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Learn Digital Electronic (Logic)

Hassan Fulaih, Biomedical Engineering

Learn Digital Electronic (Logic)

Hassan Fulaih, Biomedical Engineering

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8 Lessons (57m)
    • 1. Truth Table

    • 2. Logic Gates

    • 3. Logic Circuits

    • 4. Logic Equation

    • 5. Logic Circuits Simplification

    • 6. Binary System

    • 7. Octal System

    • 8. Hexadecimal System

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  • تتميز هذه الدورة بأنها مختصرة ومركزة وليس فيها تشعبات وتفاصيل غير اساسية

  • ستتمكن من فهم اساسيات اللوجك

  • ستتمكن من فهم البوابات المنطقة ومعرفة جدول الحقيقة لكل بوابة

  • ستتمكن من فهم الدوارئر المنطقية وكذلك كيفية صياغة المعادلات لها وكيفية تبسيطها

  • ستتمكن من فهم قوانين المنطق وكذلك كيفية استخدامها لتبسيط المعادلات

  • ستتكمن من فهم انطمة الباينري والاوكتال والهيكسال وكيفية التحويل فيما بينهم

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Hassan Fulaih

Biomedical Engineering


Hello, I'm Hassan.

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1. Truth Table: Santa Monica national holiday This trough table our general and happy for their age and tariff be enema Thelma and I'll Bashar, That am Lova hostile. It also phenomena home Funkadelic Al Haar civil led a hell over fellow other house over here suffer all warhead Also for too much Force one never had. You must fill a literal Yeah Narasin Mitchell Am Elia Monk in and Treasury. Full houses for here bar. And so far, or yeah, that's a myth located at Masseria Leah laughin up so PN Issawi Arba save Italy a powerful Amen Hotel Afellay's are laughing off Stephen Moore handled. What had you saw? We are bar fell job False, even zero What about an article? Suarez out laughing A powerful Asia are bon app Sua had What love had it laughing So it laughing job True? Yeah, Any one for either And has Balata from sewa one was zero in on a little table even and even start a hand. Really Here number off variable Where liberal ability Yani elect Ahmadi Connell Tamale Who me in Andaya Kuna And who? A number off valuable either my heart that when any So you are head Yanni And then my corn added a motor yacht. Oh, number or variable whore? Fuck up warhead from another left Somalia three anos and led Athene also had really hit me even knock Timoleon folk up in the canyon. Akhmatova, your watch either Low cannot really a charisma A for Manaka tamale in for in Monaco 1011 in my control. Awaken force for bitterly 10 feet higher than whatever. You're free of yards. 400 Ellen. Hello. I had a warhead able play loca and the other than most of a lot with me, even though card number or variable. Who with Mia for manana, tamale, me and us and even theano city in our bar, if they can. Other than motive, Erato with near for other than after models here are either loca and you want a value. And a would be very totally knocked out about that. The last mile over so far, so far and after might find several ahead left in mind for him then, seeing how the rectum on its very all the art service of our philosopher several helo. Okay, what has over with me and what did we do? It last time. But it could be 10 feet three Are the arts so far from what happened in the market? Wonderful month. Where any started laughing and I quit. Adema Herrera little tamale. Ethnic Anillos is a man. Ah huh. CNN Use a cloth of money either. Andy Salmon, Tamala Territory, ABC Herath Motor Yacht One of my probable have three All the art in my even ABC Philby diet suffer, suffer, suffer, suffer, suffer warhead Several has several suffer. What woman? Some Mahadi tomorrow. Barbato Admin Nathaniel Akin Fill a us before had bills over here. Then what has Sevastova? What? Have someone go ahead. What do I had sever? Why'd y headline the intent? Feel hard? It'll come Film are we are we are so far. What has he at last July? Also ill a suburb either in Oaxaca and the like. Another motorway. A lot were Arba Faith Niyonsaba and I could at the time said they're gonna theaters. Come said Well how Kida? Even harder. What? My Samona! Be gentle and happy hour! The truth table 2. Logic Gates: Sarah Monica National Fiat Harrison Logic Gates all war About a month. Sophie. I won't go over here, Bob. It'll end. We love it to end any Florida Allah. Be aware. Vitelli. Buhari bother you. Columns A hobby has shake it harder. Harry Watt attached to imports. Father saying if l a would be finna TJ not is hardly bother Your Missoula Beram is a dot be here and a war will be. You're on your own home. And no, here is somehow Bob. It'll end well and no here. A Philby will answer for mom and a filled me in on general have ever been this Billy Bob? It'll end, Mom. It'll end latoc on a true illa illa can l A will be kilometre b minor and no on any motor for your you will be Fermina Harder be another victimology. Arba in my sofa sofa also had our server our web attorney boa metal and Yanni Piaget And you can kill a home. A true had data Conan A teacher. True either can want had minute If the Air Force Fantasia force fairly hard home. I'm Othello have evolved. Yeah, and he can no inter tolerable either a wonder I have fun Summer is almost over. So if you are so far what Hadfi So far so far. What have you are headwater for Hadiya Bob? It'll end Obama family here. Or or for lower Araby. Any out the animal. Owen Osani. Janjua had been a dream Yukun. A true friend Natisha through but jihad that he some more heavy. Jim it? Yeah, you know, difficult to import. I will be and not a check on Asia. Be very talented. I don't have a promise. Well, or a silver Mara safari opinion. So So tomorrow. Have you seen what had what had massive everything? What had what had my idea to anyone had the NFL before? Had been a gym he called Warhead from Matija. What a through an Al Baba 30 here Notes not young enough e tomorrow, Miss Happy had chicken harder. But I miss my telephone from my dialogue. Hodeidah a legal matter. You know what had my nightie Money? A focal. So the tired of the whole hell material a said he a mujahidin in No for Captain Fee Hardaway. Tom Hardy. Allama