Learn First 1000 Japanese Words [Kanji, Hiragana] | Max's Japanese Vocab Training 1 | Dai Max | Skillshare

Learn First 1000 Japanese Words [Kanji, Hiragana] | Max's Japanese Vocab Training 1

Dai Max, Japanese Teacher:Video Creator

Learn First 1000 Japanese Words [Kanji, Hiragana] | Max's Japanese Vocab Training 1

Dai Max, Japanese Teacher:Video Creator

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26 Lessons (1h 53m)
    • 1. [Intro] Ready to Learn 1000 Words?

    • 2. 1. People

    • 3. 2. Body

    • 4. 3. Family

    • 5. 4. Living Things & Life

    • 6. 5. Plants & Crops

    • 7. 6. Food & Drink

    • 8. 7. Time

    • 9. 8. Weather, Direction & Position

    • 10. 9. Materials, Weights & Measures

    • 11. 10. Words in Society

    • 12. 11. Human-made Object

    • 13. 12. Stationary & Clothes

    • 14. 13. Transportation & Language

    • 15. 14. Media, Colors & Others

    • 16. 15. Numbers

    • 17. 16. Abstract Nouns

    • 18. 17. Adj. - Forms & Shapes

    • 19. 18. Adj. - Feelings

    • 20. 19. Verbs - Existence & Movement

    • 21. 20. Verbs - Actions

    • 22. 21. Verbs - Changes of State

    • 23. 22. Verbs - Senses, Speech & Work

    • 24. 23. Verbs - Emotions & Activities

    • 25. 24. Adverbs & Conjunctions

    • 26. [Outro] GOOD JOB! and THANKS!

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About This Class

Hi, all the Japanese learners!

I'm Max.

I'm from Japan (native Japanese speaker), and I have been helping English speakers learn Japanese for quite a while!


Welcome to another Max's Japanese Skillshare Course!

In this course, we cover the FIRST 1000 JAPANESE WORDS in Kanji, Hiragana, Roma-ji, and English definitions!!!

So, even if you don't know Kanji, that's completely fine!

Even if you don't know Hiragana, that's completely fine too!

Well, if you don't know Hiragana, I have a pretty popular Hiragana course here on Skillshare, so you can learn it in the course too :)

(Thank you all who already took the course! I'm amazed that over 1000 of you guys have learned Hiragana with me!

Also, I would say that this course is good for learners at ALL LEVELS!

If you know the words, you probably still have some accent or maybe you don't know the kanji for the words :)


Here are some things I want to tell you when taking this course :)


  • It is VERY important to know the basic words in order to, of course, speak/understand Japanese.

  • Also, by knowing the first 1000 words, you can further your Japanese learning SO MUCH EASIER!

  • You will be able to start HEARING, FINDING, USING the words in your favorite anime, your favorite movies/tv shows/YouTube videos/etc... 
  • WELL, in one word, you have a WHOLE LOT DIFFERENT WORLD waiting for you after learning these 1000 words! 


  1. Watch a few videos at once without pausing the videos first.
    When doing so, make sure to read the words OUT LOUD, following me.

  2. Watch those few videos again, but this time, pause the videos whenever you need to!
    So, if you want to write down the words on your notes, do it!
    If you want to repeat the words more times, do it!
    And, if you need to go somewhere, just do it ;) 
  3. Now, you can either keep looping those few videos, and keep doing Step 1 & 2, or stop watching the videos and try to memorize those words in your free time!
    You can always come back to the course and listen to my pronunciation (I'm a native Japanese speaker so. haha), and try to imitate my pronunciation over and over again :)
  4. Once you are comfortable with the words you learned in those few videos, go on to the next few!

  5. And, KEEP ON GOING :)

  6. When you go through all the videos... WOW! You know 1000 Japanese words!

I know that it could be boring, pretty hard, and time-consuming, but IT IS WORTH IT!

THANK YOU SO MUCH for taking this course!

Keep it up!!!!!!

- Max

P.S. Please take some time to leave reviews! That helps me a lot! Thanks!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Dai Max

Japanese Teacher:Video Creator


Hello, I'm Max! I am from Japan, currently living in Japan (previously lived in the United States).

