Learn English Conversation: Asking for Help and Making Plans | Daria Storozhilova | Skillshare

Learn English Conversation: Asking for Help and Making Plans

Daria Storozhilova, English Coach

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7 Videos (19m)
    • How to ask for help and say 'Thank you'

    • Cultural Tip: How to be polite

    • Asking to wait

    • How to say you are not sure

    • Making Offers and Suggestions

    • Responses to Invitations

    • Thank you for watching this course!


About This Class

This is part 2 of 'Learn English Conversation' course. We discuss here more advanced points:

  • how to ask for help and say 'thank you';
  • how to be polite in English (avoid some serious mistakes English learners make);
  • how to make offers and suggestions;
  • how to respond to invitations and more...

This part of the course is best suited for Pre-intermediate / Intermediate learners of English. If you need to improve your social skills in English - join this course!

Here is a link to Quizlet flashcards for the phrases mentioned in the course: https://quizlet.com/join/BwzXUc2xJ. You can choose from 5 learning / training / practising modes to remember the phrases well and use them automatically.

Looking forward to seeing you in the lessons of 'Learn English Conversation'.





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