to Nephew Eliza and stuff. They're happy. Derosa. Favorite charities will have a feminist belly bore. But not Mr Mother came outside of being you hear about on my radio ahead for the title Tamala m Also for our fanatic Hoddle Bob, I was out with a fast me. How the world will be in Canada a lot so far. For 10 feet he goes ahead with ICANN. A warhead for 10 feet Face Wessel from Father. My first Barberton notes that while 1/3 for here None AnAnd Yanni not developed Al End He and Harry more but ended. TRD Wilmoth Almada Herita any knots you and hear about on boa that ended TRD. What are cannot it hardly bother the Helen Knots? Yeah. United us Acorn. Melfi photo. And you told him put a would be if they're not off the end. The home barb It'll end up under my a corn and they will be killer home. A true had taken and Nottage a troop. Ilan, Saeko Nakis had a General Yanni and down my Akona They will be killer. My true fanatics and my phobia. Nocona. True, lacking more force. You know Finley, Higher temfi in knots, even to fear. Harding knots. Um, neither can serve us off our fanatic True suffer. What had naturist through what has often fanatical true father Municipal Barberton named available Hamza here? No, a nori A and e Not definite. Alabbar little or even on any to import, Definitely of orbital or women. Suma Nephew, Secretary Cesar Be woman Human Fear even eggs I'd be now if you know that can what had been a true friend Matija too. So even our kids are in the Taiji that can What had been a true from the teacher force It also suffer from the tea Jawad Several has so far were Kosovo suffer what had or had suffer for Hadiya Bar. But no Alabama Libertarian L E or E and exclusive Famous. Don't Have you had a row, Mr Mahadi? Rooms ill or we'll fuck up the holiday. Hello. Very tight. Elsewhere had eo their own custom. Massardi someone X or they don't read Thomas Hardy. Darla the to import a wallaby fell out with a chronological Asia. It be Well, I can hardly is at the heart of it. Yeah, I need more of it all. He a side me. What a fear! Harvey e, He have felt up toe held The Allah Be Ishara Decide by Mullah Hassan Dolla pH This are beyond the home. Cool If me and mortal fear, Yukun and True were cool Afia mature in your corner. Force it on servants over force What had what had false so far warhead through what has so far toe for Hadiya Mullah Cosmo Roberts E or a horrible hair here e no even enorme Anahad being Noboa, but or a t rd one Someone more goofy had nuts when with some remote would be healthy for the tally nor ikan Asia and be on the thermal happen Lefty Beeman to deflect any relief Monohulls hardy Darla for here Axl e or yeah, me cool left knee in mortal fear, Nicole. And suffer or quality image of equal untrue. Is there someone somewhere to go ahead through? Safarova had force what has sever force, even loan of half full goggle face or kogo on logic eight. Obata, Monta Here. Subtle harmonic Assad Kathy Logic dungeon for you. I have no sore elite method. Mullah Haas, Lilia Hudna Even How the alarmist Barberton! And how the hell only hard here Not we'll have a happening. Nothinin Nottage! Favorite time Bob. It'll end. He Alvaro. It will be well. But it all here Asia would be Well, that's not here, Nephew. A. Well, how the hell? A truth table? Oh, General. Happy calico! On him in her Catholic AnAnd here. A full be one with the mafia. No, he is. I would be one of feel X or early and absentee or five. Italy, Asia, Bulacan highs that have capital What it could do. I had a module, general. Happy for how the my host elbow About a month. Takeo Logic Gates. 3. Logic Circuits: Santa Monica Nash Shafi Identify logic circuits Oh, a Dewar Elmont appear in an example one. And Mitchell our long Can it Andy Hardy dial even. Hardly Hear all well, hurry about, but notes we'll have the above it end for Hadi Philby. Die Quetta Evil boa. But Harry Data via free imports a would be Was he? We'll see how it's what's why either. So alhough locanda a whore force will be What true was seeing or force jit a Why am I not gentle? Outward either they will be a 10 will be war Either suffer war Bob It's or so far or had bought it all Even that ijo our business policy for also for nephews so far wad he then what had or had a woven end be Mondo ahead Watt had out of orbit and found out that you are either natural kunwar Example Tow missile. Funny Look out, Andy Hardy Tyler To import, I would be low Connell A go ahead will be ho ahead Tragically ill. Why all outwards, Philby, die. How do you have all that? And faith And a would be a warhead will be warhead. So I had my mama had Vanity Joe are even in a teacher. Go ahead. He its method wa had them in an input data Al Baba. Funny Ellie here. Barbot or family in Pakistani for who holds men L B yes and Devo. Our favorite study Middle beam hold warhead women Harding that e j even want even. What had war had alot all but all friend a teacher haven watched on my husband and put a study from a hole Drilled a well, a even wide forehead Mao had Alabbar but and Pernetti Joel What are definitely higher? How the hell Barberton Knots Really hear Nafie fellow had nephew Yahia Consul for even out . What your counsel for with our fellow with Bo over 10. Come on. Hardball but in nor would hardly barbecue none. Come on How the all? What? I can finish time and tell him that for how the nfi for select know for how do you want to end with documentation? Nephew Facade None. They then four inputs out with water A BCD Martina PM Him suffer loss of Aurora had what are not lopo each other outwards. Our white never been nor a will be very tally in a suffer will be watched Philby Dia Low Cannata anymore But all area TRD for so far or head boa but all from the tur. Luckily, Enria Barbot nor nfi nfi found not is your Constable Ellen. See what the Alabbar. But end luck in here. None men fee if any high for See what? The annals of award for Safarova had a war. But And the idea here suffer documentary and a FIFA Does Berroa fading Anyone in Nottage Osborne suffer war it and suffer lower. Had Arab all that all secretary not sure won't want myth are of Andy