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Learn Camtasia 2019 from scratch

Prashant Gupta

Learn Camtasia 2019 from scratch

Prashant Gupta

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30 Lessons (3h 34m)
    • 1. Camtasia2019 intro

    • 2. What is Camtasia ?

    • 3. About the Interface

    • 4. Working with the Media Bin

    • 5. Using the Library

    • 6. About the Canvas

    • 7. More about the Canvas

    • 8. Working with the time line

    • 9. Using the Properties Panel

    • 10. Configuring the Recorder

    • 11. Suggested Equipment for Recording

    • 12. Recording Work Flow

    • 13. Recording PowerPoint Presentations

    • 14. Recording Talking Head Videos with Webcam

    • 15. Recording Voice Narrations

    • 16. Editing Work Flow

    • 17. Editing Audio

    • 18. Tips for Recording Good Audio

    • 19. Using Markers

    • 20. Creating Animations

    • 21. Using Behaviors

    • 22. Using Annotations

    • 23. Cursor Effects

    • 24. Using Transitions

    • 25. Using Visual Effects

    • 26. Animating with Zoom and Pan

    • 27. Creating and Using Quizzes

    • 28. Publishing Videos

    • 29. Publishing to Screencast.com

    • 30. Summary

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About This Class

This course is a guide to using recently released Camtasia 2019. The course provides comprehensive curriculum to master this screen recording and video creation and editing software. The course material includes video tutorials . This course takes you step by step to  make you proficient in use of Camtasia 2019. On completion of this course you should be able to create eye catching and engaging learning and marketing videos. This course also provides you with adequate know how to be able to create your own information products.

You will learn step by step all you need to use and master Camtasia 2019.

