Learn Automation with Selenium WebDriver and Python in Just 1 Hour | Prashant Kumar | Skillshare

Learn Automation with Selenium WebDriver and Python in Just 1 Hour

Prashant Kumar, “QUALITY” is my Passion!

Learn Automation with Selenium WebDriver and Python in Just 1 Hour

Prashant Kumar, “QUALITY” is my Passion!

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8 Lessons (1h 4m)
    • 1. Course Overview

    • 2. Why Automation Testing

    • 3. Right Way of Automation

    • 4. Automation Return On Investment

    • 5. Automation Test Plan & Cases

    • 6. Selenium Tests using Python

    • 7. Challenges & Tips to handle them

    • 8. Career & Growth in Automation

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About This Class

Learn Automation with Selenium WebDriver and Python in Just 1 Hour

This class teaches you Automation Testing from scratch with clear samples of how to use Selenium WebDriver to automate Software Testing.

I will be more than happy to provide one-on-one support or add lessons to the course to answer any of your questions on this matter.

So, there's no reason to hesitate! You can basically try the course for free, and see if it's helpful.

I can't wait to see you in the class!!!

Here is what you will get to learn by taking this Automation course:

  • Why Automation Testing.
  • Right Way of Test Automation.
  • Automation Plan & Test Case.
  • Selenium Demo Tests.
  • Automation Challenges, Limitations & Tips
  • How will this course benefit your Career?

Why should you take this course:

  • Learn Test Automation Fundamentals in just 1 hour.
  • Learn about the Techniques involved in Automation.
  • Check if you doing Automation Right.
  • Automation Test Coverage
  • Automation Process
  • Automation Test Planning & Case Creation
  • Automation Cost & ROI Calculation
  • Career & Growth Options in Automation Testing Field.
  • Live Automation Demo using Selenium.
  • Real-life implementation of learnings in your Career.

This class also includes lectures on:

-Case Study for calculating Automation ROI (Return On Investment) 
-First Steps with Selenium Webdriver framework (with Python)
-XPath: inspecting, debugging for Automation-Easy way to approach assertions
-Clear samples ready to be downloaded and used!

Free Bonus - Downloads of All the Material Covered

As an added bonus for enrolling in this Test Automation video training course, you'll receive access to all the slides, and source code used in the lessons. All you need to do is provide your review for the course and you can download/refer to them when you want to jog your memory or double-check your work.

Enroll now and start Automation today!


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Prashant Kumar

“QUALITY” is my Passion!


Hello, I'm Prashant, a seasoned QA professional with 14 years of extensive experience across Application System Integration Testing, Regression Testing, Mobile Testing, Automation Testing, Performance Testing, Database Testing, Security Testing, and Quality Assurance.

I am here to share, what I learned in different roles during my career as- Java Developer, Quality Analyst, Business Analyst, Test Consultant, Test Lead, Test Manager, and finally – Quality Head at major IT firms, Investment banks and start-ups across USA/ UK/ Switzerland/Germany/India.

With an Engineering degree in Computer Science, Postgraduation in Management and specialization from Harvard’s  University, ICMS Sydney, I consider myself, an avid learner and I b... See full profile

