Learn Automation using Windows PowerShell

Vijay Saini, Instructor @ SkillShare

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35 Videos (2h 41m)
    • Promo Video

    • S01L01 Introduction

    • S01L02 What is PowerShell and Why PowerShell

    • S01L03 Getting PowerShell

    • S01L04 Overview of Console and ISE

    • S01L05 Few basic commands for Navigation in console

    • S02L01 PsversionTable & Introduction to Objects

    • S02L02 Get Command and get help

    • S02L03 Update Help and Save Help

    • S02L04 Intellisense

    • S02L05 PowerShell Aliases

    • S03L01 Variable & constants and datatype

    • S03L02 Write Host & Write Output

    • S03L03 Comparison Operators(Comparators)

    • S03L04 If, If Else Condition

    • S03L05Error Handling Try & Catch

    • S03L06 Arrays

    • S03L06 Iterations (While Loop & For Loop)

    • S04L01 Check a file's existence and read

    • S04L02 Mini Exercise

    • S04L02

    • S04L03 Create a new file and write content

    • S04L04 Create a formatted Log File music2

    • S05L01 What is Windows Process

    • S05L02 What is a Windows Service

    • S05L03 Get Process noMusic

    • S05L04 Get Service

    • S05L05 What exactly is PowerShell Pipeline

    • S05L06 Format List, Format Table and ConvertTo cmdlets

    • S06L01 What is a task Scheduler

    • S06L02Automation1 Purging

    • S06L03 Purge Automation Enhancements

    • S06L04 Automatic Service Restart

    • S07L01 What we have learnt

    • S07L02 What is Next


About This Class

Please note that this course will be continuously getting updated with more videos to keep you up to date on Windows PowerShell. You may see here a lot of production ready automation scripts  very soon. Please encourage by enrolling and providing your honest reviews & ratings. You can also demand a lecture on a  specific topic which comes under scope of this course.


The course is designed to help IT Professionals in starting with Windows PowerShell scripting. You might not find an extremely advanced topic in the lectures. Here, prime focus is on the IT professionals who want to learn PowerShell scripting but are hesitating due to less or no knowledge of programming. Topics which may not be Windows PowerShell concepts but are important for developing PowerShell understanding are included which comes as bonus.


The course is intend to make people think in terms of automating small daily tasks and improve work efficiency and then gradually move towards complex logical tasks.  Once you have completed this course, you will be should be able to fully control even the modules which are not part of our discussion.


Why you should take this course

  • Practice Exercises: This course is packed with lots of basic PowerShell cmdlets. Instructor will often direct to pause the video and try the commands/code snippet. Along with that you will be offered lot of practice exercises in terms of assignment and  quiz/test
  • Automation:   You will be shown how to design and frame an automation in step by step manner. You are allowed to download those scripts and use after customization/enhancements as per you need. You can use them for Windows Server Administration
  • New Modules: You will see lot of new lectures getting added soon keeping the PowerShell into prime focus
  • On Demand Lectures: If you want a lecture on a particular topic which comes under the scope of this course, we will be happy to help you with making a lecture on that


Important Content:

PowerShell Automation Solution for File Purging

PowerShell Automation for Scheduled Service restarts

Windows Task Scheduler and its usage

What are the requirements?

  • Desire to Automate manual tasks
  • PC/Laptop installed with Windows OS. You should be able to use PC/laptop comfortably.
  • Some basic understanding of command line (Win CMD/Unix Shell) will help quickly picking up

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Learn an important and mandatory skill for Windows Server Administration
  • Learn Windows PowerShell scripting
  • Understanding of the power of Windows PowerShell
  • Fundamentals of Programming -Variables,Arrays,loops
  • File Operations, Task Scheduler, Windows Processes & Services
  • How to form statements using PowerShell Cmdlets
  • Write your Automation scripts

What is the target audience?

  • Students/IT Professionals who desire to automate their or team's day to day life manual work
  • System Administrator (Beginners )
  • Aspirants seeking carrier in IT Automation
  • Anyone who want to get basic understanding of coding/scripting

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Excellent introduction to PowerShell.
Ambreen Khan

Test Automation Engineer





Vijay Saini

Instructor @ SkillShare

Vijay is an IT professional who has diversified knowledge across multiple domains in the industry. Working in a leading cloud service provider company, he has truly shown potential in automating small to large scale automation which truly resulted in cost benefits for the business and a successfully carrier.

Vijay has vast knowledge of PHP, DBMS, Python, Django and specialization in automation using PowerShell.

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