Learn Canva Basics: Graphic Design for Beginners | Dallas Gordon | Skillshare

Learn Canva Basics: Graphic Design for Beginners

Dallas Gordon, Expert Business Coach, Speaker, Author

Learn Canva Basics: Graphic Design for Beginners

Dallas Gordon, Expert Business Coach, Speaker, Author

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14 Lessons (1h 2m)
    • 1. What Can I Make with Canva?

    • 2. Canva for Work Overview - Should I Choose a Paid Plan?

    • 3. Case Study 1 - Nurse Business Facebook Banner

    • 4. Case Study 2 - Health Beauty Business Flyer/PDF

    • 5. Free Image Sites

    • 6. Saving images, Transparent Images & Resizing

    • 7. Branding kit Overview (Canva for Work Feature)

    • 8. eBook Design with Canva

    • 9. About Merging eBook Docs

    • 10. Easy Logo Design

    • 11. Overlaying People

    • 12. How to Create Engaging Social Media Posts

    • 13. The Emotional Power of Colors

    • 14. Create a Presentation

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About This Class

Learn how to create graphics like a design pro.

Want to broadcast your message to the world but need better images and branding? Let's fix that.

Canva is a wonderful design tool that can help everyday people create images just like a design pro. 

Learn to create stunning marketing materials and more with ease and save yourself the time and frustration.

You'll Learn How to Create: 

  • Social Media Posts 
  • FB Event Banners 
  • YouTube Thumbnails 
  • Presentations 
  • PDF's 
  • eBooks
  • Logo's and more

Tools Needed:

  • Desktop or Laptop
  • Free or (Optional) Paid Canva Subscription

Who is this class for?

  • Beginner to Advanced Canva Users
  • Those who have never used Canva
  • Business owners and individuals who desire to create professional polished images

Let's create!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Dallas Gordon

Expert Business Coach, Speaker, Author


Hello, I'm Dallas. I'm an e-Comm Expert & Coach, Marketing Strategist, Speaker/Author who resides in Northeast Maryland. I'm passionate about empowering, teaching and uplifting all those around me to reach their highest potential. I absolutely love to teach. I've coached & helped many entrepreneurs and business owners expand their earnings, business awareness and create a life of freedom using e-Commerce and other online marketing strategies. I launched my first successful Shopify store in July of 2004, and has since become a top producer and earner on Shopify, Amazon, eBay and other online marketplaces. I earned her B.A. in Theology & Christian studies. I continue to fulfill my passion to inspire women & men across the world as I embark on this exciting journey as CEO of eCom... See full profile

