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Learn Beginner Italian for Your Trip to Italy

Robert G, Translator/Freelancer/Traveler

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    • 1. Intro

    • 2. First Phrases

    • 3. Directions

    • 4. Meeting Someone New

    • 5. Family

    • 6. Shopping

    • 7. Soccer

    • 8. Course: Thank you


About This Class

Italy is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It has the Alps, it has desert, it has volcanos, it has beautiful coastlines and more ancient monuments than you can count. Home of the Roman Empire, Start of the Renaissance, it even contains two other sovereign countries within its borders! 

Italy is known for its shopping, its food, its wine, its coffee, its art, its fashion, its cars and its beautiful beautiful countryside. From the hustle and bustle of Milan, to the rolling hills of Tuscany, to the Sicilian coast and everywhere in between. 

In fact, Italy has more UNESCO World Heritage Sites than any other country in the world! 

This assortment of Italian words, expressions and phrases were picked as those being most useful for travelers to Italy. They are spoken and repeated by two native Italian speakers, with downloadable references, showing the meaning in English, the word in Italian, as well as the pronunciation. 


1. Intro: Italian is known for being one of the most beautiful languages there is. It's the language of Dante and DaVinci, and it's the direct descendent of Latin. When learning the language, however, it might help to start with the basics. When you meet people, you'll have to communicate with them, introduce yourself and know how to ask and answer some basic questions. You may not be fluent yet, and you may not be quoting Renaissance poetry, but at least you can communicate and find your way around, which will open up many doors for you when you're traveling around Italy. This course will help you with exactly this. As you can see from this brief example, this course will have a lot of phrases, the phrase in Italian, the phrase in English and the pronunciation. Now all of this material that you're seeing right now, we'll all be downloadable. But the course itself will have all of this spoken. It'll have it spoken by me, and I'm a native Italian speaker as well as an Italian teacher who has been teaching for quite a few decades and also happens to be my mother. This course will also include some first rules and first phrases. And this course is obviously, for all of you traveling to Italy. The beginners will find it more useful. But probably some of you who are intermediate and even more advanced will find some useful phrases or terms here as well. By the end of this course, you'll know the basics in Italian, and you also know how toe use rudimentary sentences to communicate with other people and to maintain a short conversation. The topics cover will be the main topics you'll encounter when travelling to Italy, from family and friends to soccer, to asking for directions to meeting someone new when just maintaining a short conversation to going shopping, and obviously will cover food and some of the main terms and expressions as well. So, feel free to check out the course and feel free to download all the downloadable materials so you can use it as a reference and enjoy your trip to Italy. Been been with the I'll See you in the course 2. First Phrases: So these were some of the first phrases, some of the main phrases, some of preliminary phrases for when you go traveling to Italy and you'll find these probably to be the most useful and phrases and words that you can learn and that can help you along with your journey, whether you're walking around or if you need help from someone or anything along those lines so we'll start off with Hello one. Does you know one juror? No. One job, you know? Or if it's speaking informally, then will be town. How oh, goodbye are really they're cheap. I believe in their tea. Whatever. They're cheap and child for the informal, you can say child for both Hello and goodbye. So if you're talking to friends, you can say, child, whether you're greeting them or whether you're leaving either way works. It's nice to meet you formal. He attended Chicano. Sharla Yeah, Cherry. You're very difficult on Sheila. If you want to say it's nice to meet you, but informally