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Learn French From A to Z (part 4)

Nessrine Tarhini

Learn French From A to Z (part 4)

Nessrine Tarhini

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19 Lessons (2h 30m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. The past participle 1

    • 3. The past participle 2

    • 4. Prepositions

    • 5. Adjctive supplements

    • 6. De ou du

    • 7. Leur ou leurs

    • 8. Past tense

    • 9. Hours

    • 10. Daily activities

    • 11. The rooms of the house 1

    • 12. The rooms of the house 2

    • 13. Kitchen utensils

    • 14. Good and bad health

    • 15. French expressions

    • 16. Dialogue

    • 17. French test

    • 18. Project

    • 19. Conclusion

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About This Class

This class is divided into three categories: 

1- Grammar:

-Adjective Supplements

-Simple and Complex Sentences

-Past Participle


-Leur or Leurs/ de or du


-Past tense 



- Daily Activities 

-Rooms of the house 

-Kitchen utensils 

-Good and bad health 

-French expressions 

I hope you like this class. If you have any further questions, please feel free to leave them in the discussion section. 

Good luck! 

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1. Introduction: Ibm who knew just burka presented via dilemma to Libya. What law in the novella glass, the old world, of course, seem to mislead that Gansu decomposes that glass on top at Laconia particular partied. Don't Apache to grammar over fastest seep, fuzzy continent judicial practice, como, bid and participants. Although the Pip was the show system, the team will control DOM. They've cuts. We set differ on a on a on a view legit. Typically detective institutional epithet may meant no but permit complement, the adjective. Complement dejected over what cotangent is due to this due buoy. S. S. And a funder says Bowtie, BWA, LF has complex. It can alter the fatty. Judaism. Don't don't live on a view. Live on common oppose you. His older, indicative mental over the opposite. What I view as SQL at Hawaii. Remy groups to Sunday, terminal infinity for the museum. Cool, live up to supermen fair. Esau, the CNO, gizzard enemy but E, f, L over, D over come on. Goal or bicycle put Donna quasi impact, tea, set up to do vocabulary. So set back to you on the above laser. Come on, come on, come on. We lose activity quotidian. So some deserted. Did not. Activity equity Genova valid the dilemmas of appellate, the two-click Islamism or that bounded delay cuisine, the National Black was shapeless, have develop appellate leptospira missile. We over wireless system still decreasing. This, this positive quantity, this though not queasy. Co, founded Le Bon Svante will be Abdullah movies, salty, salty over expression of Francaise says Sunday xyx plus your longitude is Don't. We all took uniquely Jante responders like leon. In fact, the shoe, bunk, bed possession. I turned to set back over that. They are made to self-value Nebo, what nibble como si. 2. The past participle 1: One moment. To the fastest sheep festive. Those settlers into como Lu reconnect. It. Presents, are lazy over Kumasi. Full moon. There been 70 years since the former Van de per mole or composition. Let's look at a outward. Don't insert a pebble told composite, the top composite by composing. The future long-term alternative. This epic DOM, ylab gunny sacks. Amc, available with them. No. Movement. Composite, definitive. Ghani, artistic Danny Avik, axon degree, vestige of them, geni, Bala, nor the RBC SQL. So it looks at home, would be armed with that funny. No, evolve beneath a loop variable. Opposite composite. Participate. With them. Look at what Pasi, forget this, the pixel blue opening, substrate, the watchin of cost, Kikkoman inlet. Good. Second-class Contian as U-shaped. Blue beneath the bare bones that you have has no ma, adipose active. Cyril, the cosmo method con la, la la Custodia. Heroes Aldo status has daga daga refresh. I'll have one active 70 amnesia. Family. Doctor Lucia. Don't let do CMO's cause don't lose. Dose should be lecture is to be luxury. I didn't arouse the Louvain Ledoux law, chromatic brass, fair appraisal, orangey color, MOLAP, deuterium, plasma. Or political position. I log on D, the family. Sit, you nest them. I'll continue. Look-back. Colligative villa near LA. And the song Julie. Julie at an adjective, colligative heels are called the normal Arabic lunar. Good. Gaddafi meant not. Baptist. Sales, CSR, adjective political. Will vet, so don't fill up boat will wear it. An adjective that I'm participate by say. The book is called The onshore mom Avik plural, feminine alot of Himalaya. You don't back a look. Fastest he pestered, you bet. You participate. Bassy coma or formula. Look, participants. They look back to the passage of the participants. Could see thick Paxil take, take the exon, ellipticity passage to them, islet the axon and the axon. Calmly. Go comma, a comma failure. Participants in a divergent permitted over omega Partisi per se of it called the ozone. Loosey-goosey. Sylvia Cianni to these loops in here. I look like pantheistic versus ONE job, Elmo of exclusivity. Bearings on either some Patty. Artistic fussy. But the saw party don't. Non-fat Golda Avik, he'd sit or no. Dog and ownership. It. Oblivion or illness. Song but t but t set go. Oh John, looks at difference on. But did not put the fastboot. Ooh. Love. Yeah. Don't sit sac called the onshore. There a feminine I looked t the damage but don't participate amoeba S algae could look back to see festive secco, the onshore. It won't look silly or about a bank looks at Hera, looked back to steepest Sedna's sexual Xiaomi budget too. Now this ethics on television, the participants