I am a native Japanese speaker who speaks English fluently enough to talk about anything :)

I am very passionate about teaching my native language - Japanese - to ALL the English speakers who want to start learning Japanese or have already started leaning Japanese and want to get better.

You will find my Japanese courses, Max's Japanese, very helpful, I believe.

Also, I am a video creator. I hope I can help you with video creation in my video creation course, Max's Video Creation,

Hope you have fun watching my class videos and learn Japanese & video creation more with a lot of excitements!!!!

See you in my classes :)

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1. [Intro] Ready to Learn 1000 Words?: Hey guys, I'm Max. I'm from Japan and I've been helping English speakers learn Japanese online for quite awhile. And in this course, I'm going to be teaching you the first basic 100 words in Japanese wide. One hundred, ten hundred worst. That is because it's really, really important to know the basic words to be able to start learning japanese. And as long as, you know 100 words, one hundred, ten hundred basic, worse, you can hurt. Kind of having a conversation like a really simple conversation with anybody in Japanese. And without knowing words, you can't really understand anything. Even if you know Katakana, Hiragana, Kanji, or any grammar, unless you have the vocab, you can't really speak or understand anything. So I'm gonna be showing you one hundred, ten hundred words, the first 11000 words you should learn in Japanese. It's gonna take a while to actually go over the course, but it's going to be super beneficial you. And what I would suggest you to do is to keep coming back to the course. So just watch one or two videos and learn the words in those few, in those one or two videos. And just lead the course for awhile. Learn the words, or just keep, keep watching those two courses. And once you're comfortable with all the words in those two come to courses, you can go farther to the card for FIT courses. So just try to repeat all that. Vd is all the words that you learn in this course. So you can really go through that course at once because it's 11000 words it, and it's a lot of wars to learn. So it's a, it's a patient process to, to learn vocabulary, but it's super beneficial and it's essential to speak in Japanese. So yeah, makes sure to stay tuned and keep coming back to the course. And, uh, when you have some little time, just come to the course, course and then learn those wars. So it's all about repetition, repetition and patients. So I know that it's really hard to, to go over one hundred, ten hundred words, but once you through it, you'll see a whole lot different wall in front of you. So the new world is waiting for you after you finish this course and you get further yours, your Japanese, Japanese learning. And you will see how impactful learning the forest basic 100 words that I will show you in this video. We'll be in the near future. So stick to anything. It could be boring. I am, I'm sorry, but I have to admit that. But it is really important and it's really essential. So make sure to be patient. Repeat, repeat, repeat. Repetition in patients is the key to master all the words in this course. So, good luck and see you at the end of the course. Bye. 2. 1. People: Alright, so I'm gonna say the Japanese word forest at a normal speed. And then I'm going to say the English meaning of the word. And then I'm going to repeat the Japanese word slowly and then outlast at a normal speed. Okay? So the first category is people. Let's get started. Ning and human. Again. Jin Li, humanity. Jin Jin Li. Stop person. He stopped. Auto, male, auto, auto, auto Panopto, men or veto. Auto. Auto Conoco, boy or girl. Auto Conoco. Or not female or not? On, not on none of woman or nano. He taught on nanoscale, on nanocoulomb. Girl. On nano, go on nanocoulomb. Aka John. Baby. Will come on up. Youth young person. What come on, no. What does she eye or myself? What does she what the QC I myself