you share a Chicano Shirky. Yes, Syria Deco no shit. Yeah, charity, you know should be. Then how are you once again? Formal call. Mr. Go, Mr. Come iStar. And how are you informal, calmest? I Gomes die calmest. I Yes, see? See. Sit. No, no, no, no, please Bear February bedded February Good for voting. Thank you. Good out here. Good at sea it Good active. Good morning. One juror No one juror? No. When Joe don't know. Good night. Wana Sierra Wanna see it when I see it? What time is it killed? So no Korso No curious Onal, What's your name? First with a formal coma. Sick Yama Co may seek Yama committed Yama. And once again what is your name but informal comet economy? Call me Sammy. Commit Takami Then let me introduce myself. Me prison Don't me present we presento My name is me Gammel Me camel me cama. And then you say your name right after I don't understand Known copy school Known copies Go No Capi school. Happy birthday! One complaint born complain and no one complain. Merry Christmas. One night. Early one. Natalie. One of value. Happy New Year one Amnon waffle one on non wobble. One unknown walk. Where is dr dot Do they dopa? No, there. I need help off Pizzonia. The uto Pizzonia be you so obvious Zona, Utah. I don't speak Italian. Known Parlow Italiana known Parlow Italiano. No Parle Italiano. I speak a little Italian. Barlow Ample. Italiano, Barlow Italiano, Caroline, Body Italiana. A lot. She wanted Vitaliano ever. Um, do you speak English? Parla in glaze e Once again, this is formal part a lot in Lazy darling Glaser. And then the informal hardly inlays fairly in crazy puddling. Glaser. Where is the restroom? Do they Il Banyu? No, but he'd buy new develop Banyu. I would like a glass of water beret MBA Care that one for Ray Hubie Care it boardroom bigger. That one. I'm not well, as in I'm not feeling well. No. Me Santo Bennett? No, me Centobie in it. No, me Sente Bennett. I live in the United States. Avital maybe study unity. Habito Daily study only arbitrarily started me. I live in Canada. Are we doing kind of it? A beetle in Canada? I've become Canada. I am on vacation, So no in cancer. So no in like answer son in the council, I am lost. If you're male. Misano pair so miso No better. So I am lost if you're a female. Miss o Donnell, persa me so no bad when the Misano pair So Oh, Misano pairs up. I can't find my passport Known Travel ill Me a possible toe known travel in meal pasa Barto No problem about support. Taxi, Taxi, taxi, Taxi bus or the bus booth Booth Wolf Train Gray. No, today? No. You know, airplane. I really I feel I do car La maquina la maquina a makina. Where can I catch a taxi though? The possible And the room? Taxi. No way for suffering. The rate in taxi does the possible rendering taxi. So the following section is how to say numbers in Italian numbers are the most basic set of words in any language. And we were lying number so much every day that sometimes we don't realize how important they are on a day to day basis. So knowing the basics can really help you. And this is whether you're shopping where they're communicating whether you're asking for directions or anything along those lines. So let's get started One. Oh, no! Oh no! Oh no! To do away. Do it! Do it! Three. Okay. Did it today. Four Wow Through Why? Wow! Through five Jean quit Jean, quit jingling six se se se seven. So good said there. So eight. Uh, do I don't Oh, don't nine No. No way. No 10. Yeah. Cheap. Yeah. See? Yeah. 20 Vanke Venti thanki 30 Drink train that getting 40. Rhonda Qahtan What? 50 Jim Quanta. Jean Quan, Do you want 60 System, sis and, uh, system 70. Sit down the sit on that. Sit down 80 But then look down. 19 No Vonta, no one No one got 100 gentle Gento. Thank you. 1000 me. Let me let me let the following section is how to say the days of the week In Italian Monday No. Maybe unity. No Navy Tuesday matter baby Mad Day The market Wednesday Mayor Kohli B May I call it the Merkel Libby Thursday Joe Baby Joe Baby Joe Maybe Friday they never be They never the many of you Saturday, Sabato, Sabato Sabako Sunday domain Icka Domain Ika Dominica and I will go through the months of the year in Italian January. Jenna, you deny you, Jenna? You February But you February you But I march Matter matter So math April up Really a really happening. May my job. My job My duke June Junior Junior Junior July No, you lurigio. No, you