don't change but C and D. And as you look back to see past intersectoral, Fiona looks at it upon them, enable them participate. X2 must be last. Thank you Camille. Excellent. But exons G, Danny Gagnon, relax. The participants, say modulo exon. Two exon, exon, truly adaptive capacity of M, XOR C or C or contribute available vehicle, I bet looks sillier upward in a circle of a Christian SEO local giga. I've included an auxiliary look, artistic passive, or number of eclipse. Susie terminates on the Apache, but still must be less than the value of id, EIA. Back t and software transistor, that value goes back to your statistics on the web. What's where do those yum yum group on? Zhuangzi? Zhuangzi look silly or an AUC? Auc. Auc. So d, d t Monte. Monte meant non-liberal. Oop. Oop. For participants or ET. First we'll cross tweet regardless to tell me, but look past DC passage of air on de, de, de, de, de, it take for loopback to super simple E Mencius. Ooh, don't wanna D6 epsilon, buoy and vid folder participants at all. Honda participants or ES. Three began the participant system than me but e S e la, uphold look, look code will hold what D2 leader EBIT look participative disability big determined but yes, but exalted up in Andhra. Group by Medco me, Jimmy. A key. But don't compete. Ui tape. It for no feminine control. 3. The past participle 2: On continuity of eclipse. Zone. Mooc is true. Es will be an input. No, feminine shoes. Doc insures. Insurance companies, by example, software companies to tell me, but she made sure she lesser CR, no feminine control. For example, in a country on the inner shows concrete as continuum shows concrete, not on the concrete floor salon a key ES Zhi De Dong Xi La De on D, D, E, S. I love per software or let's just say, you know, shoes, feminine. Andi intros, these appear in shows deep or did put sola look participants tissue repair. We creat a please read Arabic. Ooh. La, Lab DC pastor open. Ooh. Ooh. Ooh. Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh. Ooh. Does lysogenic epsilon. Absolutely complex. On the 11? I'll continue. Geochemistry dock as C a Cs of feminine Ella shanty Media Lab plus the complement of cod. Tissues to refute and ship shaped not say sit or the official should enter ship, sheep, walk, fish with juice, sit with it. Don't bother. Cozy. Share sheet. Auto. Initial tip is don't complex. Lucy alluded to the onshore or most of it looks dark delayed on Z. Foramina or national, or the l Liza shushing. The catch is sara, qui, catch, etc. Complement of a update. Luca. Julie's, they don't see it alone. The participants is technical. Lead on Azure. Basket catch-up is, has solved this feat. I load a feminine. Don't live APA polynomial to labor, but Bruno aminos to consider that looks in the look-back. Dc persuaded them, Kono amino, secco, the mob, liturgy zone. Too soon. Mcda will a participative Livy, Livy cycle. And the pestilence, feminine alone, ownership, november phenomenon alone, roughly sheep, anti, I don't buy that good. Lhc liability. Zheng Dong. Movies dash it can complement book she directs dot lm. Lm, lm ability visa. I'll maybe say, hey, look CVA, I load particle it if she CAN direct SVM. Svm will be just don't bother. Okay. Exam. No, no. Ulama, Hulu, some semi lemme, lemme, lemme, lemme anti-retro, noisy knows that I'm Kano person when it comes to know that I complement endearing. Global sukha, GIS, javac, TVC, S, scale w, l, l. The tell us about THD. I stayed put donc, avec LUMO gift jhana, that compared to Columbia, to do leave dogs or genre or normal Arabic lunar leaved, the more the exception the participants it more on the owner GBA. Via movie. Fair affair. A visual illusion band, Le Bon, ENT. Doctor, connect to this book who, of course. 4. Prepositions: All the kids whose distro give us your lip Pip was issue. Was this shows song demo and let the up sampler. And also Juno craft don't live for a purpose. And variables to solve the MOOC kinda shows you Timo. Don't handle tool would be on Ruby and also blood unesco met all three positions. I've met them put real handle on bla. Bla, it then don't do homework or that it was only keep all that money, materials and nominal ybar bacteria. The camera will see it then coop nominal as two-group nominal on, on an achy into Pip was distraught having the habit. And thereby lamps unity. Fabula boat of all the petty family at the Met bacteria at that Weber alleged affinity. I love home, move them. I let you 1080p on an independent was shot on a clonal. Don't look too long on that. Usually 0 net food, allergies payment, no preposition. Gould phenomenon. And I'll activity and coronal versus C. And at the bed come up regarding x-dot near the top, lotto it an Advil at verse, then move Anthony up kinda shortstop, dove debris at, you know, clip was I love before the latter in a pit bull. Local one or gone on throughout. Liquid position. But exam example at the clip was the Schottky. You don't do that to dock. Suspended preposition can declare you. Very Laplacian. Laplacian, thank Luke noumena. Rna. When glucose is shown there, you don't know. But the purpose is so key and decrypt on among Duke we USCA Fondo bigger this at Pixar. Hill said, is we end up pushing. We don't sit. Thank loop nominal, key, map looked down on a GD is in equipoise is jokey, antique looked down, or latitude is the Dupree's. Locals. By exam. Please don't do it. Don't don't need began to set in big o to n1. So all those, all those the tuna Pip was this show participate to only zone. Let go cycles. The vessel. For example, in Fib buh buh buh buh buh, that attitude clip was destroyed. Tmt lab concept calls the vessel PUFA nominee arrow. I began this at exam, I'll bet and said banded Ebola. They, you see you see more common