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1. Camtasia2019 intro: Hi friends. I am Passion Gupta, and I'm the author of the course titled Learn Camp Fish Here to throw 19 from scratch. In this course, you will learn how to record and edit a screen costs using Can't Asia to the one line, and we will be learning by using the latest Russian off can T shirt to the ribbon. Nine. You will learn how toe create interactive video tutorials. You will learn how to create sales and marketing videos. You will also learn how to use motion graphics and visual effects within your recordings. You will learn to record and edit audio in Can't Asia to throw one line friends. This is a very comprehensive course, and by the time you finish their scores, you're goingto be a master and using Camp Asia to the 19 we're going to be taking certain practical examples to further hone up our skills. I recommend that you enroll in this goals and benefit from this course take and happy learning 2. What is Camtasia ?: hi French. In this video, I'm going to discuss with you what Camp Tisha is, and I'm going to pick up the fridge from Camp Tisha website that is text with dot com, which is right in front of us, basically can t show the screen recorder and a really later. That means you can record the screen and you can edit whatever you have recorded. You can even bring in with your clips and edit it within. Can't Asia so it can. Tisha. You can record Redoute orange. You can record your meetings. You can make or create video lessons. You can create explainer videos you can create how to will use You can create a you tube videos, which many people are doing nowadays. You can also recorded Webinars. You can create a recording off representations and distributed on CDs or as downloads. You can create the move videos. You can create training videos. You can create instructional videos on much more. Whatever you think, in terms of creating content in terms of videos, you can do that using Camp Asia, so it's a fantastic software. Having said that, let us now just have a look at the futures of Fantasia. The Camp Tisha lets you record screen and Web cam so you can capture crisp video and audio from your desktop or record with camp. To add a personal touch to your video, you can add FX Can't Asia gives you pre made animations that are simple to customize effects, add professionally them and polish to your videos with dragon Drop functionality. You can also add music and audio. Choose from Temptation. Library off Royce gave free music and sound effects and condition lets you record and edit your audio clips to get the perfect audio from your video. You can also create titles and rotations and columns. You can grab attention any of videos with eye catching titles and notations, effects and more. You can add zoom in, zoom out and pan animation to your screen recording. You can create an adequate and interactivity toe inquiry and measure learning any videos. You can use transitions between scenes and slides to improve the flow off your videos. You can turn your presentations into a video record or import PowerPoint. Slide directly into camp Tisha So friends, as you must have by now, realized that Camp Tisha B. the fantastic program. When it comes to creating video content, it's, ah, screen recorder and editor, which is pretty good and still simple to work with. So that is what Afghan Tisha take and happy learning. 3. About the Interface: hyphens will come toe this video, and in this video we're going to learn about the interface off Fantasia 2019 This is the latest question of Camp Asia and was just released in May 2019 When you start learning about any software and you want to learn how to you that it is very important that you become conversant with the interface, then only you will know exactly what cool is. Well, what kind of command can apply to our particular procedure or a method, and therefore we are going to get acquainted with the interface in detail in this video. So to use can take here to the river nine. You need to launch it, and when you install can take her to the 19 you'll find that you get this kind of a green icon, which comes on your desktop was applique on. It can take your to their 19 gets launched, and you get a splash screen like this. As you are seeing right in front off you. From this splash screen, you can either launch a new product or you can lodge a new recording, or you can open a project. We're going to go into details of all this as we progress in this course. Then you also have here various recent products which are outlined here right now. Since we are starting from scratch, no products have been added. But once you start creating products, they will appear here. You can click on it and straight away can take. You're going to take you to those products and that the bottom Here you have ah scroll ban with either basically tutorials. You click on any of these icons on a small brief tutorial Regarding that particular aspect , guest launch can t shirt to the robot nine itself provides you with shortly totals using which or viewing which you can learn about how to use camp. Tisha. But let me just warn you that this tutorials are not in that great detail. So you will learn just a basic idea. I will get the basic idea the tutorials which you will see in this partner course. We're going to go into great detail off using a popular tool and also explain to your various procedures and concepts in world in creating a screen recording. So there lai the value of this course. Keep that in mind. So let's launch a new product to learn, Father, about the interface off campaign share to their 19 will click here. And you can see this gets when you do that first time you are getting this, enjoy your trial or enter a software key. So if you want a canoe, the trial you can click here on continue trial. You get a trial of 30 days with Camped Asia, and you can generally use Camped Asia for about 30 days. See whether it is useful for you or not and then decide to appreciate it. I only have this purchased and I've been creating this kind of videos right from 2008. You can find them on you. Let me for all versions. Beginning 8 4009 I created one. And then I also had created a video to total for camp. Take her to the RW on it, and this is the latest washing. So come, Tisha 2019 Once you launch it, you will rely that Camp Tasia is basically in a combination off to software. One is this recorder You can click and record the screen is such or any kind of product. And then the second component is this partly component which you see occupying the whole screen. And that is the editor. Let me explain to you this by launching the recorder. If you click on it, you get a interferes like this and edible notice here using the recorder, you can, you know, select the area which you want to record. Then also, you can select the recording in port like you can put camera off or on. You can select the kind off audio which you want innovators kind of speakers which you want to use and then you can stop recording in a separate video, we will go into greater details of how to you the recorder. In this video, we will just a queen dozens with the idea that guess a recorder is there. Let us closed this now on openly editor. Now this is the interface using which we will be anything. The videos which we have recorded using the recorder. Once the recording has been completed, that project is going toe open up in the editor Before I explained to you about this editor . Let me just place few assets on the timeline so that we can understand that better. So we can go to level really a little on your toe. I goes and let's say we pick up some icon from business. Less place about that, you know, this would not be Let's go down to building. Actually, let's pick of this asset and drag it to the canvas. Yeah, and live it. Let's insert one more item that will be the music track. Throw this. Go down here to music tracks and let's pick up the 1st 1 on dragger to the family. Okay, Now we have to assets here on the canvas and timelines. Now the editor comprised there are various components. Let's discuss these. First of all, is the menu here, right on top left will find that there are sets off menu and as you're going toe, hold over it and click Ah panel Goffstown and various, the Mearns. Our procedures, which you can apply to product, appear here similarly, edit modify you share and help. As you progress in this course, we're going to be learning more about each aspect off this venues in this video. Suffice it toe. Understand that, Yes, there is a panel of menus using which we can invoke certain come ons in the next panel. Is this particular area we just call the canvas? It would hear that to assemble the product you drag and drop various assets from your media . Been I'll just tell you what will happen is, and then you late out here. Let's just add one more icon here. Let's say it is again a building. This is it. I loaded that as we add assets onto the canvas or timeline, they appear on the canvas and they occupy their own, the space or duration. That is what is with below the timeline here, when you have the play head over a Butler asset that's visible as it moves on the timeline and that asset gets visible. There are many more aspect of the timeline, and I have a video in the schools, which explains to you in detail about the timeline and canvas. So we're going to go into that a bit later. Can't Asia also has very spanners using which we can and hands our predict. We can make it more useful. These parents are here on the left side. The 1st 1 is media. When we click on it, whatever assets we are using in our product will be appearing here. So whatever you dragged from the library on your canvas or timeline will appear in the media been or whatever you import from any other folder on your computer again is going toe appear in the media? Been so all the SS off your product are going to be appearing in the media bent. You can add more assets by going down here and clicking on the plus sign well again. Learn about the media. Been in great detail later. Then we have the celebrity can't. Atia provides you with lot number off assets like icons, intros, lower thirds motion backgrounds and really tracks. And with each wash in that improves. In fact, in the current abortion that is can take you to the 19 We have very nice assets now available to us. We can drag and drop these assets onto the canvas and use them in our product. Then we have annotations, using which we can rotate our product and make it more aesthetically pleasing. Now you have basic you have abstract. You have various arrows, but you can use you have styles, you have blood and highlight. And you also have certain sketch motion and rotations and keyboards the, uh the annotations which we can use and we will learn to use in a separate will you all together. Then we also have a panel which has got many transitions between clips. You can apply these transitions so that the movement from one clipped to the other is quite smooth. Then we have certain rebuild behaviors or shall I say, you know, small slippers, program slippers which we can apply toe the timeline or to object toe Do certain tasks well again. Learn about this in great detail as we progress in this course. Then there's certain kind of animations which we can apply to our product again. About this we were learning separate video. We can also use this panel here toe apply certain Terrific. Then we have a panel about voice narration using which we can record Weiss generation. Then we have a panel for audio effects. We can a dragon drop me the fix on the timeline and ah improve our audio, which we have recorded. There's also a panel which gives us various options for visual effects, as you can see, even to learn about dealing greedy deal as we progress in this course. Then there is the panel to create interactivity. Basically using this, you can create quizzes in your videos and then you can also create captions. Then here at the bottom again, they the panel here, using which basically, you can navigate or you can play your product. We have various play buttons that you can see. We also it's later you think, which we can move on the timeline and you get various details here, then on the top panel, and explain to, firstly the record button which I really explain to detained. Then we have this. That's a few buttons here. Not this one. If we grab you lovely that using this select and move the object which we have on the kind of was with this hand repressed, we can now move the entire canvas in this area and this crop tool. When we click on it, we can now crop the object which we have on the canvas. Then using this panel, we can you know this woman Oh, are zoom out or we can fit the entire objectively on the cameras itself. We can also using this panel detect the canvas. So we click on this. You can move this around wherever we want to. On we can include the society required to Let's say we go on this, I will have to increase. Okay, now we can also read Attack the canvas. So click on this and the canvas. Now get realized then on the right side, we have very but no soothing, which we can have a look at the downloads we click on it. We get various options to share our finds About this again, I'll be discussing in great detail as we progress in this course. Then here at the bottom, we have a properties panel. If you click on it, the panel appears here right now they're looking empty, but the moment of click on object You know you will get various details here using which you can change the property off the partner object which you have selected. For example, we have this so you can scale it up or you can skillet. Don't you think that you can also change the opacity you can see here. We're going to be going into great detail off all this as we progress in this course. Right, Friends. So in this video, I have given you a brief idea. Have explained to you about the interface off Fantasia. So they're 19 It is very important that we understand the interface of any software which were using in great detail so that we exactly know what tools and what commands live. Well, so without wasting time, you can use it when we're creating a product. That's it for this video. Thanks for listening to take and happy learning. 4. Working with the Media Bin: hi. Friends will come toe this video, and in this video, we're going to learn about the media. Been income to hear toe the row 19 What really? Of media Been well, when you are working on a project, if you're using any kind of asset, maybe video, maybe major or audio. All this needs to be first brought into media been and then laid out on the timeline and canvas. Samir Leoben played a very important role when it comes to creating a project. Before I explained to you how to use the media been or how to import media in tow, the media Ben, let me first explain to you what are the files which are supported by can t share to their one line. So when it comes to movies, the fires which is supported our FBI and big MPD WMD move files those other quick time files and SWF files which are flash files. You can also import the files which have been recorded by Camp Tisha. That is with extension dot direct oblique dot Hamrick, the image formers which has supported our BMP GIF Deputy and Ping, and the format of audio files which are supported our we've and B three W M A and M for a right. Having had the insight into the kind off files which is supported by can Tisha, Let's now have a look at How can we import fights? So to import files we need toe open the media bill. So click on this panel and here in this icon we can click on the add button or we can import from here also a lot to do from here. Once you click on import media, it will take you to the directly on. If your assets are not there, then you can navigate through the directory. So let's go down to the dotted with Red. I have my assets Election Board this so yeah, the image file, but we wanted to import has been important. We can import more images in a similar manner. We can also bring in imagines from elaborate e So let's click on library and let's say we want ah, a motion background to win cordage. We click here on day. There are a number off options available when it comes to Can't Asia did all free to use have been provided at assets by camp tissue. So let's just take this on. If you drag it onto the timeline, you don't do that. It is now also visible on the canvas. Leave the mouth and let's go down to media and they're this asset it also now available in media. We can also important media files again. We'll bring it in from library to click on it. We go down toe elaborately so we go down to the camp they shot with the one library Onda. Then we can close this and we have music tracks. We can pick up any one of them and, uh, bring it in when we go to media here. The audio file has been now placed in media. Been so you have tow import media into media. Been before it can be used on the timeline or laid out on the canvas for any kind of product which you are creating. And media Benny, the place which all the assets which you're using in a product is going to be available now actually, how we can manage the media liberally. If you just right click on any off the assets that you have imported, you will find that a fly out menu is there With the help of it, you can add to timeline at play head. You can add to library. You can preview. You can update media, you can delete media, you can delete annual media. You can open the file location, very media have been imported from. You can also see the details and you can start it by various way, like name type, duration, side dimensions and it. And we want this at a letter. Say somewhere here as it on and we right click and we say add to timeline at Played noted that this email has now been added on to the timeline on we can dragon move it wherever you want, toe or weak. Anyone in a clear the site off on this? Actually, you want to delete any file, you just go there, right click. And here you've got the option of belief. Click on it sensitive already in use. Are you getting this message the clothes that you need to first delete it from the timeline , then right click and delete the media. So this is how you carry out management of the files which we have imported into media, Right, French. In this video, I gave you a brief overview off the media. Been I explained to you why it required. I also explained to you how toe import assets into media Ben, how to bring it in on to the timeline and how to manage the media. I also explained to you the various formats which you can import within your media. Ben and the former teachers supported by Camped Asia to throw 19 So that's it for this video. Thanks for listening Take and happy learning. 