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Learn Cartoon Character Design for Animation

teacher avatar Martin Belvisi

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

38 Lessons (9h 30m)
    • 1. Introduction to Class

    • 2. Why Inkscape?

    • 3. Starting with Inkscape - UI

    • 4. Built in Shapes and Paths

    • 5. Object Selection Tool

    • 6. Node Selection Tool

    • 7. More on Objects

    • 8. More on Paths

    • 9. Object Appeareance

    • 10. Other Features

    • 11. Inkscape Tips

    • 12. Starting with the Head - Eyes Part 1

    • 13. Eyes Part 2

    • 14. Noses

    • 15. Ears

    • 16. Mouths

    • 17. Head Shape

    • 18. Hair

    • 19. Head Design

    • 20. Body Basic Anatomy

    • 21. Hands and Feet

    • 22. Base Shapes

    • 23. Building the Line Art

    • 24. Dad Character Body

    • 25. Tough Guy Character Body

    • 26. Female Character Body

    • 27. Kid Character Body

    • 28. Middle Aged Man Character Body

    • 29. Clothing

    • 30. Light and Shadow

    • 31. Colors

    • 32. Finishing Line Art

    • 33. Dad Character Finishing

    • 34. Tough Guy Character Finishing

    • 35. Female Character Finishing

    • 36. Kid Character Finishing

    • 37. Middle Aged Man Character Finishing

    • 38. Class Conclusion

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About This Class

In this class you'll learn everythig you need, from the ground up, to create the type of cartoon characters you see in modern tv shows like Dexter's Lab, Fairly Odd Parents and My Little Pony. All by using the free, open source program Inkscape, and the mouse.

The class starts with a fairly in depth view of the program Inkscape. After that it goes into drawing the features of the head step by step. Then you'll learn the techniques and methods to build different types of body that you see in cartoon shows all thetime. And finally you'll learn how to make your characters nice looking by applying line, color and shadows.