than old nipple area you see. Due to the table. I'll continuity condition at Gandhi's. Don't boo, boo, don't know God do. Where you set the class. I've shown the array, you see Vogue, Zama, don't icon is shown to sit in a clip was this junkie MATLAB can destroy. Look position on the p and the p do some. On the PDA sector. Fatigue. U3 says F0 will show villa company don't own the peak due. Mock-up look position on the Peter sector on fatigue. Impulse three says if so villa company bookmark, it still looked with this show. You complain. Lab comparison. So no three-volt. I love first of all, do I law mania? But exam soon all sit down, cheek lifted me too long to companies or on compound neutral comparison. Law position. C'est la vie. Literally suggestion by exome and whole panel dusky dog, only to support the local risky. Don't put it in a preposition. Or created. All created, created to mature. Don't believe on that material on a key in a preposition and a key. 5. Adjctive supplements: The logic tier on abouta hone logic, TIF, when I've you cannot do so. On allergic tip attribute pelagic epithets occur most best satisfies catchier, eBay, Bank. If an adjective that J, I'll bet. On post-lunch, coma, Ovianne on MOOC at bay, attribute, Catia, Hill, canopy, Ilia, and delta. So the verb ends. Don't allergic to honor Diablo, geologic typically fricatives that called the genre or mom. Lumo killed Caliphates. Leisure leafy song, blue arrows is still on that dues adjective on legit. Julie. Julie into political epithet. But he layer could, did you know, did caliphate DOM object typically fricative attribute, not via a fee on to the FE is yeah, data will allow. Now, ELA Rosetta, Kelly picketed. Absolutely. Local blah, moment Nova Berlin. Pelagic. Lucas, pelagic team. Completely legit. Ela voted did the lemon will, don't need the corner TVs. An adjective. For example, it but that AMP Kano, obesity ellipse here will adjective VA Du Bois. Don't get too soon to say it as Appendix II and entice supplement that. Lithium Duetto. Don't do Duan. Lu compliment the logic tier and not wine coop, nominal, elites. Logic is satisfied on pretty really satisfy messianic complex on the LA, satisfied the soup. I loved it that complement the logic. Dpc, dpc analogic, TIF, don't sit down, adjective, Adjective, communicative, attribute. Ball is decompose the time thereby live in complex logic. I love adjective. Components are comparable. The logic unit class, fee, MLR, will adjective, proceed on our engineer, on our little Adjective. But good set fee in my lab is siloed model adjective, Adjective, Preposition, OPM, do, yeah. No blank loop nominal, embedded in a class. Glucose, pool. Porsche who has celiac complement, the logic tip, accomplish more dejected. Don't own, shares magic tip. A clear logic as CALEA clip was, would do. Absolutely prepositional. Cuomo, I know I group nominal and don't get Ola Belle and appends and compliment dielectric this week. Okay, exam, just recontact the Patti who will adjective logistic account offset from adjective for caliphate, attribute, but participate embeddable, Infinitive. Do it unitive position, I love LA complement dielectric TPC it, patty. Thank copy module objective 11 PM. Do more logic. Pla, do want more. Uno alone. Cannot Ilia do donc on decussate? Complement the adjective. Jammy law. Can missiles. Sharmila. Cognisant is three adjective the Fed looked at then complement the adjective. I mean, this is Emmy. Legit tipping. I, this is m is theta n compliment dielectric team. To do soon as Xia Du sauna sharp, non-self and complement the adjective. Adjective contin. Long-haul, if he had gone fairly seat. Piano logic teeth. Don't come muddle. Objective C class. I found this puts up what good legit, TIF, mood, Contiki, mobile adjective, conflict, complex, assume complex logic to it. But bromo, group nominal again, no, and thereby to infinity. Don't own up to the complement, the legit. 6. De ou du: Make no and 2p t point to Gmail. Would you don't do a Como as tiempo to dabble, do. Paintballs is shown. Babcock would disrupt. Play pause is showing us have JIRA and took GMO and kinda Schwarz-Bart. For example. Do though, do we see more multiple tunnels? Do more. Potatoes, don't, do, don't do one club lab. Calvino's. Not enough. Calvino's don't do via the Vn look better. But yeah, Motorola provenance. And no calls. But exon. Ten, no Pope. Don't it for Eclipse, do Devonian. All leaflet of the medieval era until the setup we had learned was on the bus connected to four unknown and no coma. Thank You. Da will be empathy Mina, e-commerce, but in console. Thank you. The feminine on Abdullah, common relieve would do lead down of the medieval system. Taleb. No comma. Thank radiate feminine. Doula, comas, but in consoled comas Popper unified on the whole and no comma st. Muscular e-commerce bubble in consulting on a fast corner. But do loop. Don't often say, what do I do on a click. Track store though contracted, do a dream MSU, MSU, a tunnel Camara. But thankfully, we Dsquared2 told me Papa es muscular MSU eta1, no muscular commerce Pat M, MLH1 console. Don't devote this year on a cake. Do the default view. Select complex shoulder to shoulder, elastic definetely. Gamow doo doo, doo, doo like that took on a two disease you do law, passed, could get it then no Commerce saying create foramina from Liga, made on the same BVA masculine. We will get it partly due MOOC on most concern to consult. Thank you again. Do you like that? Japan, Japan do look bad. Toxic Fu De Shi Jian shows on general generality or they keep do. Look, WG, LUCI, don't be a logistic. Today's shoot on the profits of the mass of the progenitor cell. Do math on neon. The professor, the professor Biola sheet, the physic demand. Sound. On