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Learn Chinese in 7 Days - Easy Beginner Chinese (HSK 1-3 Grammar and Vocab, Mandarin Guide)

teacher avatar Chinese Teacher, Learn Chinese Quickly & Easily!

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

17 Lessons (4h 6m)
    • 1. Learn Chinese in 7 Days - Introduction

    • 2. Learn Chinese in 7 Days - Module 1 (Numbers, Time, I want) - HSK 1-3/ Easy Beginner Chinese

    • 3. Learn Chinese in 7 Days - Module 2 (Pronouns, Please & Thank You) HSK 1-3

    • 4. Learn Chinese in 7 Days - Module 3 (Who, What, Where, When, How) HSK 1 -3

    • 5. Learn Chinese in 7 Days - Module 4 (Why, Today, Tomorrow, Yesterday) HSK 1 - 3 / Easy Beginner Chine

    • 6. Learn Chinese in 7 Days - Module 5 (Now, Immediately, Why) - Useful Chinese Phrases (HSK 1-3)

    • 7. Learn Chinese in 7 Days - Module 6 (Asking Questions) HSK 1 - 3

    • 8. Learn Chinese in 7 Days - Module 7 (Useful Words and Phrases) HSK 1 - 3

    • 9. Bonus: Weather (Learn Chinese in 7 Days)

    • 10. Bonus: Likes and Dislikes (Learn Chinese in 7 Days)

    • 11. Bonus: Friends (Learn Chinese in 7 Days!)

    • 12. Bonus: Work (Learn Chinese in 7 Days!)

    • 13. Bonus: Asking for Help (Learn Chinese in 7 Days!)

    • 14. Bonus: Places (Learn Chinese in 7 Days!)

    • 15. Bonus: Food (Learn Chinese in 7 Days!)

    • 16. Bonus: Compliments (Learn Chinese in 7 Days!)

    • 17. Easy Chinese Conversations - Learn Chinese in 7 Days - Beginner Mandarin (HSK 1 - 3) (Class Project)

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About This Class


Beginner Chinese in 7 Days is a quick and practical guide to mastering Chinese. This course will give you all the short-cuts, hacks and tricks for you to start speaking Chinese as soon as possible.

Going to China on a solo trip? Need some basic Chinese for work?  

This 7-day course will give you the fastest route to learning Chinese quickly! This practical course will teach you Mandarin Chinese in a unique and efficient way, focused solely on RESULTS.

The course is divided into 7 days and 7 modules. This course is structured for maximum results and efficiency, covering important phrases you need to master Chinese conversations. 

At the end of 7 days, you will be equipped with impressive conversational skills that will usually take beginner learners months of study. 

If you want a deep understanding of Chinese characters, history and culture, this is NOT the guide for you. This guide is results-focused only!   

We hope you enjoy this quick 7-day bootcamp! It’s going to be tough but rewarding, and we welcome any feedback on how to improve this guide. Contact us at askchineseteacher@gmail.com




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Chinese Teacher

Learn Chinese Quickly & Easily!


Expert Native Chinese speaker, specializing in teaching the Chinese language. Learn Chinese Fast!