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1. Introduction to Class: First of all, I want to thank you so much for taking your time to check the scars. I really think you're gonna like it because it's rather unique in the sense that we are not using. Traditional does like pen and pencil to draw these characters. We're using the mouse and, of course, the free backed orchestrations After inside. My idea is to help absolute beginners and also experimented artist to learn the process to draw and rather characters for animation in the state. Off modern cartoon shows like Dexter's Love Fairly Off Parents or Middle Bonnie. All the while taken advantage of the synergy that exists between the more graphical style off these shows and the particular workflow off vector gestation. As far as this delivers, we'll start with an in depth look at the program will be using insane There's your love pretty much everything you need to use it for the station from the useful tools toe more advanced techniques from there in the next unit will dealt directly into kept the sign, a study in the most common symbols that makes up popular cartoon characters and then did happen in some basic the same lesson to make your health nicer looking. The next unit will do with the body again. We'll study the most common archetypes off bodies you see all the time in cartoon shows on the methods and techniques to create our own. We'll finalize this unit by drawing five characters that used these common archetypes in the final unit will study the fundamentals off rendering. I'm making them pretty by adding color line and elimination. And by the end of the scores, you'll end up with these five characters and the knowledge to build any type of character you may want in the style of market do shows by using Insect won this thing well, this car's is made to be taken entirely on its own. It's meant to be a complement to the previous course I made called Leant Too drunk or too backgrounds for animation. Where did you have to create backgrounds in the style of Mother Control shows? It's by no means a requisite or even recommended material for the scores, but I thought I should mention it here because it does comes up a few times over the cars. Well, I hope you enjoyed the schools. Now let's make some characters 2. Why Inkscape?: in this lesson, I want to give you a quick explanation off. The recent began using vector software and the mouse to drop instead of the traditional way off using pencil and scan it into a software first of all. Traditionally, after this have you Specter software to make their rendering parrot that is finishing it. And this works because the actual drawing is done traditionally with the pencil, and then you take advantage of the power to easily create this classic. Socially, they look with shapes and lines. As you get more practice with director software, you realize that in the practical sense, the mental is in many ways a perfect substitute for an extra pen. However, when you work with it, it feels completely different, since there is this extra layer between what you want to draw in your hand, and that layer is the mouse. Because of these vector applications encouraged a different approach than traditional drawing. You illustrate by creating custom shapes and stacking them one on top off another. And of course, this workflow is also influenced by the fact that traditionally back there softer has been the sign for graphic design work. So why will we want to use a software that traditionally has been used for graphic design and Brendan to actually draw something? Well, that depends on the subject. I believe that certain captain styles that are more inspired biographic the sign, well, perfectly. With this type off software, there's no secret than many Western cartoons have been using for a long time now these highly simplified, flat in graphical style that's particularly easy and fast to animate. My goal with this course is that you can enter the wall off character, the sign with the help of a tool that synergize is with the style you're gonna work with, such that the skill and experience entry while is lower, they beat. And that's a recent work and timely with escape, because it makes it easier to make this nice and attractive type of cartoons. That's pretty common into this animation 3. Starting with Inkscape - UI: Okay, So in this first lesson, I wanted to become familiar with the user interface. So what we re doing is going through a quick overview for the elements that makes up the u I. So let's start. The first thing you should know is that the exit beauty is made out off a different elements. Let me tell you right away, if you go to a top men here and go to view and then so high, you'll see a least off all these elements that you can do enough. You can even see this check mark right next to the name that does you that it's enabled and you can turn off all of them. And then the only thing you see is that the menu and the campus, the campus is the only element that you cannot do enough another type of elements that you're gonna have to be familiar with at the local dialogues. The local dialogues are basically small windows that have options to different areas of the program. You can open a lot off them and keep them floating or docked them to the right side. And if you pay attention right below the menu to hide the elements that is deception toe hide ellos and what this does is to hide all open dialogues at once. So with these two many years, you have a lot of control over what is displayed on the program. Okay, so now let's take a quick look at each of these elements. I want that by the end off this lesson, at least you have some knowledge off what each of these elements, though first of the commas, well, and this were simply has sharp cuts to basic actions like open fire copy paste so mean route that's going the stuff. This is a good candidate to remove if you're going for a more minimalistic you, I because it really doesn't do anything important. The snap, but has all the snapping options later round will be taking a deep look at this while and everything related to snap in. But for now, an important thing you should know is that you can enable and disable or snapping by total in the first Wilton entering, because by default this happiness on and it may start bothering you. When you first start playing with objects and the objects start moving around, stepping toe everything. The palate shows multiple pallets off all types and by clicking in this mother squares you can pick colors really quickly. The rulers and scrambles are two elements that I placed together because I believe that they have more or less useless for registration. The ruler shows the coordinates of the windows and the schoolbus let you band of you. Now I'm sure that the rules may come in handy when you're great in something in the graphic design area. For the most part, you don't need them for Bennison when you're driving as far as the scrubbers, you should be using the shell. Katsunari eight circles are far more effective and easy to use. Both the ruler and the scroll bars are two elements that item off when I work in personal projects. Their status bar shows information about the document like selected Golar scoring player must coordinate and soon it s a shows to you share cuts and keeps when you're using tools. So it's always a good idea to keep an eye in there When you are working, the next two elements are extremely important and we will see them all throughout the scores. The toolbox has saw the truth to be using to do anything, and the control bar has three options off the selected. So they kind of worked together, and you should probably keep them both enable at all times solely, except doesn't really offer much as well as your customization goes. All the elements are basically stuck where they are, but you can switch the position for a couple of paths if you go to the view menu, your CDs. Three. Options default custom and wide. They changed the placement off the comments and this number. The default option gives the commencement on top and this number on the right. But legally the custom keeps them both on top and the white both on the right. I know it's not much, but it can help you feel better. Some off the u I, especially if you're working on a global solution. Skin. The rest of the options off the program are included in the dark about dialers. As I said before, they're not off them, each with its own set off options lead around. We go in depth into the most important ones, but for now, want to show you the basics of how they work. So I'm gonna open a random one by default. The first time you open a dialogue, it will be doctor, the right off the mind windows. If you click in the Diallo titled, you can drag it off, you can leave it floating there. Then, if you want to conduct it right back, keep in mind that you can only deduct Diallo's to the right side. You cannot duck them anywhere else. You can stack them into columns practically or into two or more rows, but only do the right side. If you don't need that I love anymore. You can closers with the X in the title, or you can click in the Arab Putin and identify the doc. Now if you want to show it again, just like in the Econ. Also, if there's no more Vatican space when you stack multiple Dallas, there'll be automatically tapped. So if you think a dialogue has disappeared, make sure it's not. Finally, is the campus. The campus is the big white area where you draw everything, actually noticed these black rectangle in the middle. This is the page for that. Now you don't need to draw inside. You can draw anywhere in the white area. The pitch was in east there as a guide, in case you want to create PdF, so our cards or any document that requires a clearly defined brother, you can use this crowbar toe, throw the document and the sum total to some in and out. However, the best way to move around in the document is to use the share cuts to ban the view. Hold the middle mass, Walton or whole space well to assume her control and use them as well. A nicely the feature is that you assume to the position of the point, you can also use the plus and minus case too soon. But only do the center not to the position off the point. Other useful shark It's are the one p too soon to the 100% and the two key to some to the 200%. And that's about it for user interface to your next listen 4. Built in Shapes and Paths: in this lesson. I want to show you the basics behind all vector illustration, and that is creating shapes and baths except has four built in shapes that are ready to be used to build your drawings. You have the rectangle, the ellipse, the star and the spiral to create the shape, select the tool and just drag on the canvas. You can save the shape with any of the shape tools. The two with the icon off a square lets you create rectangles. Just try the sights and form off the rectangle you want. The little white squares on the corners of the rectangle allows you to change the width and length. The little white circle on the corner lets you around the corners. I noticed that when you dragged the circle to either side, another white circle states in the government. By moving the circle, you can round the corners unevenly on the tour controls, while the rest on banners with numbers. This 100 the options we just saw bad with numbers. I really use deceptions. However, they could be useful in case you need to create a rectangle with a specific pics of wit and length. The two with the icon of the circa is Thea Lips store, the Ellipse to works just like the Squirtle. The white squares recites along the to access of the lips and white circle can do a couple of things, depending on the options that if on the two controls you have selected the option close, the Ellipse will act as if you were cutting from the center. If the option open is elected, the Ellipse will behave just like if it were another bath. The other useful option in the bar is the less Aiken that will close the lips. The other tools are the polygon tool, which allows you to create stars or the Spira toe to create all forms off Spiros. These tools are useful mostly in specific situations. Whenever you need a star or a spider, in reality, you'll be used in the rectangle and the leaves still 99% of the time. So here's a quick over your falls. The star has two important options in the to control swell, one that creates polygons and another that creates stars. Depending on which one you have selected, the rest of the options would be different with the polygon options elected. You have the quantity of corners as well as roundness and one less value that changes the position off the commerce in the polygon. A random the star has the same options as the polygon, but that's a nomadic input for their inner ratio, which you can modify with the white squares. The spider is pretty simple. It has the Don's on day, innovative options, which both are handled by the wet squares as well. Bruce A diversions value The next three tools lets you create bath directly. Instead, off lived in shapes. That is a difference but are made off knows, which are points that dictate the position of the cover later on, with the fully into everything related to pass since bats on essential part off. Except. But for now, I just want to show you how the tools to create pass work with depends. If you could create a path by directly drowning on the canvas, it's mostly used with a tablet toe sketch. More mentally, some artists like to draw with this tool with the mouse and then everything car into position. There is an option in the controls that allows you to change the smoothness that apply to the stroke once it's thrown. This is the most important option if you are trying with the mouse, and I recommended to leave it at about 50. Similar to the pencil tool is the calligraphic tool. This tool works just like the pencil, only that it allows you to change its form and other important values. The most important option is the president. Drop them in that controls. They don't too much pretty sets, but you can easily play with the options and see if you get the shape you want. Finally, the tool that probably is the most important role in any vector illustration problem their mental. This tool allows you to create custom shapes by creating the notes off the bath rather than the call. And this results in you having much more control than with the other tools. So you said, simply click on the campus. This will create a nose. You can add more section to the path by adding more notes. When your lungs create in the bath, you can just click the beginning of the bath where the little White Square is toe close It Additionally, if you don't want to close the path, you can just press enter in the keyboard or right mouse button. You usually leave a path open to use it as a line rather than a shape. If the bath is open and selective, you can continue evident by clicking on one of the ends and adding more sections. You can drag the mouse when you're placing No to create a curve section depended on where you try. The card will be different, and you can do this without the ones you want. But sometimes you may want to create a point or government in a car to the leasehold shift while you're dragging the no and this will give you access to the handle. We'll see more about handles in a little lesson, then move that handles so well you want Oh, and release the mouse button. This will create a break in the flow off the path. This way, you can not only create corners but also straight sections. After that small no. Now I realize that it may take a while before you get a feeling for the correct hand position for the curry want, so I only see a way to read comments and straight sections after small nose is to simply this select momentarily the car. You see him right now, Switon, and then continue by a pending the rest of the girl from the end. One final thing about shapes and baths in in Sape. All shapes have two important properties. Phil and Soak. You can show or hide the feel or stroke or both, but it's always there. You cannot remove either. Keep an eye in the palette. As I said in the lesson, this element shows you multiple pellets. If you have a shape selected Baisden or path, you can set the free color by clicking in any color. You can as a whole shift and click to set the color of the stroke, which is black by the foot. If you click in the very first item, the White Square with the next you can set the colors to none. Which will hide is on the field or the stroke. This is a quick way. You can change colors, however, later on, I'll show you a more robust way to handle the feel and struck off the shapes 5. Object Selection Tool: Let's take a look at the single most important tool to handle objects, the object selection tool. This tool will allow you to make all sorts off operations on objects ranging from simple transformations to adjust in important properties. The object selection tool is one of the most important those in the program, so you need to know it. I hunt with the object selection toe selector. It's possible to select an object by clicking or by dragging a of entangled around it. Notice that the rectangle most encompassed in their object, otherwise it won't selected. If you want to select multiple object, just hold, shift and click on another one, or simply write direct anger that fits them all. You can move an object by clicking on top and dragon. If you have multiple object selected, then you can move them all by clicking on one and dragon. Okay, if you did a couple of nice shirkers to know the constrain an object in the X or Y access, hold control on driving vertically or horizontally. It's possible answer to move the object with the arrow keys in the keyboard. This will move another church just a bit. This is great to make some minor adjustments. However, if you need by holding shift, the object will move in a greater quantity. It's very common that you may want to select an object that's off scared are almost completely way another. You can select an object directly willow a selected one by holding the key and clicking where it should be. All even better, move the mouse to the top off the stack Objects. Call that and used the mouse with to highlight the object. I'm sure you notice the black arrows that appears with adult rectangle that indicates the selected objects. By using any of the arrows, you can scale the object in any of the detection of the selected ammo. The scaling is thumb from the opposite side. You can tell by the little grass if you click again on an already selected object. You took their rotate and ski controls. No mother from whichever you grab all rotating and skewing is pivotal from the center point again what the little white crosses. But this time you can click on it and change its position, and this will change. The people point for both, but they didn't and skewing only objects. We've have the little cross of the center, but if you change his position, they will remember it on object. Manipulations work with multiple object selected as well, and they behave exactly the same. You can even change the position of the people. That's if it were a single object. Right now, it's a good moment to show you a couple of the most important shell cuts related 200 objects. We already saw that by holding controlled, you can constrain the movement to a nexus, but you can also make the scaling of an object uniform. This is useful for maintaining the proportions when scaling with the black arrows. If, on the other hand you're rotating or skewing hunting, control will snap the transformation to a fixed angle. This is most useful with the rotation, since it will snap toe common angles like 45 degrees or 90 or so. Then is the shift key. When scaling, this will automatically change the scaling point to the center rather than the opposite side of the selected arrow, and if you're using it to rotate our skew, then it will move. The people point to the opposite side rather than the center. So the shift key kind in birds, the people point position from center to comma. And, of course, you can use both control and ships together. This will do the two actions at same time. On important detail is that all the shortcuts work when you create them 15 shapes so you can easily drag perfect circles with the lips tool if you hold controller or draw a rectangle from the center. If you will shift or create square from center, you should hold both at the same time. In the two controls, the red a few important options you need to know the first group has a few unimportance election option that we can skip. More important is the rotate and flip commons. The rotate will allow you to rotate an object 90 degree clockwise or counterclockwise on the flip William birth the object in the horizontally or vertically. Answer. The H and B shortcuts are nice and easy to remember. Next is the object or the Putin's in. Except all objects have a stake in other, which dictates which object is on top. Every new object is created automatically on top of the stack since the administration's I created by stacking one object and off another, you have to be able to move objects happened down, so they are in the correct order. So changing the objects that car that is extremely important and you'll be using these operations all the time, even for the simplest illustrations. With these buttons, you can send the selected object to the bottom, fill it up or with a single object up or down. The next group of options are there so you can control the position and scaling with no medical accuracy unless you're creating some kind off document where you know the exact position. But you want things to be in, you can safely escape this section. These final four buttons are shirkers to enable and disable a few important options regarding object informations. You can accept this options in the transform preferences, but he took it quickly enable and the Savion option. In a second. They basically handle the behavior off a few properties off the objects when making informations, for example, whether the stock scales with the object or not. On If the gray didn't move, assume of the object, I recommend you to leave these four buttons enabled 6. Node Selection Tool: the escape workflow consists in manipulating objects with two toes. With the object selection tool, you handle the object itself, and with no selection tool, you handed the actual shape off the object with an understanding off both tools, you'll have the essential knowledge required to draw pretty much anything you want. But first, let me explain you real quick what our fathers exactly. Buffs are the way in sleep handle custom shapes. The paths, whether open or close, is made up of faecal on the ship. Takeoff takes is defined by the nose, suggesting on the garden, but more specifically by the position off the two handles. Each note has because each handle affect the curvature to one of the size off the no, the car, better off our section, is defined by two hundreds belonging to two different nose. You re able to edit and manipulate around the path carb. You need to be able to read it handles, and to do that used a no selection tool. If you remember from the building and math lessons, the rest it off tools that allows you to create path rather than building shapes. Most notable, the pen tool, which allows you to directly place knows well. You are meant to use the no selection tool with those tools to create, and to find your own custom shapes, you can select a path by clicking on it. Once it selected, you're gonna start modifying the notes to select a nose. Simply click on one. It works the same than with objects you can receive to select multiple knows or run a rectangle around them. Onda Selected knows will be colors blue. If it's not a straight line now it will show the handles. Now you can move the nose by clicking and dragon. The car will add up to the position of the nose clicking in the handles. End point. You can move Handle church in the car. The same shortcuts that work with objects were here, with the nose and with handles. Contracted, snapped angers arrow keys to move the nose, etcetera. A faster and more intuitive way to change a curve is to simply grab it by clicking and holding on unearthly section. You can only move the section you would have no the notes, depending on the place from where you will have, the pool will be different. This is because you're basically moving both hands at the same time. So if you get up from the corner right next to one of the knows, that moment will be way faster because we're affecting the movement off. One handle a lot more than the other, if you could have from the centre than the woman will be way more balanced between the two handles. This method off edge in accord is way faster but a little bit less accurate, so it's very common to make love shot adjustments like this and then using the handles to Fine Tune 12 knows you can select your nose and click on this wooden. This will leather point in between the two selected notes. If you want to the let they know, simply select it and click on this woman. You can also hit the delete key. Yes, they will at them to maintain the curvature once you delete the no. But everything about the no selection tool is that you can do both really fast and accurately by simply selecting a cough. And they were clicking on any location toe. They know this is way easier on more accurate every note has four possible types which affect the car in different ways. You can see them in the control as well. That worry if these look a little too much to handle right now, in reality, you'll be switching back and forth between the 1st 2 Almost exclusively. The first taken is the corner type notes off this type Have a daemon taken any path that's reach Just this type of note will stop at the north and not governing with the curvature. This is why if you want to create a Cornell in a smooth girl, you're gonna have to transform. I know. Tow this type Now if you remember from the built in and path listen. With the mental, you can create a straight sections as well. A scarves. This is three sections. Have a cornet that No, you can see the train liken, But if you selling the note you see that they won't show handle. I see it as the handlers resting on top of the no. This way the hands don't affect the covering anyway. And as a result they resist resection. The second must use No. Is that smooth? No. This type has a square taken. You can turn each handle independent of each other, but they looked in their rotation. So if you're a date, would handle the other data as well. This way, the courage will always we more or less smooth through the no, you'll be using this type of no for everything. That's not a corner. The third type is the symmetrical type. Other than moments, would you want to create a semantical curvature with the note in the apex? I don't see too much useful it, and finally, is the out this world type. This note will try to make the curvature that pass Reynolds super smooth. But the problem is that if you try to make some adjustments, the North will transform into a small type. So this has limited use for this type as well. These four buttons are related toe manipulation, the 1st 1 and I rescued to join two and nose into one. The great thing about this is that you can join the nose belonging to two different objects , merging the two objects into one. The next button allows you to select tunnels and then believe this section away. The paths will be separated islands, but they had a still a single object. The third bottom is just the 1st 1 to join dwindles, but the difference is that now it leaves them at the position they are and created state line, turning them again. You conjoined to animals off different doctors if you want the less well done, a similar to a 2nd 1 But the difference is that into the separate in this section, it delete it. One big difference is that now you can adduce an end. No, and the notes had to be continuous. And that makes sense if you went to the section from another. No, just tell it. In the end, no one does. You can make a corpse section straight by selecting. The two knows that affect the curve Anglican on this wooden or the work, click in the corner type while selected. No. This will transform the tour in common sections into a straight line. If you want to do the opposite to transform a straight section of a car, you click on the button right next to it. Additionally, you can select a sale I know and click on the smooth type. This will smooth both in common sections. Finally, there are a couple of options related to this playoff. Useful options, formal manipulation. The last six. Putin's enable and disable important features. Just like the last section in the controls off the object selection tool. By far the most important one is this one. This enables the handles, which is wouldn't let off. It's impossible to grab the handles to manipulate the bath. You gonna leave out the car? The second most important option to have on is this one. If you select on that one, No, you'll see the same selection icons that you see when you sell it off just with the Objects action tool, including the black carols. In fact, this election behaves exactly the same. You can scale in any of the arrow deductions if you click a second time of it. I know their rotation. As urine options appear. You can even just the same share cuts like control or shift. With this option. In neighborhoods, you can perform some actions you couldn't do without them, like moving to nose equally closer to each other, using the scale levels or rotating group of knows, maintaining the distance between them so it's really recommended that you told this button on. However, keep in mind that if the black arrows hindered you in any way, you're gonna with you, say with them temporarily with a single click. The other options are for when you're using clip or masks and for when you're using path effects, we'll take a look at them later. 