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1. What Can I Make with Canva?: Campbell overview. Campbell is basically your do it yourself graphic design tool, right? And program and app. Whatever you wanna call there so so much that can be done in camera. We're not gonna be able to cover every single thing today. But the purpose of this class is to make sure that you can actively make designs its simple , more simple than you thought. And your Brandon can be polished, just as if a graphic designer did your branding. Okay, so that's what the purpose of this class is. And I'm going to be talking to you about the important tools that I am actively using in my business. Although there is so much more than you can. I'm gonna go ahead and share my spring. Let me get it right now. So what we're gonna start today is here. Okay, Let me in large my screen. So can va. Makes it easy, guys, for us to understand what it is that they offer. What is that they do. What is that you can do with it? Okay. You can make anything from logos to animated images to power point presentations. Flyers, um, you know, images that are size appropriately for Penn trees, Facebook banners, YouTube thumbnails. It's so much that you can do as what was E books with camera, so I just want to kind of run this down. 2. Canva for Work Overview - Should I Choose a Paid Plan?: Camba has two different plans. Okay, guys, they had It's free. It's a whole lot of stuff you could do for free. And then they have Campbell for work. I had the camera for work playing guys, and I just want to give you a quick overview of everything that Campbell for work will offer. You okay? It's about you have to plans. You have the 999 plan, and you have the 12 99 plan. I think I'm one like the 12 99 plan because it allows me to have a team member. And I have an assistant who comes in here and does a lot of images for me. So it's up to you, but I think it's very reasonable. And you get a lot. At the end of the day, there are still certain images in camera that you will always have to pay for, but you don't have to use them. And just here in a second I'm gonna be talking to you about where I find ah, lot of my free images. Okay, so if you go to https about dot camba dot com and ford slash work, okay? Or if you type into Google Campbell for work. It will actually walk you through How to use Cam before with special about camera for work is that Campbell for work will walk you through designing your branding kit, and it will take you through it now. So let's say my branding has this blue color in it, which it does not. This exact blue. It's going to show you exactly what you can do. You can easily create beautiful documents and designs. It's gonna walk you through the whole shebang off of what you can do with it. What happens with Campbell for work is you're able to create a easy to edit templates they creating for, you know, I'll be showing them to you in just a second on where once you set up your Brandon colors your fonts. Then they automatically prepared templates for instagram Facebook, different platforms that you'll need to do business on. Campbell will automatically prepare those templates for you, and it's just as easy as drag or drafting. It allows you to ensure consistency across all of your documents. This really helps me when I'm working, because when you're selecting different colors and camera at the time, it's going to remind you always the time of what your branding colors are. It's always gonna save your fox. So every time you do something, you can create consistency between your documents when you do different things. So that's what's so powerful about using Campbell forward. But it pretty much walks you through it, and it's really, really nice, and it walks you through how much the plans cost. So if you look up camper for work, you can spend some time kind of like with it, just getting to know what it includes. And if that's something that you want to do, the free plan is always available. I was on it like forever before I actually upgraded, and it is just awesome. Okay, all the way around. Awesome. 3. Case Study 1 - Nurse Business Facebook Banner: Ha. Ah. First case study is going to be for Sandra. Okay, She and and some of you were not really specific about what exactly kind of document you wanted. But you did ask about a Facebook. Um, banner. Sandra. So I'm gonna go ahead and do that. So when you want to look for something to design, you want to click on the words campus so that you make sure you aren't one the home page, right? So you can search for templates anyway, that you wants. You can go by the standard ones. Here we're click more for more templates. You can search by using the search far if you know specifically what type of templates you want or you can use custom dimensions sizing. So if you want to serve in size, you can start by size if you want To. You I really do that. But sometimes I do use the search bar. But typically, I just click mawr so that I can see everything that camp has to offer. They break everything down by sections, they recommend things for you, and then you go down to social media, post documents, blogging, any books, marketing material, social media and email headers events and adds, Okay, if there's something that you need that you don't see here, it doesn't mean Camba doesn't have it. You can use the search bar to find it, okay. And so Sandra is I'm a seeming a nurse and an entrepreneur. I'm just gonna assume okays Andrew. And, um, you want to make an attractive Facebook banner? So I'm just going to kind of give examples. There's one time I'm very tedious, and I'm very particular, and I'm not gonna let that slow me down today. My job is just to show you that it is possible and how to kind of get things together quickly. I don't want to spend too much time with stuff. Campbell does a great job. One offering us great templates that are already put together. All we have to do is start with an idea and then piece together kind of the look and feel of what we want. So we're gonna start today with a Facebook. Um, banner. I don't know if it's a group banner or Facebook cover photo. I'm not sure which one, Um, that you wanted. I'm not really, really too sure let me just say social media headers, my friend, since this is a Facebook event cover, um, a Facebook cover. I'm not sure which one, but we're gonna go with this facebook covered today, okay? And we're just gonna pick a design and what I did because I don't think you sent me any pictures, Andrew. I just went in tow, unflashy, And I picked a blue nurse looking photo that I could find. And just for the examples of this class, I'm gonna scroll down and just kind of pick an example that we're gonna use. Let me see what I want to use. I wanna be to picking. Okay, That says I can get I can get carried away. Okay, So I'm gonna take this one, right? And I'm sure that blue is not your brand. I'm sure that that's not your brand. We're gonna use this as an example. Okay, So the wording that I got from you waas um nurse and don't worry about the sides right now , guys. Pron. You're OK. So I'm gonna now make