5. Using the Library: Hi friends. In this video, I will acquaint you with the elaborately off camped Asia venue in Stallkamp. Asia by default, elaborately also gets installed in can't Asia. And this love really has got many asset like icons, motion backgrounds intros out rose certain soundtracks which are available, which you can use within your product. Also, there are large number of assets available on Camped Asia's online store, so you can access those from there also. But for that you will have do bay some subscription and we which is quite a substantial amount $200 or this 1 $99 for ah here. But there are certain free assets also available with you can download. So we will discuss all that, and basically, in this model, I'm going to acquaint you with water available within the leathery. So to access the content from the library, you need to go down here to these panels and click on celebrity. Once you do that, you would find that you have a set off for less available. Now you have, like, I can't just click on this. You'll find that within that folder there, many more for less available with various subjects like buildings, business, education, insurance interface, media people. So shouldn't media transport you knew, worsen? Let's just go within this for the NC, so everyone to see there are many icons available when it comes to the building itself. It's clothes it and you have your transport Click on it and again you can school through and see what is available and what Michaud requirement included. From here again, you have likens about social media, which are theirs, so I would not go through all of these. I have explained to you that deal are available in your own time. Click and have a look at all the assets which are available so that, you know, just in case he requires something which matters the requirement. You can go and access this from the celebrity. Let's close this set off I guns. Then you also have intros If you click here, you have many people. Templates for intros. Let me demonstrate one toe. Bring in any kind of asset to your canvas on to include within your product. All that you need to do is select this and drag and drag it and drop it on your timelines Yeah. No, that's business. That's pretty interesting. Let's go back. So there are many like these which are available within your library. Have a look at all of them and I'm sure you will find something with meets the requirement off your product. Let me just try one more and draw next year, this one on plate. Now these can all be modified to meet the requirement off your product like this. Tech Smith, Camp Asia. You can change this. I'm going to be explaining all this in a separate we do all together, right? Let's close this intros. Then you have lower thirds click on it. Let me just drag one and place it on the timeline and view it so these are quite handy when you want toe. Let's say Put the name off the presenter or title of the subject in your video so this can be used there. A large number of these assets available. Please go through all of these in your time so that you know that what we'll meet the requirement off your product that we also have motion backgrounds this again can make your presentations quite interesting. Let's pick one of them and see what it is all about. Let's do this. So there are many off these available within the camp. Teixeira, you can see here. I'm schooling. Now on. You can import more from the online library. Off condition. These are quiet hand eclipse which you can use as background to your product should you require one. So I encourage you toe go through all this so that you are aware as to what is available and what meets the requirement off your product. Let me close this on. Believe this. All right then you also have music tracks which are available. If you click here that are, move the tracks which are available to you. Here you can click on it, drag it your timeline and play the music. If you're predict requires music, it's available within the celebrity. You can use it. Let's close this folder here and then last one without like totally with outgrows. Outgrows are also available within the Camp Asia. Select this target were timeline on let's huh Review of this nice. All this can be in other colors. The forms the side of the fourth. The text can all be modified about which we shall speak in a separate video or together, I'll give you one more example there and the others who will have to experiment and learn yourself how to modify this. Let's no read this. I think they could have given us more out trolled. But anyway, you can create your own to. You can also import content to the library. You know, by clicking here you can import content with the library. Week is going to be available to you. You can create a folder and place all that content in one library, and you can also download more assets. Not this. Let's have a look at if you click here and if you're connected to the Internet, you are going to be taken. So the online store of Camp Asia, the Lavery Asset, which are available You have the terms of use here. You have the pricing you can buy now by clicking on our list. Have a look at be pricing. It is. You get unlimited assets for dollar 1 99 a year. So if you are going to be needing this kind off, you kind of assets very frequently, then I recommend that going become a member. Otherwise, I think it's quite a bit off money, and you just can make do with the free stop, which we have given now. Admiral Notice. Yeah, that the content is divided into three categories. Videos, images and audio. So certain videos are placed here. You can click on these and have a look at it. Let's say intros. So come Tisha can t. She had provided for a large number off free templates and you can see beyond that you will have to buy subscription to download of something you require. You will have to download the subscription, so that depends on you. But the option is available. You know, if he wanted photos, they're all available. But unfortunately, tempt Asia has not provided any photo as free content in your library, so you will have toe have the subscription to get it. But it was all available. In fact, I would recommend through that. It is not really what makes a lot of money. If you have a camera or even a mobile phone getting the idea from her, you can create your own photos to be used any of our products. In fact, that will be a we will be unique to your products Or do that. That is no point being this kind of money. But if you have a regular use off this content on a daily basis, that certainly go ahead and purchase this this quite handy. And then you have, you know, audio music groups, etcetera available to you. So in this video, I explained to you about the library in camp Tasia explained to you how toe xs various assets which are available, and I also explain to you how to place them on the timeline. We went through the kind of assets which are available. I also give you insight into what is available online. And now, in case you require any of the assets within your product, well, you can use it as you like it. Thanks for being with us. Take it and happy learning. 6. About the Canvas: Hi friends. Welcome toe this video. And in this video you're going to learn about the canvas. Canvas is the place where you assemble the elements which are going to be part off your projects, all the assets first to bring it into media, been either from your hard disk or from the library, and then you assemble it on the canvas. So this black area right in front of you is what is the canvas and the area, and just into it in the gray area is known as the inactive area. So anything which is going to be on the canvas is the one which is going to be included in the video. But whatever is there on the inactive area is not going to be included in the video. Let's see how we can place objects on the canvas. So we'd go down here to liberty, and from this we are going to go down here. Toe can t shirt to the Rwanda. Very. I already have a folder open and I'm going toe pick up an asset from the building. That's a the suit that said, which I want said like that and just drag it onto the canvas. Now you will notice that once were placed the object on the canvas. It is also now visible on the time line. Now you must have noticed that around the object which you placed on the canvas, there is a bounding box with this around handles. You can grab this, and you can resize your object. As you can see in the center, you have a handle using which you can also rotate these objects. Let's place one more object onto the gondolas and I'm going toe first. Close this on from people. I'll pick up anybody. That's a this one, and I want to place it here. But we're going to grab the angle here, and we want to make the side smaller. Let's make him stand here. That's too big Soviet bundle to do the sights further, and there it is. So as you must have noticed, we can grab the handles and we can resize the object. Let's first place him here. Let us I understand a bit about these tools returned top. So here on top, this particular tool, which you call it edit, you click on it and you click on the object. Now it's possible to edit the object. Repeat what I have explained earlier. Also, you can grab the handles here and reside the objects. You can grab the handle here and rotate your objects. You can pick up the hand and now you will be ableto move the entire canvas. And if you select the crop tool, you will be able to crop the object which you have selected. Like if I grabbed this here, see how the objective getting corrupt? Let me. That's been three of the side of the road. Look of it not practical, so you can again property. So this is how you crab the object, right? And you can again bring the crop size the weighted waas by extending it. So this is the way you can edit and use the this school pendant around here. We also have a drop down menu here using which we can zoom in and zoom out. So if I click on 35% of the canvas has shrunk to 25%. If I say 75% it is gone beyond 75%. Let's bring it down to 50% and it is very toward. So this is what I normally work with. That 80 50%. You can also use fit and the canvas is going to fit in the work area. You can also select multiple objects. Like right now we have the house elected press the shift key and press on this gentleman and see both have now been selected and you can move them both together. You can also group object. So you click here, press shift and select. There's no right click and from the fly out menu here you have group click on it and the objects have got now grouped. So any kind off property that eulogy now we'll get applied to both of them on even an animation. This would become quite useful. Let's right, click and you can now group it by clicking here you can also arraigned Object. Let's say we want this, Gentlemen, Toby visible at the back, not in the front, replacing here. Onda, we right, click on. We go down here to arrange and you're getting these options here on the left side. Send backward sent back. So we're going to do send to back and then you notice he had moved to the back off the house as if he's keeping from the back of the house. Let's bring him back to the front, right pick of inch and we can you know, I think we have selected the house. Let's move this a bit here. So I think this gentleman here, right pick and now you're getting the options. When you goto arrange, which say, Bring to front, Let's click on it and he has no moved different. All right, Frank. So in this video, I explained to you about the canvas. I explained to you how we can place objection the canvas. I also explain to you how we can resize the objects, how we can crop the objects. We also learned how toe use the tool on top. So that's it for this video. And we will learn more about can't Asia to throw 19 as we keep on progressing in this course, take care and happy learning 7. More about the Canvas: French. In this video, I'll explain to you a few more aspects regarding the canvas from the tool panel. If you open up this drop down menu, you'll find that there are two more items here in this menu. One is the detached canvas and security project settings. You can detect the canvas if you click here, let's click on this and they're the canvas has been detached. Now you congrats this from here and move it anywhere and live it anywhere on your desktop. You can also make it full screen in case you want to work in the tail. Then it can be made into full screen. And if you want to reward back right click and you exit full scream. You can also change the saves by going her, making it 50% on grabbing the corner and including the size and I'm going now. You can also reattached the canvas, so if we click here, the canvas gets via text. Now let's understand a bit about the project settings. If you click here, you get that dialogue box as you're seeing right now, and you have various options toe adjust the canvas dimensions right now as you can see it is at 10 AIDS or entity that is 19 toe there into one through 80 pixels. That is the most common dimensions when you're creating the movie, because most of the movies get rendered in that particular size, especially the everyone. When you click your you get many more options, like four K. USD. 1080 p, which we only working in 7 20 p. HD. Then you have certain research for social media like Instagram Facebook and take Smith capture. No, these were not there earlier. The research for social media have been added now in this recent national can take your toe the Roban nine. Then you also have options for iPhone X iPad, 9.7 inch iPad, 11 age, and you have precincts available for various IOS devices such as iPhone, X S iPhone, excess Max and iPad. No, in case none of these meet your requirement. You can create a custom dimension, then, here you can also change the color off the canvas. If you click here, you get this color palette on. You can let's say, pick up any color and click on it and you will notice that the color off the canvas has now changed. Okay, let's put it back to black. Because that is what I like to work on. Click here and we're back to black. You have two options for frame rate, one in 30 volumes per second, which is the default. And then you can also record are 60 frames per second. This came in. You know, I think somewhere last year were notwithstanding that you have two options. I normally like to recording 30 frames per second because that you order standard and most of the videos get rendered in that frame. If you are in tow, creating slow motion video than probably Malek to record in 60 francs per second and then, you know, create your slow motion videos Now here you have an option off orto normalize loudness. This option had again coming with this particular washing off camped Asia that is come to here to the 19 earlier. This was this option was not there. You had to do it manually. Now you can decide to either have it checked or have it inject. If you want more manual control probably would like to have it unchecked. If you want to let the computer or the software do the work for you, then check it. I will leave this as checked and click on apply and that you ordered it right friends. So in this video, I explained to you a few more aspects which pertained toe canvas in Camp Asia to the robin nine. That's it for this video. Thanks for listening. Take a and happy learning. 8. Working with the time line: hi French. In this video, we're going toe. Learn about the timeline. Timeline is one of the most important component off can't Asia. It is here that you lay out your entire story. You sequence out various clips and objects for the duration which you require. So we need to understand this in detail. No, this is what the timeline is, as is being indicated by the red pounded box. Let's discuss the components of the timeline. First off all the tracks. The track is here Now. This is where you put your objects. Not to explain this. Let me just place one object here. I'll pick it up from the library. Let me pick up this particular object and let me place it here. I noticed that when I was bringing in the object already the track is getting added, but I'll take it to the strike one. So this is where on the track you add your objects. In fact, as soon as you drag it and drop it on the canvas, the object is going to get added onto the track. No, I want to be discussing about the track in detail. A bit later, we'll move ahead, then the other component, which is their father. Time Like other tools, Nadia, that rules here, which by using which we can edit the clip on the timeline, I will again discuss this in great detail in a separate with you altogether. You also have a slighter here, using which you can extend the ripped off the tracks. Then you also have these play buttons using which you can play the timeline. And here you can, you know, see the duration as and when the clip is playing and also here. What frame rate we're capturing the video or creating the video will also be visible. Then we have a scale. As you can see it here, this scale is in terms off time on. It helps you toe visually identified the duration which a particular objective occupying like this particular objected occupy adoration. If we put deeply heady early, you can make out if you read the distinctive that is occupying 4.75 seconds that is watching the duration for it. This particular object is going to be visible on the timeline, Then the other important component of timeline is they played no affiliated something which when it is over a particular object, it is visible and if it is gone ahead them that object is no more visible. We learn about this of it in detail, every progress in the course. No. When we place a clip like we're done it here the clip occupies adoration. Like currently LX been to you earlier, Supplying about five seconds. We can increase or decrease the duration of the clip. If you right, click their option here. Duration. Click on it. And here you can, you know, increase or degrees the duration. Now you're not there that the duration of the clip increase. You can also do that by grabbing the end of the clip on dragging it ahead. So this is how we can increase the duration of the clip or we can decrease the duration of the clip. We can move the clip as you can see, and we can move it on a different track or together. So now the moment we do that we have another track. Let's add some music toe attract. So let me close this Onda. Let me say that I want to add live, so you just click on it and drag it. No, why I brought in this media and that I wanted to explain you the difference between image and a media like audio and video. The venue Dragon immediate will occupy, you know, maybe five seconds, which is the default, and you can increase and decrease liberation. But when it comes to audio and video, they already have in a venue. Render them. They are designed to play for a duration that media is going to span that many seconds on. The timeline flips out in a clip. Pick up from people. Let's place this. Yeah. Now let me just explain to you a bit about the played the men remove the paid what they're with below the play head is going to be visible on the timeline. That is how we will lay out your stories. The sequence in which you want your clips to be visible in going toe appear when the play head reaching that point Now the play head Iran This Ah, I got off the man and that is now visible. And of course, the musical There, every plate, the play head as it moved the music continues playing on then in sequence. The objects which have been placed on the timeline the way we want it to appear also stars appearing. So that is, what is the role off the plate. Anything which is below it is goingto be visible or effort of the media, like video or audio. It is going to play when the play head moves ahead. Little see, how do we manage their timeline? Firstly, the tracks on the track we can lock the tracks. You know, if I that's click on this, the track is is locked. You can see it has been shaded. Now we cannot any distract. Let's unlock it. You can also make it invisible. So the track of invisible it will not play like the player is moving. But the music is not playing anymore, so you can make the track invisible the same with applicable for all. Let's make it with Milligan, and now the music is Please. You can also increase the height off the tracks. Remove it like this. You can view the height of the track. This you may like to do in case you want to see more detailed in the objects which you have placed on your timeline, you can also increase the width of the track. This can be done by using this later. Here. Was he there in things, uh, to again, if you want to see more details in the tracks, Humility required to do this. Now you feel right. Click on any of the tracks. Then you have various obstinately. You can insert tracks about Let us in certain one here. The tracker got inserted. We can insert right below. Click on it and the trackers now God inserted found this fly out. Many women be right like we can remove a track. Let's remove this track so the track has Bean removed. There again, the track has been removed to manage tracks, right click and various options available. You can also rename the track. It would click on it. Now you can. Let's say we want to call it empty because attracted empty. That's changed. We can also double take on this track and we can change the name. Let's call it House 01 and that the track has got renamed. We can also add tracks. Now you must have noticed. When we drag a clip onto the timeline, you get option to leave it on a track, so you need not do anything else. But if you want oh, there the plus sign. Here you click on it and attract gets added. Let's click on this and there you see that Track four has been added. Let's right click and remove that like that it gets deleted. The timeline also has something known as Marcus and quizzes. If you click on it here, you will notice that the option is there to add a mata or to add a quiz. Right now it is for the quill. If you move your Mao's on this with the area, you find that I can't have appeared. If you click on it, that is the place where you can adequate. I feel select Marca. Then you have a different kind off icon. You can place this anywhere and, um, and a marker will get added. How to work with quitters and Marcus were going to be dealing with in a separate we dio altogether. You can also copy and paste clips. Let's say that this is a clip, you want to place it somewhere else. Also, he wanted to appear somewhere so you can right click and you can compete from here. Now you move your play it or you just click somewhere on the play head won't stay. All that is needed to do is now go down here, toe a debt and pissed. And the object which you had selected er and corporate earlier appears at the point where you have placed a play it. So this is again handy when you're going to be laying out your story on the timeline. So in this video, I'll give anyone a detailed inside in tow what timeline is and how various components in the timeline we can use to lay out a story and also to manage the timeline. So that's it for this video. Thanks for listening. Take it and happy learning. 