7. More on Objects: there's more to objects than the object selection tool in this lesson would take a look at the rest of the features related to objects, including shortcuts, options and they lows. You can duplicate one or more objects by selecting them on going to edit Doctor Gate or the way Morrissey and Useful Control D. This will create a duplicate object that's created exactly on top of the original and has to exact same properties. This is a much easier and faster method than copying and then based in an object to get another copy. Speaking of coping and based in this time the shortcuts a play Contra C to copy an object and contribute to baste it. But that's the thing you should know. Using control be will face the object to the position of the point. If you want to place the position where you copied the object, making it the same, then duplicating. Use the shortcut control at B. This might seem like a redundant government, but later on I'll show you that there are moments where you might want to use copy paste rather than duplication. But for now, it's way easier to justice. Control the to get a copy often object. It's possibly the group multiple objects together, so they behave us. One. Just select the object you want in the group and then go to object, you know, or they're really easy to remember. Shortcut Control. G Grouping. It's mostly used to handle objects more easily. Group objects will maintain the relative distance and stuck order when you handle them, so the most common use for groups is to join with the blockages together that represent a single object in real life. If you said the feel or stroke color, it's very applied to a lot objects in the group. If you want to edit on object in a group, you can enter it, by the way, clicking in the group you know you enter the group when I will spring appears in the stats . Well, here you can work as if you never created the group. You can modify or delete object. You can create objects inside or even other groups. When you're done at it in the group, simply double click on any place outside off the group. All changes you've done, including created objects or groups, will be kept if you need to this mentally group. Goto object I'm Group One Nice thing is that both the group and longer options appear with the right mouse button clipping allows you to limit the visibility off a shape to the silhouette off another. After the clip is done, you can edit the clip shape inside with no selection tool. And no matter what the changes, one show outside of the city with the idea of the object to create a clip used to objects. First day of Did you want a limited visibility or target object on the object you want to use to live in the other or clipping path? The clipping path has to be above the other in the stock order. Then you select them both and go toe object, Sleep said. All my favorite method, Right? Click said sleep. Once it's done, those two objects will become a single clipped object, which you can move skay, rotate on, do pretty much everything you can do with other objects. But now you can enter the shape inside with no selection tool on the shape one show outside of the clipping path. If on the non selection tools you have this button took it on. You can edit the target object itself the one clip Goto object clip release or right click release clip all ships. Yeah, that will keep the changes. A common use for clipping an illustration is to draw shadows and highlights directly on top of a shape and keep the flexibility toe with them at all times. The sensory, similar feature toe clipping call Maskin Maskin cast the same functionality than clipping with the difference that has a few transparency. Features. Sleep in the same place, so I prefer to use it. Our masking. And then I think I look at a few dialogues related toe handling objects. The latest trailer allows you to clear layers just like any other graphic program. They work the same way objects in a layer above we love with Look on top off the obviously real oh, open the layer style. Oh, go to layer layers to create a layer click on the plus button. Thank you with the name. Every new layer you create will replace on top off the layers stack every new objects you create. We belong to a selected layer, and if there's no layer, then they belong to known. If you want to move an object to a layer, you can go to layer, and here you have a few options. You can move the objects to a particular layer or to a layer above or below. However, my favorite way to move objects between layers is to sell it the off just They want the womb, cut them using control X selected layer. I want to place them on, and then instead of paste and right away I use based in place. The share cut is control not be this way. I'm based in the object in the exact same place where it waas when I got it, rather than the position of the mouth to the little a year used to minus Wilton. Keep in mind that if you let a layer or loved it that belong to that layer will be the leader as well. So if you want to keep those subjects, you'll have to manually move them to another layer before you delete anything. You can also move the layer up or down with this wooden's and of course, this will affect the visibility of the objects belonging to the layer. Keep in mind that inside stack soldiers on a parallel your basis on object in a layer above can never be sent below a novel in the layer below. No mother stuck or that off the objects in the layer. You can make the layer invisible with the eyes right next to the name or lock it with a little luck making the layer. And basically we'll make the object in the layer invisible on selectable look in the layer . We make the object just on selectable. It's possible to change the opacity off a layer. This will affect our lobsters belonging to the lay at once. Just release led them to the position you want. You can also input the number from Syria to 100 by clicking in the number. And finally, you can apply a blend more toe a layer blend. Months changed the way the color often object in direct with the color of another object I won't go into later. Right now. Just keep in mind that the mold will be applied to all objects off the layer to change the blend. Mole clicking the blend mode. Drop down and serve the one you want. If you don't know what blend Mazar, I would recommend you to stay away from them. In pixel, various graphic software lay inside, often used to separate the working area into arbitrary segments. So the legislation is separated into manageable components in. Except this separation is built into the problem, since every object has its own independent data, so that must come on use for layers. And except when you're saving, is as an organization toe set by internal large quantities off objects into my groups that make sense and are easier to handle The options. Taylor gives you a least off objects that exist currently in the document. You can open it by going toe object objects. The objects are order hair, curly bases on its layer and group, except gives a lot just a default name. If you the way click, you can change it next to the name a looker and and I just like in the latest Taylor you can do. The center will do on a layer better on a single object. Just remember that if you look on Macon object invisible, the other way to select it is through the object, a love So it's what to give the important objects a name. You can change the opacity off the object, just like with the layers but magic and also checked the bloodless. The object stale also has a blend mode drop down and again, it's the same as the latest, with the difference that now it's applied to a single object. As you may have noticed the object, Taylor has pretty much all the functionality of the latest dialogue built in. Sadly, it's a bit uncomfortable. Toe handle layers due to the way behaves so. If you realization has other layers, it may still be worth stoking the latest a live there somewhere. Another extremely important dialogue you be using all the time is the ally in and this through With Layla, you can open it by going to object a line in this cereal, the Elena distribute daily. It's separated into four sections, though for illustration, you'll be using the 1st 2 almost exclusively with the Alliance section. You can align objects right you toe another one. The most important option here is the relative to Dropbox. The selective objects will be aligned depending on the selected option here, and they don't quite a few usually check them one by one and see which one works best for each case. However, I can assure you that in the case of illustration, for 99% of the time that the for adoption left selected will be more than enough them below . The same checkbooks by the four objects are aligned individually. But if you have this option checked, then we're to preselected. Oh, just will be treated as a group, maintaining the relative distance with them as they are reliant. All the options here are very easy to use. The objects would be a line depending on the button. You click. If you don't know what put on the press, you can leave the mouse on top off a button to see the tip. The ones who used to know the time of this, too, to align the centers vertically and horizontally and only occasionally abuse in the others . This through your section is separated from the Alliance section. Here, you can simply choose all the object you want to distribute equity instantly and click on any of the Waltons you'll be using this to most of the time. This will distribute basis under centers As far as the other sections, they aren't that helpful for registration. Please, you will be using the align and distribute day low with objects most of the time but recent option that appears when you select notes. This section will give you access to a similar to set to the Alliance section with the difference that it's way more simplify since your only ally important since off objects. 8. More on Paths: in the previous lesson, We check the most important tools and Diallo's related toe objects. Now it's time for the bus. Let's start by taking a look at the path menu. This mania has a lot of important comments for path you can raise on Lee, the unnecessary knows in a path just to take a bath and go toe path. Simplify This comment will remove all the unnecessary knows while trying to maintain the over the shape. Keep in mind that the more you perform this common, the more likely it is toe start damaging the cigarette. Sometimes that's exactly what you want. In the case, you should use a shortcut. Control L toe. Repeat the common faster. You can join two different path into a single object if you goto path combined the path are still separated, but now they're a single object. This government is a little useless since you can have the same result if you perform a union reparation as you see in a minute, on the other hand, you can break apart an object with separated path into two or more objects. If you goto path, break about now or bath islands are their own objects. This government is useful in conjunction with the tools we saw in the consolation told that let you break up our path as you want. One very common action to do is to outset are inside a shape a year ago. Due path inset or path Outset on this will perform the action in increments. A better alternative is to use the third option dynamic offset. This will create a handle which will let you adjust a off the interactive Lee. Officers are often used to create a shape that surrounds another while maintaining the relationship to the edges, Something that would happen if you scale a non square shape after you're done using dynamic offset. If you go to the no selection tool and select the shape, you'll notice that the handle is still there. If you want to be able to see and I did the nose, you need to transform the object back into a bath by going toe path. Object the bath. If you try to ready the path off a building object like the rectangle of the ellipse with no selection tool, you surely noticed that it won't let you that you will just give you the building with the fires. It's a bit like what we saw a second ago with dynamic offset. It just won't show you the note. This is because there are no nose in a building object. It's another bath. It's a special type of project. The Reivers do any the nose off, a building shape or a shape that has modifiers. Actives, it will seem. What about that later? Um, it it runs from the shape into a bath. You can go toe path, object the buff. Now the shape is the bath. As a consequence, you won't have those nice building operations, like smooth Indians off a rectangle or attention the amount of points In a start. However, now all the notes are a little. It is impossible to transform on Lee the stroke into a bath. Let's go toe path struck the bath again. All the benefits that come with stroke addition are gone. You cannot change the stroke size or the type or use the nose at all. But now it's a footpath. This operation is often used to better any the stroke. Do the eggs action. If you want Boolean operations on essential parts off illustrations you be doing. First of all, you should know that all that Boolean operations do is to simplify some of the work. You can do everything without them, even if in some cases it will take a lot of time and it will be highly impractical. Early in operations, take two or more shapes. That's input, and I'll put a single shape. It's an assault. This is important to know, cause in some operations, especially in case of the intersection. You may want to keep the original shape as well as a new one. The total off six different types of operations. However, for your station, you Onley realistically need three of them. All the others aren't really that useful or not worth the extra energy in 11 them. So every skipping those and I recommend you do the same. The union is used to join. Want to separate the shapes into a single path, just like the shapes you want to join and goto Path Union or the releases? Remember shortcut control blues. Most of the time, you want to have the versatility off, keeping the objects separate, maybe in a group, so if you need later on, you can change and we arrest them. However, if you want to be able to manipulate the silhouette, often object. Then you can't think we have objects overlapping. You have to have a path to combat and move around. The difference operation is used to guard or the leading section off a shape you said you need to shapes the shape on top will be the one that we got a section out of the ship below . Then select bowl shapes and goto path difference or control minus in frustration. The intersection operation is mostly use it to limit the shape to the silhouette off another, often to the shadows or highlights. You could go on really slowly and trace the back of a shape carefully to avoid. Live in this and rep are. You could use this operation to draw freely and then remove an idea where the shapes don't intersect to use its a little shapes and go towpath intersection. All the used the shortcut control asterisk, the path effects are modifications that change the behavior or looks off a path. Some of them can be really useful. Open the Pacific Bellow Goto Path Pacific's the other path effort to a shape. Simply click on the police icon in the Pacific. Diallo. This will bring up a list with all path FX every row. Now you're just setting the one you want on the effort will be applied to the shape. So the leader Pacific from the shape Just click in the mind. Cycm. Any modification you deal with, the effect will be lost. Almost all bath African neighbours, one or more control handers or girls on the shape to manipulate the parameters. You can see an access these controls with no selection toe. If the object is selected, then the effort options would be shown in the Pacific. Diallo with an effort activity, you can still modify the of it on the nose. However, depending on the effort, this may bring body and unpredictable behavior. They did a lot off bath effects. I couldn't possibly go through all of them. But the truth is that you don't need more than a few for most illustrations. So I'm gonna give you a quick tour off a few effects that I think I'm beautiful without going into the options. Otherwise, things will take a lot of time But if it's something you learned better when you're experimented by yourself, the middle effect it's one of my favorites. It were, is everything in real time to one of the size off a straight line. You can move us you like so you can get any type off mirror you may want. You can use this effort with any path, but it's more useful when you want to draw symmetrical shapes with mental prospective envelope is another one off the most useful. By modifying the four corners off the envelope box, you can simulate any perspective. This is very useful for drawing the shape in photographic and then play in this effect. To put it in perspective, the Ben allows you to bend and the object that long a controlled path. You can create multiple control points and added the car just like if it's where I know what path and the options will follow the car of the best it can. With paper stroke, you can easily get a nice staple effect without the need to transform the stroked Owen object and mannerly, taping it off course, you can still use it as if it will in normal stroke Bruce. The paper controls. Once you're done, you can apply the effort to the path by going toe path. Effect the bath. The object will be transformed to the shape that it had with the Pacific Dawn on, the effort will be eliminated. While this is, say, the structure workflow, it can help you out of the bath better since when you added the bathroom. In effect, their behavior is very unpredictable. Finally, some tools have built in bath effect options. The pain and principles have a few options in the controls that let you apply the effect as you draw, and you can edit the effectively the wrong With the consolation Tooley, you can select between a few effects, like the beast blind and the spider path to use and automotive to default. Baseer Girl The sense of the shape drop down. Also independent, pensive tools. This work by changing the way the stroke looks and behaves. You cool, for example, select the option to have a triangular stroke 9. Object Appeareance: in this lesson, we're gonna take a look at the features. The problem has toe candle, the way an object looks one of the most important. Diallo seven entire problem is the feeling stroke. In a previous lesson, I show you how to quickly said the feeling Stroke order often object using the palate. But this dialogue contained the full set of options to open it. Goto object Feeling stroke. The feeling stroke Diallo has three times the first and second tab. The field and throat have the sex and options. Depending on the selected tough. The options would be applied to either the feel or stroke, the less stuff and the other properties of the stroke. But most important, they with Let's Begin with the feel and so paint off. Since both have the exact same options, I'll show you the options with the field of selective. The first thing you see at these eight boxes on top. These chance that type of paint you'll give to the object. Even though there are eight different Bhutan's practically you'll only be used in the 1st 2 The other ones are user for other features. More important for graphic design or they give rhythm that information, so forget about the other six and concentrates the 1st 2 The X means no pain whatsoever in a previous lesson, I told you that in, Except you cannot remove either feel or stroke. You can only hide it well. The X will hide either feel or stroke, depending on the WR. This will turn dust XX and thing that the white X in the palate, then, is the flat color button. This does the same thing that picking 1/4 in the palate. It gives either the feel or stroke ace on its color. But the difference is that now you get the full set off options to pick the color you want First as soon as you click on the option found near water disappear. These are actually times each with a different color selection mouth. They'll give you the same colors, but depending on your needs, it could be easier picking one or another for illustration. You'll be using either the wheel or the ages and mull. You can forget about the other ones. No mother was called Ramo's. You pick them really illiteracy RGB, a label on the dropper, The dropper is the classic tool duality sample colors, and the Algerian label has the excellence of on numbers off the selective color. Here, you can copy that number and start exact color. You have selector or plays the color in excess imitation. The stroke style tub has all the options related to the stroke. Of course, the most important here is the with. This is the option you'll be handling all the time. Right next to the with number. There's a drop them with a different value off mm millimeters. This is a unit since, except is a graphic this time, so were first displayed by the fault, a unit that is useful for plant. But you can change that unit to something more useful. For illustration. I have recommended the Meikle adjustment used in the PX or pictures unit. Notice that when you change to a new unit with value gets cumbersome. Bless you, sir. For illustration of the dash is an American assumptions. The dashes of different types of Stashes to a stroke on America's and symbols toe different parts of the stroke. This is mostly used to create things like arrows for diagrams and maps. A little more useful at the joint and gap options. The joint changes away that stroke loose in a corner. If you have a six stroke, it may worth to play around with the type of joint. So the struggled validation to itself. The gap is just like the join option, but only for the animals and the other changes, the other of the stroke feel and Merkel's. For illustration, you can live without worrying about deceptions, independent of the jobs that have to. Slater's the 1st 1 as a blur effect to the entire object, both for field and stroke on the 2nd 1 says the A positive in their object. One important thing to keep in mind is that this is like the is complete disability from the Alfa value in the feelings. Through paint off, you can create radiance about using the Grady in tool in the toolbox, depending on which option is set in the total control smile, you create either a linear or radio ingredient. When you drive right next to the linear and radial options at the stroke and feel options here, you can choose to what is it gonna be applied toe to set the colors just click on the stops in handle and then set a color. You can move the handle at any moment after you created it by using either the Grady in tool or the no selection tool. With the really into selected, you can double click in any section of the handle, and this will create in your stop radio tuning, say, behave just like radiance. In any other problem, the color will be linearly changed from the color of one stop to another in that controls. While there are a couple of useful options, this will turn with the best ingredients, so you don't have to manually rotate. Handle this. Drop them will change what happens after the turn stops by. The faulty and stop color goes on, but you can make it. Repeat the bottom or repeat the pattern back to back. If you open the feelings of dialogue and choose the third or fourth bottom, you see a list ofall the greatest. You've creative. By selecting one, you can apply it through the object. You can also do obligate and modify an existing radiant. All of the options you see here are found in the Grady into controls you can if you prefer , handled the greatest application from here. But I found it's way easy and not worry about this panel and control everything from the controls. Bar off the Great Intell except has a fully implemented measure, Grady and Functionality. While not as advanced as the mission, radiant in a program like illustrator, it can do chilled fairly decently. So it's what's to take a look. A missed radiant is similar to a normal ingredient, with the difference that you can place and manipulate stops in all directions. To set a Mediterranean to an object, select the millstone and directly on the object. Just like with the radiance, you can just type in the Contras. Well, the first option. We create a matte tricks Off stops the second officer, Berkeley. They conical mess. This is similar to the radio radiant Onley that you can have more than one throw off stops to set a color is similar to a normal ingredient. Simply select a stop and said the color with the Mr Selected, you can drag to select multiple stops on, said the color to all of them together. This can only be down with the grading tool. Since then, we're working with measures you can set the road on columns. Sadly, you cannot add or remove rows or columns. Dynamically. The changes are only applied when you create in your mail. However, it's possible toe interactive Leon rows and columns just obliquely in a brake system, grow or column with the measure of selector. And anyone will be great. The So It's always best to create a mesh with a few rows and columns and then have more rights, neither just like with the radiant you can move a stop. But the difference is that now you can move, do whatever you want. Another new thing is these little circus around. I know that transformed triangles when you select the stop this control the spread off a gunner off a stop. If you start moving them, you see that the row and column line is also moving to indicate the way the stop affect the color with deceptions. You have complete control over the color of an object, and you can really have an shading that would be really have to do without it. As far as other options, just like we know my girls, that is an option to make a segment state or call. If you missed too much the shape of the myth, you can feed it insane. Object With this Putin. A really nice option is the ability to enable and disable the stop indicators. This way is easier to see the stuff you have, just like with the Radiance supporter in the feeling strong dialogue To select this type of feel again, you don't need to use it for anything as that baby to switch with you in accepting missions . Food. That's our visual effects program inside except itself that are somehow similar looking to pixel effects. But I was still inside the SPG standard. You can open the fridge. The editor by going toe filters filter. Here. You can create the effort by applying and removing pre existent effects and changing the parameters. Creating effect is its own subject, and you're really gonna have to touch this. Taylor, however insane, comes with hundreds off building effects for you to use pretty my security that you won't ever need to create your own to access the field. That's goto filters and the juice the one you like because filters I'm not big salvation they can really goes to slow them, especially if you're some right in. I'm gonna be honest. I don't like this and filters. I prefer working in a picture softer like Gimpel Rita and important members to the problem . I feel that this way it's way more effective, and you get exactly what you want. Speaking off important an image you can important image or any type of vector file to the document by going toe file in part, all my favorite metal by dragging from the US to the gun breath. Once import the image a small daily will appear. You can skip this. Just click in. The great images are objects on. They can be manipulated with the selection tool. You can apply blur and a passivity from the field and serve Diallo but not colors. You cannot supply filters from the filter menu and, most importantly, plan most from the object or the Diallo pixel basis extensions, mostly from the rest of menu work as well 10. Other Features: We have studied the essential tools and options related to illustration the broom has. But now it's time to talk about other features that might still be important, but they're a bit more situation on or snap in. Functionality can be enabled or disabled by clicking in the first icon in the Snapper. There are three sections in this bar, all proceeded by a boat in which enables, or the Sabres and Diane section. Once you snap something, the position a little message appears in place, letting you know it's snapping. The first section enables you to snap to bounding box itself and the object. A bounding box is a rectangle that feeds the whole object. No, mother, this cigarette. So, for example, if you were dating rectangle, the about them box of the object is gonna still be a rectangle. The tigers in this section Let's you enable snapping two corners, actions, mid points and even the center point off on object bounding box. I find myself really needed to snap to bounding boxes, so I never neighborhood this type off. Snapping the second section is a little more useful. The section that you snapped toe paths and nose off are the doubles Here I found that I only need this one. This one that you snapped through knows from a gun. All the other ones let you in some way or another. Snap to Al Viteri, Point in the bath, which is more distracting and less useful than you think. The third section that you snap toe other points like centers, handles and takes angers. This one lets section this one has no main double and enables to snap into the base grease or guides. Since this occurs about illustration, we escaped both patients and guys, which are helper lines. You can die off on the left upper corner in the campus or from the rules, but the grease require a little more explanation. You can enable a rectangular on excellent metric leads for the entire document. For this, you need to open the document property style of go to file document properties and then go to the great stuff you create. Agree with the creation dropped down here. Just select the type Hang click new After the great degrees a tub with options appear here , you can configure the grid. The 1st 3 check boxes are universal for the two types of bullets you can enable or the same with, and I agreed with the first checkbooks. You can make it invisible, but keep this snapping a neighbor with the second checkbooks when you some out some of the green. Maybe wreck created so much. The soon with the 30 books enabled you Onley snap to the grid that are actually visible otherwise, degrees maybe too close together and they may be the purpose off enable snapping in the first place for the rectangular. Really, the origin value moves agreed up or down the space and is just for the space in between. These if you want to make the bigger just make this basin in X, and why bigger? The nice thing about having different values for X and why is that you can create non square grids. You can have a different looking line every certain number of normal lines. This is so you can see better. You change the color off the minor or major type of real with color selector by the fourth . Both type have the same color, and Alfa the Alfa is indicated with the first half of the bottle. You can also change the quantity of lions between a major agreed with this drop down. If you have a very densely that's maybe better than lines, you can just dots with this Putin. The ex automatically has a couple of different options. First, you change the size of the green with the space and value. The angle changes the inclination. Probably the most useful type off. Greed is gonna be the different one. The one with