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Learn French: Numbers, Dates & Time

Cléo - Learn French With Me, French Teacher

Learn French: Numbers, Dates & Time

Cléo - Learn French With Me, French Teacher

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7 Lessons (26m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Cardinal Numbers 0 to 99

    • 3. Cardinal Numbers 100+ & Decimals

    • 4. Ordinal Numbers

    • 5. Dates: Days, Months & Years

    • 6. Tell the Time

    • 7. Class Project & Conclusion

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About This Class

Learn French: Numbers, Dates & Time

In this course, you will learn to count from 0 to over a billiard in French.

You will know all the numbers in French.

You will also learn the days and the months in French as well as how to tell the years.

We will look at how to tell the time in French.

  • NUMBERS (Cardinal and Ordinal Numbers)
  • DATES (Days, Months & Years)
  • TIME (Tell the time in 12h or 24h format)

I hope you will enjoy the course.

Feel free to leave any comment, question or suggestion.

Meet Your Teacher

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Cléo - Learn French With Me

French Teacher


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1. Introduction: Hello, everyone. I'm delighted that you have decided to join me for another French course. Today we will have a look at numbers, dates and time in French. By the end of this course, you will be able to come from 0 to 1 billion or more if you ever need to. You will also be able to use orginal number like first or second. And finally you will be able to tell the time in French and you will know how to say two days date, so let's get started. 2. Cardinal Numbers 0 to 99: Now we're going to have a look at some numbers. We're going to start from 0 to 19. I pronounced the numbers twice. So for zero zero zero one. Uh oh. To do do four Kept kick sighs sunk. Sank six His ces seven set. Sit eight mitt, meet nine. No, no, 10. This geese 11. Thanks. Names. 12 DUIs does that for Tim because 14 get those Catto. 15 counts count. 16 says Says so for 17 18 and 19. As you can see, they've got a different structure. They literally means 17 means 10 7 18 minutes. 10 8 and 19 Means then nine. So 17 is D set. Diss it. 18 days, REIT, these reap 19 business, isn't it? I repeat all the numbers altogether. Zero uh, do claw cap sank. Sees set reit enough. These those dues because get killed counts says she said these REIT business. Now we're gonna count from 20 to 39 20 with some and now you can see for 2131. We have to add the word and e. It's just because of Julie, isn't it? Sounds better. So 21 vomiting, something 22 bun do Fund. 23 Around Talk Van Talk 24. Van Kep Monk, It 25 Mount Sunk Profound Sunk 26. Francis Vance's 27 Found Sit Round Fit 28 from Treat Don't Treat 29 Well enough well enough and then 30. Taunt talked. 31. Conte Tom T. 32. Tom Do Tom Do 53. Calm, come talk 30. Cool. Don't get Tom Cat 35. Calm sunk, calm Thank 36 Consists contests 37 Concept calm Sit 38 Country calm treat. 39 Continous continent. Now let's come from 40 2 59 So as you can see some pattern for 41 51 we have the level. And that is added. Just with really is 40 count Catapult 41 Get home Cat home Take 42 Cat Home do Got home Do 43 Got home 12. Got home talk 44 Calhoun Kep Caroline kept 45 down Sunk Get Home Sunk 46. Kalman Sis Garrone sees 47 Care Home Set Got Home Set 48. Carol Home Treat Carol Home Treat 49 Donald Knuth, Cal Nuff And then We move on to 50 50 years. Sunken Zankel 51 San Competition Sunken statement 52 San Calm do San Calm do 53 Sank on 12 . Sank on 12 54. Michael kept sank on Ket 55. Cycled, sunk, cycled sunk 56 Zankel sunken sees 57 sank on Sit sank on set 58 Sunken treat SunCom treat 59 Son called Enough Suckle No. Now we're gonna count from 60 to 79 something we keeping the little end for 61 71. But there's a little difference. So you've noticed when we did 2030 40 50 You just add number one. Do 34 up to nine next to it. It's almost the same thing here about from 70. So when you arrive at 70 you continue counting. So it goes from for example 69. Then you consume. I need you 16 10 60 11. So I'm going to start with the 60 and we come back to the seventies to 60. Is sweat sold Switzerland 61. Sweat something, huh? Sweat some tea. 62 sweats on do sweats on 63 sweats on 12 sweats on 64. So it's on kep sweats on Kep 65 sweats on sunk sweats on sunk 66 sweats on sis sweats on cysts. 