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Learn Flutter By Building Real Apps

teacher avatar David Brewu

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

14 Lessons (3h 7m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Creating Project in Android Studio

    • 3. Flutter Folder Overview and Running Flutter Projects

    • 4. Creating a Class to Store the Data

    • 5. Designing the AppBar Part 1

    • 6. Designing the AppBar Part 2

    • 7. Designing the AppBar Part 3

    • 8. Fetching the News

    • 9. Displaying News Part 1

    • 10. Displaying News Part 2

    • 11. Displaying News Part 3

    • 12. OnPressed Part 1

    • 13. OnPressed Part 2

    • 14. Final Conclusion

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About This Class

About This Class

Takes you through the code that is required to create a simple mobile news application using flutter and dart programming language. Flutter and dart are now growing popularity among the mobile app development platforms. Flutter and dart are easy to learn and it is now becoming the new way web and mobile application development.

What You Will Learn In This Class

In this class you will learn how to work with make an http request to fetch data from the web and display in the news app. You will also learn how to design an interface in flutter; this include how to work with images and texts in flutter. You will also learn general code debugging skills as well as how to write a good code.

Who Is This Class For?

This class is for anyone who has heard of flutter and is willing to explore. Before you take this course you should have installed Android Studio and Visual Studio Code.

Link to Fetch Data


The mobile app to be created looks like the images below.



Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

David Brewu


Hello, I'm David. I am a mobile app developer with a focus on flutter and dart programming language. I am also a MasterCard Foundation Scholar and Computer Engineer with focus on software development. Outside my profession, I like watching football and anything related to Astronomy.