9. Using the Properties Panel: hi French. In this video, I'll explain to you the properties panel in Camped Asia 2019 So what is property? Pen Properties panel is ah panel with light on the right side. As you can see right now, it's blank or using the properties panel. You can change the property than attributes off any object which is there on the canvas. Right now it is blank. And to populate the properties panel, you need to select an object. If you click on this object, you will see that the Properties panel has now got populated and they're certain Slater's using which we can change the property or attribute off this image. I didn't explain that to you a bit later. Let's understand one thing. We can expand and collapse this properties parents. If I click on property here, the panel is now collapsed. If I click on it again, the panel it open. Now let me explain to you how we can change the property, the attributes of the maze which is right now in the canvas so we can scale it. And you see, if I drag this to the right, the maid becoming larger on if I drag it to the left, is becoming smaller. And if we're not happy with what we have done, we can also reset it by clicking here. We need toe reduce the size so we can again, you know, sort off scary it like this. Here we can also change the opacity off this image. So if we drag this lighter towards the left, you will not do that. The media is becoming transparent and if we take it totally toward the left wrist, totally transparent and as we keep on moving into right, it's slowly becoming opaque. And then when you go to 100% totally opaque right now, we can also rotate it in various access like their do y and X, just to rotate in the head access we can grab this year. And you know, we can move it like this and we want to bring it to the role that we need to do is click here and there it is. In this particular box, you will see the kind of rotation which has been applied. Do you worry Maze. Now we can also rotate the 1,000,000 x axis. So if we move this have you can see we are now rotating within. Why access? As you can see how much were rotated Head appeared. Here we go up, it rotates and the positive manner all this comes in handy when you're creating animations are placing object on the canvas, Luxury said. There's click here and get free set. We can also rotate the object in X axis, see how it is rotating and now this. All right, let's what you said. There's like it. We can also change. The position of that is very simple. We just click on it and drag it when we drag it. You notice here that the X and Y positions have now been changed. Let's that you said this also. So this is how you change the attribute of the image that the basic attributes off a proclaiming. Are there certain kind off effect, which we can apply to our objects on the screen and we can change the property that does. Also, I will just explain to you few of the let's say you want to apply some villa affects have not yet explained to you about deal, but let's just do it for this example. Click here Now, you know, if you'll notice we drop this. And in the properties panel another slider that appeared about thickness So every drag it to the right. You must be noticing that the border thickness is now increasing on every click it will reset. We cannot 30 in the color. We want it read or maybe yellow on we can t in the thickness. So this is how we came the property. Okay, so there are many visual effects which we can apply toe this butler made. Let's say we want to I just the color so you can drag and drop it. Sure on you can adjust the color. You know, as you keep on adding visual effects or any other kind of effect, you notice that the property panel gets more sliders Now we can, you know, increase or decrease the brightness and saturation at the moment is totally miners 100. We can increase the saturation so all the colors will start coming in. So you play around with this on, you will be able to understand how you can use the property panel to your advantage. We don't want the local adjustment. We can just delete this by clicking her on our remain will revert toe normal Now we can also add annotations to our product. I will just give you a demonstration. I'll be explaining about this in greater detail in a separate video. So we click on Da Let's say you want to add some text so we can drag this here you're seeing and we can, you know, start typing Glitch They just re type Demel Now we have our text here and he will not do that. Another tab has opened up. We have this basic tub on. Then we have this text up and you'll notice we can change the theme. We can change the font here right now The font is what it is. If we go here, let's you want equipment broken is click on it. No, we need to select this on. Then we continue deformed. The front has now changed. We can also change the color off. The maid lets you want discolor. Click on it. The color off the text head changed. We can also change the size off the phone. We could include the size or we can redo the size we can also change the alignment. The thieves will be handy when we have got more textile right now, we will not do it and we also have options to change the vertical spacing and coriander spacing. This will be useful when we have more lines in our annotation on about this in detail. I'll be covering in greater detail in a separate with you altogether here, So fire the to understand that the properties of imitations can also be changed. No behaviors also can be applied and then the property. The behaviors can be changed. The let's click here on a friends. This is only for demonstration. I will be explaining about behaviours, annotations, etcetera in much greater detail later. So if it does drag it and drop on the text, the behavior has been applied. That was afraid behavior which I put on If you played the text will feeling right now here will Notre that another tab had got added and there are certain attributes or characteristics or shall we say property off this particular text to which we have applied a behavior can also be caged like we contain the style we contain, the type we contain movement and Lilia, right friends. So in this video I explained to you about the properties panel and I also explain to you how we contain the property Often object which we have on the canvas. And also we can Can the properties off any kind off special effect which we apply to our objects that has visual effects behaviours. We can also change the property. The notation Should we put some in our product? So that's it for this video. Thanks for listening. Take a and happy learning. 10. Configuring the Recorder: hi French. In this video, we're going to discuss about the recorder in Can't Asia 2019 We have discussed this earlier that to launch the recorder, we need toe go here and click on the record button, and then this recorder comes on the screen. If you click, the record button recorder will start recording. But before that, I would like toa give you some details about the recorder. First of all, as you see here, you can select area. Now, if you click this icon, the full screen will get recorded. You also have options to record custom areas. So if you click this, various options are there. Widescreen six is 29 and what side? All this you've given also for standard for his toe three and recent area. You also have option to lock to application, and you can also select area to record so you can use any one of these options to start recording with Camped issue. No, right now the cameras off we can click here on the camera will get on. There are options when it comes to using the camera. Currently, you know, be high definition MP Web can is selected. We can switch toe, see 9 22 Pro Stream Webcam. So we click on that. And there we have searched toe that camera. You can also go for Loki capture. Louis Captain is basically a different software or together will not discuss it in this video, and then you have various options. If you click on it, you will see her that there are many tabs like short toe tool tips. Warned me when recorder will be recorded. Capture led Windows Capture keyboard Important Disabled screen. Sarah doing capture. Also, you have options to record at Carrick or dot every I. I recommend that you recording Carrick. You should only recorded every I in case you want to process or edit the footage in some third party editor and not in Camp Asia itself. There are various file options here. Very, you have often toe ask for. Finally fixed filing automatic filing by defaulted automatic filing. Asbury comment. You can change the options here and the Output folder by the four other than documents, but if you want to change it, you can go here and change that. Now I will recommend that most of the options you should leave it to default. That is what I room, and you must ensure that this disabled screensaver during capture is checked. Otherwise, some screams ever may come up and it's going, and it is going to spoil your recording Now imports there are options like capture free married? No, there are a couple of families, like available 1 10 15 10 I normally captured 30 but you can select whatever meets your requirement for the product. If you want to restore default, you can click here that audio devices you can came the audio devices from here. We have already device based on C 92 Webcam. To then we have the Yeti Syria microphone, which we are using currently. We also have microphone off realistic every definition audio, which is part of the computer, and you can also select Do Not record microphone when I'm recording with the stereo microphone, which I consider to be the best microphone. But this kind off work. So you have options. You use what you feel like I hear this thing that you see is basically showing you the sound level. Now the way I've selected it, that this green you know indicator should not cross this middle line and going toe orange or red. If it does that, then you're sound. You're going to come quite bad, right? So have a look at this and adjusted accordingly. Now, this record system are you in case you want that the system audio should be recorded. Then you can check Mark this particular box Now there are certain device properties if you click on theirs. Well, with this, you can play around like mostly what I do with I uncheck this white balance and I take it toe about 5000 or so. And I also select 50 hertz because that is what is going to be giving me a good recording without flicker in India. But it all depends where you are. Probably in U. S. A. Malek toe select 60 hertz. I will leave it at 50 hertz, right? And then we can apply that. Then we have shortcuts Now we have many shortcuts in camp Tisha and more have been added in camping here to the row 19 So you can if you want to. You can change the shortcuts. I believe in the false and I live with that default against your options. I know. Only leave it a default as per your product requirement. In case you want to change anyone of you go ahead and do that right. We discover the video aspect again. When it comes to argue, you know, you can select the microphone with which you want to record and you again have various options. Click on this. This I really covered for you earlier. So we need not discuss this again. What was there for? Video is also applicable for audio. Now then, here on the menu. If you click on capture, you have options like we have selected record audio and record webcam. You can select as by your comment the ethics. You can also add system stamp and add caption. There are other options like time and date format elapsed time and gets you on toe. Have a look at that system stamp options review and with you will be prompted before capture or not. So again, I will. Mostly, the default is good enough. As far as I'm concerned, you can change the mouse click effects from here and also you can between the volume I wouldn't want to leave it where it waas Now These tools are the ones with also available here and this we have already discussed. So we will give this a pass And when you goto help from here you can view the tutorials which have been created by can t shirt itself The good tutorials I advise you to go through But there certainly are not as detailed as the tutorials what you are seeing now But do you see him there Nicely done. You can also access the technical support by clicking here you can send feedback You can goto take Smith website there certain good resources available do go and have a look at it and then if you click here it gives you about the registration etcetera as far at this particular set up is concerned And of course, to record we were toe click on the record button, right French For in this video I give you insight into oh, the recorder And I assure you, various options which are available to configure you're recording. As for the requirement off your project mostly my advisor that you live with that before because the guy who worked on it we have given it a lot of thought, and that is why they made those options as default. But certain places you will have to make changes. For example, if you're using a mike, then you have to select the mike what you think is the best, Similarly, where they should have 15 big hearts or 60 my guards again, it depends on where you are. If you are in India, probably would like Toa few 50 may God's. And if you are, let's say USA 60 megahertz may work out fine for you or even in Europe. No Europe, I think still you live for to make a Hutch. I'm not very sure about it. You will have to do a bit off. Check on that right? French adapted for this video. Thanks for listening. Take a and happy Learning 11. Suggested Equipment for Recording: hi friends in this video we're going to discuss as to what equipment is required to create online courses. You know, there's a lot of talk regarding you could create a course using just your iPhone or your iPad or any kind of smartphone. Yes, that's possible, but he won't get the quality, which really required to make her impressive course. So I have a set off a cookman, which I shall be discussing. I am not going to be discussing any kind of options because over the years since I've been creating online courses or the learning, I have been using a lot of a ku band and have already arrived at a set off optimum equipment, which you required. And that is what I'm going to be talking about. This course you're not going to be breaking your bank, but you do require a set off decent equipment to be able to create good quality video and audio that is a must. Otherwise, courses will not work. They will not sell, so let's see what is really required. So first of all, we will require a PC and a laptop, and it must have at least I seven processor, 16 db of RAM and OTB off hard disk. That's the must. Why I'm insisting on this kind off fast computer is because when you're recording videos, if you want the video to be running smooth, you require a fast processor. You'll be working on software toe. Edit your videos, and they are memory hungry. So 16 TV time is a must on when you create multimedia. The size of ice are quite large, so to save them we required a lot size hard disk and a two TBS DeeDee would be, I think, good enough and later probably will have to add more portable hard drive to. Then you will require a very good quality mike. But remember, you're not a rock star. You are not recording a rock concert. You are instructor who's trying to impart knowledge to your students. So as far is the mike Records, good sound and clear sound without any noise that should be good enough. So I find that blew it. The USB mic, the very good choice. It's very robust. It's very sturdy, and it records good audio, the kind of audio quit your hearing and the movement, so go ahead and use this kind of bike, or else you could do research and get something better. That's up to you. But this is what I will ligament. Then you requires a nice camera. You can go ahead and record your lessons on maybe iPhone or a DSLR camera or a professional compact camera. But you will have to then bring all that into the computer to edit it. You, the software to edit it and, you know, clear it up, make it worthwhile for your lesson. Not that all is lot of work. So I recommend Logitech 9 20 Seed is a very good high definition camera. It is attached to your computer. Basically, for your lessons, you'll be recording head shots off the kind with using at the moment. It serves the purpose and you don't really have to break the bank to buy this. So that is what I'd equipment. And of course, we require a table lamp with 40 watt off function bulb placed behind your PC. Now, the set of which I use is what is shown here on this graphic here. So I think that served the purpose. This particular video has been recorded on this kind of set up on this kind of a 40 what tungsten bulb through the orange light, which is quite adequate for head shots. And then I also recommend that you acquired or have a DSLR or a professional compact camera . So if you're going to be recording some kind of process, let's say if you are creating a course on cooking so you may like toe, you know, record the process for that purpose. This kind of a camera would be worthwhile. So that is the set off equipment, which I Lichtman, which you will require to create online courses. I hope I made myself quite clear. Thanks for listening. Take it and happy learning. 12. Recording Work Flow: hyphens in this video, we're going to walk through the steps, which are required to record a screen. Can't Asia two through 19 is an application which records screen and then you can also use it toe edit. Whatever you have captured, Soto, start the capture. You need to go here and you need to click on the record button on before I do that. I just want to explain to you that other demonstration I'll explain to you how to capture the screen hero to be able to create a video tutorial in that we're goingto be explaining, in very short how to use Google maps. So let's start the recording. Click here we get this recorder and we need to click on the record button. So you get this type of, ah, counter with counting time from 3 to 1, and then the recording starts right French. In this video, I'll be explaining to you how toe navigate from one point of the other using the Google map . So for that, the first thing we need to do with go down here and click on this button directions, and then we need toe select the start point now the start point in my own home, which is only they're here. So I'm going to click or otherwise Humanae to type it right. And now we will notice that this dot Here is Ah, we're my location is now. I need to now enter where I want to go. So this is the electric start with. He and I get various options and I want to go here toe a man or a mall. So I click on it and even noticed that now the entire route has been plotted and you can see their distance, which you have to cover and the kind of time. So this is how you set up the navigation in Google map. You can do this on your PC on your laptop, on a tab or even your smartphone. So that's it for this. Do one station. Thanks for listening, taking and happy learning. Now, once you have recorded their skin, you need toe what they were shortcut. You have set up. You need to click that. Normally, the default shortcut is the F 10 key. So now the recording has been completed, and as you can see, the screen which has been captured is now available in the editor on the timeline, you can see that the clip with sound has been recorded. Now, using this interface, which you're seeing now we can edit the clip about that I'll be covering in a separate video altogether. So French in this video, I explained to you how toe capture your screen and what other steps in world and doing that , I'm sure you got the idea take and happy learning. 13. Recording PowerPoint Presentations: Hi. Friends will come toe this video and in this video, we're going toe Learn how to record PowerPoint presentation. To be able to record part one presentation, you need to have your presentation open as I have it open at the moment. Here in front on, you need to be on the first light. No value opened the proper representation. You need to go down to the Adams. Suppose you want him hope we will need to go down to Adan's and then on the left side you get certain icons. The 1st 1 is the record button, you click and the recording will start. Then the second is toe start the audio and the 3rd 1 is toe record the camera and then you have show camera preview and you have can t shirt according options. Now, if you click on these options, a Dalek boss comes in front and we have already discussed about these options. So we're not going toe be talking about it in this particular video village. Close this. Let's begin recording. So wants me click. Yeah, the recording will start in fact, will get a prompt asking you toe begin recording for explicar and hit in the right corner. You're seeing that you're getting a message. Come Tissue recording. Pause. Here you have a message saying click to begin recording. So click on this. The recording now has begun. So you can Cummings going forward as far your slaves are concerned and include voice relations where it is required. So this is light one slide to recording slide three according slate ful. According Slight five. Now, you could as well have the script. What you want to talk and recorded here? I'm just seeing recording 12 and three. Just assume late that y installation can also be recorded. Slide six, slide seven slide it and well, your slides finish. You will get a message like this. You can either click on stop recording or you can take on continue recording. Since I recording over, we're going to click on stop recording and then you get a message. So syria it So we're going to save it and then you get another dollar box like this. It saved produce your recording or did your recording. So we're going to be editing the recording. Hence just click on. OK, so now your presentation would have recorded is available here in the media. Been You can drag it down to the timeline, and you can increases of it and played the recording now had a figure so you can come is going forward as your next contract. Uh, include voice so you can edit your recording, whatever their gaps, Who can believe them, etcetera? I will not be covering that aspect here. Having done so, you can go down here to share and the local file and you can save your file. So this is how you record PowerPoint presentations in camp Tisha? 