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Learn Basic Travel Phrases in Spanish for Beginners

teacher avatar Florencia, Spanish teacher

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (38m)
    • 1. Learn Spanish: Introduction

    • 2. Introducing yourself

    • 3. Numbers

    • 4. Food

    • 5. Shopping

    • 6. Directions in Spanish

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About This Class

Who is this class for?

This class is ideal for people who are travelling to a Spanish speaking country and want to communicate using the language. 

What will you learn? 

With these videos you will learn a few expressions to get by in different situations, like in a hotel, a restaurant and a shop. You will also learn how to introduce yourself and your family, order food and drinks and ask for directions.

You don't know Spanish? ¡No hay problema!

No prior knowledge is needed! Just a willingness to learn to speak Spanish and use a few expressions to help you communicate better in the country where you are travelling. 

You will see it's very easy and fun! 


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image


Spanish teacher


Hello, I'm Florencia. I'm from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I'm a passionate language teacher, I teach English and Spanish. 

I have more than 10 years teaching experience. I worked in Primary and Secondary schools in my country and in language schools in Dublin, Ireland where I lived for two years. I teach teenagers and adults online from different countries. 

I love languages! I'm currently learning Italian online as well. I also love travelling, I've lived in Spain, Greece, Bulgaria and in Asia! 

Hope to see you soon :) 


