Learn Construct 2: Creating an Action Platformer in HTML5!

Jeremy Alexander, Author / Animator / Game Designer / Web Developer

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24 Lessons (2h 26m)
    • 1. Proof of concept

    • 2. Creating our first layout and importing sounds!

    • 3. Adding art and animations!

    • 4. Adding Tilemaps!

    • 5. Programming: Camera & Player behavior!

    • 6. Programming: Custom Keyboard Control

    • 7. Programming: Player Wall Jump

    • 8. Programming: Shooting Bullets Part 1

    • 9. Programming: Shooting Bullets Part 2

    • 10. Programming: Shooting Bullets Part 3

    • 11. Programming: Screenshake & Player Knockback

    • 12. Programming: Enemy AI Part 1

    • 13. Programming: Enemy AI Part 2

    • 14. Programming: General Tweaks!

    • 15. Programming: Adding a new bullet type!

    • 16. Programming: More Tweaks!

    • 17. What do you want to see next?

    • 18. Bonus: Splitting up our event sheets

    • 19. Bonus: Creating a new layout

    • 20. Bonus: Improving our camera

    • 21. Bonus: Adding Impact effects

    • 22. Bonus: Adding bullet shells

    • 23. Bonus: Adding a HUD

    • 24. Bonus: Adding ammo pickups


About This Class

How I make an "action platformer" in Construct 2!


What is the course about?


This is THE course to make a Construct 2 prototype. If you have ever wanted to start making your own'action platformer' game here is your chance. Action platformers are fast paced run and shoot games. They are also open to your imagination - you can literally take ANY action platformer game and make it awestern, sci-fi, fantasy, modern day shooter - ANY genre you can think of, you can make an action platformer - the sky is the limit!


What material is included?


In the beginning of the course you have access to all of the assets used (art, animations, SFX) so you can make the same game along with me. At the end of the lecture I have provided the .CAPX file for you to use and learn from!


What does this course include?


  • Keyboard Controls
  • Wall Jump
  • Shooting: Different types of bullets, motion and spacing(rate of fire)
  • Tilemap Level Design
  • Functions
  • Player Knockback
  • Impact effects
  • Bullet Shells
  • Simple HUD
  • Ammo pickups
  • Smooth Camera
  • In-game collision/show objects debugger
  • Screenshake
  • Enemy AI (State engine)
  • Muzzle Flash
  • All assets are free to use for commercial use.


The course is always being updated as is the game engine we are making!


Why take this course?


The lectures in this course are tidbits that are scattered across the web. You won't be able to find all of this information in one place. Not only do I teach you how to make your own action platformer but you can also dissect the engine I made in the course and make it your own. Hows that for a jumpstart? Learning these techniques and subsequent 'game feel mechanics', will be ALL that you ever need to make your own game. Whether the genre of game, these mechanics are universal and sought after.


Is this course right for me?


This course might not be right for you if you are not a fan of retro/arcade platformer games! It is a specific type of game and definitely more fast paced then your average platformer. I believe anyone can learn Construct 2 and no matter how you learn it is a great program to start with.


How long will this course take to complete?


At the moment, the course runs over two hours! After that as much time as you need to make your own game!


How is this course structured?


I've structured this course to cut out all of the fluff and dive in! I explain why things are happening as we go along and try to recap every other video or so just as a reminder! You will have learned how to use this software by the end of this course.