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Learn Apache Cordova using Visual Studio 2015 & Command line

teacher avatar Nilay Mehta

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

17 Lessons (1h 20m)
    • 1. Promo Video

    • 2. What is Cordova?

    • 3. Setting up Environment using Visual studio 2015

    • 4. Setting up Environment using Command line environment

    • 5. Creating your first app using Visual studio 2015

    • 6. Creating your first app using Command line environment

    • 7. Managing Platforms

    • 8. Managing config.xml

    • 9. Using Local Storage

    • 10. Cordova Events

    • 11. Managing Plug-ins

    • 12. Managing Contents

    • 13. Debugging App

    • 14. Publish Android App

    • 15. Publishing Windows App

    • 16. Best practices

    • 17. Conclusion

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About This Class

This course will give you a low-level understanding of Cordova, and how to use it with Visual Studio & Command line.

Cordova is an open-source mobile development framework for that allow us to create Mobile applications with standard web technology such as HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript.

If you are the web developer and want to create a hybrid mobile application which runs on multiple platforms such as Android, iOs, Windows Phone, Windows 10, and many more.

Cordova became very popular because of its work on multiple platforms with a single code base. Cordova provides lots of plugins using which we can access native mobile functionalities like Camera, Storage, Contacts, etc.

With command line interface we can add multiple platforms for our application as well as plugins. We can also build & run our application in it. In visual studio provides all of the functionality provided by command line as well as debugging. Visual studio hides all of the complexity. 

We will Learn all above things through this video series. If you have any doubts then you can contact me via mail and Q & A.