August I go stop, I go store, I go stop September. Sit them, but sit them. But September October Oh, Taubira, what a little bit October, November, November, November, day, November, December de chambre the table. But it did you angry? Italians, as you probably know, take their food very seriously. So you will hear these phrases from this file quite often in Italian restaurants, some of them, such as waiter and a beer will be familiar to you, while others such as, ah, the just evil or fizzy water might be a bit less. So please know the difference between formal and informal tenses. If you're ever in doubt between the two, by the way, you should just use formal to be safe. There will also be some differences between ah whether you are male or female, and we'll note those as we go along. And once again this file can be downloaded under the under the files to be downloaded under resource is and so you can read along with this or print it out and keep it as a reference . What would you like? Formal tents cause of Wally cause of Wally? Because I'm warning Please note that you you will also hear cause a dizzy did, uh, cause a busy data. And you might also here because operating today because Apprendi all of these mean what would you like? And you're just is likely to hear any one of them when you go to a restaurant. What would you like? Informal? Because a bully cause a boy cause Apprendi maybe because a dizzy dairy, because a dizzy dairy So here to you will hear the different versions I would like vory beret. Okay, Water that. What? A beer. Una beer. We'll be there when I hear that A bottle of una about Ilya the Nabatiye The what about ready? Red wine? The narrow. So we know So be not also white wine Vino be uncle We dont be uncle. You know the uncle the dish of the day If pacto del giorno he told the journal It battle juror No fish the ship. Maybe she spaceship meet car in the god me Got a minute? Vegetables? They do it we're doing They do that the bill or the check? Goingto you could go. We'll contact Excuse me formal tents, Miss Cuzzi. Me schools E Miss Cuzzi. Excuse me. Informal schools that schools that schools that How much does something cost? How much is one taco stuff? Quanta Costa. Santa Costa. Ah, vegetarian dish. Own gateau. Vegetarian. Oh, whom Gateau? Vegetarian? You know, Get the an appetizer on anti Pasto. One anti Pasto one Anti Pasto. The first course, usually a pasta dish. The movie actor Pretty Moby Acto. A move? Yeah, the main course or entrees. Uh, second Secondo, Pia Toe Secondo Pia the fruit Love Ruta Laugh Ruta left. Look the cheese ill for my job, even for man Joe, you for my job. Dessert does it. This is or indulge it So an alcoholic drink after dinner and after dinner. Alcoholic drink own digits people Kundi. Just evil on the just people. And it's called this because it's supposed to help you Digest. Yes. Excuse. Methinks gives us, um a napkin. Junta value. Allah. A coffee once again. Usually an espresso. Okay, I think Cafe the tip Lemon, lemon, lemon. And once again you can refer back to the lessons. Usually you don't tip, but you can tip and round up if you like. the service. But I talk more about this in the regular lessons. I don't eat meat. No Munch of carnage. Don't Mandel Carney. No man took Army. Waiter come in here. Committee ate it. Committee at it. A parrot ifs a very TV. A very TV up. Any TV fork? Forget that. Forget that. Forget that knife. Cold, low. Cool 10. Look, they know spoon. Who got you? Cookie? Are you got you plate? Yeah. Don't. Yeah, Well, yeah. Don't. Fizzy water or bubbly water? I What? Freed them? A quack three. Done freedom. By the way, this can also be called. Ah, acquittal. Gas quagga. Satya. Anything else? No, I welcome. Got so I could guess out this year. I think that still water. I want nothing like Juan Mata. Rally what? Nothing. Aquinnah to rally can be equity canela, which means it comes from the tap or a quality bhatia which comes from the bottle. So aqua Amina Ali Natu rally will mean still water from a bottle. A criminal Alfred Santee Women fizzy water from a bottle. So just keep these variations in mind. If you don't specify that you want from canela, they'll usually bring you bottled water spicy began began They become I'm super hungry If you are male Shana Tomato, Tomato shown a tomato And if you're a female so know that so no