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1. Course Overview: Hello, friends. Welcome to Michael's Learn Automation tasting with selenium in one hour on I'm your Trina Prashant comma. I have more than 14 years off i d experience. I hold PDS Special Edition from Howard University and I see my Sydney. I have a master's in business management and I'm a graduate into pertaining. I walked a software developer, business analysts, this lead consultant, program manager and finally working as Quartey here that made it. I deformed in Western Bank startups across US EU cases, the learned Germany and India and I have over a decade off experience in mentoring Que into the US and the students across the globe. So let's want to the course content in this course we're going to covered. Why are commission testing? What is the importance of automation testing? Right? Be off distort commission or you can perform or commission test in the right manner, just for commission plan on designing automation test cases, selenium demo test with live examples or commission challenges, limitations and tips to handle them and how this course is going to benefit you in your career. Why should you take this course now? This is a very important point Before you move forward, you should understand why you should think this course. In this course, you will learn the automation test fundamentals in just one hour off thing. You learn about the techniques involved in test automation. After this course, you will be able to check if you're doing automation in the right manner or not. How to find out the test automation coverage. Understand about the test automation process, our commission test planning and discus creation techniques. Automation cost on return on investment calculation. Plus, you'll get to know career and growth options in automation testing field. We'll also have live automation Damon using selenium to make things more easy and understandable for you. And last but not least, you'll get to know real life implementation off the learnings off this course in your career. How you can benefit from this goes and used it for your career group. Thank you for sharing your interest, and I look forward to meet you in the second part of this course 2. Why Automation Testing: Welcome to the part two off this course, and then this part will see why automation testing is needed. What did the importance of automation, testing and water the benefits off automation, distant automation? It is a necessity for software testing industry. So if you see in this diagram on the left side, we have automation testing on the right. Say we have a diagram shrinks off protesting and occupation. So when we talk about softer testing, their certain kind of testing fields or areas like functionality tasting, value tested functionality of the application and test whether it is working in the expected man that or not, then you have used your experience testing. What about it? The experience off user. Whether it is favorable or not, user is happy with the user experience while accessing the application water defeat, back positive and negative things that they come under you directly. Interesting. Then you have non from from tasting, which is mostly performance. No testing to check. How is the performance of the application when huge load is applied on? There's a lot of stress how exactly the application is performing. Then you have comfortable to testing? No, it is every application can be exist across different platforms made be Mac West made the Windows Ouest leanings, or Android weighs over mobile, where I parked over tablet. So their different platforms, different operating systems, different hardware software combinations. So for them, comfortable to testing is to be conducted. And then you have security testing, which is very much related to the software security and privacy. The user data, whatever use it, is providing toe the application and all the permissions, which is what she is granting, whether they're secure or not, that discovered in the security testing. And then you have just management everything right away from the just planning test initiation and the execution of the test cases and finally reporting and signing off. These are the six important areas of software Testing on automation in today's world can be applied to almost all of them, made with functionality tasting, maybe user experience, testing or nonfunctional performance and Lord testing, comfortably tasting security tasting test manage towards the left. Inside you have another diagram which talks about water The had wanted is off automation distant number one cost reduction with automation testing. Just talk sitting on your cost distant calls more number of biscuits is our contributed in less amount of time. He resources are saved toe cost on afford sitting is done in repeatability symptoms can be executed again and a game programmable so in softer testing most of the time you provide certain input this data, based on that the actual and expected riddles there compared and if the actual isn't, is equipped with the expected user. Then we said the test is passed. Same thing this doctor actually on expected or put, all of this can be programmed and can be verified. So so for test automation is a very good example. Off programming competent DuSable just complacent or different kind of functions and courts which can be reused across different kind off applications and different kind of test going forward when we have the live demo. Over there, you see all these benefits, all the side quantities. When we write different kind of test for our automation demo, then you'll get to know about this benefits a little bit more in detail and then quality. But office automation help to increase your coverage. Enhance your portability, please. What are the benefits? No, we are aware off automation testing different in years, and Richard Commission testing is applied water. The wanted yes, that's looking toe the different kind of benefits, which are tangible benefits on directly back you did to the activity of the software tester man. Interesting can become boring. And hence it up alone, therefore, or commission helped you do a white such kind of situation or commission does work. Mandel Distinct can. But there so many scenarios which, when you perform, why I'm an interesting it could become very hard for you to be good and even if you can include the time taken a pretty large. But when you do the same thing with the help of automation testing, it becomes very fast when you cover it into just to a great extent. Automation, distinct saves time and money. Yes, we have seen in our previous late how using automation, you can see just a testing time tested for it. At the same time, acuity money will be saved like the money spent on your process will be saved. It includes your test cover is exponentially faster, this time to production. So if you can test a lot, many cases or recoveries is more or little. You contest on several platforms in a very less amount off time than your release. Time to production will decrease on. This is what automation helps you destiny and test often in other days, softer tasting was done when development was complete, and then the whole pirate was given to softer testes, and they used to test it. But no current. This scenario most of the teams, mostly the original Cambon or what would they try to test as early as possible? And when you have to test something, only then it has to be tested. While our commission, distantly intestine, often is month average nowadays, most of the company that clients they're trying to practice they want to test the product as