Hardy Data Fiato imports a would be You're not love each other and why I will outward Javi Dara facial Mom had that team battle a will be Feb, Italy either can show Alma had the team that they will be family. Warren No hope cooler Tamala is an artful general happy outdoor table. C'mon, you in the lobby of a lot of me and isn't about to model in an alcove collective model. That will be cool model Accival out there that wants off us over here. Don't suffer, suffer, Allow it and fanatics suffer. Larkin Nephew how you kunwar had woman someone How they'll be. What about? And so far you don't have a suffer? Well, how the wide watch it was so for a while. But all fanatic, you are either not your mama. Found yourself for what? He didn't suffer What had l above it? And so far, Nephew, How are had woman some a marathon will be Will be ho had favorite tell you ahead boy had Alabbar But all financial A like Ellen What helps so far? What have so far? Not so for one with someone FDA going wide. What our off a 30 mt Hood men will be will be well so for luck and what had himself for a while. But all for not even watch Well, it's a Morehead war had, you know, had wanted wad Nephew, I can't suffer well I can tell if a sunny will be Go ahead for have suffered about was all vehicle. Not everybody is and should be a new cooler tear Here, Go ahead Either harder My hostel logic circuits how a dollar are a month of the year 4. Logic Equation: cinematic Um, Nash AFI others I logic equations model arts Adoara monta either factory Pokhara. Hell. Hadi door over a month ago. You better my Conan Hulshof R. We're beatable. And Motala one more projet our import well out. What for? Monk in in the home Netta Armel Filho. Alma Alma adulatory out here. But you keep no saying. Have you more adults either? Never really. With ah well, for any hardy Donna Reed and a CIA LaSalle model they call my mother to outward vehicle harder. Asia be fee a See what I can f u c But it gave her the numbers. 10 have a no Twitter. Why, Finney? Higher. Who? Dakhil Allah Barbot End even more of it. And Yanni! Varro! Even finality. Johnny and Devo were happy in how that had a world war. How that had the sun block Infinity? Jehovah! Alvaro! Hardly muscle! Barberton end! What Had minal a trough in the car? The mineral And he About what? That or all of it? Or Yannick Gemma fading Guatemala! Kharafi, about an Asia would be any German will turn over 30. Who about a nfi will not avfc in a marathon who are about a nephew C don't act up enough So damn Saba and they will suffer what before had was possible. Fuck out! Call my area. But I must after my mother. And now, of course, you can be myself, Yanni. A what? So far Well before a woman Fitzy, who are about to see what suffer. Lucky nephew. War Viteri. Slow facade. Watch it! What? It? So I have your head. What affinity Your Mr Anthony bite. Careful. Seals an equation. Old model. A limited Hadi dial when we got there are a lot of do. I cannot mock today and I have definitely higher won with a margin will be die by. How do you want? Why? How outwards, Phil. Why Hawke? Ottoman nephew. So either Loma make on, um Adar Finney, High coolant Muktar. Say contact Nephew, You can shoot me and Hodel help you. What? They couldn't Motorola, Yanni and nephew buy a bargain. Effie mode Andy Barbot end Bobbitt's Andy an evil. So even hardly model t men had their t c n being a time bubble it hadn't had in a while. Wahadat Kuwabara had the fun Bennett on bottle Becky play. How you Marv? It'd end you hear about on bottle team and elephant? A wonderful Oh, well, hard that you must fill in a It ain't over yet, you marshal a terminally for my now I have not halfway what on offer 30 Hard it. Who? About an half cardamom impala? That or above it all legitimate for either a. Jonathan Harder. Who About and Jimmy Larkin? Janet Mother Jenna Bottle Fine Brafman Home More about I'll be What? That off the thunder? Who about a Nottage mambo Orbital ends in a mile. Be Yeah, Bob, it'll end. Am I will be in the manner it will be woman Someone on jihadi Barbi Harder Makhan my I'll be Alabbar That's or even Nottage room My I'll be out of work But all the any general. Sorry, honey, but he considered more other Finney high in it. A warhead will be. Were had in an out of court. Am I saw it on a warhead Will be work for Had you are God. What had Zach? Eduardo? I had fewer Hadlock head. What? I can Finney. Higher nephew Home face. Westover. Method Thought it gave No. Seven moderate secretary had a total white Who about I'm Bob. It all from an agenda didn't hear about. And Jimmy Hadera. Easy Hoddle, Jenna about and powerful men. L input a total for a one. Who? Avala Nottage Minute. They will be Adebola bets, nor by Bob. It'll or in Asia will be be Mondo here ball But nor from Ana Asia would be what I can never bother it and see what he forward and Monocacy Phillipe be Mondo here Barbot nand from an a C 51 nephew favorite Charlie now have called time I so in several has several types of Assad. My now Well, so far fewer have not so far Now if you're so far ahead when If you know what has so far it also facade, warhead, affinity door in the Robert and Holly data wanted and sail the hell equation all more ardent, very tightly handed out. What's more, Nottage Mint boa. That's or more, but only any Jenna isn't about. And Jimmy Hadera Easy. In what had been introduced, who would be even one Hedeman inputs? Who about A and B move our skeleton well in both Ernie filled with my apartment Nafie for even had cooler. You can about on FB wanted some cardamom ball, but and they will be in an eighth will be in a matter. It will be nothing. Only the majority, often behind a t jihadi. More other method. Martin. If there's a sub optimal, a fair Conan Nottage, whatever on what had out? True Father, My horse. A logic equation. 