the smaller and just electric eyes. No, You can change the phones if you want to, or you can take this phone completely out and they have set text under text that you can use as well. See how they have all these different designs that you can use outside of the design that they give you so I can switch these out if I once you. But right now, I'm just gonna make this smaller. No spring the war, And then down here, I'm gonna put on the rise. Okay, so I'm just going Teoh, situate this. And let's just say this is my Facebook banner. And you guys, you can even use icons. You can search, um, nurse, And let's just say that you want a You can do photos of nurses and campus. A lot of them are free and you can do illustrations. So let's say I just want, like, a symbol, you know, on here. Let's say I want that. I mean, I don't like this one, but it's a lot of them that you can go through and you can put it, you know, with your image. If you want to and see these little purple lines that are kind of showing up, these purple lines are helping me to get in line with line document. I use those a lot. They help myself to be a line properly. Okay, so let's just say her brand is nurse criminal one, the rise. I'm gonna go under up loads. This is where you're gonna upload all of your photos from your computer, all of your own slash images and things like that. They're gonna be in this section. Um, you can organize things by folders. Okay. Um, So what I'm gonna do is I fail this image into unflashy Any time you see an image over here in this area, guys, it means that you can change the image. Our So I'm gonna take this image that I found it, un slash and just kind of putting it in. Now, camp is putting a filter over my image. I have the choice to leave that black and white. I'm gonna just double click. That's how you can move it around by double clicking the picture. I don't care for the black and white. Look, not for this. So I can just go to filter, and I'm gonna take the filter off and make it normal. Okay, so that's one example If I want different examples. I can copy it down. Okay. And this is gonna be extra basic in playing guys. Let's say that Sandra wants to put her face on the side of her brand. I'm gonna use my face. I'm no nerves, but I'm gonna use my face. I'm just gonna slide my face in there. And you know what? I think that if it's my face, I might look better in black and white. I go to filter, and I'm gonna change my filter. Here's a good one. And so check that out. Guys, that looks pretty nice. And that was done in just a couple minutes. You're free to explore it. You're free to do different designs if you want. Teoh. Okay, completely up to you. So you guys have any thoughts in questions about what we've just done? It was really quick. If you want to try other layouts, you're free to do so. Just click on layout and what I like to do is add a new page underneath, and then I can slide in different images so that I can try different things. So let me try another one really quickly. I just want to show you how quickly days. Let's say I just want to do this one So it comes over. I can change my background color. Let's say I want that to be blue again and see how it saves the colors I've been using up there. I'm gonna go when I'm gonna slide. And I mean, this one looks pretty much the same as a time when Maybe that's not a good example. Let me see. Let me just try something else. Let's just say she wanted to do something like this. I'm not a big fan of this, but let's just say she did. We can change the blacks and we can make them blue. And we can change her phone spy just by clicking here My face. You want something a little more fancy? Let's try a Laura. And what we could do is stretch the box out in the tax. I mean, I'm clicking in with the box. Okay. I'm gonna make that longer because I know the word is long And see these purple lines are coming up to tell me when I'm center. They're very helpful. So I say I want Teoh put this and again Nurse for new war. I'm gonna center the words by my purple lines. And if I want to enlarge this, I'm going to do that by just increasing the number of making that bigger, stretching that out center. And then he I'll just put it on the rise. Okay? And you can make these forints whatever you want to. They can be whatever you want to. You can just change them. You can try different thoughts. You can see what goes well together. If you get Campbell for work, you can set your phones to be the same all the time. Okay, I don't care for this, but I'm just giving you guys examples off. What this can look like. You can take these blacks, and you can make them transparent so that you can peer through to the back if you want to. These are things that you can dio. You can take your background image and you can switch that out for something else. Like we had that nurse. Um, picture at first, right. You can change this background. So black, Like whatever you want to do, play around with it. We could make this black change her for being so transparent and being more solid. Okay, we could do, and then you can slide your logo in here. I keep all of my logos in a logo folder, and Campbell for work will walk you through up loading a logos. Let's say that this is a he calm cash queen thing. I can slide one of my locals in here because it's already there for May one type of my image. So I just wanted to give you guys some examples. Um, and you can do different renditions by just either copying this down. If you just want to change the background, just a kind of compare. We're adding a new page if you want to do a completely different templates. 4. Case Study 2 - Health Beauty Business Flyer/PDF: Ah, once a case number two. I only took two cases guys from the forms because a lot of the forms came in late later in the day. Last night. Um, so I only took a couple because I also want to go through the ways that I'm using clamber as well. So we really have to move along. So I'm gonna double check just to see. Okay, No more questions. It doesn't look like I'm not seeing anyone else. Okay, guys. So are you following along? Let me know. Yes. Know if you have any questions. Definitely. Post them in the chat for me. Okay, So our case number, it's too is Sean Tay. OK, this is our beauty small case, all right. And, um, she wants to know, Like, how do I create are catching flyers? MPs. So I started off guys with how you create the pds and how creating PDFs just a simple is how you say the document. So you're gonna know that you need to save the document as a pdf we're gonna do. We're starting at home on camera. We're gonna select flyer. Um, so I'm just gonna pick a basic template for a flyer for a health and beauty business, OK, and I'm going to scroll down your idea of what this should look like. Maybe different. I'm sure it will. I'm just gonna pick something basic. And they have all these different templates. So based on their templates, can ask for just to start with an idea. Once you apply the template, you change it and you make it your very own. So you're only trying to start with some sort of idea. That's all you're trying to dio. So I