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1. Introduction: Hello. Welcome to this class. My name is David Brew, and I'm your instructor for this class. In this class, you learn how to create a simple move on earnings up using global flatter. And that's programming language. In this class, we don't repel you tohave and knowledge in flatter going. That's before you take this class in this class. We want to reach out to those who are head off flatter. And that's having started about. They knew little about how to destroy it. So we create simple projects to get purple static, so teach people once mobile development looks like flatter. And that's programming. So we start with a small projects on. With time, we build more complex projects. So what do you actually need for this class in this class? You basically don't need it. I only will require you to having stored on grace to do and distrust in your court or if you have intelligence that want to be nice. So the projects, as I've already said, is a simple mobile. We got make use off list off news have been stored online. So you think the data only displays in your up, which means you have to make http request. Not out to fetch the reader when you displayed it eating you up. You believe that you you put the button at the end off each news. So what? I never someone correction? That's Batson. It fix the person to the page where the president can read more details about the means. So what I'm seeing looks like this image. So in this image you have a list off news item here. He kind of school up and down so you can see the small bottoms at the end of his story. Whenever you click on it, it takes you to I don't have a page where you will see a Mahdi too. More details about the story So when I click home the the 5th 1 Apple Music Lunch in Africa now a radio. This is the major gets There's the mediaeval gets. So I click on a poem music luncheon, African on radio and I get this image. So in this image will get the type two a small road. I would take you back image Then from this spots, you get the food types of year. The publisher, the test, the author Information about the author, The date and link where you can't find a story. So whenever you click on the link, it takes you to the website where this means was published. Rewards can see that the news is no complaints here. Well, you wanted so illustrated demonstrated. So if you after want to read that unions, you have to follow the link. So the websites and when you click on the link between automatically launch your web browser so it deal is actually a simple prudence. Very simple. Pretty. So if you're already in start and arrested you all this trusted, you could Then you are good starts. You have got to start this pretty. It's in angles to deal could if you've installed a franchise tension and the dot extension by if if not started Don't your way in story. It's in this cause. So the first thing we are going to do is to create a project and unrest. Did you so in their names, we do. We are going to create projects. Then we start something working on projects in which lasted you could thank you are not seeing them as we do 2. Creating Project in Android Studio: Hello, guys. Walking back. So let us create our projects in unrest in you. So if you open your Andres to do and you have something already opened in, like nine, just go too far and close. Prudence. So you close projects, you get some this page. So here we can create a new front approaches. So truce, that's a new flat A projects. And when you choose, that's in front, operated at page will be open hoping there is, um on that page, you need to either shoes a flatter application flattop, Rogaine all flatter package. We want to create a flatter application, so we choose flatter application. It has already been selected for us. So you click on a nest, there's the name you want to you want to give to your projects, and the name we want to get up rejects its new stop news. So as you're typing, you can see you. You have a plenty that's telling what? That the names you've chosen invalid don't not so in. That's a new factor. You can just used a name for any you can use and name just any name for a package you can start with a capital it thing it can end with unless school. So after news, huh? This have installed my Dickie. So for busy a project location, Andi is It's been stored in a food alcohol frontal projects on my investor. Here is this food. Just forget about this one, and we can You can choose nest. You can forget about this one for now so you can go ahead and click on finish. So when I click on finish, it's a crucial projects for you. It's a great chef, uh, of food and you'll get or there un right to send. If you're bidding on now, I wakes up all the tools you need to build the up. So when it opens, this is how it looks like. So you forget it. Forget about everything for none. Now, let's look at how you can run your budget for you to run your projects. You can either run your projects on your actual mobile from or on, and we laser. So mostly I use them later because that one you can just painting on your screen and everyone see what's going on. So for you to also run me a project on and we'll either you need to connect to a device. So here you can see here that says it. No device, but I already have a number of devices installed on my system. So if you don't have any device installed on your system, then we are going to creates a device. So if you want to run your put it, if you actually want if I want to improve our just connect so one of these devices and run on it. So let's go to where I have my devices. So you go to Suze, you go to every demon manager. So this this old advices I have on my system that I can run my projects on. Mostly I run my put it on flatter emulator. And if you have one of these devices day and 1/2 in a problem, we can run on one of these by if you don't have, you can create and noone virtual device. All these are visual devices. You can create a noon device, so if you don't have anyone to create, just hit on this button, so here that you need to select one device and they've already set that long for you. And this Just a recommendation. I recommend you just bizarre to Yeah, I commend you. Just put that sue. Then you click on Mr Then Release. Name is I recommend you choose it. P m p I doing tonight? That one. You have to download this first for the pie. You don't need toe pie. 20. You don't need to. You didn't need so in Donald. It's alright, Dorian System. The FBI level is train seeds and good ones. You have the FBI times 86 That's good for you trees. So you can go ahead and click on next they interest portrayed. Make sure you select the poetry. Then you can click on finish Already have the advice. So that's known it? No, I already have two of them. That's why I have to be here. So let's buy. If you don't have any of them, you will have that today so you can go ahead and install it on your advice. So how you have done then we'll have to go back to unrest to you distrusted Yoko to start a prudent So we are going to cruise this in a minute. You don't worry about anything that you can see here. These are things that this is just a project illustration. That's when you running up with that line on. You're going to see on your device and And this is there some book them by. We don't need this. We are going to right arm code and create our own food. It's so I was sitting in the next video. Thank you. 3. Flutter Folder Overview and Running Flutter Projects: Hello guys work on back In the previous video, we created our projects and unrest. Did you? In this video we installed there extensions we need to look with in visual studio code and go over some some of the things we have in a food before that we created. So with only wisdom must am let's let's look at what we can do. So for us to wake in visual studio code to work on the flat, and that's programming language, we need to install that extension. So for you to install this, the Indians extension and we trusted you could God's view and choose extensions. You need to make sure you've connected to the Internet, you know that. Still any extension. So you set for any extension launching store, so we want to install flatter, and we have it's year. We have the flat of Essen proponents 11 he ate. It's so you just go ahead and install its you can self already installed, so it soon you're on in store, so you go ahead and in starts when you have done you, you can also search for the ducks as well. In the dots, seeing vaginal the flatter. So you can also go ahead and start down, comes off already and start. I wanna store. So there's no need to strengthen. And the fun you had Ukraine if started soon, I think Really good to go. So you can close extension page if you have installed these two extensions. All right, so now we need toe open up. We get food in order to start a pretty it. We need to open up with that for them. And remember, we created our projects on destiny. In a food, a quote flatter prudence. So you go too far. Hope in Florida, then that stock in a you know, food, alcohol flattop projects. So in this big the name off, up, up or school news out. So we choose our news up and hits booking, afford a Then our food eyes opened. Just close this speech and there's our food at this once we have so in this food I will be right on a main code in this far call mean that that is the fact that will be run any time you run your application. So let's go over some of the few things in this food. Let me go back. Just some of some Spain Poland's one. So first I'll talk about this past spec docks. Young male, Far this prospect don't see enough is where you have all your dependencies and assets need . That's for your projects. When I took off Assad's, I'm talking about your pictures, your videos, eo icons and all the things you need for your projects will be starting this asset. So if you want toe ad and I said, you just come here on comment despots and add your assets here and if wants is in story dependency, you also degrees here and in In this project, real beings thought you will real being stolen, some some few dependence is, and the account you will be coming to this folder this fall to install dependence is so. This fight is very important in the incomes of fat off Regent's. Now let me go to this in the There's a food are called Live inside our main food, and inside this food I school is a far Corden Mendoza. That's so as we already have a lit so idea about programming when it comes to Maine. Even when comes to Jave I and pie them we are all looking for When you start running your gun, your compile a starts looking for you mean you're mean method. So in flatter you have your main You mean that that's far And there's the fund that will be run any time you run your budget. So when you run this, your prudence and this parts of grand fires run the comp Allah is looking for emitted court mean I mean, yes, you can see how avoid mean and we have something main court pieces run up my up. So what's what's it seems that's when you run this mean Whatever the meanness running wouldn't look for u turn ran it as war. So we say the main says, That's run up. That's a certain class called my up on camera Right below it you have a second class call my up so your compiler will come and look for this class free Just call my up and starts running everything you've written in it. So it is just a some sample project that the greatest off flat I wanted so illustrate to you anytime you create imprudence, so by if you don't need it. You don't want to look at it. You can go ahead and later with them. So I'll be delayed in this in a minute. And we will be right or not. Could so creates out unproved. It's okay. One more thing before we go to the next video. Do you want to run your father? Put it in on waste and in visual studio code. It's pretty simple. You just come to run and you kind of two starts the bagging or run without the baggage, any of them that huge is. You'll be acts to select your mobile device. And remember, we created our mobile device in unrest. Did you? So for me, I can trust, you know, being devices I have you. If you don't have a device yet, you can think that preview video and Mr One or you can install one right here is in Crete. Andre and we later, and when it finally hits on this button, it creates for you and noone on grade. Emulate. So any time I want to manual put, it's just come to run. Choose starts when that's the dragon. Oh, I would die debugging and choose your you choose your own later and ran your put it simple as that. So indignados video you'll be starts in. I mean prudence. So I was seeing the next video. Thank you. 4. Creating a Class to Store the Data: Hello guys will come back to the course, so let's go ahead and stop building our application first. Let the leads the the cool we already have in the main that that's far right talking. So now what do we need to start? Let's go back to our interface. Look, that's what's we have you We need to create this interface. But before we do that, we need to think off how we will get the data. So, like you can go into the course description and I have the link to the date that there is calling and they're telling I click on the link. It will take you to the list off news start in the jusen deism far where quit will be fetching and displaying up. So this is how the data looks like this. How the data looks like you have a list off me. And for each news you have, I d. You are l tight. So test publisher, Ortho Image and deeds. So you need to fetch this data story. It's on displayed in your up. So how do you How do you store the data fissile for we need to create