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Learn Every Day American English: American Thanksgiving

Cassie Brenn, Creative Person

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6 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. Learn Every Day English

    • 2. Monday Language in Action

    • 3. Tuesday American Culture

    • 4. Wednesday Idioms and Sayings

    • 5. Thursday Study Tip

    • 6. Friday Review


About This Class

Welcome to Every Day English for the week of November 20, 2016

In this lesson you will learn about -

  • American Thanksgiving
  • The Contraction y’all
  • The saying  To Go Cold Turkey
  • plus how to expand your English vocabulary

In this class I present you with a lesson for every day of the work week.  Start by downloading and filling out the warm up exercise on the project resource page.  Then Spend a few minutes listening to the day's lesson and before you know it your English will improve.

My name is Cassie Brenn and I've worked with people trying to learn English in other countries.  One thing I've noticed is that sometimes students know all of the words and still don't understand the meaning.  Why is that?  I believe It's because language is deeply connected to culture.  And this is especially true of American English. So, if you did not grow up in the United States there is cultural information that you don't have that can make it harder to understand American English.    

In this series I will present you with short helpful lessons on things related to American culture and language.  I'll also include common sayings and idioms, grammar points and study tips.





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Cassie Brenn

Creative Person

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I want to help you be more creative every day.  Whether that's through starting a daily art challenge, learning a new craft, or taking a deep look into creativity, you'll find a class here that will inspire you.  

The creative process is my passion.  I learn about it everyday so that I can share the information with you!  

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