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1. Learn Spanish: Introduction: Hello, my name is nor India, and I'm an online Spanish and English teacher. I have 10 years experience as a teacher and the learner off a foreign language. On these scores, you will learn a few expressions to get by in a restaurant on Ivar when you meet people. The main idea here is not to be bi lingual, but it will get tools to communicate better on your next trip or holidays to a Spanish speaking country. Very mind that there are difference. Polish axons. I will use a more standards mutual one, because mine is the Argentinian, which is on the right of the bottom, which is a big difference. The pronunciation is different as well, so don't worry. Here you will be able to speak clearly with a few expressions. Show that you're ready to enjoy the culture on the country where you're traveling. So sleep comfortably, have it hands, a piece of paper and a pen. Andre MBA Semel's 2. Introducing yourself : Okay, so we're going to start with the first course, which is introducing yourself. So in Spanish, we say Hola. Memo that is Hello. My name is okay. So Allah may gmo so to say hello. We say, Allah, if it's the morning you would say when LCs if it's the afternoon, you would say a boy nest out of this. If it's the night you would say Buena notice. So I'm going to say it again and you will repeat after me. Well, you when he s when I was a part of this when I noticed pay attention. Also here to the exclamation marks. Because in Spanish, we use both at the beginning and at the end, off the sentences. So this is a very cup. Very typical conversation when you talk to people. So you may say Oh, no, Come with us. Hello. How are you, Esther? Be in Edo. I'm fine. And you esta Libyan. Without CS, I will read it and then you will repeat after me. Paula, come with us. Estoy bien. You do? Estoy bien. Yes. Yes, this is I don't know when you meet somebody in the street or it's very informal. and very casual, and we use it a lot. So again, Ola Mae gmo Florencia. Hola, Soy Florencia. Now you re piece on you say your name. Okay. Paula Milne Ammo. Hola. Soy from nationalities. We say Soy lamanna, alleman, soy de LaMagna, soy Americana, American journal, soy the double. Sony does. So if you look at all the sentences here, I, um I highlighted a few things in the first part. Off the sentence. You have all the nationalities. Aleman Americana. In Lesa. They all end in a So that means that it's the feminine because in Spanish with separates, a detective's into feminine and masculine. So if you are a girl on your from Germany, you will say soy lamanna, a young German. If you are a man, you would say soy Ballymun, a young German. Okay. If you want to say the country where you're from, you would say soy they Alemania on. As you can see, that is written in blue. So every time we say the country where we're from, we say they so I will read the sentences and then you will repeat after me. Okay, so let's start. soI Alain Mana Soy Ellemann soy the pneumonia, soy Americana, soy americano, soy the styles Who needles sowing in lesser soy Inglis soy the England ever soy italiana Roy Italiano Soy they Dahlia. Soy francesa, soy Francis soy The frenzy. Um, so it will Endesa soy ill in this soy they Lunda Okay, so these are a few countries but then here you can go Belene destruction off The sentence doesn't change. It's always there saying we start with soy, which means I am Okay. So this is a conversation between two people on. We're asking about names and where you're from. So we start with Ola Come Akiyama's Hola Miyama Maria. They don't There is Soy Italiana Soy State Alya. Here come Akiyama's means. What's your name? They don't. The address means Where are you from? So we use the word Don't. Which means where on then EDIs, which means our are you from would be eso? I will read this dialogue and then you will repeat after me. Okay, Mullah, go with the EMAs Ola Mae Yamma Maria! They don't say it is Soy Italiana soy. They Valium. Now I will ask both questions and you will answer with your own information So instead of saying Maria, you will say your name. And instead of saying so, it italiana saw Italian. You're going to say your nationality and your country. Okay? Oh yeah. Gone with the EMAs. They don't this Okay, this is very typical. A swell when people ask you where you from when you're on holiday? Specifically on when you are in a hotel when you are attacking in. This is very common. Okay, so here we have a few sentences. If we are introducing our family members So we might say Ola Mae Yemen. One area is Miss Posa. Eva area is me. Sophia. So what we're saying he's Hello. My name is one. She is my wife ever. And she is my daughter Sophia. So we use a M for she. Okay, the second part. Ola Mae. Grandma Lucy! L s me. No Vo Marko's. So l means he's my boyfriend. Miracles, The last one is Mullah Miyamoto. Tanya. Area is me Mama Kado e l s me Papa then So she is my mom Carol And he's my dad. Been Okay, so I'm going to Reese and then you will repeat after me. Ola Mae Yamma One. Yeah, is means boast that Ava Ahah is me hot Sophia Ola Medium on you see in s mi novia Medicals . Hola, Mrs Mould. Onion area is