Learn Depreciation Accounting Basics with Advanced Excel Model | Prashant Panchal | Skillshare

Learn Depreciation Accounting Basics with Advanced Excel Model

Prashant Panchal, Excel and Data Cleansing Enthusiast

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15 Lessons (1h)
    • 1. Introduction Video for the class

    • 2. Depreciation Class Intro

    • 3. Course Requirements

    • 4. Depreciation Definition

    • 5. Difference between Depreciation and Amorisations

    • 6. Various terms in Depreciation Accounting

    • 7. Methods of Depreciation

    • 8. Accounting for Depreciation

    • 9. Depreciation and Taxation

    • 10. How Depreciation Tax Shield works

    • 11. Master Depreciation Model intro

    • 12. Depreciation Model Walkthrough

    • 13. Depreciation Model Walkthrough with more details

    • 14. Advanced Functionalities of the model

    • 15. Course Completion and Ending


About This Class

What knowledge & tools are required?

  • Basic to Intermediate knowledge of Microsoft Excel
  • Basic to Intermediate knowledge of Accounting (Practical Accounting)
  • Accounting terms for Fixed Assets and Depreciation (briefly explained in the introduction section of this course)

Who should take this class?

  • Accountants who want to sharpen their practical accounting Knowledge for Fixed Assets and depreciation Accounting
  • Auditors who want to audit effectively for Fixed assets and depreciation for their clients 
  • Non-Accounting professional/Entrepreneurs who want to estimate the impact of depreciation on their investment and Profit and Loss over a fixed term (usually assets useful life) 

What will students achieve or be able to do after taking your class?

  • Hands-on knowledge of how depreciation and fixed assets accounting work
  • Fixed assets and depreciation forecasting in Business budgeting 
  • The impact of the sale of assets prematurely on your profit and loss for the period

Depreciation Accounting for Fixed assets is usual activity and process for an accountant in his/her job, but things can get really tricky and difficult when there are numbers of assets and there are transactions like disposal, sale and purchase in mid-month/mid-year. 

This course is designed to help you understand the concept of depreciation through practical situations and examples  

It is very important to have a robust Fixed assets and depreciation model in place which calculates accurate depreciation monthly, helps you in budgeting and forecasting depreciation costs for next year (years to come). Also when there are assets sale/disposal you need to figure out exact profit or loss on such sale/disposal (especially when it takes place on old days in the month/year) 

I will guide you through practical accounting issues and situations while accounting for depreciation, forecasting depreciation costs, the impact of the sale of any assets (profit and loss) on your profit and loss statement and Balance sheet 

Depreciation model which I have prepared for the course is quite robust and takes care of any practical scenario in dealing with situations

At end of his course, you will have hands-on experience in dealing with any challenging depreciation and fixed assets accounting situation and its financial impact (which your manager would want to know accurately). You will also receipt free copy of the template used in the course !! So let's dive into it! 





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Prashant Panchal

Excel and Data Cleansing Enthusiast

Hello, I'm Prashant.

I am a seasoned Finance Professional (Chartered Accountant) with more than a decade of experience in the field of Finance, Accounting, Auditing and Operations having worked with many (diversified) industries throughout my career

I have hands-on and thorough practical knowledge and experience in routine accounting challenges that every accountant comes across (gained through tons of trials and errors with practical accounting issues faced and solved during my...

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