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1. Learn Chinese in 7 Days - Introduction: learn Chinese in seven days. E t shirt drawn one. So the introduction to dis cars. What do you expect? This is a seven days guy. It's a crash cause they're seven days and seven modules. There are also some boldness, more deals and the class project. So an end off every model you can't send five simple sentences to US Chinese t judge gmail dot com, and we will do free corrections for you. Who is Austrians? Teacher. So you're a TV off professional teachers who have translating backgrounds, and we all have experience teaching adults Mandarin Chinese. So why teach an online costs? We want to teach Chinese in an easy way, focused on conversation or Chinese for you to get fluent as fast as possible on memory tools and certain tips and tricks for you to get conversationally fluent in Chinese. So how sure you Mexico Isis costs so you should always keep it interesting and do check out our bonus model on learning tips and hacks on how you can increase your absorption or Chinese and any tools to increase your understanding off the language. So do remember. Take your own notes and please use the Pdf book book It's in the class project. Um, Bodil all you can also just even last, if you can find it. So at the end of every model, do create some sentences and email them to us for free corrections. Well, the finest class project. You can try to do some translations. We have provided tree conversations that you can't practice on. So this is the first class project conversation. I'm just going to read it out. But toe, get the answer. Keep do Check out our class project conversations. Model Ni Hao stating Homa ni hao. Hi. How you immediately she Bushel Gonzo Hama Suriyadi among Watson's Ayatollah Guidance Initial founder. Hello. See? See any what the Hualien seen. So how much of this did you understand? Let's look back on this conversation at the end off the seven days model. The next practice conversation. How Cellulose, Arugula, Shida house agenda Your Syria What? Tyson New advice. Atma male. While that I make sure my et Zopa how the city 80 the coma in the final class project conversation need pin charmless eons. Oshima was he? One can show Why should not an easy one. True pharma pussy one well under five pin Chantelle. Why my I mean he and oh, it's true. Fonda. What so far Harder city Any the yachting. Did you get any of this? These are more advanced conversations that you're probably understand after the seven models. But of course, be intentionally me. This slightly difficult and challenging for those eagle learners Want to learn more. So through these treat conversations, you can once again improved your skills to ah, higher level. So thank you. Say is your data is he shows he's stolen? 2. Learn Chinese in 7 Days - Module 1 (Numbers, Time, I want) - HSK 1-3/ Easy Beginner Chinese: welcome to this model, where we will cover the basics of Chinese, including numbers 1 to 10. So the first thing that you have to master in all it'll in Chinese fast is the Honey Ping system, which is the room ionized rumen ization system off the Changs language. From the left diagram, you can see that the Zadeh six vowels off the Chinese language out opinion system that you should Mosca and in 60 extremely similar to the English language with a e i o U. But there's one additional vowel, which is a U with two dots, and that's pronounced do so. This forms the basis of how you can understand Chinese quickly, because by getting Chinese true of humanization system, you can read almost any character, whereas if you had to learn to read and write and recognize the character, that would take you many years. So to fastball at your Chinese progress, you should just memorize pin in and get this right. The second part off the pinion system. It is four tones, so this is very important in the Chinese language, as because the same opinion in the same room an invasion can mean very different things, depending on the tone. So here, Doris Alfa. But a which is pronounced awe and the fourth horns roping pronounce. Ah ah ah! However, there's one big that we have to give Chinese learners here is that although the tones seem very important and getting the rights is very important, the truth is that even after many years of study, most foreigners can't quite get it done accurately. So, actually, is this tones really that important? Maybe not, because if you want to learn Chinese quickly, this just adds a lot of complexity to your memorization. And if you just get the basic what right? Basically, the Roman ization, right? And the general direction. People will understand you because understanding any language and understanding others is always from context and the sentence structure. So and in fact, this isn't even limited to foreigners because China is a huge country, and many people from different parts of China have different accents and different dialects , So torrents are off course important if you want mastery of the language. But if you want to learn Chinese fast, you can actually just breathe through it and just focus on the basic wood and the basic direction off the pronunciation. So this will be obvious to you later on in the course. So the fastest way that you can familiarize yourself with honey pain is to watch a nursery rhyme or song Children's song on YouTube and I find it's the fastest way to get yourself acquainted with hyping. So here this is actually a Children's song and you see it stays polyta Quiet Holiday Quite . You can see the humanization of the top ph. O D E E k u A. I so that pronounce power Quiet power. Quite so it means run fast, run fast. So I just recommend going on Google on YouTube to such off Children song with honey peeing and just watch the same video maybe 10 times. And this would just get you quickly acquainted with how hyping walks and just dive into the costs with this basic knowledge and you would be fine. So like I mentioned earlier, there are four tones and the so every even if this is the same sort of spelling there because of the four tones that can mean vastly different meetings. And this is where sometimes funny incidents call for instance, So s I here in the fourth tone. So So I'll say the four tones since this, so so in Afaf, taunts actually means the number four, but in the third tones, he actually means death. However, like I said before, because most people in conversation and in any language you together the meaning from context and the phrase. So even if you don't get the tones right, people will understand what you're talking about based on the context and the phrase that you're using. So it's not really necessary to just focus on getting the tones right. Because not only do you have to memorize the humanization, plus the four tones that just becomes way too much If you want to learn Chinese quickly off course, the accident key freezes and sentence patterns that will teach in this cost that you should get right. And this is up to you because you know what is useful to you may be different from other people, and from those key phrases that you think that you must master what I can suggest is using Google translate because it has a very useful microphone tone. Ah, tool where you can actually put in the world and they will read it out loud for you. So for those key freezes and sentence Patten's that you do want to master do use Google, translate to hear out loud how it's broken and here on repeat to get them right. So the first sentence pattern that we are going to master iss I one blank. So this was probably very useful for travel and in basic conversations. So how do you say I want something? It's that war. Yeah, blank wall is me. I and yeah, it's want So war. Yeah, something So you can just feel the length anything you want and war yell something. So how do you say I want four dumplings? We have previously learned the word for four, which is so war. Yeah. So good 1000 means dumplings and go is actually a counter and the most common counter using the Chinese language So almost everything can be go something. So once again, I want for dumplings. Well, so go tell it to next. We will want to numbers want to attend, So I'm gonna read it out loud here e r sans Oh, low T body. Oh, sure, again. E r. Sans low T body. Oh, sure to that's 1 to 10. So once again, if you're trying to learn Chinese very fast, you can just learn some basic characters. But it's not necessary. Toe memorize how to write each and everyone. But of course, if you want to look more, you should definitely learning. And all of the detail, expressions and words are in the pdf. What book that you should look at. But here, if you just want to learn something basic, you can look at focus on numbers. Want to tree and 10 because, as you can see from numbers 12 tree, it's very obvious. It's just one stroke to a stroke. Tree strokes. It's very easy to remember and one to a tree and 10 and then you already know four characters. So another thing that I want to bring up is the significance off walling 5 to 0 in Chinese language. So we did not cover 00 is Ling so whirling so in many Chinese call local texts or greeting cards, or sometimes it's just used. It's fun Freeze among late couples is that Werling is that she shot handful. I love you because it sounds very similar to the Chinese phrase. Full, I love you, which is war I me. So war is I knee issue. So those are very important. Pronounce that you should remember Well, I need this. I love you. The next wish. Consider this work caught the end. The end by itself means actually dot literal dots and you can see from the Chinese character There are four dots at the end, So this can be a sawed off our memory tool for you to remember the what tiene But what's the significance off the end is that you can use it to tell the time So a number plus the end we'll let you tell the time. So let's go back to the numbers 1 to 10 earlier So e. R. Since your tea. But you sure anything? The end don't numbers 1 to 10 will allow you to tell the time. So idiot down the Sun City would be loaded and Tedy body Jodi shredded. So what about 11 12? Very simply, it's just temples, one out temples to so sure idiot for 11 oclock and sure audience for tropical. So it's very simple and just with one bn you can tell the time if you are very careful. If you are very careful about listening just now, you realize that for two o'clock it was an idea. It's actually Iliana did so. This is an exception. So for anything that requires two, including when you want to order an item, it's also used, for instance, our previous sentence pattern. Which days? Why are sick? Atout, I want four dumplings. How would you say I want to dumplings while you are young? For detailed explanations and more advanced expressions. Piece referred to the pdf. What book? Thank you for listening CIA data. 3. Learn Chinese in 7 Days - Module 2 (Pronouns, Please & Thank You) HSK 1-3: Model two will focus on Pronounced please and thank you. Let's begin with I wish in the previous model we have already learned is War and You, which is Ni. We learned the sentence. I love you, which is war I me. So what about the other? Pronounce. So it's very easy because it's just one word which is tall for he or she. The Chinese character has a different way off writing it. But if we're focusing on just mastering conversation or Chinese, it's very convenience because you just need to remember War Ni ta and one more when there's more people more than one person. When you referring today or also we it were pure at the what month Month also means door. So Kaiman which is opened the door So once again war ni ta common Mormon So day is tommen and woman is we all us Knicks. We want to learn the word for end which is, huh? So how do you say me and you or I and you? You and me? So what? Honey knee her war And next the most common introduction sentence that you need to know is what is your name so and you will reply What that means is she Chama? So there's the blank. So war is I don't mean to means that means name sure is and then fill in the blank. Next, we will move on to two basic phrases which is please and thank you. So the word for please is teeing. I think also has a secondary meaning off treating someone which is where you by someone something Atiq thing can be used in daily life where you want some of the go ahead. Please go ahead. So it's just 18. It's just one. What? One sentence which is very helpful. And the other What that we should always learn is thank you which is CSU So t and C s U Let's fall some simple sentences which about eating and drinking. So eating is true and drink is huh? So sure fun Harsher is eating rice on you So rise and news interchangeable So fun by itself can mean a mule or rice. Sure fine Hirscher shays water. So how do you say let me treat you to a meal? It will be watching me. Sure fact, I treat you to a mule so What's any sure fact? Alternatively, people say sometimes say what signature don't see, don't see just means a thing, something so I'll just treat you to something. So what Sydney should don't see. So how do you say, Let me treat you guys to, UM, You'll remember when there's more people we have to add door, which is month. What's in the months? Your fun. So how do you say, Let me buy you a drink? What, Cindy? Harsh re. So let's literal out. Let me treat you to a drink. But when you want to talk about alcohol in the boss sitting or maybe in a caught with clicks, maybe you want to say that I want to treat you to a drink like alcohol. You will say what Seaney her eBay So literally traffic that Watson any heart eBay eat. Blame is one cup, so I treat you toe one cup. But this is indeed the expression for Let me buy you a drink. Watson e her e Bay. Let's go over. Each of these new vocabulary sure is eat fun is rice or meal. Don't see which means a thing and objects something hot. Drink eBay. One Cup. So how do you Let's recall our previous lesson. Very learned numbers 1 to 10. How do we say five cups? Oh, bay. What about to cut wishes? The exception. Letter B. So how in the previous lesson recovered a set of structure off? I want something. So how do you say I want one cup off water? It will be well, Yeah. E bay Sri policy means thing. An object or something separately. Chelsea don't means yeast and see means west. So it's a very interesting home that you should try to remember because those he means a faint object. But separately, it means east and west. So it's also very useful for directions as a memory tip. You can remember it as easy meets West. It closed a thing Knicks were. That we will learn is Pierre which means don't so based on the previous vocabulary what that have lent? How do you say don't eat? Be a catcher. Don't drink. Yeah. Huh. So how do you say don't go? Yeah, she don't come be a lie. Tree is go and lie is come for detailed explanations and more advanced expression. And please refer to the pdf. What book? City of data. Thank you. 4. Learn Chinese in 7 Days - Module 3 (Who, What, Where, When, How) HSK 1 -3: model tree We will cover who? What, Where? When and how. So who is Sri? What if Sharma where is gnarly? When is she a ho? And how is that Ma? So there's a few tricky pronunciations here. So we're gonna go over it again slowly. Who is Shray? What is Sharma shot? Mark, Where is gnarly? When is she a ho? And how is Thelma? To the two tricky ones? Are what? And how? Shut up! And don't Mom Chama is what we're gonna look at simple sentences. Who are you? Ni Should Shea, What are you doing? Need I Horsham? A George is due. Needs a door shut! Ma, Where are you? Needs I? Nadie needs I Nolly. Or you can see what place are you? Which is? Doesn't sound natural English but it's fine Chinese needs I Sharma tifa So it's literally where? Which place are you At what place I read needs I shot ma tifa or you could just say needs in Ali. So how do you respond to Zion? Ali, you can say I'm inside. Oh, I'm outside. This is very common. For instance, if you're calling a friend and you have arrived at the cafe and you're like, Where you inside, noddy? What's likely mean? I'm inside or you can see I'm outside. What's I? Why? I mean so Limit is inside, and Wyman is outside. Lee actually means inside and white minutes out. So Lee and why men men by itself actually means noodles. So leave me and why I'm here. But in Chinese, you realized that many Tom's are two words, but you can also just just ah, used a single word, for example. Believe me, you can also say Leelee itself actually just means in and why also meets out? But because in spoken Chinese it's much more natural to be a two sentence kind of character and otherwise since has become very short. So a lot of times, although the same meaning can be achieved with one word, they used two words. So what? I leave me, I'm inside. What I Why mitt? I'm outside and it's actually quite an interesting thing to ah use as a memory tool because it's kind of like inside noodle outside noodle. What I Libyan? What's that white man? Because men in noodle So how do you say from all previous lesson with the sentence structure. War yell blank. So I want something. So how do you say I want noodles? Well, yeah, I mean, that's right. So next sentence is Where is it? Over is that object. So we learned the tone for thing object. The previous lesson, which is? Don't see so don't see Zayn Ali. Don't see that, Nolly. And when Sham our show, it actually means literally. Translate that Shamel. It's what she always went. So is what time or when. So Schamasch hope so. For instance, if a friend asks you to meet him inside youth and you ask when Schamasch Aho, How that Mama, How to go there tomorrow Treat Nolly and how what to do in the situation or crisis where you just like What? Do What do we do now? You will say it's a fixed expression. So mom, but the mob. But so this is very commonly used in daily speech, and it's a fixed race. You can just remember it So, ma, but and what happens when you have no solution? There's nothing we can do, you say may, but for May plan for so may Here means no or nothing, or just none. And bun far means actually solution away a method. And you can see that this bun is the same character as it's a mob. Un So This all has the contestation and meaning off a solution, a way, a method, something to do, something to be done. So it's a mob, but may but far. So we talked about me, which means, No, I don't have it none. And eso in the Chinese language. There are different ways off signifying negation. So no, not don't have none. And similar to the English language, it really depends on the context. So we'll get this truck costs and you will learn how to, which is the most natural word that you should use into context X. The other most commonly used form off no or not is moot boots. So Vince, about good means how not good means both. How so? The very common phrase that I'm sure you already know is Knee Homa. So you replied it. If you're saying you're good, you just say How Homa, how you say you're not good. Ni Homa bull. How that's do a recap off. Who, what, where, when and how. Trey Shama Nolly. So the most common Lee used sentences will be Who are you? What is this? Where are you? When? How and how did what do we do? Right. So we'll go through this again. So nation Shea, who are you? What is this? So I should shut Mom. So, Joe, is this jirga naca Charlie Nolly This that here and there. So the two key weren't your job and not this and debt here and there. Jugar marca, Charlie Nolly. So the next freeze. Where are you needs at Nolly? What's I really So I am here? What's actually I am there needs I nightly. So that's a response. And where you again means need site. Nolly needs I Na Lee. There's a difference here in the now is Nolly needs I Na Lee. Where's Charley? Nolly has a slight difference in tone. And when Schamasch Aho shot Marcia, hope the thoroughly means what? When? Right Shama show. So what time? But it's a fixed expression to mean when which is Schamasch. Aho. And how some a bad we learned this in the previous light from a bun. What do we do now? May, But for this nothing. We can do so once again. Sri Chama, Nolly Shohat, Nature Shea Tertiary Shop, HMA needs Finally, Schamasch Ho Zama. But so these are the five most commonly used questions. Which involves who, What, where, when and how so for detail explanations. Please do refer to the PdF. What book? And you can email US Chinese teacher at gmail dot com for a copy. CSU Daja Thank you very much. 5. Learn Chinese in 7 Days - Module 4 (Why, Today, Tomorrow, Yesterday) HSK 1 - 3 / Easy Beginner Chine: in the previous model. Recover it. Who, what, where, when and how. And this model. We'll talk about what and why. So to recap, what is Shama? Shama? And you can actually use this as a sentence. By itself. Chinese grandma's quite casual and pretty straightforward. You can use phrases directly a sentences without worrying about its length, so that that's quite a good part of the trains language, especially if you're focusing on mastering shrinks class and getting conversational skills . You can just speak Chinese directly, and most of the time you wouldn't have any grammatical issues. So, for instance, in a casual conversation and someone's just say something shocking to you, you can se Chama What shoma It's flying and the Knicks tell him that we're gonna learn this . Why wait? Shut ma way. Shama. So it's actually dressed One more Carta from what? So what is Shama? And why is very shama way chama? And once again, this can also be used as a full sentence. All question. So wish Emma why we should go So, for instance, in the shop and they want you to pay $100 for a bowl of noodles, which is me and noodles is me and we'll end this in the previous lesson. You can say well, Chama Chama, one of the most common sentences that you will need to use in Chinese language sentences and sa Chinese language learner is what is the meaning of this Shangla. So you can point to us something as a church issue. So what is the meaning off this off course, like in English? What is the meaning off? This can be a neutral sentence, but it can also be slightly reroute. Where, like what is the meaning of this? You know, with an exclamation So Chinese as well. If you say specialize Hashemi's with the ex mission, it will be seen s somewhat conference Occasional So the key. What here is Isa Isa is meaning Chama. Chama