in a formal way to see what Takashi beaucoup. I myself, a boy or guy says. Beaucoup. Beaucoup. I myself mainly used by males in an informal way. Or the way. I, myself, mainly used by females in a sound softer. At Tashi, a touchy shows a girl, soldier, shown in boy. So name shown in each. Dr. Congo See nurse. Can go see Congo. Congo who? Female nurse? Congo who? Congo who? Hypatia? Dentist. High Isa, hi shot. Sky. Dentist. See Kai sky. Say Zika, politician. Say EEG cap, say Zika. Benghazi, lawyer. Then go see Benghazi. So bossy firefighter. So we both see so bossy case that scan police officer K sad zoo come. K sets can Haitian soldier, hey, hey, she can't cook up. Architect. 10 to Kent Cooke up. Since a teacher, sensei, since a CAUTI, academic teacher. Cozy, cozy. Cashew, singer, cashew, cashew engineer, engineer. And Jeannie engineer. That's a four people. The next video is going to be body words. Stay tuned. 3. 2. Body: Body vocabulary as she foot or leg. Assay, assay. Cognito, heel, toe, legato. Senate, shin. Sunni, Senate. He's up. Knee. He's up. He's up. More, more more, more more, more. Head. Col, face. Col, col. G. Mouth. Could contribute. Lips could be attributed. Ha ha ha. Hannah knows. Hannah. Hannah. I met me. Mustache, beard, facial hair. He can hear me. Me, me, me, me, me, me, me. E, stomach. E e arm. His elbow. He cut up shoulder, cata cata. Summit, nail. To make the hand the wrist. Take could be taken. Palm of hand, UB, finger TO UBI UBI city. But CD CD on aka abdomen. All NACA. Aka heart. Abdomen, harder, harder. Console. Liver, cancer. So cancer. Chemo, liver. Chemo, chemo, kidney, muscle. King NICU, clinic. Could be, neck, Could be could be cocoa. Heart. As in feelings. Cocoa. Cocoa. Cozy, waist, hip, quasi, quasi. Shinzo, heart. Shinzo, Abe, Shinzo. Seneca. Seneca, Seneca. Ti ti ti NICU. Meet NICU. Nicu. Huldah. Skin. Haida. Haida. He who? Skin? He who? He who? Bone. Hold on a minute. Chest. Moon a minute. Called as an illness. Causes, it. Causes diarrhea. Getty. Bill Key, illness, sickness. Key bulky. The next video is about family words. Stay tuned. 4. 3. Family: Family words. Castle, good family. Castle. Castle. Good. Parents know seeing the ocean. Children, child called or more, Kodama. The father. Ti, ti, ti, ti, hah, mother. Ha, ha, ha ha, Suma, wife, or husband, or top, or older brother. And an older sister. And a or total younger brother. Auto, auto. Immortal, younger sister, immortal. Joe Di, brothers. Todai, code. I see my sister's. See my semi software. Grandfather, solve who suffer. Sobel, grandmother, soluble, soluble. Margo, grandchild. Margo, Margo, or the uncle. Or G or G. Or bought. And or Barack Obama. It taco, cousin, ITO. It may. Nice. Mei, Mei nephew. Or the next video is about living things. Well, life. Stay tuned. 5. 4. Living Things & Life: Life worth living things works. Mono. Living creatures. Mano a mano, a mano, a mano, a mano. Next, animal wars. Though that animal, those Ubuntu ti, ti, ti, ti, ti, in dog. In, in Nico. Nico, Nico. You see cow. You see, you see boot up, pig. Boot up the course. Umami, umami, his sheep. He sat a monkey. Saddle, saddle, Kneser-Ney, mouse, rat, nasal me, nasally. Torah, tiger, Tora, Tora. All Comey. Wolf. Or Kami, all coming to saggy, rabbit. Saggy to saggy. Do, dragon. Do do Sica Sica Sica, frog, gamma, gamma, gamma CC lion, lion, cc, cc, Lion. King, draft. Killing, killing. Though, elephant. Though. Tori. Bird, Tory Party, new battery, chicken, new story, new CISM, a sparrow, Susumu, a CSMA, CA Russell Crowe, codices, kerosene. While she was she was she taka, Hulk. Taka, taka, second fish, saga, tai, red snapper, ty type. Ab, shrimp, lobster. Ab AB. Eva, she, sardine. Use mackerel, tuna, bonita, CO2 or cuts a little. Pike, some, ah, some horse macro, macro. Sabah. Sabah. Squid, octopus, taco, taco. Insect, bug. Mercy, mercy. To butterfly. Cho Cho. Math. Got samey. Samey, samey. Tumble. Dragonfly, tumble, tumble. But grasshopper. But Como, spider. Coup more. Firefly. Whole tau2. Hi, house fly. High, high. Mosquito. Can go Ghiberti, cockroach, goal Qi Bu the snail to Moody, moody Oozie, slug. Uzi. Uzzi. Mean is a earthworm. Mimi, Mimi is a K. Shellfish. Tai Chi. Kai, you gotta shell. Gotta you gotta Takagi, lizard. Takagi. Hey baby, snake. Heavy, heavy. The next video is about plants and crops. Stay tuned. 