a class that kind of started bait off us. That's what we should Fez do. So let's go ahead and create a class and that class. It will stop the news for So any time we faced in years, we know that our news is stood in this class and we come go. We can go to the class and fetch the news anytime you want. So let's see. Let's create a class in. We'll call the class names with grace class names. All right, saying flatter. Any time creates a class, it's follows by Ah, tell your brackets then what's we have? I look back to the data we have I d. You are fell. The types of test publisher author. Imagine dates so we can create a variable for each of these if each of these features off this storm. So let's say let's how string I d stink. You are one for tights. Um, one full best I want for Alicia. I want full author, one for image and I have one for digs. Great. So now let's go ahead and create our constructor and a question that will be news. This that's I d uh, uh bish us did you and to get that with flatter in Babs has a very nice paid custom. So you don't struggled trying to type everything. I just need to stop typing and it's all pop up. So I've This is not a test. Is that's publisher. This not or, uh is this inmates and finally, this. That's big. Okay, sooner we need to mop is off. The very aboards, The attribute of the news we have you. So we need to map there. I d the variable idea. We've created this pass a great idea. So any time you're frigid, you thinking data that this i d this i d is stored in the Arabo idea we've created. And this u r l restoring the the rabble you are. We've created. So let's go ahead and we don't. So do you have reason? Means darts from gay son. Then beam up this string. We have you be my soaps. Come up then our rebels strength so him up a string so dynamic off Jason No. What? This big physical amusements, you know that dynamic you see here means that's when you come here to then agreed that we have it's Cumbie on insignia. It can be a flute. It can be a strength, but you can see Hey, that's or of the mastering maybe well, can be a string. One can be aan incident. So when you make this part of dynamic, then you don't Here what's what I eat This string always eyes on integer by If you don't make this side dynamic No, you make this tied a string. It's kind of like All right behind ing It's me today that that is on Intesa You're going to get some narrow so you make this side dynamic. I said, How you learn gets in the problem, Then we can go ahead, become go ahead and mob do the mopping. So the mapping, the idea we have should correspond soon They Jason, just the Sufa data. We have the path that score idea, right? So what's injustice, Mary? Everything here means that thus variable I d soon stone the the data The Jason Day Tell me how the actual booed at school. I. So any time you make a request to fight the data, the i d off as story will be stored in admirable idea. That's what it's physical means, Oops. This there's a mistake here. The stained this guy too. A kind of broke. It's instant any time and make and mop in. You doing a cynical? Okay, so let's go ahead and do the other one. So we have. You are else it's a court. They just the parts that its new out. And that one should be in this string so you can go ahead and copy and pissed them. This won't be money tied, so and it will be paid. So this one being my test yet So test that store. So go ahead and change all of them. And it's a more oops. Live the last one, which is the dates. So have dates and teaching Decide to these? Yes. So we've created a class on in the next video, we'll start create designing our interface. So any time limits. So any time you make on a stick to be http requests Well, the list off Museum Bay about train two of them. So you make a request to stake the first data. Andi, in the first data, we have I d. You are. So we are going to store of them in the variables. We have crazy and we're going to quit in the next section. We're going to create a list. That's any time we faced the data. Restore eating it. So you have all the data on up fingertips jobs, right? We can do what we want to do with it. I think you are now seeing the next video. 5. Designing the AppBar Part 1: Hello, guys. Welcome back. So in the period video we created our class in which we'll store our data. In this video, we'll studies in the ABBA on top of the ABA. I'm talking about the past where we have the means displayed that that's the way we have. They're heading names. The part that's got the back So you'll be designing ABBA in the and as video. So let's go ahead and studs the vote in a So let's quit our class, our main class And this is the class dowdupont any time we'll run up budgets. So let's say that let's call the class news up. So news up these things, it's less regions, no in in flatter estates, less widgets. Giving the name stateless means something that doesn't change. So, for example, this ABBA, we'll continue to be the Abbott, and the new zero continued to be the news. There's no process. Uh, yeah, there's no Kruse's on no event now. Okay, in the up, that's my by is going to change from news to news up isso forever be called news. So anytime you have something like that, you are going to develop something like that you extend this US stand that states unless widgets. So we need to build. Uh uh, So you have waited build, build contest contest, then you, Rick. 10. Let's do our no madura out. Being father is you're mean application. Your interface is in the matter up that we get this ABBA, and we get in this whole interface. So any time you want soup creates an interface like this, you need to call return the I waited, Matt, you are up. Okay, so let's go ahead and and design theme. So they think so. You can see here. That's from that talk. We have no whites is about a white background. So being we need to go ahead and designed us. So you choose theme date. That, and as it has, it has a propensity called primary color primary car. So go ahead and used our property and set in the color to heights. So when I want to set the color, you see colors, dots, whites, Cholestin, that's whites. All right, that's done. Said send a team. It's also has another prophet to call home. And this home this home is what, this place, the whole thing. So the material up with tens. You The white is the fights, the whole pitch and the hope the home, the property home of them that you have have seen to set the ABA and do any other thing you want to do. So I would be clear. The home and my hope. I will create another class ritual which would design my home for me. So in that class, Alkaloids homepage have no quick that this home page yet. But I hope created this home page in a minute. On this home page is going to design my ABBA and everything I have for me. Let me go ahead and designed this class homepage So class class homepage his things it's full widgets. Now you have to notice that in the class my up it s stance did less widgets Buying the class homepage is restaurants states forward Maybe in your application. As I explained earlier there in the home parts off them, a Teoh is where you design all of these things. So in maybe in your up you are going to do something that would change the state's assistance That will change something in your up. Then you need to extend there. States full widget by Nothing is going to changing up. You can't stand the states less with it. And if you are doing, go home. Maybe want some at some points in your home room I want to change something as they use that does something or whatever. So it's important us 10 distasteful widgets. So I stand instead forwarding and move. All right, emitted. I overwrites something in Fattah which is called creates its so it since you're you're that's one points off At some point in your up, you're going toe seems the state's off your you need to create states, and this house has done so. You were heading creates. No, it's a mystical right. We need to go ahead and create the class. The pain states wait distance, which is things states it dispensed. It's and that status home pitch. All right, so now we be have created this estates, and any time you change your up, you change something up. This, therefore with it helps you to That's so, for example, if they use that does something and that then is supposed to change something up this state forward, that will help you so that nothing will change courageously. So now we can go ahead and design So we can also we have also have to override. Remember all over there things you'll buy right in Florida. You can choose not to. All right and not gonna happen. Job about some things. You might not be a nesp it's on, so prevent interference. Just override it. So we create a new region. I got four months to quit and read it. And this time around we returned every did course. Couple? Yes. Come. Food is also a property in the material up that helps you to. That also helps you to design your page. So the up. But it's actually a property off. There's careful. So in this scuffled, you can just set your APA. So we were a tennis scuffled. Anytime we're with 10 something, make sure you and with a semicolon. So the skull food has a prophetic all Akbar. So you can set that up. And the ABA you can sense the up, Bob. You can set the height off it. You can change the property like the size and every other thing. You can go ahead and declare the ABA T to be that professor sized widget, a preferred size widget, and you can go ahead and declared a size sense. You can go ahead and Gladys Size and give it sighs. That's from heights and let give it 9 to 7. So no, In the next video, we'll go ahead and do up back. So for now we've been able to create our class in the home page. We've stayed designed homepage, and we've stayed green number and the ABA. You can since you can change the size. They heights us a treaty to come down there with and everything. We will prefer to use the, which is called the Prophet's Size Widget. And then you set the size to from a height to 97 quits. It's music that's from the top here. So they're down here. You are giving it 9 to 7. Bizarre. Yeah. So in the next video, we'll continue on the rope in the ABA, and I'll see you. And then as we do it, Thank you. 6. Designing the AppBar Part 2: Welcome back, guys. We've stayed designing a bar and we will continue on this. Griffin, do you? In the previous video, we hade in this so errors and let's try to be baggage. So any time onto the bag on ero in flatter. When you're working with mistrusted, you just put your Kizza on its on. You can see what it's saying. You say that obstructs classes can be in Stan shaded. Try creating an instance off concrete sub tight. So yeah, I guess refused the wrong wickets. I guess we've used the wrong window. So preferred with its size. Let's change this to preferred sighs. Preferred side rudder. But I'm preferred size widget. All right, so we should have use preferred size. No, professor, I'll read it. And for this era, this is the name promised a professor. Size isn't defined. So I guess we also re didn't spelled professor size correctly. Yeah, so the attributes here should be a small at that. Like, that's why we have another aero here. This is the promise that shot is required. So any time you use professor size, you should declare it permitted. Has a certain Promet Accord shout. So this like this arises t remind you that you need to declare the property. The promise of it is called the Child, So let's go in the Glad Chart Property. So it shot and let's give it a column. Let's give let the final column here and fill column You and I'll a lot of things that you can put in a column. So, for example, why you define a column you can put the first story, that second story that their star all the divide in the column so column doesn't pick, doesn't have the perimeter shot by it has the promise that Children, meaning it takes a list. A number list off widget so you can go on this I had, and they find a proper to call the Children and that so again takes a list off widget and number of them. So go ahead and find a property charge. And that is how it defines because it takes a list off widgets. And let's defined prop up a container us one off the widget. Quentin. So a container Is this a box that you can put something inside? It comports you have a widget. You want to place enough. Montana. You want to wrap it around the container or something? You can just bleating. Oh, Quintana. And now being. And it also has a prophetic called chowed. So what do you want to put in the cantina? So in the cantina, I want to put my Abba onto, puts my arm by in my Montana and the ABA has a property court. Hats away started. You want to give to the amber and that can be displayed with the widgets test. And now oneness the tighter school names. All right, so let's save and let's go ahead and run a project for the first time. So you will see what we are actually doing. So as describing the biggest video. Just go to run. Stalin died the bargain and choose your family later. So I run with flat time later. So you hit it and this stuff luncheon. So waiting for flat time later. If you've never run the projects before, it would take quite a long time so we can go ahead and do us stuffs and wait for they devised to connect for the project to run. All right. Okay. So he disconnected on its awaits. It's a weight for their device to finish boots in for the for the project to run. So now we've designed our ABBA. Let's go ahead and give and give color So and said the fun size and fun wheat. So if you want to sets the fun wigs, go ahead and declare a property of the test courts star and a tasso there test. Uh, so in this