Isa's just means what it's meaning. You can even shot in the sentence, Father, to Shama ease. For instance, Someone talks to you and you don't understand. You could say she families and Joe is the this. We have lenders in the previous model as well. So this is a job and that is not so Chugga Naka jolly Notley This and that here and there. Giaka Naka Charlie Nolly When did this happen? Shamash Shahada shooting We learned in the previous model. When is actually Schamasch ho literally translated IDs When? And it's what went like Schamasch ho. So Schattman this happened Shamash shareholder shooting. Shooting actually just means, um something that has happened. It's just ah, a thing or a meta. So Schamasch hold I should think so. When did this mental happen? So this is how you were translated to Chinese. When this happened, Chamakh shot the shooting. So when this matter happen next, we're gonna use the works young, which is one or think so literally translate that some is actually thinking or think or thought All right, but in a sentence, it's and is to sound slightly more. Um, it's it's less direct. So in Chinese language and many Asian languages, we sometimes don't want to savings very directly because it may come off its roots. So what do you want to eat? So when you wish to eat, So this is kind off, Uh, the way that the sentences are formed. So what do you want to eat? Is Nissan Shirishama? So, although literally means why do you think What do you think? You want to eat something like that? It doesn't actually mean that it means What do you want to eat? So Nisa Shirishama. But if we use the sound, it's actual meaning which is? Think you can say needs. I sang Chama. What are you thinking about? Needs. I sang chamomile. So once again a recap. What do you want to eat? Nissan Shoe. Chama While you're thinking about needs that Saleh shop So how can you say I am thinking off something? Remember we learned the word for thing and object It is Don't see. So what? How do you say I am thinking off something? Oh, I am just thinking, you know. So what's I sung? Don't see. Well, it's I don't see so neat. I sang Shama What I said I don't see So a pro tip here is that in mainland China you often hear Shama being replaced by Sharp. And maybe this will get your confused because almost no one sees Sharma. Even though that's t oficial way off saying and writing things they will say shot. This is kind of like a dialect, a monk, a local way of speaking but almost everyone does it. And it can actually make you sound more native of use it. So instead, off Nissan Shirishama, you'll be Nisa, Tricia, Nisa, Tricia! So this is quite a cute way and effective way off making you sound very good. A Chinese even just say in corporate shop instead of shuttling, the next keyword that we're gonna learn is tour door is due. And like English do is a very useful Tom that you can't incorporate a lot of sentences. So what are you doing? Needs I o Chama? Knead the dough Chama Knicks We're gonna use the tone fall Why can you remember? How do you say Why way shama way Shama So what is Shama? And why is way Shima? So why do you go there? Why do you go there? Wish you much heat Nightly regime A tree Gnarly tree is go way Shemar Treat. Nolly. So why do you go there? So I went there to handle a matter what she plan shooting what? She began shooting. If you recall some urban or how what we do how to do it is somewhat But this is the same apartness. Well, what she pants shitting so fun has this meaning off Handing something, resolving something, doing something. So this is why some urban and may pon Farr what she pants shitting by this all included in this tree sentences and shooting. Like we said, it means a matter. So what? I sanction thing I am thinking or something. What? She plan shooting? I'm when? There to handle a matter. So you can also say What are you doing? You can say meat. I told from a shooting inside Russia must should. This also works you can use should by itself is the shooting if you want to. So the next what regard Learn is sinking, sinking and we're gonna memorize this sentence. So how do you say you're feeling good today? You are. Your mood is very good today. Think in what? The sink sink, hon, How Tinky in is today think in to a day 10. 10 It means day. Sington is today. What? The scene is my mood on my feelings since he hung How Hunt is very hon is very And hunt is gonna be a very useful work for you to remember because in almost all sentences you can to add a little spice and meaning you can always at very you know I'm too hot, very hot. Very cold hunt. How walk? How so? We'll hunt Hamis. I'm good. I'm very good. So he Hama Warren, How do you remember the worked for? Not what? How do you say you're not good water since he had full How What? The syncing Hunt Bull How so? Give that's re kept the sentence. How do you say you're feeling good today? Think and want the same thing, hon, How how you say you're not feeling good today. Think in what the syncing hunt bore How off course you can just say I know how abu how But if you want a full sentence, it will be thinking And what the sinking, hon, How so? This is a memory tip here for how you write and recognize the character how how it's actually made out off new. And if you look closely, there are two components new and so this is a pretty good work for you to actually write down and memorize because you're getting basically tree. What's for the price? One. So how new leads new means, woman. Ah, girl and two so new. It means a woman, actually. And interestingly, if you stop it around zero means Children or descendants. It's got a formal way off saying Children usually USA Heights height. But if you want to refer it in a formal way, for instance, descendants you beat soon. So from this what? How alone You can learn so many new what's and vocabulary. So how bull, How New Junior needs. So 99 is man Oh boy and knew this woman or girl. So you often CDs was everywhere. And it's probably important for you to recognize, because if you want to go to the bathroom, there will be none. And you nine any So in the previous, like we talk about drinkin team can is today and 10 is day. So how do you say tomorrow, yesterday or the day after tomorrow? So we're gonna go down this list sink in mean 10. So audience hotel and sink in today mean can tomorrow. So what, Ian, yesterday ho 10 day after tomorrow. So for detailed explanations and more advanced expressions, please refer to the pdf What book you can get Copy by emailing Australians teacher at gmail dot com. CSU got Yeah, thank you for your attention 6. Learn Chinese in 7 Days - Module 5 (Now, Immediately, Why) - Useful Chinese Phrases (HSK 1-3): in this lesson. We'll learn now immediately and later. This will form the basis for a lot of your sentences and help you improve your Chinese as a speaker. Now CNN's I immediately Marcia, we wait a wall later or in the wall Die. Where? We're going to repeat that now C inside immediately. Marcia, wait a wall, Dinitia. Later. Di Hu Marcia is immediately Marcia Ma is horse and shop is up. So Shoma literally means getting on a horse. So reversing it marshal moments immediately. So she is up and Shia is down. Shang Xia Xiang's Yeah, up and down, Ma immediately eating eating is must Must I go right now Eating your sins? I true, Ma My cycle right now eating your since Harry Truman Since I is now eating is must so eating Yeah Since I true Ma must I go right now Ma is used in a lot of sentences in Chinese language If you met Ma toe most characters or adjectives you could create a question So eating your sins are true Ma Eating your sins are treatment Must I go right now? So I can t wait a moment. Okay, Donny sama Week book. Okay, but he, Salma K is can that he size weight the wall. So must I go right now? Connie, wait a moment. Eating out since I a tree MMA. Okay, Venetia, no. You need to go there immediately. Posing no pull by itself means no. Boozing is slightly more polite and formal. It just means no, you cannot. So boozing eating so must eating Elma, some tree. You need to go there immediately. So once again must I go right now eating our sins? Ikrima Connie, Wait a moment. Bukhari Croatia know posing. You need to go there immediately. Eating young Mark some tree Ma song True Mom is busy. This is a very useful What? Because every day everyone know these like just to talk about how busy Dia so wall had. Monk, I am very busy hon is very real End this in a previous lesson So Whoa Mama Wall hand Ma bouquet Sins I tree I am very busy. I cannot go right now Water in my book since I true So how do you say Okay, I will go right now. How the harder is ok Ha The how means good How the means Okay. How the Watsons idolatry. Waas seeing dijo tree. I will go right now since I is now. So how do you say not now? Okay. Watson's I born are true since I bought now. True. So how do you say I'm really busy right now? I will go over in the wall. Well, since that hunt Mom by her Joe True. What? Since I hot mom Diehard Joe Tree. So you called my worries in a wall in a wall. But was this the character Tyra to tree or is used in many sentences, especially for needy train speakers? Because it sounds more natural, but you can skip it. So if I were to a tree is also acceptable. Or you can say that hard to treat. So let's do a recap. Okay, I will go right now. How the we'll see inside your tree. I'm really busy right now. I'll go over in a wall while since that Hamas die hard to truth. To recap now is CNN's I must is eating can scurry What's cannot bokhari. So this is where it gets a bit confusing, can cannot There many Chinese equivalents and this depends on the context and sentence structure, So Okay, Okay. None. Boonen, Singh posing all mean can or cannot. But Clay has a bit off more casual. And this element off ability, Nobunaga is usually uses part of the sentence and sing. Posing can be used as an answer. So for instance, the previous like we talked about Can you go right now? This is posing or poor nine tree. So posing is a direct reply. What? Born on a tree is part off the centers itself. So posting what bullet entry next. How does how though how itself means Good. So how is not good? How the s a two word sentence means yes. Okay. How the wa since that poetry. Yes. Okay. I will go right now. Oh, no, I cannot go right now because I'm busy boosting. Or since I Boone entry Wall Hut Monk, I'm very busy wall, huh? Mom? Next, The word for special is top year top here. This can be quite useful when you compliment our this or you describe something where you want to just say something tough? Yes. Special can be used to describe a lot of things. So, for instance, did you go and US special yesterday. So what? Here, neutral Russia motto Ph. D Pharma. Once again, Ma is added to the end of a sentence in order for you to form questions. Ni hao Ma Hao Ma So what? He had Mitchell a shot. Mark copy the defunct Ma. So what year is yesterday? Tree is go shop martyr be the FIFA. What kind of special place? So you go anywhere special yesterday Defund is place de funk So once again to walk in Ni Trillo Shama Toppy the defunct Ma Matri shot martyr be the defunct nowhere special may truly shocked my copy The defund You can also just say mayor which is no don't have none. So meal treats I telling contention. I just stayed home to watch TV. True side Jolly condition means Onley or just I only stayed at home So tight Alley is home Lee lease inside. So, Charlie, I just did at home watching TV Cut this watch The issue is TV So once again So what? He had me true Russia. Maccabiah Defonseca You can just say Mayo What? Die Charlie cut there Should what? That Kelly can't Dean shoe. So how do you say I love to watch TV. Recall what I any is. I love you. So how do you say I love to watch TV? Well, I can't do it should. Well, I can't do shit. Let's go over the vocabulary. What's it's on Lee? So how do you say I only like to watch TV? Watch? I can't. Didn't should top u topia is special. Top you special. Gia is home. Dia is hope. General run run itself means people person run Sharon So together home plus person is family Jarron So how do you say I love my family? Well, I want the Jared Well, I will The Jarron How do you say I really love my family? What is really all very hunt wall? What? I wore the Jarron War, huh? I won't. That's yarn. So again, how do you say I love watching TV? Well, I can't issue Well, I can't dish. How do you say I watch TV at home? What site? Alley contention. Tight alley cat dish Can't is watch R c. How do you say What are you looking at? Con Shama needs I can show Mama. So what are you looking at? What is Shabba needs. I can't shot Ma so specifically here in TN shit in agreements, electricity or electric so sure is actually means a vision or sight. So it's a kind of like electric vision. So it's television. Yeah, sure. So for more detail explanations, please refer to the PdF. What book you can email asset asked Chinese teacher at gmail dot com. If any question this year, that's yeah, thank you. 7. Learn Chinese in 7 Days - Module 6 (Asking Questions) HSK 1 - 3: in this model room cover asking questions. So how you do this is very simple. You just at Ma at the end of assist sentence. And I think we covered this in the previous model is well, briefly. So you just at ma and the end of a sentence. Chinese grandma's pre street fall in this week. So, Ma, if you look closely at this character, it's made out off two separate parts. One is coal. And there is Ma. We have er, Leland, Marcia, Marcia is immediately and my by itself means horse. So Cole is actually mouth so coal and ma together is Ma co. And Ma is ma. That's quite interesting word to memorize because you can again the tree. What's for the price of what the most common question that you were here is. How are you, Jehovah Knee, Homa? I'm fine. Well, huh? No What? Hon? How you're say you're so so not doing so well. You can see high. How high? How Hi. How But using in question High Homa, it means Are you okay? This is when someone's injured. Someone fell down. You're like our UK High Homa High Homa me High Homa So if you recall from my previous electro he talked about today I'm feeling really good, my Morris. Excellent. I have you really good. How do you say that? Sinking And what the same thing, hon. How Cindy in or the Sensing? Hon, How sink thing is Mood man feelings. We also learned the word for special, which is top year top. Yeah, top gear. Jog a hot topic. This is very special. This is very special, Jogger, hon Top. Yeah, but edit to an educative tilapia can also give the meaning off especially so tell a pure how this is really good. This is especially good job Got ta be How jugar Toby, How should This is really delicious. This is really nice. How chur How is good? Sure it's eat. So this is really good to eat. This is really delicious, Chuck. Our top. Yeah. How so? How do you say to that feeling? Really good. I'm in excellent spirits. Stinkin. What? The sinking top? Yeah. How so? Let's move on to Are you free tomorrow? Before this? Let's recap What is today? Tomorrow, Yesterday and the day after. I think in many Indian Tortilla Holder 10. Once again sink in today. Maintained tomorrow. So what in yesterday Ho 10. The day after tomorrow. So are you free tomorrow? Media Yokohama Meaning in your coma Are you free? Tomorrow means your comma your is half. Call it space and time So it's you have time tomorrow. Do you have space tomorrow? So immediate. Your coma. So how do we replied that media neo coma you all owe me Yo is no your your co may your cock So you can just say mink in your coma. Your call Our mayo called which is you don't have time. Next have you arrived? Me Lalama Ni Da lama though is arrived Knee Lalama Saola That's how you say Yes. You have told award dollar or high? Made out high made out Jaime is Have not haven't so let's recap Toes Look Vocabulary was that we have cultural Minkin is tomorrow 10 is day. It can also mean the sky 10 Yo! You always have called it space or empty your calm your cock May or Coke. So you have time. You don't have time. Are you available? Not available now Dollars Arrive He Salamah have you arrived? Dollar war, dollar I have arrived So one of the easiest ways to create a sentence It's educative plasma and this gets a question. So let's go through some basic adjectives. Tall, tall tongue is paid So Thoma, is it painful? Are you in pain, Tomas? How do you say I am in great pain? So I'm very pain says war hunt tongue wall hunting Hon, as we have learned, is very wall hot tongue next Sure for sure for sure For is comfortable so sure. Foma, are you comfortable? So how do you say I am not comfortable? What poor Sure Full war Poor show full. How do you say I'm very comfortable? Warrant? Sure. Full war hunt. Sure Fall next. Bao Bao is full and the opposite is hungry. Oh, if you can see bowel Oh, they all have the same site character you can see from the character itself. Does the site portion this similar? So for all these words relating to eating and food, it often has this character here This site portion You can see fun also has this site, Kurt. So this is useful If you are trying to also learn how to write Chinese and recognized So if you see this kind off site character, you might think it's a hint for you. The Alito related to food or eating so again. Ball ball, Full O Oh, hungry. How do you say I am very full? Well, humble. How do you say I'm very hungry? Wallet. Oh, So how do you say this in the question? Brahma knee Boma Need a llama de Paulo llama Are your full? Are you hungry? Lois? Edit in a lot of sentences because while one what adjectives are fine on its own, I think a lot makes it more natural and a complete a sentence. So the ball ocma me Allama So Charles Chao is nicey child, isn't I? Z learn long, Long is called Rock is hot So long, Mani Loma Mitchell Ma Roma me Rama How do you say this place is very nicey? Joe got defunct Hard and Charles da got defunct, huh? And Charl? So Avery, spoken about this fun bow all have that same site character. So this is the wealthy to recognize that maybe this work has something to do with eating so fun ball. Oh, how do you say? Are you hungry? Near Alma me Allama? Yeah, sure Fun, Mom. So do you want to eat something? Do you want to eat? Rise. You won't have a meal. Sheriff On landing outside of Obama we're gonna go true. Be questions using the additives we have learned. So Thoma Shoe Foma Hot Mama Butch Hama Bullet MMA Tie Roma So the most basic is just adding Maso Toma Toma need Homa But you can also add the negative site So is it not noisy Butch Hama you mean it's not nicely so in a very crowded place and noisy please You can say put Hama or in a very cold place against a pullup money bullet, Ma And you can say too hot. Is it too hot? Using the what? Ty Ty, Ty Roma Tyra PMA So someone offers your drink You can say tire Ola Tyrrell a in a sentence . So it's information saying it's too hot. Tire Ola Tirol in a question. If you offer someone a drink, you can see tire oma tie Roma Pilot Mama. So again thes what's can be at that to make your sentence Express meaning hon and tie hon is very enticed to So Tiger Tyler tie, child. All can be used to meet too much. So too noisy to call. And too hot Thai child Tyler and tight rope. You can always at love at the end to make us more understandable. Sentence. So touch Holler Tyler. No tyro law. So how do you say I'm not comfortable? What boat show? For what book? Sure. Full. And how do you make it a question? Me? Sure. Former? Sure. Foma What will show for 100? Truthful. I'm very comfortable. So they say I'm very cool. What home loan? What London? And how do you say I'm two or four? What? Haibatullah war type. Look So you can after a mule. You can always say thank you. I'm so full so CSU will humble CSU will humble Clay. Wait, it's no. So are able our ability to do something. So your weight you know how to do something. So knee wipe away. Leymah. So do you know how to do this? You wipe away Got anyway, poet the other word that kind of means no can ability as well. It's curry. So may I? Can I, Kareema? Kareema? So if you want to ask a favor from someone or you want us to poor or something? He's a Karima. Katya gave Roma Koichi again. Mama. So how do you say, can I borrow your computer? What? Katie Hnida 10 Ma Cho et gay. We'll need a 10 mama. So it's Walker et need a t Anoma or you can say currency need a 10 llama. You can you can reduce the pronounce because it's office from the cortex. So the key What here is dear dear is borrow and how to use a return is one So Dia is borrow and one is returned. So how do you say please remember to return it to me saying Zita wonga tick, Dida one Gail Walker is yet Gnida D Anoma, Tink! Dida, Juan Gabriel. Well, Katie any the cinema curry did a Juan Gabriel. So can I borrow computer? Yes, but please remember to return it to me. So here now is Computer and Dida T t It's always remember gay boys sort of giving back to me Gay will. So how do you say I can do it? I can do it. Walk a Georgia walk. I Georgia because I can do it. Draw is due let's go over the vocabulary again because it's quite confusing. So So what we thought how is due did now its computer. So this is actually a very useful phrase that you can remember because everyone uses computers. And also it's very uniquely made up. So computer actually means literally translate that electric brain because then it's electricity or electric and now is brain. So dear now is computer dear is borrow while is returned. If you are shop, you can see that this wonderful horn It's also used in high. How do you remember Knee Hama? Hi. How I'm OK. Hi. How is to seem what s one? But depending on the sentence and the phrase it's pronounced differently. So in essence, this character has two pronunciations high. So in high how Well hi. How I'm okay. I'm also so Okay. Oh, wanting one gay Well, please return to me one. So take want gay? Well, Gaius gift, You can also say please give it to me. Gable, please give it to me. Teoh Gay will. So we have already covered. This didn't know is computer and it means electric brain did now and high can be Ah Han can be pronounced two ways. One meaning borrow. Tinh! Quang! Gay! Whoa! Oh, hi! Hi. Health! High health. The Homa! Hi! How you okay doing social can also be used in high may Not yet. So Nihal Lama Ni Hao Lama is like Are you ready? Are you OK? So are