Learn Contact Juggling NOW! - An introduction | Lucas Abduch | Skillshare

Learn Contact Juggling NOW! - An introduction

Lucas Abduch, A juggler with a camera!

Learn Contact Juggling NOW! - An introduction

Lucas Abduch, A juggler with a camera!

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8 Lessons (18m)
    • 1. Learn contact juggling NOW! - an introduction

    • 2. Which ball to choose to start?

    • 3. The butterfly

    • 4. Your first isolation: Squeeze up

    • 5. Your first stall point: Inside elbow stall (IES)

    • 6. Top-of-head stall basics (cucuruto)

    • 7. First movements with a ball on the head

    • 8. Bonus: 9 ways to improve your top-of-head stalls

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About This Class

Contact Juggling is a fascinating subject!

The way to ball moves, almost like there is no gravity, floating in the air.

its beautiful!

Today I have the pleasure to bring you 8 introduction classes to learn the basics of contact juggling, everything you need to know from styles to which ball to choose to start.

The classes are originally in portuguese but all the videos have english subtitles.

All you need to start learning is your body and a ball, have fun!

These are the classes we will have together in this course:

1. Learn contact juggling NOW! - an introduction

2. Which ball to choose to start?

3. The butterfly

4. Your first isolation: Squeeze up

5. Your first stall point: Inside elbow stall (IES)

6. Top-of-head stall basics (cucuruto)

7. First movements with a ball on the head

8. Bonus: 9 ways to improve your top-of-head stalls

Hope you enjoy it, feel free to let me know what you think.

All the tutorials have english subtitles embeded.

If you need a contact ball we ship worldwide from malabarizese.com, just drop me a message!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Lucas Abduch

A juggler with a camera!



My name is Lucas Abduch. I'm a juggler, youtuber and videomaker from Brazil passionated about learning, teaching and sharing knowledge!

My main project is the channel Malabarize-se with more than 500 high quality juggling and circus videos. I also produce a weekly newsletter called THE SOURCE, it is in portuguese but easy to translate (there's a link on the bottom of each email),with high quaity recommendations of videos, books and more! 

Now you can find some of my tutorials here on skillshare!

I'll be producing courses on several topics, not only juggling and circus, stay tuned!

I wish you an amazing life!

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Your first stall point: Inside elbow stall (IES): way inside your store fitted. So visits little. Mitchell's pretty medication separation process happening there. My audiences stalls. Everybody remembers Michael Caballo just he said, Well, God, try think Joe got all this. You didn't say Pull up. That's a whole lot Don't pass, go Kabul And he said, I will stop between ICANN. The boys move Also grass support Phyllis Pass without a cap on the move. If you should know you for you, it's like they were getting better. Oh God, you said stop. Then it was most. If they got feelings, there wasn't such a good morning. The inside of your logic. It was an open season. Now grasp race. They should have seen Platter Ocean. God still image train. How does lobs some contact? She's except suggested Basin is really a problem. Sports. The ship was your wallet 6. Top-of-head stall basics (cucuruto): my mother. Only schools they got. What they do is being fought just again. I know. Mice. Listen, Robotics, like I mentioned, call this ticket that well, you know, most of my classes, ecstatically but at the same time, a missed shot. Older. Come on. Base in a ball of fire. No, not since breaking ground. Saint Gilles. Conceive a single phone booth. I had a bullet in your shaves. Ebola so much I played it. Cool. Straight them, You know, sports gear so that they don't really bailing out the ones you must have s and lonely for much happening there. Clark, is this thing. Does voters you knew there was such a critical number stands to the G eight people. City new meaning way. Got with us, SUV enjoy, like Facebook. 7. First movements with a ball on the head: have you dream editorial. It's not a brutal Have almost travels maids that my school throwing a ball on a couple's abolish Really queen Nothing problem training You're going alone. You a mystery That was over my shots moving mates, geological training and I a school bus Evolve me because save that you live in Michelle Results host. This is this is Avenger reasonable, Miss. Give us a sense of commercials and choose bones. Thank you. She this that cleans lot myself. My last season from apologetically with smooth cause of death is staying with results More remains happening Is in charge of the bus Finch Such local today all states coming. 8. Bonus: 9 ways to improve your top-of-head stalls: - way , way.