both angles said that 30 This will create a classic semantic live. Finally, if you go to the snapped up right next to the police stop, you see a group off options rated to snap in. The first, regroups changed a distant, needed Do snap. If the option is said to always snap on, the selective object will always snap to something a mother Liston's. You don't want to touch anything here. The different options are just fine. The spray to let your spray the selected object. This is later. Quickly create a vandal and organic looking distribution off objects that otherwise would be impossible or at least very tedious to place manually in the two controls. While the latter formals they just away this play worth with the first ball selected use played copies off the selected objects based on the value set in the rest of the bar. If you have more than one object selected, then they'll be sprayed randomly with the others. This system all that you'll be used in the most with the second most elected years break close off the selected subjects. Ass is to be expected if you modify one of the objects you modify off the clones, the third and for small R unless uses with the thermal, you manage a lovely into a single bath as you place them. This could be used for to create interesting shape continents and with the last month of the left, copies off on Lee the selected objects. So if you place a lot of different office when you're praying now you can delete only there are two type we want. As far as the modify assumptions, you have a lot of control specialist, since you can bound any off the options toe tablet pressure for extra versatility off course to countries the size of this play and the amount of play subjects you can run the my salutation scale and scattered. Then you have more to find options like if you want to apply over solely or transparent sections useful. If you have the Camba said, transparent acid is by default. Well, if you want the objects to overlap or not, as well as changing the colors as you place objects. Without this values and options combined, you have a huge amount off control. The best thing you could do is to experiment and see which configuration of values work for each. In the legal case, the trick tool allows you to the two things you can apply transformations toe alas, quantity of objects at once by baiting with the Corso or modify bath by sculpting with the concern. Keep in mind that this told we only affect selected objects, so make sure you select or the objects you want to effect before you send stool in the turn controls. You can set the width off the course L on the force with which the changes will be applied . The fourth company map to the oppression input. If you're using a tablet in the most section, you have access to 13 different moles that we can use the modern less feet into three categories. They have the object manipulation molds, the 1st 6 the past manipulation mall from the seventh to the 10th and the object of bidden small. The rest. The ultra manipulation malls are most useful to use in conjunction with this plater that we just saw a while ago. This most let you perform all type of transformation very easily on last quantities of shapes. You can modify the position, scale and rotation. This is mostly useful to randomize the values and create a more chaotic a range of subjects . Each mold has an eternity modifier that gets active with the shifty to know what it does. Simply leave the mouse on top of the mold on that, the people that you know what they do, the past manipulation walls is where things get interesting. Depending on the options, you can push or pull different parts off a path or shrink and expand. That's that's normal. Too rough in a bath. With this most you can easily create organic shapes. It's my note. Before we continue, this tool will not work on a safe section, even if the handle selective this must surely is able so you may have to add a small girl mature toe, a section you want to effect before you can. Just the stool. The third group off moles, changes the color and blow off the objects in different ways. You can paint the selective color, give the objects a random corner or just blue of the objects. The sense of the color of blower is based on the strength value, just like in the case of the object manipulation molds the most from this section and usually used to paint the last quantity of objects. The book. It is an interesting tool. You can create a shape that will feel any enclosed area really quick by just clicking. But there is a big problem. The creative shape is not created using Boolean operations, but rather it's generated. You seem pixel information, so the position of the view when you click the field is important. If you assume right in the field, we maintain decently the edges. If you assume really far, that feel will leave. A lot of space is in the sections so they feel will never be better. Fact, there's always gonna be some space in the borders no mothers have close to assume. When you said because of these, the two loses a lot off Useless. To help solve this problem, there are a few options in the Contras you can play around with disrupt, um, by the fault he tried to feel based on the color information. But you can change it, so instead try to feel based on the difference between hue, saturation, alfa or in the bigger colors. If you bring the right options here, it can improve the quality of the field. This that so they grow shrink input. You can make the object feet. It's around in a little better. You can play with deceptions, however, I prefer to livers in as it is and use dynamic officer to make the shape fit better. The book at that have issue says, if you can. What about speed than accuracy? But for everything else, you should take your time and create the first generally by duplicating shaves and perform Boolean operations. I want to talk briefly about extensions. Extensions are blue jeans that are built into the program just like the building filters. You got extensions to create different types of path toward we pixel images to export the world we will basis. There are a lot of them. And, just like with the fielders out of the bath FX extensions as something you're better off playing with by yourself. What's really interesting is that you can assign shirkers to a lot off them. All you have to do is go to the shirker preferences. And, of course, if you want, you can write your own extensions. There, guys, you can find a line if we reprogram it and feel up to the desk. Three honest extensions and a bit like filters. You might find yourself using one here and there, but for the most part you can skip them and you want mismatch this for the rest of the tools and options I thought were useful for registration, depending on your workflow and the way you like to illustrate, they told that one artist thing is essential, maybe completely useless to you. I am good if you toe test and play around with the other tools and see if you can find in some juice. I didn't. So now that we've gone through the entire program and all the features, I think an important for your station. I want to give you some important tips that I think may save you a lot of headaches in the long run. 11. Inkscape Tips: great. We're done with the program. I believe that the knowledge you have now you can go and it is really pretty much anything you want. But before you do that, I have a few tips that I've compiled together through the years. So frustrating, willing cyp. Some of them are small features that can save you a lot of time. All those are just keeps for working with the problem here way. These tapes are really basic, but to me they are very important to know. I want to start with some very important stuff. I relieved that in most notorious, for the most part, everyone forgets about one of the most important parts of working and accept. Switching between the two selection tools and switching between these two tools is one of the most common actions you re doing. Quinn drying At the end of a day's work, you'll end up wasting a ton of time moving the mouse to the tool box to switch to the right tool. It's a little liquid. You're landed. It's really problem, and everyone tells you that you should get used to the keyboard shortcuts to the Manipulator Tools assembly. It's possible otherwise to be forever slaves to moving the mouse all the way to the U I Every two seconds, the default circuits are a little bit awkward to my taste. The other books is said to the function keys if one of two or three. So I prefer to sit my own custom share cards. You can every the default shortcuts. If you go to edit preferences. Here you go toe interface. He was shark. It's the tools and in the context list, but you can search in the search box. I recommend you to set the selection tools to something like a M s or U N W something that is not a separated from the rest of the fort non toolbox cable circuits. And since you're there, you might as well said the shark ought to the next most useful tools used in the mental a lot. So I recommend you to say that comfortable circuit for it, and they're important, it told you. Research into constantly the drop. It'll the dropper allows you to sample a color and sell it to the feel, or if you will shift the stroke of the selected object in most other problems. That Ripper tool isn't signed by default to a key like control or at but in in Sape, the drop. It is a tool, so you need to use a shirker to access it. And just a very comfortable game, something that one forced you to go all the way up in the keyboard. Everything you want to sample color. If you don't say the shortcut, then you're either gonna have to go toe to toe box every time or up in the feeling sort dialog and use that Robert Icon there both. But it's slow and awkward. This deep can save you hours off Justin Properties in Diallo's, it is possible to go pee, and based on Lee, the style often object. This means that you can pass on the field and strugglers as well. A stroke with another properties do any other object and the of the weather. Today in the shape this way, you can very quickly change the color to the style you're working on, but use it is very simple. Simply copy the object you want to start from and then sell it. The object. You want to base this Thailand on Goto edit based style or even better, is the shortcut. Contraction be? This is something you're using all the time when you're Satan, so I recommend you to memorize the shark cut. Sometimes you want to add some sort off texture or noise to the object our senior Drew. There are many ways you cannot noise to an object, but here's what I recommend. Just find some interesting Reggie texture on nine preferentially from a royalty free picture site and important to the document, you need this texture. Toby in black and white, surface and color make it black and white by going to extensions. Presto, just be and then said the situation toe minus 100. There are other ways to be saturated image in except but they may not work well with what we do next. Now we just place the texture on top of the object or image. You want to have the texture, too, and then open the objects. They'll go to object objects. If you have selected the texture, you should be selected in the Diallo. If you remember, you can set the blend nose off individual objects. I recommend you to try first, multiply for light textures or skin for dark ones. If those don't do it, then you should die each of the other blend most and see if you get the results. You want off course. You have to lower the capacity as you train your FX. Always go for somebody. And finally, of course, you have to clip it. The figure dubbed it. Remember that you can use a group as a clip. I want to talk about a couple off nice display options that may help you to work more comfortably. Open the document Diallo by going to file document as illustrators. We don't care for most of the options here in these first up, but if you go down to the section that say's border, you can change a couple of border. This play options, the most important is the one that lets you disable the fish border. I know some artists find a useless black square in the middle, annoying and distracting, so now you can just remove it if you like. The second important option here is the section of all that say's background. You can change the color of the background by clicking on the label so much is like to work in a nice gray background rather than a completely white one. But here you can change to any college you want. If you pay attention, you see that the Alfa is completely turned down, yet the color of the background changes to the selective color. The else option here is for when you export an image in the area that is not covered by an object. That is, when the background shows through, we'll export with the transparent said to the value in the elephants later here. For the most part, we want to have transparency when you export, so I recommend you do live it all the way down like it's by default. And if you need your image to have a color background, just a rectangle beloved with the color of the background you want. Speaking of exporting, you can export any idea of the document to a PNG image Y P and G. Well, there be in the format is a lossless known Potente image compression format. This means that whatever you export, one loose quality when compressing the image, you look a shell, plus the victor off course. The PNG format allows transparency. So the option in the document about the transparency of the background comes into play. When exporting talksport an image go to file export PNG. This will open a day love on top. Therefore, Bouton's you can sell it the type off area that will be automatically selected to export. In reality, this Putin's want matter. What matters are the numeric imports will know they defined the actual area that's going to be exported. Alec amended to always have the Putin selection together on If you have on the numeric inputs with, adjust to the area of the selected objects, so you can just select the object or objects you want to export, and the area will be set automatically. Toe match the bounding box off the selection. Down below. There is the image size section where you can set the size of the export of file. One important thing to remember here is that because we're working with Victor's, the Dimension said in the document world mother at all. At the moment of exporting, for example, I can create a rectangle off 100 by 200 pixels, and if I want to export that object, they with and hide input won't necessarily change to the size of the object. In fact, I can go on and change the value toe, whatever with and hate I want. The values will automatically adapt to the right ratio so I can easily export that 100 by 200 pics. Every tangle do a 10,000 by 20,000 pixel image, and it won't lose and equality. I like to think about it as if you never truly export some object in the argument. You export an area off the document so you can export that idea to whatever resolution we want. Since you're working with Victor's, that's every somewhere. The inputs on top are separated from the width and height input below off course because you cannot stretch an image when exporting the with and height inputs are looks down toe. Whatever the ratio of the selector idea is number. Leo is the finally um, section. You can simply sit the file name and the location to export the PNG. Finally, once you're done, just click on export and the BNG file will be created on your hard drive. The final deep has to do with the color mall with with you select colors. If you remember in the feeling served a low, you get the truth from five different models to select color in the lesson back then I tell you that you should concentrate in the early two moles, the wheel and the ages and mold the will doesn't need explanation. It's just the will of colors when you can see the relationship of colors and then said the situation in Bali wants to pick the hue. However, I think that you should get comfortable with the age of Cemal, since is the most important toe begin color for illustration Enough is this classical theatrical representation of cooler that uses three valuables hue, saturation and value. The here is the actual color. Picks can be blue green with a yellow etcetera. The situation is how much quantitative lay the color has. Saturated colors are very vibrant, while de saturated colors are far more pain mentally. If you crack down the situation off a here you read. Full rate value is how light or dark a particular color is. No lightness they color becomes like this helps us enormously to represent light and shadow the age of cell hue, saturation and lightness, which is the same that value maps. This classic representation by Houston Discovered selection mold. You can compare better the hue, saturation or value off color. For example, to imply a surface in shadow, you can sample the color of the surface light and then lower and slightly the lightness slither. It's very common in registration toe. Make this type of comparison when selecting colors, so I recommend you to get used to working with the ages and mold. 12. Starting with the Head - Eyes Part 1: Let's start with the ice now. The ice in a realistic style are fairly difficult to draw for a beginner, but here we're working with a very simplified captain style. So not only they are very simple and easy to make the sensory limited quantity of symbols that are commonly used to represent them. In fact, in most of the show self study, I would separate the different symbols into three categories. First, you have the smile be the ice and you don't see them a lot in the style. But I can't remember one show who uses them with a lot off characters Johnny Bravo, but that also the show's Who used him, for example, the character off Billy in the grim adventures off medium Mandy. Much more coming out of the round eyes with the itis in the middle. This type of fire is very real settle. You can change the dimensions, squash it, stretch it and get countless variations for any type of character. You may want most chills used them almost exclusively. The circumvent type off I is what I like to go. The cat eyes left for alluring characters, mostly female, but also frequently use with males that are meant to be attractive. This type of I can also be done down for a more down to earth character, but it's really used on Children and those other three types off I. You'll be seen in most shows off course. We have not counting specialized like a night patch over the damaged A. It's also possible you'll see a, especially the Sinai for remain or billing character. He didn't know, but they are not common in the style we're working on. Before we begin. I want to talk about the way I'm working in this cars. First, I'll be working in black and white for the most part and as we using a specific black color and a specific wet color. If you move your mouse to the palate and hover over one of the swatches, you see it too deep. This keeps you the excess human body off the color so you can save it and know what it is exactly. However, if you call it over the black and white colors, they give you a number three. You the percentage of gray this watch has for Black on recent, the one who saves 80% gray the stealth from their full black. And then you sent this corner for both the feeling struck off objects who need to be black . I relieved that it looks better than closer toe final render, since in every administration you don't usually want to use a full 100% black as first white. I used the one who say's 10% great, the fifth from the full white. Have you seen that colder? Instead of leaving them without, they feel so the symbols can obscure each other. Another thing is that I'm using a particle with for everything. I'm using a one pixel stroke for the shapes. Agreed. That includes the PATH Creator with mental, I want for the sake off organization. But all shapes the recreate have the same stroke with no mother if I scaled them since I will be duplicating and scaling a lot, I have this little option in the controls off the object sectional disabled This way ever have to worry about making this throw bigger or smaller as I squash on a stage and I copy. Another thing is that I decided to focus on teaching the shapes themselves and not worry about Golder, shadows or land. Wait, I really been that for the event in unit. Where did you have to make the drawings? Pretty. So if a night breath or and I live looks well, just remember that I would be working every simply that on for now. Focus on the shapes with that out of the way, Let's begin with the beady eyes. Let's start really simple. Big deal. If stone on drug a perfect circle by holding control. If it's not black, make it black by clicking in the 80% grace watch in the palate. If for some reason you don't have the ballot on, remember that you can enable it by going to view show high palette. We don't want any outline, so shift click in the first watch to disable the stroke. You can duplicate the shape to the other side, and that's it. Now let's make a few of ideations underplay the left eye with control. D and I was simply scale it from the center using shift this longer eyes are the most common type off beady eyes, a very common deter in the video eyes. Is this my highlight to give them a bit more life For this. I simply create on the lips with a lip stool, but this time I used in our 100% gray, white and the moving it towards the side. Very important is that the highlight is on the same side for both eyes. I'm telling you, because it's very common, your flip horizontally one off the eyes when you duplicate to the other side. Just remember that you don't fleet be the ice. Most of the time you'll be drawing characters in some form or 3/4 view. So how can you make the size? Seems like there and 3/4? Well, I haven't. Technically, I want to show you that will allow you to elect any set off ice toe 3/4 perfectly, and it's very easy to follow. It has four steps. Let me show you first the scale of it, the I closer to you. Just a few make it so it's barely noticeable. Then you duplicated to the other side. You may also want to place the ice a bit more close together than if they were seen from the front, and it's questions. The read more again be subtle now scale the I uniformly by holding control. One day, I found it away from you to be a be smaller than the one closer. And finally, you need to move it up or down, depending on the position of the head and the position of the camera. Most of the time is fine if you would up. And if you go, the ice are perfectly in 3/4. Real off course, you're gonna have to adjust the scale and location of the ice, depending on what you need. And here's what you applied your creativity and start toe moving them together or this problem apart. Rotate them, scare them so they feed the personality off your character much more powerful than the beady eyes of the round days. 99% of cartoons used this type off ice because they're really flexible, and you can get pretty much any type off personality and emotionally want. Start by drawing another perfect circle, but this time do you give them our black and white colors for the feel. And so this types off symbols have isis. They're almost always a perfect circle. You can make them off any size dependent when Janine Leisure I This is the big, young and innocent characters. While smother can show all the anti ones, I'm sure you can imagine a lot of possible a faves. You can screw the ice to one side or maybe stretched them. I make love Ennis's or the other way around, squash them and make eye. This is really small. All mix and match different eyes toe Make expressions. You can also even mollify the lips. Have it by going to bath, object a bath and then manipulating the nose suddenly to get the shape you want. Square eyes very common, but don't overdo it or they won't look like ice. He was a problem you'll encounter. Now You have to worry about the position off the ideas to imply a deduction, which you're correct. It's looking, and sometimes the Addis is will move to a position where they're not gonna be fully whistle . So here's a small trick you can do to simplify the women off ices. First set of the itis and goto bath object bath, Then move it to the position. You want it duplicate the eye shape and you said, shaped to live the itis so served in both on left leg, said Sleep. Now the idea is slip inside the eye. But the great thing is that because you transform their lives into a bath, you can say the nose with no selection and move it around with you want without worrying about leaving the idea. If you have this option and evil in the no selection those controls, you can rotate and skillet. And you know that you asked the latest version off If you make more than one manipulation with the Black Arrows. Options mostly rotations, the shape brand that break in. I believe it's a book. So if you want to make more than one modification to the ideas, you're gonna have to make them one by one by the selected the notes after every change. Speaking of finances that one color right, this is one of the most common symbols for colorized, but the essential another type off symbol that shows nearly the ideas but also the people. The symbol is a bit more realistic and brings a bit more attention to the area. It's very simple to create, just make a perfect circle Houston control When you dry and give me the darker, colder than are white, maybe a 40% grade. This is because this is the only what the eye color is, and it's always gonna be dark it on the white of the eye when you can eat another smaller, perfect circle that uses our black and place it in the center if you grew up into and flippant, just like if it were a single shape. Also, since the no selection tool in north groups, you can also move the ship around. One difference with the other eyes is that, in general this type is gonna be pretty big in the eye, so it shouldn't create. Tiny Addis is of this type of less. You're creating some extreme emotion, and finally you can apply the same for steps technique to put them in perspective. Scary when I have read, then duplicate and skill again, a scale once more but this time uniformity by holding control key and then move the I up or down again, he just what you apply your creativity. There are not more things you can do with this type of fight. Let's remember that the position of the ideas on the people in case of the other ideas needs to be adjusted for their perspective. So let's move the ideas in the I get closer to the edge of the I in the city for the round eyes. Believe it or not, this type of Phi is the most common you'll see in pretty much any CA to show. So I recommend you to start paying attention to the shows and what they do with the eighth . Okay, so now let's make the cell type. If I way to go the cat ice this time, you'll start with a straight line. Used the Penton on hold control so the land gets constraint horizontally. With no selection tool, you simply create a cough. Now we're dependent on the gulf. Still, select the close the eye and make another girl other straight line. And here you go, our cattle. Now this type of I has a lot of seventies, Depending on how much you called the lines, you get a completely different effect to combat the uppercut of a bit more than the lower or vice versa you can make easily. Is that your eyes? By making Boskoff smaller? Arguably, they touch off innocence by making them whether now here is where the cap part comes in. You need to deal both eyes, so they create some sort off guard better through the bottom line. This is very important. You always need to tell them at list of it. Imagine a line connecting the ends closer to each other and tell them from there you can also use the shift key when rotating, so you can embed the people point and move from the colonel. Now, to put this size in perspective, you have to be aware off the field so full of the same force they process and wants to get to this point at just a tilt off, which I I recommend you to imagine a line between the two in their ends and try to create a small car better between these two points and that's it. Remember that if you make this type, if I, you almost always are gonna want to make the ideas really big 13. Eyes Part 2: this more twice than the eye shape and the ideas. So now I'll show you how to create eyebrows, eyelids and other marks, including a fuel basic expressions. So let's stir with the eyebrows, just like with their shapes. This a limited quantity off eyebrows, symbols that are commonly used in the style. We're working on the first and easiest type of fiber, the square I Burrell's used to pen tool to create these square shape. You can make it a thick or seen as you like. For the most part, you should keep them square, but if you really needs, you can bend them. Also remember that this type of fire assignment to be a block social and make one side to different than the other playing around with the Sabres, you can get a lot of emotion out off in the ice. One Ivanhoe placement That may not be very obvious, but that it's very common is to put them on top off the I. Maybe to make a really mild expression. You didn't carry this to an extreme on place. The eyebrows even lower such that the ice shows that we through the top in this case you should cut the excess. The fastest on most effective way is to transform the eye into a path you can use. The shell could control 50 c and then you have the non selection tool in place to point in the eye, one on each side. We're gonna remove everything in between the journals, so selector notes in between, and click on this button, the 2nd 1 in the circa Ticketea. This will leave the I as an open bath, but since the I Berries on top, it won't be noticeable. You can create a smaller variation by using the mental and then saying a really thick stroke. Now check the cap option in the stroked up. If you said to square or but cap, you get a stroke that similar to the either we created. This will be an easier way to make it bendable, thick ibello, but you can also change to the round cup. This way you get a nice, thick but round eyebrow that looks more pleasant when bent. Another variation is the short, thick and pointy. I well, just start with a three lane like with the cat eyes and when the line a bit. Then close the bath with another golf in the same direction. You can adjust the amount of curvature and how close the curves out to get different thickness and bent off eyebrows. Finally, the simple line eyebrow. This table is just a long and thin dime with a small bend. You can make it as thing are thick as you want, but usually want them to be more on the thin side. When the Greta is the Benton