you done? So you done getting ready? Any Halama? Are you done? So even though help means good knee. Hola, Maman's. Are you ready? You can say hi. Me. Hi, I'm a hall. Well, hi May. How the Isha? The E sat memory lenders in the previous electro. Please, please wait a while. So this is most likely used in a casual conversation among friends or your girlfriend or boyfriend and the like. Are you done? Are you ready? No. Please wait. A wall! So, Howell, Amani Halama high May how, Jaime? Halting the USIA. So, for moderator explanations and the full sentences, please refer to the pdf. What book can you know? Ask trying teacher at gmail dot com. Franca. You see that? Yeah, 8. Learn Chinese in 7 Days - Module 7 (Useful Words and Phrases) HSK 1 - 3: we're gonna and off this 70 cars with useful words and phrases. It's gonna be a little bit more advanced, but it's also for you to learn Foster, and you can always come come back to this over and over again. You can even take the whole chorus to refresh your memory, and by then you might realize that these phrases and what's are much easier to remember. So let's go to the basics. And this is a very basic freeze. Knee Homa. How are you and how do you reply that? Well, hon, how well and how I'm very good. Oh, if you're like just doing so. So how do you say that? You say hi. How high? How Mahama High hall and toe At more nuance to the sentence you can say How are you recently treating higher Homa? How are you recently treating high home, huh? Treating is recently treating high help. Ma Nice to meet you. See you again. Hunt Causing Russian E sat tight. It hung, causing Russian e shot Zeit. Yet huh is very It's very nice to meet you. Run shouldn't me hut causing causing is happy What Ghazi means. I am very happy. So huh? Causing ran. Shouldn't he? Rancher, is to meet someone to introduce to get to know someone so her and causing wrench kidney shot society just tight end is by goodbye citing literally It means it's I it's actually again tiene to see you again So see you again is tight and I'll Goodbye Sad Sit tight and see you next time because shiatsu is next time. So if there was confusing, who can say that again? Huh? Causing run should me Very happy to meet you Sat tight yet See you again next time See you again next time. This is another very important sentence that you often used in travel So excuse me. Excuse me, boys. Buhari, pull Howie's So you can also use this in marrying a crowded places where boys Buhari's Or if you want to call someone like a waiter or someone you can get so much attention you can also say policies so And the most common question in troubling is where is the toilet? So excuse me, Where is the toilet boys? So So it's I na lee so sort sighted Naledi. So why not ease as we've already learned this wary. Something so needs finally very you. You can also inset any other place in this sentence structure. For instance, sending Denali scenting finally sending is restaurant. So where is the restaurant? Something Zayn Ali. Interracial Tercel. Turtle is toilet. So once again. Excuse me. Where is the toilet boys? The ter sort se na Lee tussle Se Na Lee next. I'm sorry. Please give me another chance. I would see I'm sorry to a pretty dry booty. Dry booty way actually means right or correct. Tour is wrong. So do it so great. So right and wrong. Right and wrong. Do it so. But it's a fixed expression they would see is I'm sorry. Think a war It's a d Wait. Please give me a chance. Think drag a war. It's a d way. Think Diageo. What side? Here is another chance Previously How do you say goodbye? Oh, site in Titan's actually see you again. Literary traffic because off the time means again. CNN is C So see you again. But it means goodbye in Chinese. So again here rests. I think Diageo it Zewe peace. Give me another chance. If I just say I think a war it's a d way. Just please give me a chance by vice a sink. Diageo it Zewe, please give me another chance. So each ISS one time one time seaway See what is chance all oppurtunity Seaway So I'm sorry . Please give me another chance. Doughty seemed like a war. It's a deal. Thank you for your help. Thank for your heart work. I really appreciate it. So how do you say this in Chinese? So the fridge It's fix a siesta neither Obama saying Quote seeing cooler. So this part is fix it. It's quite hard to translate exactly in English. It just means things for your heart wall and effort because Cinco means something that is very tiring hot work. So seeing equalized fixed expression thank someone for their hard work and effort So you will see these very often in walk setting Or that's eight. Even if you go on a tour and you want to think you're 12 guy at the end of today can just say singing Kula cinco So ciencia need Obama seem cooler? Thank you for your help. Thank you for all your hard work. So bombing is help bowel Among so how do you say? Please help me, Timmy. Bomb war singly bomb. Or you can also say Seaney, Bombo Barbara, watch TV bomb Bowel We repeat the World Bank here. So in many cases in Chinese as we are really cover we at love, right? Just to make it sound more complete and more natural in many sentences we also just repeat a son a word just to sound more natural So teeny Bam bam teeny Bama So Bambara also you can also just a pound bongo so it just really depends is just more casual So of course I will definitely do it down Grand will eating Jorda Don, we're eating Jordao. So Don is a great phrase to remember because it's off course So a lot of things Do you want to go somewhere that want So it's like, um will you be dead tomorrow? Knee minke into a tree MMA Durant war eating tree off course So I will definitely go So we every lunch must is eating or will so I definitely will go So it's what eating treat hung around war eating tree So how do you say I will definitely do it? What? Eating sorta war eating the auto so they can. You sure you can do it? Can you do it? Need none. So a Thoma, I mean in tow a Thoma So Nina and George at the mine at the end to be making a question. So let's recap the fix expressions. Bo, How is Bo? How is excuse me and sing cooler seeing cooler. Finally, we're gonna introduces Tom Cotton Ning So you is knee whiny. I love you, the hama How are you knee? But for occasions where you're addressing an elderly person or someone superior to you in the walk setting for your bosses Or maybe you just want to be very put light You can use the what Ning Ning. So this is very convenient because Chinese doesn't really have in honorific system all second, second, more of language like career or Japan, where it's like there's a whole new system for formal language in Chinese. Doesn't really has such a system, but we just do have this one word. So instead of addressing you, we have a better way of saying it, which is being so it's more polite. For instance, if you want to thank someone who is older than you are your boss. You can see CSE and me. CSC ending This is very polite and very formal. So you wouldn't really use this among friends. So put it together. You can say ciencia being sing cola. Thank you. You appreciate that Your heart What? You exacted a lot of effort CSU ning seen Kula So this is a very polite phrase. Okay, So recovered many vocabulary just now And in case you missed it, we're gonna go true it again. So tracing recently causing happy British No So how do we use this? Got hunt causing Rencher TNI Hunt Causing rents should me So I'm very happy to know you So how do you say see you again? Sat Zaidi a C unit Time sat next time diet and see you again. Oh, goodbye. You can also just say its i t anxiety and by by citing used by by actually people on the subway means and there's a Chinese word for it. Bye bye. Okay, Next Tercel Turquoise toilet. So how do you say Where is the toilet? So that sort saying Ali, How do you see? Where is the restaurant sentences? Nolly? 10 things aren't Nolly about where you need Don't gnarly need Sonali. So how do you say Sorry? Do it puts he do I puts he It's I It's a good it's I It's the same mastitis didn't see you again Cited by Sergei What? It's a d way. Please give me another chance. Psych A walk Give me eat one time one opportunity T What opportunities? Like a war. It's a do it Help me Team E bom bom war Teeny bomb Among How do you say thank you for your help? CSU needs the Pong monk cuz the bomb hung. How do you say thank you for your help to ah senior person on in a very polite way? CSU need Obama. CSU need the bomb. Mom, how do you say I will definitely help Dahlgren off course. Definitely. Whoa! Eating bomb Monk War current were eating way, Bowman. Definitely. I will definitely help down there. And of course, I would definitely help down Run war eating way bomb long. So tolerance. Of course, eating it's must definitely so it out. How do you say I will definitely do it? What? Eating wate? Well, you didn't draw it out There's a fixed phrases in Chinese. We stays that short out The water showed out thought out, which means sure is talk. So if you say something, you definitely. If I say something, I will definitely do it. I am a man off my men off my words I am I will uphold my promise so short out So now what you should short out without ever and I am I will uphold my promise. I am a man of my words. So what? You didn't sort Now finally, this is quite expensive vocabulary, grit. They're gonna leave you with its quite intensive and the covers a lot of useful freezes that you can use with the grandma patterns that we have learned to form other sentences. Feel free to email your senses to us at us. Tries to judge gmail dot com and we will correct them for you for free. So this vocabulary regret is also in the PD A what book? If you want to take a closer look. Okay, so let's start with conjunctions in way Soy English, soy. So this will help you create more sentences because, you know before therefore So how do you say? Because I'm hungry. I'm going to eat in weight. Wall hunt Because I am very hungry. Sweet war treat Refund. Therefore, I went to eat Sweet war treat. Sure, but anyway Walker in a suite or treat? Sure fact venture, however a But then she may. Or sure tension. There wasn't foot, there wasn't Tension war Mayo Show May your hot tie so sweet wall hot. Ah, sweet wall, Hana. He went mayo shrew. So it Warner because there was no foot. I'm very hungry. How do you say I'm too hungry? Tie Allah tie other in Guy should in guy So war in guy True drug comma. Should I eat this Warren guy? Trita Goma. Should I eat this? So eating. How do you say I will definitely go? What? Eating truth will eating true? We can't waste No. So, Koyama, is it okay? Can you do it anyway? But what do you know how to do this? Nick Webo, It's someone you know Chinese. Do you understand Chinese anywhere? It's on Wilma. Well, so it's on one. Well, what it sounds on one junkie. Say Well, wait out Someone. How do you say I know a little bit of Chinese water without eating. And the strong one trader is no eating et and it's actually the same as one oclock if you recall from model one time eating watered our ET drawn ones or idiot is a little bit a little bit So watch it all. Eat it John went okay. Next we go learn about places. So this are the most common pleas. So plays by itself its defunct thief Fung de Phung Thi as she means the earth or the ground . So t finally sexually a square mean square So t found place. So should shut my default. Where is this place? So it's Oh shit! What? The goals of up and coming? Sure this is my work office. This is my workplace. My office so called So it's work Bango, Misha is office. So this is my work place. This is my office. So should water going to open kosher If you just a panko ship people know it's an office or tertiary war. The bank juncture So me think entry Na Lee, I went toe work. Where do you go today? The easiest entry, Nolly. I went toe watching Gonzales war treat Gorgonzola How do you say I love my job? Or I want the going so well I would go so so also can mean work and can also mean your job . So you say Where is this place Social Shama? Default Hirsch. It's hunting time Ting. So time thing is restaurant. How do you say? Where is the restaurant? Citing citing Ali so social. Somebody found her. She even Where is this place? This is the hospital, So sure Eager. And where is the hospital? Even sign Ali. So where is the airport? Fuji talked that nightly fears each other. So Na li fe t itself means her plea. So Charlie's and she means a place or location. So it's literally a plane Aeroplane Location is the airport Fate seats, huh? Let's go on to some commonly used for lie Tree me Go all I please come over Nico Lie tree Mitri Nolly, Where you going? Need treat Nolly driven Hurt you So we've talked a lot about eating so in Chief on Lama, Have you eaten? Hurt? You watch teeny heard you re lenders in all your chapters or what any hurt your is. I will treat you. I will buy you a drink or teeny hurt you para Joe para job. So this is very useful travel. Can you help me take a picture? Prebon war Pajama Bomber Mama Baumel is help call you Bond. Can't Can't Scree Corey Bohan Pajama curry Bomb Walked by John Ma So can you help me take a picture? Been dunk in donuts exercise. I love to exercise or I don't the issue. So please explain this to meet team should get a war job. Got teensy extricate. What? Please explain this to me Should How do you say? Don't explain Like, don't just don't bother explaining this issue reusing the when you're a bit angry Reality A shriller Poyang Tia Sheila War Yang T shirt You don't need to explain Don't bother billions . Yes, let's move on to adjectives. So the basic ones happy and said Kai sing Nangle We also learned housing causing run shinnik icing and causing around the same. It's just a synonym Soak icing Blanco Want Indian hunk icing? What? Indian 100 Watt today I'm very happy today A very sad quite month. Quite much. It's past and slow, fast and slow church in whole life before and after truth and hope Drew hope, Trajan. Whole life. So you can use whole I in many things cause you would tell a story on me trying to explain something you can see after. So it's kind of like conjunctions. It's like whole I then something, something, something whole I something something something. So another important adjective is important and not important. So Tonio boots only. Oh, how do you make this into a sentence? So we've already established just at Ma educative and ma, you get a question. So Tomiyama Oyama is this important? Is this important boots only L It's not important pool. It's only out. You say it's very important. Hunt's on your HUD, so yeah, And next Reasonable. Holy Holy Holy MMA Need red. Aha! Lima, Do you think this is reasonable? Need read a whole Lima, Peru. Holly. Poor Holly Hunt. Holly. Very reasonable. So we're gonna go true. Some easy opposites. So way. So doing so right than wrong, Right? Wrong. So, prima. Do you mind if you want to ask someone? Whether this is correct, whether you go in the right direction, whether this is the right way to say something, you can just say Rima Rima, Floor show more or less to wash off if you want to. Also, something can just ask Goitia Toity It is a little bit more A little bit more shower Idiot Chardy Less peace less Jonathan Not easy and difficult. Joe hunted that This is a very easy job hunting that tie not law tie. Not love too difficult time I look tie is to way Pne, This is very expensive Job Hot quay gel Hot Guay This is too cheap. This is so cheap. Hypia Neela type here Leela Lau Dancing is old and young. War hunting, dancing I am very young. How do you say I am still young? We'll highlight meeting high is the Simmons. Hi. How room brother do a pronunciation. Hi. How hi honey. Inciting stew very on All want which is returned. Qingquan Gail. It's a novel Move onto some persons. So the most common person that you should know how to say is Ponyo. Ponyo, Ponyo, Tasha need upon Yoma. Is he a friend? Pasha need a Palyama? Is he your friend? Should she want the pan ocean water? Help on your He's my good friend. Was the hope on your good friend Kyron Yah! Eyes home. So Niecy inside ideology Ma, are you at home right now? The since its idea Ma should not walk that Yeah ho! What a Jared! So yes, I am at home with my family. Sharon lost Shearson Law. Sure sure should loss his teacher. Sure, Sharon is student hard wiring, Horrid. How What good! And that Why can also mean that. And also means spoiled with again all while on my computer is spoilt wanker Wah Group. So we all foreigners Willman Social y corn woman should wag run war should. Why Goran watch without eating John one. So I am a foreigner. I know a little bit off Chinese. What should like Warren? What he did wrong. One Kohlu quality. Many people call wah gridlock. Why love? What? So for more detail, explanations and the exact phrasing, you can please refer to our pdf. What book and email? Asset eyes Chinese teacher at gmail dot com For any question. Do you see that? Yeah, 9. Bonus: Weather (Learn Chinese in 7 Days): today's model will cover whether we will learn some simple sentences and the vocabulary. The key work for peace lesson is whether he anti can t so we'll begin with one simple sentence thinking, But can t john huh thinking. But PNC done How the weather is really good today That's Repeat that thinking the can t run home I think in the can t run home The weather is really put today So whether is can t here it means sky t is air or guests and together gente is whether this is a very interesting Tom and you can't remember at this week as we kept the sentence I think in today I can t the weather then, huh? Really good. So I think you can see how the weather is really good today. Let's cover the vocabulary again stinkin today Think in today can t weather can t weather gen very aren't really Jen and Han, which we have learned in the previous picture is around the same. They both mean very arguably, John is more often used in the exclamatory way. Breath hunt is a little bit more neutral, so general means very good, really good How is good. That's well onto the neat, simple thing, Vince Tekin. But I can see how Tekin Canty Wow! The weather is not. But these days, these few days don't you can east few days teach in the can t the weather. Oh, how it's not good. So these few days the weather is not good. This is how it's literally translated these few days. The weather is not good. The weather is not put this few days. Can the TNT I teach and I can see That's karberg of vocabulary. John Teach In these few days, John Teach in these few days can see weather he and she weather cool, huh? Not good. So you see here there is a pool, which is the negation. So Full Hall is not good. How is good for you at full to an educative and it becomes a negation. Cool. How can the TNT The weather these days are not good? The Knicks Simple sentence. How sound? Yeah, you love. How is young? Yeah, Sarah Villa Looks like it's going to rain. So the key What here is sorry. We just rain heart readings house. Yeah, Yeah, Sorry. Look, House young is Looks like appears to be Yeah, yeah, how is want. But in this context, it means it's going to rate going to Yeah. Sorry, love. No, It's also do a lot of sentences to make it sound more natural. And it has the meaning off a little bit off a past tense. So yeah, they are. You know, it's going to rain. The action is going to be done. How so? Yeah. Cirillo, let's go over the vocabulary from House Young. You see, arugula house young looks like Seems like house young. So this is very useful because you can use it in many other sentences. It seems like it looked like there is Compean action. Something's gonna happen. House young, something action love. So you add it in house young. Yeah. Sorry, Love how Sam Blank love. It looks like it's going to rain. So, like I said before, yell actually means want recall from all previous lessons Yell is want. But in this context Yeah, sorry HLA is going to read. Yeah, yeah. So the next samples and we are gonna learn about hot and cold, rough and long. So the first Templeton ends, I think in hard rock today is very hot. We have learnt thinking before so they should look familiar to you Thinking and hard rock. What fine you had. I am sweating, thinking how well it's so hot today. What I know how I am sweating and the next sample, Tintin's Sinjin Holla did a court trying evil thinking how long it's so cold today, either Borderline evil. Remember to wear more clothes. So here key vocabulary is hot and coal rough and love thinking home, bro. It's so hot today, thinking Hold on, it's so cold today. So these are freezes you can use to describe the weather, whether it's hot or cold. Seen here in home row Sington Hollow. So we will move on to the full sentence. Stinkin hot row. What site? Leo, Hon, it's so hot today I am sweating. Your heart is sweating. New is actually to flow. It's too, uh, this action off water flowing or blood flowing, all here stripped. So Hunt is Johan is threating its threat myself and Louis flow so sweating and the next sentence thinking in Holland either don't want evil today. It's so cold, Dida, remember to all, law is more trying is where watch one wear more clothes. Evil, evil Cindy and Holland. It's so cold today, either told trying evil, Remember to wear more clothes. These are the two key sentences in today's lesson, highlighting hot and cool rough and no, let's go over the key vocabulary from the two simple sentences we have lent. How well, so hot, hollow, so cold. You can see here that there is how which means good at it too well and long. In this contact, it means so hot, so cold or very hot. Very cool. It's indistinguishable if you say is huh, huh Huh? Well, hello. It's about the same. But in this context, most of the times people will say sink in heart. It's all very similar, and it can be interchangeable with hung and luck as well. So thinking, Hunt, Row, Cindy and agenda, it all can be interchangeable. But it's good to know this, because when people say is to you, you can understand, and you won't be puzzled as to why they're suddenly how, here, whole rough holiday and the next vocabulary Johan, which we have learned is to sweat and is actually in the process off sweating in the action because there is Leo and Hunt, which is Loovens floor. So sweating, Hon Myself is the now, which means sweat and the Knicks vocabulary. Dida, Remember to Dida, Remember