6. 5. Plants & Crops: Plants and crops, Ubuntu plants. So ubuntu, ubuntu grass, Cusa, Kazaa, Hanna, flower, Hannah. Hannah, Me, Me, Me. Tea Tree. Key key. Hub, leaf. Ha ha ha ha. Route. Net, neg, neg, neg. Cookie, stem. Cookie, cookie. Conoco, mushroom, keynote. Conoco, sakura, cherry blossom. Uncooked rice. Call me. Come in. In a rice growing in a field. In a in a movie. Wheat, barley, oats. Ngugi. Magee. Yes, I vegetable. Yes. Yes, I could domino fruit for eating. Mano. A mano. In more potato. Ie, more mommy. Beans, peas. Mommy, mommy, daddy khan. Japanese white bread, ish, DICOM, dicom Min-Jun, carrot, gene, Nanjing. Mingle. Apple. Mean go, mingle. Mccann, mandarin, orange, me. Mccann, banana, banana, banana, banana, pear. Nasi. Nash. Could just none. Could the pH. More, more, more, more. Tomato. Tomato. Tomato. Tomato Sica, watermelon Sica Sica. The next video is food. Stay tuned. 7. 6. Food & Drink: Food and drink. Tab a mono food. Mono, mono. Breakfast, lunch. He do. He do Guan Huan suburb or dinner. Van Gogh ha Bang Guan. Guan cooked rice or meal. Go Hon, go hang. Missile. Missile me. So missile, DOD, cooking. Know the DOD. Sarah, salad. Sorry. Sarah. Desert a desert. The desert of pan, bread. Pan, pan. Saendeuwici, sandwich. Sando. Sando. We had to snack or yeah. We had to ice cream. Ice cream. I sue the icecream. Know MIMO, drink, beverage. Know me, Mono, mono. Tab. Tab. Tab. Or top. Green tea or tea in general or tap water. Coffee. Call he called he given you milk. You knew you knew measles, water. Needs to be Beer. Be to be lying. Wine. Wine. Why? Sappho? Sugar? Santo. Santo. Ceo, salt, CO, CO. Show you soy sauce. Show you, show you the next video is Bao time vocabulary. Stay tuned. 8. 7. Time: Time for kappa times, z pokey hours or blah, blah, hours. Hokey, Pokey. Gee. Mommy. Cadenza. Calendar. Me. Call yummy. Cadenza. One minute. Whom? Bot, second. Bow. Bow. He, Nietzsche. Day. He, Nietzsche. He, Nietzsche. To keep, gets a month. To get to. Two key, gets itchy, That's January. Et got it. You got it. Negative. February. Niigata. Negative. Sang at March. Sang sang. But she got April. She got she got to go got it. May go got to go back to looking at the gene. Loci. We got lucky. Students. July, CT. CT data. H2 got August. Hattie got to have to get to cook at September, October, November. Do ET got to do it. Jenny got to December. Junie got to Junie got to Tashi, IR policy, then touchy, then Conan. Last year. In June. This year. Cto she Kaposi, lining next year. In 19 in Keynote yesterday. No, Kino. Go today. Joe. Joe. Tomorrow. Morning. Asa. Asa. This morning. Afternoon. He do. He did. You get that evening? You gotta you gotta bang. Evening. Bong, bong. Your evening, night. Your to your TA. Your be. The day of week. You'll be you'll be shoo, shoo, shoo, shoo. Last week. S2, s2. Consu. This week. Cone shoe, shoe, lace you next week. Lie issue. Nike shoe issue can, one week is Shou, can issue, can Nietzsche OB, Sunday? Need TO be the GOP? Get TOB Monday. Get to your baby, gets the Obi. Kenobi. Tuesday. Chi o b KOBAS. See OB, Wednesday. Ceo. Cio be more POB. Thursday. More curios. Be Joby. Joby. Friday. King. The king, Your be Dojo be Saturday. Door Joby. Joby. All right. The next video is whether in directions, in positions, stay tuned. 9. 