Learn Brush Lettering Using a Waterbrush / Paint Brush for Beginners | Nicki Traikos | Skillshare

Learn Brush Lettering Using a Waterbrush / Paint Brush for Beginners

Nicki Traikos, Letterer, Watercolorist & Instructor

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14 Lessons (1h 6m)
    • 1. Learn Brush lettering Welcome

    • 2. The tools you'll need to get started

    • 3. Learn how to work with watercolor paints

    • 4. Learn how to use a paint brush

    • 5. Learn how to use Waterbrushes

    • 6. Learn essential strokes to start lettering the alphabet as we warm up

    • 7. Learn a fun and easy modern calligraphy style alphabet

    • 8. Learn a second modern calligraphy style alphabet

    • 9. Bold brush lettering as I demonstrate the upper case alphabet

    • 10. Learn how to letter a quote as I show you how I letter "celebrate every tiny victory"

    • 11. Learn how to letter "all we have is now"

    • 12. Learn how to letter "be you" adding flourish and style

    • 13. Closing tips and your class project

    • 14. Uppercase Alphabet

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About This Class

Welcome to Learn Brush Lettering Using a Waterbrush / Brush for beginners.  In this class, I will teach you how to use watercolor and a brush to create a variety of styles of brush lettering! 

I will be demonstrating multiple alphabet styles using a watercolor palette, along with a waterbrush and simple paint brush! I will be sharing my tested tips and tricks to achieving modern calligraphy style brush lettering as well as how to create bold brush lettering styles simply using the same tools!. 

This class is perfect for anyone who is interested in learning brush lettering and would like an easy, effective method to build your lettering skills and practice.  This type of brush lettering is very playful and with the use of watercolors, can be very bright and colorful too.

I will be covering essential tools and items you need to have on hand to letter with.  I will also demonstrate how to use the tools, and how to achieve a variety of style of lettering as we work towards lettering a simple quote. 

If you are curious about how to learn modern calligraphy style lettering using a dip pen and ink, check out my introductory class here https://skl.sh/2KTL9mT. 

As with all of my classes, I have created a free lettering guide providing you with a visual and practice sheets so that you can grow you skill right along with me as you watch the class.

Your student project is simple! Brush letter one of the quotes that I demonstrate in this class or try your hand at your own!

I'm excited for you to join me in this class as we play with watercolor and brush lettering!