to this another very useful phrase that you should come into memory because you can use this in many freezes and you can form your own sentences. Dida Blank, Dida blank. Remember to remember to can say, Remember to eat. How would you say that either chiffon, either. Trifun remember the drinking water either harshly, either harshly. So these is a useful phrase that you can remember to form sentences. Thida and finally door trying evil, which means wear more clothes. Do all is more. Tron is where. Torch one. Where more close. If you were trying evil, where more close together? Dida tour trying to evil Remember to wear more clothes. So this brings us to the interval lesson. If you reach to recap, please just go back and look at the sentences again. And please remember that we have actually another class caught essential Chinese for beginners. If you want more lessons and you can email us anytime if you have any questions to check out our next class. Essential Chinese for beginners. You see that? Yeah. Thank you very much for attention. And please go on to the other models. Thank you. 10. Bonus: Likes and Dislikes (Learn Chinese in 7 Days): In today's model, we will cover likes and dislikes. We will cover several simple sentences that you can use incorporate into a Chinese learning journey. So the key work for thes lesson is like and dislike, which is C one ballsy one. So the key term here is C one, which is like and boom. It means not its indication. So both the one is this like so the first simple sentence Waas he won in home and she was he won. Let's repeat that slowly, WASI One in I like spots or exercise Been dome is spot. So exercise was he went in. I like sports, Ben She however well Bussi one Kabul. However, I don't like running. Palpal is running So here see, one is like you see one Is this like invention is however So this is the sentence structure that we will adopt for the other simple sentences. Let's repeat the sentence Waas you want in Rome? I like sports. Ensure or boost the 10 but I don't like running Was he went in. Don't ensure What does he want? Popil. Let's go over the keyboard. Cavalleri see one like in don't What are exercise didn't Don't bench however all but then should was he one this life with you on Powerball? How cool. Running the Knicks. Simple sentence once you want help on you. I like making friends. Del Ponyo is to make friends. Danielle is friends then should however what Bussi one heart you. I don't like the drink. Heard you, huh? Is drink deal? It's alcohol So her Joe is strictly let you get that Waas You want help in you like making friends unsure What was he? One hurt you However, I don't like to drink Let's go over the key vocabulary No pun You make friends Del upon you make friends Hood, you drink alcohol Hut You drink You know it's alcohol If you say Hirscher, it means drink water Hirscher drink water The next simple sentence What's you want? Control? I like to read and should what you see when I think I'm sure Hover I don't like romance novels Let's repeat that Waas you want pentru Essentially What was He went 18 Sure I like to read but I delight romance novels Was he one untrue on its look Can true is to read book is sure potential to read Meeting 18 South Shore, I think, is love romance. South Shore is a novel so interestingly, Social Cell is small. Sure speak or talk. So a small talk, a small speak is social. A novel. This is a cute weight off remembering the tongue for novel. So sure and fighting so sure is romance. Novel. So how would you say the result of us? I like romance novels. I like to eat moments novels. Was he one can, I think? Sure, What's he want? Can I seem so sure? Let's recap the vocabulary contro Cantrow kind is to look. Show is a book. So when you look at a book you are reading, I like to read Watch you want control? There's another word that you can use, which is to shew, which literally means meat book as well. Goal is to read and show his book. So read book s to show So you can also say waas He want to show. But because to show has another meaning, which is to study. So depending on the context, people may think that you love studying Watts. You want to show usually people would they take it as you like to read? But you can also mean that you love studying. For instance, what I do show I am studying. What's I do show? I am studying. But you have to decipher whether you mean you are meeting or you are studying depending on the contacts, so you can use control or to show. But if you want to be very clear that you are just reading, you can say control. Next, I think, is love or romance writing so sure. So sure, which is small. Speak. Yeah, sure. Together. It means novel or it can also mean fiction. So South. Sure. So can you recall the simple sentence Waas He won control Basher opposed the one writing so sure. So I like to read. But I don't like romance novels. Nick. Simple Sentence WASI While you I like to travel. So this is a very useful phrase. What's he want? Your And here you see real Oh, it's a bit difficult to pronounce because he has that bull. Which of the U with two dots which you pronounce? Yes, your So you know what's he want? Your basher What you want? But I don't like museums. Whoa! What is museum? Let's repeat the sentence. What's you want to your I should walk with you. Want bowl? What? I like to travel but I don't like museums. In the next sentence Waas he won hype in any way Waas even shy I am. I like the beach because I like to sunbathe. So here, instead off shoe by using cause in way. Anyway, we have covered this in the previous Listen, so do we. Tap if you are for bath in it. Okay, so once again what's you want, Haibin? I like the beach because I like the Sunday anyway. WASI One shy, pious. So we let's examine this sentence. Father Haibin is the beach so high actually means the sea or the ocean high and in is means , uh, periphery. Tha border So being the itch Haidian. So delivery means the edge of the ocean and which means the beach high being the edge off the beach. Hyperion, High Sea or Ocean and PN means the hr the border. So hype in and the Knicks vocabulary is shy. Taya shy is to bask and tie. Young is the sun. So you Boston the sun side I young means to son be I like to sun beef WASI One shite ia Let's we kept the key vocabulary from the two simple sentences which is your whole travel yeol Whoa! Glad Whoa Guan Museum won't go on here. You see, Kwan one always refers to some kind off center or a place that IHS institution. So Guan, you can see that this end off some key vocabulary and you can guess it means some kind off place where it's ah, like, uh, it's an institution or its some kind off stand alone shops There is a one, for instance, the most common would be 10 Kat Tun is a mule and got so together What would you think? That a time which is a milk one is some kind of shop or institution together you with way referred toe Ah, mule shop our mule institution It would be a restaurant textron Well, what this museum? Well, because actually it means toe exhibition means object off to be exhibited can mean a noun or adjective, depending so walk want is a museum because it's a place where you exhibit exhibits Are you exhibit objects of always. Exhibits are exhibition objects okay. And the Knicks on is hype in. As we've covered high is CEO. The ocean beyond is the edge. So the edge of the ocean is the beach. Hyperion was He won hype in. I like the beach. Okay. Shy shy is to bask and tie Young is the sun, so shite How young is too, son, Be once you want, right? I yeah, I really like to sunbathe. Oh, I don't like to sunbathe. Well, pussy, one shy tire will push the one shied high. So you oppose you on Hyperion. Therefore, I don't like the could be the reverse. A swell. Okay, let's just quickly go over this again. Your travel. Whoa! Guan Museum. Hyperion Beach Shy. I asked Ah, young son. So the sentence again that we kept Waas He wants your attention, Will. Pussy When I woke What I like to travel, but I don't like museums. Waas He won hype in any way WASI One shite high young. I like the beach because I like to sunbathe. We have reached the end of this lesson. Please do not that we have another class cut in central Chinese for beginners that you should check out to improve your Chinese. And you can always email us if you have any questions. We are happy to help. Yes, Yes, Daja, Thank you for your attention. And please go on to the next lesson to learn more Chinese. Thank you. 11. Bonus: Friends (Learn Chinese in 7 Days!): Welcome to today's model. We will cover friends making friends and simple introductory sentences that you can use to build your Chinese vocabulary. That's begin. So the most important work here that you should learn today is friend Hung, your Ponyo. We will begin with a simple conversation, you know. Hi washing. Solving the fungal. I am Cell Ming's friends wash It is I am filming this a person's name. No polio friend. So knee hall high washes summing the menu. I am Cell Ming's friend. In this case, most people room by Yeehaw on those immigration. Hi, Nice to meet you. We have covered housing rationing in usual freighters in model seven. So do we kept that model? If you're for about in this, we will now repeat this conversation. You know for sure something the Ponyo, you know, and housing ricin e on all seeing region you can also uses at the end of meeting someone And you can say I'm also mentioning side. So very nice to meet you, eye. Let's we kept a vocabulary. Me how high polio friend, I'm causing wrench ready. Very nice to meet you. So let's break this down for though causing golf thing is happy Richard is to know you War , Trenchard me means I know you war Trenchard Me I know you. How about do you know him? Me? Russia Thoma is um a If you want to ask a question so do you know him need rent? Should it Thoma If you do, it can see should, uh war Ren should Yes, I know him should a war French huh? The next key What we should learn is due So So we will introduce two simple sentences that people usually start off in conversations when they meet a new friend Any Ping Tong want Oshima What do you like to do normally? So the key word here is him tongue normally or usually being tongue being hung. So once again me being can see want or chamomile What do you like to do normally? And the next simple sentence me JC want Oshima What do you like to do? The most? Three Jay is the key. What here? Which means the most. So in the first sentence we learned the word for normally Ping Chong Ping charm And the next sentence we learned the work for most. Okay, Jay So why do you like to do the most meat dress you want? O Chama? How would you say? What do you like to eat the most? The word for it is sure, Sure. So you insert this into this sentence structure me. JC want Chama. What do you like to you? So once again, me playing Charles He want Oshima What you like to do normally and what you like to eat the most need you if you are intrusion. The two key words here are King Chung Entry from the two simple sentences These are the key vocabulary Ping Chong normally are usually Ping Chong See one like he won. So do so. Chama! Chama! What? We covered this in the other model. On who? What? Where? When? How and why? So do go back to the module if you've forgotten Sharma What shot Mom Jay is most day is most sure Eat she eat me JC one What do you like to eat? The most as before we learned usually is Ping Chong Team Charles and most iss J j. So these are the two simple sentences that we have public. We will now move on to the response. So being teen Charlety Foreign Yashima, what do you like to do normally need daisy One Rochemont. But you like to do the most. So this I guess some examples and we'll go through them. Chloe, what's you want been? Oh, I like toe exercise Waas you want? Oh, I like to run Was he once said, I like to take the wall Waas He won tour Rita I like to do yoga. What you want? Untrue? I like to read books. Waas He want condition? I like to watch TV Was he want controls? I I like to watch spots. What's he want? Want you? I'd like to go shopping These are just some examples and you can use these to expand your vocabulary. Let's go on to the individual votes that we have learned I don't exercise or sports depending on the context Bring dawn can mean exercise or sports Palpal run part Bull San pool Take a walk, son Bull So you can see here Paul Pool son, Pull the all shadow These character boom boot means a step So power is run Paul Boat together also means friend, son, Pool son actually means spars or spaced out or and he has the meeting off less beat. So son pool, a spaced out step is taking a walk west Pabu A rhyme step is running or jogging. Next tour. Rita Do Yoga media. So Vita is just Chinese. Ah, phrase for yoga. It's from the remind canonization off yoga. So Mita Mita. Yeah, just like how coffee is Cafe. So these are just similar tones, but in Chinese and the next freeze can show read books control. You can also use Do Show, which is to read books as well. But when people talk about reading, they like to use country, which is look at book, so kind is to look to see sure is a book can true is to look at a book in other what mean and next contention, which is the watch TV contention. So issue in is electricity and sure is vision. So an electric vision is television again. Should issue Can't use. I can't us. I watch a sport scheme or Mitch. So Sai Sai is a match. Oh, a sports competition. So Joe is ball. So shows that ball competition off ball match. In other words, a spots game off. What's match can't use I hunt you sigh and finally want Here Quanta is shopping. Guan is actually toe Rome toe browse And here is a street. So when you browse the street or you roam the streets wants here together means shopping So love Chinese words have individual meanings for each character and put together you can set off in for the meeting for example Palpal, Sambou, Candian She can't your sides, your side and quanta. Each character has its own meaning and put together you can get a final meeting here. We're going to introduce tree important Chinese phrases that you should know that is very intertwined without daily life Shoddy headphone show t you know computer, you know, computer one law Internet, one law Internet. So here you can see show T show is actually your hand. T is a device shorty Handphone. So hen devices A handful here now again is electricity Now is bring you now is computer Electric brain is a computer. One law Wang is actually a net law is connection Connective ity. One law is the Internet. So these tree was all have a lot of subtle meanings in his car. And from there you can learn new vocabulary because now you know, was the work for hand. Election City Bring and net. So hen is show in its electricity. Wong is net. So these are very interesting things that you can learn dress from thes Triki Friesen's So move on with simple phrases that you should probably learn. One. Shorty Playoff Your phone Wine Shorty one is play one Shorty one. Do you know your see playing computer games? One is play here now Computer Yosi is Game one you see shot while Sean Wong surfing the Internet. Sean Wong and Wong Law. One law is the Internet Shamwow Sean one suffering that Internet. So when people ask you, what do you like to do? Is you want to Oshima. You can say what you want. Shahwan. I like to self the Internet. So the Knicks simple sentence is Are you free your coma? We will delve into this in more detail with this conversation. You don't want your mama. Don't more no more is weekend. I don no more Your mama Are you free this weekend? Woman, is he Tree pan getting Hama. Let's go and watch a movie together. How about ego? Want the movie? So woman us et together Tree bowl So us together Goal! Can't get any Watch a movie, Homa, is it? Okay? Home off So violently. Translate that we together. Go. What? Your movie is it? Okay, Woman, we et together Tree go Can't getting what a movie Homa, is it OK, so shall we go watch a movie together? In response you can say how. Okay. So should without wasting so in China and among Chinese friends, people usually just exchange we can contact. You would just say so. Sure what the wasting? This is my recap. So in other words, unpack them from there. And this is the country information. So you can also say law puncture which is contact information. This is a more formal way of saying it and can use it Informal context or business. I think you can say so should water the law function or when you want to ask someone for their contact information, you can ask not me though the law function What is your contact information? Needle the law function. So can you give it to me from P and G? Hawatmeh is it convenient to give it to me from being gay Hawatmeh. But mainly just go pick out the fact that people are talking about contact information and exchange. So you just need to remember wasting is reach hat and the law is to contact so some these are the key was that you can hear and you can recognize what they're trying to convey. So let's go back to the first intense dump. More your coma. Are you free this weekend? Kiwa, Here's your coma. So just can spice by itself. Get straight to the point and only treat campus your coma. Are you free woman? Easy tree can turn getting Homa. So shall we go watch a movie together? Woman It's he she can't inning Homa and you apply how? But yes, So sure the wasting So this is my retract. You'll more weekend your more weekend. So actually Joe means a week and more is end so don't more is literally translated to weekend your coma Are you free? Your coma? Neo coma Are you free? Woman? Well us, It's cheap Together she is Go can't getting watch your movie can't getting what your movie Homa okay, is that. All right, Josh, this is water. My wasting rechecked the law Far should contact information. So the law is contact. Function actually means way or method, but put together a yellow function means contact information. But by itself, function actually means way or method. It doesn't really mean information. So you can see, um witnesses. If you want to say what is the best way? Hey, how the function? Shama, We have lent tree, which is the most So Trey, How the function, Shirishama, What is the best way we will now do a quick recap off all the simple sentences I think with Hong, your friend Ni Hao Or should something The polio. Hi, I'm sell Ming's friend Ni Hao composing Russian E. Hi. Nice to meet you know, Hunt, Bossy rationing. Next do wishes job And the Knicks. Simple conversation. Limping, Charles. He won torture Mama. What you like to do normally meeting Charles. You want sociable knees? You want me to do what you like to eat the most? I mean, what do you like to eat the most? And how do you say What do you like to do? The most need. Tracy one Russia me JC one So the key What's there? Is pain Chang'e usually and most j in the response you can say was he won in Oh, I like toe exercise. Was he one? Oh, I like to run Waas He wants some bull I'd like to go for walks. Was he want to? Rita, I like to do yoga. Was he one contro? I like to read books Waas You want potential? I like to watch TV Was he while country Cy? I like to watch spots Was he one quanta? I like to go shopping. So do you recall what this quantity A actually bean with each character Wow is through browse Here is a street so browsing the street is shopping Are you free? Your coma and the simple conversation goes This follows Draw more comma Are you free this weekend? Woman Easy tree Can't getting Mama Let's go watch a movie together Shall we go watch a movie together? Woman Isn't she can getting Hama and containing tending and being placed with any number of activities For instance woman itchy treat Pantos I hama where we go watch a spots came woman is he She can't close I hope, Huh? How so? Sure. What they're wasting. Okay, this is my We check how The show. What? The law function. Okay, this is my contact information. We have come to the end off this lesson. Do check out our next class essential Chinese for big Guinness, where we cover even more essential Chinese phrases and vocabulary to help you improve as soon as possible. Email us anytime. If you any questions. We are always happy to help is your data. Thank you, everyone for your attention and we'll see you in the next class. Bye. 12. Bonus: Work (Learn Chinese in 7 Days!): in today's model will cover book, so these will be simple sentences revolving around. Walk in your career and these are your school phrases that you can use to build your Chinese vocabulary. Let's begin work going to gold or so one of the most common things will be fastest. What do you do? And so you comply. War should feel in the bank, so these are just some examples. But of course, there are many more career choices. And if you're unsure it, use Google. Translate to look at what exactly your career title means and Chinese, and just inside it in this sentence structure. Wash it something. So let's just go buy some of these examples. Asian Doctor Lucia Lawyer Genscher, engineer slash teacher show near a businessman. So you see here there's a commonality, a lot of the perms, your end with she Alicia Contention. So it stems from lost. Because teachers in Chinese culture often hold the elevator position, they are quite respect that so sure here means a mentor, a teacher. Lough actually means old. So there's I respect in training culture for teachers as well as those older than US lash teacher and can you guess what he needs? How do you say an old person a person is run. So all person law Red, Long run. Yes, it's right. That's an old person. And this brings us to the last Freedia shown here in so shiny run. As you know, run. It's a man or person. Shiny is business. So a businessman is Shan e friends. So from these, you can already learn extra vocabulary from each freeze. And this is ah, usual memorization tool as well, Because by remembering one thing, for instance should near in, you know, no Shani business and run. It's a man and from law shirt, you know, law means old. So Lauren is old present similarly confidential Trial is engineer to engineer something. So gold chain. She is an engineer. And Lucia Lucia, this Luke comes from Farley. Follow is law Far blue until you shoot is the lawyer and Asian e is to cure to medicate. Uh, so Asian is a doctor. So these are interesting and useful ways to remember