Learn Creative Training Techniques and Save Your Employees From Death by PowerPoint!

Katy Caselli, Organizational Psychologist & Author

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12 Videos (41m)
    • Creative Training Techniques Introduction- Why So Important?

    • Why Listen to Me? Here Are 6 Reasons I'll Help You Make Workforce Training Great

    • Why The Fire Hose Method of Pouring out Employee "Training" Fails

    • A Story of a Complete Waste of Time With Bad Training

    • Where Creative Training Techniques Fit in a Training Plan

    • Understand Attention Span in Adults and How to Work Within It

    • Creative Training Techniques Time to Stop and Think

    • How To Set Students Up for Success, Using Smart

    • Making Classes Engaging, With Toys and Games

    • Tricky Ways to Ensure Your Students Have Grasped the Course Objectives

    • Strategies to Help Students Transfer Knowledge From the Classroom to the Job

    • Effectiveness Why So Important?


About This Class

            How would you like to advance your skills in the classroom? Drive high impact learning by mastering the secrets to creative training! Learn the secrets of being a credible, effective instructor and report solid, measurable training results while wowing your students, earning rave reviews and turning classrooms in active, fun learning environments.

          Take this class over a single afternoon and draw up a plan with my expert guidance that drives impactful, effective and active learning.

          Learn the foundations of world-class instructional design and incorporate creative, engaging techniques to your future training efforts, building a reputation of an imaginative and effective instructor who delivers results.

          This class is for Instructors, Human Resources professionals and Learning and Development personnel who want continuous learning opportunities! This course provides a plan to capture your notes and ideas and many supplementary materials. There is also a money back guarantee!

         Katy Caselli has been a performance problem solver for global organizations for 18 years and has specialized in setting up training programs for impactful business change.  Katy Caselli has a master's degree in industrial/ organizational psychology and is the author of Building Giants: A Proven System to Transform Your Workforce Through Effective Training. A constant learner, Katy's current hobbies include stained glass, kayaking, and travel.






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Katy Caselli

Organizational Psychologist & Author

Hello, I'm Katy.

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