test, are you how you can declare their phones? Wait and you can choose the funds week Nuts old here, too. You can specify the color and anything I wanted. First specify Kala, you choose colors. That's then you choose the collage once so he every once black since our background is quite so, any time you also declare perimeter, make sure you put a comma indian. Otherwise, you gets on a roll. Advice is taking a long time because you have no run. Didn't have no running, you know? Well, if you get this thing, just click on weeds. Okay, so now let's go ahead and declare the fun size, fun size just fun size dick at double, so you can go and give it. We can give it Let's give you did see. I guess I device is ready for from going to run. So let's see what's happening in the timina. Okay, matter that's happening. Okay, so let's see if after a couple Grammys such a runner. Okay, so he stopped. What it means is that as it was waiting for the emulator connects, it stopped running so you can go ahead and run again because now you can't even see that the flat time later has been connected. Two can go ahead and around, starts running. You can't. There are two things you can get used to run from the timina. Oh, you can choose to and from there the bad cancer, You know of them awake. So let me run from the back on. So it's around from the Balkan, still go to run and starts run with doubts the parking and it's so appear rights here. So here you can stop or restart its Okay, so that's I'm waiting for the project to run. We can end this video And, man, it's one be a continuing because I guess with the take quite that time since there the first time I'm running my imprudence So now it's just that run. You can see you. So now luncheon, that mean that that's on the emulator. So in a D bag mode. So as I said, the fest then to be done in running is to try to lunch. They mean that that's oops. Oops, lives with animistic Because we didn't specify, I ran method. So any time you want to run a project, just go ahead and put to bed mean method. So you declared void. Mean before you mean then run up. And what is the name of the class? The class is called news, so run up news. So it's likely you'll get an error for the 1st 1 you started because though you didn't have the main meant that you get an error by you can just go come to run and stop the bag and stop the bag when you stop it. Would jets exist here and now you can't raise. That's your country. Run. Is this Tamara let run in the timina for you to run. You're projecting that timina, Just little kids to the the Fouda where your far are you off Your project is located, so our produces locator on esto in the food Arkoff Ratta projects and food and name is swell news up. So once you have, you are located in your Fouda. Just that document flatter wrong and it kind of starts running. So as we are waiting for up, we got to run. I was seeing the next video. Thank you. 7. Designing the AppBar Part 3: Hello, guys. Welcome. So, uh, application has finally has finally bean run on this what we have so you can see every half Ning's and that's basically I was done. So you know, we have news that tight. So about their Barry advertisers will be news Nestor, the font sizes, etc. And there's what's we have biz girl. But you can see here we have a banner here caught in a bad mood so we can go ahead and visible. There's bona so I know that to the civil Despina, uh, you disobeyed a benign them at Syria. So when it comes to mature, it has a propensity called debug. It's the bod. So it's a big banner mood Andi put into force and exhibits. Now you flat Any time you make changes in your up, you can go ahead and race. Uh, reload, hotel, reload or what? Restaurants. Those are very that those those tools helps you to reload. Are reverand the application Always touch application very fast in are there to see your changes. So I'm going to agree a reload on my want to reload use small are just press from all are in the timina. If you want to arrest Boris, that's you Press couples are ended them now, so I want to reload. So how press Samore are? Yeah, now I see the ban is gone. Is it? A bad night is gone. 100 by night is going so we can go ahead and kind off. Make it make it the I'll buy a little bit larger, coming their violence of this larger. So to make the up by a little bit larger, let's come to our color, uh, column. And OK, so let's Okay, let's comes. AL column on in the room. No, in the Montana. Rather in the container. Let the quasar container. So in the continent has a parameter called equation and takes the books. The question. So in the Bulls, the question you come specified a colossal by. You can't do the border. So the color there's no nearby because it's already white. Okay, for the bulls, the question. Let's specify the color and Kalis that's white. Let's also specify the what, uh and and taste the Buddha. In the Buddha, we can do the bottom and with the creators, with a board aside, let's give me that with Oh, is open. Fife and Kara the same quite I can. Now. Let's also give. Let's also give it to imagine. Let's give. Ah, our books are continue. Imagine and imagine you define. Imagine, with the Edge insists eggs and sets. That's only that's money, Oneto specified. Imagine off only some parts off your container. So you have to know that this whole ABBA the news is being robbed in a container. So it just like you have a 29. You've placed your faith in there. The title news, the test news in it. So I just that creating the container and edge and said, the only going to do the top. So when they said they talked to visit to and let's also do the main as is, I mean as this off the column runner, the quote the main men as its alignments. So mean unless other Suleiman lots, that's so this main as this alignments. So any time you have a color right, you're going to put things in the column. But the main as is that's the main as is. He is which which, you know, column in Colombia worrying things in vets card, so feet So when we talk about the main at this does the feds cars is where you want to start, right? So do you have the mean assistants? You can see a starts and space around, so that's that's house. You two starts from the the left, the possible that top have you to start from the top without leaving any unnecessary lines the space around. If there are so many objects in your column, it's helps you to space around them. Corrects nicely all space around. So that's why we want to choose this. That's let's go ahead and we load up projects and see what we've done so far. And I have seen so one when we did the top there. Imagine when we created Imagine now, Cantina, the margin is our creative space. Create a space on the top off main Quintana so you can continue this news. Waas waiting in the middle of a plantain about me specified. Create a space at the top off our container, and then we have this base at the top off our container. Okay. All right. So I think we are on the rights. But let's check the emit. No wonder we are working with and see and see what, uh the, uh I tried doing the right thing. Okay. All right. Okay. So we have an image. So this is the man up Relenza creates, and OK, so you can see we have a certain lie at the top here, and there's no line here. And I believe that is the because. Does that up? Is ah, the pizza? Because when you compare, you can see my I am later is quite longer done. The application which was using this up where the picture was taking from. So that's why I think I guess I can see this lying here. I think it's just because off this, then the top that too. I think I come and stuff that it so I can make it swing tonight. I mean, here. Okay. I think it has to reduce obits. Let me make it to invite instead and see. Yeah, and it's gone and it's gone. So I think it was just mind device. Okay, so let's go back to our image. Okay. So I guess we're on the right path. Yeah. So the next thing we are going to do is to find designed this This interface. Meaning you have to fetch the data online displayed in, Uh, Okay. So in the next video, once we've been able to run up and we've been able to design the ABA, that's quite good. So in the next video, we are going so face the data online and tried to display the data in up. I'll see in the next video. Thank you. 8. Fetching the News: Hello, guys. Welcome back. The people video wearable to design the ABA in this video. We want to create a meta to fetch our date. And I got to make an http request You need to install a dependency. So go ahead and open your prospect. Dirty air mail. And under the past buses, dependencies This but rights under the sdk flatter or yeah, right. Another is decay flat. Put a CTP in line with the flats are written in blue. Make sure you did to say, must this I'm always live in the space are not following this same space in us. Mine I won't give you problems was to make sure you have connected to maintain its not that store any pocket. We're not done save. And when you're connected today Internets you're worked. Your dependency will be done mooted so we can come back to the main. But that's an important that dependency that part kids. And it is important us Http, that that's also there's another package. That's that That's converts we need to import. All right, so after important these two packages, we need to go ahead and creates omitted. So come in the class under school in my school home page stands states home page and on but and a class in Moscow home page it's real. Creates really creates. Uh meant that. Ah, future mate. That's so he just forgets about these things. For now on, we'll come back to it. So, um, it that is, if you'd omitted. So let's go ahead and quit submitted. All right, so that's in I met that we need. So, variables, we need today variables. So the first time, because you are the 2nd 1 We were called risk plans. A Ted one would be called names. Okay, So this you are is the links to the link off day city because their websites where we want to do, uh, the city people question. And if you are taking this course on you to me, go to the previous lecture. If you are taking this cause own skills, say then you need to go to that's cause description to co pay the link. You need to go to the cause description to copy the link. You Yeah. You can also also type its rights here. - You can also stipends rights here. Then this response is the http request religion to make and the response off our request will be stored in this variable. All right. I was been this in a minute then. This news is a list of names where we would be called our response and store the and story . It's a novelist off news. All right, so let's go ahead and creates. So what we are saying what we have been years that we are making 80 to be request to this particle oversight and the response will be stored in this very robo call response. And what we're about to do is we want to decode the response and stories in this list off news. - Okay , so what we're saying if responders status code is equal to 200 responders, status could helps you to determine whether you're a city people quest was successful. So and maybe that started school is supposed to 100. It means that respond waas The response was the request was successful. So you have the request was successful. Then the court respond up. Jason, don't decode the response. That's body and store, the decoded they that into ever AbioCor notes Jason. So then we will go ahead and store in the decoded data into our list. Off news. So you see, for a ramble lots of Jason and note suggesting nothing. That's one hospice, one How doesn't have on this. So you're saying news? That's what's that, then? The news. That's from Jason. No, to Jason. All right. So we have done. Would we have done storing data in our list? Often use. Then what's weird is me with 10 on the news with 10 news. Yeah, I'm having an error here. Andi. I'm trying to figure out why I haven't. Never And I guess I'm missing something. So whenever you're making on http request, you're going to use a future. Minted the main reason why we used a feature Methodist Arts. And when you use future method, you make use off the synchronization and the ah, wait. Okay. So you can see that I forgot my synchronization that I'm gets in the era. So writes after they're coming. News puts it's immunization. Yet on the aero go. So what? It's closely Adeiny is that whenever you're making a future minted, you make use of the is organisation, especially when it comes to fetching data only because your application will be waiting for the response or the return value off this myth it in order to continue in there. It's Prusis, but sometimes you application doesn't have to wheat. So the future is immunization helps you to terry application That's continue running onto our finished fetch in the data. Then I can pass the value for you, for you to you, for whatever you want to do. So hey, synchronization and the wheat helps your you to for helps your application to run hearts you are waiting for future made it to retain its value. All right, so once we have done, there's one more thing we need to do, and that is to initiate states. Whenever you you do something like fetching data before built before you're Bill admitted. It's important you initiate the states, and that's why I had these two here. So I'm being John commented seeing and you can also the Gladis I was static. I don't think list off means and thats going news is a list off news than another list on being scored. News in up what we are going to do with these two parables that we're going to set the state's off this future omitted two days wearables. I need to be used by I'm bailing admitted. So you override. Sorry, we