67 sweats on sit sweats on sit 68 sweats on treat sweats on treat. 69 sweats on enough sweats all enough and then we arrive at 60 so it's 16 means 60. Then 60 plus 10 equals 70 70 sweats, something sweat something. And then we followed the same pattern. 71 means literally 60 and 11 and you follow that pattern onto 79. So 71 sweats on t sweat some tea. 72. So at some dues sweats. Some news. 73 sweats on present. Sweats on because 70 Pool Switzerland Cattles sweats on ghettos. 75. Cecil counts. Sweat some counts. 76 sweats on says it's Wessel says. And then we've got the less free numbers. Remember when we learn 17 18 and 19 DeMint, then seventh and eighth and ninth. So you can really either think 77 means literally 60 17 or 60 10 7 60 plus than plus seven 77 sweats on the set. Sweats from the set. 78 sweat. Something is right. Sweats on. This is right. 79 sweat. Some do business sweats on these now. Now let's count from 80 to 99. So if, as you can see eighties a little bit difference, there's a necessity in which is Katherine von 80 is Captiva, which means full 24 times 20 equal h. So we need to follow that structure older way up to 99. So the fest, the fast and I quite easy. 80 Catholic 81 get cloven slide. Different. There's no end on this one and on 91 just to remember 82 cattle even Do get Huvane do 83. Get a move on, get 84 get a move on cap. Get Huvane. Check 85. Get live on sunk, get live on sunk 86. Get Hogan says cattle advances 87. Get little sit. Get equivalent. Sit 88. Get a move on meat, cattle vomit. 89. Get live on this. Get a move on this and then we go to 19 and 90 literally means 4 20 then four times 20 plus , then equal 19 and then we continue with 11 12 13 to go up each numbers. So 90 kat von D get a move on this 91. Get news. Get a move on which literally means for 2011 4 time 20 plus a live equal. 91 92. Get Proven dues Cattle Van Doos 93 Get hold of on Kids Get a move on Praise 94. Cat Colvin Kettles Get Proven Ghettos 95. Get 12 on counts kept. Levante gowns 96 equivalents says get Cleaven says so. 97. Get Ho Vandy Set. Kept alive on the set. 98. Get around These right veterans is right. 99 Katamon Business. Get hold. Vandy's enough. I repeat all of those one together because they would be more complicated than the rest of the numbers can't live on. Get with that, huh? Get a move on. Do cats. Levante La. Gets live on kep. Get counseling, Gets without sees. Get will sit. Get the virus Catalon Catalan's gets with mountains. Get Sullivan does. Let's move on. Get we don't get those Get equivalent kills get little says Get hold on the set. Catwoman. BizRate Cats live on 3. Cardinal Numbers 100+ & Decimals: Now let's have a look at the hundreds. 100 So 200 do so. 300 Twice So. 400 Cath Hustle 500 Senso 600 She's so 700 said so. 800 resell 900 Nestle Just as a real note. So 100 doesn't have a pro mark when it's followed by a number so far. I don't example do some kep so does not take on this at the end. Now let's have a look at numbers over 1000 1000 meters. 2000 Dim Unit 3000 Tom. You know, 4000 cattle mean 5000 some mean 6000 Sumida 7000 Set Media 8000. Re meeting 9000 Nothing mean Also mill is invariable, which means there's no s audience, remarked approval And another little note. He's between 1000 and 9999. You cannot a space to mark the three digit. It is only compulsory after 9999. Now let's have a look at numbers over 10,000 10,000 de Mila Ah, 100,000. So media 500,000 See also me one million, Emilio 100 million. So menial 500 millions sounds so medium A 1,000,000,000. I mean, yeah, 100 billion. So Mia, 500 billion Senso media. Another note. So 100 gets approval mark before milieu, millions and media billions. A little note about the decimal In French. We use a coma instead of a point. Like in English, for example, we said this veal girl, Jacqueline, sit. 4. Ordinal Numbers: Now let's have a look at what we call the orginal numbers. It's very simple in French, as the all