14. Recording Talking Head Videos with Webcam : hi French will come toe this video, and in this video I'll explain you how toe the card headshots using webcams, which can be used in your training videos by recording headshots with Web cams. What you're trying to with you basically is you are trying to personalize. Or rather, you can personalize your videos. Also, when you have a Web cam had shorts included in your training video than it helps you connect with the audience much better than just when you are having the y so right. But you also need toe strike a balance. As far as I'm concerned, I don't like my webcam had front running throughout the training video because instead of being a help, it becomes a distraction. After sometime, your learner or your viewer starts looking at your webcam headshot instead off watching the screen where you may be demonstrating something or some kind of a slight show. They were taking place so normally. What I do is initially to introduce the subject. I have my Webcam head shots coming in and then to some, right, the subject in between. I don't have it, so I would recommend that you follow that particular wife, which I'm tryingto suggest. But maybe that if you your entire video is based on a vocal generation that you might like to have your head short right through right on the sudden tips which I would like to discuss with through First of what? Make sure that you look presentable, that you are properly groomed and properly dressed that is very important. Also, take a background. They should not be 20 of clutter. It should be well organized. It should not look hero unkept. That is very important. You may also going for ah, plane background, you know, using a black brought or maybe some kind of pattern clot are also going for a green screen video, but I personally don't like toe. Invest my time on that. I like to concentrate more on the content, so I basically well, whatever background I have in my office home office on. But I tried toe keep it organized. When you're recording your webcam, always look at the webcam. When you're looking at the Web cam, the audience gets the feeling as if you're trying to connect with them with your eyes. So it's I connect basically, which are tryingto atyou. So do that. Your faith should be, well, it, especially if you use a spectacle. And that's very important. What I normally do with. I have a tube light at my eye level now that helps cut out any kind off reflection in my spectacles. And then I also have a table lamp with the tungsten bulb. 40 words. Now this throw the yellow light on my face, which gives it a warm glow. But this much off lighting should be good enough to get a good head shop of any region. Record. Click on record is the record mint in here. And when you do that, your webcam gets initialized as you're seeing here and do check your settings. No, I am recording at full screen. That's fine. My camera is on and get it is not on. You can just click here and you get on and my audio on also, just check. Which Mike are you recording with? In my case, I have to. Mike's rather three mikes. One Michael There, within the PC, one is on the entity camera that is a webcam, and one I have the yeti Blue Yeti Mike, so I prefer to record with Blue Yeti, Mike, because that sounds pretty good. So I must ensure that I have selected that and I don't like to record system audio Samos. And sure, that's just to argue is checked off. And having done that, you can just press the record button on the recording will start, right? So I just do a market. According friends in this video, I'm explaining to you how to record ahead sharks using webcam. And you would like to do that to personalize your video, then also to make a connect with your audience. And that is the most important aspect off recording ahead short with the webcam so and finished my recording here. Once you finish your recording, you need toe stop the recording, normally, whatever hot you given. Like in my case, it is after an and you could have anything so and press f 10 and brother after and stop according what The recording has been stopped. You have everything on your screen and this thing at the moment and you just need toe edit that right friends. So in this video, I gave you a basic idea of how to you the webcam toe the card ahead shorts and to include that in your video tutorials. The Web cams are at times quite essential to personalize your training video and also to make eye contact with the audience. So that's it for this video. Thanks for being with us take and happy learning. 15. Recording Voice Narrations: hi French. In this video, I'm going to explain to you how you can record your voice you think can t shirt. So apart from creating video, you can also create voice relations using can't Asia. So let's see how you can do that toe record your wife's narration. You need to go down here to this tab white relation and click on this and you will get a interferes as what you're seeing now. Now, first of all, you need toe. You can either type or paste the texture. So I've got some text already copied to the clipboard. I'm going to right click and I want to paste it here so that it is No, you have a choice. Here I have. So, Mike, like the SDI program Come, Mike and the things to Rio Microphone. I want to record it on your TV studio microphone. Then we'll click here. That choice is very much there. And now to record your voice generation, you need to click here, start wise recording and now you can start recording. So I I would just read this amazing video editing in three easy steps. Record your screen record anything your whole screen or just a window, or add video images, audio and PowerPoint presentations that you already have. Make it. It's a simple timeline. Makes editing video easy combined or split clips. Trim and speed up or slow down for today, then instantly prevue inside the video editor at a fix. Give videos polish with professional video editor effects. Add highlights, animation titles, transitions and more. Simply drag and drop their fixed onto the timeline. And having read this out, you can stop it, and you were given the option to save it. So you're going to save this the nation on. I will save it in tow. This vice narrations and after saving that same recording now appears on your timeline. So here the audio on you can edit it as any other audio, and we have only learned about how toe do that. So in this video, I explain to you how you can use can't Asia to record audio. In fact, record Weiss nations. So that's it for this video. Thanks for listening. Take A and happy Levies 16. Editing Work Flow: Hi friends. Welcome toe this video. And in this video we're going to go through a complete workflow off editing a video in Camp Tishia. Now, I have recorded video already and they're certain flaws in this. And that is why the editing is required also to enhance the look off the video itself. I need to carry out certain editing. So we'll go step by step and see how best we can do in this video. I have also included a head shot captured by the Webcam on. We're gonna be working on that too. So the first of all the way I started is that I checked my recording here and on the timeline and I have a webcam and have some state I won't do delete certain portions off the clip taken by webcam. Therefore, I want to separate first off all the audio and video for that, I'm going to click on this clip which has the audio and will you included, right click go down here to separate audio and video and click on it. And you in order that now I have the video that is the Webcam video on a separate track and I have the audio on a separate track. Yeah, I go ahead first, fallen and hands the video. Certain factors are you. So click here on audio effects on we're going toe. First of all, remove the noise so I will drag this on. Drop it onto the soundtrack. The effect has been added. This incentive t here, I'm going to reduce it to say what three or so And this is going to be brought down toe about C six. That tribunal right now. Next thing which I normally do is I extend our zoom in, tow the time line, so click here and you'll find that the tracks are becoming slightly longer and more detail in our visible. I then increase the volume off the audio track by dragging. And I'm doing at the moment my new This is be a long video because I am going to be giving you a complete rundown off how I edit video, including Webcam videos. Right now I've got that. Then I start playing the video. Hi. Thanks. Very good. So before I start speaking, there is a lot of dead space for that purpose. I will select the clips by dragging this handle and selecting the whole. You tried to wear the audio starts and then going down onto this cut tool, I'm going to click and you'll notice that that particular area held album believe it. I'll start playing again. High fence. They come toe this video Now here I noticed that the Webcam head shot is not visible. It's very small, so I wanted it to bring that up, hear what I need to do it. Just drag it toe, increase the size. I think they should be good enough. Then I'll click here on crop and I am goingto probably make like I'm doing now. P a bit careful about the proportions and I want to place it here. OK, I can also apply a bit off visual effect to this public clip. So for doing that, I'm going to go down there toe visual effects and I'm going to drop a border on this clip and I want to increase the thickness and I would leave it as white because the background duck right. I also want to drop shadow, so same thing here and I leave it at deformed. That's good enough. That looks fine. to me now. Ammunition, I should tell you that I'm not going to be having this head shot in front off us right through is going to be only introducing the clip and then concluding the video. That's all in between. I would delete it so that you know, if you have your head shot in front, then the concentration goes on to the head shirt on. You forget to see the steps of jobbing explained in the video that if I am, I'm not going to be having it right through. Okay, so I've done this bit on. I'm just going toe click here on select. Right. So let's start playing it again. High fence. They come toe this video. And in this video, we haven't learned how to post poses any make hell you see here. This was captured and got one do. And what about the Here on the timeline? The audio There is a gap. I don't want this gap. So we're going to select this and I'm window. Got it out in one of the temples, Sam thing here. So select this gap and got it out. Temples There on I got this lady prayed again cut this out there. But somehow I did not manage the correct perspective. And I did not manage to get the right exposure as the light was not very conducive to photography. Also in a hurry, I forgot to change the settings off my land before I could not work on the shallow depth of field. Why isolate the lily? Because she was my made something so I wouldn't work on this image again. This gap needs to be removed in the audio, so I will select it. And I'm going to diligent on this a 1,000,000 light from and photo shop on a prove it the best I can for doing that. I first of all, been alive to make and I see it. I need to correct the perspective. This and we could do with one click. And for that I'm going to go toe transform panel and click here on auto. And as you can see, the perspective has got taken. Care off. Now I'll go down to the basic panel on here. I want to introduce the highlights. I would not think of the shadow that all, and I'm goingto improve the blood. No, just there to be the move. So I would so like this and believe it. Improve the blacks of it and I have done I won't do DeHaven, Sam. You de habit of it. No, By going well, by doing that, that is the improvement has taken place. Well, etc. But this was a meeting with which we started on this. So they made which we have got now. So that's good enough. No battles of the work. I'm goingto go him for a shop so right click and I'm going to click here on edit and edit and Adobe photo shops. Easy 201 It again. I want to cut out this. So this image is now going to get important for a shop. What? He did hair. It'd The first thing I want to do is fill it up on the screen. So I drove you on. I want to say freaked on screen. So that's done again. I need toe delete this gap. So we'll do that, right? No, I would like to first online and remove Illinois. If there is, we'll do create a live by Proceed control NJ. I have to pick it in the background live and I go down to Fator. I'm going to do that. See? Again? I need toe cut out this Phil tire from top IRS on I will click on top. I deny six This is this capitals a very large. I don't know again. Select this on, I wonder. Believe so. Then I was there, which has been taken Care off. I wouldn't click here on. Okay, so then I was there, which has been taken Care off. I wouldn't click here on. Okay. Okay, so that is done. But why he give me that noise, You know, the sharpness and they may have gone So I'm going toe flat in the layer and I'm goingto duplicate this way again. I would go down again Filter reply, toe pad to pass at just this was not correct here. So I will select this particular clip on. We're just late again on so bad this needs to be deleted. Topaz had just This is gonna go make the major pop out of it. Have you just done on that week's my requirement on you? Click on OK, again. This gap is too large, so I won't do so like this on. Delete it and then I won't go improve the contrast Image. Click here. Go around, girls. Uh, no, This is quite irritating. So on window, select the whole thing. So it's very important that you keep an eye on your track to see that we're other problem areas so that you're able to edit that someone who again, this played out on, uh so no, Cut this out. I want to take the lead. I can trust on that. I don't know. Flat in the layer once again. And now I'm going to apply the blood center so I wouldn't duplicate this leg and I'm going down. I will go down here center again. Here. That is some kind of issue. So why the the blood center? So I would duplicate. But this year, and I'm going on, I would go up. So this particular thing is not required because I repeated it. So I'm going to believe this. I would go down here to filter I go down to blood or other blood gallery and select this feel. Look. No, it is. You know, the sentiment on as you will find that it didn't apply the blood all across. What? I don't want it here. So I'm little Dragon to the space here again. This is, uh, slacks. I will believe that. Okay. I want to increase the blood. Okay, so that's fine. This area now, I will please. One more. I want to reduce them. That here we'll see the stop press is we'll come back into the these. There it is. So here. I want blurry me. Andi. Alex. Okay. On Similarly, I want to apply it here. I want no blood. This both. So here what? I managed to go If I have the ladies quite shop. But I managed to blurt it out here in the background. In fact, a bit more would be fine. This? Yeah. So this looks pretty good to be again. There is a gap here. So we're going toe. Select this on. We're going to delete. So far, nothing complicated has been done. As far as letting is concerned. We're doing just simple selection and cutting the gaps out. I'm going to come at this by clicking around. OK, so here in the senate again, they're clicking Sounds on the select that I would say, Take that on Im window. Got it out. So here, in this image of your mortgage No, let me just This is what we had initially made after applying the field. Look, this is what we have, what you've done for show this looks to be really good at best. What we could do workshop in the lady. So we do duplicated this. Yeah, I would like to save my project because we worked quite a bit. In fact, we should have saved this product Have initial. So I want to go here, Click on file on Bond Save as and I wouldn't name it, Piers. True. There will want it feel blood and shave this so that if required, I can bring it up later and finalize or finished editing in, just in case I stop in between. It would also protect me for any kind off sudden failure in the computer. At least I'll have the same you made available by taking control. And Jay wouldn't go down face down to shop in on shopping musk on. I would be just forcing on the ladies so I wouldn't put a name askew. I would do it again. I had this, uh cuffing taking place here. So I'm going toe. So like this on believe it then I'm going toe press control and I do in worship take the blood this night again. I don't want someone will select it and I won't go. Got it out. Take the brush on being on the lady. This increase the brush side of it. Yeah, that's fine. Okay, that should that should do this. That's fine, right? I can sat in the image by going layer flatten image life eventually in this video, right, friends. So in this week again, this bit has, you know God duplicated. So select this and I won't go deleted right friends. So in this video, I have look on the means I the explosion. I am hands, you know, certain aspects of the highlight took care of the exposure on. Then I have used the Frieda the correction blood. So yeah, there the problem. So I'm goingto was the Frieda. So I want to selling this on here to select in a manner now because the web head shot in also in wall so that it doesn't look too awkward. So I want to go. Uh, the lead this on. Let's see how it comes up. And then I have used the correction blur in follows up to work out the shallow depth of field. And you can see now on their phone strata where I go on toe the lady in this party club, will you? So that's it for this video. Thanks for this. Take. Take this gap. Also I don't want so I'm going through. Got this out. Thanks for listening. Thinking on happy learning. These are extracted if someone to drag it back, I'm gonna trim it the way and we all three of them on bring it to the same level. All right, so, so far I have ah demonstrated to you what is involved in a leading a clip. And as you must have noticed, it's quite a simple affair. But one more aspect. I would like to just explain to you because there's a that is also important when it comes to the head short. I don't want the head short throughout, so I'm going to go back to where I want it. Look on the means. This That's fine, right? I can sat in the image by going layer flatten image, right? Friends. So? So from here on works, I want the webcam. So I will select the webcam track. They're the one and I'm going to spend it for that. I need to goto this split toe on. Click on this. Fine. Let the clips have no got split here, right? And I want to go back to the big name on. I want to go again plate from the beginning Hi. Friends will come toe this video and in this video we're going to learn how to post poses anyway. L you see here this was captured and card Condo in one of the temples Day on I got this lady prayed there, but somehow I did not manage the correct perspective And I did not manage to get the right exposure as the light was not very conducive to photography. Also in a hurry I for one to change the settings off my land. Before I could not work on the shallow depth of field. We isolate the lady because she was my made something so I would go work on this A 1,000,000 light room and photo shop on a brew. It the best I can for doing that, I first of all, So here I from here onward. I don't want another from maybe here onwards, I don't want the clip because it is going to be motor for disturbance. So again, since this Webcam clip selected, I'll click here on split on it gets split. So now we got three segments off the same clip on won't will select the central segment which I don't require And I'm going to read this by pressing on the lead key on the keyboard. And there it is. So now we'll find that I have edited this whole time lying to just have the Big Ning on the end. As far as the Webcam is concerned, without unnecessarily clipping any off the timeline assets which I required as far as this particular video is concern, right, friend? So in this video, I have explained to you how toe go about and how toe edit your video. And it has been a complete work. So right from the big nickel and we worked on audio, we worked on video. We also worked on Webcam that if they had short off myself who waas speaking or giving the narrative generation So that's it for this video. Thanks for listening Take and happy learning 17. Editing Audio: hi French in this video, I'm going to explain to you how toe edit your audio when you create a recording with help of can't Asia or even with your camera. You know, if your video is slightly inferior, it may work out. But if your audio is bad and it's not audible, then people are not going toe watch that video, that is for sure. Therefore, recording good video and also anything the same is very, very important. So that is what we're going to be learning in this particular really I only have a recording as you can see her and we're going to, with the help of this, learn how to edit our video. No, Once I get my video recorded and or you recorded, the first thing I do is I apply certain effects, toe that audio for that, we need to go down here toe audio effect and you will see that audio affects panel has now opened up. Now what I like to do initially it I'd like toe apply this noise removal, so drag this and drop on it. You even noted that now you have no removal in the properties panel options slider today, So I crank up the sensitivity to around three and drop this amount about seven. Otherwise, it may not sound very good, right? You could also click on an ally, then do accordingly. But I I have it experience that I've read this magic figure and that and this works out quite well for me. Once I do that all across, the annoys would be removed almost or at least lured to extend that it will not be, you know, anything off concern now there are other aspects which I will talk about it a bit later. Now, when you record audio, maybe that sometimes you're close to the mike. Sometimes you are away from the mic, sometimes speak loudly and sometimes you speak slowly. So your volume off audio made different various places and at times it may become