Nina McCargo. Eel is Meet Oppa, then. Okay, Very good. So let's go to Familia. So in Spanish, we divide into feminine and masculine family know in Moscow Liam. So Ika means daughter on the masculine is equal. And Mana means sister on the masculine is m I know B A means Aunt B. Your Uncle Awilda. Run mother. Ah, well. Oh, Grandfather, No. Yeah, Girlfriends. No video boyfriend. So I will raise all the members of the family e huh? In mind now? Yeah, Abuela. No. Yeah, e ho, Adam. I know. Deal. Ah, well. Oh, no. Of you. If you want to say good buying Spanish that are many ways you can say adios knows mammals after money. Anna asked a problem, though. So to end the video, I'm gonna tell you asked a Brando because I see you in the next video and you rose a sub rondo 3. Numbers: Okay, Allah again, this is a very short course to talk about Lows. New Meadows, they you know, I'll CNN. So let's get started. You don't know numbers in Spanish women to start with you. No one till then, Do you know 21? Okay, so I will say the numbers and then you will repeat after me. Okay, so let's get started. Look, no medals. The owner I went, you know, in Espanol. Oh, no, Those But this what they don't single safe's See it there or two. No, Evan. Yes. Well, and say those say that a sin God daughters say Dean said the S E phase the sec it then the S e auto. Be a scene way of it then there, then do you know? Okay. As you can see, numbers from on set begin, Say, are pronounced in the same way. The ending is C E, which in Spanish is pronounced. Say so on. Set those six teams on then numbers from 16 to 19. I've known VSC, so VSE stays the A C c a that vsc olancho bs ing weapon. So that's something that can help you to remember pronunciation. OK, so I'm going to read all the numbers from 1 to 21 and then we know with no cost. But you can pulse after I say all the numbers and then read them on your own. Okay, Uh, one more time. You know those that IHS what? No single stays. See it, then, auto. Know whoever the s aun said. Those said said Qatar say Kim said the essays the ASUs year, then the CEO This, however vein that vein do you know? Okay, now, if you want to pass, you can pass. And with all the numbers, our see no windows, they train that Allison trained. Uh, why didn't, uh, seeing window says Cynda said then the or tender? No. Then the CNN you cannot see here. It's written C i e n c n. Okay, as you can see here, Trained, acquired, investing Gwen that the old ending in India that might help you to remember better. But CN see any stay friends. Okay, so the next monies for must see um, the new meadows. How do we make these numbers? So if we have 2021 22 23 so one of the fourth will say vain. They mass does vein t those. So every time we have 20 plus some other number will save nt Those Vendee dress venti Quattro. We write it with an eye as you can see it here with the rest of the numbers we say e a scene ends on we right? Why, yes. So during that mass Paris, etc. While a train The address What in the mosque? Quattro a C one aguardiente equal thing when Thomas Ingo SC while I think when dicing go suspender Macey's Seawell assistant Vice A's So then that Macia to see while attend I see it there agenda Masato one out in your toe No window must my weight they see while another thing Women When you have a hundreds, you would say CNN must dress a C one a siendo breast So we don't say CNN anymore. But we say gentle this CNN mascot or say siento Qatar, Sir Si en masse 20 single siendo 20 cinco CNN must what in the Masters? No one in the address. So here you form the numbers Asuka NSI by adding yes. So if you have 30 40 50 u se E If you do have a hundreds, you would say siendo and then the number that follows. Okay, I'm gonna give you some practice. We hold my choice. What number is it, Gettleman? Who is but here you have a few calculations. I will read them out loud, and then you pause this video. You write the results in words on, then I will give you the uncertain on you tick. Okay, so the 1st 1 is they That must taste. Thank you. Must watch. What in the must See anything when that must go? No, but in that must weigh en masse. Keane said sin masks isn't bagels. So now pause the video on. Right? The results. Okay, I'm gonna say the answers, right. Check the spelling. Rain be phased. You can repeat after me. Then he say's then bank capital. Why didn't I see it? They seeing when you know, but 10 by way of it. CNN, Brookings, the end old system. Vitals. Well, I hope you got all the numbers okay on this with just require practice and stay in it up. Now they will help you to remember and off. So I hope it was useful for you and see you in the next video. So 4. Food : all at all off here. We're going to learn about foot. And this is where foot lovers who travel to Spanish speaking countries Andi, enjoy foods, local traditions. So this is for you if you go to a restaurant and you want to order something on. But why not use Spanish on a list owed under This is the name off the scores this video related una messa toward or to last for a table. We say messa babied una messa clear data stick. That's the customer. So you would say Allah when I started this Buenos Noches, Mona Lisa, those poor