5. Logic Circuits Simplification: sell American National Fiat does engaged simplification Top state though our market article Boolean Algebra O'Connell Montel Sevilla No carrots in the Holly Tyler I got a shabby have window Our favorite Charlie Hulme pumpkin and babysit Harry isn't on any to input Here you will be faith and know how that's going to matter. Monkey Yes, Of our civil several I had watched the Worldwide Y What did a but l import well outwards. Vittel Hello with a Submersible vehicle. Not it's suffer Yanni Suffer Suffer not to suffer from a thumb. Mahadi suffer very technically notched icon suffer. I'm I the plan. What had or had not a like one wad? How did she? Month will be already live locally. Civil War Had Yanni a soulful we'll be Who are Lola? How he had a mark on a sofa. How the a move a Charlotte and yet have available But end for all that and being I know it's gonna want them and qualify. How suffer for them I make on the part of the time if I'm not to suffer generally clear account and the A would be what had also for Vitaly had a dollar for about unwanted, lacking mental thought off attorney. But I don t know what has so far failed and what has over Barbot and for not a suffer. Well, haven't not you wait and suffer through it? Are someone suffer? Barbot? All fanatics! Awful summer. What happened? Not suffer. Fake or not, it come on wildlife A sore on K from killing a top sleep Harry, dial for happy occur Monkey and Nellie and Tamala let it to cool Not it has over. Yeah, me and my two left a model So far so Waas over wanted War has so far for the corner Netas suffer for either Monk in an analogy Hardly fill out Tamala it and fuck up. Under my Akona a will be kilometros Cercone and not easy to even fulfill Mother's Tahoe Sovecon Honda Shehata have Coppi Bobet will end so either Mullah Ha! Sorry. Duh can know Andy Two inputs Any would be wanted. Someone had colon Alabbar Go ahead, Allow here, Bob, It'll and wanted so much You huddle outward faded Herita here McAfee Andy Hardy doll one Arkin lace If equal Marva Younger had top suite me Holly para Yeah, Any monkey contractor Our map today. One out of four South Be hard it forever Sorry Expert A Power from Italian Johanna B. L. Boolean Algebra Hey Jim! And that was a Boolean algebra Andy Cohen era Monta isn't 50. Diet no currency Barbot end What can't are afraid and put a warhead. Send Nottage McConnell. A more mature end test starts in the home. King Abdullah Fail Import. Coonan. True. Ah Wah had had taken and not easy to very Charlie logo meant our draft beer. No had been cut off. So you Cornwall ahead for Internet. The study. Antioco were in number. Jumped over a digital marathon for over 30. A whole lady. So you had diddle outwards. Fatal. Can a go ahead? Four. Had Mao had affinities or whether cancer for for supper. Mom. 100 year sofa fading in a safe on one of seven output. Harvey. It can anymore, but end warhead monograph. War cannot IQ. I don't know about end Not afraid Input A. Also for fellow, my make owning a pinata suffer even what it and the mono adamant caliphate has so far. Fanaticism for chaotic either Candy bar that and what kind of not often anyway you have someone tell you not to check on a U. S. A. With a local able. So for someone suffer not to suffer. When can I go ahead for? How do I had a knot is why kill or cure Funnel? Robert will hear few orbital and really hear it cannot cellophane input A When I feel a friend Nottage, move A shot taken so far? Yeah, Any local level. So for the navy in a war had fatally suffer warhead Renata suffer locality A war had fun, effin or had also for for herself off a notch even suffer a Loma McConnell, a fanatic. The highest offer. An arm bar. Little Loken, Alatorre fail or a warhead friend. Not a Jew. A had a true move. A skeleton not off in the wall. That's all it can. What? Had not a failure? Input? Who are true friend? Not your true, even low Arafat to be in no haven't barfing import or true Lomas make all atorvastatin If I'm not sure true Mubasher cannot cloak out our fate. Input a also for fun, Not much are taken. A Yanni Locanda happen off a an input. Who will suffer for tar with funny one. Let me say, how did the outward Yeah, and you know can't offer 30 more even suffer but not to suffer will account for 30 more. Head for natural. I failed and have a terrific thani toilet issue Had did it outwards cannot Calabar, but all local and detail. If I input a were a fanatic a more shelter Yanni Loca and the silver surfer friend Nottage . So for look. And you are how do I help for not each warhead with a man? You can hardly Tamara. What? Haven't I feel awful? War, but or loca? And the A when I feel a fanatic. True. Ah, why had move our skeleton? Yeah, No candy Scuffle one f You are for summer. What happened? Not you are loca and you are had one f yourself of or herself a Panetti, Jawad. Even Harry Solar house. El Bulli in laws Go on in a month for Charlie Haden on in in Alba Feeble orbital or we'll have on our behalf. You are but end led cannot in the here. To my left, a mark on you to my fellow. Ahem colony in Phil bullion laws believe often the Taliban Monye. Huh? Go on in. Yeah, You know what? Here's how CNN dot here. Yeah, he s a and B. You solve these idea because I could a philby yourself gleefully for the Taliban in care for more. Jennifer. Really out us one. Get back in. Calcium Tanya Here. Teach me here and a Libby's. I see him set aside beyond from us. I get out of a Philby facie and I saw her in a field beefy sc hacia 30 atos. A year year and a fee bees are see in ourselves a Philby's are a facie Yannick and Mama able after for our mother off a 30 model cannot cloak and Asia at B 51 of said days I'll be only somewhat SRC cannot grow corn and okra. A laser at a Philby who saw will a Yeah, honey, no. Or I don't know how far beyond the home a aside in a Philby fellow can And maybe happen if a hardy for natural yanan a who already say headed outwards. Yeah, Now local methadone will be ho ahead with a hose off faith in Bebo ahead Well being will suffer Bennett tomorrow for her anymore. But in so had fees awful from the data so far. So for that suffer for now T. J. Johnson. And then it'll be can it? Wa had with a kind of civil Well, the hard not to suffer fatal. A girly had been a teacher. Catholic local Akkus will be horse so far. Will they go ahead for so far fewer had here so far. Well can suffers. Agoa happen A t Jawad fading in a can we had already had in the TV. Can I come on? Huh? A fil A's? Are you selling? Wash a little a que the AC Laura Donna from Kano. Forgotten? No home, nothing off. I am really a will be. Why not? About a powerful a marrow calculation can occupy a here who are even if its most of the year Marty in jail Oslo A local had no no fear tomorrow. Thank you. Jomana Fanciful! Get a cloak, Anwar. 