8. Weather, Direction & Position: All right, whether directions in positions, sun, moon, to keep Hoshi star, Hoshi, Hoshi 10 key. Whether 1010 key had a clear whether or sunny holiday holiday. I mean, reign me. I'm a commodity. Cloudy. Kumar, the commodity. You Qi, snow. Yuki. Yuki causes wind, Qazi, community, thunder, lightning, commonality, commonality. Tai who? Typhoon. Tai who die, who are assay, storm. She does, she sorta sky. Solar, solar. Next directions and positions. North. Keita. He gassy, East. He got he gassy. Minimi, South. Me NAMI, minimi, Missy, West, Ni Shi Missy. Cocoa. Here. Cocoa. Cocoa. So-called their so-called so-called as OCO over there. So go as OCO, me, write me midi. He died. He left. He daddy, daddy. Above, up, sit up, below, down. Sita. Sita. My front. Ma my shadow behind. Oooh, CDO. Mco, the other side, opposite side. New coal, NewCo. Nami diagonal. Now NAMI dynamic. To my nearer, more in front. Hey, my, my toy for boys. Boys. Sky, near, close T sky. The next video is about materials in weights and measures. Stay tuned. 10. 9. Materials, Weights & Measures: Materials. Water needs it. You hot water. You, you call the eyes, or the quality. You get. Steam. You get, you get he fire. He, he Gas, Gas, Gas, Gas, Ooh. Cookie, air, atmosphere, earth, ground, dart to t. Touchy. Kinda good. Metal. Kinsey. Kinsey, AACU, dot o mud. Do, DO. Community. Smoke. Came. Kennedy, iron, copper. Do DO. King, gold, Qin, king, Lynn, silver gain. Now Maddie, lead the CEO, salt, CEO, CIO. Next, weights and measures. Meter. The total leader. Lean towards the gram. Gram kilo kilo milli, milli. Midi, midi centimeter centi, centimeter centi, centimeter centi into E and T. Into. Next video is about the words in society. Stay tuned. 11. 10. Words in Society: The words related to society. Society. Sakai, Sakai KSI, economy, economics. K is k psi. K is up. Company, corporation. Chi is up. Keisha. K0, meeting, got go. School, got cold, got go. Local government office, store, miss a hotel, hotel. Hotel to hotel. Factory. Connect. Money. Bill. So2. So2, cosine small change, cosine, cosine citizen change to the sayin citizen, or to the change or to the, or to the G20. Hmm, bye. Then the machine. Jidoka, hmm, bye. Hmm, bye. Keep, keep, ticket. Keep, keep, keep, stamp. Keep. Keep the right with a short video. But the next one is human-made objects. While first in a home, tools. And probably stationary value might be in another video. Well, stay tuned anyway. 12. 11. Human-made Object: Human-made objects at home. Desk. Chair is Tammy. Tammy mad. Tammy. Tammy, door to door panel. Toby, papilla. Door door though our model, window, model, model. Who don't, photon, who don't, who don't gain can entrance. Again, con Goenka. House, home, EA EA it, elevator or escalator. Then key, electricity. Then key dinky, tools, nail, spike, cookie, cookie, hemo, string, chord, he, hemo, Nava, rope. Now a lot. Now about who could pocket bag? Who? Coudl, who Goodwill bag, carbon. Carbon. Casa umbrella. Pass up. Casa. Key. Choco, good. Sculpture. The next video covers stationary and close. Stay tuned. 13. 12. Stationary & Clothes: Stationary. Stationary. Bloomberg, inca, inc. Include pen, pen, pen, pen, border been, ballpoint pen, Bourdieu pen, border been Monday hits a fountain pen or pencil. Brush for writing or painting. Who they are? Who they talk. Talk, talk, talk. Eraser. Casey. N-bit scarcity, pencil sharpener. M p to the n bit scary. Joe, AGI ruler. Joe. Joe he Notebook. Notebook. No TO notebook. Neechi, diary. Neat. Nicki. The book cover. The Kaaba book gaba. Who TO envelope. Who to, who though, has scissors. Had Sammy has amine, hotkeys a stapler? Hot hot tickets. Next, close. Who could close? Who could? Who could? Yahoo, good. Western clothing. Who could Yahoo good? Chemo, chemo. Key mall, not criminal law. Who could Japanese clothing law? Who could lava? Good. So the sleeve saw that. Eddie color. Eddie, Eddie, button, bolt-on, Check, zipper, Pasadena, chat, chat, bar, zipper, fastener, zipper, fastener. Pass, baidu, dot, belt. Shu. Could just stop, stop. Stop. Made any glasses. Megan? Megan. So the next video is about transport and languages. Stay tuned. 14. 