farm. So if you say you wanna miss up by those, that means a table for two, 44 means please on Dhere. Well, you can say any number now that you know what the numbers you can stay in. A Mesa Fatah train would have stopped at asientos is entitled those s O U two's and I'm really want to say OK, so Una mesa. But of those 45 on, he must the table to the comma. Rado camel Ada Yes, That's the waiter on the waitress comma Rado, Come Morita. If you want Teoh, ask for the menu you say they dated may know all. Look out, both are the same. Clear. And so the customer would say la Carta for farmer If it's daytime, you wanted the menu batter. I'm more sorry to have lunch. Find out more decided bada sinner to have dinner more sad to have lunch. Senna to have dinner when you get a lock out of town. So here you have, like, out about a few things. Anyway, Nowadays everything is written in Spanish and sometimes German. Dutch. So, luckily, you know some Spanish on some English you can get by, Uh, you can order something to eat and we say paddock, Comair. Kato. Then rather, And then you choose what you want as a starter in brown eyes. The anti pastie, this doctor. Okay. Blatter principle. Or remember plateau saving the plateau. A posturing dessert. Okay, but over there to drink that I've ever cayo una Copa Davin of lanco una Copa Davino Rojo survey some beer. Our water here I wrote kiddo in Red Hero means I like or I want So we say Baruch omitted key Edelin banana to start us a starter. I want Diego Blatter principle will be the main course. The second course would be Segundo Plateau posted a desert, but every bed. But that is to drink here in a copa. The vino Blanco a glass of white wine or a glass of red wine. So we stay Huanuco back the vino, but a very kyodo Una cerveza, but never Kato. Ah, Well, okay, so these are special requests for illegals. Papacy, Alice. So we can say sing Carney that it's without meat. Seeing card name seeing a so god without sugar. So we say, seen us. Oh, God, even a one sugar. But you want sweetener? We say, don't go down there so you may ask is good And a poor family seen letter and you can ask for Lecter. This soccer that would be so in milk. So we say Little Soka. Por favor. Seen Saleh No fault. Okay, so we say Seen that means without seeing God in it. Seen us so good seeing later. Seen cell here There is an example of a dialogue as a restaurant again blow on the left size we have clear. And the customer on the rice. We have comma Rado. So I would Reese. And then you can repeat after me. Clear and there. Hola. When I notice miss up better those poor fucker. See a custodian Seen TTN Elma new. I keep e en El Nino means here is your menu. Okay, well, David Asness kidding. Or they nodded here than our means. Do you want to order? Are you ready? So the claim says, But I have ever, kiddo. Iowa egos Cooperative enough. Blanco a para commando, kiddo. Woman salada for you on Sunday. Seven ways. Is he Sandman number? Liudas. We say come party. And that's waiting in blue. Come. Party means to share. So the person wants a salad to share. Boy, you means chicken. Says a source. Noise is not Salomon salmon. Very Liudas vegetables. So the camera Edo The ways air asked here Valuable mass. Do you want something else? No. It us? Yes. Yet in Boston Do you want the start? So the customer says the ball straight. Kato a level, thereby media et Demi. So a laval means ice cream. Tromso. Well, that's the Spanish spelling. When you finish with your dinner, you say La Quinta for five order. Gwenda means the bill. You can also say, like, went up for flower. And that will be like a question. Yes, And then the camera Little The waiter will say kienan. Imagine you are easing and there is a problem. Your food is cold. So you say it's that Frio. Imagine you were there Soup or you order lasagna. So you say a stop for you if you like what you have for dinner, you say? Is that the CEO? So it's that more legal? It's that boy, Wenham. Yes, Mui means very so you can say it's studly. Go estan bueno. If you want to add a bit more, you can say more. Okay? And if you really nicer real, then you can give Betty Europeana. But O B now. So I found these quote. Um, it says los que they can subpoena Sylvanus yellow. The people that live deep, they go up to heaven. So money might be better to leave something for the camera video camera. Well, I hope you enjoy this lesson and I'll see you in the next one by adios. 