10 feet. Your special for your feet, Ahmad. A funny and Johann marathon. For how the world parlor here either. Halogen. What human film Aloha sell bullion knows open inner Monta nausea and $1 now and our who are engaged simple vacation out upset of the wall even know Hakani bullion loss Afghani Monta let upset Adora in Cape says department Hoddle Colony and feet upset at the uh no. With our local ended outwards A bar and moderate, We'll have the mother No read and noble sofa Victory High Mother here about a feel being a Bobbitt And when with some or all my a fina feel be with them will be if you see also must see any three inputs Well out of water Favorite study so far started a colony in boehlje. Yeah, a Philby side. A fee will be nephew. I'll be Dash men Had it had the end market has had a almost dark faith. And our Mr you have candy Bi za nephew B o B Dash What cannot Hickman has had in? That's hoppsy? Understand? They'll find the bees. Are Dwight it be Zaid B Dash offer for the yacht Low Can it'll be hears you fanciful! My nephew saw Fawad for Suffer or Mara. Go ahead. Finally, Jawad, get that look on what had what had a suffer for months of the war? But all Pernetti Jawad is a moment make often the T Jawad in. Then you can difficult away chaotic visa and watch him on here. Jim it for all of it. All more. But on what had a month off? A how are had Paloma make wouldn't be found. Not your heloc. Jose Lima, through a had facie flew ahead. We'll see for a then club sweetheart and no other. Hey, a bottle. And why you saw a side, even how to my hospital gates simplification. 6. Binary System: Sarah Medical National A few Honduras Que Visit the how well, Navarre Medicinal Irani vomit Binary web Blacks feel happy aka Navarre. Malark Amulet Yadi for er er a little am Alma, huh? Who are you? Some of the decimal either. Fonterra's Sarah Holden. Yvonne Funny allowing the vomit by Nettie. It's a one off Derosa. Sabathia being no love until Allah own machine and goes, Oh, no matter how sever the time All for myself. A war for you matter family So far A lot so far. Any false Guadiana True body l a little binary alarm. Senator Alan Kay. Fee it and more. On what the How well, my brain in the vomit video. Can you welcome Palatine? Hello. Upon what? All Makiadi very are the outfit decimal Yanni. Nor eat Suhaila Al Binali Vitali the Huina filled by Inari kun Wah wah wah ha ha! Silver like get how are not in a binary? Give us Arthur. No, not magenta. What methodology? It, Heidi. And one of my left knee. Yeah, me being on my own vomit by Nettie No matter. Madonna Motor, your wife will have whatever you want. Head they to Marlene fuck up for when your mom soon I So in my corner so far we couldn't want your money further. Lather the decimal Yannick Claffey because some are a thin blooded talks Anything moustache Will Barkey suffer Moustache doxy with me in summer Summer 50 about bashful Bayakoa Summary of sympathy in class Life of obedience It definitely alkali flat out of sympathy in what had what had been a fearful about heaven or what oxygen suffer one barking Why one somewhat not is helpless. Mahad Nacala Mina s fell ill. Arra. Yeah, go ahead. Go ahead. We had we had so far so either McClarty you saw we had a rock comforted by name. If that offer no kind of different slash Start stuffing earthy and sober. Well, Bobby warhead that tomorrow. So if you care about large, so out of safety and laugh a lot of fitness, it'll before a lot of sympathy and watch. Watch everything healthy and back or what? Had sympathy. And so far we're back to our not Carmine s failure. Allah, my now had wanted landline with a look on the dash dash with the Athena a sheaf of apple Odd dashed up safety in Hamza Hamza 50. I should have come Sit doxy. Bosnian three f 15 are waffle before the intimacy with me and who are had pulled back a sofa Watch autopsy with me And so far, no formal s vanilla for Derek Philby dijo and out of the and the whole vomit buying any harder hula. But so are a so far over your head from silver to get tested for Wah Wah had tycoon lujo pm Tele for Has a Marcus Yanni a missile warhead hard The doctor from Kenya's it worked out. What doctor from teammates. Waddle. I'm looking at the Savoy every year. So luckily, we had talked of possible markets even. And what had ha that you instead of hazard monkeys by the capital markets and Owen for nothing at all So far Well, with Timothy and so are, you know, civilian, You know, sit. Latinos are back Years comes won't get hot. The expert like it on top of being a theaters home. So without laughing at Realogy, the US over what had seemed so happy in Mississippi and Alabama teen's life. Mommy Fan Asaba So tired. You know, some Suffield. They're either wa had harder, low can method en fin marketable ola for him. A thick wad Full Marta Bethany and authority in for Marta. Third thing, Mr Arba for Marta. Robert, huh? Human fit money said Martha. Perhaps a with tomato sauce. Timothy. So either minor, harder local. You are ahead behind her. Marcus Warren, Someone. How do you could help us for you and your had Philby die, Alyssa, while I am any ham set us for five Italy have a warhead beam on the whole film markets. A service for came to me and was Come say legal theory Claffey on a table and data analysis . But I'm in a fair bit harder. Warhead markets saw this 15 times a few cloudy, no candy 100 watt had three markets of farms for nothin. Salva ASAP, Ash a Then what has suffered civil service over. You must fix a pash Medicinal que loca, and you are had several. Several suffer father meth. If money for decimal what had suffer suffer a method are by fifth decimal in an office of hard at being a hovel. Wa had Marquesa for Marcus, a