Janine's, you can even add an extra Sigman to make it look more interesting. I also would like to remind you that will be going about these drawings later on and make the lines and objects look pretty in the London unit. So right now the Cyrus look a bit well, they look like simple lines. It would be addressing this later with the Sybil's. You can do the same. Then with the other types, you can place them on top off the shape. And could the excess or curved an independent off the other one? No mistake about the other shapes that affect the I something with the islands. Making the classic board look is pretty simple. Just the right lane. But if you want to go by the people with you, most likely Oneto, you need to create a clip. Just rather live and continue outside of the eye shape. Duplicate the air shape, said it both and left leg said sleep. Now the island is clipped to the eye shape, which means you can move. The island happened now. If you get the right nose, of course you can bend them or rotated. I make the lover. I live not remember that the lower eyelid is always on the lower part of the eye. Female eyelids work similarly, but you have to make sure the commerce of the island shape much is the government's off the eye shape. And also remember the usual work only with girls, not straight lines. And so, if you want, you can give it. The darker gray color toe imply some makeup. There is also the eyelashes, eyelashes and most common with female and kids. But males can also have it for this female I. A quick way to other lashes is to redraw the upper eyelid bottom with the mental and give it a thicker value, maybe off two pictures. Remember that If the eye is fully open, the elections are gonna be in the upper lane. Now extend the line just a away from the and good of that section up. Right now, it doesn't look too much like eyelashes with makeup. But again, we're gonna touch every line in the vendor in unit Another common symbol for eyelashes that the three lines just read these three short lines in this form at the site of the I in the guest, You working with the cat eyes on in the top outer side. If you're working with the round eyes, you can make them as stick or seen as neither, and you can make them fairly long. You can also bend them of it. That's what it's making them, contacting the eye shape or floating there. There are other shapes that would help you get the expression you want to give you character. Become expression is to have some lines at the bottom of the ill with the mental. This will give the impression of the guy that, being extra distress, the line can either start with the eye shape or being competitive, separated just below the ice. You can even know more than one lane. You can create a small bomb in the bottom off the I to give the impression of the character smiling strongly. Just create a card with the mental, but make sure to add some feel you can. I So are some carbs at the forehead to make the Keita look older. Just keep the girls a very sort of cut off. Finally, this technically is a type off I, but I consider the special type. If I and some other with use the classic car by this one is easy. Just roll a car with the mental, and if you'd rather go upwards, you get a happy, satisfy character, and if you bend it down, you get close eyes. It's very simple if you want to place them in perspective, the same for step technique a place. But it's even simpler. Just as question both a bit make their father away every it smaller. And then we went up or down 14. Noses: No. Let's talk about the most common symbols for no sis, just like in the previous lesson with the ice. This a limited quantity off symbols commonly used to represent the nose. I classify them in three different categories. Off course, excluding especially unique character specific noses. You got the sharp nose, then you have the similar smooth knows and finally, a nose used almost exclusively for other males. The less knows before we begin this one subject I went to address, the more than cartoon resource styles are fully committed to maintaining the flat graphical shapes. And this translates to the animation being a bit more static. Think about a character like Timmy Turner from the fairly off balance. The symbol of the nose and mouth won't change, even when the character is directly view from the front. Well, it's small that is not true. Front beautiful. The character the few times together is looking directly forwards the features of the face . I squashed one side as if they were pressed against some glass. This is fairly common in most Monica two shows. Now there are some shows that have a bit more depth and releasing to the characters But even then, most shows avoid using too much anatomy and formed with the characters. This benefit as because we don't have to worry about drawing the characters Anatomical form off the features, so we're able to draw it from all angles. The same was more than enough. So if you need to imply a more extreme angle, just make some small modifications like it's killing the nose or moving in with the ice and look OK. So let's stir with a sharp nose. Could have the mental and make these triangle. And that's it. Of course, you can angle it in their face in any way you want as well as handled. The length and size econ variation is to make it small and pointing upwards on. Very important. Sometimes you may want to give it a British. The police can be as lengthy or short as you want the sense of the possibility to bend with the nose to make it even more sharp. Now the round noses are very similar to a sharp ones, usedto pentru to create a straight line and bend it into a car full from the edges to make it look more bloated. You can also create the quick, sharp nose and smooth the top. No, on just from there, like with the sharp nose. You can also have a bridge, and again it can be a sling for your short as you need. The round nose is one of the symbols that often transitions toe another symbol in mostly frontal views, especially if the nose is pointing upwards like it's common for young and batty characters . Just run this C shape, pointing down. You want a growth, Eric, if you want, you can also give it a small bridge to one of the sites. Don't forget to bend it a little do when I saw you with two small Does that represent the industry's for extra readiness? Okay, some nights and for my favorite knows the big, large nose with the mental Grady's rectangle shape with a dining it square in the left, this rectangle is gonna define the over the shape off the nose and the Times Square on the left. Will they find their wing of the nose now with the no selection tool selected to write most knows and then on the lower left and go to the smuggle type Bhutan. And, as you can see, you get that classic lovable goofy knows. Of course, now you should do some basic adjustments. But if you want to do some large scale changes, you should go back to the straight cardinals. Big noses can also have bridges. Make sure you give it some curvature. He doesn't common large noses you have the long thing knows that looks like a hot dog. The classic nice guy knows shirt and pointing up and the doctor a broken nose for this one used their top right nose and bring it to the left to make the country less and shorted the length off. Both handles from the lower love right now. So you better shows the deep off the nose. And this is for the know sis. You can use all the snow's for male and female, but I will recommend you to avoid the big last knows for average females and Children. It's also common to join the line of the nose and the mouth to create a single shape, but this requires you to know how to draw noses and mouths, so I'll show you how to do it in the next lesson. After you learn how to create mouths 15. Ears: the years are one of the easiest facial symbols to learn to draw. There isn't too much variation, really. You only have one symbol. You have the lamb. Of course, there are the special, unique type off years, like Elf years or maybe some sort off travel here. But the common era symbol is pretty universal and easy to draw. Besides, if you really than a special, unique type of fear, it's not hard to play around with it till you get what you want. So rather pento and draw these C shape. The tunnels on the left will define the proportions of the now just go have those two notes on the left and go to the smooth notes type Putin toe, transform them to a smooth type and at the same time creating these nice curves. Now give it the feeling stroke by grabbing and playing around with this four notes didn't get the exactly what you want enough for the inside of the just a another see with the mental, but this time on the top part of the year and looking down. If you want to have more interest to the part of the year, you could have another see smaller and making contact with the other C, and that's it. Like I say, there is one of the easiest, a more basic symbols you can make. Of course, if you want, you can have more detail, but one of them, they're not Shelton toe simplify the rather than having more detail. 16. Mouths: mouths at a bit more complicated than the other symbols within cause. We have to worry about the lip sync and the countless variations that makes up the four names. This is why I have decided to skip on lip sync, since this is a course on character, the sign not animation and focus and showing you the most common mouth shapes. So let's start with some of the easiest on more useful mouths to make the line mouth. This is extremely simple. Just throw a line with the mental and curve it. There are many variations you can make with the simple line mouth off course. Variation there will get you a smile or frown or whatever expression you need. But where the real change into the sign comes in is like the case in many of the symbols we have studied in the length, proportion and space you occupy in the face and the relationship with the other symbols so you can achieve a lot with a single line. The next mouth is usually left for attractive and other females. It's a lip. Miles draw a straight line with mental. Now bend it up and close the shape this is gonna be the upper lip. Seem for the front. Now duplicate the shape and flip it use in the beaky, move it down and called the shift scale in. So it is scaled from the center. You want the upper lip protruding from both sides, and that's it. Now, to put it in 3/4 you have the upper lip top carve and push it to the right. Did you have these bend now? Do the same for the lower lip. Very important is that the upper and lower lives stepped on the same position, So move the lower lip a bit to the left. You can be subtle here and only great a small curvature. Or you can go over world and make their lives really twisted and expressive. Now let's make a common radiation off the sleep. They have the mental. I make this a straight line photo by these M shape. The shape is going to define the form of the lips now selling the doctor notes and go to the small no type button for the lower lip. Just repeat the same steps than the first lower lip the bully sleeps in required Russ just said the top three nails with the no selection tool and right there may be to the right, depending on the feeling you're going for, Rick will escape them with the black arrows towards the right. Remember that the option to a neighbor. The black arrows are in the know selection to controls in the third, like on from the last and for the No. One leap is the same. Us in the first mouth, create a down going golf and move the whole shape so the lower and upper lip start at the same place. Now here is a very common variation. I'll make it in 3/4 but it's simpler and easier to make it in front of you. Just create this very short line mouth. You can make it smiling or flown in or indifferent. Now just simply move the lips, toe the line mouth and make the horizontal line in the upper lip. Follow the line of the mouth, especially again, as I make sure to leave a small space in the right side in a slightly bigger space in the left. Of course, I don't dimension that, just like all the symbols here. I'm just teaching you to draw everything to one side for the sake of simplicity. If you want them point into the other direction, I would recommend it to just flip them by selecting all the shapes and pressing the flip or Santa G by default. The HP the next mouse. I can't the seem off. Girls, like with so many symbols, have seen you start with a C shape. It's a tape off open mouse you can make when you want to greater smiling upon wide or simply saying something. So with the mental we had these C shape. I give governor only to the stroke. As you may know, except treats open shapes. Ask close shapes as if it was some invisible stroke. That close is the first and last knows. This allows us to perform clips and Boolean operations on open shapes. This will come to play in a second now. Create a shape that closest to see, but give it a read of space for the leaps on the right side. We're gonna use a copy off the C shape to clip the shape. Benda read the visible line, angry with a black color as feel and I sent to make the thief. So draw these rectangle. We want the teeth protruding a bit out of the mouth. You can also give them a slight curvature to imply perspective, but it's not neither, and I used to see shape to sleeping. Now that is sleep. You can make some adjustments with a white color and then throw the lines that makes up the thief. You don't need too much. Teeth were three or four lines. It's OK now for the dunk eats the same process. Draw a girl sleeping and give it some color. And again, just if you knew one less thing I like to do is to give it some indication, Felipe by a pendant, a small straight line at the end of the C shape. Another denial affiliations you can make starting by removing the teeth or the tongue altogether, or having another leap at the top, like produced with a lower line. But what really dictates the overall feel off the mouth is the C shape. You can get countless variations by changes slightly that shape make the mouth smaller or bigger, or whether, like without seeing what we've seen, you shall definitely experiment with it and see what you correct. That means just as the next example, I'll show you how to make the smiley mouth start by drawing these strangler instead of the sea shape. Now bend the two lines you can if you want just close to triangle to get the feel. This will make the mouth feel effortless deep, since you no longer layer the leaps on the euro gravity. But it works okay, just like in the previous example, create the teeth and tongue and use the same triangle to keep them inside again. You countries is triangle shaped to get different mouths. I move that these or tongue or other one or two leaps in the corners. Okay, next time for the mouse type I talk about in the previous listen. That symbol that joins the nose and mouth on this symbol is extremely common in TV shows. It makes the guy a bit goofy. You can be as simple as joining a nose and a mouth in this example. Have the classic sharp nose, and when is the mouth we made a second ago? I just moved in closer and using the mental, joining the mouth with a C shape, you could join the C shape and the nose. You send the common combine, but I prefer to give them separated so they are a bit easier to control and move around. You go to the same with older. No, since you learned to draw in the nurse's lesson, you could even join the big nose with their C shape by creating a leap shape that contacts with some place in the nose. Sometimes it may be easier to draw the nose and mouth as one shape, especially if you want to join the nose with a simple line mouth. There are a couple of symbols that work well with the nose, but don't work as well without it. For example, have the mental and they're a simple, sharp or smooth knows. Now make a smile or frown shape and then make the lower part of the mouth. If you want, you can add the lower lip as well. This type of smile won't work as well. If you're doing it without joining in with the nose, you can also add the's are starting to the symbols and it's the same process and with the other teeth or tongues, your brother shape and then you sleep with use in the existence shape. In this case, it will be these nose and mouth symbol. But now this clearly a problem. Because the symbol open and closes in an awkward place, the shape of the dif gets got in health. Well, the reason is a solution. Remember that you can not only adjust the notes in the clip shape, blessed the clip itself. In the no selection tool controls, you get a boot on their little edit, a clip shape itself or mask if you're using a mask after you do the clip. So now just struck. One of the end knows. So the clip is a bit more like a close shape and that these are fully visible and the seats from the mouth off course. I couldn't possibly have covered all possible mouth shape in a single lesson. But just like with the other symbols, with what you've learned here and a bit off creativity, it should be more than enough to get you start there 17. Head Shape: hills are different than the other symbols, in the sense that there's no set off more or less standard shapes you conduce. With a few exceptions, each hair has a different and unique shape, and that makes sense, after all, is with the shape of the head that you give your character the personality and appeal that you can't get with a set off cremated symbols. However, the exceptions. Sometimes it makes sense to employ similar shapes when the signing an entire cast off characters, the rest of shapes that are fairly similar. So you call them the process and techniques to create a particular group. To me, it helps a analyze and study better the work off other Altes. So I come up with three categories of head shapes that are commonly used in the style we're working on. First, you have the classic geometrical shape. It can be some kind off rectangular shape, or maybe a perfect circle or even a polygon, a shape that you come up with. Usually this head shape is slightly rounded and soft in tow. Make it more natural, but the geometric shape never changes much. Then you have the little rectangles this hair is like a subcategory off the previous category, but I see it all the time, and it's really popular with chose. Basically, it's just an angry backward rectangle off course for the 3/4 through, then is the anatomy inspired help. This is just a head with a tiny bit more. Another me throw me in that it kind of looks like a style is realistic. Help. This type of hair is usually left for the more three dimensional and anatomically based captains. A couple of notes before we begin. First the neck. I won't be dealing with the neck and this. Listen, I'll do that in the next unit when you're leme hope to make the body. And second, this another health type. That's pretty common. I can let the barmy have because of Barney Rubble from The Flintstones, where the head and body are all joined together, and it's really hard to deal with one starting the other ends, leaving those for the next unit because I believe that you should know how to the signed the body before the sign in the body and head at the same time. So with that out of the way, Let's begin with the dramatic and hence shape. Of course, you can make the hair a perfect circle or a square or even a triangle those that instead of explanatory. But let's begin with one shape that's very common but requires a very tough Elden, the classic elliptical hill. This camp is perfect for Children, and females draw a perfect circle with the lib stool and transform it into a bath. I'm recent the shortcut control she'll see now Put the lower Know that as much as you want . This lower part will be the job, so the lower you pull the old of the director, we feel it is a deep for managing the temperature of the lower part. Just inform their no into a symmetrical no with the Semetic knows button and then holding control. So the sender snap and one move up or down on the more together or apart, as you need. By rotating the whole shape a little, you can use it for 3/4 or even side view. Another common geometrical health shape is the triangle just really a triangle with Benton that feeds your character. And now, like with most of the dramatic health shapes, you need to make it feel a bit more natural and organic. So he did a few things you can do to smooth the harshness off the shape. First of all, you should go suddenly the straight lines to make their phone look more natural if you want to. Smoother with the transition between two corners holding shift, click ends like away from the No independent and where you try a handle will appear on the nose. You can get one or both of the tenders to smooth the transition. Another thing you can do is to around the edges. There's no option or path effect toe around the corners, so you have to do it manually. Using their null selection toe, just double click to place to nose toe each side of the corner. I'm gonna delete this school. No, no. So the roundness would be dictated. I helpful. Apart from the gardener, each other nerves is try to place them more or less at the same distance after you delete the corner. Know that you had to make a few adjustments to make the wellness a bit more pleasant. Usually handles for more accuracy, and that's what you need to create dramatic ahead shapes. Now it's up to you to come up with the actual shape you can't have. This is my favorite type of help because it's the closest thing to actual symbols and easy to memorize shapes you get with hills. You will not believe the quantity of shows who's and their cast is made off heads off this type, and it's extremely easy to go. So you have the mental and make this deal the rectangle shape, but make the top flat. It is when you use what you learn a minute ago about making the shape. Nicer looking may be covering that part of the hail around in the lower right now. You should play around with the nose position and see what type of radiation you can come out with. The key to making this heads is to understand that you can get an unlimited amount of variations by changing the relationship between these four notes and the coloratura between them. How did the and that the sign depends on the character, but you sure you want to make the final adjustments when you have the bully? It's a very common variation. It's really easy to make. Just create the hill as you normally would. And once you finish select the lower like no and click on the small mill type with, um, note of the nose and make some final adjustments. And finally, they realistic here, though, is not exactly realistic. Well, this have uses for your life anatomy to get a bit more data health shape. It's a still very stylized and simplified. Now the front view from this hair is usually and a stretch ellipse collected once you learn to do a minute ago, so focused on the 3/4 for you start by picking the lips told to draw a perfect circle. If we start thinking about anatomy, this will be the school part off the hill. Now duplicate the circle and scale down toe about anywhere between 1/4 to health off the original circle. This will be the jaw, so they shortened. You scale the celebs younger. The character will look, since young Children have a small job, compare it to the school, making the gators look younger. You say Come on the same technique to make characters in general more appealing and also female characters more effective, so keep that in mind. Now movie. They read down holding control. So it's concerning to the y axis like it down to about the halfway point of the other lives . Now very important. Skelter was the right just a bit. So the Ellipse is create in some kind off bump. What you want is thes depression at the A level in a real life here, this will be created, but the ice looking now for the final step joined the two shapes use in a Boolean operation . I have recommended to just delete these two points, and if you need that just enough, you may want to set the nose to smooth before you move them, in case that the Yelland so what they provide aviation's Can you make with this type of kinship? Well, we said, changing a bit the proportions off the two parts of the hill. You can just the knowledge off basic anatomy to inform you with the creation off interesting health shapes. For example, the head off for a Flintstone. It's going inspired by the realistic hill with its exaggerated cheeks and separation off school and Joe and just like him, that are done off geometric shapes that make this separation back create in another plane in between the tunnels on the right. 18. Hair: the hill is the last piece you need to create truly unique characters. But it can be a bit hard to wrap your head around it because just like with hills, there's no specific symbols for the different hairstyles. There are common hairstyles, but if you need to draw here, you need to learn the principles behind creating any type of hair and to show you those principles. I've come up with a couple of quick characters hills for the sake, off a brother example. Now, you should know that when creating this Hells, I didn't use anything. I haven't. Don't you? In these last unit, in fact, you probably recognize some of the symbols. When did the note? Before we continue In the previous lesson, I made the health shape. So you go allocate the features and only the futures. I can't possibly know what type of hair you have want to have. So don't be afraid of changing drastically the imply form off the hair by hair or by modifying the shape so it fits better with the hell you're Brian. So the first thing you should know is the hair religion from where does the hair comes out in the hill. I'm sure you at least have some idea off the here area in your own hill. But we're working with cartoons here, so I believe it's best if we around in the same page. So with the dental, I'm doing this type off M shape over the characters here. And, of course I'm keeping it. This is the shape off the hair religion in front of you. In any type off here in any character, this shape as a few details, you should give in mind. But once noticed, the lower plains they always end close to the year unless you want to join it with a better the two notes in the top, the find the whole shape off the hair. You should place them pretty after then the list. I know that the middle notice how it goes down a bit in relationship with the other two knows toe the same. This is important to create a more believable male help. But, um, Ali, a note here, you could have made this with a mirror path effect. In this case, the shape was so simple that I thought they didn't want to use a bath effect and went a little the borders. Could you commend them in any direction, inwards or outwards? You can even take the note in the middle and bend it upwards to imply hair loss. Also, if you want to show a both character, you could just lower the two side knows way that couple of you knows and move them back. Very important. Most of the time you want the eyeball has to be on top of the here, even if they will be totally of skilled and real life. A cartoon character without visible eyebrows uses a lot off expressive power. Now they hear pattern in 3/4. In this case, I'll draw these L shape starting at the lower off course. Then I flip it. Depending on the position of the year, the side ones can be done by simply hiding the hair shape behind the year. All by creating a few notes. I will recommend you to add the nose anyway, in case you want to move that area around again at the curvature of the side in front. In this case, I didn't have a note in the middle. I just curve it and just like in the previous case, the eyeballs are on top of the hill now, even when you start creating hair that is longer, these shapes are gonna help you at the moment off. The sign in the hair. Inform you from where does they have flow and what forms can be made. So none should grab some reference from common haircuts, from pictures or even from cartoon shows on a step to create your own health. Just remember to always work in shapes. The hair is always made off simple shapes. So even if you're using a really life picture as a reference, think off the volume off the here and what shape it makes. It may be wars to trace the picture to get a sense of the shape that makes up the here. This also applies to facial hair, and in the case you're working with a animal like character full. So now I'll show you a few examples off how to approach the creation off some common here off different types. Keep in mind that these examples are the base for a huge quantity off possible haircuts. Just play with the shapes off each example and see what you can come up with first. Something very simple. Make the L shape but extended their lead over the hill and follow the contour known as much as you can. This is gonna change the whole hair and give it more volume. Make it the head a bit longer. One important detail is the position of the upper left. No, this note is very important. By changing it, the slightly the whole volume of the hair will change. Also, keep in mind the angle from the snow to the hill. You wanted to be slightly different than the angle of the hair. If you want to make a very just like in the case of the hair, you need to know the exact origin area. So let's start by adding a 50 clock shadow to this character. Make this Imbert the M shape. Very important is that there is a small pig had the mouth that ends at the border of the leaves and in some uniquely Hilleman, the entire upper board, the rest at this big level. But it's fairly avail. Another thing. This is more important. For 3/4. You should know that the facial hair extends toe slightly pass in the year emphatically do about the other sample now for a slightly longer hair. Variations off this haircut are very common in TV shows. I'm sure you'll recognize it immediately. This type of hair is very going for kids, make the L shape and extended of it to a point. The end. I make another smaller point on the top, then called the line, making this sharp wave shape. Now you have to have just enough position, so the hair looks good and balance with the whole shape. A nice trick is to lower the opacity of the hair shape so you can see the hell shape better . And if you need, don't be afraid off changing the landscape so it works better with hair. After all they hear is gonna hide the top out now for a couple of female hair cut examples . So here cuts need to be made off multiple shapes to do one section being on front of the hair and another behind. And that's what I'll show you now that by making the classic L shape and not some interesting spikes in their front and then close it like we did in the glorious hair