summer at that senate. Samata, I'm hungry. Oh, family So far Me a family foodie, as in I'm a foodie. First of all, if you are a male gonna go Golos Oh God also! And if you're a female goal, sir! Golos that Toloza Ah, I'm so full as in a quite a bit. So no again? No. So, no, you know, Santa piano. And if you're a female so Nepean that so No Piana, some of the ana What a nice smell as in the food Smells good. Okay, so for me No. Okay, well, for me, you know, paper for me. No, it burns as in something's hot and it burns you scope that it's got that sculptor 3. Directions: a time. Cities tend not to be very big, but they're quite easy to get lost in, since many date back to ancient Roman times and so they don't follow any greater pattern or anything along those lines. And furthermore, strikes are quite a common occurrence in Italy. So bear this in mind when you're taking public transportation or even taking taxis there wandering around the city. Having said that, directions can be very useful any time you want to make your way around any Italian city and find your way. Excuse me. Formal Miss Cuzzi. Me schools e many schools E where is dot, dot dot Does this Sea Rover? Do they see Rafa? Don't miss it. Over. Where am I? Dove it so No dove it so no, no, I sell No the map. LA mamma latte map that. No, my that Right Deaths Desta Best that left. See Ni Ska. See Niece track. See me, Stella Strength, Dearie Deary talk. They don't Back in the through in the metro India Over there De la the last Do you like over here, Dequan de quack stoplight. Say my photo. Say my photo. Semi little a plaza. Be a yet? Yeah. So this means plot size in square. Or like Count Square is something along those lines. ST So bad strata stood Abba restaurant restore around the restore on the restore on subway May throw police Don Metropolitana metropolitana bus Al Troubles out Oh, balls Babeu's or boosts as well. Alka Boof Taxi backs it. Taxi! That's it! Car Makina Makina Mac in it by car in Mackin Up in makina in marking up by foot Be a Yeah, he a bed hotel. I better go. I'll better go. Albergo Is it far away? A long panel? A long time? No Ellen panel address in De Wreak. So indeed so in doing so north. No, that Nord not that South Super food Soon he's first us West. All list All the rest All this strike sharp. Pero sharp Beddoe shop. It'll station stuff. Theo! Nate, stat! Seal on it. Stop doing it! Airport, I hope for I hope or toe at a Porto And now we'll go through some expressions I'm lost if you're male. Me Sana Pair So me so no fair so missile affair So I'm lost if you're a female. Me, Shana, Pair me so no we felt it best. Is there a strike? Yunel Sharp. It'll jet who don't shop it all. Total shop. It'll hitchhike out. Stop outdoor Stop out the Stoke. I think hitchhiking is illegal now, right? I think so. I'm not so sure. Either way, it's not recommended. Could you take me to dot, dot dot First we'll start with the formal tense. Okay, me a bit. Be portrait Bayport, Ari. We put them apart Are aroma that's Could you take me to Rome and then the informal tents People trace people tired, huh? People, there is steeper carry. We put the seaport batter Roma and that's it. And once again, you'll be able to download all this material in the resource is section so that you can print it out and you can have it handy whenever needed. 4. Meeting Someone New: Italians are known for being friendly people and this generalization becomes more true the further south you go. So don't be surprised If in Italian sits next to on the bus or on the train and just starts talking to you even if there is plenty of space elsewhere, here are some preliminary phrases you will hear and that you may want to use when meeting someone in Italy. Once again this file will be available in the list of Resource is so you can print it out and have it available for reference Hello or good day when you're you know, But you're no one Good. It's a pleasure. As in, it's a pleasure to meet you. Yes city Yeah, charity. You said it. My name is Meet Gammel. Meet Jamel, me camel. And then you put your name right after that. As in me Comodo bet or something like that. What is your name? Kuhlmann. Kiki on me Go make me coming to kill me. Where you from? The dull they say the dove it say you don't say. Are you Italian? Se Italiano Se Italiano? So you know. And if you're talking to ah