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Learn Arabic - Colloquial Egyptian Arabic with songs

teacher avatar Theresa Khalil, Something Unique

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (33m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Song 1 Khamsa f setta

    • 3. Song 2 Fatet gambena

    • 4. Song 3 Men 7oby feek ya gary

    • 5. Song 4 Elforsa

    • 6. Song 5 Yalla bina

    • 7. Song 6 Ya 7elw saba7

    • 8. Song 7 Hum enum

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About This Class

Hello everyone,

Here is another course I put together for those who want to learn some Arabic songs and some new Arabic words.

This is Colloquial Egyptian Arabic and these are some famous Egyptian songs.

I recommend to google the song title to listen to the original. It will make a big difference.

I am attaching a file in the class project section with a list of the songs and the lyrics in Arabic, English and also how to pronounce it. 

Don't forget to rate this course if you enjoyed it or if you found it useful. 

I also welcome your suggestions. 

Also check my previous course "Speak Easy Egyptian Arabic"


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Theresa Khalil

Something Unique


Hello, I am Theresa Khalil, Arabic writer, documentary filmmaker, content creator on YouTube and more..

Art, culture and creativity are my passion.

Arabic is my native language and I have been teaching Arabic for foreigners since 2002.

I hold a master degree in documentary filmmaking and always filming and creating content for UniqueTV channel

I have 3 books published.

I would like to share with you my skills and my passions which will help you pursue your dreams and have a positive impact on your life.

Let's stay in touch!!!

- Learn more and get inspired by my lifestyle  on Youtube https://www.youtube.com/c/fokaira

- Watch inspiring documentaries and join an out of the box community on https://www.youtube.com/c/uniquetvfilmSee full profile