more or less followed the simpleton. Except for first, you have to know if the noun after it is masculine or feminine. And also, if it's plural for the parole, you only have to otherness. So for first, let's have a look at each one first when it's masculine and singular. He's for me, for example, More Palm Europa. My first meeting first when it's feminine and singular, is poem. Yet my poem. You know what you my physical first when it's masculine approval when you Mapou, Muse, Eggs Emma my first exam and then first when it's feminine and prove claim yet make formula vehicles my first holiday. For the rest of the numbers, you only have to add I E. M E g m and also for the Pro. You only have to add minutes. There's no difference in gender. There's no masculine and feminine, so four second becomes doozy em third, twas, um more Get him. But cat, which means four loses its e and you put Yem Cat Siem 50. Thank you M six, CMA seventh said Tim. Eighth, Reach him ninth. No, GM. Careful with this one. The F Indian off nine nuff becomes a no did him? 5. Dates: Days, Months & Years: Let's have a look at the day's Ugeux Monday. Lundy Mounds Choose there, Ma Wednesday Meth Could Merkel Thursday You shouldn't Friday. Rhonda Woods that today 17. Some Sunday, The motion, The much Lundy, Mahdi Knack, Lady Judy, you know, and the week in French is less women now Let's have a look at the months. Name What. January John Do Jeanne February 17 years. Savory March Mouth Mouth, April Every are Green. May May Make June Is Long Is one July Dream You Dream You August What put September septum settled. October Book Double book Tub. November No Vote Novo, December Basil This Now let's have a look at the years. The exam Me So, for example, 2024 2000 and 20. He's during medieval 2020 and it's quite simple because takes back older number that we've just seen. So now we can practice with a couple of French national holidays. So, for instance, you use there but which we call Jordan. He's and for first we use an orginal number before all the other numbers. It is just a number. It's not an order number. So first is the poor me, a junkie labour death knife entry. Carli. It's loop for me and make victory in your a bet. Armistice. You remember me? Love song Count sunk Remit Best day Fitness You're not Luke Cattles Drina World War are Mr Step Armistice. There's no bomb minutes on this week. Look, there was no bomb. Meaning of something. And Christmas No one live on Sunday some 6. Tell the Time: Now let's learn to tell the time. So the question you need two years ease Keller 18. What time is it? Care? Love it and to answer units. You said he left E T is so let's have a look at some vocabulary. So if you want to send noon, it's medium midnight menu. The quarter is ika, so you can say quotas. Eight meter ika. Half past eight. Rita into me oh, quarter to eight Vita Wonka. Now let's have a look at some examples. So, for instance, 12:30 p.m. You need media me, which literally means noon and 1/2. Well, you can also say, you know, do the talk, which means 12 hours 30 3 25 AM or PM It was, ah, mounts like free. I was 25 free. I am Eat it. Twas old your method three hours in the morning and lest example 4:45 a.m. OPM It doesn't matter, you know, Cats Harker on sunk, which means four hours 45. You can also say unit Santa Monica, five hours minus deported Literally. Now, if we look at 24 hours format, you can also said this 2:30 p.m. Eating cattles Are talked. 14 hours 30 3 25 Unique Council from Fun 15 hours. 25 3 p.m. Et. Council 15 hours and then 4:45 p.m. Ely says the Council 16 hours 40 7. Class Project & Conclusion: Well, then nights you time to practice. So you have pre exercises to do for the number parts. One exercise for the date spot and a last exercise putting the time you can find those exercise below. Don't forget you download the pdf document. We are now in the end of the schools. So what did we learn today? You are not able to count in French to tears. Two days date and to ask for to tell the time. Thank you again for watching these schools. Don't forget to do the exercises that are related to it. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a Commons massive a couple that they could at Oh.