5. Shopping: Allah with this video, we're going to learn a few expressions when we go shopping. And in Spanish, we say they compass. So some off the shops you may like to know, we call them the end us. So we say the end up the Copa stop at that. Yeah. Pharmacia the end. That there, Carlos. Yeah. So the end of the gallows. It's like a gift shop. So you buy souvenirs you buy like small things. Toys. We call them the end us their gallows. Okay. I wanna Elavil us some words. So you may find some shops. Something Unless that Say, Abby, I don't Vietto means open. Celada means closed. If you want to ask for something, remember we say Kato Kiddo Kido. Who knows Potatoes, kiddo. He said that kiddo invested alot Kato, Stop. Yes. So here we have a few items of clothing. Yes, on Everything starts with Kia. Hello. I'd like Luna because we want one. But if you want Teoh, you would say, for example, with a shirt Kyoto. Those Comey says KEDO press us, kiddo. One through. Comey said this. Okay, don't sing. Go bestie lows. Okay. And don't miss style, My Lord. That's when we asked where Lonely style provide order. Okay, when we're trying on clothes, we may ask about diabetes. In potassium dia means size, but I see was the price so we can ask the end Antalya egg ease a little. And then and then Yes, sir. The Why didn't that? When we say the an Italian means Do you have the size? Okay. Although if you say medium, everybody will understand. So don't worry. If you don't remember me, it's said you can say small and people will understand. Just remember Deanna Guy. Yeah, Okay. If you want to know about the price, you will ask one time waster. Why didn't the the lettuce Okay, so here we have an example. As a clothes shop, a temple. Oh, a lady In other lovers, I will read the customer which is on the left and then the short seller on the right. I will reason post. So you can repeat Allah when of the us You don't know me. Poland, get Italian diet. Ellen. Indiana. Remember, Acadiana means here you are. Don't sell, my Lord. What? I mean what he means. Um somewhere here are over there. Italian lawyer go on the quester Oneto Sally No, you have a means. I'll take it. Want away? Step on toes Ali are synonyms. You can ask one. The Western How much is it? Or Cuantos Sally? Which is the same then they think Go Wansink window When we say the sense we are gone. So when the thing go on, sing winder effect evil hinder if it people means cash Cash card that hit the Acadiana more told us? Yes. Oh recipients, off base shopping. I hope you like this on that You can practice. Is there looks with your friends or your family? Some. When you travel, you can use all these new expressions. See you in the next video town. 6. Directions in Spanish: Oh, now this is our last video and it's cold. Never get lost again. But the lead Acciona seeing Google maps ask for directions without Google maps. Andi Well, imagine you're traveling in Mexico, Colombia, or you're away or I don't know any other Spanish speaking country. And you don't have any Internet. So you might try and ask for directions in Spanish air Very easy. And they're just a few. Andi, have some paper and pen. Andi, write down all these new words So if we want to know where something is, we say don't vista Where Don't esta I'm here I will say a few places and then you can repeat after me, don't they? Stop and bongo don't list are left Pharmacia don't stop list our day Don't start a little though they stop And Maceo, don't they stop and God don't start. Let the end of the regular lows Don't stop La Plaza Don't stop ElBaradei So Pleasant party are the same thing in park So you can ask You can use either either. Okay, Here the person will answer estan It is a stop. A lot of data is the Alaska Yes, The data together But it was easy. Onus So here's there are a few Prepa stations that will help you to understand where things are. The 1st 1 is then imagine that I ask Don't Vista left Pharmacia left Pharmacia Is that then drop their central mercy in So I say the pharmacy is in the shopping centre or the shopping mall so but it encima debajo I'll level so I can ask here Where is it? Pharmacy Don't stop left Pharmacia Lafer Masya, Stop! A lago! The hospital, The dress they learned their ende I can also ask Don't Mr Left Pharmacia la Pharmacia esta entering hospital Yellowstone And there. Okay, Una grasses. These are some expressions and verbs that we used to give directions. Caminiti Boris Takaya Doublet. Ally Scare the in its in my photo Dhobley Another data? Yes. Same A photo. That means traffic light. I can't blow here. We have a map. So a story in Gaza? A t m R home Mikasa style. I scare them at the bottom. And Rick Perry Santiago got human freedom and I want to go. Teoh Lab. Ilya, the beach is the data at the top. I left a lawyer. See That's why I want to go. So I will ask for directions and I will give the longest directions. Okay, then. If you want to write a comment and say, How can I get to the beach in a deeper way? Feel free to write. And then I would read your comments. So historian Mikasa ik Hou Alafaya I am at home and I want to go to the beach. So this is said, uh, Diallo. The school day. Don't stop lab Ilya, these corporate means Excuse me? Yes. So the person will stay Kamina for like i e Santiago The elevator l a segunda w Nice care va Ligaya Liberte, Kkamini after semaphore. And it's in my photo WLS care that coming in at the data. So we say ls a wound a lesson? Guna means all the second turn. Ok, Kkamini. Asta Elsom a photo that it's walk until you see the traffic lights and then come in. Every Rachel walks two straight and you'll see the level idea. Then the person says, More chocolate FCS. Okay, so this is the last example. I hope you have enjoyed all the videos on that you can put into practice all the Spanish you have learned on that, it's you. So for you. If you have any comments, please don't hesitate to write them here. So I hope you have enjoyed this courses. I really just so Toto. Adios.