13. Transportation & Language: Transportation, vocab, pet pseudo railway station, a key a key. Skokie airplane. Key, Skokie clinical airport. Goo goo, goo. Hello Joe. Airfield. Airport. He called Joe meaty Street, way road, meaty Doro road. Do DO DO DO bus, the bus stop bus the bus stay. Tory avenue for the 40 densa train, then then shop car. The next language, Mozi letter, character, script, Mozi, Mozi G, a letter or a character. The kanji, Kanji, Chinese character. Con the kanji. Hiragana. Hiragana. Here, Jana Hiragana, Katakana, pataka. Pataka, pataka. Susie, numbers. Susie, Susie of habit. Alphabet. Bit. Lower. Roman characters, Latin, script, law, Maggi, Maggi, Geico, Google, foreign language. Guy, Go guy, Coca-Cola. The home got Japanese language. The home, go home. Go to Google, national language core, Google, google, able English. A. Go to Google, Chinese language. To Google, Google. Google, Google. Though it to go German language. Door e2, go, boys go. Spain. Spanish language. Cb1, go Spain, go. Good answer ago, French language. Who ran to go? Chosen goal. Korean language. Chose and go. Oh, Congo. South Korean language. Can go to. The next one covers media, colors and others. Stay tuned. 15. 14. Media, Colors & Others: Vocab for media colors and others. Home. Home, Home Coming paper, Kami, Comey, letter, a gummy, Ptolemy, Shimbun newspaper. She symbol. Digital, dictionary, G-sharp, D-sharp. Paso con, personal computer. Paso calm, calm. Yellow, color. Ido, euro. Aka read, ACA, aka Quito. Yellow key. Quito. Medullary, green meat or the medullary owl. Blue or purple. Mood as Jackie. Jackie 0, white. Cdo. Cdo. Could all black. Could or could not. Being too pink. P cu pinky. Title, Brown, Charlie. Gray. Hi, veto, high IDO. Nasal, medial gray. Nasal me Ito needs to meet or orange, orange. Orange. Orange. A picture. A omega cube. Music on that CPU. On GKE. Nika science. Dka, DKA, sensu, math, x1, x2, x1, x2. The kissy history. They Qi Shi, the kissy. Td. Geography. Cd, CD. Physical education. Tai Yi Qu. 800k. Spots, support support support system, system, CSU system. Do WHO? Information, news. Joe Joe Hall hits yo necessity. He to you. He TO Banco study. Been being to it I request EDI. It I the next one is going to be about numbers. So 0 to 10 or more. Stay tuned. 16. 15. Numbers: All right. Numbers. They 0, 0, 0, 0. Each one, ET each. Knee to knee need some three. Son, son, Young. See. For Yong Si. Si. Go five, go, go. Local. Six, no coup. Local. Nana city. Seven. Nana nana city. Hace 8 had the hotkey. Q Cu nine tuh kuh, puh, tuh, kuh. Do 10. Do you do? How could a 100 Cuckoo, cuckoo sin 1000 sen, sen man, 10 thousand man, man. Ok. 100 million or cu OK dot 1. One thing. He taught two dots. But that's 22 things. Who could, that's a meat 2, 3, three things meet to meet you too. For four things. You ought to, you. It's 55 things. E2, 266 things to know. Now that's a 77 things are not done that yet. 88 things yet. Yet to coconut. 99 things called goal node to cocoanut, TO 1010 things for all. Tall. Halfway done. And the next video is going to be about abstract nouns. And then we're going to cover adjectives, verbs and particles. Stay tuned. 17. 16. Abstract Nouns: Abstract nouns. This chord, a solid, that, solid, solid. That over there at a doorway. Which door, the door. Cogito. This direction thing, person or place called Gita to consider CATI. So g, So g, that direction thing, person or place. So TDA sought such a law. So to achieve that direction, thing, person or place, t, that t, etcetera. Both Scylla. Both. Which direction, thing, person or place. Dot, dot, dot Scylla. He meets a secret. He meets he me to do automatic. Do you do now yo content? Now yo yo. How about him? Peace, strip. Hubba. Hubba. Say Cki, formality. Say CQI. Cqi, kick on. Marriage. Take K, Come again. Xy now currently gains I get xy. Emma. Now. Ima, EMA, cocoa, past cargo. Cargo. Meet future. Mean I mean I or II. So the next one, from the next one we're going to cover adjectives. Getting exciting. Stated. 18. 