soon as possible and leave it to their customers as early as possible. So all these benefits can be achieved only through test automation that this would come to the end of part two Syrian. The next part 3. Right Way of Automation: Hello. Welcome to the part. Three of this course in this part will get to know right way off test automation. In order to understand what is the right manner off piste automation you need to find answer to certain questions. This cushions are very to apply automation. What is right for our commission, What automation process to follow, how to perform continuous or commission, and how to calculate cost off automation and return on investment. This five questions are very important for you to determine whether you're doing automation correctly or not. Let's figure out answer to this questions. Our first question is were to apply automation, high risk business, critical test cases, high risk and business critical Discuses are the best candidate to apply automation. This case is that would be particularly executed. Some of the discuses, which as a tester, you keep on executing again and again like penetration or not many cycles, and you put a lot off effort there also a very good candidate, Toby or committed desiccated that that very pds are difficult to perform manually. Let me give you an example. You have certain systems in which data from one system is going into another one, and from there they taste passing on to the 3rd 1 And finally you need to create a report based upon the three system and verified data form system. One system. It'll system. Three Such kind off diskettes might be complex, and it is a very good candidate, Toby Automated because it is very tedious and difficult to perform manually. Discuses check time consuming. When I say difficulties gets his but off course, they might end up taking a lot of time and their time consuming. So time consuming discuses, or maybe a little different, this case scenario where you have a lot money test and then all of those tests you need to perform. But since the quantity off discuses is so huge that it will take a lot of your time. But they're also very good candidate for test automation discuses with multi system in Waldman. Same example of the mentioned previously and then data different testing. Where you have you set off the turn like database testing on dusting off system based upon data from some external source, where you have a huge step of return, you have to apply on validate this data state. So such kind off literally when testing is also a very good candidate. Cross platform testing. So when it comes to so after testing on, do you have same set off this not need to be implemented or tested over different platforms like Windows Mac on the policy. Windows 10 32 bit Operating system. Windows 10 64 with operating system Windows seven Windows They talked to a 64 bit or different where the novel went. Toe operating system for the Knicks Let's say you have cross browser testing to be performed. You have to be here to perform software testing for the of replication in different grocers . So such kind of testing. They are very good candidate for automation. Moving on to our next question. That is what is right for our commission. So there are certain scenarios and certain discuses, which are good for automation and fear or not, for example, integration test cases, integration, discuses, digression, test cases, performance tests, cases functional and business days cases. They are good for permission. They can be automated and they should be automated. But the taste cases, which are newly designed which are not a stable, discusses that have not been manually executed at least once on, but they're not very stable. Let's say the test cases for which the government is Dan make, and it keeps changing this kind of test cases and the discuses, which are executed in an ad hoc basis or in exploitative manner. So all this discuses they might not be a very good candidate for automation because you put a lot off a 14 automation and as soon as you're done with the script to test cases themselves, change. And then you have to do some Internet work, which will incur different kind of cost and therefore therefore, it is not a very good idea to ward off me such kind of cases. But this removed to our percussion, which is what automation process to follow in this topic will talk about what is the automation process that should be followed, falling at the steps, which you should follow at the park off your or commission process. 1st 1 is a tool selection, so you have to understand, depending upon your environment, depending upon your application, depending upon your clients. Different depending upon your database on what kind off budget you have you have to figure out the tool. So if you have a budget and you need something, it is very easy to a letter you can take. A paid was in a big license off somewhere living automation tools. But if you have a lower budget constraint and then you want to do something at freelancing , and then in that case you should do something like selenium, which is free and open source. Then we have to define the scope off commission. When I say scope for the mission, you have to figure it out. What exactly is expected out off your automation? What should be the desired outcome, what problem you want to solve? And then there are the list off a point which you need to mention, and the answer to your school will be given when we talk about the automation test plan. So in automation test plan, their cities are pushing with unique toe answer, and then you have to create a test plan. Depending upon those answers, will see it in our father slates planning designing their Lukman. Now, this is a very important disturbing. This is step based upon your plan. You could go ahead and execute the plan. Go hurt, design your test cases and then develop. So today, for example, I'm going to show you a live demo in which I'll design the test cases for a search engine high exactly performed search on the search engine and then different kind of scenarios. There's no scenario that should be or committed on how the discuses with the design, what should be the desired outcome on that last will go ahead and start scripting and developed the discuses. Why are commission in selenium further down the plantation? You'll get to know more about this thing and I'll fill your life the more Provide your life like demo for planning, designing and development Test execution Once you have the testes, really, daughter mention tested scripturally. It is very design and plan and who loved the script has been developed. Then you need to execute it on. Figure out where the the institution is working. Find there and it is finding books and it is working in the expected manner descript or the automation thing. What you have developed it is doing the intended passed between this supposed to do and last but not least in the maintenance. Maintenance is the automation process where you have already or commission structural framework and expect in place. But then, with time some or the other variable, let's say the environment a little fear of the company. Villamarin often locators are they some sync issue? There's something other than with the changing because of pictures fails on you're stuck. The whole of this carefully developed to design to plan and which is really some hard cannot be executed because it needs a little bit of maintenance. So many talented. The last step, which is to do it. The part off automation process admitted the continuous process. But this becomes the next light, which talks about how to perform Jordanians or commission. So