say I start with this one is OK. I don't know if this is really your colors, but, um see how this can get. I'm gonna go with something playing. So this is talking about coffee? This has nothing to do with Sean Taste brand or anything like that. I'm gonna double this as well so we can come up with a couple examples. We have this one, and, you know, we can also do something like that, too. So, Sean say, I know you ask the question about are the specific templates that do best. It really isn't. Um but you can always test it, though you can always try different designs and see what your specific audience responds best to. Um, I don't find that my audience responds best to any specific template. It's more so, I think, the colors and playing the psychology behind colors. And I'm gonna talk to you guys a little bit about that. That makes a difference. So here's a flyer. Here's a couple flowers for us to start with, okay? And it's literally just from here about making it your own. So I have a picture of Sean taste somewhere in here because she's been with a few of my platforms and things like that. But I got one from UNP slash, which is just some flowers, which I thought was pretty. And just this I just switched out the picture, which has already changed it. These words can also be changed. Okay. In Sean tat and Sean, stay put. Some, um she put some words in her form. Okay, that I'm gonna use so first of all class. And I don't know if I can use this hand sign like this. John today, Um, yes, in body care. I'll see. So first, I'm gonna need to make that smaller. Um, the font isn't great to me, but I'm gonna I'm gonna make it a little smaller, okay? And she may prefer cursive fonts. She may not prefer cursive fonts. I'm not 100% sure, you know, But when I hear class and elegance, maybe I think something fancy, but you want to make sure it can also be read to you don't want to be See that. See how sometimes curse of fonts for business can be bad because people can't read things. Well, they've got a whole bunch of different bonds in here that can be used. So you just have to play it, play around with them to see which one works best for you. And I'm probably gonna give up here in a minute because I don't want to waste time on Florence. Okay, guys, but just to let you know, this can be changed. I think I'm going to stick with the original phones, and so I'm gonna center this okay in The next thing I'm gonna do is, um it's so there's a file s on here. There's a follow us on Facebook, twitter and instagram. And it's house you wear. I'm gonna show you what I do for that. So here, I'm gonna put I'm sorry, guys, with this cough. I'm so sorry. I want to put her website, and I'm actually when I put it with here, Okay, we're gonna put it here. And if this is like a pdf, you can always make this link clickable by just clicking it and putting your Lincoln. Okay? It's just gonna be a regular flyer. That's not gonna be a pdf. Of course, it's not going to be able to be clickable. Um, but I want to put the other word again. So I'm going to say, um, good for the mine and body. I'm gonna spread this out, and she has me copy because you preserve the best. Naturally. Now, this is gonna be a lot of wording for this font. So overall, we may have to possibly make things a little smaller, Mack. Sure. Let me see. So she could take these things. Guys, um, you know, she could take him, put a line in between here to kind of separate things if she wants to. It's so many things that you could do, um, in here like a ton of things. She could take a line. She's seen the pink line. Whatever her brand colors are in between. You know, she can say what she wants to say down here because you deserve the best. Naturally, you know, we stretch this out to get more words on the line, but I know that this isn't gonna fit. Um, we can even make it smaller to make If it I think it's pretty tight. Let me see. And where is Okay? Hold on, guys. Make this a little smaller, right? Me too small? Yes, a little small, but it's a lot of things you can do with this. Okay, You make it stand out. That's safe. And these are kind of like the colors for my brand there already set up here. Like I was saying, You see how appear guys that says brand colors? Um, yeah, they're all gonna be up here for me, so I don't have to go like digging for them, okay? And then her website is a year. And one thing I can do, especially if the flyer is, um I could I can even make this shorter. I can even make this part smaller if I want to If I want more room, I can make more room if I want to. So, with so much you can do and follow your lines, OK? And then what I can do is put in Social Media icon. So she says, you know, follow us Coin. Um, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. And I like to put icons in for Mike. Follow us is That's what I like to do. These circles air really cute. So I'm just gonna make them small, and I'm gonna pack them into the bottom of her flyer. He's gonna be kind of a foul, anything and that That might be too big, but let me see Facebook instagram. They have all kinds of different free icons, guys, and you can change the colors if you want to just half the size and whatever size you want . And another row Cool thing, guys, is that if this is like a pdf that someone opens, you can link your social media profiles, Um, you know, to the icons by clicking them and clicking the way. And it would be like facebook dot com whatever and applying it so that person can just click on the lakes to follow you. And I do that with a lot of my e books and stuff and guides, free guides and stuff like that. So I'm just gonna pop Twitter in here as well. And one other thing I want to show you is something else that you can do is when your size in these little icons, you see the little numbers, it really small. But they're coming up beside the icon bottom light as I resize it. If I want it all to be the same size, I can pay attention to that number. So 65 by 65 for instance, or 61 by 61. It tells me what size they are so that all of these can aligned properly can be the same size. But I'm not gonna be that anal right now, guys, Right? Only in that angle so happened that in okay, and just there, this one's a little smaller right now. Okay, But this is this is something you can do. And you can even put a little text on the side of playful text that says, follow us so you can take some pre designed text over here. Maybe a little more of a playful text, and you can just pop it in here and waiting for it to appear just to kind of show you. And I want to show you what you can dio First thing I like to do is to ungroomed the text because right now it's kind of like a package deal, and that gets really annoying. And I may want to throw away specific parts of the tax alone. And so now I can do that because it's ungroomed. I know it's kind of hard to see guys, but in here I'm going to just make it smaller, maybe like a 21 or something. And I'm gonna say Follow us because let's just say this isn't a PDS. Um, it's Sea Bears body and guys go ahead and follow her. Okay, If you guys haven't connected with her already, go one