Learn Crucial Dating Advice (for beginners)

Dan Munteanu, Teacher of Mental Clarity

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11 Videos (33m)
    • Introduction

    • The Push-Pull Technique: Give Her A Rollercoaster of Emotions

    • Push-Pull Examples

    • The Push-Pull Challenge

    • Sub-Communication

    • Asking Better Questions

    • Statements Of Intent

    • Technique: The Girlfriend Test

    • Learning To Use Light Touches (KINO)

    • Technique: The Cube Test

    • Assignment: Apply The Cube


About This Class

A sweet and short course with lots of crucial dating advice for beginners.

It's designed for people who need to stop being the nice guy when approaching the girl of their dreams.

Learn how to level up to a funny, self-confident, attractive witty man.

The kind of man who will keep a conversation going and emotionally spark a woman's romantic interest.

You need to have an open mind and courage to put these ideas into practice.

The students will learn how to :

  • start having conversations that generate attraction with women
  • develop an authentic, genuine, fulfilling connection with a woman
  • have fun, positive interactions with the women they like
  • leave the friend zone or avoid entering the friend zone
  • learn how to transform emotionally flat dates that seem to go nowhere.
  • understand why the woman of your dreams always seems to fall for the jerk type of guy and never for the nice guys.

This course teaches you a new a new language you might want to learn.

It's the kind of language that women really respond to emotionally.

You will be developing your personality traits that naturally attract the kind of women you like.

To become more successful when dating women, you need to take a journey that will teach you a new perspective.

The only way to prove to yourself that yes, you can be successful with women is to apply immediately what you learned from this course. 

Only by learning, applying and internalizing the techniques and ideas from this course, you will start seeing results

You will start attracting and dating the type of woman you like. 

And you will keep her attracted to you (without tricks).

Some of the ideas and methods will be counter-intuitive at times.

But give them a chance, because I will explain them to you, with lots of examples and extra details.





Dan Munteanu

Teacher of Mental Clarity