Learn Conversational Spanish Fast

Mark Hannasch, Language Teacher and Coach

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29 Videos (3h 17m)
    • Introduction

    • You will be able to...

    • alphabet vs. sounds

    • Alphabet

    • Exercise

    • Sounds Introduction

    • Sounds of Spanish #1

    • Sounds of Spanish #2

    • Sounds of Spanish #3

    • Self-correct Pronunciation

    • Consonant-Vowel Chart

    • AnkiApp!

    • AnkiApp complaints

    • Section 1 review

    • Section 2 intro

    • Section 2 tools overview

    • IPA typeit

    • syllable breakdown

    • Syllable breakdown practice

    • Syllable divider

    • Audacity

    • rhinospike.com

    • other resources

    • The Whole Process

    • I sang the Song... how embarrassing

    • Jamendo

    • forvo.com e-learning

    • Section 2 review

    • Bye!


About This Class

This course is for students who want to speak conversational Spanish and have been confronted with the challenge of not being able to understand native speakers. The first step in this process is to learn correct Spanish pronunciation. You will then practice REAL Spanish through songs and audio recordings and will be submitting multiple 1 minute recordings to me for individual feedback on pronunciation. Then you will be using this knowledge to practice conversational situations. I want to empower you to learn how to practice Spanish on your own, and I will give you the tools to do so! Along the way, I give insider tricks and tips on how to study the language and amazing tools that will help you in the process!

In order to learn Spanish conversation quickly, you will need a solid foundation for the language. The goal of this course is to guide you in the right direction and to give you personal feedback about what you are saying in Spanish. The foundation for learning Spanish includes:

  • Being able to pronounce every word in the Spanish language without hesitation.
  • Being able to learn real-life listening skills to improve conversational Spanish fast.
  • Being able to practice real Spanish on your own by mimicking native speakers through songs and audio with various free tools and websites (and you will receive feedback on these recordings from me).
  • Being able to apply this knowledge by knowing and studying practical conversational phrases. These will include how to order food, how to introduce yourself, how to ask basic questions, and other key concepts.
  • Being able to break down conversational phrases so that you can combine them with other words in different contexts. You will not be memorizing word lists like what most teachers do in schools. My approach will give you the full understanding of a few basic grammatical structures that are vital for conversational Spanish so that you can continue your own self-study. This helps students avoid the high costs of hiring multiple tutors or teachers in the future!
  • Knowing the importance of cognates! By the end of this course, you will learn 50 Spanish words and will know how to use them in basic sentences.
  • Being able to use key Spanish-learning tools and websites like Spaced Repetition System (Anki), Audacity, Forvo, and many others to self-learn the language.
  • Being able to slow down an mp3 file to analyze each syllable in it's real context in order to sing/speak various phrases fluently.

All of this includes fast feedback from me, your instructor! I know that students normally prefer face-to-face interactions with their teachers, so I want this course to be as close as possible to a real interaction! My goal is to help all of my students to learn the language faster than they thought possible, and this requires feedback from a fluent speaker.


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Note to instructor: Thank you so much for all the information you have provided. The song you chose is awesome and the syllable breakdown is easy to follow. I hope you make more videos and lessons in the future. Note to students: This class is very helpful in the journey to learn Spanish. The best part about this class is the consonant vowel chart where the instructor shows everyone how to pronounce words correctly. Also, the teacher talks about and explains so many useful tools such as AnkiApp, Forvo, and IPA typeit.





Mark Hannasch

Language Teacher and Coach