a Sunday levy, Barcelona is the Palestinian shoes on the whole and no masculine or feminine sank deviated and no comma. Thank you. The masculine or feminine, e-commerce or on a clipboard oppose, FedEx or masculine. No comma must be Le, synchrony. Literature on Azure would do posted on a dual-purpose. Leave good do lead to Jones. Said that no comas, thankfully a feminine nomos but on a lapis shows Orange. Is the MOOC way on a clique, the Huffpost, Alexander and plot the Belgium at jabs at that know, a Kikkoman subpar unifier may own piracy. Juno shoes, rationale books, Ilona exceed their costs. On the keypad galactose apply only to this day. These on-farm MMC coiled Amaka, most parallel unifier belief for days on, for example, sila, what should the pole would Apple. Don't do? Sem Mottola, Pavan, nose to nose, battle, silica tube, dewpoint, cella. But you'll do minister for chronic Hadoop, Vasco ministry or no, comma must clean up. Thank you the ACO most. But in combat and concern, the blue kimono, humanist crop on D, on the capacitor. But children miss. Bonkers could sit tuners will need what do municipal though, it sees more turnover. Non-dual lava, cheer up, bacteria. All Minister said to enjoy what you do mean. Cc to ensure Malcom on a boom on emit pedantic by example. So the professor, Matt on ever did pass a law professor GMAT on energy, fasciola professor Abdullah, mathematical discipline of itself. And we'll keep the dog still anemic by C, articulate cash bouquets to compose the dot. Protect your module. Do you cooperate? Tetra inarticulate pairing Zhong, Zhe, Ju Li, Hu Piaggio. But today, it is at an articular partitive over budget with no Sono polar software. Do the VT_2 Glenn make us Sean. Should work too late. Don't see systematically productive land against Schroeder via sooner. But not on an on plastic. Settler song. It for subvert could do at an Arctic look at adaptive capacity. But for the VM to avert climate gets thrown on a 2D is do I know key macula, let button also VR Lab prognosis. And the unknown ensures quantum Patton chosen generale only keep it local capstone do-do, do-do shoes that peoples is shown. Tickle Definitely. 7. Leur ou leurs: One doctor got older and would be alert. Don't blurt some as well. This set exons. Example. To demo design for majority of cookies. Is your belongs. Demo. Active at the puffs that then fast composite case, chew, chew them, want example MSU. I typically sit constant. So accomplished mode of GND. Dong, dong, elite, combat S. Sit down, sit down, kiloohm plus. And so this young man, back to later, oh, no, don't do that. Do some magic to the subjective hostesses. And it was thank you. The post-Ebola Azure, learn on a KID S inverse as the army don't go into logic. West receive dark sack globe is echo effect on the number of aluminum. Lucilla as the volume knob on our channel. Towards the empty set, what you select Chen who sell to the pebble. Select who said the tip level level. Or via our mid seventies song. Song, the possessive adjective possessive is to sum, the forces you. Do. Yvonne barely see the lavatory dot Porsche law on Eclipse, but as a lay valleys on the valleys of beaucoup, bellies not unissued S is too costly to draw an activity on the lander burger. It don't code left into lactic global via law on policy lever to lay on family values for lambda as Arabic.'s. 8. Past tense: Although many of them are now dissolved event diplomat exempt plus m meant not only Luca lupus decompose it, then don't do partic must see the lessee. Determining extra should be don't look Bessie. Lupus decomposition decomposed to do Party. Premier more looks sillier, A-flat, or Kissel does. Look back to see pestered, you bet. I shall assume the conjugate and verbal plastic composite known only to these two double-click cilia Opia, upward, push past it, it went to the participants. Theodosian, conjugal. Never abduct communicable. The SEC gold. Repetitive bested diverge permeate group on the kimono Jia novel. Axon, for example, badly by Glaxo family. An infinitive Barlett wax also busted Duval by Alexander. Conjugate. This two quadriga of block on day to your database. Ela would get the will be on the lookout. Mozart was ever again a bit. Zone. L is all authentic, but that also Si, Lu who participate say MiSeq go to sushi. C on which it is meant naltrexone may affect looks sillier. Yvonne vehicle hole, say for some particle event motives to quadric, Avik looks sillier upward. It's TOO good luck. Cilia decision, Shang gasoline or diesel fuel, diffusely, seizures, feet and fee on these extreme wanted to relax, wanted GMO, helium Monte, Monte, Monte X1, X2, the CIF amino. No, some Monte will be S, S basket, donc on Azure. C2 as on the fee. Feminine. Masculine. Was that monty, S, S will be an excellent S. S. And some wanted me to the Islamic rule. Beneath me. Funny, funny, funny, funny, funny, funny, funny. Ls on cleaning effect looks sillier. Chemistry. Is Sedaka. Should misbehave. You need Ou, Ooo. E, E, L as the demo masculine and feminine. Some are unique and must be knock on on a key ES, feminine, EPA S. Raven needs a unique V-S. E. E S masculine, feminine. Liberal. Liberties. Td passes by me per day. Will be antibody. At a minimum. This exam. It d. So d t, e, this song, this net club. Forget the metadata as onto that. V, v e la, la country or that country knew the whole country was at a quandary. Zone, country, end zone country. Babelnet. Elaine. It's a seminar on Azure, Black Swan. That's s. S. Freudian left amino S, S SON, SON S, endless song name, exalted. Svcs must be love. Qtl, seminar is feminine. 