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1. Intro: Hi. You are here. And this means that you are interested in learning Egyptian, colloquial Arabic or you're interested in learning some new Egyptian songs. And in this course, I will take you in a journey with some of the Egyptian most famous Egyptian songs. We will go over them part of the songs, and you will learn new words. And you understand the meaning off the song. I would make sure to live a list of all the songs, the lyrics in Arabic and English and also how to pronounce it. So don't forget to check it out. To be able to read the Arabic words, we will use English letters and we will use English numbers to be able to pronounce the Arabic letters that doesn't exist in the English language. Such as two for an seven for, huh? Seven with the poster for huh? So three for Ryan, three with a poster of for rain. If you want more courses like this, please let me know. 2. Song 1 Khamsa f setta: Welcome to the first lesson. Let me before I start. Just make sure that you know I'm not a professional singer or anything like that. Singing is not my profession. I'm just doing it for the sake of this course to make learning new out of records more fun . So the song today is by a famous Egyptian actress and singer who is Shadia. The song title is from Self Citta, which means five times six comes F C te letting you leben New lovin No comes off set up balloting you bribe on new have been no Willem making social for by any making you a shoe for by any I live in new mother boy you live in new mother boy you And now let's go over the song again and see What does it mean? Come so si sit the females Times comes off he sit there, said the six himself said that bit sequence Palatine, 30 five times six equals 30 which is logical. You may think this is Children soon, but no so comes off. Sit up Palatine Yume yume is the it means five times six equal, 30 days himself said tell getting you Leben New have been? No, they bon new cabin No grave means absent or away Ray, bind me away from me on me from me was abin No lab is the way also in Nome sleeping so because he's away she can't sleep and he has been away For how long? 30 days Palatine You himself said that Fidelity New Leben new lab in no second part Willem My any lemma win them My genie Yugi comes when he comes But you g he comes you guinea he comes to me when he comes to me We're sure ful a shoof I see assure for I see him I see him bang me with my eyes and I I need my i lum making us truthful by any lift. Well, if I swear I live in new mother boy you I swear in new that he mother mayor means not Madam he was not absent Well, not even weather Not even youm Not even in they So when she sees him she feels that he was not absent a toll. So let's sing it again and see if you understand himself said that Keleti knew Gabe on newly been known Willem a guinea wish you go by any making us you who by any live in no mother boy Leo. So let's sum up the most important words in this song. In my opinion, Hansa five, sit that six Palatine 30. You the lab absent or away? I will if I swear. 3. Song 2 Fatet gambena: This song is for my favorite singer, Abdelhaleem offers, and Abdelhaleem Hafiz is famous for romantic songs. So let's see. What is he saying in the song 32 game? Been a furtive Gambon, a ho and now so did around Stanton. Stanton would docket Lena docket, men and No, Ho Ho, the commander of the off Delta wrote. The bill had them affected when see through. I was hated at every half addition. So a bit Gambon a said. Fed means past fed it shit boss fed it Gamba Gamba beside Gambino beside us. So she passed beside us. Anna me would and whole him. She passed beside me and him. Would I get Lena back it? She left the kit leaner. She left toe us and the Ho ho me and him read it. I answered Weak a man and also but the with Delta Road. The a road Fidel tie continued for adult. On a continued I stayed or I continue. We've dealt. I wrote the I road who Delta Road, The only road answer. I answered and continued answering. I answered and answered wolf. They'll tow a road, the dilxat until my fated, and then she passed. Wynne said Miss it, I forgot New see thru Hey myself was hate I woke up in Arabic The simplest form off the verb is in the past with he So So what say Hey, I don't Sahid it's ahead win See through. Hey, was hate a Terry, huh? At the very have meditation. So the shams, the son I had she took the sun was a bit there You remember that from the first, uh, Shadia song comes off Sit down that a new move by a band you there went away is away So she took the sun and she went away in see through Hey, who's hate at every half a petition? So the now let's go over the most important words in this song set past but And the ho and then wait whole No seat I forgot when they see is she jumps, shops, chumps 4. Song 3 Men 7oby feek ya gary: many hope Be figure Gory Got him in the man official Dairy They are off with Iran Many hope beefy Help me Hope is love will be my love Minho be because of my love and help me fiqh because of my love for you Yeah Gardy God be my neighbor God is a neighbor Gari my name because of my love for you, my neighbour and hope we seek your garden Your guard remains The men means a man Since long time behalf of the show is sure is an Arabic world. I'm not sure it has an equivalent in English but it's it's a noun. Describe uh missing someone. But be the happy I'm hiding I'm hiding missing But be sure where then? A dairy is also happy hiding goals. But beware They're both means Hide is sure missing you. But official very lie are awful Yeah, it awful Not to know land means no or not layout off So they don't know why are awful Gearan So the neighbors don't know so she loves him and she's hiding the love from the neighbors. The most important words in this song is hope Love, hope be my love guard neighbor Gadi, My neighbor Men's a man since long time means a man a very high end Daddy have be hi. 5. Song 4 Elforsa: this song is for Mohammed. When you and the song is under the title in Forssell The opportunity is for so been to give me the wreck bag But then Ciara ho bater with them, huh? Be very odd in agreement Will I know we'll have it. But be hard in four or so in four Saw the opportunity being together. Mila bent. Good. Give me the beautiful opportunity is a beautiful gear Rockabye again Right above is writing right back arugula again is a bicycle, right? But right. Think a bicycle again, B But Dad, But then is shot a home. Shara. Happy to them, huh? Ciara Huh? Shot here. Shot Uh huh. Head hair Be here This flight Put them in front of them. Her in front of her Shara Her hair is flying in front of Be there again. We had it. Another song. You there you have height. Be dairy. It's hiding Bedelia Alina hiding from us Her beauty Gammel Well, I in real hot and I in the wise one low If he could love you Hot her If he could catch her you'll hop catch? Yeah How catch hurt A liar in lower and hot, huh? It better be better, then change. But then it but did change. Inhale is, but that he had hired it has his life for his situation. So it changed his life or or his situation. So let's now some it up and see what are the important words in the song. Enforcing the opportunity Bent girls get Neil. Beautiful game, Mila. If it's a sheet been to give me, I gotta shot with them it ahead in higher. 