and do that. So okay, And you can make this as small as you want. You can even but this one kind of like two lines incinerates so that, um and you can just take it over here and you can just rotate it just like that any way you want. And put its packet to the side. Just make it smaller until it works. Just one. If this is all about trying different things, guys, until it works, here's another one down bottom. Um, and once again, I'm just want to kind of copy the top of the flyer to the bottom. We're gonna change us back around. I'm not sure what color we're gonna make it yet. Um, okay. And I just want to show you guys all right, What we could do with this. Let's see what I would do. So if this were mine, you guys can let me know which one you like better. That'll be fun. That's too small. ISI 18 still up to 24. May be okay, and I'm gonna slide it up here down here. I'm gonna write something else. First, I'm gonna change this back room to something else, thinking I'll change it to this yellow. And then in here, I'm going to say, um and up here is where you can uppercase all letters or lower case all letters. I'm gonna take that off. I don't want to upper case on my letters this time. Good for the mind and body. right. Going to make that a little smaller. It is 16. I'm gonna really just right under it. And because you deserve the best. Naturally, I just love that. I love that Sean saying, by the way, Okay. And I'm going to center that, and you can make that tax. Whatever you want to kind of stand out. You know, like this appear. Could be black. Whatever you want to do with it to make it your own. It's completely up to you. Whatever you want to do to make it stand out. It's fine. You can make this a white white. If you feel like this isn't standing out enough were created or more cream color white. Whatever you want to do, you can pop your logo in there. Let me see if I can find. So here it is. Okay, So here is Sean to his picture. I don't like that filter on it, so I'm gonna take that off. I just want to make it normal. I don't want her to have a filter here because the picture is full of so much good color. So this bottom guys can be made black or white? Doesn't matter. Well, whatever color she wants, okay? But I'm gonna make it black, and then I'm gonna change this writing Toe white. Okay? And the more you play in here, guys, the better you get at it, the better you get at it. All right, um, and let's see. So I'm just gonna say I'm gonna put our website at the bottom, and once again, I don't want this whole upper case. I'm gonna take that off. Okay, so www dots, um, where? Okay, okay, I'm gonna slide that when I can't even keep it to the top of whatever I want to do. But I'm sliding down the bottom and then literally gosh, and just take, like, the's at, cause if you don't want toe, you can copy. You can just don't know if it'll let me. I wanted to let me think it lets me sliding out to this. It does. So I'm just like sliding the ones from up there Down to this image is I don't even feel like to win it again. So I'm just I'm just coming down and I'm sliding these down here so that she could be followed. And I love to show the icons. I think it looks so professional when you put the icons one to your flyers in your advertisements and stuff. So instead of just saying, find me on Facebook, you know, you're saying, you know, a little more than that with with showing the icons. And I just think it looks really nice. So I'm using my lines to center, everything kind of out, and then I'm sliding these in and the lines are really good for directing you. Okay? And then I can do the same. Follow us. You know, if I want to use a different font, that's fine. This kind of trying to move these around to make make him look good. So the same. Follow us. You can either copy it from appear, which I'm gonna go ahead and do, and I'm gonna slide it to him. So here, just for time, Say, Okay, guys. And I'm gonna change the fonts of white because now we have a new image, okay? And I'm just gonna, you know, slide that down to the side so that people can follow Okay. In bam, we have to flower. So which one do you guys like best? You like the first fly. The second flyer. Don't hurt my feelings and say nine. No, thanks. I'm just say what you want, but Flyer one or two. Which one you guys like? 5. Free Image Sites: I want to share some sites with you that I go to for free images. We're just going to go over them really quickly, and then I won't enlarge so you can see it. Our sites for free images that I want to share with you guys. And I'm gonna be sending you this document. My first favorite is unflashy dot com. Okay. It's when I use for a lot of my free spree images. They have awesome images, so check that out. Okay? I'm gonna copy this down, and then I'm gonna type in picks a bag picks obey dot com is also another great on. And I'm doing this for reasons to You guys can see it's very, very small. Let me in large the words And that might be too big Going to make it a little smaller and stretch this out so you guys can see So picks a Besar 2nd 1 and I'm just gonna pop it here . It's 21 or to make this 21. All right, So picks Obey is my 2nd 1 that has awesome images, guys. And I'm just naming a few so that you guys can have something to get started with on their plenty of them out there, there's another one which is pack souls, axles. That calm is another website that I used to find images. I'm gonna copy this again. Um, calm down a little bit. Okay? We have free pick free pick dot com. That's another one. And then my last one that I like to use I'm gonna copy down one more time is going to be create her stock. So this here what you're looking at, guys is a flat note. It is a poster that I used. Okay, I use a poster. Ah, lot of times when I'm in designing images for Pinterest, I will use posters, and this is a great way to put information. And you can select from the layout so you can see I scrolled down. And I selected this particular layout right here. Where says 30 ways to say thanks. And I added another block by copying it down. And I'm just putting information here and what I'm gonna do, Guys, let's make these legs clickable the way that you do that. I'm just gonna highlight my first word, which is unflashy dot com. I'm going to go to this link here, OK? And I'm gonna click link, and then I'm just going Teoh, you know, typing in where I could have probably, you know, copied and pasted it that they're okay. So I'm making a slash, not calm. Clickable. I'm going to make picks. Obey, clickable. Let me do this the easy way by copying it and then pacing it here and applying it. Now, when you make these clickable, they have to be in a separate text box. You see how I copied each one down Instead of keeping on writing? I made a new box for each one, which is gonna make these clickable for you guys. I'm gonna go in and type and peck souls that calm apply from to do that the same thing for free picked up calm. Go in. Free pick dot com in the last one I'm going to do is create her stock dot com. So when I make this one clickable, create her stock dot com. Now, how are you