in the previous lates, we talked about automation testing test off test early on Foster Denise Aikens All this can be it'd all the benefits of automation can be achieved only if you're doing a continuous automation like you cannot go or develop coordination, step, live it like that and say it is. It'll work forever. No, that is not going to happen. You have to work in a continuous faction like you're paying for this script and automation , but I think that there's scenarios explaining test scenarios on then developing the this case is or commission discuses than executing them after the execution. Evaluating and fine tuning. Communicating your findings and donating reports based upon the feedback going ahead, and do factoring your coat and repeat this process again. In the time you get the desired outcome and you're tasting is passed on, all the benefits off automation are achieved. You know, the last question which you should ask is hope to calculate the cost of for commission and return on investment. Andi, unless you get to know how much is the cost and therefore saving what you're doing with your automation. There's no point being automation. I personally believe automation is good, but with automation, you get to know, like many things, you get to know how exactly you're benefiting by saving money and effort falling of the factors to consider by calculating the cost of automation and return on investment. The cost in man hours, formal testing, which means when you secure the same test case, why are manual testing how much man I was really take? Although this development cost how much is your test development cost When you try to convert man richest into automation test? How much time do you take in order there? Love does automation test, and they should be given in man or person hours. Information about the frequency of testing how many times you were cured. This discusses this this experience. What is the experience of Victor like? For example, um, annotating manifesting is being done by testing with two or three years of experience, and the automation is done by somebody who is having five or six years of experience. So the raid, which a normal mentally disturbed he is charging the company the cost for the normal memory tester. The cost for commission tested that the first and then you'll cost if they to Causton war. If it is, the open source told that this is not open to If you're picking license like you have to your OTP, then what is the tool cost analysis and maintenance costs at the Mission Bell. Yet automation testing has to be continuous, and once you're done with your automation, then you have to come up with maintenance and time for 10 years to keep on a dating script and keep on the factoring it. If you really want to take benefit off the automation with this, become to the end of part three. See you in the next part. Thank you. 4. Automation Return On Investment: Hello. Welcome to the part. Four of this course in this part will talk about return on investment. So when it comes to automation, it is always about how much effort, homeless time you put for automation. And what is your return? What is the benefit that you're getting out of that investment? So there is a simple formula for calculating return on investment return not had the benefit. You're getting divided by the total investment you put for achieving that benefit. It gives you the odd Oh, aye, Now in this light will talk about our way calculation with an example. So on the left, you can see I mentioned handed test cases. Listen, there are 100 days cases which a coordination is professional orders off protesters with three years off experience and he charging $50 but our for his afford. So he takes almost 10 hours to complete one cycle artist 100 test cases. So that's Aikins For every release that you have six seconds off tasting Toby done but released on frequency off religious. We have one release per month, So the total cost of Waldon testing off 100 days cases would be 26 total. So the total cost for 100 biscuits institution by quality insurance professional having two years off experience with charging $50 per hour. And he takes Dana was to complete hundreds cases to perform one cycle, and we need tohave six I can properly than a brutal off world leaders to the total cost of war in soft. Protesting this way would be $36,000. But when you do the same thing, 100 discuses and there are committed by U Q. Professional with five years of experience with charging $100 but our and the time taken for automation off 100 it discusses this 100 hours mended. Its cost is $100 and to cause less attuned cost is also $1000. So the total cost for the or commission test engineer who is there in five years of experience and charging handed dollars, but over to automate 100 days cases in 100 hours with the maintenance off $1000 a tool Bt's using costing $1000 or be near about well told them dollars so you can see the difference in one year. Same sex kisses when executed mentally because 36 total There is when the same discusses there are committed by automation testing genetic off kilter in the letter. Now you can run them as many times as you want and future only the maintenance bosses. The cost which will depending the other than that the execution cost decreased from 36,012 . So this is the benefit. And this is how you calculate return on investment for you. You haven't investment of $1200 where you're getting a return off. $36,000 doctor in one year and keep on expending year on year. So, friends with this, we come to the end of this part. See you in the next part. Thank you. 5. Automation Test Plan & Cases: Hello. Welcome to the part Five for this course, and in this part, we're going to talk about automation plan and automation. Taste cases. So how do you define a automation test plan? In order defining automation test plan, you have to want a few cushions, and the first question which you should answer is holders the business make money. How exactly your business is making money. Who are you users? And second questions how you users used application. So, in what way? What are the user actions, which are in ward when you users are using the application part cushion, which you should ask, is what browsers you users use, what things have broken before, like depending upon different kind of pissed. What do you have performed? And the discusses what you have. You can get a list of all those issues which have awkward in past how much time it takes to test manually. So in our last part, I have shown you how, exactly, manual versus automation return on, investment is calculated and what they're you have seen in the same to us when done manually in the same husband, then through automation, there's a difference so same thing is calculated over here, and then you have wanted this scope for commission. What should? With the scoop of automation, it means whether it is confined only to the system testing artist confined to regulation testing or it is complained to integration, testing or it is confined to use your actions user aceptar testing What a different level of tasting which you're targeting to achieve through automation. What are the timelines? So you have to consider timelines before you start up with a plan because this is very important and it will become acquitted based upon the total Qiwei of Fort and the sources and the cost water where the organization is permitting you. Then the next question you should try to find out that is what resources will be required for automation. So total number 02 engine years and kind off tools are different kind of environment. But you'd be needing in our toe do the automation, so it would