so left that people may not be able to hear it. That particular area may not be audible enough. So in camp Tisha 2019 you know if you go down here toe project settings, a new option have been given that it auto normalize loudness. If you check this and you click on apply, he will not is that all across the sound level has normalized toe level, which is going to be audible enough at times It may be really loud. So in case you find it loud, you can just use this at I'm doing You just observe this toe, reduce or increase some. But this is your doing manually. Not this option off. Auto normalized loudness were not there in earlier version. It has been introduced ill can t shirt to the row 19 I normally keep it checked and I only use it if required. I think I would to apply it. And once I do that, you will order that you know it reverted back. Let's again they do it who don't to predict settings. Auto normally loudness and apply and they're the loudness head again Increase. All right, so this was one aspect. A few more aspects which I want to explain to you about The editing is that I normally increased this so that I can see the gaps and I also increase the height off track while a leading so that I can see the audio clip on the way for mature saying very clearly in this clip, you must be noticing that that a lot off flag at the beginning of the clip. So what I normally do is bring my head here rabble of this red handle and drag it this American selected now, once again selected. All that I need to do is go down here too. The cut tool and click on it. And we'll find that that portion has been cut similarly good. Right. Well, right now there's a gap here. I don't want the gap. So again, I can select this but the club Alia and got it out. You know, here again there is a gap. I want to cut it out. So I'm going to select there's and cut it out. All right? No, somewhere I have Ah, I think sneers badly. I think this is a piece, but according Sorry. So this this Ah, better off the clip needs should be removed. So I'm going to select this again and I'm going toe. Cut it out. Right. Friends, you must have realized that it is quite easy toe editing audio. But we must do that. We can normalize the sound level. We can remove the gaps if we have spoken something wrong or we have, you know, cuffed or something. All that can be taken care off Now, some aspects about the audio effects I would like to explain to you with help off. Ah, hard you clip which I want to apply to this particular so true that what we can do is we go down here to library and we are going toe, toe toe can take your toe. The ribbon nine. That's right. It's close This and I want to bring in a music track. Let me just bring this music like five flight right now. Let's play this. Oh, right now what? I want to know that this should be very, very minimal because I want this to be at the background music so you can just reduce the volume. Know, Lexi. I think the sound is okay. Have you could reduce it further? Fine. No. Let's say we want toe. Let's go down toe audio effects from here. Let's say you want to fade in the music that way. We don't want the music to be coming loud from the beginning, so we can just bring this and drop it here now you noted that in the beginning be music file. It's looking at if it ever been paper. Now let's late Hi French in this video. How so? The music is coming Quiet! Ah, in a gradual manner. Let me dust make this innovative but so that we don't hear it and let's play the medic again. So we had faded in coming in very slowly and slowly. The volume is arriving now. What we can do is we can also apply afraid out. If you bring this in and drop it here and let's go towards the end, you'll find that now the music is wearing out. So let's play it from here. Go. So this is how you can apply certain special effects. So I explain to you how to use a noise removal, how too afraid and how to fade out on this clip speed. I'll be explaining you somewhere else with an example, because not very frequently will be using this particular option. You can also use audio compression in the similar manner explain to you about noise removal and trading. We just drop in here and the entire clip is going to get compressed right friends So in this video, I explained to you basic audio editing using which you can edit your audio in your videos. And it is very important because, as I explained to you earlier, in case your video and slightly shaky or bloody, it may still passed on provided your audio is good. But if your audio is bad and it's not audible, then I'm afraid, and nobody is going to be watching your video are your courses, which you create using Camp Tisha. So that's it for this video. Thanks for listening pick and happy learning. 18. Tips for Recording Good Audio: hi. Friends will come toe this model and in this module, I'm going to discuss with you certain or your recording tips which may be helpful to you for recording good audio of French. I think I mentioned it somewhere earlier, too. But I would like to repeat it again that your eyes are not really trained to detect aberrations in video and you're watching it a bit off. Inferior video can still pass your notice, but two years are always alert in case they find something wrong with the audio they rejected outright. So most of the time you will find that if your video is slightly inferior, your audience may still view it. But if your audio is not up to the mark than most of the time, people are going to skip the video. So it's very important that you record for audio well on your audio should be firstly audible. And then it should be well recorded without any disturbance etcetera. So let's see, we will discuss your tips for having good audio. First of all, trying to you the USB microphone. You the good Mike. Why I'm suggesting a USB microphone is because needs very less resource from your computer , so that itself helps you out. What? Secondly, they record very clear audio. I'll suggest that you go in for ah USD. Michael gets you, only you don't have it. Blue Yeti. That's a fantastic mike, and it should reasonably priced. And for this kind of work that in the screen cast, I think that Mr Requirement perfectly there is really no need to go in for a very elaborate and costly set up, because the kind of audio which you required for your screen pass and skin presentations can be achieved by a good usti Mike. So I'm here to this, and I think you should be on your way for good audio. And when you are setting up for your recording trying a deer toe, the default settings, which Camp tissue offers you they have done in search. There were I rented to fall sitting, and that's good. I can actually with good I've been using that on recording and delivers good audio. If you want to think over the settings, then only do it in case you yourself are audio engineer. Otherwise, for best recording delivered to their default set up, you must practice using a microphone. Firstly, if you continue practicing it, then your shyness goes away. You become quite used to using the mic that even while recording a wise try and be at least 6 to 8 inches away from your mic, and that should be a good distance. Select a quiet place to record your audio. That's very essential in case you're doing it in your house or office. I will recommend that you have curtains all around for very damaged the sound. Put your mic inside a box line with four that will reduce the humming sound. I'll talk about it even later. So selector quite normally what I do is I get up somewhere around midnight and record till morning. That's the quietest time I find also in case you get some disturbance like a dog barking or something topped the recording or pause the recording for the duration on Do it Once that found had faded away. So do remember that record in a quiet location. Now you must do a short test recording to make sure that or do is being recorded. This is very essential, many a times, to my dismay, I found that I have gone a recording off about five minutes or so, and when I replayed, there is no sound because either I forgot toe put on my mic or connect Mamic or I forgot to change the set recording. So this you keep in mind this is a must. Otherwise you'll be wasting so valuable times and you, the script, create a script. This will make the flow off your according very smooth, even if you don't want to write the full script at least door down the important points in the correct sequence and based on that you record, that is what I do. So this is very essential. If you want a smoother recording without any interruptions, then regard using a script you must money tell you or your level as your record. I just explain you this. See, when you're recording, this kind off icon is available in the canteen shall recorder ensure that your level never goes into the red zone. If it does that, your audio me come out bad, and there may be a lot of clipping so wide that if you can achieve this, you know just about winning toe orange, you can still be recording good, but try and achieve this kind of a level that is Stay in the green zone and you will always learned up with good recording. So do monitor. You argue level as you record. Now you must use the latest or do enhancements after your record. There are audio effects available within your tool. Spanish. Use them. You know you can remove noise. You can do the volume leveling. You can fade in, fade out. You can even create silence about this, I've explained in a Ali editorial. So try and use this. What do you use? Background music. But when you use background music and show that it does not drown your main voice narration , so keep the audio level off your background music low. Well, you may like to record the audio and video separately, but subsequently will have toe synchronize them in camp issues. But this will certainly give you a better result. Frankly speaking, most of the time, I record ex tempore because I've been doing it for a long time now, and I record we do in order together. That's my way of doing it, and I do land of it generally decent sort everything. Maybe you'll also like to do that once you become proficient in recording your screen costs . Now you must try and block the computers humming sound that can create lot off annoyance in your audio. To do that human like toe, have a box lined with four as you're seeing, or some contraption like this, and they should deliver you good rebels. Some friends. I have two best off my knowledge share with you a few tips which would help you in recording. Good on you. I followed these advice, and I'm generally being getting good audio like you're hearing. And this kind of audio, I think, should suffice for any kind off screen cast which you want to create until and unless it's ah, music and certainly something that you will require probably a much more elaborate arrangements so that fit for this video take and happy learning 19. Using Markers: hi. Friends will come toe this video, and in this video we're going to learn how to use markers. You can use Marcus to set and navigation points on your timeline. You can also you'll markers to mark areas which you want to edit subsequently. And you can also use markers to set points using which you would like to split the clip. Now, how do you invoke Marcus when you click anywhere to get your play head there and then you press the shift key and the empty and the markka and the marker is added on to your timelines. My few pressure control Kill Anke The marker. The marker view closes, but the market has not yet. God the leader. You can see this small blue triangle here, right Click. And then you can believe this from here. Now we have no Marcus and press control and again toe close the marker track. Now you get also in walk or excess markers from this button here. If you click on it, you have. You are now in the mark of you. For click here, you've got two options. Marca and quiz. If you click here at his quiz go back, you click on Marco and you're in Marca. You So when you have the mark of you open here you have the market track. No notice when your card said is away from the market track, the markka icon is not visible. But the moment you go down here and who are they? Add the market track. Your marker is with below the icon And if you move around here, is going to be visible anywhere. And if you click at the point of the Monica will get at it for that another. We're adding it. Let's say you want toe cut out this area so you can go down here and click and then you go here again and click. And there you have added two markers. If you notice here on the right in the properties panel, you have the Marcus name and you have a thumbnail which is showing at what point and what content is at that marker point, right? No. If I have this elected, you'll notice that the Tamil s chain and the name of the marker all switching. You can change the marker name from here. Click on it. You can delete this name and you can change in him. You can change the name by right. Click on you can rename it so there is option and you can rename here in case you want. Oh, you know, move your marker from the timeline toe. Let's say on your media you click here and now not is the DeMarco from the track on the timeline has moved on to the marker track off the media. The here are like, looks being do. What is the difference between placing a marker on the timeline and watch the difference between placing the marker on the media? But this you need to understand when you place a marker on the timeline, that marker don't move, it stays where it is. Even if you move your play head, that Marco will stay very well, litters. But if you place the marker on the media and then that Marco most with media, let's say that I Then you notice that the market is moving around with the media. Let's add a few more Marcus or demonstrate concept. We have these mark OSHA and let's get up a head back. If you right click here on the time line. Then you get option hide, marker track or remove all time. Right, Marcus. In fact, we can remove all time. Right, markers, everything will vanish. But in case you want to delete the markka, you right. Click on that marker per se. And here grab Pennington deleted. And if you right click on the market track, then you get the option. Remove all timeline markers, you click on it. And there it goes. Not this one. Did not go because this marker is not on the timeline track. But it's on the media track. Some friends in this video, I explained to you what markers are and how we can use markers. So, basically, you need to understand that you use Marcus I little set navigation points or use markers to select our mark areas, which you need to edit later. Or you can also set points on your timeline with the help of markers to split a clip. Right, friends. So that's it for this video. Thanks for listening to take and happy learning 20. Creating Animations: hi. Friends will come toe this video and in this video we're going to learn how to any made objects in camp. Tisha Products Animations are a nice way or presenting your content to your viewers. Onda, uh, can take you to the Rabbani. It has many options using which you can create very eye catching animations. Soto invoke The animations will need to go down here toe animations and you get two taps. One is woman ban and one in animations. So if you go to zoom and pan, there are certain things which you can do here and about this we will learn in a separate will. You are together In this video, we will restrict ourselves to learning about animations which are available here now. As you will notice, when you click this tab, there are 10 precepts which we can use to animate objects which we place on the canvas. Let me demonstrate one aspect. We have object on the screen on duh. Let me just grab this ago scale up this object and dig and dragon drop onto the image and please. So as you can see nothing really happening. So let's stop it and here. I want to make it clear to you that when you apply animations, it needs to be applied to the timeline. You cannot apply animation to the object. So let's grab the scale up and let's put it here and we can place the animations where we want both. Let's place it here and let's play this. And you must have noticed that the precept which we applied scale up the image group size life in notice. Here on the clip where we applied animation, there are two wins. One is at the back, which is fighters and right now in the front red. Because there is selected and we can extend this, Let's extend that to the seat. You know, when you click, this animation will find that it changes to yellow. And if appliques severance it is, do so. These docks would you see in the beginning which is white and enriches, read the They're known as key frames and you can apply animations through both the G frames and we shall be seeing it how to do it Now here, let me just play this once again. Right now you place. They played anywhere and you can change the properties using the properties panels. Right now, there is a pre bird animation of taking place which can t shirt inside and it's growing toe only that much on which you can see here. But we want toe make it grow more. We can grab this scale point in the property fell and we can increase it here. Let's say we make it through about this much. And now list by now you must have understood that you can customize the preset animation which already they're using the properties panel the way you want. Okay, let me just reduced this once again because I want to demonstrate something more to you. No, here we have it. We can apply another animation. So the same clip. Let's say we want to tell it. Right. So take this animation and we're going to bring it down to the timeline, um, and apply to the clip and we will just increase this of you bet right on display this now, we haven't all apply to animations and again, the thing to understand here is that we can create complex animations using the present behaviors and also tweaking these behaviors in a limited manner or whatever we want toe using the properties in the properties panel. In this particular demonstration, I can only give you a few ideas and thereafter. I'll recommend that you experiment with it and try and create as many animations as possible so that you become expert at making a presentation visually engaging and visually effective. Another thing which I would like to explain to you that you can place the animations anywhere in the clip. You can increase the side of the clip. You can also increased duration off the animation as you drag. It was seeing that the duration is increasing right. How does it make a difference? That's just play and see. So it's moving up very gradually now because we infuse the duration and similarly toe the right of two thing very, very smoothly, maybe a bit too sports so we can reduce this a bit and played again. I just demonstrate one more precept there. After I leave you toe, try the way you want toe carry on this one, you're going toe scale down and figure it out also. So to rule that I'm goingto first of all, apply animation that is scale down and we are going toe scale it down So I want to bring this dont hit and also move it to the centre, right? And then after this, let me this increase the clip position of it clip duration of it. I want to take this no opacity and I am goingto drop this year and I want to reduce the opacity completely. Well, actually, what difference does it make my full animation. So it's not growing slowly and then it's tilting down towards the right and now it most of the center and fits out like so. I must have seen that I created an emission on one clip, applying multiple animations to create somewhat a sequence or salacious story as far as this animation was concerned, right, friend? So in this video, explain to you how we can create animations using the preset and emissions and also customized. I must have realized that creating animations income to show the breeze all that you need to do it, understand the concept, practice it and you will get a very good idea as to how to create animations using condition how to create a story which is visually appealing. Let me also tell you you can combine transitions and and you can also combine behaviors along with their emissions to make it more interesting about that, we shall talk in a separate will you altogether. So that's it for this video. Thanks for listening. Take and happy learning. 