override on imbued minted in fact accord or the in the states in instant. So just put your Oh, yeah. So in the in the States, that in the States is a method that is used to set states. And whenever you are certain estates, you initiating something you want to eat, set your own states. You know, that's a initiate that they thought that would be called once. You need to have a right this minute. So this is how it is done. So what we're being that's there. The rebels, we declared recent the States off the Met that does fetch data. So days variables. Yeah, So that's how it is done. So none that we've been in boots, Who? But there's one more thing we need to bring us super whenever you forget this, but it cracked and Supan doubts in the States, it's more or less like you didn't do anything. Okay, I guess I've put it at the wrong place. So copy all cattle, cut its and just pissed. It's right here. All right. I still have some marrow cities. Men could. Okay, I guess I'm missing something, Kristen. Okay. All right. So in the next video, we are going to fit. We are going to display the detain up, because now we've been able to face the data, and we've stalled it in. These were born names up so you can see it's being highlighted. It can. It has been underlined in the on. What it's saying is that we've Nazi used its the value off the field isn't used. So in a net video, we're going to use this value. And it contains the list off news we've faced online. We are going to displayed in up. So see in the next video. Thank you. 9. Displaying News Part 1: Hi, guys. Welcome back in a figures video ableto right, the method outfit the data in this video, we are going to display the very the data in up and I just run the application. And that's where we are so far. So in this video, we are going to display our news in the up. Andi, you can see right somebody news you can see under the heading news. You can see there list off Nunes being displayed here. So what we are going to do? So I also realized that I have also realised that's sometimes the bad gun one since in the in the video off. Yeah, some. That's so from up from this video. In order to reduce a bag lama the bag analysis I will be rights in their code. Simply shots. Think when I can I will be explaining it. So have my spilling its then I guess that long, but then gets more understanding of its then you could along. So I don't know being most of the coding here after this video about be explaining most of the steps because as begin now, you need to understand most of the things you know that too? No, not so. Get your hands, Wits full. More confidence. Bridgette's Okay, so we we will start by going into Ah, that class I'm in class. That's, uh, underscore home based IDs. And in this meant that the week the bill demented we defined us. Got food here. Andi In the scarf food. It has a promised a code whom that's where we can display on Newman. So easy with type. It's here home. I guess I'm doing the right. Them scuffled rights after their bob. Uh, my perfect sighs. Yeah, all right. Something the right thing, I guess. My this just the deal is called this thing. It's no fun, sim probably Okay. Oh, sorry is if body run are not home. It's bloody okay, buddy. Not home. And then so we can give our body. So listsview Okay, let's views because when Look at the image we have business and Listsview, there's a live view on in listsview. Your items are being a real in. Uh, you didn't Kuala more in rule by this one is in a column, so you give it to at least view a little builder. Sorry. Give you tell his view Bilde Onda. We want to build something So I look at this whole thing is not just one Ning's is a list off news so we need to build a list off news. So what we haven't do is that we can't write admitted and dammit, that any time dammit, the loco is called any time does build up called emitted its retained tow us one item in the list. So any time we meet, we make a court. That's method. It returns to ask this one. The next time you make a call to demand that area tends to ask this, then returns to ask this. So all the 20 items in the list of them, So at them build up, then what's our rebuilding? We want to build something based on index. It was You know that we know that we are working with a list on friend list. So I says the at them in a list you need on in this, right? So we make use off the index so we have build, uh, I them based on the index and we with them very 10 Bill, I admit that a meta call list them which will also take the Indus, then tasting this and what you do is you increase the at them counts. Who's sorry of destiny system? Okay, so to this, you increase the item counts and the item counts will be is on the number of items we have in our list. Thus muse in up. That's a limb. Okay. All right. So I guess I'm omitted. All right. So I understand after no bids this month that so I'm going to build this method. And what's happening is that in our body What, you are going to do it any time. We if there's accusing with this but the body off the scuffled is going to called is going to build and it's on item builder and is being to build quantum picks. So it's going to retain, I admit that, and any time this method is called, it retained a list of names. So we need to build this myth is such a dance. Anytime you call this minute, it's a returned to us A list off news on this build by 10. Builder is going to called this particle eliminated 20 times. That is the length off. There that list off use. So if we increased the length off the list off news die timing the list off news to Tennessee, then this building is going to call this method 30 times to return all the list off. Nunes in in the writing. All the list i them the news items in the list. All right, so let's go ahead and right this minute. Okay? So a list of them the priest takes names on index. All right, list item. I was on a roll here. This then we sticks in on index, and what he's doing is that's when you look at this. Any time you call this list item issue, we tend to us base particle at them. The first set off names. So it should display that Tights off the news. The publisher. Ah, a small Ikram on a divider. So let's go ahead and students. So let's make use of a Quinn Tina. So it's alright, then angina. Any time you retain some commission and with a cynical and let's give that sound at column , that's out off the container to be a column. We are giving it a column because you considered when you return. This you consider the for the first set off means that title and the publisher I am I am the quote. Um, the the tight So and the Samore icon is also, you know, rule. All right, so in a column, a become, you know, column takes in Children. A list off would widget soon. So then off the column. I know my circumstances there. The rest of your quote should have helped me in typing on this because I'm a It has a well for how you cast tied custom, but it seems there's no working, so I need to type of within Mountain. All right, soon. Now we're going to specified the Children for the school and you can see from the meat that the Children for this column is going to be that type So and the the publisher. All right, so and then l video. We are going to continue on the up. And then as we deal, as I said, All right, the small I write a small court and obvious Panitz. So in the next video, we are going to rob, we are going toe continuing. Build them list item which would display the list off names in body in a scaffold body. So seeing the next video, Thank you 10. Displaying News Part 2: Hello, guys. Welcome back in the privilege deal Me defined restore rights and, uh, met that list item dining time when it is any time, it is called to display on a news item in the list in the news list fast. And we declared we had a container. Quintana. We're Eternal Container and the child. Waas column That child was column. So what with others Who it is that's we're up our column with a pardon. So if it isn't visual studio code, when you put your Kazon column, you see this. But there's involved I acquiremedia I want to liquidate. This is wrapped with a pardon. When you run with that problem, you're up with the pardon This how you you get there, you need to go and change the law, the cause edge and said that all too full for is to look like something like this. So this is what we be added to that There were also said the close as this alignment off the column two starts the column to start. Okay, So that sorts we added them from this the rest green. I'm going to explain its line by line. So the memories when we added the pardon was that's when you look at ah, you made here. You kind of see you can see that. So what we did was we wrapped a column in a pardon. We're up our column in a pardon on the column is just from the top to that down we said the left to 15. So we said the left to 15 minutes. The space we're be just intentional left Espace. Yay! This small space, it seemed the the edge toe where the test title starts. That's what we did. Then we specify ARU as one of the Children off they're column the rule. What we're going to use the road for is to display their tights that tight. So and there the I climb the tights on the ankle. So what's well, What's me? You This you said the mean as this alignment and the main Isis alignment is the men, as is off a rule, you say in the ruling were in the room, the main others alignment is horizontal. So how you want the things you place in the are in the road to bay, how you want them to be placed and here. We chose the end. So the end, what they're told is it was sent. If you put two items in the room, it was sent, the day took place. That's why times on the ends off the rule. So it's a place I titled any to place our button here. Then in the rule, the rule in the room, the rose who think a list off Children so once we come to is what we did. Was that what queen? The clear the room. You said the men as its alignments. So and Meena, this alignment, that's and then use the Children. There's the Children and oneness has spun. Did responded. So what a spun that will help you to do what a splendid will help you to do. So what's really means. We want to display that test that title and that tight. So if you don't use, responded, so what's it to do? That is it. When it's which on the D bag on toxic pursuits with the bag, then it's the rest of the personal continuing instead of coming down. It's a continuum. So when you use the responded responded, will help that will bring the test down. When it's reached the end off this space, you specify fight. So when it's rich, it it will bring that the rest on any to do the same for or of them. So that's your test will not see that bizarre. That's what the pattern would do. So when you specifying the problem, the respondent, you give it a pardon and that pardon you give it a pardon. And the pardon is just the boats in the space between that tight. So the space between the title and in the publisher, the space between the tides and the publisher, you give it. They gave it system. So that's what we specified. That's what we spent fight here. Yes. So you specify the pardon at the bottom at a put bottom of their splendid, You give it 15. So separate that title from the publisher. All right, so they sowed. That's odd. Will now be that test. We want to display the test we want to display. So that test we want to display is the tide. So the better the past we want to display and forced together pack. So we need to go to the our list off means item on our list. Off news I de Mr in this variable news in up. So what we'll do is in order to get a tight off the first set off news. We said news in up that in this the tights remember index is the fares build the build materially way we did here. And the Indus is the first build item. So for the fans, Bill item is going to be one that the first at them that will be built and it's means that's that in this is going to be one. So that picks news nears in, up in this the tights also wanted to go to the news. Come up on the dingus is the first set off news. So the first set of news has, uh, properties. It has the i d. That test the types of the Ortho and all. All they need that information. So you do the means in up at indexed dots tied. So I need to give you the title of that article names and I will help you get the types of and displayed by If you want the best. You just do the Indians. Those test because if you remember, we specify our class here there's a class and for we set out for it for it set off names for each news it had. The following property is property is us and I D u R l So if I have one end news and I say news dots, i d it will give me the idea of the news. Muse that title to give me the tights off the names. That's what we have physically green. Okay, I live a some explaining you called along. So we have. It's so we have the test. So now want us? We have that test. What's we needed? We need So said Vista, the Testa. And for that, the Testa helps you to specify how you wants your best to look like. So we want in the tester. We want the fun size. So be assistant. Then bring the common you wonder forms way the forms way to be boarded So it's a funds weight. Semicolon fronts weights. That's bold comma. Then you set your color, and Nikolai said as palace dots, Yeah, even when you have are your months on it, you can see black you can use black once or black to six black, black, 38 and the one you can see. What's if it's you get here. So now we've been able to display a test, all right, that there's that the tide. So and I remember being in a room and what they re wants would display in the room in the role we want to