9. Hours: All the families did not own demoed. Suitably. Seizure per Labicana, me, doc on POSIX gusto. Nurses that play more towards them gets to exclusive war. Was Eveleigh, excuse him while I was doing that, sit, disjunct books on a blues yourself to the zone would be booked to double 00 illusion. The mosquitoes didn't, you know, digital. Digital. Pretty much sit to sit down. And I learned some degree. But again, these see the sunlit degree. So someday they agree. Disagree. And Keeley I agree. I agree. Cylinder, chemically shackled degree, degree, and select grounded me. Wendy, Ilia, Minuit, those Juno, cosmic law, degree and deep. What led up to degree synaptic v, sin up to degree degree elective big V and tissue bank Gina Vasco lab typically could be she'll monumental oncogene, lossy. Thanks. Elaine sees me much beyond, say, Caesar leptin degree. No middle C. Caesar on continuity. Desert. In the number meant not deserve. Deserve. Oh good. You will see they may need Zillow on t or d. On D. Menuing. Dogs have seducer, blend me, Pavel. Donors system. On the same bus, galactic agree, mournful. And dogs have a renewed thank, thank maneuver. On the same on the same law. That same Eleusis come or doing on D, into C, basket in-degree and out-degree as children. And much more elite. Plaza left you take V like Gandhi, agree. So couple more. Electron degree mole could lemonades against renewed male consistent batch couldn't on d plus eta, eta Bomb o continuity to take restrict a contact reissue Katzenbach, VBA. Van sank. Sank to degrees to a conduct research. Thanks. Events say E, let it do need visual innumerable, grow. They agree to see if it didn't mean it didn't mean that, that also, I have a box cuz I gotta make Google feminine. In a footpath. Dark, bestial dimensional, this system on magic, they mean may over elite of the elite do on D. More events on not on. What may I should say was the Vensim NBA bump bump? No. Wonder, leptin degreasing look like on the resume learning though silica on D plus omega elite. That I'll continue. It sank when saying that tip degree more Colony Bubble saying like haunted VHDL innumerable, the sank. Sake. Elaine, medium one, Monday, seal, leisure name dot semi D on the moreover. La, mainly 17A. Minimally. Don't fit that also may de sip on Donald Shuo Ni. You mean me fit one, don't lend me Olivia. All 100 and overall staple Dia de la la maniere. Dont on a 2D sheep. No digital Pomona, GMO. To secure about the viewable for many men on it to these as system Venkat club. Since then, THE dizzy don't send you publique, daunted Casbah, Donnelly PUC up that Debussy exit that are all only sampler more digits. Again, these C, D, rent their single tool, homo on deep vent. Their cycled cool, treats, heads, tall trees. For more police to go and check when it was salt sugar present transmits Minuit that Google on that. Settlers. 10. Daily activities: Not glissando vocabulary, no less activity, quotidian of a Bernadette activity called a legend name gets called luma data. Some survey. Bei Song, Laura, some. Fairly soon on failure Lee. So ba, daka, may zombie. Don't. The vocabulary. Level a saddle, civil, civic, dom, dom, dom to face, to face, AC libro Saddam. And bend. No boss. On the Schumann. And banyan. Situ boss assisted to the boss and dumb assisted universe bullet should Mackey Razi. So give me just the shield is true. So Mackey join me. So so fast, subdivision image buffer gets conveyed. Llama, those ambient noise will fair. No buzzword called what am bump? Sulla. On? Visa. Dot dot let me seen plagula Petit Dejeuner, med school at home, the bank gets Bay. Mosaic Watson met Paul like FV and coastal. But really it will be n Juju to live more briskly. Allele, allele. So till della MSM allele. So della missile. I don't abuse. Abuse would be ultimate whole delusional, not called really love what you don't want to abuse at dawn to limit tool. Lulu, bees love what you did as a song, this activity calm. People don't assuming gammas did a long, long missile. Lemma. Visually. Visually. Hello, indigenous of motion led to a fair luminaires long twilight zone. Fairly Dubois allele. The allele. They got this effect buck comment out. That may semi regard della television is just the chin teleco mode. Fabulous, fabulous tests. Don't get a primitive clip. So this IBA met home pgamma, dogs at home pgamma, peppery. Note. This IBS I've only met on pgamma. So I literally subdomain revealed B should go. Don't sound dock. Not when I empty paragraph. Sum as deserve it do me. Me. Don't. Only alpha as Caesar, sake. Only. Sad TBA. Penn cuisine is your Pomona cafe. We booted. Vision may come w2 and bull. Holy. Donor. Jim Mackey is you must be Bismol cover to cover. And Anca mourn AMI should be less than T or legume. La, la, la, la Hezbollah. Make goals. Your clip is your Gmail, pgamma is your bit OD pool. 11. The rooms of the house 1: Overwhelmingly, no vocabulary. Diller missile is fused to the vocabulary the PSD lemons may above, if we suffer. Situ missile in mezzo. Timo, bad Timo began, they see, and they battle. And now back to the moon. And that was like his job. All arbitrary. I'll fill it. Bone. Jab, beat, Don't put it. Missile will be Dogen, glommed missile. Or good deal. We'll see jab. Those, they're not factor. Will you see it? Adaptive, dope, silicon, dash is seeded, doozy emitters of Goodyear, shabby door, Zen up faster, more, or do CMYK dash or do CMYK dash. What I meant no. Missile said Ms. also composed the same, kept US soil. Look permeate dash reduced the emitted electron. Bed. Loop, loop, loop, loop, loop tour. Well, voices at the mezzo, soprano clear donc on St. Louis to soil reducing. Look permeate the museum. It does it look toward don't apply. It. Dudx, lockout, non-numerical dues, doing laughter. It should affect these two terms. Have this foolish soil. Don't dabble, made the var omit the comfort. Diversity. Do them. Don't