thoroughly modern Athena city in our bar loca and your hustle vote with near even theater decimal. Your fabulous Ella Phil. Binary one warhead. You, Pablo the man you're had be cooling on women Go ahead. War on llona Hope came Ashwari? Yes. Have you thought about our mine? In a lot of the are Barbara and I say with our decimal how one hater by any in how they are . Borrow buying on the other. Fuck up. You know how that happened? Why had its hand out about myself? Phil Armoire Ryan Harder. You start illa Mencken's seen or by Za Monye. So I'm not sure Buying Zadar Barra About why I say that What had the other markets or happy our markets or markets in an armoire? Wine and McCarville in what has so far what had work as servants over in our local India from dismal to start Osh. Gosh about and so cash The war you left me in Washington Clough Muscle ties to sabotage. But in house of the Ashman, Iowa had the other markets. What could I get? You know ahead. So I know I had a body monarchists Then what has almost over what had one Get that with a moustache Moustache? What about money? Is that our bodies are teens are going, My Xanthia, I shall always are from set off most slash faith and what you are. You are How do I bought off mustache? I guess I could, actually. And I shall. Lots of the last civil Que father She money's Arthenia for Russia for us, Manuel Ahead, Wolfie. And why on earth must also focus are also get. I get Tissa at this hour about money. Is that what I say? That what has So so what? Get our Kosova. Someone who a bottle. And otherwise Athenians that desired warhead Sabah, You don't want a bloodline. Come on! And as far let it a corn. And yes, our mile high payment in honey and cool Shake on. It s fell from Idaho. Fiji, Italy saw. That's about no abdomen. Eleazar Lemi, Milla Svehla in our low are not a real akkus. Yeah, any combine every winner Jackhammer lasagna in a decimal is another development a well, what had so far Wadhwa Howe combine early nor et al Jamaa Mathon e la Decima be at karaoke Rockman Owen anymore Martin Toler It's near also for a lot Mathon and so on a rock meth Aleph was suffer Feliciano Cartabia No Active with me in a civilian? Yeah, I should be a No. 13 Fierce over. Even if Nino Sydney in Steph it Samha they'll be a new here Marcus in so far Yeah, and hopeful Russell Awa had heart hear about and wanna Hadfi If Nero Civil War Hadiya and what Hadfi Athena so are hardly a bar. And what had 15 or Salafi Wahabi about? And so far 15 Ian or Sydney Luckily in here so far Vivid Tani Monica possible They then feel Siva Jua jua had near Monte My Zofia Rosario Hadash not Massoni meanwhile had How do you want him off the field Suffer, suffer, suffer and what had happened remarked at the third house by my Nothinto city in Yeah And if you also had only ever Subha suffer near the Southern Wall Healthier, severe the Afghans are Go ahead, love it get Africa and the so so So why do I suffer what so far summer was over Summer was over in an otherwise how they were ahead. Woman Marta bit Araba, you know, sit laughter. I liked about it better than most. One of them with you know, sort of my own thing without comes and he wants to cut off money. Vienna sausage, Taj Newscom Sitio caffeine so trash with money are washing our Washington field lateens stuff I've seen not 7. Octal System: serological national Fiat. There's an Obama octo. Okay, forget it. Will You are calm. A decimal octo wobble. Akkus. Who am I kidding? The Hoima bill. Finally. 1 October island lackeys Filipino in the Taliban involved Lopatto. We've on October 1. Von Saleh Hayat So bitterly. BMR no more toe for a lot of a lot. Wolf funded through a stable general happy especially after Madi here either. So, so, so, so, so ahead. So I stuff up somewhere wide wide with more salsa. But what has a little ahead? Why do I have stuff up or had wide, wide, really hard enough. Tamala today Money. Money ready, huh? In Lyon. And how the general in obey like Minho Ayatollah Ahmad Yani Thurman to monitor What a hard day Some moving Obama salmon filled with Kate is the home of a decimal or the community area in a locked Oh, on our farm for money. It all up officially Kfit rockem initially Minute decimal, Doctor. No, sartorially How wannabe a minute. The simple little bindle. Mr Hella. Yeah, any specially but not possible. Actually in a left knee. And Sabah Khan fell on closer enough money a lot of on this album. I can't. How In the bomb? Binary Atlanta. How it in a bomb? Octo A little ashamed of safe Monye near feet. Marcy Cashbox, Alba, CN Taxi With money suffer will bark with me even if you talk about in a minute. S Padilla near Tampa in our washing it on a rock. Initially in your car Bill Octel or BauschL Can you kind of come on? Why are trying to see if money from so I'm safe? Money are What about Christopher? Come set up safe money. BSO forward Bob Graham said he didn't have a physical body. Feminists Malala manna from C First off, I'm seen the sea with Bonavia. Sit. Sit there with my smile. Brian. Marcus Saba said that I've seen myself for a while Back the sentences come a home for them in Escalada. Some velocity That coupled effort, huh? No car. So you thought what it want? Had a hula fee? Anyone? Oh, or better. What saved My whosoever will back you? Are you come on. Who killed a bloke? And if money My tax money Why? Bull markets suffer what have seen money and so far nobody. What is a combo faith and lift money. If it this amount, your tabula actually been locked up. Canakkale are boasting. I watched him to see if money with money. What about pizza for my tax money? Oahu. Bobby, suffer What? Had to see if my so far about the water needs to come home from not shaken me in an animosity. This amount a hula may have been locked up in a manner harder myth and Martin Elfenbein that it me and also for wealthy and also have a fianc e in Oaxaca and on sales behalf Moneo Several money also have money disappear. Manual so far below a had money Also had mine my recipe and are basti Uppsala. I know you had money. A telemedia, Hickory, Holly. She will have that sort of mindset of yet Yeah, Knockem