be considered. All of this will be concerned under the the sources last but not delete. You should also consider or mention the exemptions precondition and expected outcomes in your test plan, so it'll give you an idea. Whenever you propose this test plan to your clients or toe the other team members, they'll get an idea what exactly you want to do. Onda when the same thing. It is done manually. How much time will be taken when you do the same stuff? Same penetrating through automation in a defined the scope within the given time lines. How much benefit you will be getting on what a different kind of ism chance you putting in place setting preconditions that that should be fulfilled before the automation and the final Guler dough or the outcome with a given set off expected desserts. This is what is the whole structure off your automation test plan? No automation per patient. Once you have the automation plan dating, you have to prepare for your permission. And for that you have to consider a few points First off, which is which automation to to use. So there this tough automation tools doesn't in the market, but in now this tradition, we're going to talk about selenium value selling him, too. What is keeping a programming language you're going to use? So once you have decided which tools to be used and you have to think about this camping language, programming language which you're going to use. So in this demo I'll be using by 10 is the scripting language you can use pulled by 10 to be or double what you like. Then you have seemed languages. The Is it the same language as the up? Because many of the happened many of discusses the huh They do you the same kind of programming languages build a framework on use the existing framework. Now many organization, they do have a friend working place, and in many cases you have tow start building off the move from scratch, so that also should be contributing. Considered, Who will own it won. The whole automation framework is really who will own it is that you are in the deck. You remember off the murder years will be owner of this whole automation. This supporting you the outcome off this whole automation process or be some kind of report wherein you'll be showing hominid distances have invested and what is the actual lizard and what it does expected desert. And what with the test results of this completed verification, they're certain kind off piste reporting frameworks of little taste, Indian and your game that you can be using or integrating with the selenium. But if you want, you can have your own custom dis deporting. I'll show you how exactly I have you the custom reporting mechanism, which I'll show it to you. I'm choosing and I bean so and I d. Integrated development environment is very important part off this automation. You have to use it for your programming in its purpose. So I'll be using Visual is to, you know, you can use the clips or any other thing, depending upon your ease and whatever you feel like working before I move on to our next slight. That is about automation. Test case will see certain scenarios will see the functionality back. We're going towards me on that is search on Google. Listen, we are on this page, which is the blood of the double dot google dot com, and on this play different searching. It's built here. This is my user ready. As soon as a type of user query, I should see the search desserts. I should be forwarded to the surgical paid. You see the Titan factor should have my such ready you are in. You should have my search ready and I should have my such God you were here on then I have options to see the Web. Prisoners have option to see the new reserves. Have option to see news reserves. When you did this clicking on images and I didn't resent us, Sean. And then if I want toe change the query, I can change it as well. Nicaea then certainly change. The same credit can be appended. It can be teen. These are the different kind of scenario is a different kind of test cases which we're going to perform as part ofour prevention biscuits. So these are the futures cases which we just know saw using the Google search engine on bond. So these are a few of the test cases which we discuss just few seconds Back base case number one very five google dot com can be accessed and such can be performed by entering the user query. This case number two very five users can abate such body and perform 13 a preloaded such session. This case number three jacket number off with with lots to think time is short check four biscuits for But if I If this is all praises, showed that correct title and you are in this case, number five very five Google images cited the dish onto user this guest number six verify if Google video searches of this room to use it. This case number seven verifier Google shopping searches of this shown to use it this case number eight. But if I have Google News search in addition to use it so this is a different kind off discuses. Which user can do a performance part off user actions are testing the functionality and we're going toe to meet all the scenarios. All the states using selenium on this will cover in the next part. Thank you, Friends. Thank you for watching this part. And all of this will be automated at the park off our demo script. We're going to do in our next part. See you in the next part. Thank you, Friends. 6. Selenium Tests using Python: Hello, friends. Welcome to the part six Off this course in this part, we're going to see selenium demo tests. So what I'll be doing are creating a few selenium demo test cases. So in the last part, we have seen a few discuses regarding how can we perform search on Google on a different kind of scenario. Start with discussed in the last part for those this scenarios and discusses, we're going to prepare their test, the script and how exactly we do that. I'll demonstrate you using a few examples. So here we go. So this is an I. D. You need an i d. For the purpose off writing your script and then using this integrated development environment, you write in your cold and your corded than they voted. And as a dessert, you this case is that run and then you see the deserts. So first off, you need to have an I D. In case if you need any help with the I d set up, you can ask me, and you can provide your feedback and I can provide you certain links which will help you to understand how exactly you can use already in a more efficient way. Right now, I'm using a idea which is known as the esport. Visual is to be accord. It's a theory and it's very lightweight, So I prefer using it over a clip for any other I d. First off all you need to have be like you need to have a blank right on script. So what we need to do? I'm going to import selling in grabbed a with seven. You grab diver common good bye until they never, never common got keys on import pain. So we have every something which shelters tow launch a Firefox or the groom brother, depending on the Web forever, which you have used over here will be taking example off Geico driver and using, which will launch our faults. Close it. And then I have something important more than you know, David or Commander by it helps us to identify the locators on their second matters. For example, let me show you. So these are the few examples you can locate. A identified by I. D. C s a selector expert, last name or by name, dark name, link text, passionate link text and Israeli. So I'll show you a few examples in the demo that how are you going to identify the objects and how we're going to use it now? The script we have this important time important time is used for providing any kind of sleep, so I'll show you example how, exactly we're