guys? I know you might be wondering. Ok, so it's clickable now. So how is my customer? My client or whoever I'm making this for gonna be able to click it. Wow. When you go to download the document, it's your file type. Okay? So we can do anything we want. We can make this document animated, and we can preview our animation. And let me tell you, I never do this, okay? I don't I don't really I don't really use this and see how that but some people use it, so I just want to show you how to use it. And you can save it, um, as a mally or down here as a Jiff. Okay. And put it on social media where you want to put it, and it's really, really cool to kind of draw attention to your image. And they have different styles that you can do here. Okay. So I'm not gonna and it doesn't do it for all images. They only have certain images that it works for, but most evident works for Okay, I'm not gonna use that. What I'm gonna do so that my links are clickable. I'm gonna save it as a p s. All right. Ah. Pdf that you guys can print if you want. You can do it as a standard. Whatever you want. Either way, they're gonna be able to print it, and then you're gonna download the document, and I'm gonna show you how this works really quickly before we move on. Okay, so I'm saving this document as I'm science. Ah, and it's free image sites and I'll send this out to you guys, and I'm going to just open it so that you guys can kind of see So here's my document, guys. So now you go into my document, you click, and it's gonna redirect you. Tau slash dot com Go back when you click. It's gonna redirect you to whatever sites you want to go to someone opening a new tab. So don't go away, and that's gonna open it and picks obey dot com. I want to make sure they all work pixels. That calm is taking me there. Right free pick dot com, and you'll find a different of these. Image sites have different types of businesses that are good for different things, like free pick. You can find anything over here vectors like when I did my e book and I wanted to do a mock up for my e book, I use free pick to find like a little iPad to put my book in, and I designed that I use camp. It's a kind of said at my promotional image for my e book, so you'll find in each graphics site, specializes in different things, and you'll fall in love with different ones of them for different things. So I think it's one more that I need to try and create her stock. Make sure that that link works. So I created a pdf. And creating a pdf is basically the only way guys, that you're going to be able to make it clickable. It's not gonna be clickable in a picture, you know, if you save it as a PNG or, um, a G peg. Okay, it's not right. So all of my links work, so now I can 6. Saving images, Transparent Images & Resizing: If you want to save any of these, let's say I really love the 2nd 1 like I like this 2nd 1 I think it's awesome if you would put your face here and something like this over here, but these colors of fonts can change. This icon can change. The phone in south can change this background color can change so all of this can change. Let's just say I want to say the 2nd 1 I'm just gonna go to download and this is gonna be a P and G. I'm gonna put I only wanna save page two and then I'm going to download it. If you were doing a logo or something, you can save it with the transparent background by clicking this box. So that way your logo, like you saw me put my logo on. The image can go once hop of anything. The questions. One thing I want to show you quickly about this process is let's say that I wanted to take these images and I wanted to use this. Also, let's say I'm launching my business and it's called not a nurse print or on the rise. Um, and I want to resize is to let everybody know that I'm launching on Instagram and Facebook . All you have to do is go to resize. Click instant ram pose, click Facebook posts on click. Anything else average took Abracadabra! It's resizing it right now. I want to show you how powerful this is and how this agent time So to show you and I'm waiting for it's a low guy. Sorry, this here What's gonna appears wannabe my banner but an instagram post size And you can see the words See how it resize for me So I don't have to really do anything. Sometimes I adjust. So if it's too small, sometimes I might take the blocks. I might make them a little longer or something like that alongside my head. I might take my image if I can drag it over a bed or something, you know, I will make me make my background a different color back here. I will. It's not coming up for me, but I might make this black room background black and I may slide the stale to adjust it to Instagram or something. But I just want to show you the power of how this works and that you don't have to do anything and it opens new town for you. And then when this tab, um, this is my Facebook size images. They're taking a while the load for me. But these are all size perfectly for Facebook posts. Are you guys following me? So simply, with the click of a button on my hitting resize, you can resize these. You can also custom resize things by going to file and clicking. One change dimensions, and you can use custom dimensions here and resized whatever size you want. I say you're having a webinar, and you need this to be the banner at the top and you hear their specifications off what size it needs to be. You can do this, and Campbell automatically resize it for you, so it's really darn awesome. 7. Branding kit Overview (Canva for Work Feature): huh? Ah, work from templates, guys. And because I have Campbell for business, Campbell for work. You can see here that there's a tab caught you're bringing so under Your brand is going to be all off what you've previously selected. And I don't always stick to this by away. But I do. For the most part, I don't know why I read isn't here, and it really is read much. But anyway, a new color I'm actually using now is like a golden color. I put it in later, but anyway, I'm what I tend to do. Is I already set this up in the background so that it's always hear my brand colors. My logos are in here. I got a lot of different businesses, so they're all in here. I don't see my aecom cash clean one right now, but you can put your logo's in here. You can also upload fonts and where you can select fonts. And they also help you with font combinations. If you collect. If you select suggested, um, also, they will give you templates toe work with, um, that will be already set for your brand. So this is your brand kit. And if you if you select templates, it will give you free design templates. And when you click on them, they will already be in your brand colors. Guys. So, cam. But templates for presentations, um Instagram Post posters. It will already be in your brand colors in bonds so you can work from this. And I do from instagram okay, for instagram and things like that. You go to all your designs. You'll see all of my designs or designs can be organized in folders. And I've tried to start doing that where I had, like my banners, you know, certain features and spotlights my pro mo's my webinars Different things are organized. 