Learn Ethical Selling, Persuasion and Influence Skills & Become More Effective in Your Work | Matt Miller | Skillshare

Learn Ethical Selling, Persuasion and Influence Skills & Become More Effective in Your Work

Matt Miller, Be. Always. Learning.

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7 Videos (34m)
    • Introduction

    • What is Personal Selling & Why Do We Need to Know About it?

    • Personal Selling and Its Relationship to Marketing

    • Influence

    • Persuasion

    • Questioning

    • Summary & Class Project


About This Class


This class is for those who may have just started in personal selling, or could be thinking about a career in personal selling. You may also be returning to selling after years away and need a refresher.

This class is also for those who don't work in sales but who would benefit in their work by being able to apply selling, persuasion and influence skills.

  • Learn how to find out critical information from a conversation partner using excellent questioning skills; whether that is a customer, a colleague or your boss.
  • Keep conversations 'on-track' so you don't waste time in 'needless' communication, and steer your conversations to a natural conclusion; whether that is a sales close, or so you can move onto completing your work with the new information you have learned from your conversation partner.
  • Learn how to win people to your viewpoint and become better understood. Your ideas matter but sometimes people don't listen to. In this class you will learn how to communicate with others so they actually listen to you.

As you become a more persuasive and influential communicator you will find you will become more effective in your role.

It doesn't matter if you are an introvert or extrovert. This class will help you be more effective at communicating by using a toolkit prom personal selling.

To frame selling in the right context we will briefly look at its relationship to marketing. Once we understand where personal selling fits within the organization we are better able to relate to it; especially if our role is not a 'selling' role.

In today's workforce whether we are plumbers, doctors, lawyers, accountants...or salespeople...we will need to become familiar with sales skills to be more effective at our job. We all have a customer - a boss, a colleague, suppliers, and others we deal with to achieve results.

Because of this we can all learn how to relate better and see our effectiveness improve.





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Matt Miller

Be. Always. Learning.

With a passion for marketing, economics and business stimulated through study and 14 years in sales, I hope to share some of what I have learned to make other's pathway in their business career a little easier.

I am always learning; looking for that edge and looking to grow professionally and individually. Skillshare is a great way to do this.

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