POJO Zhu, the Boolean law, I'm going to boil the water. Mineralogy to mix remained less solid. 2pi to cut through coupon. I'm cutting the breadth, the cookie to chop. Judy quickly to map. I'm chopping the tomatoes. Equity to drain lipid. I'm draining the Bestor. Happy, too great. In haplo homage is grating the cheese to poor, invest less sauce, is pouring the sauce, cassie, to break in a ghastly x2, it breaks the eggs. And finally, green to green. New Zealand. We are going to agree with them. It let me know if you have any other cooking verb that you would like to know. The fridge liver comment in the discussion. Thank you. 5. Feeling Verbs: Now we're going to have a look at the ABS related to feelings, to hate. I hate vegetables. Did this day to dislike. You did test at dislike my uncle. Purely to cry. It don't say Shambhala, the Christ in his bedroom condo, to be afraid of ill. Counsel pair is afraid of his father. To be scaled up. And upper designer. She is scared of spiders. Tom Lee to shiver, and Tom blood Ofwat. She's shivering because of Amy. To love New Rochelle cola. We like chocolate. Adult to adult. Whose music you adore music. Sharing. To cherish. In sharing the lever, he cherishes his books. This DNA to desire. The desire to go on holidays swiftly, to wish to sweat. For catabolism. I wish you a good recovery. Sophia, to suffer. Suffer some atom he suffered this morning. Sit now v, to get angry. Poem. He gets angry. Financing, security to worry and sunk yet to Latane. She worries all the time. So that's all the fitting labs for this course. Let me know if you have any other verbs that you would like to now. Thank you. 6. Speaking Verbs: Now we're going to have a look at web related to speaking. To speak should fall over some aspect to the neighbor. To say o to ten, depending on the context. The venial dhamma, I told him to come tomorrow, shortly to sing to shunt dollar. Do you think in the shower? To scream to Latane is creams all the time. We were only two shaft a little deja. She's already shouting. She should take to whisper and she should talk. She's whispering to much. Ardency to announce. Elastomers subject to is announcing his victory. Due Monday. To ask noodle model in puzzle, we are asking for a break. To answer will happen. The allocation. You are answering the question. For me to inform exact formula shift. They informed the bus in here to laugh. And Laurie, the volatility. They're laughing in front of the TV. To Mau, Mau, Mau ripples a murmuring My answer. Lipid t to repeat, to let bet that has. You repeat your sentence. And finally, to explain edX bleak Sunday and he explains his book. So that's it for the speaking webs. Thank you. 7. Common Verbs: And finally, let's finish with some common verbs that are very, very useful in friend. Let's have a look at the first one. To be just reasonably I'm English. I have to have I have two brothers. Which in English would be two purposes. You can live to do in physics books is doing, is food shopping. All the way. To send over a ghetto. She sent a gift. Palmer to take new porno. Luckily, we take the bustle. Dubois must, would've it Bhatia. You must leave Burma to allow InMobi admit that it will provide, allows me to go to work, to want. And they want to eat. Met, to put in MATLAB shows shoe. They put their shoes on at dawn to wait. Jets on abuse. I'm waiting for the bus at Palmer to learn to up hop along the way, you learning English. Finally, we're going to have a look at Savoir and connect. So in English you said to know to infringe, We have two labs for this web. So I'm going to explain the different savoir to know if it's followed by a verb, like in this example, juicy Patty, I know how to speak. You would use savoir also if to know is followed by an interrogative term like Oh, call Como. Which means when. For example, you could use sublime as well. Also tube-like cuisine. I know where the kitchen is. Then if it's two, NO plus a noun such as people, you would use Kubernetes in French. Then if it's two, NO plus a noun, such as a place, zucchini, Barry, I know Paris, various uses, city, it's a place. Then you use gonad. So let's summarize. In English, you said, you know, in French we have to them savoir and connect. Savoir is followed by a verb or an interrogative term. Canal is followed by a noun which could be people or places. Now let's go back to outcome and webs up purely to cool Japan, to Doctor. I'm calling the doctor to study to HUD blue Francais. You studying French? Andrea, to drive economy. He drives his cow. Put the g to protect and put that sits on top. She protects her children. The policy to spend knew the possum cuckoo. We spend a lot. As Shruti to buy was eschewed. The vet mu U by includes, volunteered to sell. In Rwanda the Bobo. They sell candies and our last job to finish and finish Lavoie, they finish their homework. So you've seen some common verbs. Those are really used on a daily basis. So that's why it's really good to know those ones. 8. Conclusion: When done everybody, you've made it to the end of the course. So now let's have a look at your class project for today. So you will have a couple of verbs in English. You need to find the correct gloves in French, and they are linked to each category that we've seen today. Once you've done that, you'll have to write a sentence with the web, and I'll let you choose the pronoun or the conjugation. Literally, it's your choice. So this is the end of the course. And today we have seen a 100 French bulbs. So you can add another 100 French web to your vocabulary. Let's have a look at what we learned today. So you have learned some movement verb that we call motion verbs as well. Some sensory that are related to the five senses. So I'm cooking web fitting verbs and some speaking perhaps, and also some common verbs that you would use more on a daily basis. So thank you for watching these cause massive covert liquid a attribute into alpha.