genetic area. Larkin Harding modeler say a corner. They thumb on 81 lots. Yeah, I need a so far attracted money and suffer a worldwide for turning, but they in no candy are found. Morehead, with money or about 16 Had a lot more ahead for Martin. You know who have much of a good amount of money also for any won't crack meth Monye, you must send warhead for Martin Luther. Yeah. What a 13 year low. How do I have money? Also had the with my get out of Washington. Martha 30 Anyone my interview are basti then the candy warhead for had no candy Hashem, 1/4 money No candy Me fo are nasty Bill Akkus que feel? Well, octo neuron with felony era A new vomit thusly out decimal. OK, on the other machine have seen was ferocity in my full in Georgia. Hajela hustle here earlier, actually Narva and perhaps often see Thank you, Father. Even Mr Mottram in the saga Konta who? Binary decimal on how it looked aware this imam even in our motion not that we could monitor finished I a lot of little muscle Arba. Hardly arba he ever an unborn fetus. Money also for Yeah, I know he had more of a newly fifth money also for yeah, with a mandible. Binary connected see? And also for Francois happiness. If we lack in Sabah painful bite, very market and divide Ramallah. So all we had was suffer. So if you want that for Naya Bar and what had 15 you know, so far we'll have 50 anos y I'm on. For who now can Tamala Kathy. Other yahoo. Not Formanek tomorrow? No. So far, Nsaba. Every time my heart, you must Alabama feed money. Also listening and hard. The human martyr Bethany fourth, near feet. Money elsewhere. What was suffered? Warhead Didn't want to pluck along here. Mani also have with money 50 insult chastised at our grocery. And I'm seeing our mortal suffer for several feet. Money on suffer faith finances suffer. I'm not from seven from seven miles while mine. And so I have a money. If I'm solved by eight for not job I a lot on the third floor. So I was sitting now for the suburb. Some half if money will suffer, was sitting fifth money or swat Manage morphing behind it if my or suffer warhead sabotage . Come on here. Small also have money. And he said that my away you Then how do you worry about the how well the octo Ella decimal in a K feet. I wouldn't buy in October 1 of the more often than not buying it. No candy, huh? What has so far? What? Go ahead. What has so far What? What? How do I had? What has so source over? How do you found my 91 have been here by now? Yuri's on Know how will Hajela octo free Bidaya Bheema known Obama Octo Iran money Yet even Colorado Morehead Why you are so so so good. Penitani could fell off whatever year art Um in head be shaken most often. Yeah, and Holly fella for silver, silver, silver and not It's also for for either Martorell Lula said a once over on Mahadi warhead wad wad your arm and have a second most often fellow had a no one worth in civil law Hadithi and also had had for authenticity in the several Latino So I had a near Fino city are far ones are in cities that summer faded Martoma 30 here Summer is on hand about on film by now you're fabulous Everything, Doctor, I cannot go candy hard for us seven Study How the go ahead. You must feel civil Well method must suffer Not bottom of Tibet with the Mohammed Wahba him at the theater was sitting here. Isn't half Latino swat feel sitting are Mazar do I have cancer in the new Babylon from several octo that car up moi. So why go ahead? And then there's an oath of my allotted Waheed Wafa. So what have you had? Much Theo Sommer feels were had Finally has a fear. Any What? Laughter? Mortar? Refah. How stuff off? Yes, our traditional. You know how many other war had four free old mark today for an ideal Savaglio had say that while local Bilirakis Then I sanctify club bash. What's having how they are? Gamble Octo read a whole hell. Binary marathon even not so karaoke Manal ahead, you know can be seven off. So the sufferer and Subba who couldn't drop on a good Martin Bayfield Octel and nothin have either Morata Phil Binary? Yeah, Mr Manohar. Famine by very small autumn here. What I Marta Whatever Flew off toe Nuff said Hala motto A heavy oak tell he had I thought your article by it And so he abandoned So So So I'm not sober for me Diet next in a suburb Be shaken Offer Yeah, Any Abaza Athens Adwar favorite on what had within suffer wealthy and Latino So ahead. What are bajo about a city I feel so far even What had Martin? What had Martin? My wife, not to drop filled by 90. What do I do? Have some a source or that comes from say about and our bazaar. Watch what you do with yourself up with our body. And you know, Sidney in favor of civil war had Martin, Sydney and whoever on what had brought a mynah Athena also had heard if it huh us like answer for a capital candy top ash for officer telephone and And what about and what has a feel? Very Tolentino Sore Francois had wide, wide beam on urgent Monta. But for no phobia, No other solid people so far. How the warhead hopefully be dying from when I feel so far in the war. 8. Hexadecimal System: Salaam alaikum. If you had a dentist initial, Hannah Vanja did allow on Obama. Take sell old hicks woman Some initial kfit tahu in my many decimal in a pixel lobby. Lakis weapon high, able initially kfit will pixel in a binary wobble. Akkus, you definitely die a little farther than you want about pixel. You love it. Takes something when you don't sit there. That I shall follow on your bomb. Yeah, we are, but motor yachts off trough table General, have EPA for Amber Mata a lot. Daphne Anos Arba, Yanni. So, Pash, Pash, a demon can. And the Arab motor yacht further any longer. Hicks. SoHo in the bomb. Sit that ASHA. The bond buying anyone wants tonight when a bomb in October 1 vomits some money on your next set That ash phone alarm starts. Businessman. It's estimated Malcom Fagin absent from 30. All the arts minutes so far. Well, American are common. Actual. A former foe Face a meaningful fourth Yanni Ashlan away. I had the usher will be. If not, I shall see the theater. Asher D r was actually e perhaps aggression here who are ls for how they had this Me even feed a