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Learn Arabic - Colloquial Egyptian Arabic with songs

Theresa Khalil, Something Unique

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8 Videos (33m)
    • Intro

    • Song 1 Khamsa f setta

    • Song 2 Fatet gambena

    • Song 3 Men 7oby feek ya gary

    • Song 4 Elforsa

    • Song 5 Yalla bina

    • Song 6 Ya 7elw saba7

    • Song 7 Hum enum


About This Class

Hello everyone,

Here is another course I put together for those who want to learn some Arabic songs and some new Arabic words.

This is Colloquial Egyptian Arabic and these are some famous Egyptian songs.

I recommend to google the song title to listen to the original. It will make a big difference.

I am attaching a file in the class project section with a list of the songs and the lyrics in Arabic, English and also how to pronounce it. 

Don't forget to rate this course if you enjoyed it or if you found it useful. 

I also welcome your suggestions. 

Also check my previous course "Speak Easy Egyptian Arabic"






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Theresa Khalil

Something Unique

Hello, I am Theresa Khalil, Arabic writer, graphic designer, documentary filmmaker, voice over artist and more..

Art, culture and creativity are my passion.

Arabic is my native language and I have been teaching Arabic for foreigners since 2002.

I hold a master degree in documentary film making and always filming for UniqueTV channel

I have 3 books published.

I would like to share with you my skills and my passions which will help you pursue your dreams and h...

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