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Learn Crochet: The Basics

Melody Fulone

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4 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. Learn to Crochet Slip Knot

    • 2. Learn to Crochet Chain Stitch

    • 3. Learn to Crochet Single Crochet

    • 4. Learn to Crochet Single Crochet Part Two


About This Class

Want to learn how to crochet? Or maybe you learned as a kid and forgot how? Look no further - this class will help you start stitching in no time!

What you'll need:

By utilizing the techniques taught in this class, you can go on to create simple square coasters.

You'll learn how to chain and single crochet. These are basic and easy techniques that will give you a great foundation to create more crochet projects!

You'll learn:

  • Basic stitches
  • Working in rows

These easy stitches will help you get started with the basics of crochet! Grab your hook and let's get started.





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Art director by day, lifelong student and designer by night. I dream of working in either print design or illustration, but web design is probably more realistic for my logical mind. Currently studying UX design!

I'm also a maker and fiber artist! I teach a super simple (read: super amateur) class here called Learn Crochet: The Basics. I began designing knit & crochet patterns in 2011. The skills that involve yarn, threads, and fibers of any kind are the ones that truly inspi...

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