going to use it. To post a formal treat the instance off Diver five day with something go articulating the instance After David on going toe, visit this you oven a certificate, google dot com And then now this. People wait for a second. So let's see. I'm going to run it in the back more so here is the brake point, which I have put in over here. Let's see what is happening. Defense. You can see a five, for instance, is lost. And then the little blue people who will perform the visited with different. We have this website being visited in the Firefox Brother. Now we have this such pretty box will be you to input our music query. But before doing that, in order to track with this one, we need according to fight and you know, I wanted to fight what we'll do. We'll do Inspector, Right Click Check this option. Inspector Lee went as United wanted Inspecting went you can see the selected and went is highlighted And now you look for the unique early which you can use our unique identifier of property which you can use in order and afraid This object so I can see a unique and even name In this case it is name So let's create an object with name We go here on what they do daddy for for find, remember And then you see these are different matters what we can see by importing by modern. So I'm going to use name and they would be you Let me read it on a ticket the game the name is equipped to do you see this with you And this is what we do first on it in the bag more just to be sure that we are accessing the right in the men's. So I just did it on after institution Let me be and take this object exist See if so you can see the object exists. What do they are victims created and then articulating this object We want right equating. Let's say we want, right still there. And one side's still here. Over there. What you were going to do, we'll be passing on some peace, will be writing using something So it will be like ready balls, Cedo Because it's a distant land. And then then use Well, let's see. Yeah. Then I'm putting this. What does happen soon? That's a message. Type that command your excuse that commanders consider this type over here. This is what we wanted to go and then was that we want to click on Intel for clicking again . We have to use this key matter and click on return. So we have to use something big thing thing because we're interacting with the same in the man on the is No, you You do as soon as you noted looking on the Internet and you that is never getting to the next doing this week you are bark to the next plane were excruciating There Indeed textbooks are we want to see as but all the kids we wanted to see what happens here, like in the title title should have skin shared on then the U N should have skill shared to know to get it. What we're going to do, we're going to extend. You are contained. We're goingto cacti title compared with something like this. So we'll hear everything You are ill equipped to grow that are correct. You are. And Titley Goto brother that purple What? This will do it Because help us toe Good developable brother Dr into you already. Let's see what you are. You see, It is the same you are in. We will not come search. You sure did the same, Your Honor, that we have it here. Same. You are nearly here. Similarly Leave and we typewriter Liquid brothers or title and executed. Let's see what gives us? It's good to be true, but this is what we get over here. You see it the same paper. And then if you want to have a test case, you need to provide certain scenarios. Like if Wilson on you. Yeah. So we're here. We're going to take if its culture is there in the title. If it is the brain pass, if it is normal, that playing field. So we can also take it using the but more something like this. Yes, it is true. Similarly, we can take it is considered there in the you are in. If it is there in our case, kids per class or this or this piece with feel. So this is the baby, right? It's in you and then go hurt. Now what I'm going to do, I'm going to write the complete case Case. This will help you understand how exactly it is in our U. S. Creator. And then after the taste in, are you being created? How exactly we or committed that would help you to understand from entering and how exactly define noticed kids and all these steps in the past is they are committed on post information. How, exactly? We verified the results. Before that. Let me let me like the court and shirt to you eliminated this case and let me automated, and then I should. That's giving me a moment. So here we go. Let's see how exactly we have created a different kind off scenarios and how we have automated them. So here is your first test case. Visit google dot com and then the second test case off the conduction test instances Piper quarry Skill share and never get to the desert then you have verifying that is there be? You are unhappy distance here in the query The next steps is very find The desert title has still share and then we have the next step that sees very five use. It is shown all videos, news, build it and shopping options for such and then at last gathered the total time taken for into end execution. What we're going to do, you're going toe visit Google Book form and then type equity like this here and then what he had been very fight if the startling having a concealed in this year, Adam is having shared in it this picture also, we'll check video New builder shopping has been shown to the user and you that has been created with this judge is a page on total time taken from entering. Just expression. Let me close on the road so that no other instances running just No, they don't see anything on the no, we're going to This will be getting it in development. But before they could just a scenario. I'll explain it to you first what I'm doing on taking a start time time. But time will give to give me this part time. And then once I have the start time, when the taste is distorted then our 30 instance of the devil for 5/4 and then I'll pass get you are in. This is the U. N. We can trying to pass to the brother, for instance, and then these to prove it or C 4.5 seconds. And then we have an object with this already over crowded box. Trying to identify your object is in the name. It is unique. Always try toe, identify using some unique properties. And then once we have this ready, boss, this president is this object will be in this topic in the first moment of little people were credible that using same teas I'll send the keys. Spins, share, remember, have imported common keys, Morgan. So using that I'm sending the keys. If we enact a different typing decades cultures, anything will be sent to the credible. And then he's doctor turned. That is interval type. And then again, this people were preparing for a second after never getting to the next place will have another check over here if it's still share this present in both of your current You are If the current you are really having the U. S. A which we have seen and that is having the you are and what we're seeing here. If it is having a skin share in the credit And if the title is having this, both things will be verified over here. If it is passed then with rent when if I didn't don't please. You are sincere and verified that little first item is still here after that Will they have an object which should have I often think such lists but we have to look for this. There's this in this. Do you have to look for the link work Will do that's inspected. Once we inspected, we can see. Okay, it iss This one is with news Mrs On Sort baggy. And this is also a target And all of them they are inside. It did, which is having a very leave it to the unique. I did this one, but what they did I created the container there on brother dark find element priority were given. There is unique early and then I'm getting on the links which are inside Dia de, for example, you see here this is already it says on this in the most heavily mined sense aided. So I have collected this. I really, as I have required it. I have taken it did on the business of Desailly. And then I'll collect all the tax incited with attacks. 