17. Adj. - Forms & Shapes: Alright, adjectives about forms and shapes. Here we go. E, You're good. Ie, your e, you're going amazing. Pseudo, pseudo. Swarovski. Wonderful. Sue badass, see salesy. What a bad, inferior. Wildly, wildly expensive, high or low? He he could USE cheap. Yeah, Zui. Yes. So all key, big or key or key? Tsi, small g psi of t, psi. Thin hole. Saw Jose. Who toy thick. Who toy boy. Who really old, who really a tara, she knew. She was shy. Young white guy. White guy, cadre, light. Carly. Carly. Or moving heavy or more or more? Yes, I see. Kind yeah. Sassy. Sassy. Muscle Cassie, difficult. Mu Zu Cassie. Cassie. A lot of soft. Yada, yada Pie, Cafe. Heard cacti, cacti a T, hot. At the summit, I called to submit a summary, call, Sammy, summary, OBC, delicious or ISI. Isi. Who my delicious in a casual way. Umami, umami tastes awful. Massu, Massu are my sweet. My, uh, my car I had in spicy card I can show by salty shop pi. So pi, new guy, bidder, Nyae, Nyae, do Takashi, beautiful, puh tuh, kuh, see which QC? Right? Next video, we're going to cover adjectives for feelings. Stay tuned. 19. 18. Adj. - Feelings: Adjectives for feelings. Let's get started with AC. Happy. Glad. They see. They see Taniguchi fun tonight. Oc Tanner, she can and she said she can actually see abbc, some MEC, lonely. Sabi, see Sammy see CBC, some Missy. Quite scary. Hawaii. Hawaii. It I paying for it. I highly itchy. Cai you say stinky. Cosine psi. Psi, painful, heartbreaking to die today. All right, that was a quick one. And in the next videos we are going to cover verbs. Finally, in, you'll be able to kind of speak and understand Japanese. Hopefully, wall, stay tuned and come back at a time. 20. 19. Verbs - Existence & Movement: Verbs related to existence and movement. Sudoku, yada to do, sudo, yada, yada, yada. To exist for animate objects, to exist, for inanimate objects. Ad, ad, to become NADH. Nadh to occur. Or accord. According to rise, to flourish. According to appear. At awarded. To live. E equal, to give birth, to die. Sooner. To break. To go, E to come. Could, could return to come home, to go home, to walk. How to cook, Tabu, to jump, to fly. Paul boo, boo, or yoga, to swim, or your group, or your, right. The next video we're going to cover actions. Stay tuned. 21. 20. Verbs - Actions: All right, we are covering verbs for actions. To move. Although due to dance or daughter, although the sleep, nato, nato to saying come to bite or to come to eat. Normal, to drink, norm. Normal. To touch. Savoir do Sabato, navigated to throw, not to hold, to have more, Two, more, two. Good. To hit. To strike. It. To hit. To strike. Now, good. Now good. To point. Sas Saskia, Sassen, this tab. Sassy, sassy to kick K2, K2. Suharto, to sit, to stand, to run. The next video is going to cover the verbs for changes of state. And yet stated. 22. 21. Verbs - Changes of State: Alright, verbs for changes of state. To become an occupied. Could, I could Coleman to be crowded? Coleman Coleman. To need to become dry. Meet us to arrange to disturb. Need us to become confused, to be disturbed. Me, the sky is to serve to guide. So now R to be furnished with. So now. So now our secluded to surpass to Excel PS2, they're suited here to get Chile to grow cold, to cool down. He had summit to cool down. Male, Summit, MCU to turn toward, to face. Good. Touted, to collapse, to fall. Tau awarded touted. Katamari to solidify, to become farm, to harden, cardamom. Katamari, to be surrounded, to overflow, to be filled, to be buried. Umami, umami Massu to grow, to increase Massu, Massu to multiply, to increase hu, a, hu a Hadoop to decrease. Hadoop has led to deviate, has hesitated. Who told you to become fat, to grow fat? Who told? Who told it? Has remarked to begin? Hazmat, To close, to finish, to end, or we're allowed to decide key made. All right, that was a little bit hard I think, but you are doing very good. Keep focused or just come back anytime. But make sure to stay tuned. The next video is going to cover verbs for senses, pH, work, possibly emotions, but it might be in the next, next video. Well, stay tuned. You're doing well. 23. 