cut Now draw this pointy tail and joined them together at the top. You should use a union, and we could live with here. But I want to add another form in the lower back off the hair toe, create a more interesting silhouette. So grab these two points and go to the elite segment Bhutan. Now very important, the select the shape. Otherwise, you'll happened to the shape rather than creating a new one. And with the mental starting from the corner where the other shape was got, draw the shape This way the hair is more layers we have here in front and in the back. And the final example I'll create this form by drawing very roughly with the mental this has shaped will imply that the guy that has a bigger help so the origin of the hair will change. So you should imagine the new health form with a new hair origin. If it helps you, you may even result the hill with a new form in this case, how you doing, brother? But I'm smoothing and adding carbs. I'm Assad just in the shape to indicate the new health phone. I'll draw the back off the hair and I give it a slightly darker shade of grade and this happen. It's a few details to look well, and we see that in a second. But for now, they here is done. So hopefully it's clear that when you have to draw here, the first thing should think about is the origin and then think about the phone now to end this. Listen, I want to talk about some of the common things you can add to the hair to make it look more natural and more hair like. Let's begin with something easy. You cannot this lines that follow the origin of the hair. That's another reason why understanding the origin is important. These lines will help you to explain the flow of the here, especially with longer. Hell, you should let this lines to have that split into one side, or that you want to play that's going in in a particular direction. You cannot more leader to a cigarette off the hair by having these s shape, toe specific lines of the hair. Houston no selection tool and the handles off the notes and move 100 to 1 side and the other handle in the other. No, to the opposite side, as always. Don't overdo it. Sometimes a more straight and simple hair works better for the character. Now, here's something make to make nice, messy or curly hair. Just write a few ellipsis over the hill. You may want to make the way venous on the on the outside. Or if the hills longer on the entire here, we're gonna use a union with the hair on ellipses. And here you go. You are messy, curly hair off course. Changing the size of the ellipses changes the messiness off the hip. So you should play around with it and see what fits your character. You're gonna play this technique, do any type of hair you want no one making nice bushy moustache Make this simple is the rectangle and at the ellipses on the lower side joined them with a union. And don't forget to put the moustache below In the stock order like a saint, you can use this technique with everything. For example, you could very easily create bushy eyebrows or a bushy birth similar to the previous technique. You cannot smile, looks off here to imply a more messy haircut. This is very simple. Instead of using ellipses, just draw a smile. Look off hair with the mental duplicated and skillet around us. You place it. A difference with the previous example is that don't want to place only a few off these looks and only in served in places. This is very important. You can also use these shapes. Toe got the mind hair shape with a difference operation instead of fighting them with a union, you can use this tow car of the ends off a flat hairline to make it look more natural and detail, or maybe to split the shape in the two large sections. And finally, you can create a small shapes on top of the mine hair shape to give a layer. In effect, you could use a shape or just a line that continues another line to give the impression off one shape in front, off another. Just use the mental. Of course, you have to go in there and make sure the line has the same attributes than the rest of the drying, as well as being very careful and make it look like the line continuous on from another. Remember that you can use the field with open shapes so you can use that Feel too high the line from the hair shape, you know. 19. Head Design: the field off correct of the sign is very bro. It includes subjects like anatomy Perspective, The Sign color theory at Citadel. There is no way a beginner scores like this called the fully in toward those subjects, so I won't. Instead, I'll be making a few the scientists lessons here and they'll where I find they could be useful in the practical sense. I also believe that a few the scientists lessons will be more useful for a beginner attempting to draw characters for the first time, then being overwhelmed with a done off card to a simulate theatrical information. Unless you're a more experience artist, if you try to put together a quick care, you probably noticed that it may not look as good as you thought it would. This is the first point in which begin their squid it thinking they've never learned to make characters. Well, in this, listen, I want to show you the exact process you need to follow to end up with nice, attractive hills. And yes, this process relates to collect of the sign I went to teach you with what we've learned so far, the same principles and techniques that you're gonna use when the same in an entire character. So what I have here is a SPG file and then in a lash collection, off features as well as helps and haircuts. It's nothing spectacular. I just thought that having a least off playmate symbols can help you start building and the same in. Hence, if you're feeling a bit overwhelmed this way, you can just take the symbols you like and assemble your health without the need off, Drawing everything yourself off course event A little. Want to create your own symbols and your own collection, But this way you can start getting basic characters hills and start practicing. They're the same path right away. So listen to tell you about the process I follow to build characters. I like to start by ambition in a general concept off a character, a loose idea, nothing specific with rather a rough concept off what I want. For example, a small old lady with a round here and around these features or a backward murder, the guy with glasses in a triangular him. All the things you can do is to search online for photographic reference, Google, funny people or where people this way to get a more specific idea off what to create in the case of this lesson, for the sake of clarity, other using pictures and I have recommended to stop this way. So you eliminate one more valuable that could bring you problems. You have the idea right here. And all you have to do is to make it once you have the idea is just a mother of grabbing the symbols you think represent better the features off your idea. Most likely, you won't find exact symbol you're looking for. So you'll have to either settle with what I created or use what you've learned in this unit and create your owns. You should remember as so that we're cartooning ahead here. So it's never gonna be exact. The references only for inspiration. Okay, so chances are that the face you made doesn't look that cool. Maybe it's something obvious with the proportions on. Maybe you can't really tell what's exactly wrong with it. That's OK, that's normal. To solve this problem we're gonna use and all the science technique. So I left all the symbols of your hair and duplicate them to the side. So you can see both. Now just start playing around with the proportions. Emplacement off the features, try skill in the ice or moving the nose, or even change the mouth symbol just based on the things you don't like from the previous copy. Once you have just everything you wanted, chances are that you're happier with the result but not fully satisfied. Well, repeat the process duplicate to the side so you can see all the versions you've created and start making modifications. I think they're getting where this is going. Every iteration you make with the character, you get a little closer to the idea you've ambition. You get a bit happier with the results and because you have all the previous versions of able to see at the same time, you can check what works and what doesn't. And I just base it on all your previous mistakes and successes. Depending on the character you're going to endure, goes, it can take you anywhere between 5 to 15 variations on the same the science. To get toe something you're satisfied with, I can offer you a quick tip to improve in your eye when making variations, you can easily flip the whole hell by selecting everything and hitting the Flipper Santa Shortcut eight by the foot. This is a classic, commonly used trick to help you refresh a bit. Your view the character and help you the tech problems. You're never notice due to get in used to the drawing when making variations based on fixing things to the like. This step comes extremely useful, so don't forget to flip the hair as frequently as possible. So this is the end result, and this is the first version off each help. Hopefully, you can see how different and how rough the first question is. So what you've learned here is a very common the sign method. Of course, it can be used for anything, not just Hell's so practice, creating a done off hits and try to internalize this method so you can apply it once you learned to create the whole character 20. Body Basic Anatomy: I know that in the previous lesson, I basically implied that there will be no anatomy lessons in the schools. But the truth is that if you want to make any type of character, no matter how style eyes, you need at least a bare minimum off another minimalist. So in this lesson, I went to deal with some really basic and after me. I want to very quickly, endlessly go over the general forms of the body and the tricky parts that you may encounter and show you the shapes with which you go abstract the body to build your characters, and I want to live this very clear. I won't be showing you forms or proportions or anything like that. Instead, what I want to do is to make sure that you understand the basic shapes that makes up the human body, and at the same time, I want you to have a systematic way to build characters. You may need a bit more anatomy knowledge to dry another, more realistic styles off cartoons, but for this time we're working on with highly stylized and flat characters. There is no need to go to the so what I have in here is thes realistic. I realize male and female body drawings made by the famous instructor under your luminous in one of his books. And keep in mind that Loomis was a fashion illustrator. So the proportions and the shapes are realistic but also a stylized towards that idea. So what I'd be doing is to brother shapes on top so you can see how they apply to a realistically proportioned bully. These shapes would be the ones we've used to build most off our characters later on. One less thing before we continue, there is an infinite way in which you can obstruct the human body into to the shapes. But the way I'm doing it is because I believe it will work best for the type of characters we have drawing. I need to think of the torso as a simple rectangle. The rectangle has the with off the torso, but the length requires some explanation. The upper part extends to the top of the torso to about the location of the color bonds. Notice that this the strangler shape that the rectangle won't feel as well as the top part of the torso. But this last one is due to the stylization in Loomis Ryan's. He based his saddle typical drives in idealistic proportions, mostly meant for fashion and magazine frustration. So the proportions and muscles are over to the fine and exaggerate them. They're there, and they do have this form in real life. But keep in mind that this joins certainly do not represent the average person. Now the liver part goes down to about the start off the pelvic bone. Just think about the top off your under. Well, if you check the side view, you'll see that the rectangle wouldn't make much sense. Well, if we were working in a more realistic style, we can separate the dorsal in two Big three dimensional masses. But we're not gonna complicate ourselves with that. We're drying flat in a rectangle should do for most of your characters. Also, don't forget that Loomis exaggerated. They shaped to create almost heroic figures. I like to create another shape on top of their rectangle toe feel the missing area that the torso rectangle won't feel. This triangle represents the frontally visible part off the trapezius, and it's essential to understand how to create more tough, muscular characters, as well as help tojoin correctly, the neck Heavy and Alan's. I also noticed that the triangle extends a beat over the rectangle of the torso, tojoin with the arms. I'd like to extend this triangle toe, not forget about the way it joins with the arms. Then is the neck the next joints with the torso in these anger that it's most visible from the side view, but it's that's a noticeable from the front view. The next. Rest in front, off the trapezius shape, and you can see it in the side view shape, depending on the character and body type you're going. This may be important information to know. Now the owns the Arabs are just two lonely fingers that join at the elbow. Here I used a circle to indicate the with. The important thing to note here is that the M connects at the top of the triangle off the trapezius that extends beyond the square off the torso and below. It's connected with the Dorsa from side view. I want you to notice how the on shape is not connecting with either the front or back of the torso. It float in there in the middle, almost touching the back, but not quite as far at the hands. I'm dedicating an entire listen to them as well as the feet. So for now, there'll be these square shapes as far as the pelvis area. It's important to have this area well defined since we're connecting the legs here. I like to create an ember triangle with the base of the dorsal box and the end of the crotch elected triangle shape, because you can append the legs at the two sides and get the correct with it depended on the shape that's anger takes, and it all flows nicely. The Knicks are just like the arms too long rectangles and I met in the circle, so it's clear from where they originate. Notice the way the upper sides connect with the probably strangler shape. It sort of goes inside of it. This is important to think when connecting the shapes so they look natural, since it follows the way the lake connects with the pelvis internally in real life. Another thing to note here is the bump to the side of the lower leg that's a noticeably both views, depending on the character in the shape of the body were going for. This may not be even visible, but it's good to know it's them now for the female, the exact same shapes to play with one big difference. The conference idea. We have to change the box torso so we can accommodate for the hourglass shape that captains love to exaggerate. So instead of the box, we are making these two diamond shapes off course. These shapes work much better with captain proportions, but we'll see that later on, and this is for the basic shapes of the body. As you can see, these shapes are very simple and easy to remember, But by memorizing them, you'll be able to construct the character you want in any position. Of course, you're gonna have to adapt these shapes too cartoony proportions. And depending on the type of captain you want to draw, you have to squash, stretch, bend, twist, overlap and maybe even delete all together any of thes shapes. These shapes are tools to help you build your character, not mandatory rules you have to follow. So in the next few lessons from this unit, I show you how you can apply what you've learned here to build a group of characters from different common bullet tapes. But we have not done with the anatomy quit yet. In the next real essence, I want to show you a couple of important details regarding the construction off characters . 21. Hands and Feet: cancel feet are traditionally one off the subjects that more trouble causes to beginners. And while we're dealing with highly simplified anatomy here, relieved that hands and feet are still complex enough to want a separate lesson Okay, let's start with the basic front of you off the hand, come down. So here's the lower arm so you can see how it relates to the hand. Start by creating these rectangle. This is gonna be the bomb and fingers. So make a direct tie today. And I said You can do and that's common in many hands is to create a downward slope in the side. The West do the finger. An important detail is that they left Psycho. Nell coincides with the arm Connell, then from the corner, draw the thumb rectangle and noticed the corners. Conseil of the bottom. You could have a separate logical performed a union with the public tangle. Finally, you draw the fingers by making a line toe about healthy way point in the mind, and the last step is to round off the corners toe, make the hand look more organic. After that, you could use the object selection tool toe just really easily the general proportions off the shape. And if you want, you can draw the finger. Maeve. The often the fingernails are too much detail. So out this, skip them. Okay, so let's make it a few variations on this hand. Most of the variations I'll show you now there'll be applicable in some way to most of the other hands, so pay attention. One of the most common things you want to the hands is to separate the fingers. Well, it's really easy. Just Reich are just evil. Ian Operation Toe got out the segment. I forgot to make the curvature in the trigger. To make the hands for more feminine, you'll need to thin the over the shape of it more and then make each of the finger Tina an end in a sharp curve, not around the square, like we did in the previous hand. - Another common hand is there 3/4 hand, which is quite similar to the previous hand, but naturally with a bit more depth to the fingers. So make the same hand. Been in the top where the index fingers will be at this no to create a new plane. But if you're making it up, then things change of it first. Depending on the hand you're making, you should be aware of the slope and change its direction. Now it's fingers who show the top so it doesn't make in a single line. This is the same thing today with the upper line. And I had a new plane to each separation line. And of course, the bump in the pan. No, for a fist. First, draw the rectangle. This time you want to make it charter since the fingers are close around the edges. In this case, I'm just changing the nose toe smooth those in the insurrection to about and then changed to the corrupt type So they are easier to move around. No, I don't make their fingers by separate on their moving into the hamp. Make these shape. You'll see why in a second now select of the notes and go to the smooth No type. So you get this round of the shape very important. You with some feel but you want to do here is to use these shapes toe change this in red on the fist so they looked like knuckles and you need to overlap them. So you need some feeling president on the hand, paying attention to the silhouette. You want Nukus scale and rotate them in such a way that they look like fingers present one below the other, go to the first finger and change the position of the no. So it matches the opposite, do it off the shape, and hopefully now you see why the wheel finger shape the index finger will look like it's bent, and the others would be doctor behind it, so they don't mother as much now for the thumb. Just throw these she shape round it with this small nose type. Give it feel and place it on top of the fingers and that it off course. If you're making a guider that being seen from far away, you may simplify the feast and not even bother with the round numbers or simplify their fingers and make them just straight lines. And if you want to make the fist from the other side, it's even simpler. Just make the hand rectangle and round off the knuckles. And, of course, you don't really thump. In this case. I just use a union to create the cigarette enough for the feet. Again, I'll be starting with the lower leg away there for context. Let's start with a simple side view. This we will be the foundation off. Most feet will be drawing greatest rabbits ovular shape connected with the Congress off the leg and that this plane will your place that those called the Feet suddenly now place a couple of knows where the big toe is gonna go and a smoothie in. No, this will be their veto. And to make the rest of it does just at the core of lines, pay attention to the way that those are located in the foot. They follow these slope with one in front of the other in the sand in northern, the staple feet is perfect or characters that are far away. But it's all for guidance where the feet don't call attention to themselves. A more detailed variation can remain. Just repeat the same steps as before. But now, instead, off indicating the fingers with a line, you'll draw each finger by separate, just like you did with the fist. Little shape is just a C shape with announced that smooth type off course just like in the fist. You want to place them at the border such that they make this Alouette more interesting. I saw you want to make the smarter much their bottom line, just like we did with the index finger on the fist. By changing the proportions off the does and food and by the 18 IBD oversee, do it. You can get different types off it. Just remember that female feet tend to be smaller and more pointy most of the time to be drawing this type of feet. No mother, the position of the character. You may need to squash it or stretch it, but the symbol was staying, What or less the same. That's another great thing about the style we're working on. They didn't do many symbols. Every single school, even if it's not in the exact correct respective and footwear footwear is even easier. Most of the issues you'll ever do will be a variation off this very simple. Sure, I'll show you. Just throw these a square shape and smooth one of the government, depending on the shoe and the amount of detail on the type of sugar going for you may want to add these indentation to the bottom. This is a hell. Now, to imply some basic perspective, you're gonna have this line at the bottom of the heel. Always make sure to make the shoes way bigger than the actual fit. Could you come back here? The viewing angle very easily. Just this question and their shoe by scaring with the object selection tool and then it just the angles of the back and he'll. So they roughly feed the perspective. There's no need to redo precise with this often. Just playing around with the girls is just enough. The other common type of footwear is a one that wraps around the foot. Could be sandals or flip flops. Just beware the perspective when grew up in a line over the feet. 22. Base Shapes: in traditional figurative drawing. The wrist is very well documented. Process to build figures. What do you stopped with? A. Just a drawing, which is a very loose simplification of the figured want to draw containing only their proportions and posture, the wide off any extra details and then you build up from there till you get a Finnish figure. We don't need to follow such a rigorous process, since we are drawing considerably more simpler fears. But we can learn a few things from it, and that's what this listen is all about. We'll stand by creating a base drawing, which is gonna be a simplification off the great everyone to draw, and this base drawing is gonna function. I would like a traditional just a drawing. Of course, we are working with a mouse here, so drawing loose and just a reliance. It's not as effective as it will be if we were using a pencil and our hands. So what we'll be doing is creating a type off Manny Quinn, using the shapes you learned in the basic anatomy list since, just like with a traditional jester drying, the idea here is that making this man a green is really fast, and it's extremely easy toe adjust and redraw. If neither and you can get a pretty accurate idea of how their proportions and posture is gonna look once you make the final drying on top. And this final drawing is called the line of For as long as the base dryness will made with well, craft proportions and posture. If you follow it more or less closely, you configure mind to create the best looking line out. So in this lesson, I'll be showing you everything you need to know regarding the creation off base drawings, particularly using the anatomical shapes we saw in the basic Anatomy lesson. In the next lesson, we'll do the same. But with the line out, I want to start with a very simple deep. Your goal here is to build the proportions and posture off your character so you shouldn't worry about if it looks good or not. Right off served the proportions, and Boston's separated from the drawing. This may take a bit off experience, but once you do it, you'll be able to judge if your character will end up looking good or not. In a second, the next step is a bit off a personal preference, but every leave. If you're a beginner, it can save you a lot off. Headache work only with straight lines, not with curves, when working with a pencil at this stuff than drug is very nice and just a reliance that give the base draw in a certain beautiful looseness and movement. But we don't have that luxury here, and Xscape, working by creating guards, will make it really slow to draw and have to adjust one. The shapes that place remember that in except is way easier to adjust and manipulate straight strokes, so we compensated it. This may change in case you have a tablet or if you prefer to draw the base on paper and then skin it. But I relieved that since we are working with simpler and flat figures anyway, we don't need such expressive and complex based throw in any way. Often, bad based Ryan comes from a couple of big foundational problems. First, make sure your character is balanced. Think off the center off Wellons. Imagine a straight vertical line from the center of the characters belly button and make sure that all parts of the body are well distribute. Also, remember that you can selector shapes and screw them to quickly change the center of felons . Oneness Trick here is to use the same technique you use when the sign of the health. Flip all shapes or centrally constantly, so you can see any problems with fresh eyes. Another common problem is when the different masses off the body feel up early place together in the case that my problem may be that the shapes don't flow. I like to think off a narrow that goes from the gun, turn off a main shape and follows the curvature. Then I tried to the sign the position of the shapes so they have a flows between shapes on . The several can go from any condom and flow to any extremity. Even from the inside of the shapes, the torso flow into the extremities is the most common way to make their shapes of the body flow. The idea is that they're flowing shapes, make the whole character more unified and therefore better looking. If you were working traditionally, they will try to do the story in the gesture Ryan face. But since we are dry in the base use in straight lines. It may be easy to forget toe. Give the body a great for flow. One last general tip. Remember that the base shapes you have studied in the basic anatomy lesson are fitting for the more anatomical characters I understand we are working on. Characters often have more cartoony bodies with leader riel life anatomy thrown in, for example, in the case, off Children or all people artists, often over style, is the body to make the kind of more distinctive. And the result is that the base shape resembles nothing like real life anatomy. There are infinite ways to the Sinek rioters, Woody, but I mean, at least they re tough. Knowledge of construction will help you, even with characters that won't match. The anatomical based shapes, we're trying to say is that you shouldn't be afraid of creating highly stylized characters . But having experienced Whittemore anatomical bodies, we help you. A lot will be drawing one of thes Haley Stylus characters as an example later on this unit . One night's practice that help you Ah lot is to try to find your favorite cartoon characters and combat them into base manikins. Just important image of the car that you want and used to be shapes and adjust them to feed the body of the guy out of as best you can. You could even draw on top of the image by tracing over. This is faster, and it'll help you see how these based shapes build a character. I wanted to be aware of the different archetypes off body types you see all the time in this style of captains. Each of these for the archetypes, are used a lot and have different characteristics, which means that they use different based shapes. So you go to study them a bit. Also, I want to remind you that later on, this unit will be drawing different characters belonging to each of these different archetypes. First is the classical anatomical body, this type of what he follows pretty accurately, the rial life, another me. But of course, it highly simplifies it, flattering guards and removing small details and even entire body parts. The next seems to be the first to go, probably to make the guy that's a bit more goofy characters for this type of what we are commonly other sent in agers. And often Britian's fevers have their particularity that their body shapes are often over the stylized going to make them more appealing, even for guidance. That meant to be particularly attractive, like mom's or other things. Then you have guarantees that break the rules off anatomy. Read more. It may be that the proportions are really pushed to the point that the body in a longer appears human. Or maybe the anatomy sound at the window completely toe make the body shape more interesting. Children and old people seemed to be the target for this type off. The archetype probably taken advantage off the changing proportions in the alive to make the sky. There's more unique one of my favorite types off bodies to draw. It's what I call the money body goes off Barney rubble from their friends, stones with the head and body at a single shape. There are no psychiatrist with the head and body at a single shape, but everything I think of this type of body. For some reason, I always think about the, for instance, on the only hand over better captains in the basic anatomy lesson. I show you a particular group of shapes that you could use for economically based captain bodies. But ask you just saw cartoons Stone. Always have