8. eBook Design with Canva: I made this e book inside of Camba. Soon as it loads, I kind of show you guys what it looks like. So just to kind of show you that you book it enlarged, you can press this play button here and it takes you into presentation. Modi even give all of my presentations. From when I do workshops and stuff like this, I do them with camera. So I know the screen is blank right now. Hopefully. Okay, So this is my e book guys, and I actually I'm hitting the space bar, just like I wouldn't power point to show my e book. This is great for presentation, right? I give all my presentations inside of Camba. I don't even use, um PowerPoint anymore. So I'm just flipping through. So you guys how to see what it looks like? Okay. And I've got I've got multiple sections in here. Guys, okay, But I use camera to do this, right. I want to show you how I created my e book. This is what you're gonna do now. A tip. When you type your e book, I would suggestion. Type your e book right into Campbell. Don't do it. inward first and then do it in Cam because it is so hard toe format it doing in camera furs . Copy and paste it into a word to spell check it, but type of directly into camera. I learned from that, and I wish I had not done it the other way around. It took me waiting long. What we're looking for is a book. So let's go down. Where says blogging? Any books I'm gonna select on this Fergus book cover that they have. First thing that you're going to do is just grab a cover. Okay. Um, so my cover is gonna be So let's say that I made this my cover. Come on, a camera. And let's say that I wanted my background to be something different just to show you guys and remember, the picture can be, you know, darkened. If it's if it's, you know, you want your words that pop a little more and then I can name this whatever I want. You know, um I don't know, boss. Ladies wanna move? I don't know. Okay, that's the name of my book. So all I'm really going to do guys is literally just copy this or an and basically go to elements in select a square, okay. And change out the background or make a salad background. So let me give you an example of what I'm saying. I'm just gonna put a square here, okay? And I'm gonna drag and drop, and I can change out my background, so whatever I want and I'm gonna make this white and I'm just going to put my title in and everything. So this background could be whatever you want. Like it could be I sat out color behind this, Or if you don't want that, whatever you want, it could be just a page. But as you can see, you can see my style with the way that my e book looks, What I like. So you can make this salad and change into a color. Probably cause it's a picture I can't, but literally Congrats your tax with how you want your text to look at the top. Any text you wants, you can put it in here. You can pop it in here and you can start writing. You can have your title at the top of your book, okay? And then you can just take and right. All right. You know, you just select whatever tax you want and then from here is where you're gonna type. And if you need to see and you wanted to be bigger, all you have to do is enlarge this. And you can enlarge this by going up on the size so you can see what you're typing today. Whatever you want to say, you know, in here and my my computer's moving slow guys, because I'm one cambo, but it becomes an entire book. Guys, once you're finished, okay, becomes an entire e book. You say that as a PDS, you can make your links clickable and you can sell it to your audience. You can give it away to your audience and 9. About Merging eBook Docs: Ah, um, So the maximum amount of pages you can having an e book, one can. One Camba is like 30. But what they do, Catherine, is they have this program that allows you to merge your e books. So I had to break mine up into different e books after, like, 30 pages or so, But then I merge them together. Campbell will walk you through that pdf merger so that you can merger documents together. So it's no worries on that. You can have whatever money you want, because any any way you look at, you could merge, however many documents you need together to make it one. 10. Easy Logo Design: Ah, once I found out that I could actually create logos in camera, I stopped going to my logo designer. I'm not gonna lie. I stopped, um, because all of the revisions that I was giving him over and over and over again, um, you know, and have to go back and forth about logos. It was no fun for May. So I started designing my own using Camba. Um, so you just goto logo, guys. And what I want you to know is is that you have to think outside the box these air just reference points for you to start your design, but you can make it your own. And I'm literally just showing you how you can literally make anything you want. Like, for instance, this is I can turn this my favorite color. Guys, I can make this pink. I can go into backgrounds. Let's say they have all kinds of backgrounds either silent colors or, um, you know, they had patterns and stuff like that. I can put something in my background if I want. So what I select might not make much sense, but I just want to give you an example. Let's just say, I want this in my background. I can do that. I can do whatever I want. I don't have to stick with what they're giving me. I don't have to. I can't even put a paintbrush is say that I'm a painter, Osama artist. I could go into icons where I could just go here and I could just say paintbrush. One of that's two or one word right now, but I can I can say paintbrush, and I just want to I call in to go with my my logo. I can do that, guys, I can put this in. Let's say I'm a makeup artist or whatever. I can put this logo and I can rotate it. Okay, I can even change the colors of the brush if I want to make this brush differently. You just click on the colors and you just have fun. You try different things. You see what they look like. You see how the colors make you feel and you go with it. You can do whatever you want, and when you save it, you can save a transparent. What I like to do with my logo's is I like to do them in different colors because different backgrounds, you're gonna need different things for us. I'll just copy it and then I'll try different things. I'll say, Okay, let's just say I have to put it on a different background. I might want this to be, you know, blue Instead. You know that to be wide, I might want to change the brush, you know, to be pink, you know, or something or something like that. I might want these words here to be pink, you know, And you can just do different ones. And just remember, if you want to save the background and make a transparent, you're just gonna download it and select the page. You want to save making A P and G, and then you're gonna select transparent 11. Overlaying People: another example. I just want to show you guys I'd say that you're interviewing somebody and let's say that you have a speaker. You know what I like to do is go to Facebook. Posts just kind of show you guys what I do. You want to look for where you can put