mortems by just remembering one phrase , you can let more vocabulary. Okay, let's go over the key vocabulary from the simple sentence recovered. A Leo Asian Doctor Lucia Lawyer Kuma Chan Hsiu Engineer Lauch Teacher Shinjiro Businessman So even if you are not a doctor, it's useful to remember the world for doctor because you may need one So Asian Asian. How do you say you need a doctor? Well, yeah, Asian war. She are Asian. This is another phrase. There's probably useful to remember and also law. Sure Liao Sha teacher and shiny run businessmen Shan e So this is probably another important race. Remember Shan e Shani run? We have learned the town for work gold Or so Let's learn the next most important term which is company Oh, goals. We'll cover symbol by la que So let's begin What I evil solution. I am working at Company A a Bonsu Benny A Once I eagles Shunk. I'm working at a company. A Nina. How about you need No. So this is a great sentence station. Memorize because it's only two therapists and you convey the meaning off. How about you? And this could be used in many contexts, Nina. Me? No. So no just has the meaning off a question. So how about you need no very effective sentence, So I reply I have been working for a company be for two years. War eating. Eating is already Why you think I'd be bosses? I'm ready at Benny B. Old Lola Union working for two years. $0. So as you can see in Chinese for numbers especially the number two when you're using in spoken counting or you're asking for something or describing something like two years two o'clock or you are ordering two or something used the word Leon instead off Oh, which is the normal work used for two. So e us n 12 tree. But when you want to all something would describe something in a to, for example, two years you say young union, since I should CD it What time is it? Since I should? Young kid, it is two o'clock now. Two o'clock is young Did Okay, so we will go back to recap this conversation What? I egos the shank. I am working at company A Nina, How about you? Why? I think that big. Why? I think that big also Dola let me in. I have been working for a company be for two years. Let's recap the vocabulary Gongfu company Xiang bun walked it. Shung bun Look there You can also use Xiang Plan to meet going toe walk are working What? Shixiang plan? I am working Nina. How about you? Me? No How about you eating already? Gondola working half walked because there is a lot There is a sense off past So Gorgonzola is half What? Have what Longyan? Two years eating gondola Young yeon, I have walked for two years We have learned the tongue for Gondor Work going to company now Another very common toe that everyone should know is very busy nowadays Everyone is always very busy. So how do you say that? Warhead Monk? I am very busy. Hot Mama Very busy. Let's go like this And both Sinden's What? I don't talk. I am working wall on Mom I am very busy yet are all well going to start me? Let's do that again. What? I don't all I am working wallet Mom, I'm very busy. Yes. Ah Rubble Yes Are all going this for me? Yeah. Is don't so you can use this in many other sentence. You can use it for for instance? Don't go P it'll bso So just at Pierre and then at the educative work that you want and set . Yeah, Tara Wall. So beer. Tara Wall. Don't disturb me one more time. What's that portal? What? Mom, I am working. I am very busy. Yes, I rubble. Don't disturb me. Yeah, are all well, You get the vocabulary. Her mom very busy, hon. Mom. Very busy. We'll head Monk. Juanma, I am very busy. Yeah, don't well disturb or border How? Uh huh. Yeah. Horrible. Don't disturb me. Don't bother me. Let's recap. We have learned own door Look. Company her mom very busy. And the false terms that I want to now bring to your attention is bus and employees. So this is useful because sometimes you hear the conversations and you want to know who's who now. But you go now by your ankle now, but is boss So Tasha Laba, He's the bus Paschall. Alba, He's the bus. Oh, I am the boss. Wash it all but wash it all back. You can go, Yankel Employees. So again we'll bush you a simple I love to have you understand these terms. So now back to the Bossi's. Oh, God, Help! My mom is the report Radi. Oh, well, whole Emma Oh is report how lama is ready. Is it ready? So to employ replies Yes. I was saying to you now. So young people employees he sees how low? Yes, it's really hot, Love You can see the question was How love is it? Ready? How? Look not. And we have learned a previous models that to create a question you just at the end of the sentence. How love So the response would be Yes, it's ready. How low? How? No. So you can see how it is good But depending on how you use it, it can take on different meanings. So how llama is it? Ready? How? Look Yes since I forgave me Did that Fargate Ning? Yes, I will send it to you now since I is now far is to send So now said to you since I fucking mean since I fucking me, you can see here this needing It's like different Why can't you say fucking? He isn't You need so since I fuckin me? Yes, that works too. But name me me and I end instead of just and I being is actually a more honorific weight off referring to you especially used in a professional context. Or when you are speaking to someone older than you and who is somewhat off authority figure you usually used what? Me? Because this is very honorific and respectful. So once again, that's we pet conversation. No, I so, boss. Oh, how hot mama is the But is the report ready? And employment lies you Allah. Since I fact any so I get me since I fucking name. Okay, let's recap LA by bus. You can go and play well. Go report. Since I now fucking ing sent to you, send to you in the respectful way you use being being FARC a knee. We will now go into a quick summary off the sample sentences that we have learned because it's a little difficult. So we think it's good to repeat them. And you can always wash this lesson over again so that you can remember this quickie. So the first important what that you should know is old or work. Oh, your work. And the first simple said Bisbee, love is help. Say, what do you do? So when you apply, you say wash it and Blake inset whatever courage choice that you're in right now. So we've provided a few expose wash ish in there. Knew she or you, Engineer Lasher. Teacher. Shiny red. This is men. These are just examples. And you can remember them Or feel in your own blank goals. Is is company gold Sue Company. What? That evil solution. Nina, I am working a company. A How about you? Why? I think I left. I have been working for a company. Be for two years. One more time. What? I even position, Nina. I am working at company A. How about you? Why? I think I controller. I have been working for company. Be for two years. Next. Very busy, huh? Long hug. Mom. What's I don't know What Mom, I'm working. I am prophecy. Yes, are a wall. Don't disturb me yet. Our role Boone disturbed me. So if you want to be more polite, you can have the what team he bid are all war. So please don't disturb me. What? I want one man it our all. I am working. I am very busy. Please don't disturb me. Team yet are all well next recover boss and employee. Do you remember how you say these two comes? Well, but bus employees here and go now. But you can go. And if you notice law but the law Sha share a common character. And this long do you remember what love means? Yes, it means old now. So, Lauren, it's old person. Well, but is your boss. And now sure is your teacher. So let's recap this conversation. So the bus starts asking Is the report ready? So nobody sees. Although Kolyma Oh, call home Llama llama? Is is it ready? And you can use this. This is a load phrase for many other situations. For instance, if you're bidding for your foot off or something to be done, you can ask Holla! Holla, Mama, She wants LACMA and he other employees replies, Yes, it's ready. I wasn't, you know So the grand falsities Holla! Since I fuckin ing holla! Since I fuck it being I will send it to you now. And we used me stuff. Just me. Because me is a more respectful version off me that we can use when we are talking to somewhere with older than us or in a more authoritative figure, we can give them respect and use the what? Me since I forget me So once again love, he sees Hot Mama and the employer plies hollow. Since I pocket me, we have come to the end of today's lesson. Please to check out our next class essential Chinese. For beginners, it covers even more vocabulary grandma tips and useful sentence structures that you can use to improve your trains extremely fast and efficiently. Because these are useful conversational tips and sentence structures. Email us anytime if any questions and we will always be happy to help. We hope to see you in our next class. Essential Chinese for beginners Thank you so much for the sitting. And we hope that you found this lesson useful to you next time data. 13. Bonus: Asking for Help (Learn Chinese in 7 Days!): In this model we will be covering how to ask for help and simple questions and sentences that you can use in conversational Chinese. So we will covered these simple sentences that you can use during travel. What is the word for travel? Your yo? We have learned this in previous model. So this is a retired Ugo tell you why. Oh you yo the first invents But even the tree How do you get to this place? Jukka This e phone please Some are tree How do you get to so once again took a key from this piece The Montri How do you get to? How do you get to know that even though my tree so you make you one of the following In response he amends the job He an entrance hall Go straight a hit walk straight We hit he admitted in front Sure it's all walk straight ahead. So does go straight a hit and yet it's all You're dry, right? Good. You might kill right turn The woods are left Turn So what? What left Turn! So you is right Door is left. You're Calder Tom Forehand and is show so right hand is Yo show left hand is social. You're so jaw. You draw so yo left and right. So your left and right Shenyin Yotaro, Make a right turn in front. TME in towards one. Make a left turn in front. Let's repeat this. God, he found the montri. How do you get to this place? Yeah, but he found that country. Tim Urine through its all union your truck. 10 yen towards are both strata hit *** Wrightson in front Make a left turn in front E fun. Please be far. Place that Montri how to go that my tree How to go TN yen in front 10 yen in front It's all drizzle Go straight a hit Friddle, walk straight a hit you'll join Right turn So what, John left. Turn your left You right. So you your your left and right. How long? Help um Wrong team walk, Please help me Ting is Please um bum war Help me. You can say team our war as well, but we just repeat it on a bum to something more casual and just wants more natural team about war. Not awaken. See, this is washi. A young monk. I need help. She Oh, is eat washy off Oman. I need help. And finally, while y'all party I want to call the police or yeah, policy. Oh is to pull to report and seeing is part off the food hub. Think tar, which is the police. So voting is called police Royal quality T o, please help me washy Obama I need help. Well yeah party I want to call the police team is Please Roma is help. But if you want to be casual, you can say Bom bom a swell cell phone Mom, she really need boating called the police Teach our police so quality. The thing here comes from French are which is police think char seeing actually has the meaning off a lot Alarm and char has the meaning off investigate So it's in charge Is police see fending shun being Washington thing Look, I am sick War should being love I am sick Another way can see this iss What passion people Sure for so literally Translator Shanti is body Oh sure for is not comfortable Sure Fel is comfortable Oh, sure for is not comfortable So my body is uncomfortable. In other words, these means I don't feel well. So both this fight Washington Ingla. What the shanty Poor sure for So I am sick. I don't feel well. So these are other terms that you can learn to describe when you're feeling Kenbrell War Nashala I have a fever war Nashala show actually means burn. So partial burning war Nashala, I have a fever. You can also say what home want cold? All my hit hurts. I have a headache. What? My hip hurts for What? For you. You written is dizzy. So you're hit is dizzy So I feel dizzy. What were you What? Toying What? The boots. It all my stomach cramps puts it is what puts its hope. In some cases, you hear spoken men dream. They will say what foods? Corn or cortical? Accordion. So why is it so? They can actually say come instead Off tongue. So this is just the way spoken by some native train speakers with a fine. So what Told her what I do? Is it home? What? Hold Hung. What was it home for? The fine that we death Washington love I am sick. What I shan't people true for I don't feel well my body is uncomfortable. What the shanty brochure for How do you say I have a fever? War? Nashala War Nashala? How do you say I have a headache? What port? Call? What porthole? How do you say I feel dizzy? What? Holding what told you what are thought to talk. My stomach has what? That puts it home. My stomach puts sending sick Gen being sick Wall horse option being love I think I'm sick. War, heart sanction being love I think I'm sick. What The shanty push for Shanty is body who shovel uncomfortable for sure ful Uncomfortable ! Far shell far shell fever told home Did it, Taurean? Giddy do It's at home. Stomach hurts. Do its it home Stomach p The next key What we should learn is doctor ish in Asian boy Altri Canti Yuzhin I want to see a doctor War now tree So I want to go Can is to see Ishan Doctor So I want to go and see a doctor or you treat pan Asian Well yeah, she can You should putting your me Oh yeah Kung Fu teen is nearby Your me? Oh, is there young Fong is a pharmacy so Yeah, it's a fleet Medicine yell is medicine Fong is the house So a medicine house is a pharmacy Yell fun! Yo Fong, once again 14 you buy your me Oh is there Yo Fong Pharmacy So is there a pharmacy nearby? Putting your me Yo yo Fong Putting your New York Yo Fong, Let's say it together for think your me your your farm The last simple sentence Sheila Go Yeah true Eat So Chila is passed hands after eating this medicine You see yo here No Yo Fong, Your song is a pharmacy Yo is medicine chiller Check a young off the eating this medicine in ideal help Paula it should be much, huh? I think I should How dollar much better How is good? What is more so much so how dolla should be much better in guide You how wall up to repeat the full sentence trilogy EKO Yo After eating this medicine in Gadjo Hot Ola it should be much better Why are tree can Asian? I want to see a doctor footing your me Yo yo Fong their farm a senior pie Chill A chuckle? Yeah, In guide your how Paula After eating this medicine. It would be much better. She logical Yeah. Indie ideo Haapala This is a slightly longer sentence so you can break it down. She logical Yeah After eating this medicine in Di Dio How? Paula It should be much better. Carnation, see your daughter Cut is to see Isha is a doctor. Can Asian see your doctor? 14 nearby Full team Your mail is there. Your me Yo yo is toe have mayo is don't have your mail as a freight Means is there Yo Fong Policy Yo is medicine. Fong is a house So a medicine house is a policy Yo Fong sure is to eat Yeah is medicine Trio is to take your medicine show Ya Lama Have you taken your medicine? Show Ya Lama Have you taken your medicine in guy? Sure. How tall? A much better in guy. How Douala should be much better. So footing your meo Blank is a fixed sentence structure they can use for other things. For instance, a restaurant is time Guan time Got So how would you say? Is there a restaurant nearby? Putting your meal time? What? Putting your meal time got is their restaurant nearby? So how do you say? Is there a farmer senior by food? Think your me Yo yo Fong food. Think your meal. Yo, Fong, let's do a quick recap Travel, You know no God, he found some are tree. How do you get to this place? A e phone? My tree job A e found this place Some are tree. How do you get to so once again dug a defunct of my true You need a drizzle Go straight ahead of me in your time. Go straight ahead and turn my union So what's why? Turn left in front, Doug. Body found from a tree How do you get to this place? Kill me and sure it's all your choice towards one Go straight A hit, right, Done. Left turn. You'll talk right turn. So what's what? Left her help along Team one wall Please help me team a No Well, she Obama I need help War trio among I need help be after me t bone It's big war She Obama war she Oh, among well yeah, party. I want to call the police. Well, yeah policy War. Yeah, quality team. Um bowel. He's helped me teen Wolf War. She Obama war She Oh among war yelp quality. Well, yeah, Quality. What? Yeah, pouting. I want to call the police. Sick shunting shan't be. Get after me shunting shanty Wash and England. I am sick Wash and England. I am sick. What? The shanty was sure for what? The shanty. My body? Well, sure Vel is uncomfortable. What? The shanty was sure ful! I don't feel well. War Nashala. I have a fever. What? Cold? Calm! My head hurts! What call you? I feel busy. War Nashala. I have a fever. What? Hold? Oh, my heat hurts! What? For? You. I feel dizzy. What? The boards at home. My stomach hoods. What foods? At home. My stomach put. What is it? Whole is head. It's repeat it. Washington being love. I am sick. Wash anything? Love? What? The shanty for sure. Full. I don't feel well. Or the shanty brochure for war. Nashala, I have a fever war. Nashala! What color Calm! Want pulled home? My hit hurts. Walk or talk? War pouring. I feel busy. What? I told you I feel dizzy. What? The Druids at home. What are towards at home? My stomach hurts. Dr. Isha, you should we are treat condition. I want to see a doctor Well, you are cheap condition. I want to see a doctor putting your me Yo yo Fong is almost in your by 14 Your mayo Y'all Fung Is there a pharmacy nearby? She loved gentle young After eating this medicine in by Joe Help Paula should be much better. Invite your home. Hola. It should be much better in die Is should This is a useful phrase that you should remember in by that tweet that well she can Asian I want to see a doctor Well yeah tree can Yuzhin I want to see your doctor putting your me Oh yeah Farm. Is there a pharmacy nearby? Putting your me? Oh yeah Hung Is there a pharmacy nearby? How do you say? Is there a restaurant nearby? Putting your mail time one putting your mayo tending this hour Interchangeable parts 20 Putting your mail tenting. Finally she lodge at the young Invited you home trilogy Young in guide your home After eating this medicine it should be much better. We have reached the end of this class Thank you for listening and please do check out our next class essential Chinese for beginners. Week of a lot off essential phrases, vocabulary points and grandma points that you should not to improve your Chinese learning. We hope to see you there and do email us anytime. If any questions You gotta thank you for your kind attention. See you next time. Take in by. 14. Bonus: Places (Learn Chinese in 7 Days!): in today's model real cover places that begin home. Yeah, yeah. Hung do house funds a house, putting, living room, hunting, living room. So this car and she comes from Caron, which is best Karan So keen. The notes, please. I guess. Living room cutting living room Caron guest True farm Kitchen and true come from true She which is chef Troop on kitchen. True Shin Chef. Well hung bedroom. So you can see here from to the fun True Funk War Fund These are all the same funk the notes house from DEA You effort which means personal human Jared becomes family just like how from current Because cult run is best Jared is family because off the red which he notes person So from family we cannot bring out into your parents as well as your siblings . So full form his parents full is from footing more in trump mooting which is your father and mother? 