anatomically based bodies into the gays. Just used your own shapes. Let's remember that the goal of thes shapes is that you can set the proportions and posture quickly and easy, so then use complex shapes that they a lot of time to dry in. The just finally went to address a very specific toe in scrape technique that you need to know once you have the base, joined your want to drown up, probably accidentally selected it and make it easier to see. You need to make a few adjustments. Select all the shapes that makes up your base trying. And then he'd control GE. The group all shapes into a single object. No, open the objects dialogue by going to object objects and with the base drawing selector so you can see it highlighted on the object. Hello, Click on the little local right next to it. This way. There shapes that looked. You no longer can select it or accidentally move it now to make it east of Toronto up. I recommend you to go to the opacity, slay them and loving it quite a bit as far away as you can while still being able to see it comfortably. And that's ready to draw on top if you want. At any moment, you could click again in the local, and you should be able to read it right away. Now you may be wondering why I didn't use the layer. Stay love. It has the same functionality after one. And I can tell you is that to me, it's a mother off preference. I prefer to look in the within of just cause. It's faster. If you feel more comfortable working with layers than you slay us, that's nothing wrong with them. And that's it for the building off baselines. I strongly recommend you to give it a practice by copying guidance that you like and maybe try putting them in different postures. It'll happy to see the relationship between these based Ryan and the final shape? In this lesson, we see all about creating the lineup on top 23. Building the Line Art: once you have the base shapes, establishing the general proportions and posture it sent to make the final bus and to make the lane out. So in this lesson, I got a few deeps and notes about making the lineup very think they can help you lower if you're just starting making characters. This one is very important, especially if you're a bit inexperience. I strongly recommend you to create the line out, using only lines with the mental that is. Don't close the strokes and create shapes. Used a pen to us if it were a really life pen or pencil. If you work with shapes that you're running military into the problem off, indicating shapes that are partially behind and in front of others at the same time. For example, the animate the back in a frequent this view. We left them be partially behind the torso and personally in front, and that can really complicate u. You have to the site what shape to create and in what order to place them. Potentially, you have to deal with clips and fake for those, and this can really complicate you later on. If you need to adjust something remember that once you d select an object, you are created with the mental and a start date and another, the stroke becomes its own object. So the liner is compromised off multiple objects. And since every stroke is its own object, this gives us a lot of flexibility. At any moment, I can just grab the no selection tool. And I started just in the circle project they want with just clicking on the stroke. And this is kind of going to draw the line up before the drawings have remaking in this unit. This tape may be obvious to some, but just a We're all in the same page. I'm gonna tell you anyways, think of the base drawing on Lee s that loose guy. Feel free to stray away from it as much as you need. If you feel that the final out doesn't need a particular section off, what you've drawn, then completed, not it. The baseline is there's the guy for the proportions and posture. But it's the line of the only thing people are going to see. Nobody's gonna just how accurate you are to the base. So we think first in the line out. And if a sexual the base doesn't help you that ignore it or go back to destroy it. In the previous lesson, I told you about trying to make the forms of the body flow between each other. Well, I got way too. Movies is still traitor. Use a single line to join the different forms of the body. Like in this case, I use a single line between the body and the leg. I could have used to separate lanes one for the side of the door, someone for the leg. But because there is one single girl, the cold body, Phyllis, more unified. One little technique Your see me do all the time here is to draw well past in the section between two strokes. Since all the strokes out of its own objects, I can easily got the excess later on, if you don't remember, had to put an arbitrary section of a stroke. All you have to do is to use their delete segments well done in the no selection toe. Let me show you because it can get every confusing the village secondment option work by removing the section between two selected knows. So the first thing shall do. It was a like that stroke you want to cut and once elected, you go to the intersection and they were quick to place a no there. Very important if the circuits elected. It doesn't matter if there is another stroke on top of the same place you're putting. The no, the selector stroke will have priority. And if they will place the Nelda in the selectors stroke rather than in the stroke on top, once in off the no just elected journals and go to the elite segment button, it's always easier to overextend and with the stroke, so you can adjust them more comfortably if you need later on. So you should be using this technical the time to fix and tidy up everything it certainly Easter them to say, is that struck down while keeping the position, especially if it has to be covered 24. Dad Character Body: in this lesson will be drawing the body of the character. I want to give you a warning about the way and making the characters here. In the rest of the course, I'm joining the line out of the body first, and then the clothing. Now most of the time, wind you the sign, a character. You descended with the clothes because the clothes changed the body shape and that heavily influences the way the character fields. Which means, as I say in a previous listen, that the base shapes will change according to the type of clothes the connected we well or , in the case, the guy afterwards, very simple clothes like the ones in the schools. Then you draw the clothes on body line out at the same time. But I'm not doing that. I'm leaving out the clothing for the lessons on clothes. There are a couple of details you need to know to dress your characters. Bruce, I want you to focus on the body without the destruction off. How close changed this Luette. And since I want you to focus on the body in this unit, I already made the heads off. Each character will be drying, so you they have. There's no need to have the complete head before starting the body. In fact, most artists make the body, and the head of the same time, since they have is such an important part of the same. But I wanted to focus on the technical part of creating a character, and making heads will be a distraction. So in each listen, I'll provide the hell. However, if you're feeling like putting everything you've learned in the previous unit test, then it is recommended to make your own heads. That way, it'll be way more the world in with this first character, I want to take the opportunity to talk about a couple off important liner patterns and techniques you'll find all the time in a last quantity of characters. I believe it can be really beneficial to learn this, especially when you're just starting out so I'll show you ass we go One last thing before we continue, just like in the previous unit with health and given the bodies a preview gray color, which later assisted by the actual body color. I'm not doing anything we haven't talked about before. I'm doing the exact same based shapes that you saw in the basic anatomy. Listen, but this time with the proportions and posture I want. And this is where your creativity will shine. This is 90% off the sign off a Correcto. How you squash and stretch the base shape well defined the personality. Now, Not every character is gonna use the six sects in base shape, especially because these characters enjoying are made on purpose in more or less straight forward position for the sake of simplicity. But most will use some kind off base shape, and that's where most of the single goes. - As I say in the base shape lesson, working with straight lines is really powerful. You cannot just the proportions in the mother of Seconds. And if you want to create multiple variations, that's a way to improve your the same lag. Loaded with heads, it's blazing fast and simple to do. Here's what you see the benefits off working with vectors rather than using pen on paper. I used to help to establish their proportions off the over their body by Skelly. The hell the entire body changes its proportions and the same changes as well Okay , so I'm really do create the final lineup. So the first thing I want to do is to prepare the base for their lineup. So just is why I told you in their base shape lessons as far as the line out. I'll be using everything I told you in the line at listen, creating long lines, working with separate strokes, drawing bust intersections. I'm trying to create nice and smooth line up, so I smoke. Every have gone. Now this is a very common technique of tissues when drying skinny characters when during the legs don't join them into a single point in the crotch, like in the baseline. Rather keep them slightly separated, but rather is horizontal line with a slight curvature. This would look better than more refined This time make is very common, and you see it all the time in any type off captain. - Now for the animals in 3/4 the arm closer to you is in front of the parcel so you can create the illusion the arm comes from the torso by allowing the lower line, the joints, the arm and torso to go a bit inside of it. This will also apply. If you have a character winning clothes on the other arm, the arm further away is coming from behind it also. And since the character isn't 3/4 very common, that the Tercel covers the upper arm partially, but not completely. And to indicate it is very simple. You just extend with the line that makes up the dorsal in such a way that covers a section off the arm. This will give the impression that the arms being here and partially by the chest when making the shoulders and trapezius Celia on my street you can do is to use a single line toe joint both extremes. This way you have more control of these triangular form off the trapezius, depending on the character, this coverage or maybe completely gone, like in the case off female and kids, or be highly exaggerated, like in the case for big guys here. I'm just in the IT segment technique, - and who's the lineup, this plea matchy refined version off the base shape. One important scene you should keep in mind is that while this is technically the final line out, that doesn't mean that you cannot change the proportion or posture of the character. Sure, you're working with girls, and carbs are harder to manipulate and straight lines. But you can ensure make small adjustments, like moving a few notes or the leading something that justice and work. And finally, I'm giving it a flat gray color toe. Make it more pleasant of you. Later on, we're gonna vendor it, giving it proper color and elimination, but for now, it's done. 25. Tough Guy Character Body: the idea behind the tough guy wants to make the classic brute cartoon archetype with a big another with body. I want to make a character that is bull girl and mean so this guy won't have a shirt or shoes. I want you to notice how the same base shapes can be used to make a completely different body just by pushing with the scale of its shape. - Big brutes have this very pronounced trapezius, but it wanted this guy to be more fat than anything, so I didn't put too much inferences in that. Hey, I wanted to give the guy a big belly, so I changed a bit the square of the torso so I can review more or less the way the belly intellects with the whole body. Of course, now it looks agreed, ugly. We'll make it pretty when I have the lineup for the Leinart. I almost always preferred to work without the health so I can focus on their body. I'm being very careful of where I placed the nose. I want the most effective possible stroke. This way. I can make really fast adjustments every time I want without messing the object this part is interesting. Now I'm making the legs and I want you to take a look at this ark. This is a very common type off leg you see all the time, especially for characters with big parcels and small legs. It's like a symbol, but not quite. It's a bit like the legs we saw with that. Those skinny legs are very common for skinny characters and short legs, with arcs al common for tough characters making the feet. This one will have individual does and will be very weak. So they match the rough look off the character, another Jones. Since this is a number with character, I'm bending the arc off the arms in playing more fat in there. I also notice how I'm not staying 100% true to the proportions off the base. He thought that they must look too short, so I improvised a bit, and I made them longer. I am making big adjustment can be complicated use and curves, but making small proportion changes on the goal. It's OK, just making a traditional fish here for the feast issues. You have to do it feel, since it is your toe make small adjustments and player you'd better and here and made a quick dip legation to save time, - using the segments, technique, toe day, the up everything and just in a few knows position, and that is for a tough day. 26. Female Character Body: I wanted to draw on attractive woman to show you how to use their base shapes for females. This base shapes and techniques can be used to draw any kind of female. Those Children should still use a child's body, of course, and younger teens should have the shapeless define first, the most important difference with females that also, if you remember from the basic anatomy lesson, these females have this time in shape. Torso on bellies? Well, if you place the shaping 3/4 you get this P shape, which substitutes the rectangle in mailboxes. This be shape is almost exclusively used in this style of cartoons. Since this is style loves straight lines and for more attractive characters, you'll almost always want to place it in this very steep angle. As far as the penalties it maintain its time in shape, more or less, - I wanted the notice how the doors off flows into the right, mostly as a smooth girl. That's when is the left side torso into a writer line off the left most like, even if it doesn't quite complete it because of the bell with shape, you'll find a few off these condoms flowing one into another in all of the guys house with more apparent in this particular character, since it's a more anatomical female, this flowing off lines, and you should be very mindful off them at all. Moments off the sign in the base, seeing how it looks with help. - No for the lineup. Notice that I'm trying to find as much as I can two points in the baseline to create a smooth line. This is especially important for attractive female character. That means a more elegant saluted. You don't want a pronounced trapezius shape for female characters. In fact, almost always, you want them to be completely flat as far as the feet. I decided to draw them with high heels already, since there's no recent was rather in bare feet. So then they lead the fingers to draw the high heels on top, and it's done 27. Kid Character Body: disconnect there. Waas, originally one of the two characters and made for the cartoon backgrounds cars. I need a couple of characters to better than most laid back around. So I made this and the next character toe put them in the final Render. A lot of people seem to be more interested in the characters and the backgrounds, and that inspired me to make this sort off sequel cars. So he isn't how to create the Jew characters starting with the kill. Okay, the base. So this is a front view of the character. The forms are exactly the same as the anatomical ways. But here I wanted to do something different. I wanted to draw the clothes as well, since they had an important part of this illiterate and therefore off the sign I let you know with the but comes up. - Okay . No, the line off. All throughout this unit, I've told you that you often do other clothes along with the body. So I'll be doing now is showing you how you can do that. I've been drawing the body justice of other guys, though in real life is not necessary. If you have a good base. I thought about doing this with the cattle because, like in so many cases with Children, think of doing shows. The clothes changed heavily. The silhouette of the body affect into the same. Luckily, the clothes are extremely simple, like Oh, close in style. And I don't think that you need to much explanation here. I create the clothes on top of the body and then used the lit segments metal. So the lady and the lion line up with the body. You got that? We do excited. I started to have deterred the socks. But then I realized this and stuff the rest of the leaders in this guy tell which had much were within the clothing unit and giving it a gray color so we can probably get better next the mutilation. 28. Middle Aged Man Character Body: Okay. They finally got it, though. And the skeleton has two particularity that it doesn't use the base anatomical shapes that I showed you in their basic anatomy. Listen, because it uses the bony body off, joining the head and body in a single shape. It doesn't really requires a complex base. In fact, legal droid in Wana go without the need of firebase shape because this body is really simple. But instead I decided to follow the same workflow than the other characters just for the sake of consistency. By the way, you when those guys that has to here nobody has a single shape and there's no separate here . I still decided to import the finish features toe, not lose time, making them making the body double. It's really simple. Only two shapes so simple, in fact, that there's no reason to draw a base shape. But like I say the minute ago, for the sake of consistency, I'll be joined it here amount in a separation to know where the hell on Bali separates this is gonna be. Where they call out of the chef is gonna be, But I'm more interested in knowing well is the separation of the body. And here the the answer. Just like the other arms Onley heavily squashed, please in the features we tried to directly from their finish body. - No , making the line out, which I'm led right away without redrawing the line after dub. Because again, it's a really simple character and they probably you feel, and that's it in the next lesson will be giving close to all of our characters. 29. Clothing: blue is another one of those things that fairly complex and time consuming, more realistic style, but a place to do with cartoons. In this lesson, you learn everything you need to give any type of clothing to your characters. Let's start with the other. So the first thing I'm doing here at the sleeves and they want you to notice a couple of things first, is that this leaves are completely straight and flat, with absolutely no wrinkles or beating. This is a pretty common for a glows in the style, and second notice that the sleeps don't have volume. They share the line of the body. This is true for clothing that's close to the skin. They simply share of the same line as the body. This makes something close, and this is style extremely fast and easy. Nelda Bennett, in this case, I'm doing something I didn't do with the sleeves. I'm slightly rounded the belt so it looks like it wraps around the body. This is fairly common for any clothes that wrapping the body tightly, but for more loose clothing, it's optional. She had just use the shortcut control shift, be toe base, the style and get the same struck with. And I don't do any detail in the bed in this style. Did Justin to be relatively big, flat and not detailed at all. So the book is just a square, the same with the color and die just very simple and geometrical shapes. And I'm just in the elite segments technique to remove the excess off their lines for the tough guy. I wanted to make him shirtless so you can see how logical do a shirtless, hairy person on the first step is making the anatomical eaters, in this case the just and the Billy bottom. That's what the hell you don't want to draw too much. If you want to imply a heavy person related to a couple of things in the chest, I'm using this spiral shape on display. Tool in reality could have done it without it, because you don't want that much here. Otherwise is baked the character too busy, so you place a few and then I play around with the placement. When they kill is that they are slightly different Thais amputation for the hell anywhere else. I'm using a classic symbol, the Ark that wraps around this heart has to slate leave the silhouette and appears like it comes from the other side. You don't want too much of thes hairs with three or four per section is enough. This symbol is that's a commonly used to represent people, going both now for the funds. The same rule applies for the bands here, but I want to show that they have lived at the bottom. That's the reason why they leave the silhouette of the legs. This will make the lips part more obvious on May be over a slew it nicer, but it's always don't overdo it. In this style, most clothes should be glued to the body shape and, of course, the lit in the overlap strokes. With the delete segments technique, there is nothing new with the female. The greater words very simple clothes. So I follow the same steps us. Before I decided to have a couple of small anatomical details because they character is a bit more anatomical than the others. I other the few lions to imply form. - I change the shape for the more traditional high heels. I think this release more s a shoe and here I thought that it would be cool to create a really quick variation with only a few couple of lines, I created a completely different set of clothes. Now the gill. There is nothing really new here. In the early lesson, I read talk about what's going on here. So this is a very quick and easy body to do. That's fine. Us, the Middle East man Again, there really isn't anything new. I decided to make this leaves glued to the body since then assigned Waas already there. So no floating sleeves is very important. Little Israel balance inside the belly area, so I'm playing around with the position off each detail shape and that's it for the clothing. I hope that you realize that dressing your characters is really simple in this style. But for this you need a good foundation. Now, most of the time in area life project, we wanted rescue corrector as you make the body, but in some cases it could be a good idea to make the body first on the sign, most particularly variations on top like with with a few more guy. In fact, I have a little exercise for you. Take the body, brushing off the characters in the resources, and they did rest them in completely different ways. Truth is the sign inside, wet. So they feel like new characters. No, the only thing that's left is given them color and light and shadow. So I see you in the next unit. 30. Light and Shadow: I want to talk very quickly about light and shadow and how light behaves in real life. How'd you can use this information to make your characters pretty? The first thing you should know is that when light hits the surface, it makes it color later, even surface area directly hit by the sun. We'll have a lighter shade off well, and the list of the surface and the same with the color off the surface is new or green or any other color. You may think how later depends on how directly the light rays hit the surface. So if a surface point directly at the light souls, it will be later than a surface that points at the way their angle. And if the surface one point at all at the lights off, then it will be hit by the lights. Horse race and the color that suffer should be completely black. Of course, in real life, there is no completely black surface due to a nice little property off light rays. They bounce off or for their surfaces, so it's really rare to see a completely black surface in an object in any my eliminator room when is the light right is not hitting the entire object. Now keep in mind that bounce light is way weaker than direct light. So they eliminate ready lightly there, there. If we were working in a more realistic style, we will need to study deeply how light behaves. This I looked more to learn, but since we are working with highly stylised capital CEO, we don't need more than this. As so we're gonna work. Use in the classic can't highlight and shadows That's the norm in cartoons. More realistic highlights and shells have not used in animation for characters at least since they are really hard to animate consistently. So let's see how to use this information to draw light and shadow in X type. Take a look at this red circle. I want to imply a light roughly coming for the top left side, somebody quickly adds, or a lace shape and a cell shape are you with a neutral color so you can see its location and it up in their feelings of the yellow. I want to give the light and shadow on appropriate color the right color, I said with the show I've selected make sure I'm in the fifth down and hit another decision to make which one of these fire color selection most values. If you watch the except dips, listen, I say that that I always recommend using the HSE Elmo since its animals that I believe it's better for registration in general, let me remind you, the agents animal has the same colors and the other most, but the difference is that you selected colors by selecting the hue, saturation and value in the Slater Suzy. Now here comes the cool plant. They just lighter, which handles the valley of the color. That is, the lightness can be used as a way to compare and said the lightness off multiple colors. So where do is to use the dropper to hear, and I sample the local red color. So they had the same now go to the insider and started slightly lower it. So there is that subtle difference on, like this, this family using the slider, the hue and saturation stays the same. The only thing that changes is where they want to change. How light is that particular color? Of course, Now I'll do the same for the highlight but its students lately moved up the else later Do they get what they want? One little note here. Remember that we are working with highly stylus capitals here. So there is no need to be physically exact with the colors, just I will. Which shade are cut off later. You want the shadow or highlight we and it will be okay. Now I can't repeat the same step with the blue circle. The method is the same. Just simple. The color and study lower or raise the else later. It'll work great with any type of color. But there is a problem. What if the body has multiple colors like in the case off this one, you're not gonna go in there and create with a shape for each type and then change the colors of its Really? That would be ridiculous. I'm gonna show you a technique toe, quickly make light and shadow shapes that will affect equally all colors. First, make the shapes, and then, when selecting the highlight color, big, full white and for the shallow peak full black, not simply lower the Alfa off its shape color with the elephants later. How much you know where the hell if I it's up to you, you have to play around with the value of it till you get what you want. One really cool thing about this metal is that it's pretty much the same than picking colors. But now you can change the underlying color and it'll work just that's good. So you can very quickly experiment with the final colors and modify them later on. If you need, you can even change with the hue off the light to get really easy colored lights or change the shell. A few to make it the classic nature blue stint. That's very common. So just for the sake of simplicity, I'll be using this method, toe light and shadow to the characters. 