woman, you would say say Italiana Steliana, I am American. So no American, No. Oh, I may become now still no americano for male or so no Americana for female. So no americano. So no Americana. I am English. So no English, is it? So no English, is it? I am Australian. So no, Australia, No. Oh, Australia on that. So no ouster Italiano for a male or for a female. So no Steliana. So in Australia, in Australia, I am Canadian. So no kind of easy Solano gonna days a So what kind of these? It and this again is the same for both male and female. Do you speak English? First with the formal tense parla in Lazy Carla in Crazy Langley's an informal, tense Harley English finally in lazy bilingualism I like Italy Me, Tanya Me PRT little Yeah, we got in Ghana. I am studying Italian stops to the under Italiano stops till the Ando Italiano stuff together Italiana stuff to younger Italiano. Excuse me? Formal me schools e me schools e the school's e. Excuse me. Informal schools that schools that schools that could you repeat formal Well, refectory well repaid today, but it beheaded. Could you repeat informal. Whoa! We repainted it. Why repair today? Where everybody get it? Can you translate formal? Well, you're a What do I do? Really? What do you say? Can you translate Informal boy Radu Rey, Why do we if I could do it today more slowly You Linda mean if you let time in que Linda mean Mr Senior Senor Senior. And then you can put someone's last name right after the same with Mrs Siniora Senior Siniora, Miss Senior Arena Senior Arena Signorina A male friend Amico Amico Amico A female friend. Um Ika Amiga Amigo How do you say? Dot, dot dot In Italian comments City in Italiano CD chip in Italiano promises Italiano What does that mean? Cause up Sini FICA Because at sea me figure cause it's significa See you tomorrow Domani I don't mind me I feel Miami See you later Dobel got dough Pull a global May I come in? Both so in variety Fossil in Draddy Plus in karate. It was a pleasure as in it was a pleasure meeting you A startle home Petithory A stack all whom Ph area I starting pitcher. I hope to see you again. Formal Spare the relay their luck spare Oh, the reveal Their lack Spare the vivid era. And I hope to see you again in formal spare The really their key Spare the really there Special delivery here. T Thank you very much. Grasset mean that's it. Me. Let got to mean now for some expressions. I love Italy. Um Alitalia? Um, a little. Yeah, I'm only value. I love you. The Amell de Hamel. Yeah. Here's Solu pick Ching ching subtlety or teen teen saluted. I think. Tim, I'm coming in. This is an expression when you enter someone's home just to announce that you're coming in and make sure it's OK, Let me. So we're mess. So where may so and for hi and bye as we mentioned once before, if you're using the informal tense, that's the same word for hello and goodbye. Tell cow down and once again, all this information can be downloaded in the resource is section 5. Family: the family is a cornerstone. And it's a very important part of Italian life. Family needs or desires will usually take precedence over work or friends. Now, this isn't to say that fights don't occur within families. They happen. And when they do, they can get quite ugly In terms of within the family, parents, especially mothers, are considered to be very important to Italians. Also, if you're introduced to an Italian person's family members is usually a sign of close friendship. Once again, we're going to go through the phrases now. And these are available for downloading. The resource is section mother moderate, my today, moderate Father Battery five. Today. We should also specify that if you want to say mom or Dad, then you can use words like Mama and Papa. Yeah, Mama and Papa. Sister. So a lot. Zarrella. So, uh, brother for a low low, right? I Look, son, feel you feel you fear daughter feet? Yeah. Feet. Yeah. Yeah. Grandmother. None Not Not No. No. Grandfather, No, no. None. No, no, no family for me. Yeah. From me? Yeah. How many do you get, Friend Amico, I meet Cool Amico. This is for a male friend and a female friend. I meet that I mean God Amiga cousin, a male cousin Gugino. Gugino. Good. You know, female cousin Who? Gene Lugina. Lugina, Uncle Deal, Deal, Deal. And via the, uh Yeah. Husband Marie toe marry toe burrito wife Milly More yet, knowing it. Stepfather. But