21. Using Behaviors: hi. Friends will come toe this video, and in this video we're going to learn how to use behaviors. Behaviours are preset animation effects on. By using them, you can create motion graphics and apply them to your videos on make them visually more appealing. And the good part is that you just need to drag and drop these effects onto the timeline or onto the canvas on the object, and you get the desired effect. You can apply behaviors, toe text, images and videos by using behaviors. You can create motion graphics as Golez what to create by using adobe after effects and without that kind off learning cuff. So come, let's dive in and learn more about how to use behaviours. So to use behaviors who need to go down here to the behaviour, stab on, click on it and when you do that, a panel comes up with a large number off behaviors. There are a total of 11 behaviors to get a feedback and get a feel of the behavior. Just hover over the serious and you will find the action with the behaviors is finally going to apply to any kind of graphic just to get a feel off, It could work. Ah, particular behaviors like that. Store over it and you will get a feedback to apply behaviors An object What you need to do it. You if you grab the beery a drag and drop it onto the object and now just played so well, yes, pull the blade here and we won't know plate Well, let's also apply the behavior toe this texture to get a feel of how the behaviors are going to look when you apply it to a text. In this case, I want to apply this pop up. Behaviors will drag and drop on it and once again they go back and Bleidt. So the precept, which are they behaving? A certain design. We let me just move this year. No, when I say that, that means it has got when it is coming in it apply certain kind off preset animation and effect. As it moves in. You can notice that really jumping around and well, it's about to get off the clip, then another kind off and emission of the plate so that you need to understand that it is applied and executes in a certain designed we Let's understand by going closer to this in during and out. No. When. Let me just put this plate here, your at in the style of his. And there are many more options. You can even change it from here itself. And the type is from left to right. And movement is offspring again. You've got many kind of movements which you can change. And the direction is Rome bottom. And the tension is about five, and offset is about 0.5 seconds. So these are all pre designed a far is the in an emissions concern. Now, during you again have a styles. If you click on it, you have many of them on By clicking on none, you can't even decide not to have any kind off animation. And if you're getting out of the emission once again there are various parameters which you can change, and almost there the same enduring out the innovations. And you have this drop down list from here. You can change it. What I like winter you that Guettel of all these. Apply these again and again off digs and try them out. Try various permutations and combinations and you will get a good idea of how to use behaviors. So be very clear that basically do nothing more than pre set off animation effects. And they work in a design manner on you can apply at the beginning and then during the animation, and also very want to exit from that particular animation. All right, now let me just one second. They won't stay this to you so that you re calculate and understand what I was trying to get it. So I hope you got a clear idea as to how behaviors have to be applied and how they execute . No, as I was spoken, all parameters can be customized as by using this particular panel here, and all properties can be changed in case you run one. The beer AEA's Toby applied. We want to do a very that you just need to click here on this and the behaviours will be removed from that particular object. I want to just Oh, you know, try out one more example with you. Let's go here. And I have Ah plus in here. We're going to give this ah, fade animation. So we go down here, grab this fate behavior and drop on this right now. Go down here and play and he fits in quite well. Now we don't want him to fade out. We want to extend this cliff and we don't want him toe fade out. So what? We need to do it. Go down here to out on instead off style fadeout We click here and we say none. So now there'll be no fading out As far as this gentleman is concerned, I want to create Ah, speed bubble. So I'll go down to annotations and I won't take this bubble here and I want to drag it and place it here and we can change the texture. Let me place this a bit here on extend this also extend this so a rather, I'll place it a bit. Grow their here and extend this. Let's apply a behavior toe. This and this behavior is going to be Let's go down to behavior and we're goingto apply. Pop up. I somehow like this behavior quite a bit on. I find this to be the best out of the 11 behaviours which are available, and we drop it in here. Now let's play this clip. Now this is the behavior which is taking place during so I hope by now you've got a clear idea as to what be area saw and how do you behaviors? I would recommend that you take a number off objects, apply various behaviours. Try all of them. See how you can change the ill animations, animations during and animations during out and see how you can build a story using various objects and behaviors to convey your idea. All a point off view. Right friends. So in this video we learned how to use behaviors. We learned how to create motion graphics and apply them to our videos, which we create using Can't Asia on we thereby learned toe make our really was visually more appealing. And you must have by now understood that how easy Teoh create motion graphics using behaviors. So that's it as far as this particular video is concerned. But in the next video, we're going to work on a story and will create a visually appealing story using behaviors, building decay, happy learning 22. Using Annotations: hi French In this video, we're going toe. Discuss annotations, annotations, let us explain, emphasized and elucidate certain aspect in can't issue. We have a large number off annotations, which we can apply or create no toe excess energy ations. We need to go down here on this panel and then click on invitations and you'll find that we have many annotations here on top, categorised under tabs. Let's go to the 1st 1 Not 1st 1 is the corrupt and we have many styles off. Call out like we have abstract. We have basic, we have board, we have open and we can see all of them at one go not to create an annotation. We just need toe That's a Grab this and bring it on the stage. We can recited. Just grab one of the handles, pull it across. We can also move this Well, it would be like as a requirement. Then we can edit the text. You click on it on you can type anything you can also, after selecting it, increased the size off the text. In fact, you can change all the properties off this particular call out using the properties panel you contain the front. As you can see here, you can pick up any front. Let's pick up this 20 that changes. You can dream the color of the text. Let's say we want this color. They're the color also changes. We contain the style we can. You know, between the alignment right now, the center, we can put it left the line. We can put it right The line. Let's put it back to the center now in can t shirt to the one And this was not the earlier we can also, you know, 10 the vertical specially and the hard, gentle space. You know, vertical spacing. I'll explain to you and we have more text in our call out, but her gentle spacing if you grab this and if you move it, notice how the spacing is changing. So as about the requirement off your product, you can do this in camp tissue to their 19 Another feature has been added, and that is if you're right, look on this. You get a fly out menu here, apply block text type. There's also a very youthful and handy feature. If you click on it, the text becomes look And if you increase the size more again, apply this apply block textile and find that it again increase. So this has been introduced in this Russian of can Tisha, that is can't if you are to their 19 This was not dead earlier. Let's redo the side of this on drag this here, Keep it in one going on before I explained to you other kind off and notations Let me just explain to you one very and was simple way off imitating with text and I normally use it quite frequently. Let's bring this year and now you can type in here again the quick brown folks. So the good thing that you can annotate something in a transparent manner that takes can be transparent, it can replace anyway. Now, here I would like to explain to you it may just in clear this but this vertical spacing if you grab this on you moving to see how the spacing between the textures, no moving and also one aspect of block I will explain to you now if we apply the block textile, see how it is given a different kind of effect. This you can use in your product There were you, like not we can extend this to fit in almost the entire text. And let us now apply one behavior. Click on this. And let's say we apply this papa behavior here and let's play this. See how the text appear. So this way you can make your annotations in combination with baby is quite interesting. Now, you can also increased the duration off your annotations grabbed from her and drag it through the water duration you want it to be. Now, let's go back and play this. All right, let's drop it. Here, let me explain you one thing. Now, when you are in the properties panel, this behavior which you have applied can be all taken care off, You know, during in during now, supporting during. We didn't want it toe wave like it was doing. Then we can just go down here toe style, and we can say that and out record Leawood as it is. And if you want to read the baby, very just click here and the behavior gets deleted. So here it is, right now. Let me this to go down to a notations again. And I want to explain to you a few more aspects. That is, We have the arrows here again. Basic. I explained to you earlier All kind off details you have abstract. You have board arrows and you have oven. You can again dragon, apply it and you think the view oneto they lead this Then you can also bring in ships you can increase the size of you can play around with it. You can change the color. Suppose you go here and you pick up any color Here the color changes. This is another kind of annotation which you can apply to your Let's see this one. This is blood and highlight. I find this to be quite interesting. Especially the blood Think we take it and that's a we apply toe this place that you goingto let out that object Whatever is there on the screen wherever you apply the blood and rotation and here in the property it's panel. You have only one property. Daddy, the intensity right now 100% you can, you know, before the intensity this was pretty large. They go on to a text like this, you'll find that you can barely see anything below. And that is what you have to make sure When you're using this blood thing, normally you may use blood and notation to hide some, you know, sensitive information or maybe to hide somebody's face. So that kind of a thing that we got to ensure that when you apply blood, the content below is blurred out and not visible as it will happen earlier. And now you can redo the intensity to extent where you wanted to be other ones. I would not explain to you because in the similar manner you can apply these two. Then we have this sketch motion. Now these other ones which help you toe draw attention to a particular area. Suppose we want the attention of the viewer. Togo toe the start so we could probably take this sketch motion and bring it here. You can reserve it. You want toe? Let's no played. So wherever we will put the sketch motion on timeline, it is going toe appear there and rather tension off the viewer with extenders toe Sure that yet and then the last kind off annotation which we have other keystroke call out, especially when you are you know, creating a demonstration of any kind of software on where you want to show the kind off key strokes, which one needs to use to invoke a command. Then you can use this kind of annotations. Let's drag one and put it here like this, and you can change all the text inside using the properties panel. And you can also Jane the style off the annotation. Let's go back to traditional right friends. So in this video, explain to you about annotations and how to use them. So see how best you can use these innovations in your product, and I think it will help you quite a lot. So that's it for this video. Thanks for listening. Take and happy learning. 23. Cursor Effects: hi French In this video, we're going toe. Learn about the cursor effect when we record our screen. The cursor movements are also recorded, and we can apply certain effect with that cursor. Now here, When you see in Properties Panel, you have a tab, which is indicating Carcelle property. If you click on it. Their sudden property, which you can change of Augusta concertedly recorded and is available. Owner the scream. But it is very small, so we can scale it. See if I skillet. You cannot do that because the on the left side is getting enlarged and they bring it down . It's getting smaller so we can adjust the cursor size. Let's say we bring it toe 500% that the maximum which is available, and then we can also train the opacity off the cursor. So if we bring it down, you will noted that the capacity is changing and we can totally make it invisible on every click here. It will revert to its original position right now. This is by default because as we record the cursor movements, it gets recorded. Now, apart from that, when you see here in the because that affected the tablets you've got sort of fix. When we click on it, There are options available. Sorry. Let me just open this out. There are options are really Lakers are highlights. We can use this effect, or Kirsten magnify cash a spotlight. And then we also have car. Such moving the cursor is moving is something which has been added in this particular version off camp Tisha, that is, can tissue toe the robin nine. It was not there earlier in camp. Take herto the robe on it and it's a nice in a way off keeping the movement of Karsa smooth . Apart from that, you can also add click affects both for left and right Most Let's go back here. How do we add the fix? All that is needed A. That we just grab this cursor highlight letter say we want to apply it and drag it down to the timeline. And you will note that the timeline have got highlighted and you drop it there and now the effect has bean applied and that we come to know because here the in the property panel, we have Carson highlight property, which we can change now as you will notice. Let me just play this habitual counting off what it is all about. See, as our cursory moving, so is the highlight, which is there. And we can very easily see where our car cities like. No. Yeah, you have various options, like if you want to contain the color, let's say you want, um, green color there. The thing has changed. We can even have other colors seem so as barrio preference and requirement of a project. You can change these killers, that is one. Let's close this, then you can also play around with the passage the right now to 25%. You can bring it down further, or you can make it totally hoping let's go back to the default. You can also increase or decrease the side of because the right not a 30% we can make it smaller, or we can enlarge because we can also affect the softness by moving. Discussed already will see here on. We can also take in the evening and eat out now. If we don't require this concept, we can delete it. So we go here and just click, and the cursor effect has now been deleted. Let's have a look at this. Good. So magnify. So if we applied this up to apply this, we need toe no, Move up ahead to where we want electorate it here. No, I want to apply this good. So magnify. I need to just grab it. And Robert here do not do that here. This has but affected now again beginning to you the sites that let's say we get the size drew this much we can also in creating this room, we can put shadow and we can also have softness as you can see and of course, even ease out. No, let me just Ah, play this from him. So I am sure you got the idea as to how we can use this curse. A magnifying effect within a product. It will be very handy in case we have to, you know, highlight these kind off things here. Let's believe this effect now The third is your spotlight. Let me just go back here somewhere on DA you know they replace it here. Onda, we again have the properties. So we include You can see the side that you can see. So what is it doing? It is just highlighting that area where the cursor is, Let me guess and dragged the play head of it. But so what's happening, really, is that the cursor spotlight is falling the most, and other area are now a bit muted as faras visibilities concern on only the place where the cursor is is quite clearly visible to us. So this is one reals doing it, you know, we can add, I really explain to you we can against in the size, softness, situation, opacity and blood. Now, if we have to delete this effect, we can just go here and click it. Let me just explain to you that made us go back about This curse is moving right now. Let me this increase the side of the girls that so let's say it is 500% now. Lets you see the movement is a bit jerky. Okay, now every apply the Kurt starts moving again, your toe grab it and drag and drop on the timeline you have again. The options available allow. Leslie saluted. The cursor movement now is much smoother than what it waas earlier. Very smoothly. It is moving that is no Jackie movement. If you find this to be useful, go ahead and use it now let's goto This cuts terrific. I just explained to you one hard. I think I don't really have anything. Click. So this man literally workout, but all the same, we can just drag and drop it and let's play this see? Wherever there is the click, you'll find that that effort comes in and again it has got properties like opacity, size rings, duration. All that can be changed Little. Just go back to where the cursor. If it waas and let us try this opacity, we can redo the opacity of it. We can increase the side if you want. Oh, we can increase the drinks. You can have more rings or you're gonna have less rings. You can also and clear the duration, and you can also show affect politically right friends. For in this video, I gave you a detailed overview off the cursor affect in can't Asia to the 19 and I also explained to you about the latest. That's the effect that it because they're smoothing and how it can be used. So that's it for this video. Thanks for listening Take and happy learning 24. Using Transitions: hi French. In this video, we're going to discuss about transitions, transitions either very nicely off switching from one clip to the other in a seamless manner. Let me explain this to you with the help of a demonstrations. As you can see on the timeline, I have a few pictures that and they do not have any transitions applied at this moment. For let's see how it looks like now, are you? They will notice when we're switching from one image to the other initiatives. Looking jerky, The floor is not very smooth. It is not very appealing to the eyes. We can improve all this by applying transitions. Soto apply transitions in can't Asia. So they're 19 We need to click here and you will find that there are many types of transitions which are available in Camp Tisha. And right now we are reviewing all of them. They have also been grouped in various categories. So if we go here on, if we just click on fridge, it's only feeds will come in front of us if we click on movement that only the transitions which have some movement within them will appear. If we have objects that only those which relate to objects are going to appear. Well, here's let me explain to you that this whip spin is a new transition which has Bean provided in Canton here. To throw 19 you will not find this tradition in the pre with Washington can take. So that's a good addition in Can t Shirt to the row one night. Then we have stylized and we have wipes. Let's open all of them and we are now going toe. Apply transitions between these images. So the 1st 1 let's apply this free transition. Then let's apply this flip transition. Let's apply the full transition on. Then let's apply the people transition. Let's apply this light left transition OK, and now let's play this clip. So now, as you will notice that the switch over from one clip to the other is not abrupt, it's happening in a nice, smooth manner which is quite appealing to the eyes. Now, after having applied the transitions, we can also select and remove the transitions. I don't believe this. No letters nor delete this one and a new, but we'll do this too. This one deleted. And here we're going to apply a new transition which is coming. That is the ripped spin transition. So that you come to know What did you go about and let's played this clip again? Now this condition will just happen. Is the whip spent transitions? Quite interesting. Lish. See it again. Right front. So in this video, I explained to you about transitions in can't Asia to their 19 and we went through a complete demonstration. And you must have now realized that how effective transitions are to help us to move from one clip to the other in a seamless manner. So try this out with the own predict. I am quite sure you're going to be happy about it. That should. For this video. Thanks for listening. Take and happy learning. 