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Learn Chinese & Arts from Character "Spring" - Beginner 1

My SkyBase, www.myskybase.com

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7 Videos (22m)
    • Introduction: 'Dessert Style' Learning

    • The beauty of Seal Script & Regular Script

    • Evolution of the spring character

    • Learn 1, get 9 ! Take quiz !

    • Write like an architect !

    • Pronounciation & review

    • Homework & Thank You !


About This Class


Join us to learn Chinese in a bite-sized, 'dessert style' approach that is fun-filled, easy and enriching. You will experience sparks of imaginations during each class. Also, you will reap a tinder of inspiration from continual learning.

In this 21 minutes class, the ‘dessert’ we prepared for you is the Chinese character for “Spring”! Pronunciation, writing, meaning and arts are all covered. Specifically, you will:

1.  From one word, learn the key writing principle which can apply to all other characters;
2.  Adopt a new artist mindset of writing Chinese;
3.  Learn one and get nine more! You will pick up related common words;
4.  Be inspired by the evolution of Chinese characters (Seal Script & Regular script) and how it applies in ancient times and modern life;
5.  Complete the homework: Part 1 is to develop practical writing skill. Part 2 is to understand the origin of the pictorial word and to create your own artistic version. Impress your friends with your creativity!

While this lesson is for beginner level, the all-rounded contents may also enlighten intermediate and advanced level as well. Our purpose is to plant a growing sprout in your mind.

List of lessons we offer:

Lesson 1:       Learn Chinese & Arts from Character "Spring" - Beginner 1 http://skl.sh/2EX8qlU

Lesson 2A:    Grab Quick, Complete Win: Healthy Cooking + Practical Chinese http://skl.sh/2FmOlFY

Saddle your seat and enjoy the Unicorn fly!





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My SkyBase


Besides interior design works, Zoe Lin always has the passion for Chinese culture. She thinks the rich culture is too good to be overlooked. The founding of My SkyBase is an answer for this inner calling. The complicated language seems like a barrier to understanding its culture. But she believes every Chinese character is a piece of art. It is something we can enjoy in our journey of exploration if the 'recipe' (class approach) well formulated.

Born in Taiwan, Mandarin is her mother t...

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