alert this show, say on tooth. The numeral due more to luggage, look arise that you know, PS or omega. Lava tube. Numa who owns, say long. Long. Locally tune appears on all column Islam sub d. The next tell here, alert an interview. I already got Donald KDI. See boast, molto, folk don't want to sit in a structure OBS your pH would be an actual shift your dog only to these four apples. She will all she spoke to piano bit more. Memorable V8 moment. Hello, Beautiful. Look beautiful, set than you do travel alone, missile or cafe dilemmas. Ooh, La, Lab. Tell us, let us extend. The whole dilemma is don't just look ahead. Dish was C, Let us numerous says more. Permeate Dutch immigrants. Cellae, cellae, cella emoji on March on the oncology unit on closed-loop to today's unit, unit or lesson. The numerology sets acid then mu sank, sank, illusory yellow, Sando, Sando. Numerous. Electricity. Don't like residual clip, Munshi, Douala. And I see the newer law, LSAT double cella set do bell, survey law. The last national umbrella of pushing this. It looks cool was Luke says, on longer, dawns on you debit Astrium, dog sitter, but salesman longer or no. Numerical captors. Labs or film opus one number we'll set. Welcome, C2H2 plus extra here dilemmas on Excel began a sealer. Numerology is nerve cell.gov, TWAP, Luftwaffe. Don't do this. Ischemia. Don't seonmul, auntie or monopolies is carried on this song. On this song, let's ischemia, a little discrete, local honey. Look. Syllabus. Datalab is ball or maybe Syria. Do love. I love. Bacteria. Fibula should meaning. So. That particular bit of jQuery to do less non-black Bu Shi capsular, select cuisine. Thank soluble teeth. Locomote. Set Lu, Lu Bu Hou, Salam wuzhi. These Luke Galois, Ohm's law. Okay. Those players, let us at the lid 12, it says silica permeate dash d set Lu mu. This bit local ONE does not lead TWAP von. Left party elevated LA should mean it. 12. The rooms of the house 2: I love Hong Kong epically ps, dilemmas. When Sean Black, chamois Cushing, who she was to Donald Schon, who she meant no over 12, don't like genre cushy. Big data, blue data. Just want the W. That blue book. They do, do, do, do now. Someone sits in a gluon to someday meet Hua in long and Cousteau. And again, this attack Cusa. And know the new beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Then B. And that B, dog. Sean law, pushing through several sub c, I'll call motivic. W, w la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, all Bundler. The photo tablet bus will continue to look for when I looked up, B cannot be, cannot be. Well, acid unit cuisine has gone one ulna has been pulled down by cuisine for the system to Sunday or mandate them or merely La, la, la, la queasy to June. Libya, or Lovely vessel. The prone to look for all 2a song. They look like a refrigerator. On both. Glucose. You don't avoid seedling milliwatt to solve them. So the vicinity dress was shares with C. And by, let's say the bomb wagon ascend upon regard the law, the law. Dawson belong both to 78s. Laptop, desktop, Lula Bu, Lu, Bu, Urbain Le, Lepidus, Lamisil. 13. Kitchen utensils: You know, what don't lack within on ambulate cuisine and click on Alice's Paulson. Electric in the materials above Tesco began, they seem pretty decree that tuna choreography. Simple lag less on our glass. Now. And it won't sit them. Purely. An evolution. Csu, CSU win-lose. And could do on the goal. And the fellow that too. And move look what Luke, Luke work. And Jim will show ANOVA liberte in, in a minute. Dunk in, in minute, minute. Tesla. Chicanos, UI in a minute. Unipole, that amplitude. And in most attuned and sit down below. And that Shua and Nashville. And did capsular and long-term LA LA LA grew. And big capsular and own tone. And pick up an old tone while you sit them more. And then me and barbecue low. And then me and barbecue. They bullshit in the bullshit. And as and when. And those three as two, k and k, me and leaky. Doing this will be at most k in this dome and demos and doing this solos in push and not bill in Bush. So some this cell via given enough and not go home well in Porsche and not below them. And then Missoula. And the 2k and 2k and gone decreased in, in many, non-decreasing. And they don't all have constant resistances. May matter, he answered will appear over upload. It dictate. 14. Good and bad health: While I'm not in the vocabulary, Valley, the less multi valid block bond, something salty to dabble. In animal test. Sen Yang is anymore. So they leg room. We do love Yang-tze. Poisson a bit. What relative? So solider, grim. Loved beyond what we let you to solid what we let you edit the emoji less UK, Ellis anymore. So solid quadriga lets you hook. If any monkey content could ship alias anymore, kinesis. Subject dfs put the malady, calm, look, cholesterol, obesity. The cholesterol last day. Don't you Melody silicone? Or do you dip it? In obesity? On a big melody? Intellectual? Come in log. Log file says, for example, in Spanish. Well again, documenter. Fad the MOOC quasi. Don't fare babysit Gutierrez, the Sundays activity electrician in the tunisia. Back Zhong Yang. Just young bosonic, donc. On planful. Just your Monsanto. At homophones have plentiful. So humbled something. So some TMR will be answered via seizure De Zhe Chong via some form. So saltier, BM, separatist assault on, put the numbers from Tabia. Since I've just read something. But in bonds, salty sea salt, you should Bhalla. And I don't want d, j via simple tibia. Sailor. Mm-hm. Mm-hm. Sounds filamentous. Sima, Qian millivolt. Millivolt. I've just fema lab three malloc or do you just read? My dad's ministry, ministry powerful. Jenna sweep as alpha. Gm is soft febrile. Seizures film won something for foramina, for receiving