6. Song 5 Yalla bina: The next song is for a singer called Mohammed for Ed and the song is yellow Labine Ayala This song went viral all over the world and it became like hope They sang it in all language So let's go over the lyrics and see if it's worth it Say's your loving ion la Yeah , Happy beyond when Masha toe to toe Yeah, you any only when you know anyone You in your work Yeah. Levine I on Let's go Yeah Levina also let's go Be nice like together Let's go Yeah Levina, Let's go all together So you can just say yellow Let's go Come on, young Levina yellow Yeah, yeah, baby Yeah ISS for cooling If you want to call someone in Arabic you don't You could say Of course, Mohammed but we usually use Am Hamad Yeah. Okay. So yeah, it's for calling Yeah, baby, my love your loving I on, uh happy beyond, uh, yellow. What? Let's Let's do what No fra win. Will nef ra be happy? Let's be happy when on and we say no, a one we say let's be happy And let's say Moesha alot Masha Allah Aw is a sentence that is usually used. If you see something beautiful, amazing and you want toe, braise it. So it's a measure. Ah, law. But the exact meaning man is what? Shep? Wind? Allah. God! So what? It's God's will. But it just to express how What God did this beautiful like he says. Something bit mentioned. Masha Allah, this was God's wanted with God's will. And it's amazing. It's beautiful. So yeah Labine ion la happy beyond followin. Oh, Masha Allah, your loving Allah to Allah Total ahead. Allah told, If you're in a taxi and you want the tax driver to go straight away straight ahead, then you say Ah, Lotto, you're Levina. Let's go, Allah Tool Straight ahead. Holly Hadley, Let Leila Night Linna. Our night had let our night Your tool gets longer. Your tool You anywhere you go anywhere near me. Well, it's like suffering and well is a disaster is a catastrophic Why he's saying you're Whaley Whaley waiting way like lots of suffering. And though he's been doing, he loves I have no idea. So you were you in you anyway any you know when you win, you win you with you the most important words in this song Couldn't be Hi, baby, my love, It's very things. Jallah. Let's go! Come on! Measure of law, Masha Allah! Law Lane Night. 7. Song 6 Ya 7elw saba7: this song is for Mohammed con deal or Andy. And the song is called Your head sub. Yeah! Hello In Sabha? Yeah. Hi, Lou. It'll Yeah. Hi. Luis saw Bob harder and fun at the wine shipped by. Yeah, I Louis Ah, highly with So Bob Yeah. Hello Is sub above your head. So we head, um in sweet. Yeah. Hell yeah. Is calling is calling Someone is Who Sweet. Yeah! Oh, sweetie, It's like sweet. So he see this girl And he's saying, Yeah. Hello, Sweet Sabah. Sabah. It comes from Sabah, which is Morning, Saba. Say good morning. So, sweetie, Say good morning. Yeah, I was Bar Helu. It don't show up. Yeah, I Lewis Saba Horna the hard they the hard No, Our day fully fund is a kind of flower So it's like it's a beautiful day. Our day would be beautiful if you said good morning. Yeah. Hello is sub Hello? Yeah, Hello Is Saba Hearn full men at this Men, since men has every sentence depends how it is located. It has a different meaning, but here it means since I mean at the A. Since how long? I mean that they wanna Ana best in neck best Anna. I'm waiting bustin neck and waiting for you. Since How long? I'm waiting for you. I mean, at the the line. I'm I I need my on I any odd. Well, it doesn't mean that I means on but here doesn't mean that his eyes on but that he's watching. I am. Yeah. I'll bet Babb is a door. So he's watching with his I the door any I'll bet in bed The door we end issued. Beck. She back window Aignan Bebb Wish big ashamed because ash and like that one to say Oh, like to tell you I said that Look. What gag? Yeah, after a drug Big a throw gec I beg you. So since how long? I'm waiting for you. I mean at day one of its the neckwear Any al bab wish it back and watching the door on the window. I shan't own neck because I want to tell you what a gag A truck I beg you and beg you to tell you I beg you ASHA, with Ouattara gag Yeah, hand hells So I beg you that have you to say good morning? Uh, hello with so Okay, let's go Over the most important words in this song. Saba, Say good morning. Bad door. She back window best Anna. I'm waiting. Istana, Wait. I am I am in my eye. 8. Song 7 Hum enum: The singer of this song is called The Half a Fraud e and the song is for Children. It's under the title Hum in them and it goes like this Hum in a mirror Hail log Valek Mom Cool like a bar Rio Halo Hominum madrassa lt's close Does end up leaving touch Let this not door on a Tula Mariza reform Oh, at the work women their mom and Laura a lesson back with under a lot agree Also vomit the euro home in um hum is not a real word But when you are feeding a child and the child catch what you are giving him in his mouth and it's doing like home. So is the act off the baby or the child eating humming number is just on expression off a child It hum Mina Miro Hey! Oh, hey, You remember fetid Gambetta? Oh, hey myself. But in this context bohemians my soul So Haman numb like eat my soul Ella Viola, Come on, Your log A bad like mom Gaber game brought gay Better like I brought to you, Mom, Mom is not a real Arabic. Word is just for Children. So Mom means food it's It's how Children understand in Arabic the word food. It's mum, so hum in the mirror. Hail log back, Mom! Coun it wheat bun will and it. But grow up cool like Borriello Halo, hominum, madrassa and tell stays armed up. Mara. So Saturday asked C L. I asked Mara once I asked in the stairs. Mr. It was stairs are not Mr Rabbit Madrassa. Lt's lost a play. Why lemon does Mantashe, Why you are not Lemon Dash Levis wearing? Why are not wearing not daughter glasses Madrassa lost as Arjuna Lemon Dash Lab is not daughter are not too long Memory on the told the armory So the home free all my life, Zarif on not too long. There is a reform at the Zarif were and more at the opinion. I'm not too long. There is a reformer at the work. Will I eat equity men rare without my dad, Maman. I mean, I do. Mommy, I don't do Maman. Laura. Well, it's not really a lot, but it's like, um, it makes seem like Children when they're eating. Usually they do. Ah, lots off. Um, they're very noti and they do lots off noises. So It's like, uh, Laura on that too long. Marie Zarif Momo at the Black Women Mental Here, Mom and Laura. Our lesson because Alice and back will, because I eat Alice and back. Well done. A lob. There's a lot. What? Goody astronomic? Yo Astra. Faster than it. The euro, the airplane. Let's go over the most important words. Ruhi role he couldn't take but Mara, not Dara. Do laundry. Zarif. I know a knob. I agree us us at the yard. So that is the last class for this course. If you enjoyed it, don't forget to rate it. I would make sure to live a list of all the songs, the lyrics in Arabic and English and also how to pronounce it. So don't forget to check it out.