display that title and this small icon. So now you display that tight. So and now we are left with the Eiken. So where the icon were up our icon in the container and give the heights of the quarantine a to 50 we said the height of 15. Then we said the high to steed. Then we said We said the high to 50. Then we said the shout. So Elaine and a land what a line will help you to do, you can see, is that if that's a perimeter call alignments, and here you can see a lime end at the bottom center. So I look at the image you threw up this small icon in Cortina and the container is quiet, bitch! So you try to place the icon and a put some off the quantity PNA. Last words were doing alignment. That's bottom center. Then in the alignments there, we specify. I can Watson. So any time you want to display an icon, you have make use off the icon bottom, then the iconic bumps and you you want to give this size I con size to be assisting. They give it color colors that's black to six. So here you can see we are making use real using black to six, because you can see this one is framed that as compared to the pieds so black that's colors that's black to six. Then alignment a lemon, that bottom center, then the icon. What I can do. You want to display that one? I a qualm colon. I. So any time you want to specify the type off icon you want to display, there's how you go about. So I could. It has appropriately called icon, and you give it a quantum. Then you specify the type off I A corn, and that is just like you specify the color the type off value wants. You see Calculon College. That's black. So is there. Here you say I come in a bracket. I wanna start arrow forward. I was and I won. We'll give you this. But to grab is about to crown. I could. So once we have done, there's a propensity off on icon button that we can't becomes, become do without. It's so when you clement the this particle properties of the icon butts unquote on press, you will get this yellow is on the line off the Icahn butts on. It would tell you that the perimeter on pressed Israel cloud so you can do on combating with Darby's perimeter on pressed, and this one press will help you to specify what should happen any time that I can express . So any time this small quantities praised, of course you happen, and that is what's we are going to do. So we have seen that are impressed anytime repressed on. That's more like one we suit pushed something. Never get that that push. And here we want. We are making use off their my theory on page route in the material page routes, or help you to navigate navigate through your up to make the transition from one page to the adopted. So when you press on the Ikhwan, You move on the cure Karent, pig, toe another page. And what is going to display on the page? What is going to display on that speech? We are We will be building. That's in the next video. So in this video, what we've done is the because you do. We started with that list. I am Index. Lift them, which works with an index at any time you call this, I list them display a list off minions it display and news at that sets an industry in a list off names. So what you do is it's already kind of container. And in that cantina you have a room. And in the rule you have your types of you have it. Guess which is the tights off the news and you have there. I quote about him So this code will have us this play the title and the like one. So in the nose video, we were displayed there, well displayed. Ah, the publisher and the divider. You displayed a publisher in the divider. Then from that we can work on the on present. We cannot work on their own press. Yes, so If if you think this up, which was helpful, Lemina and I wouldn't know what to do in an S. Crassus And also so if you didn't get a quote and you like to look at it, I have been linked to the court in across our line. If you are taking this course one scholarship, you go to the course description. You can get it by in. Then you can you do me. I have it in and like, Jack Old linked to could link to could. And when you click on that selection, you get the link. So the code as well as a index section. All right, so before you go, we need to run up and see whether it's actually working us. We wanted to do so. You can go ahead and start running so bad. Have already run my and what I'm going to do. So I'm going to do what's re Stutts. I mean, I'm going suppress Capita are on there common at its Emina. My heart risk that has ended. And what you what you are seeing here? Let me explain what you have seen here. So what you're seeing here means that's we are actually better than something. All right, read we root this But the crock quote me as saying that for the body off the scuffled on Daz, the whole this whole side What we want to do is toe do and I am Goda. And how many times are we going to build the item? Well, we are going to build the I 10 for we don't know by were dependent on the number off items we have in our list. Off news in the novelist off news. We have 20. Aydin's swings the items. All right, so for swing. See, we're going to build swings the items, right. So I tend builder and for each for each off them. We need to display something and any time re for all the 20 items. Any time we call one, we want to display one off the news in a list. So when we called the 1st 1 we displayed, we displayed this particle and names. I recall the 2nd 1 we displayed. This puts a Kenyans so in a list item were built amended in that list item it'd we built it in such refuse it in such evidence anytime you call it will display one one names for you and apparently it to display the title and a small icon at the end. So the title and as small equipment I didn't a small IAC want at the end and quote it. So Andrey, what were you doing in the next video is that's well, we're head and do for the divider. They divide the so for the divider. When you do it, you can see that or these news would be separated with a divider before you work on their own present. So we run this application, and I mean this application are being called The application called the list item method 20 times on its retained or the list off means all the news in our list has retained all of them, and it's displayed is for us so you can school up and down. It's it. All right. So it is one of the properties off. At least feel for Aliceville. You can school up and depending on the number of items you having its so now we've been able to display are tight So and, ah that I quit currency. If you press on this icon. You get an error because we've done nothing. We've noticed five. Anything that should come. So in the previous video, we're going to build a force. You happen when you press on there? I want. All right. Thank you. And I see in the next video. 11. Displaying News Part 3: hello, guys. Or come back in the previous video, we were able to display a tight So and I con off the news in this video, we want to display the divider and dead and the publisher. So when you look at Amy so now we have time, So end, I don, we are left with and the publisher and the divider. So in this place, this business agenda So this there's quite simple So Court Tweedy's So that's where we end the day. At that time, the at that time we had specified their own press by We are yet to develop its mean, its main, uh, Doda, its main builder. And we have in the ruling that tight. So and there, Icahn. So the icon and the title in the rules, then right after the rule, you as is the rule we do there the publisher, because I look at the image, the tight so and the icon in a rule I did publisher and the divider in column in the column with the tights. Or so the publisher and, uh, divider must be in a column. So as you can see this a room and as the rule is the and right there is the root. That's house are tighter and icon. So right after the rule we start with a test and that test is our publisher. By before the test, we need to put something here. I forgot. End up minutes called a size both sighs books. Oh, you let me finish after running, we see how it looks like. Then the real didn't. Whether we will add a side box or not So right after they will you add your texts make sure you have a common after the rule. Then you add your test and the test. What we want to display is the publisher so means in up at index dot publisher, then the publisher. We we kind off, give it some stuffs and we give the correct agree, he said they call out agree Then we give degree a citizenship and the shape states under agree shade 600 will kind of make it look like make it looks like this and we're not done. You specify your divider, but you need to first. You can't just do your divider by you. Can you have to wrap you and divide? I would, uh, a pundit, right? Pundit. So you have a divide? I would talk six. So what's your days? Even if you I delete this, you can do something like your divide. Eyes has a color cholesterols blocked off. So what's even if I delay this? What you mean is you just do Divide that right. Then give your color and callous. That's black soft. All right, though. Then, after you've done this, just click on this. Put your cards on this and shoes wrapped with pundit grew up with. But when you grow up with pardon, you get this one problem one off the parameters of the pardon. Just go ahead and change the and that's on so early I decided not to table. I just wanted to do this. So harden thoughts edge inside. That's fully. Then you specified the what was it in quotes? All that's you specify the bottom. Sobeih. 15. But secondly, science here. All right, so let's go ahead and run. I put in and see what's will happen. Yeah, So I would do what? Ray stunts? What? Restaurants. And let's okay, this what we have this once. We have cause this Once we have. Andi. I think we need a space between We need a space between ah, uh uh, publisher and ah, we need a special it in our publishing A divider Rights Provisional divide. Okay. What it means that's this pattern was to provide us a space between, uh, divide that. And, uh, publisher Meaning that's this photograph. Bottoms should be tough, rather because we need the space on the top off. Ah, publisher. So let's say Vinto, what's we're load and see what's happening of a No Aidan which lynching in back to but some . And let's use a size books, Yes, size books. So after their the size books. So what the size books would do is it's also helps you to leave a space machine. It's also helps you to live a space between your so with kids. So the size boats work through to leave a space between your waited. So sighs boast science books and you give it there heights height off. Let's see 10 and coma. All right, so you run and you can see nice looking with so let tried toe reduce this guy. So, Fife. All right, so now become Confed, Itsu and we can see the almost day almost there. So when you click, um, one of these i A clones, you should get something. And when you click on this particular news, does this 4th 1 this parts of growing, you should get something You should get something like she got something like this. So this what's way will be designing in on s video. So in the next video, we'll be designing there. What's you happen when we praise on in all these buttons? So thank you. And I was seeing that as with you. 12. OnPressed Part 1: Hello, guys. Welcome back in the previous video wear boots, so we were able to display our news in B up. So what's well being being from now is to work, try and work on their own price this on. So in the last one, this way we read. Do you read this? But And we were also able to do there publisher and the pundit. The main reason why you see the publishing department below here is because so you don't forget. Forget about this one. These are the quote like Would I roots? So this was explaining in this video. So by the minute was what you see, this one in the middle, that's you can see you. That's the height. So in the publisher between the title and the publisher is the I and everything that will happen when this icon, the spread, will be written before there, the publisher and the divider. So any time you read this icon, they paid out way would be rubbed up, Pete. Everything relating to that page before the published there and the grand I welcome so well , let guess that so No miss, very raised. We have on pressed navigated the wish. So I get out that push. Actually you want so navigates through you up and you push Oh, my Syria Hey routes and build that one. So you need to build what will happen when this whole business when this was happening. So this week we understand I want it with when you present about this who's well, Holdeman syrup is road the material, please routes for anything you have the same. So that's when you click. It's a pop up. So what we want to design We want to design a turning hotel in peace. So when you correct on it, no matter, European routes will retain and new Matt Syria Remember that one way, Staten, when we're building this thing, when we're building this thing we we built, we retained in new much. So when you click on this, you'll return and new my throughout my clicker in all of these retaining the matter And when you were in the Montreal remember? First we checked the baby back gonna be attended and that you guys were in the past one and I guess it comes this in somewhere This so in this one to be payment off everything off within. And we have to give our home to stuff food that's like that This one And in scuffled you can This food and stuff would has the about barometer and the Obama for America. You can choose to send the title true. So when you press this one, he considered the title be said True and the bargain color