during new but renew Not really new stepmother. My dream? Yeah, my dream. Yeah, methylene yet grandson, New people, people they people with it. And it's the same word for granddaughter. Actually boyfriend, right, so or feed in Seattle. Yeah, feed on Sata literally means fiance. But you here used a lot for boyfriend as well, so I got so feed on Sato regard. So we don't girlfriend? Yeah, we'll feed intact that I got feed. Answer that that you don't see that godfather But Reno bad that he you know, But really, Godmother my arena Madalina Marina Acquaintance Cool Houshang co notion Gonna shame family dinner. Tina beat for me? Yeah, Jana The family? Yeah, Kennedy family. Yeah, Greats. Grandmother B is none these non. It is known that great grandfather there is no no, he's not know is no housewife Castle. Inga castling got Castle Inga with O Vedova Vedova made over Widower Very Dobel Vedova made a will Parents Janey Story Janey Torrey Jenny Authority Relatives I think the but a the but I d now some expressions. Mom! Mommy! Mommy! Dearest member Mama! My mom. So Mommy dearest or away that maybe kids might call their mother. Mamina Mamina Daddy! But but my book a pack or Bob Book Papa Bamboo The expression Oh my! This does not necessarily have to do with the mother. Mamma mia! Mamma mia! Mamma mia! You probably know this expression from the musical or the movie Mother's Day. First the llama mama first that the llama Mama First of the lamb. Um, Father's Day first that they'll Papa Festa del Papa. First of all, Papa, Once again, you can find all this information for downloading the resource is section 6. Shopping: shopping in Italy can be an experience the designer stores in Yemen, Montana, polio and in Milan, or light years away from the little markets you confined in small towns where haggling is the norm. So these are some of the expressions you will hear and that you'll find useful when you're navigating your way through these stores and markets. And when you're trying to buy stuff or go shopping in general once again, this will be available for downloading. The resource is section so you can download it and keep it for your own reference shopping Father, Let's face it. Fired its music goddess pays it Discount Skonto. It's goingto school sale sound or re basso Salado or re bus so so or so close this Bt Best E T STD shoes. Scott Bit, Scott Bit Scott Expensive Khost Ozo go stores or lift ozone. Or if the word is a feminine word, it will be costal. Is that because those that cheap one minute cattle one Med Cotto Obama Cotto department repair toe repaired toe groceries January Element, January 11 Daddy, Generally men tired shopping cart, Carella. They last paisa. Chiarello. The last space can run over the last things up Present regar Low ray guy Look, regard Oh, this obviously is a present as in the present, you would give someone How much is Oneto Costa Guan Toe Gosta Tentacles there Women's section repaired toe Dona a three part Oh, don't not reporter don't men section repaired the wall Move! Rip Arto war more My part of the woman men suits I repeat that Wal Mart, our bt that warmer I believe that woman make up luego Don't go Don't go Wallet for tough on you that for you. But if all you could you help me, please Formal tents meet But rebel Are you sorry? Me, But I bet you thought it. We put it by you, Toddy. An informal me Patrice Key. Are you Terry? People touristy? Are you tired? You put they say you toddy. Where can I find duvet? Also provide Dubay fossil throw body. Don't post it provided I like that. Me the acid, Meet the Arctic plants. I don't like no me. Gatun known me Piaget? No, Maybe that's it. What time does it open? Okay, Order! Operative. Okay, Order. Thank you. Goodbye. I river there she I really their key are very itchy. Do you have of a a V a t. I hate it. Small, big color we go. Hello. Medium made. You made you my radio. Large grand grand Grundy size as in size of clothes. Yeah, yeah. Or Missouri or missile? That means it has used more for shoes. The check out Lhasa la casa Let us so and not for some expressions. I'm only browsing Start. So no word on the start. Solo garden Still somewhere down. What a rip off! Okay, Frega Bhura. Okay. Frega tura que three Gotta give me a discount from me, You know, school in tow from me, you know school. Come in the home toe. Can I pay with my card? Both