feedback on a shoot foo, ideally owners would let the temperature put on a good expression, will see yep, yep. Tonsillectomy. Sheila, tool. It is simply ban me. Its citizenry. Bid only palm. On v du alone. The, the Haumea. Pick on some level V double mere alone. Just some Asia with Jim. And she answers Republic, SIP, AMA, know, Juno. We shape bulk minister may emerge at them is to say no, to sit at Mozilla difference oxalate do premier. Imagine a bounded above 20k. 15. French expressions: Although Guam and process detects component to these, the dollar 10 ten gem inmate, them beaucoup resemble Kusama. Should then BBM, GM foods. Lu left on to the list each about the shoes or the 12 to 17 and 70. More immediate, more Judaica image and move on to my MOOC. Mooc. Beaver saltwater. Melodic Teflon. Zhong Jin reduces. And the subject having rendezvous of changeovers of genomic deliver madly on the Pantheon, on default on divorce unless shut campus. Don saw Sh'ma, on devote. Physics question. I live Hulu, Kentucky on the piano clue on dogs have only boo boo. Subject at the VM bug. Two it again. I vowed you pass to a la ti do you belonged on D above 12 after subdue about due to a lack of job, what Jay book could cover them. At Hong Kong Zhi non-clinical told definitely ecologists didn't sit on Tokamak Lafite, but don't go up all the elements of the locals don't say at home country. So the postdoc and this, the song, the duo Antonelli, who's kinda philia. It's us what to do in the face. A loss PMB, 70 per second, BMJ. People could cover. Mentioned a VM in let alone a pacifism. Don't make a forbear. In Persona. Tissues. Don't go. Don't name if the variable is of GLM perfective Qu Shuo, Hua Dong Zhuo, should we don refer as should we did the como Sicer, rubber. Met subgenual. Bessel was sick comment. Bank desk was FDIC, was recommending. Ooh. Ooh, ooh. We looked onto what will I do love, shall I say I've loved the licks barriers, burial pit. So the CPU shoes, I don't know if Professor Feld, European q2 through qs multiplicity. Then I went down because up to Nielsen Labouchere. Competent Labouchere. So via transmissible person. Will shock LAB does seventh year. That men don't haunt LAB does have colonial opposite that. Focus. A lot of fees. May a pleasure. Lu Hakone. Table don't name listed to some Jacobian BPA sentiment clip. Sam on the summer. Long eddie dot m, y could amass more. I loved when I view pleasure experience survey. Could CTN express your cookie? But don't. Let's express your collect shoes advocate. On our viewed this express equality between Illinois. And double-click well-lit. 16. Dialogue: Oh, no. Don't don't that magazine it. Keep on dishes. You don't sit and j log push Di Shuo Chu Lai again, this keep on. Did socio. Amanda coomassie, blue Honda will upon those long key vault on the magazine. Lavon does a Salafi Ulla fun people don't dont omega. And I looked Leon. Leon, look Leon illu gesso, ulama. Yes, shit. Oh, damn. Olaf V. Alpha Ananda, Columbia. You 4P. Mozilla does express chunky posts have but was also crypto foo. Let Leon's we'll look, we'll prove it, mom. No, messy River area. We just fetched per example, dishes geologic did they should they should do if you don't lie between birdsong ship via stream live, what should policy E7 is to use? It shows you lucky. Was the question posed like his job l could come via Alfie Kohn via Columbia. Set pig Columbia. Columbia, don't see Sunday kitchen. Both. Lucky. And I found I learned mode. The pebble will pay a comma, B comma comma on a space of genomic eat. Gosh, will be out of, will be unpacked. Check. No Scylla mode, the payment. Boy, lament knowledge, yellow. Beyond all Alvarez. I love you level those. Lavon does come up badly. Ld. Should we just fit? Do you still create and wow. Look at the Sunday shows, few cinema. We elicit a solid to solid demo or queer NWA, the panel. So someday motif, motif. Make less. We will see a bull, dog EC2. Lets us do MSc. No, as long as some via Berlin Wall, madame, messy, Columbia, St. doula as some, set the second singular, Codelab, madame. We'll shake the viola. Ooh, La, Lab on those combos. This was a motif. Just fed you concept. Known as some CMM, IBM. Messy. As some Ramadan. The boat will be Como. 17. French test: No. And don't label C2. Don nipple. Though. There may devaluate blue nibble. Lotto graph. Vocabulary. Adults show for fans to test doing evil, complain. If empty the top bone, Charles LET blood tests. So tests to compose his Joan, I'll go most burlap, gusto de meson. Lever. That, that also determinism. Luh la, la, post-war LA. Alpha_ k l christian cuan, bu o. Alpha will be Azure bit island edge would be Azure. The cinema band SHE looked at. Two. S IS a quasi-stellar bond. Electrons will host a song, the song Italia Italiana. S, italian, S Italia softness was, you still have been false. L M, M S, M as M will be an M on D E S, E. E will be an 11 of the fossil is shown in the host sets. Elaine says, Ooh. Eight caps. Christiania, whole wheat, buh buh buh buh buh buh buh buh could do law. Professor. K. Double, feminine and masculine. Thank VBA. Formal, best-known LST, TVC. Guard. On De Zhu Guan, EPA. Should learn a little bit. Let it falls in nothing. Spoke spoke in a fissure made just in the fishermen. Jam made this both. Human hope says, sit that hope. Lumia. Lumia. His Joni Mitchell kettles will focus on or machine. No facade in coastal machine or machine. Or machine. Gets Johnny metal cans. As Samantha, 70 sees their stomata. Do Mehta, Jim, jim, Xue, De Shi Cong, Avik De S. Ship home. They guess Johnny level d set coupon dot inner silico Pacific opposite. Inner loop on DO. Don't, you know, will be at some coupon, don't guess John neighborhood the Swedes, LUMO by safe enough. But you