You can say the bug uncle as well. Then lead him. No, When I look at this image race, this is my up and you can see that types listen no on the ABA, any icon that's is on the right, left side off that up. But this side, the left side of the ABA is call you so living icons Eye contact I displayed on the left side off the ABA before the types of before the tight. So here we have a leading and the leading is a backward arrow. And I would take us back to this page. So this this iconic score lady, maybe. Okay, so let's going to know. So I lived in like, one leading. We give it an icon button and the side is 20. The color is Holland that's blue and that I want it. So I want the arrow bark. I always arrow back. I focus I will back at all. All right, so we also need to do what happened. Playing pressed on that iPhone. So you said the own press and that this own credits Quite some. There's on Fred. It's quite simple. So in this own press we are not being navigated. That which we are doing navigate hundreds Kwan ticks and the Navigator that context well, basically well, basically, return back to this piece. Well, thanks. So when you click Navigator that until it's all retaining but to this pit because there's the contact they build that I rebuilt. So So I guess we're telling you about to this and it is then this how it is. That's Pope context. So after we've set there needing the leading button, the leading icon what we would do this You have to go ahead and do the tights off that tights. Remember we just pretending that Teoh and whom we gave it? Scott. So the ABA hearts, something called leading Linda and the leading It's a Nikon, and I acquainted Arrow back. I was when you click on it and get a good pop context send you back to where your first page and the scientist 20 then Now we're about to send it tight and the tight so you can't see it. So and it took. Remember here that title had sent sent a pipe True meaning that that's on the album will be sent. And what do we want to use? What it tights news in up index. So whatever names we are working in the list. We want the tights without dot and we give you some stuff in this stuff we have pissed though common colors that black for insight. 15 funds, weights, funds, weight, that boat, and I will make it told it. And yeah, So basically, this is that title. This one helps you to set the title of the album. So it is where the Abbott and Science you can see a case here is whether about and the Abbawi said, the Lady Nikon and we've set um So what do we need after that? But okay, let's go back to the image. And after that Abba, what do we need? We need a picture off the news and in effect of the news and in flatter picture of the things you make user a meeting, That's what So in flat that we have If you want to display image, we have the asset image. The assets image is me that you have the image in Europe aspect of Gmail far on. You want to display it in your up and we have emit nets, work inmates, nets would and that one they missed the nets. Work means you want to load at network from the infinite. So for us to do the net for us to do that inmates and everything about force look at you can see that after the image you flow with the tide to again there. Publisher, there's Ortho dates and the length. So what did you mean? It is that for you to do all these things for you to do all these things you lights around in me in ah singles groove you in a single screw view. So the memories Why did this one? Actually, this thing wasn't in this history. But when I was doing this, I would love that Some of the image waas really, really wrong long you know, So it's only being me, just like I clubbed them. So initially some of them were absolutely based here. We're up to the bills here, and I needed to club them so But if you don't want to crop the image and you want to live it like like it is, as long as it is, then probably you don't need to do there. Thank you Don't need toe croc. It's and that without wanting you have to. You that's and go, child. Screw you. You know that screw down was to see the rest of being me by If you want to crop, it's, you know, kwon Tina. Then there's no need for this. But I left the bed just to explain it. So after the Abbott, we have the body of the scuffled and we're giving to a single shouts No view A single charge. Screw you, I remember, even for the single child's groove. You You can also go ahead with a single child school view and quantity. Neon would, uh um the title. The link there published sign that takes because since we rob since we've crop our image in the antenna, it's me. the images. Nobody investment again so we can continue on day. Single screw that's would be in the Net video with, uh, published on the test. The tights wouldn't have it. So in the single school you give, the child has a job and we give it sent and the child off the center. We give it a quick so at Colin takes a list off credits and a number of them and one of that's certainly have a container on this. Contain a We give it a height off 222 and there with a 400. Then we sets mountain and imagine incident that only but And what's this edge inside? Not only bought some 10 I would do is to give you a smart spit between the image and the type of give you a small space between the image and that title. And after that's we can finally display on image and emit. That's the nets wake, they admitted. You want to look so normally if use image that network, What you do is you piled the link toe where the images so this party to this image, the network and it is being too rates in this play team. It's so normally not if not less, but the ground seven times. And if we had the length, we're going to do us this http whatsoever whatsoever. Hold him. Then we bring out on this once we're going to the by since we have the since we have there length in our data, in our legs, often in sports victories we help me see means in up index Whatever news were being with, we are dealing with that image That's image on as we saw in the data that you meet Quentin things. You are l where you can download the image. There you are, where you can download the image and we have this parliament that court waas fit. That's cover and I never used I admit, Dr Nets Wake. It has this fits and this fits specifying How should they may be playing in its child in its parents, sir. And remember day parents off this image. It's holds the Montana. So how should they image the place in the fontina Ariel saying doctor patient corpora is your cover the whole space in the fontina, so it's going to cover stays off height 222 and with 400. So basically, this is what we've done so far. Yes, so we repent them. Newmont's. And then we said that a bun in the ABA had a leading I called so lead in. I can't button size color on present value presidents. It will take you back to the first page. Then we display that paid so every giving it some styles here. Then we have us a single school view which will help us. Toe screw down was when we add the test and the title in the orphan, whatever or the other details. And you also displayed, uh, you Mitt and we made use off the images nets way, and it's fits that box off its parents so you can see it. Our boss fix dots Kovar so you can see what's food that's cover. It's called the whole space you have. So if you have something like everything with whatever shape you have, it's affect the whole spits. So I think with them it's okay for this with you and we are going to run and see what's we have named Inez video continua. So I'm going to do? What? Restaurants I press captain are in the seminar and none. So let's praise on this was a growing government. Uh, no. So I'm having this arrow, uh, I know of in the arraignment could So I'm thinking maybe I have no saved my work. So if you are working in flat and you don't see your work, I tried to run. You gets, like, on a road that's you. Look through your quote and you student because they saying that we're out the building must never within. So what's it is ignorant? Remember that before we retain this material up, this part was not jihad. Now here. And after that, we were moved in now, and within this, they knew much up. So I guess I need to save my work. So if you also have this arrow this Quantrill see, and let me know what's reload again. What? Risk that. Okay, now let me press. Okay. All right. So ago. So now we've been able to display the inmate up and and then I had video. We're going toe your continued. So we'll continue to display that I So the published the test. The author dates was and you linked to, therefore star by unit. So you need to another. This on press works for all the news we have. Yeah. So for each of that, then use you piece of narrows that you pressed my wings against that inmates. All right. Okay, so I'll see you in the next video. 13. OnPressed Part 2: along guys or Kalmbach in the province. Did you wear book to display the How did So they emit and really invisibly deal will be signed to display the rest of the details that we have. Okay, so have some errors in my coat, and I intentionally left them like this off. I want you to win this one. So in the privacy, the periods video, this where we raised were able to use the single school view the center in the column to display the image and the image yours fits in a Quinten was fits in the container. All right, all right. I think the people's video this idols over not feel I was just taking some. Okay. And the periods video decide Waas 400. Not for Houston. Okay, so Ah, this what we had in the period video This what we have in the fields video. So in this video, right after our image right after I image the continent are convinced I image we want to display what's we want to display their hides away game and a small space, then the publisher than a small space. So once we would do is we want unless how a list list and the list. I'll have passed a display. All the rest of the do tills in this also in a school in that school, a woman. So the list and the list our house a title and we give the tie to a Clinton. So on these things, all these things I list are in a container. That's an analyst. All right, so in the container we specify a column because once again, the image you can see what the experience I in a column and the column we set the cross. Others alignment. Of course I was a lime in those. That's then, As we don't know, the column has a tight. So Akram, sorry has come. Has a list off. Where did it takes a list off widgets and the list off widgets? The 1st 1 we passed was the test because from the image he considers asked right after the picture that fast. The first thing that comes, is it. The type is the title. So we displayed a title and the types of once again we are making use off the news in up in this tight, so we do some stuff college that black funds with the old Danforth size to be 15. So this help us to set the tights and thats right after attacks, we have sized box as size book. So notes again there's that tight, so and means in up in does the tight. So there's this. We heights out some stuff and right after it we have a science books. So what The sideboard is doing that kinds that's considered from between the title and the between the title and the publisher. We have a space, the chain that's and we use as the size books to do that. So the size books off height sough was set this space we need for us. So right after that space, then we come do our publisher and again in the publisher we have news in up at India's That's publisher. We give it style colors. That's black 26 because that one is quite fainted, as you can say from the video, then after the publisher. So we have space before the test and the space. We can also do that with the size box, and this time around we give its heights off sof height off for So like a game is a publisher. News in Happened puts it in this boats probation. It has the colors That's black train to six. Then you have has a high size books, and this size books leaves a space between the publisher in the text. Lose the publish Spin Regina. Publish ended test. So right after this space, we have our techs, and the text is I'm talking that test that the news, the little explanation. We have rights below the publisher. That's what I'm referring to. Ask this, and so we after news in up index. That test in this in the tests will give us the little explanation we have for that we have . We have fall there for the endings then. So here you can see that's that. It's a little bit. It's quite it's plain to down or that that test we've been dealing with. So we needed to set the alignment and we choose. I choose the alignments today the test alignments So right up stand there, you specify your tics. The news in up in this the S U brings comma, then takes alignments cologne, then text a lemon, justify trust test alignment will justify before we do that stuff. And this star here test we have it has a permit. Tackle web space and we give it so so basically Weds basin so you can see our test is justified. Right Then the West business there were the West business there. The weather issue live between it's with the space is relieved region It was so between a coup and music The space issue live the team 15 We can't and from urine this space issue leave between that the way space in the west. So we give you the West Basin. Oh so then from that's what do we have from that? We have a space before the Ortho. You have a space for the Ortho. And once again this space we use We lose size books for this space. We're size both for this place and after this base will do we have n'est After this space we have the author you have the Ortho and way have taste Ortho