14 ButI together and so parents You call them full More so footing and mooting I'm all formal way through for to your parents But in spoken Chinese conversationally you can also say Papa Mama Baba Father, Mama mother and for siblings There's a distinction between your older siblings and your younger siblings. So for your older brother, you call him. Go. Go. Your younger brother, you will call him DT. Go, Go DT or your older sister? US 88 year. And for your younger sister you call her Maemi Hits? Yeah, Mamie, Let's recap. Yeah, Is home long to house cocking living room current? Yes, True fun you can Pushy chef Wall Hung it room Sharon Family school share Sell yourself Sure is learned. Sure, Yeah, sure is learned and together. Sure, Cell is cool So John isn't safe from sure. So So jump John is elder and it was like a meaning off bro. Celta is the principal off the other hit master. So look at the picture under bite. It says Yngling was issue itself So a lot of us towards This is the new middle school. What he is international shares out school was the issue itself Is international school So in the school, most likely you will refer to a teacher. So how should law Sharia law and a student Shearson Shadisha So sure here is the same from sure Self which is the meeting off learn? Sure, sure, shell. Sure, sure sure is learned. For instance, you can say I am learning Chinese. What? I sure strong one. What's actually strong one? I am learning Chinese. What's I sure drawn one to show toe shoe Study to show toe is to read True is a book So we book study to show what? I sure don't want warm It can talk Try to show I am learning Chinese. I study every day How should call? Should is test call is actually to test and should is to try So each character means different things. But put together, it means a test on exam. So count is to test the work test Should is to try How should test That's we kept sure sell school So John Principle now should teacher Sure Shell student who show study How should test Ian Hospital Ian, you in hospital? You Sean? But so e is the treat toe You so e Egan yet? It's a place. So Egan Hospital. Isha Bunker. So the picture on the right. You can see the last two words are Egan. You recognize it? Yeah. Who should? Nuts? Who should notice? Who actually means to protect who care for so to nurture. So who should nurse Charlo? Charlo? Charlo is car. War is some kind off calamity. So Charbel Chi accident Car accident Cha hole show Shang Show Shang Show is too. Something happens to you to receive. And Xiang is an injury. So to receive an injury is to get injured. Shoshana Shoshana. So how do you say I have injured? I am going to the hospital. Well, sure. Shallah Oryol Tree. Yeah. So I am injured. I want to go to the hospital. War? Sure. Shallah. Why are you Warshaw Shallah or your true you and show? Sure. So sure. Operation. So how do you say I am injured? I am Go to going to the hospital for an operation war. Sure. Shallah. Well yeah, She e in your show. Sure. Let's recap this even in hospital you show up Who should nurse Toho? Heisman Show Shang injured shall show Operation Park Only in going in sun is to take the walk. How? Oh is too right. So it's a step. So son is actually means a leisure. Or at a let case son. So Sudden Bull is to take a walk How is to run how it's run So the common What here is sample Take a walk Oh run You people You go is to walk your dog Go is dark for cat means Mau Mau Goal is dog Yoko So how do you say I want to go to the park? To walk my dog? Well, she go in Yoko. Well yeah. Tree going in. Yoko, How you say I want to go to the park to take a walk way out She go in sand full. Well, our tree going in San boot That's right. And next in don't exercise in dunk exercise the income health in Kong Health Watch how sure more watch are short More so This is a four character Chinese phrase which is also an idea . So this is actually racing ball. It just means for and fauna because what is flower child is grass sure is tree and move is would so show more can also mean together a bunch of trees forest What's home is flowers and grass. So flora and fauna Yeah, watch our show move flowers in truth But each of these characters means slightly different things. So what is flower child is grass, Shoe is tree and mo is wood. But it's a quiet, simple phrase to memorize. And now you're No. Four characters in four different times. That's Repeat that slowly. Bones. Oh yeah, Park only Iran Sen. How do pick a walk? Run How? Oh, you pull, Walk your dog! Lubell! Walk Your dog didn't know exercise in no exercise he income Health didn't come. Health. My child should move. Why Power? Sure more. What's how? Sure Move what? How sure Move Slightly difficult to pronounce together. But it's good to remember so that you know the term for hot shower. How grass? Sure tree Whoa would That's right. Seaside hype in high is the ocean on the sea again This side of the border Sohaib Ian is the seaside High time is the beach High ton each your travel, your travel your young swim So young Shim, Here we go The your and your young is the center of the goal Is the same cart New York travel Yo yo Swim! So what do you do at the seaside? You has basked under the sun So Tyra High Young is the sun Young is the moon Hi, young. Yeah, yeah. And if you recall high and she means to one stunts how do you say this is too sweet? The the Tom Forestry is kin, So I'm gonna say this is too sweet. Hi, kid. Hike in so tight also means to key. 00 too high on your young son in the moon. And finally, the Four Seasons 20 in sad he and chilled here, Domitian. So 10 is the like Think in today. He and so twins. Yeah. Teoh Dong. Some people remember it this way as well, cause it's easier. Spring, Summer, autumn and winter Twin Yeah, till dawn That's we kept hype in seaside Hi Pon beach. You know, travel No young swim. How young, son? Yeah, Yeah Mourn twin kin Spring European summer to again Autumn I don't think in winter. Well, now we kept all of the vocabulary that we have learned because this is a slightly more difficult lesson with many new freezes. So that's that with home? Yeah, yeah. Funds A house found a house cooking living room cutting living room. Truell von kitchen. True von kitchen wall Fun bedroom wall. Fun The room. How do you see How do you say this is my home? Russia? What? That? Yeah, honey. Welcome. Welcome to my home running. So should war that Yeah, this is my home. How do you say these are my family members? So sure. What? That Karen So sure. What? That Sharon Sharon is your family. So you start with full more your parents Full move. Gago Older brother e t younger brother. Yeah, Yeah. Older sister Mamie. Younger sister. So how do you say you have an older brother and a younger sister? Well, your Ika gaga while you're Ika Mamie. Well, your coca How you may me so I haven't older brother and a younger sister. School shares l school. Sure, so it's on principle. So John Principle now she Teacher Lauch Teacher Fishel Student She Racial student social study So show study call should test how should test. And for the picture you can see what Esurance International School So the last four characters Watty, show yourself International school Wall contra Kwacha which is country is the same t A s turn from family. So quota is a country quality international. What's issued a cell international school. So take a look at the last simple sentence underneath the picture Here. What's I sure issued someone? I am studying Chinese Tracy, Share is learn which is the same as sure So insure Eshel share comes from Szefc. Learn what I should see John one I am studying Chinese one million, don't I To show I study every day Make in every day Social study to bake harsher to obey is to prepare Caution is test whom bake How should prepare for a test hospital Ian, you show Dr Yushin Doctor Who should notice who should know? Harris Charcoal car accident Charles for car accident Sure Sang injured Sure Song injured show Sure Operation show Sure operation So how do you say that? I want to go to the hospital to see a doctor I want to go to the hospital Well yeah true you How do you say? See a doctor Can Ishan cut you shong? Why are tree you can e Sean, I want to go to the hospital to see a doctor. Well yeah tree You can e Sean Park Go in park Going in sand. Full it! Go walk! Pabu! Run! How do you say I like to take a walk in the park Waas he once I go in Sun WASI Once I coherent San pool So we called the would fall like C one Waas he want I golden sand pool Waas He wants I golden sand pool How do you say I like to run in the park? Waas you want I go in power? Waas he want I Gordon Palpal I like to run in the pop but in Chinese you say WASI what's I Congress I like to in the park Run So it's a slightly different grammatical structure. So how do you say I liked? What? My dog in the park Waas he want I go good Yoko Waas he once I go in Yoko, how do you say you like to exercise in the park? Waas he once I go get in Don't waas he once I go get in tow Finally didn't come Health didn't conk health How do you say health is important? Important is young Young don't go in Kong Her song Yeah, in Kong John Young And what tall? Sure move What's how sure more What? How sure More Wow flower tall grass. Sure tree move would so flowers and trees. What? How sure Move. Seaside hype in seaside hype In so high is the ocean or the C P Enis side or the border? So how do you say wrote site Lupien Lupien? Because Lou is the road beyond the society. So the roadside is Lupien and Hyperion is seaside. Hi Con Beach High time beach Your travel, your travel Your young Sim You're young swim How do you say I like to travel? Waas You want your waas? He want your How do you say use to him every day War made You know your young mommy can go away your young hi young son Yeah Young moon you know How do you say I like to sunbathe? WASI One shite Hye Young Was he one shy tie? Yeah. Finally The Four Seasons Twins till dawn Spring, summer, autumn and winter Twin t o Can you recall the fall of seasons again? Twin Yeah, Till spring. Summer, autumn and winter 2010 Bring back in summer tooty in autumn Only 10 winter. So again, Yeah, till so we let another altering idiom in this lesson you recall what is the term for flora and fauna? You remember Wow, Charles. Sure move. Why? Child show more? What's how sure more. What is flower? Tall grass shoe is the tree. Well, is would what? How sure. More twins? Yeah. Teoh doll. We have come to the end off the lesson. Please check out our next class. Essential trains for beginners where we cover over 15 lessons. Pull off useful educative vocabulary and grammar points. Ciencia Daja Thank you for listening and we'll see you in the next class. 15. Bonus: Food (Learn Chinese in 7 Days!): in today's model, we will cover food and easy phrases and vocabulary regarding this topic. Let's begin. Full it. Sure, sure. Oh, full It uh who shrilly notes? Foot. Who? Being something I am up day. So sure you food. These are different types of meats. And how you would see them in Chinese. The role Joel Rose New row year old. Hi. So you shouldn't see the 1st 4 or and with Roe Rome Row Row. So these means row means meat. So, T. Rowe, for instance t is chicken like the chip in the animal, So t last row, which means meat. She can meat, chicken. So this is hard. You refer to the various meats You first you need not the animal and then plus meat. So something wro t Rowe Chicken to know park. So its peak role is meat. So to row is park new rule New role is beef. Soak a guess what new means. No new is a cow. New role beef. Euro fish. He is fish. And finally, high season high season is seafood. Hi. CNN Seafood high is the ocean. The sea CNN comes from things, Ian, which means fresh. So high C in C foot fresh from the sea high C N E foot fun rice But rice fund The literal meaning is rice, but Chinese often use sure fun. Montreat should fund as even a meal So fun also has the meaning off a mule presidents and you ask someone, Have you eat them? You can ask your fun drama Sure fun Lama, Have you eaten? Even though here you refer to fund it does not literally mean Have you eaten rice? It just means Have you eaten? Have you eaten a mule? Trufant Lama? Or let's say we want to say Let's go eat. You can say Well, my treat should find Homa. Shall we go eat warm? I treat Trufant home. All I can say it's time to eat. Truthful shrimp Thiele. Sure, friendship. It's time to eat. So fun can be often used in the context off. Just having a meal instead of just rice hung. How soup, huh? So how would you say she didn't soup? We learned the term for Chicken Elia from D row. T Rowe T is chip in so chicken. So will be the Palm de Home Trade War, Trade, war Sri means water or the notes fruit. So Schrade bore fruit that's love some common fruits that in Chinese he more pube or apple young Seo Jeong Seo Banana Young actually means frequent young. One says. If you say you want to say, Um, this foot smells really good, you can say a shrew hunts young gosh through hunts young. So the show foot is which the first can't that we love and some from cental sell means fragrant jugo show. Hud's young Knicks told me Tell me, Strawberry, Tell me, How is grass? Help me Strawberry and Next New York Cool New yo Go at a codel New York wool. New York actually means butter because new you can see new from euro. But us new row mean beef. So new is cow. No, yo yo is oil so new? Yo, actually is data but fruit. New York War is ever cuddle. Finally, should I shoot I Vegetables shoots high shoots high. Hi, All this on also means fashionable so you can say way out should high. I want to eat vegetables. You can go meet the shoe as well. Let's do a quick recap. Sure, Food zero chip in to row Hawk New role Beef Euro fish High season Seafood Fun is rice. It can also mean a meal. So sure Panorama Have you eaten true? French Trillion dollar. It's time to eat. How Soup trade war Fruits, Trey means water, her sri drink water and for fruits Ping Goal Santa, Tell me, no yokel tingle Apple Young Joe Banana. Tell me, Strawberry, New York, Go avocado. Oh, sure, from Sundial, Sell means fragrant. So this foot is very Frager. Duggar shoe, huh? New York War and the Kado New York is butter and finally shoots. High vegetables should tie. Let's learn how to say flavor called Ray. Call way. Coal is mouth weight is teeth cold way flavor. So this is a fixed phrase that many people on ESA medium is a full current freeze. So I can Kula means sour, sweet and spicy, usually before us to life and the trials and tribulations off life where in life we experienced many things. So our street, because and spicy, it's meant to mean that life is difficult as challengers that's good and bad, so its function and one more maybe learning about flavors. It's CNN salty, CNN So let's go over this again. So on Sour Swan sour, he and sweet, he en suite. You better. Who? It her la spicy love? Spicy CNN. Salty. Yeah, We also often talk about flavors being very strong tasting or that they are weak are they are blend. So in Chinese woods, there's often a distinction between foods. That he's really strong has strong flavours. Usually they a little bit unhealthy. But it is also a preferred choice for many people because it is good. So in this case, you were referred to this as Don't go away. Don't Colt way. You can also say this about someone who likes these kind of words. You can say ha don't Call Way likes strong tasting foods. In certain cases, you can even refer this to not beyond flavors about his life choices, his life preferences, like he likes. Um, maybe very sensationalize shows all. Maybe some stuff with violence and which are very gory. You can say life. Don't Caray the seat, which is shows that are very strong and that more sensational and exciting. Yes, strong teeth. The reverse would be Think that team that so don't go away and don't It's strong and and this week, so the reverse off strong tasting would be bland foods. Plane foot seeing a team so we have a simple sentence here. Should be in the show when you are sick. Do it. How should think that the shoe is best to eat something like so again, shun being Xinping is sick. That sure hole the time during the time the sh Roy's be forced to when? During the time so shouldn't be in the show when you are sick. J. How do how is the best? The most couch is best we eat. Think that the show Plain foot plane foot seeing that show. So what's again from being this whole? Okay, how much things done? Shouldn't being dash in whole when you are thinking so how church thing done, the show is best to eat. Plain Foot's The next key vocabulary that you should love regarding food is Restaurant Hun . What ton? What her means. A mule. Guan is a place so place for meals. A restaurant Han Guan Thanh Quan, Full motion, full social waiter or waitress. It's gender neutral, full shall. So when you want to call for your bitter or waitress so this might not case in other countries. In China you can directly wave and call them fusion portion so you can call for the attention this way. And the next thing you would say is you want toe order So fusion way out inside we are gets high. Well, yeah, I want to other It's I here is the other and also means but also And he also used in time so it get young gets get one o'clock two o'clock Truth book So this is what? The same parent. But yes. So why are its I? I want to order so tie if you recall in the previous lights we love shoots, I should cite means batch the balls. Taibei itself also means vegetable But in this context, it means a dish. You want to order something? You want to order a dish? Well, yeah, it's way out, it's hard. And these are various terms for the different drinks which are prominently order. So that's that. We've coffee cafe, cafe coffee, he ha cha tea. So how do you say you want toe other Chinese tea? What? Yeah, yeah. Don't watch, huh? Don't wants her Chinese tea. We are dear John Watts. Huh? You want to order Chinese tea? Why, Teoh? Why is still so the T shirt T shirt t is air or bubble tea. Um so air plus trade, which is water and water is soda T shirt recall. We also learned the what for fruits. Shriek. Oh, shriek! Oh, so this is the same? Sure. Which is means water. T shirt is soda. Schrenko is fruits and finally, cola. Carla cook cotton up. So these are just direct translations from English Coffee Cafe Cola Low. And finally, how do you say you want to ask with the bill again? You can call your for Asia. Your Peter Hooshang. My plan for ocean, Right? That's a baiter. I want to have the bill. Bill, please. And you can also ask for take away. Oh, it's a shame to beat How is to Peck? Uh oh. So you can ask your waiter Pollution Just thought all so. Waiter thes pick this way. I want to take this obey. So fusion job all you just point to the foot that you want to take away for Shin Jukka Paul Supermarket charge How should child is super Children is actually Superman. Charon, charge supermarket Charles Should and Children Superman in o brand Me and Paul bread me and actually needs noodles. And how is bread? You and I knew. And I once again you record the term for how new rule your role is beef because it means how meat he and another one New York ball New York or new you is Butta New York War. What fruit is that? Avocado. That's right. New York bow and noon. I knew Night. Nice milk. New night is call milk. Uh, eight. So how do you say chicken eight, to be precise. Teoh, Ethan T That that's right. Leash linen shirt. Next. So only actually also means the digits 00 as in zero laying and oneness e aside. Zero is leading Ling she any notes? Something sporadic and random Ling ling shirt is next because it sort of means that random I comes off food. So Liangshan next. So these includes things like chips, uh, biscuits, snacks in general. And this is something maybe more relevant to these times your tissue your t shrew or getting food your T shrew So you can use this if you want to impress America Chinese, your T shrew, organic food? We have learned many new terms in this model, so I think we were just We kept them slowly so that you can remember them. So the first thing we learned Waas shrew Sure. Food as a now. Sure. And we learned the different types of meat. So something wro wro it's meat. So zero chief, then to roll hawk new role beef Nero Fish high CNN seafood High season So high is three ocean The C C n comes from things yet which means fresh So fresh from the sea High CNN fun rice fun, right? It can also mean a meal. Princes should Paloma have you eaten true? Find llama. Have you eaten how? Soup shaped ball fruits? He wore a ball sangria Banana! Tell me Strawberry New York or Avocado? Should I finish the bulls? Waas You want? Sure, Sure Tie. I like to eat vegetables. How do you say I like to cook Waas? He wants to find Waas. He want through fun? Jewell is cook. Find here again he notes um, you'll not exactly rise in particular. It just means a meal. So what's he want? True, but I like to cook flavor whole way. Poor way. So we learned find different flavors, son Can who last year So sala Sweet, bitter, spicy and salty. So we also learned that swingin cola also used in the sense off our idiom where you refer to life Charles in tribulations often counts off life. You can see mention wrench in which is life Mention sun shin. So there are many stages off lives and ups and downs can be Saleh ST Peter spicy. But separately, each Tom also means its own flavor. And you can use this to describe a foot. For example, This foot is very sweet. How would you say that? Taka shrew Hunt head he And here is the second character that we learned in Swanton. Kulak in this foot is very sweet. Jog a shrew, Hunty, in how you say this food is very spicy. Jug assure, huh? Go show, huh? So that's the fourth character here in Sandton. Kulak. Cashew, Huh? So this is useful to remember Because if you order something you can ask is this spicy? So you can point to the dish in us Llama, Llama, llama! This piece by sea. Okay and mix. We love strong tasting and played for distinguishing the distinguish mint between Foot's. There are very strong tasting and playing foods, and this can be also used to describe someone's taste in food. So this person enjoys strong casing foots. Ha ha! Drunk away, huh? Don't call way. This can also be used to describe the case outside off, including entertainment or various other things. You can say car drunk away and the reverse is Tink Tink on. So don't go away. The show is strong tasting foods and plain foods are courting under shrew. Think under shrew and when you eat, think under show when you are sick, so shouldn't being the show. When you are see Shannon being Bush whole when you are see to a heart, truth is best to eat through a harsher things Done the show Playing foods. Seeing Bander show, you can also say I like to eat plain foot waas. You want sure thing than the shrew because maybe you will care about your health. So in weight war No, it's on King Kong de and Colleges. Health thinks we learned about restaurant time Guan hand, but time one for Sha Waiter, Porsche Waiter. So we learned how to say you want to order and you want to call the attention off the waiter. You remember how we see it. Washington will not get high fusion. We are. It's high and you can also other drinks. Happy ta geo T shirt. A whole lot of coffee. Coffee. Ta ki So what's hot Chinese tea if you want. Richie holds heart home. Tar home is ripped home type if you want green tea. Looter Looter Louis Greene Leutar Hold tough looter. Ready Green tea, Theo Wine. So this can also be edit toe wine. What is written wine? Hold top Is Retty so red wine? ISS hold dio home video and the other one that we should learn White White by Teoh by deal . But by de also means the Chinese by idea, which is a special alcohol in itself and very high in alcohol and T shirt, soda, T shirt, soda and shrink all you remember. Why shrink what means fruits? That's right. And finally called cola calm. So here we learned something new holds, huh? Louis Top Richie green tea and red wine. White Wine Holdings you buy it still. Finally, you want to us with the Bill Fuchsia Mine on fusion. My You want my agreements by on is the bill so that you won't buy the bill. You're asking for the bill? Push on my dad. So you want to pay for the bill? Pollution? Just that all pollution Also. Pita, I want to take this way. Full show. Just all super locket. Charles Shoe. How should you remember how to say Superman Tall Rin Children? Yeah, all bread Me, Inbal Neil and I kneel and I But God, this is cow's milk New and I fun bad. Hey, Alicia! Snacks your T shrivel, your T shrivel. How do