40 certainly continued. David or Geno find element by tag name. He will give us all the tax and all the inside attacks will see if the fix is in Quito videos. First time will be video second title The news tight tiger be Will there fore be shopping? See videos, news building, shopping. If you're getting all this thing, it's fixed in the back, Then our discusses working as it is expected to work. If not, then artist. He sells real and then works over is the reserve video. It is passing off feeling based upon the end of the execution. What they will depend when it has executed. We collect the end time and then in time minus start time into ended because we're getting deserved all the time with recorded in milliseconds will have mystical in 200 in 2000 Byte holding, he was everything in seconds and then we can working it interesting and then printing this a string that total this institution time is equal to the second. So friends Here we go. Let's go hurt and particular distinction either using or commission and see how exactly takes place. So I'm going to dispute it in the back. More for you to make things easier. Let's see. Here we go. I was putting it, but the brothers should be launched. I see. So here it is, our brother Instances created and tipping comp eases navigated. And then we have credible Let's see the city ready box. And according to the query box, we're sending a still cheer Looking to Yes, it's pension has been tight and then way have to emulate the keys like sending end and sending in touch. Not something that this first Yes, And then since I'm working on Max, it'd turn. And then again, it's great for my face again and we'll see if its culture they did it in the current you order and current brother paper. So you can see you have skills here, here and considered here. And this is the unique you other. So sick or two at PND. I see. Yes. See, this is the traitor. Yeah, this is Dick Guarantee Order. And then to go hurt and trend you can see into the first this desert the desert is you are had skin in the creme de and has been killed second, vilifying the priest concern here, which is about the past. No, we're going to have a container we should have on the links. And then we're getting on the from the container. We're getting all the elements with stagnant. And if you say first and then you didn't say second text and will they didn't say tired on shopping is inside food then only will get to know that artist, This is what you find. You can also check it manually. Bury the buzzing it. So how exactly? With the budget we go here instead of running the bullet hole, Terry or whole commanding ago. We can break it down the check. So reduces, dear. And then let me check. Here's it. So Newt is also there took you. But that is there. Yes. Spring is here. You look at the intruder shopping eyes a shopping's. So if I put for what? So you are had only shopping, not stopping in this case, it should feel Richard. Term falls. You can see over the It is returning fault because what we're looking is more present here . So are test cases looking for videos, news We're going shopping and getting it. So refire you for the duration All videos with something. And then we come to the end time. I couldn't take the interim. What exactly is there in time? It will change in time. My missus started compared to calculate in time and start planning department by holding will give seconds converted into things. But we have to print it. And then time. Let's go to the terminal and see the portal. Time is 1 85 2nd because I have been talking to you and then executing it. But if you don't think you go, it'll take it fast. I rented this week be designed in this case, and then we break down. Does this place in tow steps and then according to our same word or what? We have to work the steps we have to do. We try to automate this scenario really tight or commit the new directions on a single disc is when expected, mentally takes a bit of time, but in case of test automation only initially for it is a bit more where you have to walk a mate. Let it on. Once the commission has been arrested for this pretty blue and then you can run it again and again as any time you want to. It is but obvious benefit on this. We come to the end of this part Syrian. The next part. Thank you, friends. 7. Challenges & Tips to handle them: Hello. Welcome to the park. Seven off this course and in this part we're going to talk about automation, challenges, limitations, and I'll provide you certain professional tips. How to handle the challenges and limitations. So with Iranian, when you do the automation, you can have certain challenges. So I have listed on top seven challenges, which you can face and which you should be really to face while you're working with automation to sell any challenge. Number one. I didn't define the dynamical man so many times what happened that the development which we're automating they might be very done make and their ideas. Their unique Richard is not very unique, and it keeps on changing cities hardware and fight enemy elements telling number two Executing data live interesting Most of the time you need to have a external data sheet in order to prepare later Devyn information. You have to keep all the detail really next on receipt and then you have been cooperated with your existing pseudonymous trip so that you can execute it. Very determined. Number two telling Number three cross brother testing as if non civilian has successfully worked with groom on the Firefox, but If we have to work with the mother brothers, then you may or may not have a very good comfortable that the problem and then giving with the time morticians. Many time it happened that the objective becomes stale. And then because of that, they are not Rick unusable. And then you have time on the shoes. So this time of issues is something important. How you can, Doctor, it'll give you certain. Four tips off resulted in my apartment's lights. Number five. Maintaining rib elements. No rive elements. After a certain amount of pain, they could be very huge. They could have a lot money properties that you need to use the part of your automation. In that case, you maintain your objective predatory, so predictable, the three for development and this maintenance that could be a challenging task. Best flakiness. Often it happened that you have prepared the people with the time when you prepared this people working fine. But later on, after some days or weeks or months when you're trying to read on this menu, protests they're failing on. This is no leftist flakiness. The paradox. One of the challenges Allen number seven. It is about limited reporting selenium. It doesn't have any inbuilt reporting mechanisms, so you need to incorporate any external reporting negative, like test and your unit testing chambers or else you can also develop your own testing mechanism. So these are the food challenges, which you can face probably performing automation through seven years. Non limitations off civilian Let's water. The limitations of surveying selenium does not provide investment. Admit feature Like you see Ojeda, they cannot be. The Taliban does not have that kind off. Best management feature telling blacks building deporting