are, the more Busey with don't pass c. L as Shell. Ls should take what you Ls should. State university level does not. Last segment, Laplacian, cement, Kiva veneer. Ocala involved Canada. Canada on progeria. O Canada Lester minute portion, Iliad up or Canada. Canada led their mere guess shown in less exhausted TWAP one is exempted onto physical is exempts this fast fact, Liz executives will be a fuzzy exegesis. Recalls. I'll offend you test. Cooperate. If there was a ripple CC. Question number two, doubles. His jaw pneumo do post-hoc La Li Gua o XOR, o. Never looked at lunch was numerals sank Italian, doublet, S. Navajos sees em. Ooh. Ooh. We could do. Was, was the masculine singular. Numerology. Auntie, Lu, Xun, weep, pneumo, pneumococcal do's, do. Numa. Numa. Looked at those Nuuk cancels. Residue numeral WHO says the S on the melody set on the neighborhood is read ashley FastQC. Whereas if the neighborhood is not Iraq, Iran, that's the men portion. Pneumo Yvonne, FET S. While I love far, faster tests, posa Virchow, nibble, the song, arrogant delay, electrons, elephant 2vi comparable recalls. Listenership. 18. Project: One I'm not I'm Coogee who said she was heavy concrete, SVG explicative bundle Sitka club. At backfield. Conflicts. Don't assume that the press complex, all that decomposes the div class or a subclass of class exam. We get data. Tool issue. Don't decompose it. Set class. Class set will be a part of measures could electron sees this SP ring? Although Jamie do, linear, dukkhas, footballer, militia she posted on apology, Lima law, the law skills to home. Very film. The Nebo drill, drill motor. Crucial question. But that don't show is T over decomposing of, fair, do a bacterium. Less complex. Vicky o'clock position who had triple o this Shou Du Fu do. What they do. Can't do. Oh, voodoo will dominate. Kristen, I mean, Judy, don't add dollar many. Mom, Julie Julie. Upon nine cafe. Dash. It is NCO via the limit. It will see the puzzle. Regard the sea at a doozy amid dash R bit. And don't Is c and avenues for Julie. Julie and don't don't don't don't Zm may don't do that. Bottom on differ. A bit. Justi yada, beads, Sophie SUV. A rather complex. But they had them do julie como separately. Selma, TPS delay and we move up. Yep. Left Buster moist SAMHSA, the bottom-most have dilemma is your streetcar. Don't dare to Bernie, Abby to one. Don't see it. You dizzy in the proposal. Chunky. So all Julie mossy, CALEA, avant la dash. And we will see that critique. Critique, beam up and over. Julie, producer, don't awesome Justin. Justin. Also elaborate or destroy what the suit is to push to still be SOP still VS of T. Beta lab TV. The song it to jolt will relay cleared or added to the copa. Doesn't disrupt. Numerical qua completed. Due. They are postwar. Do, doula, sila, what you found Jean-Pierre set does a septum in response up uj would cafe. Max shade is Cebu, let sit, cross, sell, water. Sit down. But the quote on Libya, before it can do to help those who have been villa. Never look at text. We report to orchestral shrivel, LeMay zone a gowns. Ilia beaucoup, DPS. Should see Iliana sandal, I began piano. Instead, emoji, you increase in specialise is shown in cell debug. It. I think we're in bed. But cool. Continental in bibliotheque OSU soon, Ilia in 4G, Louisa. Oh gosh, idiot, idiot. Am view it through shot. Don't don't be rule. They are damped is at best a deeper Luxury dot. It is imbalanced, swale, full, am, barbecue, wash, Bella. Chu Lai De, It was it and comes up. This shot, Vn servo. Keep will show as the Scylla bond ripples. We'll have bibliotheque as collab, bibliotheque, or Do geometers Abuja, or put it dash onto late LeBon. Shown with the event. What does CMS will permeate the Dunkleosteus was the syllable rebels. Neighborhoods, walk. Thallium, tell anymore. For that debate. The Shia, the Poisson. This was the show with the CH3Cl Du Bois, who don't kill it will fit, don't don't. Don't live. A Honda will be and don't let cuisine. Noma Jose calcine is equipments for Amazon and Empedocles. Lambda. And Tom put in an effect upon source successively numeral Scylla parties sank. Do you innumerable men know silicates. Joan exempt says Nozick. Neighborhoods saying conjugacy, bamboo, bicycle puzzle. Of what Swap conjugate of m is your coastline Kathy. Error-prone opposite composite. Twofold was MOOC where reality bit to vulvar. Some paralleled a satyr. So conjugate of m from a Swati, Eli Leo buttons, let me Ali for Naomi IDSA. We don't conjugate with them via AUC or personal or Shigella vertebrate. Animal vocal contribute to the common state. Visit the conjugate of a fundus. It's difficult, it will be contact, epic, love. 19. Conclusion: And a fountain set class. Don't know inverted Coakley's Jiang Zhang PRSA bar subscript. One advantage is that plasma property. Drama. Don't sit back on. You participate, say the prepositional complement dejected. On an FPGA kowtow to do Vm2, a love song S Avik.'s all five electron the set Patty on every press AB and it has complex a gorilla difference of oxidative class. Ti la Potidaea conjugate zone on a two da, Como opposite, opposite to the federal prison. On a particular vocabulary on a valid GPS that Amazon is just don't see the cuisine. We on a cake activity quotidian concrete is dollar v0, which then this activity called federal law. I don't have equity, GM, Eleanor, it you deal with sea lay on our VOC and dialogue on nucleons in the oldest sample does best in fair dishes. Jew who pulls the fat, that's the Francais, who suffered an IPO. On the composite, a subclass on Catholic party, Lutzomyia, Baptist, Apache, the grammar, legacy and bachelor party do closures on lab was a particular particular loci, but that Alaska nucleate budget, fair look, Cauchy.