So pagar bustle Bagaric I don't want it. None Low value? None lot by your none of all you once again all this information is available for download on the resource is section 7. Soccer: Italians take their sports very seriously and none more so than soccer. Every Italians grown up with it, and it's surrounded by it so much that any time anything was referred to as the baloney or of the ball literally, that means it's pertained to soccer. So Paseana, that Polona is the passion for soccer or Margalit Polona is a will, a wizard at soccer, such as someone who is very good at playing soccer. And many soccer terms are also used for everyday life as well. So being familiar with them can help. No matter what your interest in the sport is. Once again, all of these will be available for downloading. The resource is section soccer or football. Can you Cal Joe, come to soccer ball alone in that kind of bologna? That culture alone in that go for the goal. But that or going but go goalie for Kerry for theory. But get it soccer field. Campbell, We can't you Campell, because Joe company culture to kick here our own culture erotic did. I don't college a corner kick culture dango salchow dango kind to them Go penalty kick cultural. The re gory got to be re gory culture. Very good referee are be true. I would be dro yellow card Alina John Cartel Lino J Lo Catalina John Luke Red card Carta Lena Rose So got Lino Rose. So cartel in a row so foul I look file No look Poll Hello by law Hello, Coach Ali Natori Ali! Not to worry, Alina Tory score as in score a goal Cynara Gold Senior Ari Gold Cindy I don't go Team Squad that squad that squad to send off the field I'm money, Your Honor. I'm more Niedzielan A I'm money, Tony, but throw in re Mesa Love it on me Re mesa laterally. What do you mean, selling Luckett on it? Stadium got you start deal that you friends p full. Is he the full a Z? People will see hooligans or fanatical fans with that Look that up a match or a game. But I eat that, but I eat that But be that soccer shoes or cleats? Scarlett that culture scars That guy Joe Scarpetta Culture defense De Fayza The phase that the phaser offense Oh, phase up! Oh, phase that Oh Fayza Striker, after counting at that can day at that found it team Jersey Molla the squad My Yeah, The squad money of this class locker room. Spoil your toe, you sport Yeah, toyou Spoleto Leo, Substitute Reser Ba He's there. What is that bench funky now? Bank Tina, Tina. And not for some expressions go as in CLO team for I thought it, sir. I thought so. And you can say farsighted. Yeah, so far your team name and a typical stadium chance that literally gets translated as whoever is not jumping is, uh And then you say the opposing team fan name He knows Santa Luna key non Salta a moon Kim il South alone And then either the opposing team name or an insult. I mean, the team of your heart last Quadra Bill Quarter la squadra del quarry. That's father, they quarry. This obviously means the team that you root for. World Champions Camp Yoni del Mondo, Camp Uni del Mondo Camp Unit Belmondo and the Italian team. This is a name for the Italian team. Literally. It means the light blues, which is their color blue. But this what? When people refer to the Italian soccer team, this is what they call them. He adds, Uri, he adds, or e Yes, Hillary. And once again, all of these are available. Your resource is section for download 8. Course: Thank you: thank you very much for taking my course, and I really hope you find it useful. And please feel free to check out any of the other courses I offer as well. As you may know, I'm a freelance translator, and I also run my own translation agency. So if you are a translator, keep in mind that I offer reviewing services for resumes and CVS as well as online profiles . I also offer one on one consulting. You can access either one of these services by going to the length that you see on your screen now or also by checking them out of the resource document you'll find at the end of this course. I also have a book called How to Be a Successful Freelance Translator, and the third edition is available now on Amazon. You can access it at this link here, and this as well will be available in the resource document. Otherwise, thank you so much once again for taking the course, and I would love to hear any feedback that you might have