25. Using Visual Effects: hi French will come toe this video, and in this video you're going to learn how to use visual effects to use visual effects. You need to go down head of the staff visual effects and click on it, and you'll find that this panel has now got populated with it effects which are available within Can't Asia. Now we have any meeting here on the canvas and we're going toe. Apply all the affection. Why oneto this image and see how it works out. Before I do this, I want to change the color of the canvas so that the FX, which we apply are visible to you and you understand how it's taking place. So right click on this, go down here to predict settings and here in the color, select a color which would be visually pleasing. Let's say that I would like to select this gonna That's what bookie and click anywhere, and that color is now going toe. Get applied once you pick your aunt, apply button. So the first visual effect which we will apply is this. Drop shadow to apply the effectively toe click on it. Keep the left mouse button is pressed and drag it on. So the image and drop it on the effect gets applied. So here, now in the property bar, you will see that there are certain attributes which you can change using this, first of all, is the angle. There is a grid here you click on it and the angle in real time off the shadow. The way you want it is changing. I'm sure you're seeing that. Let's go back to this corner on. You can also adjust this by using this daughter for more precision if you want to. Now you can also change the color of the shadow. Right? Noted Black. Let's say that you want the color Toby. Maybe a little red, very to the cheese. Will you reward back to black? Then you can also offset, like if you drag it to find that door shadows getting offset. Search entirely limited to your imagination and the way you want it for you predict I leave it at this. You can also change the opacity like we go right. It's becoming more opaque and every go left is becoming more transparent, right, and also you can includes the blood or decree the blood. I lived it approximately this month. This is giving me a good You can also eat an easy in and easy out. So this is how you apply the drop shadow effect on case you want to remove that affect. You need to go down here, toe this cross here and click on it, and all the effects get removed. The second effect with you're going to talk about the border again. Click on it. Keep the left mouth breast drag and drop it onto the image or the object which you want to apply the visual effect. And here they only one property. That is the thickness remove right. It becomes, Take elegance, see and that's it. In case you want to undo what you've done, you can just come down here and click, and it goes back to where it waas. And if you want to remove the effect completely, just click on this cross here and there it is exportable. Then you can also colorize the objects. Dragon dropped this effect here on top and there it is. You can play around with the amount. You can also play around with the Gullah to see how best you can use these effects with a certain effects is not necessary that you must use it. I seldom you this calories effect. But if your product demand so go ahead and do it again to remove it. You can click here and you go back. Then tell adjustment again. Dragon drops and you have a panel coming up here on the right side. With this, you can adjust the property. You go left. The brightness reduces you go right. The brightness in created you go Left the contract degree with If you go right, The contrast increases also the saturation Waas Totally negative. You can bring it up to where everyone toe This is arena. I think they should be okay. Right? Once again any off these attributes that you have changed You want toe? Go back to the before this click here on it will go back to default. To remove this effort, you can click here and it gets removed. Then we have this removal color. Now this is very handy when you're using especially green screen effect. What? We can use it on anything. And I just tell you the concept there after you decide whether you want to use it or not, the dragon drop. And here you have options to remove color than their tolerance softness You different. I just explained to you this balance you can play around with on your own that you won't toe Normally I grabbed hold of the I drop a tool and I goto the color with which I want to remove. Click on it and they re color has got removed once again. If you want to go back, click here. You want to remove the effect completely liquor and you are back then it the device for him again Dragon, drop onto them Age Now here you've got this email inside a computer Basically this dealer presets within which your image or whatever object you have gets a polite, even video would work fine. Here you have certain options like iPhone MacBook pro on Google Pixel. This is quite a neat arrangement and you can use this to have a nice effect within your product, which you're creating using camped a shot. I'll do it back. In fact, do away with this so that I can explain to you other effects too. Click on this next one is your interactive heart sport. This is quite interesting. Let me just show this year, and I'm goingto uh, but, uh, annotation Here, let me see what I can put. Okay, listen, this, but I start here, left in the color toe. Stand the frontal. Let's say yellow. Okay, that's would be okay. And we are going to apply this. Let's go back to your affects and we're going to apply this hot spot. So again, you're to dragon drop. When you do it, you will find that again. Decide the panel got populated with certain new parameters, which you can fill in by the for it is Paul that and and click to continue. You can have you orders. You can have markers and you can have time. So once you select any one of them hot spot, they're going to execute that. Let's say we weren't You are, and it won't work till you have actually published it right as and it's on the web. So what we need to do is let's just taste it. I have already done for your click here taste, and yet it's working. Unfortunately, I'm not connected with the Internet I've not been able to go toe the website, but the link is working. All right. Okay. Let's right here. Let's Ah, place a marker and I'll go back to the vigil. Affects panel. Here we have this button here. Click on it and sort of urine. We're going to put a marker, and we want to select the marker to and now test it. So see here on the timeline the head had moved to marker to and that we could make out because the screen is now blind. Right? Friends. So in this video, I explained to you how to use visual effects to enhance your presentation or video which are creating. And there are a number off, in fact, eight off these visual effects that you can apply on a lot of parameters and options built in within these visual effects, which you can use who had wanted and make your presentations. We really appealing. So that's it for this video. Thankful listening take and happy learning 26. Animating with Zoom and Pan: hi French. In this video, I'm going to explain to you how toe you zoom and pen by using zoom and pan, you can focus on specific area off a recording to show this to your target audience. You know there will be cases where as off now, lot off items are there on the screen, and I want the viewers attention to focus on to a particular segment off the screen. That is what zoom and Pan can help me do. So let's see with the demonstration what I'm trying to get at. You need to go down here to animations, and here you have zoom and pan, right? No, By default, your entire screen is enclosed in a flexible box, and using this handle, you can zoom and pan. So let's say that I want to show to my target audience this particular segment by doing it so all that I need to do with gravel of this handle here and then move towards the focus area and leave the thing. And in order that how I have zoomed in to the area where I wanted the attention off the viewers to be focused when I do that do not. In that camp, Tisha creates a market from which I can, you know, increase or decrease. To smooth this out, I can. Let's first just review it with the rhythm. Go here and let's preview it. So this is how you zoom in to a segment using the zoom and pan method. Now, second thing is about panic. Let's also see this by demonstration. But this is very handy if you want to reveal a larger segment off the screen, which is not avenue show visible. Now I have resumed it and they don't just deal other taps, which I want to show, and they're more times below. So what I can do is I can pan and show this. So if I moved down like this, in fact, let me just go back. I need to place my God. Uh, maybe here. Yeah, and then I'll devastate it. So now you move down here and you'll find that you are planning on again. You will notice here that key frames have been added by camp tissue, so let me have a look at this now. So this is what is planning now? It is ban quite far so what? We can do it. We can extend the duration of this animation on moving this this way to see how lend invigoration now go back here and played again. And it is banning now slowly and smoothly, and it is giving the audience adequate time to watch what they're planning. True, right? So the other two aspect that is Woman Pan, which one wanted to demonstrate to you. Now there will be times when, after having done this, you want to rework back to your initial screen that they show everything what is there on the screen. So in that case, what you need to do is go down here to scale and click her on a scale toe fit, and you will not do that. Everything is now visible and again a key frame has been added. Let's see. Let's let's see the whole I think no. So this is we're zooming into a segment off the screen, and now we're planning to reveal additional content on the screen. And now we have a scale to affect to get the whole content in front of the target audience . Right, friends. So in this video, I've explained to you what a zoom and pan is and how toe create the zoom in panto. Be ableto focus to a particular area or to pan over the area to show the content in a much nieto manner to your people who are learning from your training material. So that's it for this video. Thanks for listening Dick and happy learning. 27. Creating and Using Quizzes: hi French. In this video, I'll explain to you how toe include quizzes in your training video recordings using campaign shot. So when you create a training video, there'll be times when you want to include quizzes so that you can assess your learners that actually help. You can do that. They're two options available income tissue. Firstly, that we can go down here to this interactivity, tap and click on it and you get two taps Adequate timeline on ad with two selected media. So, using this, you can add whether I led to the timeline or to the selected media. The second option is here. You know, Marcus, and quickly. So we select quiz. And then when we move onto this track, that remark a and quince track, you get this icon. So wherever you want to add the will, you click there and you can add more quizzes you want. But we will only restrict toe one because this is a demonstration. So once you've done that, you get in the properties panel two tabs using the first African we can set options, quiz them. I would not change it. Looted with one on, it says of us can see there isn't. Yes, they should on schoolwork, Will. I don't want to score the quiz file. Click here on on ticket. Then you have this question tab. Click on that. And this is very who lay out a quiz. We have four options or four type of questions can be included in can Tisha. First of multiple choice, then fill in the blank Short answer in true and false. For this one, we are going toe select ruin false. And then you need to type in the question. So the question we tell what my opinion is just is because my huh And then we'll add another question by clicking her on it is again going to be 24th. So I live with her dad, and I just change the question that's done. So I have these two questions and then here on this icon, every click will be ableto preview our quiz. So let's click here and there it is. Okay, on. We're gonna take kids of a dancer, but I won't do it now on blow that preference. So you have got to quiz now. Ready? Then you can add many more. Such with this, and within that you can have also number off questions. Now this obviously we need to share with the people who have toe. Answer. So there are a few ways you click here on share and you can share it either by creating local file and uploading it to your website. Or you can do it extreme to us dot com will use this option now. Also, you need to understand one thing that it can't be just a video file. You have to use the smart player, which comfort can't Asia. So we need to go down here. And there are three options for cited with Smart Player that is 47 20 p and 10 80 p. Who. Selectors tentative p. So remember, it's very important that smart players included. When you export your video, we click here and then let's go to next. Now we have options here regarding with reporting options. If you sell it to report quiz readers using scum, then you have these options. Click on it and you get a Dalek box. You need to fill up other details. I don't want to do it this way, but I just told you that option is there on. Then you're going to scan sel it. We are going, Toby, reporting the quitters through email. So you need to include the recipients email which have already done who should be receiving the quiz results and hear their options like allow us to take with anonymously or requiring viewers to important name and email address. I'll select this option and I will have this option unchecked. Then you have options. Work with appearance, click on it. They're certain options here. In case you want to change any of these options, you can go ahead and change it. I will live with that default. Click on. OK, Once it is done, we can click here on next, and then you need to fill in the names. So I call it Quiz 01 and you know, here at the this panel, you can see that the other fights which I want to be exported and in case you want to upload video by FTP you can do that here, but I won't do it. I want toe publish it, have all the files on my drive and then uploaded to the website of wherever I want to include it, so just remember that will go to do that. Click here on finish, so it's going to take some time. Now you get this message. Certain features in of any of video are currently disabled you to local network security. These witches work correctly when the videos played from a website or suffer click to close like Let's see, so you'll get this quiz. True falls and you go to next and the next with and then inhabited. But Toby ableto submit. Answer, etcetera. You need to upload it to your Web site or you need toe and work it through a screen. Cars dot com. So let's see how we can do that and what other fights to be done. So let's finish this. Blow this and let's go down to the directly where there should be that it should be available within income. Tisha A little don't see here. This is Quiz the one. These files are the ones which we need to upload Toe of observer. And this is the file, which is to be address true launch of the quiz and use it. So remember that that is how it has to be done 28. Publishing Videos: hi friends in this video, we're going to learn how to publish our projects once we're finished with it. To publish the projects, we need to go down here to share and click on this, and you will find a number of options like you can publish to a local file you can publish to a screen cast you can publish to video you can published to YouTube. You can publish to Google Drive, and you can also do custom production. I shall be explaining to you in this video about publishing to a local file, because once you published a local file, you can upload it to your website or you can even uploaded to YouTube Or you can even distribute on pen drives and city rooms. So I will say that this is the best way of publishing your empty Sha products because it can be made universally accessible through any kind off medium. So let's see how we can publish it on. Let me here also clarify that mostly the process that you go through publishing to local. Finally, the pig ableto other things like skin cards, win your you to etcetera with minor differences, which I shall discuss about one or two platforms, so toe publish it. You need to click your on local file. Once you get that, you get a window like this and you need to click this and you have many options again. Same screen cards here to win you etcetera. But what we're concerned about now is this particular section here you can publish without the smart play that in just a video in MP four format or you can publish it with smart players. So what? My recommendation here is that in case you are publishing for consumption through various platforms, like, maybe you are going to be uploading a course toe platforms like your Demi or teachable are think. If IQ, then you may consider publishing it just as a video. But if you're going to be publishing certain videos with interactive quizzes or with interactive heart sports, then it would be advisable to publish it along with smart players. Keep that in mind, and then you have other office impertinent boto. Now let me just select and before only, and then you get this field back like what will be the dimension where the format and the description right Then click or next, and it will be required. Toe give a production name in case your project already has a name. And you have saved it that then that same name is going to come in front of you on here. You can a sign folder. Normally, I publish it so that the four folder that is come, Tisha. But in case you want to redirect it, toe some folder which you want to name, go ahead and do that. And then mostly I leave all this checked. But in case you want to change, go ahead and change it. And then we need to just come here and click on finish. It depends on the side of the file. It may take quite a bit of time, and in this case, they're going to take some time. But once it is what I'm going to tranq it. The video for you to see it as fast as possible. But once it is published, it will be available in the folder, which you are saying MP four format. So from there you can competent, pasted wherever we want to, or you can upload itto wherever you want to So in case I am creating a course for a platform like your Demi or teachable of scientific, I always in this format applauded toe the concern platform, and that is what they also required. Hi, Thanks Very. Come toe this video on in this video, we ever learn how to post positive in this video? We learned how to publish our product and make it available for sharing. Now, once the filing ready, it can be either uploaded to the website or it can be distributed in any format, such as on pen drive or through a city Rome. The difference is that should for this video take and happy learning. 29. Publishing to Screencast.com: hi French. In this video, we're going to be learning how to share the content which we create using screen car dot com not. This is a service provided by can t shirt shelf for click here on you have the screen cars dot com option. Click on this. No, you will find that you get a interface like this on you need tohave account already. So if you have account, you can enter your email address and you can entail password and also you can sign up for a free speed cast gonna count, which is basically a trial version. Otherwise, this is a paid service, so I'm not gonna proceed further. But I just want to explain to you a bit about the service when it's against on this Onda Uh , if you go down to screen cars got calm, you will find that you can shine in in case you really have account, or you can sign up No one of the benefits off having your video published toe screen. God's not go, but says quickly a complication. After uploading from snag it or camp Tisha immediately receive a link for sharing with colleagues or Christos. Then a share interactive video. Create a video with Cam Tisha publisher to screen car door calm and interactive elements like hot sport and built inquisitive work seamlessly. That's true, but we can also published our own website, and still all this will work securely. Share your content. Use privacy settings to make sure the right people have access to the right. Information, I think, is a very good feature. Now, if you go pro, you get custom of you page templates. You get 25 db of story you get when 200 give you a monthly benefit, and you can store content indefinitely in The pricing is there, but it seems to require very noble the screen cost. Pro Monthly is dollar 9.95 on screen Castro Yearly dollar 99.95 so you can do that. But then there are so many other well of doing it, especially on your own website. So I mean, I saw how I'm not convinced, so I don't really have account with spin cars dot com. So in this video, I give you a basic ideas through in case you want to publish your videos created with Cam Tisha to skin cars dot com. Then what does it in world? So that's it for this video. Time for listening big gay and happy learning. 30. Summary: Hi friends. We have come to the end of the scores, but let me assure you that this is not going to be the end off our association. In this course, you will agree with me that we have covered a lot of ground when it comes to you. Think empty here. So the one line we learned to use almost all the tools which are available within Camp Asia to record and edit a screen cast. We also learned how to create video tutorials and how to use the knowledge to create sales and marketing videos. We also learned how to use motion graphics and unusual effects. We also learned how to record and edit audio. We have covered almost all the new features which come in Camp Asia to their 19 and explained them to you in detail. Now what you need to do is you need to create a few small projects on your own, using all the tools which you have learned and the methods and procedures which you have learned. Offence. As I told you earlier, this is not the end off our association. Should you have any problem in using camp takes you to the 19 I want to learn something more about any tool which we have covered in the scores. I will be very glad to answer those questions kindly. Do approach me through your Demi. They have a system of sending messages to instructors. Please use that there are certain ones aspects for which I will be creating another video which covers those aspects. And I will let you know as and when that course it posted at you. Demi. Rightful. Every good thing must come to an end. Take a and happy learning.