Learn Data Science with Python - Part 1: Python Basics, Anaconda Installation & Jupyter Notebooks | Tony Staunton | Skillshare

Learn Data Science with Python - Part 1: Python Basics, Anaconda Installation & Jupyter Notebooks

Tony Staunton, Reading, writing and teaching.

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9 Lessons (1h 11m)
    • 1. Introduction to Learn Data Science with Python

    • 2. How to make the most of this class: Skillshare 101

    • 3. Class Frequently Asked Questions

    • 4. Python & Jupyter Notebook Environment Set-up

    • 5. Jupyter Notebook 101

    • 6. Python Basics

    • 7. Python Lists

    • 8. Python Functions & Packages

    • 9. Python NumPy

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About This Class


Are you ready to start your learning path to becoming a Data Scientist?

Learn Data Science with Python - Part 1: Introduction to Python, will be the first step on your data science journey. You will learn the python foundations used by all data scientists to analyze and manipulate large amounts of data along with scientific computing using NumPy. 

Data Scientist has been ranked the number one job on Glassdoor and the average salary of a data scientist graduate is $95,000 in the United States! Data Science is a rewarding career that allows you to solve some of the world's most interesting problems!

This course is designed for both beginners with some programming experience or experienced developers looking to make the jump to data science.

This course is delivered using HD video lectures and detailed code notebooks that you can download and use to learn at your own pace. 

You are going to learn how to program with Python, how to use variables and data types, how to create and manipulate Python lists, how to leverage Python code written by other developers and be introduced to NumPy one of the most important packages in the world of data science. 

Lectures in this class include:

  • Setting up your Python development environment using Anaconda & Jupyter Notebooks
  • An overview on how to use Jupyter Notebooks
  • Python basics
  • Python lists
  • Python functions & packages
  • NumPy

When you're ready you can try the class project of writing a random number generator!

I hope you're excited! Enroll today and start your data science journey.