22. Verbs - Senses, Speech & Work: Or verbs for senses. Need to see. Me do need to hear, to listen. Key. He could Sabato to touch, to feel sad. Savoir, to smell, cargo, cargo. Next, verbs for speech. You to say you, you. Hannah's to speak. Hannah. Hannah's Qatar. To tell cuckoo. To write. Cuckoo, cuckoo. To read your verbs for work. To use. To scout. It's good to make. Two good, It's good. Now soup to fixed, to repair. Now also, now assume steady to discard, to throw away. Soon. Suited to take total or cook, to put to place. Or could or could. The next video is going to cover emulsions and activities. And then the last lesson video is going to cover adverbs and con junctions. And it's going to be almost one hundred, ten hundred words at the end of that video. And then I'll draw. So stay tuned. You're really close. You're really close to be done. Okay. Stay tuned. 24. 23. Verbs - Emotions & Activities: The last video for verbs, and we're going to cover verbs for emotions and activities. Let's go. Can ask him to be sad. She can ask him to cry. Not good, not good. To laugh, to smile. According to be angry. Or caudal accord. A homemade to encourage. Homemade, homemade staccato is called C. Scott to Yoko, to celebrate, to have delight, to have JI JO called the Jacobi. Nagasaki needed to console, to console it, to provide empathy. Made. Now Good Samaritan, akin, to be disinterested, to be bored, to be tired of. Akin. Although good. To be surprised, to be astonished to be scared. Or dorsal, Good luck out to meet out. Al-qaeda. To open, to unwrap. Akin to play, to hangout. Sold a sober at Smarter Together at somatic cell. A2 to obtain some benefit or knowledge. Order, to break, to fold. Order. Or TBI. Cao, Cao, kid to cut key to good hukou to wear on the lower body. How could a good clue to where on the upper body did you do? To change it? To close? She made similar to tie, to fasten. See made summit. C2. To know. C2. C2. Discarded. To get tired, too. Scattered. They got to go out to depart. The dedicated to work at a job. Ha ha ha Kou. Hannah Zoo to let go off, harness. The assumed to rest. To take a break. Yeah. Zoom. Yeah. Awesome. What got to split into? Be divided into two part. Two separate to break up. While guarded. Rocketed. Congratulations on finishing nouns, adjectives, and verbs. In the last lesson video, we're just going to cover adverbs and some conjunctions in That's it for this course. You can do it statin. 25. 24. Adverbs & Conjunctions: Alright, the last lesson video in this course, we're going to cover adverbs and some conjunctions, and that's it. So let's get started. More already. More more matter. Still. Here at Masada. Mother. Always the top the top demo, very poor demo. Demo. Call like this coal. Coal. So like that. So, so though, how DO DO CBA, CBA often see Bathsheba? Cba, CBA. Okey-dokey, sometimes talky DO key. Okey-dokey demo, but they're more demo. Cache. However. See Cassie, Cassie. So step and then n Thus. And now. So she did so stay serine besides, sorry, knee. So they need now as Inanna. That is because now as a Nana does another and that's it. So who you worked super hard and makes sure to watch the last video. It's an outro video, but I have message to tell you, so please check it out. A few are here. I mean, you've marked all the way up here, So good job. Good job. Make sure to watch the last video to stay tuned. Bye. 26. [Outro] GOOD JOB! and THANKS!: Arise so, good work. You did a great job finishing this course in DC. Do you see the whole new world? 1 thousand words? If you like animal, if you like, reading anything in Japanese or watching anything in Japanese, you can start finding the words that you learned in whatever your scene, or watching or listening. Disney crazy is really wonderful because you can understand a new language that you've never thought about being able to understand, right? So this is the beginning, this is the beginning of your Japanese learning journey. So I'm really excited for you to be able to start the journey. And I will make sure to make more courses in the future so that you can further your Japanese ability. But congratulations on finishing this course. I am really proud of you. So see you in future courses. But as long as you know.