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Learn Cloudera Hadoop Administration with Cloudcoop

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13 Videos (2h 8m)
    • ADM001CDH 1 Why Hadoop Cloudscoop

    • ADM001CDH 2 What is Hadoop Cloudscoop

    • ADM001CDH 3 Timeline of Hadoop Cloudscoop

    • ADM001CDH 11 Learn YARN in Detail Cloudscoop

    • ADM001CDH 12 Balancing Hadoop Cluster Cloudscoop

    • ADM001CDH 13 Single point of Failure Cloudscoop

    • ADM001CDH 20 Configuring pseudo mode Cloudera Cluster on Virtual machine Cloudscoop

    • ADM001CDH 21 Configuring multi node Cloudera Cluster Cloudscoop

    • ADM001CDH 33 Host management in Hadoop Cloudscoop

    • ADM001CDH 34 Commissioning a Host to Cluster Cloudscoop

    • ADM001CDH 36 Service management in Hadoop Cloudscoop

    • ADM001CDH 37 Adding a service to a hosts Cloudscoop

    • ADM001CDH 53 Kerberos with Hadoop Cloudscoop


About This Class

earn Cloudera Hadoop Administration - A Cloudscoop Knowledge for all initiative.

Only 'state of the art" Hands On for Cloudera Hadoop Administration.'Cloudera Hadoop Administration' helps you understand beyond Hadoop’s ecosystem.It guides you step by step through key cluster management tasks with Hands on of installing and configuring Hadoop clusters using Cloudera Hadoop Distribution.It also gives you detail information of How to build Production standard Hadoop clusters.

With premium course, Learn BIG DATA, Cloudera Hadoop Administration (ADM001_CDH)

You can learn Hadoop basics to advanced level of Cloudera Hadoop Administration with videos, supported documents, notes, quiz and community support.

8+ Hours of Video lecture content with 13 sections.

Cloudscoop Community provides,

1. Fundamentals of Hadoop ecosystem and troubleshooting

2. Explore common issues and their solutions using in-depth knowledge of Hadoop.3. Newsletter updates.

3. Newsletter updates.

4. Youtube videos

5. Latest updates with Hadoop Administration.





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