circles when your images. You can also add circles when your images, by searching for friends and let me show you that. So I'm gonna swear what I do. I make it easy on myself. I just go down and look for one with a circle. But that's just me. I just make it easy for myself. So Bam, let's say I'm having a show when I'm having a guess. But just remember, you can look for this yourself. If you want to use another image by typing in a circle friend, these give you frames that you can slide in where you can slide people's pictures ends. You can do your own as well. You circled the new circle framed square frame rectangle frame. Whatever frame you want to do is fine. So this one, my black, my background, is going to be blue or whatever color. I want to make these circles. I can make them think. Okay, Whatever I want to do, I can do it. Say, I want my writing to be black. And look how quickly I'm clicking through here, guys. And where you do this, the more skilled you get at the more than I you have with it. And at the end of the day, guys, if you really just are terrible at this, I would just say, hire a graphic designer, Seriously, her image. It's really not that bad. Sometimes when I'm stuff for time, I let my graphic designer do this work. It's OK, but this is just showing you how Let's say you don't have extra money for graphic design. This is showing you how. Let's say that I'm gonna be live and I'm gonna also be live and I'm gonna ka Penis. I'm also want to be live with, um John, Say I can always make the circle small. Okay, to make these fit, I'm gonna slide this up a little bit. Okay, So let's just say I'm making this little small OK, me and let's say me and Janine or live together, I'm gonna slide her in. So that's both of us. Our lives together. I can say whatever I want to say about it. Guys, I can change these colors. However, I want to make them or not use these colors at all. I don't have to look for a circle one this flyer to be on this flyer. And if I want to resize this image for Facebook, invent coast or whatever, remember, we can magically do that by selecting whatever size we want. We can also put our own dimensions in here by going under change dimensions. Okay, so it's so awesome. It's so quick. You can even make the outside of the circles whatever color you want. Whatever color you want, it's limitless in here. 12. How to Create Engaging Social Media Posts: Ah, question that was X is how do I create better posts and beam or engaging with my audience? So number one the number one reason I mean way I'm sorry, not reason number One way to do that is by taking your images and X questions. So instead of this saying nurse preneurs on the rise, this could be a question to your audience. Um, are you, you know, living, you know, in your true purpose, you know, And maybe on here somewhere be nice if you pop your website in. You know, um, you can pack your website at the bottom or something like that by putting some Texan a za bottom or something and these air my set phones for my brand, and that's why they come up. Um, and it's switching and switching images on me. But you compact some tax down here with your website, and you can start to X questions on social media because any time you ask questions, that's going to up your engagement, especially the right questions, questions that people want to answer. Um, you wanna also be sure that you use eye catching images? That's where unspool ash comes in That's where Picks Obey comes in. That's where create her space comes and that's where a photo shoot. And let me tell you that photo shoots speak that Williams. I was terrified into my last photo shoot, guys, but I can tell you that business has been flooding in. Attention has been flooding in. Heading a fresh face in fresh images for their face is a great marketing strategy. Use it, you know, to your advantage, right? 13. The Emotional Power of Colors: a little chart, but this is talking about the emotion of color, um, different colors when it comes to sales guys. And if you follow me with any of my training's different colors of oak, certain emotions. So that's why in my brain you see me using very bright colors. Also, my brand, my primary customer, is a woman. So I also have to speak today. Although I do have men customers this well and I love you guys. But But my primary goal, you know, is to is to appeal to a woman. Um so you have read, which represents excitement. But on the other hand, it can represent danger. So people is while you have orange friendliness, fun and warmth. But on the other hand, it can represent deprivation. You have yellow activism, lightness and openness, but on the other hand, it can represent insanity and being shallow green balance, reassurance, refreshments. On the other hand, boredom, blandness and stagnation, blue intelligence trusts, serenity. On the other hand, impression coldness and a looseness. Purple originality. I'm awareness virtually in quality. On the other hand, decadence, suppression and inferiority. So colors have a negative and a positive side. What I want you to start doing is when you look at your marketing, I want I want you to start asking yourself how you feel when you look at other people's marketing. I want you to start asking yourself how you feel because colors, manner blue is probably my favorite sales color, like a light blue Um, but when you start getting into brown and you know really dull colors, be careful those collars, guys, because they may not make your customers feel light and happy when they when it comes down to making about. 14. Create a Presentation: Let's go and let's do a presentation. So a lot of times when I get on my workshops because this one is so active, I didn't bother doing this. But lifetimes I get on my workshops, guys, and when I do is I will use a presentation these air pre designed for us. I'm not going to think too hard. I'm just going to pick one. And it has every page for you. So the whole presentation is pretty much done. I just slide in. I changed to my brand colors. I may want to keep it black on May want to make it blue Whatever I want to do. Camera creation Workshop, EECOM cash queen dot com I always logo everything I do. I worked hard for this name and you did too. So why not make it yours? I put it at the bottom. Little smaller. Come over. Okay. I had a new I go back to my layouts. Let's say I want to go to my page one. Here's another one. It looks differently. All I'm gonna do it slide and change my images and I'm going to talk to you. I'm going to say, you know Welcome class. Welcome. And I'm gonna say introductions. A camera. I do this all the time. Guys. It's so professional. You know, when you do this, it really helps you to stand out. You know you can. Even I was like to surprise people with where I put my logo. Sometimes I packed them in weird places. Just cause it's fun, you can do whatever you want. And then when you do the presentation, guess what? You can do it right from Campbell by clicking the play button and bam, you have a presentation. Flip through with your space bar and you can give a very nice presentation right inside.