features. Tempting working in the last night. Selenium supports Onley Web based application and does not support any Windows based applications. Selenium has limited support for image testing like your hold or any image. Verifications to such kind of testing cannot be done or inopportune, which cannot be done where selenium sylvania doesn't have building objective for treating. You have to create a new object ability, and you have to pay it off objects every time when you want to commit so linen confront interact with the flash element and java applets. Selenium doesn't have an integrated the spreadsheet for literally even testing, so you need to have afternoon data sheet if you want to work with data driven testing selenium Web driver doesn't have an I be integrated development environment. So you need to write for every sister and I need to have external lighting. So in my case, I use vi ous poured on and depends on you, whatever you like, considering your see Iranian pro tips. Now we know the limitation and challenges Little, any motivation toe. Here are a few tips from my end that will help you to do a better automation with Selena First finding right locators, you need to find the right kind of locators. For that, you need to inspect the page, verify your selection and the black to come from. If you go to read them or which I have shown you in the last park of the schools, there have seen how you can expect and demand. You can verify your selection and why did you can see what you're expected to write? A limit then? Right. This with your this should be atomic. This trip ill compact and a scalable. There shouldn't be any ambiguity, really. And it should be very clear from back on as a when you needed issued risk. 11. So that is the important feature off excuses on which you should always keep in mind. While automating any justice you read the months to arrive, any kind of stink there to kind of read command oneness, implicit weight and that there is explicitly implicit, which is the great with before every time which is system defined or you can overwrite. And for this time, between two steps, this will be and explicitly. It is a kind off read, which happens or which occurs depending upon some expected conditions. So if there's a condition, for example, if you're looking for the object to be fined, object off, we find object, and it is applicable pill that can you have to read. This is known as explicit weight on. If you have something they wait for statistical before executing. This is your implicit. These are the two different kind of rage that you can use in your script on. By using this, you won't be having any kind of stink issue. If it is, you want to know more about you know this and help please feel free to write feedback and commenced to this fools and they can ask a portion of the more than happy to want to your question. Where do any kind of information, whatever they can. With this, we come to the end of this part and Syrian the last part. Thank you. 8. Career & Growth in Automation: Hello. Different. Welcome to the last part of this course. And in this part we're going to cover the topic Good here as an automation tester. So once you're done with the schools and now you're aware of different expects off permission testing? What is automation dissing? What is the benefit Haakon Calculate did return on with man and then what are the wanted is decide. Want to the limitations? How exactly? Right the court, How you design your desk cases, how you prepare the test plan and then how exactly you execute death case? How you come up with the automation test scenarios was that the most important thing that you have tow work upon is your career. The occupation tester. You have to start working on this topic. Your two turned acting in order to ensure that you have worked a very good career. They are permission tester. So what did the career opportunities, career and growth options in automation? I know many off your be having a similar kind of part, and you'd be thinking water. The career and growth options in automation to answer this question will move on to the next slide, which is something like this. So this is the career path and different kind of career path with what you can t for the software testers, though, it's aftertaste. Can the wall at the STD Soft Redevelopment in the name test are the automation tester or the performance tester? Now, after the schools, you can start working and announcing your automation. Test the skills and you can act at the automation there stirred automation test engineers and with due course off train. After three years, you can start working at the or commission lead or consultant. And then finally, you can end up with the automation architect seem be as DT. They can evolve at the test lead or test consultant and finally a test manager and performance sister. They can start to grow, and with the growing experience they'll convert and then get to grow into something like performance lead and performance consultant and finally, performance acted. Now, when you have selected to career in software tester, then in different off soft protesting, there are different levels. I'll explain to you briefly about this label and high exact you'll be benefiting after this course. And how can you elevate into one of those rules. The first, initially you are a man or tested when you start testing than you don't have any idea about the automation are, you know, very minimal of basically will of automation. So you have to gain knowledge in terms of functionality. So manner to stay. The functional tester. Where does most of task manually and then with a growing number of the anthem, them programming skills and your or commission expertise? After the schools, you are able to become your commission tester and then both this quote, you're going to start working on your programming skills and water conception. We have discussing the schools. You can use the same in order, make your own custom framework and start automating second, Destin al use and mortal man artists. You what you do on day to day basis, you can truly start working on automation. Of those men are test cases. Then, after having 2 to 5 years of experience, is our commission tester. You can be promoted or you can get into a neural little protest on list of test lead with 4 to 6 years off experience and then, after six years, you become eligible for this manageable. And then this test manager can be performed a test manager or it can be the or commission. Just one idea what it can be. Somebody from the different testing stream, the testimony that is somebody who is equivalent to test architect, text architect A is more off a technical rule and test man. If there is somebody who is into management and then finally you can end up into little like Dr Ahead off Unitech Dr. And then finally you can end up into something. Director ahead of the unit, for example, I am working at head off Quartey for one of the major 90 form. So But I'm having experience of 14 to 15 years. So depending upon what their but it's your experience and what it expert wisely with water , your technical skills. What are you managing? Delis Skills. You can start working into different streams on then, is that different levels and software testing Dusty, Wherever you see you, you are growing and you can fit in any of the rule. You can easily moving toe that with this become to the end of this course. Thank you for taking the schools. You are very welcome to connect with me for any of the Curia related equities feedback and career guidance. This is my Lincoln Pro fine filter To get in touch with me and wish you a happy land. Thank you. About.