31. Colors: No. I want to clarify a couple of details regarding how we're going to give the characters color. I relieved that the best and easiest way is by using the bucket tone. If you watch the inside unit, you know that the bucket tool allows you to quickly feel an idea by creating a shape. That feat that idea. But the problem is that it uses pixel information to generate the shape, so it's a bit inaccurate. However, I believe that it's accurate enough, and it more than makes it up with the convenience of creating a shape separated from the lane out. Now we could, if we want a, to use the natural shape with a feel through the characters of color. But since we want to separate strokes that we will have to recreate the shapes that don't close easily by tracing over, and it would take a ridiculous amount of time, I won't be going over the basics of the bucket. Oh, I already did that in there except unit, but I want to remind you that the book a told create a shape that has the form often in close idea and depending on the selected field and stroke may have its own, so only may have no feel and be only soak. I don't even know stroke or feel at all just being mindful of thes when using the tool. There are only a couple of things you need to know to use the bucket to to paint characters , assuming you watch their basic off, usin it in the instep unit. First for the best possible full shape. Get us closer as you came to the empty there. If there is a small section off the idea, but it's outside of the campus, they feel may still work. If you're too close, they feel may not be created. But before training from further away, make sure that it's no small, unconnected lines somewhere. Once the free shape is feeder justice out of the shape want perfectly fit, though there will be usually this very thing bother that may not be visible from far away, but there is physically if you zoom in if you want to get rid of it. The best way is to use the dynamic offset story in the bath menu, just like the Shape and Goto path the Islamic offset. I'll use the shortcut control J. What do you want to do here is to grow the shape just a tiny bit. So it overlaps with the line that inclusive the area. If you were something window in the shape. No, Mother, how is regular? The shape is this will keep it form and shouldn't go past any line. And if it does, you should be able to adjust a bit using the most recent one. Remember that if you want to it it knows with the no selection tool you need to transform with back to a path. So once you made the adjustment you want, you need to goto path, object the bath to transform it back to a bath so you can see and edit their nose, and I'll just send the shape to the back behind the line out. So any imperfection is he then, and that's it. All you can do now is toe. Repeat the same steps with all the in close. It is made by the line out 32. Finishing Line Art: So we've already established that the animation rendering needs to be way simpler that if you are making this administration and as we're gonna go for a simple socially that style and that it show has his own variation on this simple, socially the rendering. But in this unit, we're going for the very common finish. But you see all the time in mother shows with directors with very limited highlights and a simple shallow and this really nice looking double line where the entire character has a single line wait. But then there is this really thick outline that wraps entire character and makes the guy contrast with the background. And making this double line has the tricky parts. So I want to show you the details so there would be no surprises at the moment of making the actual characters. But before we begin with the outline, I want to talk about a couple of things regarding their final line. Al Qaeda would have first. This is really simple lime color, which color will be the final line. I prefer to use the color we've in Houston so far, the 80% grade. I really say that you're Black doesn't look at school, so it mostly black Ray, will be more pleasant. And that's that's true for colors Decorator would have. If you want to ask some black to some area, 80% gray or 90 or 70 will look more pleasant as far as the weight of the line out. I want to work at a small that is, well, wait, any escape since we're working with Victor's, obviously the absolute way that's a mother. But what this mother is that we'll be working with a small but visible line off the same wait for the character and then an outline and showed to be twice the weight of the working nine. I was playing that in a minute. This is important. One scene you might have noticed is that the headlines looks rough. They end in these heart plain, and that can be distracting. You want all or most of the single lines to end this nice paper, so they look like another stroke made by a pen or pencil. One solution would be to use the shape drop down in there, no selection to controls with the option, tangle out or strangle in. But this requires to withdraw everything, and so I wouldn't recommend to draw turn off line up using deceptions. It's very in a stable. The weather and ultra fast and easy solution is to use a path effect called paper stroke, just like in a stroke you want and go toe path, but effect and in their paper stroke. Once you selected, it automatically applies it. It's a very easy to use. Just move their little circle toe. Specify the amount of Taper has found at the options in the Pacific. Diallo. You can just forget about them. The different options are perfect. Just things. The stroke would be converted to a non object internally by the perfect, as if you use the option struck the bath. This means that the stroke would have feel on a stroke. Us a normal object. Medical news is that you can steal the evidence with the handles and by dragon on the borders as if it were a normal stroke. Really living maintained its size. And no, we're gonna use thesis effect all the time. In pretty much all lines have a visible end. So what happened here is thes three ellipses overlapping each other with a one pixel with stroke each. I didn't sign out. I always recommend you to work in pixels when working fully digitally. Recent vision important with handling strokes. So make sure they dropped down is always said to big cells If I want to create a thicker LDA into these three shapes while maintaining the single with stroke off each one bassist way to do it is to create a shape that matches the headline off the three objects. And to do that, they can use a union. This new object is gonna have the silhouette of the three ellipses. So I have to do is to set the stroke off the subject. Do we thinker than they want picks? A stroke of the lips is so I select the mall and duplicate them. And why is too selective? I used a shortcut control and loose to make the union off course. I think I don't need to tell you that. The reason why duplicate them? Yes, so I can keep the three original ellipsis on top of the new union object. Now all I have to do is to remove the default feel, answered the stroke toe about the double or triple off the other strong willed. In this case, I'm going for a really thick six picks of stroke, and this is where you find the first problem you can encounter. In this case, it's just a simple three ellipses union, but it's more common to get complications when working with characters made off done off objects. The first problem is that you cannot make the union in the first place. Something happens, and the union is not creator. In this case, they elevate the status well. It will display a message saying that you cannot perform unions with known baths, and the group is not a path, even if it's complies entirely. Bypass subjects when making characters is very common to create groups. So small, complex parts made off turns off objects like the ice or mouth, all hands and feet. Alice here to handle. Suddenly there is only one solution. Go one by one to each of your groups and group them, and this can be really tedious, especially if you don't remember what you created a group. This is why it's not a bad idea to go on group in your groups when you see that you are gonna manipulate them anymore. Another problem you can encounter is that the union shows up with this will shapes that went on your drawing inside allows you to perform unions with clip shapes, but instead of treating the object as a clip shape, it treats it as the unclip shape. So if you use clips, things are going to complicate. You may need to redraw the clip shape. You may be tempted to use clips, especially at the moment of creating shadows or highlights, but instead use intersections. I recommended to rewatch the listen on Boolean operations. If you don't remember her in the sections work, they are a bit less flexible, but in this case you have to use them if you want that nice small l plane. What if our style requires a really thick outline, like five or six times the width off the inner object stroke? That's actually very common in some shows. Then you'll see a couple of problems. First, the helpline looks ugly when a stroke, it's made big. It blows up any small southern perfection in the airplane made by the null displacement, and this is very common when working with anything complex, like a character. And second and most important, the airplane has started toe eat away potentially important parts of your registration like , for example, subtle leaders in the cigarette or close to the edge will pretty much be overlapped by the big out plane. The solution is quite simple. Never place this outline shape on top off your illustration. Always put it behind as the lest of licked. This will create yet another small problem. As you may have noticed in the previous case, Escape draws on the strokes in the exact middle point in the ends off a shape. This means that the stroke weeds will be half inside and half outside the shape. Our six pick says outline will be three picks are going inside and three outside. So when you send the outline to the bottom, we're only seeing health. The pixels. This locally has a very simple solution. Just duplicate the success you want to see. So in this case, we want a six week says with. So if we want a six picks US willed once the object is in the back, just said they with 2 12 there's a difference between creating outlines on objects and creating outlets on the characters we created there, most of the characters we create we did it using only open lines except the middle aged man . And if you remember from the inside bliss and instep open lions made with the mental after tell us if they were open objects with an invisible side joining the two ends. This will make the technique of selecting a lot objects and then using a union to get the sexy bit very unreliable. Since some lines may close toe there alongside or may leave huge gaps in important places, the solution would be to go in and join all the open lines in such a way that they salute us. The object stays intact, and while this may be the option that yields the best results is gonna be tricky and time consuming. I got a faster method that may be less accurate. Bit is way faster. Make sure the color is already completely set and nice replace with the fields behind the line out and no uncovered white area like I show you in the please listen, announced a little shapes and duplicate them. Now we're gonna transform the strokes into objects. Goto path struck the bath. Now every part off the character is a bath. With those shapes elected. Now you can perform the union. And should you go, you have the exact same limit of the character. But because you transform the strokes towpath, that's a bit much just a stroke with as well. Now, if you want to make the outline off the interrogator figure, all you have to do is to give the object the stroke with you one. But remember that this stroke is gonna be at the top of the story. Already have one less thing you don't know. I recommend you to create this outline shape before making the shells and highlight. You'll probably want to use this subject toe clip or intersect with them. Since you can't rely on the lions and the book it feel may be separated by lineup. I'll show you that later on. When I drove the characters 33. Dad Character Finishing: Let's start with the rendering off. The characters here were given them colors, elimination and other finishing touches, like in the previous units with the body of the data. I want to use this first character to explain some metals and techniques will be using over and over again with all characters. So if you don't understand something, we watched this this in a couple of times before we begin, I want to warn you about a big change I made to the health. So for the sake, off simplifying and speeding up the listen. I went on and I modified the heads off all the characters so they would be the same as the bodies. And then we made entirely off line after with no shapes. This will save us a lot of trouble later on. And this is how you will usually work in your own project by making the head and body at the same time. Remember that I brought the finish. Hell's so you can focus on the body. So let's begin with a nobody off the process were followed to finish every single one for characters. I'm gonna repeat this steps, you know, characters so you have the opportunity of seeing this process in action multiple times. First, we're gonna make the line out nicer to work with by the leading and joining any unnecessary knows. Then we're gonna taper the lines if necessary, when will apply the color with the bucket story to the entire character and adjusted. So it looks nice. We create the silhouette that's gonna have the outline off all the shapes of the character . And finally, we're gonna draw the shovels and highlight if necessary. So the first step is making the line that nicer to work with. Since we didn't use shapes, there may be loose knows. So what I'm doing here is searching all the con term to find places where the line at this a bit sloppy. And there are floating notes this floating knows will become dangerous at the moment of creating the outline. Like I said before, once we blow up the strong willed, we also blow up any problem. And these barely visible breaks in the lineup will be huge. Remember that in order to create this Alouette, since we are not working with shape here, we need to transform this drug two baths so they created outlined paths. We have those imperfections. So what I'm doing here is making sure to connect as much. End those as possible with the other end ALS by selecting the two animals and clicking in the joint selected nose in there. No selection to hunters. Another thing I'm doing is making sure the Lions don't accidentally overextend elite over where they should be. So I'm really some in looking for any possible imperfection that may result in and ugly outline when I increased the stroke with. Of course, this isn't a step that you must follow with every character that you make, using our technique off using only strokes for the lineup. So we lose everything the time we want but make it the line up in a more streamlined way here. But I think it's still worth it, though I want to make a few lines prettier by using the Taper path effect. Most of the be important lines that end up in this awkward floodplain. It's not absolutely necessary, but it does give it some nights of look to some of the characters. One important thing to remember when using the paper effort it paper both ends. So you have to go and a Naper the and wanted em with the little circle. Okay, so here comes one of the most important parts off the render in the cooler. So I'm gonna repeat, take sexy in process with every single idea. First I select the bucket tool and I get as close as possible to the area. So the free shape is a state as possible. After that, I used dynamic offset the shark. It is Contra J. And when it want to do is to offset the shape so it overlaps the line out. But don't extend past it. After that, I send this shape to the back. So it's behind the lineup. And finally, this is something I like to do because it improves performance and is here to modify if neither I use object towpath on it. This will remove the dynamic, offset Mother fire and give you back the bath. It's important to have the path version of the few shape because it may not always be possible to reach those sharp angles in the corners with a dynamic offset, at least not without going past the lineup. And there is where you will go and manually pull and stretch a few nose to feel everything . This is a very repetitive process because it has without, with every single empty idea. - As far as the actual colors, you have to experiment by yourself and see what looks cool. The lefty back and give you is to stay away from highly saturated colors. They don't look good most of the time, so make sure the S later. In the age of circular selection mold, it's not do hi. One thing you can do is to select the color suits in the palate, which is what I'm doing. A poison, the colors to the left, most off the color groups, they're the most separator. You can get a couple of good skin tones with the lower and middle Don's off the orange and brown color groups. That's what I'll be using for most characters. One thing you see me do is to perform a union with all the shapes that are meant to be off a single color. For example, he is elected every single friendship that makes up the skin, and I performed a union. I also could have gone and group them or join them using the combined command. The thing is that now if I want to change the color of their skin off the entire character , but I have to do is to select their skin shape. And here's the goal off course. I repeated the same steps with the chef shoes and Beth Now for the outline. Not honest tiles have this very obvious. Outland surrounded the entire character, but a few wheels besides the best time. Fastest way to Al Shadows is by great and either on intersection right clip with this helps shape you see what I mean in a minute. But first, let's make this outline. Remember that we have not working with forms here. That's one of the reason we needed to feel the area so precisely with the bucket tone so we could create a solid silver it. But then there the lines, they are strokes. We need to transform them into shapes. So they, together with the bucket feel shapes, form their solid silhouette. We need This is very easy to do just elected person and go toe path. Stop the bath. This will transform the strokes to Bath and only their strokes. The objects that are already feels will not be effective. Now that the lions have no longer lines. It's way harder to make any modifications. But if you go to this point with the color already selector, chances are that you already done modifying your character. Now to make this silhouette shape, duplicate your character by selecting and hidden control de on Perform a union. This new silhouette shape much is the character perfectly. So send it to the back with a stroke and give it two or three times the weight off the normal lineup. Now we're ready for the final step. Now we'll create a nice shadow that will frame the whole character and give it a bit more depth. A little note here in most cartoon shows. Most of the time, the characters will not have shadows. So if you want to animate this character, you could live with here. That's part of the shadow. I use a glass of sight, shallow, again toe frame. The character with a sort of black dome, of course, with the common have border off their social and style, the making soft shadows with the blur option and using capes shouldn't be too much of a stretch, so I start by drawing the shadow on the side of the character. I wanted to be visible, but not overwhelming. Since this is a cartoon, there's no need to be highly accurate with a placement. Just press the nose in the opposition they will be, and it'll look OK in this character. This means toe. Find the left side of the forms and create a nice thing, but visible shallow. And then you say, quick intersection with cigarette shape, which is in the bottom. Remember, you can out click to select a shape behind another, so that's what I'm doing to duplicate the cigarette shape, I said the cooling off the shape to black and lower the Alfa to about 25% or so. There's no science here. That's just the Alfa that looks good to you. Later on, I'm gonna join. All shall shapes into one, so you're gonna be able to have the gold arendelle far off all shells at once. - Notice that I'm lonely. The shell to be below the line out is to know too noticeable, especially if you use a darker gray for the lineup. But I prefer it to be behind it and that's it. I'm gonna be repeating this same steps in pretty much all the other characters. So in the next characters, I go less into these steps and more interconnector specific details. 34. Tough Guy Character Finishing: Let's continue with the tough guy, the same steps applied to the sculptor. So let's start with fixing up the line out. - One thing you'll notice is that when I apply the paper stroke and then I said, the paper toe hair quantity it is sometimes will get flat and will not cover. I believe it's able, so be careful cost later on. I struggle with this in some parts, - okay , now for the field. And here's an interesting situation. The body area is a bit too big, and I'm afraid that I can't zoom in enough for a good quality feel, which may result in Providence once I used in Nam accosted. So to make the idea smaller and get the better quality feel shape, a prison line got in the area from the rest of the body. I delete this line, Lee the run, of course, and joined the feel shapes together. But this way I have a considerably smaller area, and they could get the nature quality feel, since I can so mean much more closely on repeat this with the other arm and with health section, and then I use a union journal shapes into one which is what I was gonna do anyways to get a single shape with all the skin color here the wait a couple of corners with the dynamic offset Goldrich. So if they're either in form the shape back to a bath by going to throw the bath, I move a couple of notes. So the shape feels then Dia idea now, to make this into a shape, - he never run into a problem. Those hairs that leave the correct a cigarette give me problems with the syllable shape when I give it a large stroke. Wait. So when I did was to remove these hairs out of this illiterate shape just before they perform the union to avoid any problems. Off mixing is obligate and the original character I group the duplicate the move, the health I'm group, the duplicate I am for the union. - Now the struggle. This in red shape is made without those health, and it looks better now for the shallow. I wanted a bit off a bigger, shallow here, but the biggest difference is that I created a lot more shells in hell to make it even more harsh looking. And it's on 35. Female Character Finishing: for the family wanted to show you how easily you can create variations in the color. So I create two versions off the same character. One small note. I spend a lot of time doing the same thing twice, but it was fixed in the line of the thing that took me more time. So since it's pretty much take sex in process, don't twice. I'll skip ahead the liner fixing for the second character and leave everything else even if he's done toys. - The only new thing in the line out of this greater is the Ebel's. I originally cheated a bit when I made the hair, and I used the always useful stay per stroke to create the eyebrows. So I'm applying the Pacific. But originally the April's where they be bigger now they look a bit too small. That's an option in the Pacific dale of the 1st 1 that you change the stroke with. And that's exactly what I'm doing now. No, my lead, the field and for the first guy that I went to the red here. So I quickly sketch out a few colors here, since I do the time to join the different shapes by color. It's really easy to try new things. This I'm not gonna be the definitive colors. These are just a preview. Literally. I was going and refined them from the other character. I wanted a different skin color again and given the temporary colors just as a review. Now it's time to refine the colors. My recent there, Freeland served a love to play around with the situation and lightness, and maybe agrees with the huge to see what looks nicer. I went to avoid colors that are too strong. This is just the mother of trial and never see what you person every fell. And now the see what shape now for the shows. The telescope is a bit more complex than the other characters. The problem here is that the character has multiple layers, with some shallows affected in some area, bit not the one behind. For example, I want a shadow in the Alum, but nothing they have behind it. So what I have to do is to draw the shadow and high the border in the lineup, which in this case it isn't hard since the lines are so thick. Part of the problem is because I went toe a mentally vaginal shallows into a single shape, like with with all the shapes that share a color. So it is a good just a color and alfa, but that prevent me from hiding. Some shadow behind the color shape and other shells became another, since some shells will have the same stack order once you join them. Luckily, all traces off. The shallow being on top of the liners will disappear once we move it behind it on because the body is the same. I could just move the shell to the other side and we have done with the females. I hope I haven't demonstrated how easily you can create, don't so variations and completely change the feel of the character with very little work. 36. Kid Character Finishing: the give is they corrected that I originally made for the cars learned to drug or to backgrounds for animation. I went to the character to put in the final background because of that, one alone felt wayto empty. So I hacked together a couple of characters, this give and the middle aged man by Houston shapes and clips, which, of course, is not the optimal way to draw this type of characters. The version you've been seen on a non was done using the meta explained in the scores, and we're gonna finish it like this. The first step, of course, is fixing the loose, misplace and unnecessary nose in the stroke in their content for you the lineup and separate in the shapes into color groups by use in a union quickly, even if they lose color to better preview the cattle. One thing that I realized with this character, what's that? 80% great wasn't working for me, So I decided to use the 90% gray for the Lehnert for all characters, and you'll see that I changed a couple of collectors lineup afterwards, so he'll just see me, said the stroke. Color off most objects and he had discovered a couple of kids in shapes that were present in the hell. But I didn't notice them did. I said the stroke alot Like I said before, I coped with the hill from the character. I hacked together using field objects and the shapes I prison toe mask and hide other shapes that didn't work well with the way I waas working. So now the razor me that my just delete them. And that's something happens when I created this U. S shape. That is a hole where there people should be three honest. I'm not 100% sure. What? What's the problem? Probably some duplicated pupil shape that I didn't notice have some stroke without combat or something. But important is that this has a very simple solution, just like the problematic notes and delete them. Additionally, if you're sure that is one show through, you can just ignore it. A space inside the shape will have a stroke, but if it's not visible, then there is no problem hit him dealing with the problem off excessive adults. It's very common that except generates a lot off unnecessary notes to preserve a corner after on operation in this case, probably after transforming the stroke to Bath. As I said before many times, making the stock thicker will only make the problematic nose in the concern more visible. So the best solution would be to go to the original problem and manually delete the unnecessary nose and stroke. But it's not always the most effective solution. If the problem is localized in a small idea and it's not too obvious, you could just try to fix it right there, which is what I'm doing now. Here's an interesting problem. The sharp pick off a stroke that gets got in a state that is deception in the stopped up off, the feeling struggled a low. What you can say the transition shape from now you know off the stroke. And if it chose a pointy end in the corners, you can even set the angle at which is showing. This is so. There's no uncomfortably long, pointy corners that can damage the final quality. The problem is that when you work with really thick strokes, its way obvious when a pointy end is got down. The problem is that there is no easy answer here. You can lower the angle threshold, but this will make the pointy end way too long and ugly to look at on the other candidate. Maybe too obvious that a pointy end is got, and they look uncomfortable to watch. Whatever commend you is do not touch the angle option in the feelings of a low. They're going manually and up in the angle a bit more and see if the pointy end appears. And in the worst case scenario, maybe you should change the angle in the original shape or transform the six stroke to a path and modify it manually, but only if it's really necessary. The shadow is pretty similar to what I really don't with the other characters here. I was thinking in making it easier for me to draw the shallows just below the hair by placing them behind the hair shape. But leave it on a change. My mind and I decided to stick to join in all shallows together in a single shape. So I end up retrying it by using a 1,000,000,000 difference, - and it is the final give the decision 37. Middle Aged Man Character Finishing: this collector is the other character in love with the kill that I drew for the learned to create captain backgrounds for animations You then Because so the first thing I'm doing here is to search and fix the problematic notes in the content the same as the others, that it illnesses that he knows and joining close mills when possible. - Heres something interesting I could be the face feature from the original got do like in the previous character. This was another character that I had together really quickly toe put in the background scores. So you shapes with feel back then in this case, the ear heights a part of the help. So when I remove the field they is showing through the solution came up is really simple. I've just duplicated a year shape and I use a difference with the hair toe cut the about that overlaps it. This is what easier Then go into the hair form and nose and adjusting them so it won't overlap the year and I repeat this step again with the nose on the moustache, duplicating the nose and put out the moustache with a difference even that they feel this case is especially tricky for the bucket. So I'm searching in every corner for any area that wasn't completely field. And as you can see, this is really a small area that I needed to go in there and move a couple of notes. I also want to remind you that once I send the feel shape to the bottom, I quickly hit control shift, see to transform it into a bath and get the notes back. - Get in the downtown. And just like in the case of the tough guy, I didn't want to use the eyebrows, since it mess up the elder in shape so I don't use them with the union. - The shells are really easy to make in this character, joining the shells as a single object and sending the shell shape below the line up. And here I forgot about a couple of areas. The good thing is that now all I have to do to integrate this new shapes to the rest of the shovel object. You took her for my union with it, and we have done with all characters 38. Class Conclusion: Congratulations on finishing this, girls. I hope that you learn a lot off new things. And did you have fun with it? Off course. Your next step should be to apply what you've loved to your own projects, trying to read your own characters or like a saved in the body unit. Use what you've learned to study and deconstruct your favorite captain characters. That's one of the best ways to low. I really want to crank up the difficulty and apply what you've learned here to other styles of cartoons that are more detailed and usually drunk, using pen and pencil like the Disney or animal style. If you feel like you have dominated got to making are you feel curious about the other important part off animation? Maybe you'd like to check my other cars land to drug cartel backwards for animation. I originally ambition discourse. You just finished as a sequel to that one, and there you learn everything you need to drug toe backgrounds, using vector software in the style of mother cantons, so they complement each other pretty well. Either way, then it's a lot of lamb, so if you have any questions or feedback to and give message me by email. I live within the resources. I think the ones were any questions as fasters again. Well, thank you so much for your time and have fun making characters.