Learn Digital Painting with Photoshop's Mixer Brush | Davida Fernandez | Skillshare

Learn Digital Painting with Photoshop's Mixer Brush

Davida Fernandez, Walking the line between art and technology

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11 Lessons (53m)
    • 1. 1 - Promo

    • 2. 2 - Mixer Brush Uses

    • 3. 3 - Brush Controls Overview

    • 4. 4 - The Paint Wells

    • 5. 5 - Load and Clean Toggles

    • 6. 6 - Wet, Load, Mix, and Flow

    • 7. 7 - Understanding the Mixer Brush Presets

    • 8. 8 - The Wondrous Alt Key

    • 9. Demo painting from scratch

    • 10. Demo: Photo to Painting

    • 11. Demo: Fixing Imperfections


About This Class

Adobe Photoshop’s mixer brush is a cool tool that can simulate painting techniques - it can mix paint like the real deal and do brush effects that can’t be achieved with other digital tools. One of the reasons I wanted to make these lessons is because when I first started to use the mixer brush I was having a really hard time making the tool work for me. And to be honest, Adobe’s documentation is lacking when it comes to the mixer brush, so this lesson is really the culmination of research and practice with the mixer brush to master this wonderful tool from Photoshop.

In this class you'll learn:

  • The different uses of the mixer brush
  • Brush control panel overview
  • The Paint Wells: where to find them and how to use them
  • Load and Clean toggles: what they do
  • Wet, Load, Mix, and Flow: What each of these mean and how they work
  • Mixer Brush Presets Deep Dive
  • The Alt Key: How to use the Alt Key with your mixer brush to bring it to a whole new level

There will be three bonus demo videos showing how to turn a photo into a painting, how to use the mixer brush to correct imperfections (even major ones), and how to do a painting from scratch.