llama hicks. So light is she is method ASHA y number half a d lie just a small white ash whenever Hopefully Phyllida nota que feta decimal Ella Hickson better marking on possum. I left me in full Binaghi. Customer valuable octo Paschke El Hage's either Initially, now Loretta Hicks So ashamed of Central Pashawar had wife is dice Attash fell Barkho Arba wa had the simple task for before I even met less Falana from Italy and Barbash initially no problem about national picks up are y all Why toxins so last near the stash Feel like laughing about with money? C n talks here supplies so far we're back with me in the then finance Monye Monitor shape How sovereign State of sense of past life class if he so tires money or buying Ibaraki Suburb The last six years have passed so far with market last. It's about Lati cannot Look, Andy, Why had you or had feet in a bomb alone, right? And how will it follow? Our hidden right? Epsom salt sufferer Tobacco. I had four connecting kind The supplies thyself seems stash What had a happy started stash tobacco suffer? He then why I had the same sort Trash suffer. Will Barkero had even Asher. You don't mind how they're being whole ahead for had been lost Some punch with this amount of cobbler actually takes up either loan at Data General Sisi, a warhead Locarno Film Art Mbalula for methods of Bashar So far, Logan Aqua had been Martha, Bethany and a payment Ashura. Texel say it once. Also bash Also ahead wouldn't hear Subhash that someone had some passion. So I had yet qfii Mukhin and missed them Also bashed that we'll splash that came out Alarm bell Akkus que theater were our common hek sel Wajahatullah A decimal marathon Fatal Hek sel Netta having McCool Marta Marta Ventola Arba fell through happy so Paschall suffer. He didn't suffer. We're not some Bethany in the also partial. So I had We'll not be in a mortar 10 tech fiddy An extra bomb, 30 mortality for our watch. What they are wifey sometimes suffer Well I had war happy Stashes work in a substantial suffer. Whoa! Had pr bipolar but come on What So dash also I had sometimes we were has touched So does that mean about my 31 my Russian net that Martin Bullets Money, fifth money If you so bashful So far with whatever 30 half near near fees attaches what either It's money if you so passions so far sometimes superhero ahead with Manitoba. Come on here. So, Pasha so has ties with the Anfield A few times that money who are white been on several class suburb a few social suffer. So that's so for here. What I had for summer to come on. What? What laughter Fits of passion. So I had some passion Swat had also times feet like my are white Why rise I so after I'm so from C it would be hard to study How will Texel decimal? Uh K feet The whole binary l A pixel wanted someone. How will Akkus No company Holiday Calm Wahaha! Wahaha! So So? So we're up. Bethany Wah Wah Wah Wah has several Kate Howard Hard by energy. It takes to be dying stuff. Never studying Really? How a navy had pine Eri in octo? I would have said Is Toby any favorite? I fl octo Hungary Another doctor Gato Mahathir mature a lot for personal binary laughed the laugh Morata Morata Tom and, uh and I know here just almost stopping in on net for his other deal. Binary Arbat. Morata could hamper ATM allotted. No. How will your marketable and it, you know, Tom and Ma? Huh? What a plaintiff in a teacher. Marta boy, what do I have? No hassles. Also it out Enough. So cool about my allotted on. A hated very Torres for And you are has so far softens over even had a warhead filled, marketable robber from my thigh muscles near will sit Lathan you with money from and projecting a marathon. You listen, Ian. Hodder up more binary for by not knowing how little pixel. Okay, favorite Alejandro having Martoma Rob I muster Theano said laughingly with money even marketable. Olivia's money with so much is a funny Well, I had wad I want go ahead from Martin. Dorothy, it was so far ahead. You're had been mata. Thank you Know so I have seen the Assad were had class either harder up on film by now. Your problem. My own life in Felix. Bethany. What has a little head? What do I have in on holiday home? Wadhwa has so far why? You know I had with you know so far. How far? So far my only took Marta. But you and Holly in Turkey, the fiend was so ahead. Hallelujah Happiness Sydney and Hollywood Affairs oclock monies at Arba Flash Fadwa had fell out of fashion. What can blow you, Che Smith or after the Russian fee? It takes some so that I should know about Andy. Get out of your head, fellow I feel so far what I have to offer within a Sydney. We'll have somebody. Nothin theano So I had you know, city and our But I feel Siva Jua had our bodies our come say it and Home City Yakis any heck So how will a marathon er finally he then Somalia philosophy What Sam said he now for commercial well ahead we'll cool Marta Not so heavy. Um but Morata Phil Binary Yeah. Any missing Marcon and defiled by Nettie about Murata Power Night About the washing of pixel on March 7 Warhead If in Excel here's one thing out about philosophy and buying it Fillon Miss money. Here's Monye Faith Amanda, How ahead. Welcome from Ottawa Rubber. He then what had suffered civil so far harder. You must earn enough money. I'm gonna class the faith. The Assad wad warhead with enough suffer. What if me and with you know So I had so my no hot water God cannot come city d he ever and Latasha for he hath monies that nobody finds. Adwa had terra Pasha Vitaly had with me and also for a lot of our Athena Sydney in with money with you First I feel Siva Jua had no city and what had without you must have thought that you said a man comes of our bodies are so I didn't want her with yourself out about with your city and seven tally things. So I had wanted Timothy. And also I had to nothing How this suffer with never City in war Finney Higher, low Araneta Halloween Mateen Texel Octo Will octo pixel Like Rita who were excellent October Sheraton with optimal Axon Washington fib. Attorney calculus A little hick So ill Abyei. Very well. May Thelma Octo. Oh Ah! How will it Octel a binary one? Soumaila Hickson