Then this a road Are you have you So the main reason why you are seeing this arrow is because in the means we have author already so using your in your application. You see Ortho, then Ortho, it's It's awake. All right. But if someone takes, you could if my no makes sense. Right, So you would like to genuine, right? So just come. And this is December Rampal, right? That's so just like instead off ST Ortho. Then you know your stuff. Being the Ortho, you can just clean all of this and do news in, up. We can do news and up news and up index. Then that's both of you can go ahead and do this by a witness. When you do this, what will happen in your obvious? That's right. After there, right after this line, you are going to get in for at high puppets. That's home. And you don't get this with Ortho, then Colon on that. And so for me. So get this or that include for everyone to know that business. The author who wrote that article I didn't delete this and have this Ortho then business string concatenation in flatter. You can use the dollar sign for strength on consternation. Then I kind of say right and this right place favorable dot stores there. That's those that actually Ortho in mine in my in the list, off news. So I will come to the top here. I can't come to the top here. Just toe find my Ortho. I can be in greets you so I can do the rebel, right? It supports news enough at index. That's That's Ortho, not Ortho. And I can go ahead and do one for the dates at school. Because, as you can see, if I don't bring the states, the only thing we see is 2025. You someone might going feel What is this? So I would just put dates Collignon for its follows. So did Poland. Before the Saudis variable stores. This dictates to be displayed so I can come here and do the same under this same Sorry, I think, yes, every string with a string, I guess where I'm placing it is final from a business trades for unpleasant. It's all right. So someone here. So, uh, let's try to move it, Lemon. Doing the other one. So them do that on a stream. Staying right, Huh? No news on estates, Mrs. Corso. News enough in next. That's it's all right. So let me just go ahead on notice. No, I guess I'm done the right thing sometimes. Ah. Mm. I still think it's where I'm pleasant. It's Yeah. I still think it's where I'm placing it. So let's cut this from here. And let's place it's you before that. Retain That's place. It's rights. Yeah. Okay. It's very towards where I was placing it, so Okay, so no. Okay, so you Okay, so now I started author After the old about weak men returned now displayed in news they dates and after the dates, we have the link that you are so sorry. So after the date we have this side balls will live a small space, then before the u R l. So as you can see after a date, you leave this face this business before they you Carol. Okay, So cool story at then. Sighs books five. So full story at so also you can see have full story at then. A small, very small spill before the u. R l. So full story then ever small space that Saleh balls off high five. Ben before There you are. So I have another area here. And this is because we need to install. I'm not that dependency because the main reason why we don't need to install on a red dependence is because you are making yourself. Ah, and were you out a lunch? So what, that want me? It is that when you press on New York on the link, when you press on this link is should automatically lance your Web browser. And to do that, you need to store their dependence. So you wrap your takes in on ink. Well, so what? This will be that this this Uh huh. You can simply type shout inkwell rights. Okay, so in quote and the child do you give it news, give it the child and give you the test? And the test is the u R l. That's news in up industry. That you are. Then this This, uh, you give its colors that rule to differentiate it from all the others. Color that then on top tonight, President, it's what will happen when I present it was to happen. So you can also see that you were also making yourself synchronization so and awaits. Okay, so So when we type, what we're saying is that when we talk applications two weeks applications so continual Rheiman. Because any time you use isn't in addition, what you're basically saying is that's your application? Doesn't offset, say has to stop running. You know that's a way for this process to so completes applications. Suit Quentin, you running while we wait for our lunch up to stuff that's this good. Outsource its means. So on top, it's organization. You bring your curly brackets. If I went, come lunch and do the dependency about in a store, then names up this. You are all right. So go ahead and lunch. There you are. So if the isn't condition is the same, that's after days and innovation. Quentin, you're running and the application should continue running, and the person's ducks will be taking place. Here Is that check If there this u R l is lunch a bowl, it's can't be lunch, so if it's completely honest, that's kind of lunged, Then go ahead and launch It, then awaits for the browser to connect any lunch. It's now is over Yacine, So if the beacon long that you are, there you are. L Then go ahead and lunch bu out in the browser. So let's go to our prospect that Yamil for any store this you are our lunch. So we come back to aspect got CML and you can see a habit ear you are Lunch also writes below the city p the one being stood. This type you are I've no se. Also make sure you have Quentin for today income. It's and make sure you leave this in space and then everything just like this one. So I'm worried saying for you So finishing a story. It's taking quite a long time, I guess. Um mostly they're out. Any time you make changes in the prospector Yamil, mostly you see the outsports in under bottom. Yet where you have the outsports here. Taking a long time, I guess. Oh, okay. I think this house a wrong spelling. It's soup be along. So you are airlines. Okay, then sit again. Okay. I think this time around, it should soon a week. All right. So, uh, I can see my Okay, So now you can see that I can see the art sports. I can see the results in the outsports. On what it's it's existed with code one of those points which basically means that's mine. My independence was like a store. So mostly when it's exist with zero with code zero the 18 that it was successful by fits as this would called one, It's miss it wasn't successful, so I don't know why I'm thinking I'm out of data eso our I'm checking. If I top it talent, I will have to I'll have to get then it's always before our tight and so with for me in a minute's okay, I'm taking right now. Okay, So I was out of Vita, and now I think I can go ahead and said No, I think it should look. Yeah. Okay, so now I've been able to in a store. Yeah. Yeah, it is to this side is still as showing as its code one by sometimes. That's true results for your 1st 1 and the previous When it does, doesn't it? So I in your past back the young male you see on you see, it's going like this and just cuts off. I think you are. It's amazing. That's installed. Yeah, I didn't just the results for the 1st 1 Undecideds. Just wheat only. So you can claim coming. That's Why is to Shane like that? So that schools, the past bag Tamil and let's sides imports. If it's actually worth, then the importation will be so says. For every didn't installed in its cunts, you can't import. So let's imports pocket. Ah, you are a launcher slash rights. So you know I start right? So in the team. But it's on. Their us would be going Now you come back, come back and check in you consider. It's the con lines and the lines are free from error. So now we can go back to a timina and way we'll risk that fortress That's our program and see what we've been able to do. But don't forget toe save to prevent us from the Aero B because the other time, okay, and now we have saved we can go ahead and Ondo risk. That's absurd. Habanero. No chance. Okay. It wants rest that it's like No, So I was okay. Okay. So because I didn't have I mean how being puts. I didn't have a the word first because I have no important. It's That's why I've got there by since I import that it's like is so so I said, Now let's go and see what we have. No. So when you click on this now, you can kind You can see here. That's we have But the first news. We have the image displayed correctly. We have the right. So we have the publisher and that test here, I'm Finally, we have the you are. So this is the test on build a test. And that test defined outside some of them you can see. Look, it's live spaces between them. So when you press on this, you are issue lunch the web browser. So let's try answer when you're president. It's so it Take something. Ah, I guess. No, I can't. Okay, so I'm thinking that's my problem. Is that the my emulate eyes running slowly. It was a quote, I think Everything escorts. Yeah, I think My militarize one. Inverse. Really? Yes. So when you hit the ocular right, it's like it's There you are. It's in lunch. Your brother All right for you to see the news. This is the site where the news was published. All right, All right. So, guys, it's like and my my late IVs running very slowly, so let me go back, Unless by a different one. All right. So, guys, that is the whole thing on. This is the class in the next video. Okay, now let's try to and then l video. You try and wrap up. OK, so let's try this and lets it. There you are. And let's see what's happened. So us, as I was saying in the next video, are out trying about up with everything that we've done so far. So this is the class this this s, um OK, so this in their website. So you can see the mid year on this Well, kind off when I guess we have done that s so try and go to try and go through everything. 14. Final Conclusion: Hello, guys. Welcome back to the final video. So we've been able to build up and that's running so you can go through and see if everything that's everything it's working. So fester for this back button should be able to bring you back to home. And there you the links, should want the Linkous pressed. It should be able to lunch. There were brother, and that's what we have done so far. So, uh, in the future, well being quit, we will create a more complex one and how I would advise you to be going through Try and Brian Todd More test at it. But some here turn. Add more tests at the bottom here and see what you can do. So as you do that it's help. You too increase It will help you to improve on your your skills and your experience. So, uh, in case you want to add something to the base, as I've said, you remember, that's all these stents are in column on. As you can see, this is the problem here. So we ended with this pardon, So if you want to ask something right below right below, that's right below this the right below this divider. It means you have to come here who they're comma and continue anything you want. But if you want to add some them here below here, that one, it's means you need to come here after your your link. You need to add whatever I want to add somewhere here, right? I'm good. So keep keep your keep what shameful the next class ritual. Build a more complex one. And I also saw this thing here this small because when I look at this the image fest, there was no this. There was no small space here. And I'm thinking it because we have there. I'm later is quiet, wider. So that's why so what you can do is to just come an increase there in the your box. That's the container. The bus. Remember, the image was being fixed in a container, and there's the sense of the container, meaning the container is quite small and done. No, with there with off your fund up is are so what you can do is increase the continent to Maybe it's about 4 15 forest, and I think it's just so you just solve the problem. Okay, Okay. Let me do what race. That's in its use of the problem. Also, another thing that I would like to do here is that you see this class news You can choose to put this class used kind, choose to give it a different and defend far. So our light. So unless you look at what we did if it as well Okay, now you can see there's no space here now, in this space days gone All right, We can go through and be checking our up. Down. So what I'm saying is that we can we can take this class away and put in a different for you know that to induce the number off a month off test no one's off. Good. We have in this for so in your lip Libya concerning for you can create a new finally and give its news. That's nuts. Yes, that's that's and come here and cut its from this from here. My machine is running its full klutz. It's from here and place it in this here. Right? So now we know because we would move it from here. We have some narrow so and make sure your imports the floods up Arcadia. So imports part kid flatter, slashed. Not Syria. That's that's and then, Well, come here. You have some errors because you just so ah, let's this imports. All right, So if you have an area and you put your cards on it, it will give you some of the suggestions Some of the things you need to do it, no doubt so self. The bag. So here, because we just remove our class, we need to import it back. So just click on this. If you can find this option if you can't find this option A you don't have to worry. Just type package imports Package names of slash news. That's have news that that's on its way. Importance for you. So now you're heros are gone because you can still run us before. So, guys, thank you for taking this class. You have any commented? Let me know, and also please do the reveal and let me know the good things and the buttons off discourse . And I was seeing the next class Bye