you say are getting for its expensive Expensive is way, way your issue hunt way Organic foot is expensive Your dish through high way For more lessons, please check out our next class. Essential Chinese for beginners recover over two hours off. Essential phrases, verbs and adjectives that you can use to improve for Chinese learning journey. See you there. You gotta shots His idea in the U N. Onyx class by 16. Bonus: Compliments (Learn Chinese in 7 Days!): Welcome to today's model. We will cover compliments and phrases to describe someone's character in a positive way. So the 1st 1 it's a generic complement and something you can say something nice about almost anyone. You can say this person is very nice. This is a very good person. And how you say this is Bren, hon, how rent this person, hon, How is very good? So a very good person, A very nice person. So how you would say this in a sentence? IHS He is a very nice person. She is a very good person. So ta, huh? In Chinese ha, he or she is indistinguishable. When you when spoken, the room immunization is both. Huh? Huh? But the practice like you different for she you can see the site off. Carta has a new which means female. So that's how you distinguish. She threw the character, but in spoken Chinese double ha So tyrann, Hon How hot Ren Hon, how he's a very good person, high rent and how she's a very nice person and something similar is he's a very time. She's very kind. How do you say that? Han Shan down ha ha and Schengen shutting down. So you notice that in Chinese, hunt is headed to a lot of things. It doesn't really mean very, but because you just can't say cash on them can say he's kind. She's kind because it doesn't make sense in Burma wise. So you just at hunt, so palette. Sheldon. She's very kind. The next work we're gonna learn is patients on patient. You're nice ing. So nice thing, which is the key word here is patient in the noun ful patients. So if you want to call someone patient, you can say your nice ing your is have so you. When you have patients, you are patient over your nice ing. So let's look at a simple sentence. Honduran icing. He's very patient. Well, handsy and move. I am envious off this. So she is very patient and I'm envious of this. Ha Honey, own icing warrants you move wall hadn't see it. More nds is CNN move CNN more so once again, you cannot just say well in in English. You say I am envious. You cannot just say it warsi and more. It's a big deal. It doesn't really sound very natural. So you introduce a won't see you at the hunt again just to make the sentence on more natural. So how do you say I am? I am envious off her wall. Handsy and mood, huh? War handsy and motor. So you just add a tide. And because I am envious off her the next simple sentence washer. Yeah. You know, I think this is a great sample sentence and you can use it in many contexts. So it means one must be patient when doing things. So one must have patients. So it's just, uh it's an unpracticed six on objective and passives statement. It's just a statement effect. So while mastication and doing things so sure, Yeah, you're nice ing washer boys do. Sure, it's a thing. So, doing things. Yeah, you So, yeah, it's must or want. You always have. So when doing things, one must have patients nicey Oh, sure, yeah, your nice seeing the things. What we will learn is generous that far that fun. So there's another work for this sin. Ambushes come high, hung high, so that's a more difficult. So since Destin on MZ can use the way our fund instead because it's easy to pronounce half hour and you should be from love. This her that's already is big file is square for the big square. Ah hung. So this is another way you can easily remember this a big square. Ah Fung Fung generous. So let's look at that simple symptoms. How? Ah, fun. So he is very generous. Maybe it's a touchy sure fad every time we got to eat. Oh, should parting car. He always treats us. It's always his street. He always picks up attack. So let's break it down, huh? He's very generous. Me, too. Every time to a tree. Should have find every time we go out to eat. Oh, she always hot. He cup. He treats us. It's always his treat. So let's repeat this one more time. Ha ha. Funny, she's very generous. Meets the twitchy Should fund. Every time we go out to eat social parting car, it's always hard treat. I'm not tight, huh? She's very generous. It's a twitchy, sure fan. Every time we go out to eat, so should Harting car. It's always hard tree polite. Your lead now light. You already know. So the key What here is e mo me Now leave now is manners. You'll, you know, have manners is light your lead. Now let's look at a simple sentence. Hard to tell Young Hun. How beach Annually now. Ha! That Tell you, huh? Delia is basically being raised well by your parents. It has the connotation off its upbringing, and your parent will upbringing. So I gotta tell you, come home. So you can see here is is, um how sure that's how it is to teach. But in this context is in the fourth hold still so young young is to grow and nurture is to usually, um when you say you want to raise kids Also, it's young. So it has the connection connotation off. Yeah, and young wishes teaching Natche, which is the upbringing being raised? Well, because your family upbringing was good. So cause a tell young couldn't haul She's very, very well. How about breaking how upbringing was very good. Mary Cheney old. Now she's very polite. She's very polite. So this this sentence is quite common in Chinese culture in the sense that because family upbringing is pretty important not in the classes or anything but in the way that you are taught well and you are taught to have menace. So I think this is quite universal. And so this is quite a good sentence to say and to compliment someone, especially if you want to compliment someone else's kids so you can save half a Changyi old now, honey Oh, it's all young, so you can also say it the other way around. Yeah, it all works, and these are all just complimentary terms that you can say about someone who has a lot of menace, and it's obviously brought up pretty well. So once again, because it's hard to tell you, hon, how he's raised very well. Upbringing. It's really good. Aah! Annually. Now she's very polite or the other way. Honey, now so young couldn't home. So you can say, for instance, if you meet someone else's child and she's very polite, you can see oh, manually Mao, tell young Clinton how so. This also works. Thanks. We will move on toe change chung shirt and lower shirt, which is truthful and honest. Tungsha. Sure. So there's a slight difference year, so both have the meaning off being honest and truthful. But Charles shit is just, um the neutral tone. You're just very truthful and honors Lauch lashes. Also honest. But there's also a connotation that you are a simple minded. So in the sense that you can't even d c someone because you are just so on us and just a kind of ah, simple and good person or in the sense that you may even be taken advantage of because you are so honest. So you used lower shoot so they just look at a simple sentence and you'll get the compeition. So this is a little longer simple. So let's take it story. How intention. He's very honest to usher eating way come rent. He will definitely omitted if you did something wrong. Okay? So Palin Chung should he's very honest So as I said trunk shit, that means very honest. It's ah method affect neutral top Hung chung wash What wash the thoughts washer is do wrong thing you are talking shit boys Wrong you are to wash eating definitely must wear Chung run He will admit it so again So what wash do wrong thing So I stew toys wrong shows a thing So what? Or should eating? Definitely Wait! We also You definitely will admit it. Come Run! So do wrong. They You're definitely admitted so that the literal translation So what wash should do Wrong thing Eating wage run definitely will admit it. So together, current juncture He is very honest So what? OSHA eating wage home run high You were definitely omitted if it did something wrong So what? Or should eating great hunger and Chung ran is to admit something. Admit Chong run So you can also just a for instance. If you say I am, I m it'd I admit it so War Chung read watch already Is the next sentence Harsh Law Assurance He's an honest man broken and towards the junction He will never do such a thing So you can see here There's a slight difference between Changsha and Losh So here really this beautiful this card and on us men So Tasha got Suren also means that he would He's so honors that he will never do such a thing. So Pasha got lusher and Pasha Go law Suren He's an honest man who can and you will never do a turtle. She never does such a thing. So is such the doctor is such a thing. So how should got lost? He is an honest man. Bull Cannon never saw the should do such a thing. So he will never do such a thing. Hash Sugar law. Sure, he's an honest man. Who? Cartner Oh, Canon never does such a thing Efficient your salary lose so celery. If efficiency in a noun for efficiency your salary is to have efficiency F o U r efficient the weapons So you can see this grandma hasn't has been. Maybe, but in a lot off was that you have learned passed far where the one itself means it in the non form for instance, the mouth he Maoists menace and yoli Mouth half manners ISS be polite So here again seller is efficiency. Your salary is to be efficient. Let's take a look at the first simple symptoms How to assure hon yourself He does work very efficiently. Hard to wash Hanno Sally So you here concedes the U two dots with the whole sounds off? Sally, how social, honey No, Sally He does what Very efficiently Waas somehow attaches He I want to learn from him Sound is one hot half from him Shares he is to learn. So why are you doing right now? You are learning Chinese. What? I sure see from one. I am learning Chinese. What's I should see from one? I am learning Chinese, So share c shares he learned. Okay, let's repeat this simple sentence. How to wash, Honey Sally, he's very efficient. He does work very efficiently. Waas out. Call it passion Isi. I want to learn from him. Waas young hot hash. Is he in the next simple sentence? This is also slightly challenging. How bad is the boss? See what likes your should do? Work on yourself. Efficient the urine bomb employees Hey, guess what this sentence means, Law Bad boss. He won likes So should we work on your salary efficient the U. N. Bomb employees. So the boss life employees who are very efficient at doing work. Robin, See while to assure hon your salary that we're going so you can see how the grammar is like different you at the educated, which is to assure the young Kong so apart so again goes an end which is employees Yankel employees. So she had no Sally The young Kong so employees who is very efficient at doing work and love by and see what is. The boss likes employees who are very efficient at doing work now. But while salary well, now he kept all the simple sentences that were covered in this model run Hunt Hall run, Hunt Hall. Very book person. Nice person. High rent Hunt hall. She's a very good person. High rent. And how he's a very nice person, huh? Shut down. She's very pine. Hot shot patient. You're nice ing. Nice ing patients now. Nice scene. You're nice thing. Have patients patient in the verb. Your nice ing for Haitian. How can you own icing? He's very patient. What's even more? I am envious. Well, handsy and moved Seon mo. And yes, so should you. Nice thing one must be patient when doing things who are should. Now you're nice ing. So she doing things? Yo yo Must be. Must have nice ing patients. One must be patient when doing things. Gorsha Dalio. Nice scene. Generous, Farfan. Uh huh. Ah is a huh is square. Ah Fung. Generous, huh? That farm she's very generous. Meets the too achy chief. An Ocean Party mate's Tucci should fan bushe party every time we bought to eat she always picks up the tab. Made the to change Social Party made to every time to treat Go out to eat Oh shit! Always he treat Haven't found needs to treat Trufant Bushel Parting Co polite Yoli Now Li Mao Manners Yoli Mao Have manners Polite Had a tell Young couldn't home Bi Chung your lead . She is raised very well. She's very polite. How they tell Young couldn't home Hey Charlie, only he's raised very well. He's very polite. Truthful are on this challenge. Lauch Tongue Should truthful or honors lash honest Are simple minded parent tongue should socially eating Wait, he's very ominous. You will definitely admit it. If you did something wrong, how had Chunxiu? He's very honest. What? Wash it was something wrong Eating Wake of rent will definitely um it What's washer eating white bread? He will definitely admitted if he did anything wrong. Hash. Allow shrew and he's an honest man. Well, cousin. So it's a junction. He would never do such a thing. Hush Igel assurance. He's an honest man who can and he will never do such a thing. How she got sure broken and thought the function how she got lost. Oh, can I got that option? Efficient. Your Sally Salary efficiency Your salary. Half efficiency. Be efficient! Efficient! How does he he does want Very officially I want to learn from him how to wash in your cell . He That's what Very efficiently. Waas! Uncle Attache! See? I want to learn from him. Waas Potash! Chrissy Waas Ho Tosh is he? I want to learn from him. How does she know you? He does work very efficiently. Waas call Atash a C. I want to learn from him Nobody. The boss likes employees who are very efficient now. But see, while the boss likes wash your doing won't very efficiently talking long employees now fancy one tortured hon. You're Sal. You know your boss like employees who are very efficient at doing work. Nobody wants to go long. Fancy one social honey. No, Sally, we have come to the end of today's lessons. Please check out our next class. Essential Chinese for beginners recover more than 20 hours off. Useful Grandma Tips and vocabulary City data. Thank you very much. That's incited. See you next time. Bye. 17. Easy Chinese Conversations - Learn Chinese in 7 Days - Beginner Mandarin (HSK 1 - 3) (Class Project): learn Chinese in seven days et sure see John one. In this class, we will focus on the class projects, which is tree conversations that you should translate and used to further your learning TheStreet conversations are pictures Lyle high slightly higher level for you to improve. It shines quickly, and you can also memorize them because they fall very good base sentences that you can use in everyday conversations. So this class is seven days and seven models. Of course, there are some bonus models that you can go true, but it's cord there. Seven days and seven models for you to learn Chinese quickly and get you started on your Chinese learning journey as quickly as possible with memory tools, memory tips and pro tips from natives. Because so how should you maximizes cars? You should always remember to have fun, because learning is a journey and it's a lifelong one. So do you remember to take your own notes and use the PdF? What book? Email us at. Ask parent teacher at gmail dot com. If any questions we offer Free corrections and Grandma tips at any time off the day. Let's move on to the class project at the end of every model to create sentences from the lessons that you offline and email them to us. We will do free corrections and Gramma tips for you with a second class project, which is the final class project that you should try to challenge yourself with at the end of the entire class in the seven modules it to do some translation off conversations. So we have prepared tree easy conversations that you can use to challenge your language skills with. There'll be some unfamiliar tones, but this is for you to improve and challenge yourself as we do not want it to be too easy for you to just be Stegman. We want you to even improve your skills from the end of the costs even further. So let's move on with these tree conversations. So this is the first conversations can do. This is a bit of a hint as to what it's about. So class project conversation. But we will now read out the entire conversation, and you can see how much you can gather from just hearing the tones and here in the woods out. Now let's begin, you know, Do you think, Homa? Hi. How you immediately Sheepishly Consul had Mom Suriyadi among well, since I got taller guys dancing Mitre Fonda How are you? Fourth hourly and see me? Did you get that? No worries If you didn't get how for the conversation. This is slightly difficult but we will explain it in the latest lights. We will now go true the meaning off each sentence slowly so you can keep up. Ni Hao Treaty comma Hello. How are you? Reasonably high. How your dearly. I'm okay. A little tired Should be sure going Tell him How are you? Very pc at work. Show your did bomb since I out all a Cantonese chef Amber Yes, a little busy. I need to leave now. Let me treat you to a meal another day. How are you? See any What? Are Lanzini? Okay. Thank you. I will contact you in a wall. So while translated, it's a little awkward in Chinese. This is very natural. So real is focusing some key freezes that you should get. So condo and mom is very commonly used term because you're busy at work And next guy dancinin Surefire NBA. This is also actually very commonly used because in Chinese culture it's very common to want to treat someone to something. But he was your friend, or when it's Ah colleague or someone to appear to you at work, talking to somewhere more junior. To them, they were often offer to treat them. So chitin cynics refund is very useful and you should commit to memory. And finally, what I will again, Seanie is I will contact you soon. So this is very often used at the end off our conversation with someone, and you promise to follow up. So that is the true meaning, even though it's a the our country. Contact you in a while. The actual meaning here is that powerful up with you and I will contact you, and you can see what I work the and C needed Aria Di, where by women's in a wall. But the R is just added to make it sound more natural, and it's very common in many native trying sentences. So nix, this is conversation to, and this is a picture to give you a hint off what the conversation will be about. Let's begin how cellulose arugula should cancel. I house and we are Sorry. Glow loyal Dyson. No dice. Atma Male Long look, I mission on the eat eat soba holiday. CSU need Obama. Did you get that? I think you can tell if somebody do refrain. That's right. So let's go through the conversation slowly this time. How so? Yeah, See arugula. It looks like it will rain soon. House young, it's looks like Should I cancel I house on your cellular? Yes, it does look like it's going to rain while your Tyson neo that Osama. I brought an umbrella. Did you bring one male wallet? I know. I forgot, Wangler, that I forgot you should on my ET TOBA. That's fine. Let's go together then. How the CSU need Obama. Okay, Thank you for your help. So here we like to highlight mation. Make sure it's a very useful conversation sentence that you should come into memory as well , because you can use it for almost everything. It complements is OK, That's all right. No worries, no problem. So no worries is a very easy conversational piece that you can add to almost anything and you should remember it because it's quite polite and it will be very useful when you speak to someone, so make sure nation and finally thank you for your help. CSU need Obama. This also another very easy closer sentence that you should remember. CS yet need Obama. So this is the hiding paying that you can go through at your own time to get the tones and pronunciation. Right? This is a that conversation. This picture, I guess. Your hint as to what will be about. Let's begin leaping chancy. Want Oshima once you are in control while Yes, sure. Nannies. You, Andrew Pharma. You see one. We'll let the took fun. Pain Chantelle. Why my I mean he thought that remember what? Over harder since in either yachting Did you get that from the picture Clue earlier. You can sort of gas that this might be something to do with a dinner party and you will be right. So let's go over this conversation mostly this time Any ping chancy want or Sharma, what do you like to do? Anomaly Ping Chung is normally was He won control. I like to read books. Boy, you should not an easy one took pharma me to Do you like to cook pussy? One Orlando took fun. Pinch Rondell White My I don't. I'm too lazy to cook. I usually order delivery. I mean, he and our tea tree remember? What's so fun? Come to my house to eat tomorrow I'll cook. How the CSE it need the yachting. All right, Thank you for your invitation. Let's look at some key sentences and freezers that we should remember. So the first is pain Chunk, which is what pain Chung often or usually So what do you do Like to dio need pin chancy Konsortium a next year from boyish me two years to warriors Should Knicks Why my Why my is ordering delivery So this is very, very common in China and it's a very useful phrase. So you will say tell why my we'll tell Why am I which is? I'm gonna other delivery. Well, don't why my and finally sees you knew that you lt CSC and you that yellow distinguishes Thank you for invitation. Thank you for your invitation. Let's do a recap off the most useful phrases in thestreet compensations. Angela A Hutt, Mom Goldman's or had Mom, which is very busy. What? Busy at work? God can't seen it should but gaiety and seen it Sure. Let me treat you to a meal another day. Let me treat you to a meal and not a day. What a rally in Sydney. What they really and CD. I'll contact you. Suit all contact You soon may fit mation. No worries, no worries. That's not a problem. No worries. You need Obama cuz I need Obama. Thank you for your help. Pickets hung a door. Shit! Well Pink Palace. Iwant or Shipman? What do you like to normally? What do you like to do? Normally Boyish, boyish. Me too. Me too. Why am I white? My delivery foot delivery Seriously? You need a yachting? CSU, neither yard. Thank you for your invitation. Thank you for invitation. We hope this tree conversations were useful in advancing your Chinese language skills. And please practice them and email us anytime at as trying teacher at gmail dot com says your data et shows you don't want