Learn Faster: Master any Skill & Learn Complex Information | Filipa Canelas | Skillshare

Learn Faster: Master any Skill & Learn Complex Information

Filipa Canelas, Productivity Addict & Knowledge Seeker

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10 Lessons (30m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Active Learning/Retrieving

    • 3. Deliberate Practice/Deep Work

    • 4. Take a Break/Diffuse Mode

    • 5. Interleave Practice

    • 6. Like I'm 5!

    • 7. Mindset

    • 8. Creativity

    • 9. Conclusion

    • 10. FB Group

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About This Class

In this class, I’ll be covering the most important principles to learn any skill and content in the shortest amount of time. You’ll learn how to apply these principles in your own learning process to see great results in the first few hours. 

When you commit to learning something, you have to dedicate time to it. But, dedicating more time doesn’t mean getting better results. The key is to make the most out of your time. And these principles are exactly what you need to become a learning machine.


Grab your favorite notebook, list all the skills you must be good at to be what you want to be, like a writer, filmmaker or doctor. Then, pick one skill and commit to learning it using these principles.

“Self-education is, I firmly believe, the only kind of education there is.”

― Isaac Asimov


I hope you’re excited to learn things faster!

See you inside!