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Nilay Mehta


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1. Promo Video: hollow eyes myself nearly and I'm going to teach your past record. What road the city's this it is is a specialities. Aim for the absolute beginners. Cardura Corduroy is open source. Mobile development. Remember that Lowers co creator mobile application with the year strand of IT. Technologies such as a national policy Assess three and the JavaScript. If you are whipped alibi and want to create the hybrid move my application that run on the immutable platforms, such as 100 hours with just one window stand and many more then you were rich to the right place or Loaiza battered, Indiana told elopement, If you want to create an application that front on the multiple platform with the same core base, and still you can access the net to mobile functions such as a camera but re India storage course, Odling Chorzow claims stuff from the theoretical information about the accord Awa, such as a basic informer, some pros and cons. Then we are going to setting up the Air Mama for building our application, which includes Theobald to visit a little, has infantry as well as come on line in the place. Then we will create the hello world application and add the you know, Moreau platforms in it, then billeted the applicants and and debug on the emulator Understood the configures and fire foley of replication Men is the plug ins use The order was you went and the story again down on the local stories. Last but not least, we are opening the assign Ip agave for android and the X for windows. Please take my mind off these courses. Just basic knowledge about the development and the common lane defense. If you are building the application video online at the end, of course you will be confidently. But wonder screwed how to make the hybrid application with De Cordova. Join me for the goals roads. 2. What is Cordova?: Why come to the truth? Warriors off the a particle door with the usual Trudeau 2015 Andy Come on line in the face . The first question arises that, what? This quarter? What is the protocol for budget? It is open source. Mobile development. Remember that lowers to create the mobile application with the standard with technologies such as Astra Powers. Yes and three Andy. It's a masquerade by the Fourth of Republicans and cannot access the do mobile functionality, such as a camera or order. Welcome in the institution and act as a bridge between the or application and the move alleyways. Using the Accord A. While we can make the hybrid application that can access to you came in off high system GPS and other nephew mobile functionality. But using the accord Wow, we can target the Incredible platform with the single core bays. The same court is apply for the all of their platform, including Android. I was been those foreign, you buying two. Firefox wears the rebel West Fire, wears black body and now I live in dust and also support the Ecuador applications. As we know that the averaging has the A pros and cons falling are the a prose off the Cold War, where the energy replication the first and most important, everyone did job. The photo application is that he does not need to Lundy any new programming language. If you know the UH, development, because the old wives are is on the extreme. In CSS and JavaScript, we can do all of the applications that can run on the Emmert People operating system as a progress is a reaching ruled, the Android iPhone Windows on many more west. It's a fashion hotel of the hybrid applicants, and Andy and Andy replicates. And so, although a serial or soap plane by using the same court for the all of their platform, there are lots of plug ins and Aaron's are available that have to speed up the abdullah payment. Kodo IA Bob is on the air with technology. How is to provide the offline functionality and the local stories? Let's see the IQ ones off the accord wipe citizens hostilities and much slower than the public is. And for the reader processing on the devise, there are many native A B A that are not supported by the Accord y applications because off . Some futures are only provided by Android or some by the U. S or somebody. A Windows phone. If you are a Web developer on you, are familiar with the problem of the across browser compatibility. Let's initial the architecture of the Ecuador. The first rapport we're creating the applicants and hard to use is the year like in a B i O and build of India's I scraped that Cristian native implement Listen on the android I was windows or the other using defense for the equal Toys are provided by the stream and CS is there are lots off from Barca exist. But in this series, we are using the Duke Odo, our baby and the interface this figure re prison the a basic understanding of the accord Wife if you want to, no more than you can. Also that for the record, was Officer website. Thanks for watching. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me 3. Setting up Environment using Visual studio 2015: Hello, guys. In this season, we are setting up the and woman for the Ecuador Y please there are two were for the year setting up the environment for the 1/4 Web, please. And the first is by using the every Jewish a little house on 15 and the ANA is by using the command line. And woman, frankly speaking, if you are the beginner than used the trajectory of 2015 because it is a very easy to use Indus s and I am setting up the environment by using the every just shooter 2015 bodies unit would all order here with just a little house on supreme from the by yourself. Officer Side for these unit was went to the Broza and they are sure to possess a little those. And 15. Open the Air Force Ling, which is from the visitors studio dot com, in which unit do click on the add on urban and that appear on the upside off. DNA been schooled on Jake on the explain all button from which we are downloading the visually a community new housing between with the apple tree, which is a really available I carefully. I yes or other than the year be nosing Shola. Because off weekend, reinstall the software without the required the data. Select the I am selecting the ISO. I'm pick on the Yes, that is their own doing TV. I am conservative because I am already ordered it after they're downloading by using the A power I s So you need to accept it. I am already extracted. You need to double click on these the exit fire, which we'll provide the screen after the year, sometime from which you you need to select the also. I am closing the all the absolutely can easily industry. We need to select the course. Fred. Former Lockman. Yeah, and, uh, as she emerged, Apache Cordova, which is right now available, may be different for your voice on click on the continue button. I am already downloaded. So I am closing thes along with these you also need today and our the usually reach is also available. Prudie, with the story is set up. But in my case, it was not available. So I need toe actually download. Diego visually used the workroom for the simulator. You will and assure more about this in the l A. Assistance If you have the eight out going stole the is your contact me. Thank you. 4. Setting up Environment using Command line environment: in this is, and I am going to setting up the environment for the accord. Why applicants? And by using the command line interface if you don't want to use the command line in defense than you can skip, this isn't India common Lane and woman. You need to manually setting up the older things such as G Nauseous and B M and relax, Leaky escort. Andy Cole Dwight. First of all, you need to download the A G for these units rules which to the Rosa and the Escape and the Open. It's Officer Side, that is, Get hype on SCM. Click on it from which click on the download. But in that the be on the right hand side and the truth. As for the your pleasure, I am already don't order. So I am concerned now. Then you need to download the nausea stool for which you need to Sergiy and nauseous India Broza and the big on there. So offices site and on the home page up north Es, which Roy the two players that is recommended on the dish. I am using the air latest, so click on the download button them. I already don't So I am considered after the year downloading. You need to install those both of them, just like the bottom of so far, by cleaning their run the next. Next next, like the any so far, and click on the Phoenix after the intra listen after the installing both of them, you need to go usually the and really actually care for these. If you don't know how to download the Andress together, you can use the under studio, which accepting Rudy s three. If you already have the any of those than you guys, keep those steps. I'm not here down lowering all of them. You need to. But when the command pro as an administrator in which unit or inshore and B m and B m used to minus C. Cordova, it started the age to listen and it's take there sometime. I am minimizing it to know you have to download kids north es and red asi que onda for the air. Any text editing I am using the ESA blame Dex that is a freely available and the probably the more future and which is a lightweight. I recorded it to use thes party attacks, editing on now. Orderlies ensuring on your Pussy by the and B M insured, minus D Upson and the Cordova if you are on the Olympics or where sense than you need your ideas for local man before the year end. B M Street Man exhibiting and B m is for state man. It regretted the airlocks off first on update todo so there's some warning, such as it does not going to India and immediate our license and the any other things. I am strolling in the attempt directories within the A zero prime Long the little and this is the free in free which contain the area free name born in this quarter morning. Those are the least of the offense that I created by the NPM Command. I'm opening the accord a while for the big group which condemned the quarter Waas. Come on. It also includes the panel way but India debris really it reached include the all the extreme Osias, as in Dallas compiles, You can open and beauty is a surefire India. Broza, It's like this. I am no opening the airway Broza, But it was usually opening the m aware Rosen. So it was like these. That was the look of the aware application. Thanks for watching. If you have the any doubt than you can contact me 5. Creating your first app using Visual studio 2015: Hello guys. And this is and I'm going to creating the for school a while for the Reserve studio. For this we need to open the every other studio. I'm already open it for creating the Ecuador. Prosaic we need do click on the of firemen Who you'll from this day eloquent to select from the instrument template on the years like the language as a script. Not that the particle do I also work with the script, but 12 this it is I am using the JavaScript. So I am click on the court under the years I was crippled and select the blank brand. Specify the year name. Let you use the M I. F and the s specified the about what it will be StoryCorps books and click on the OK button is actually Ritzer. Create the all of the referee and the fights that are required by the court project which includes the polluted leader, Blue Direct free resource, much on the conflict or tax America fied the road. A little blue directory is a very important directory which contained the CSS images, JavaScript files and the streamer fires. Let's open the Estrada's trimmer just like the enormous shame a busy you can see that it was the start of India. Dock steamer on gas trimmer head on in the air body. This is the blank template which contained the Apache Cordova title on connecting through the rise as a message for running any implicates. And we need to use the departmental or the deductible bar in the studio from the work above winning to specify the platform under which we are going to run the our application. Select the murder for that blood form. For these instance, I am using the android as their platform and the people nexus galaxy as the year in the later to run. Very likely going the a green button. Not that the report married. I only work with the work room, not Vidia Microsoft as all the Internet Explorer. Therefore, you must need to insure the ego workroom and I suggest to close the room before you are setting the debugging. It will take their some time for the exit. You can see that was a started. - Now it wasa deployed on deployment wa success. It will open the Google chrome. You're going to see that the about a cordon around the lighter and did us is running message. There's Here is the put off Dror blank order wire that's specified by he's ashamed of Fire . A new drool. But when the every century Ochlik on the Fire New project under which unit was like the templates of a strip, a particle, what on the air blank app. Take your guys for the listening. 6. Creating your first app using Command line environment: Hello guys. In previous says And we are creating the hour for separatism by using the of reserve studio in This isn't we are creating with the come on from for these winning toe open the air command from India administered to you more. First of all, we need to check that Korda was installed perfectly or not for this. We need to write their cholera and hit enter. In my case, it was a Norton show Perfectly in Your guests may be unsure about exactly. No nobody. If it was not in show perfectly. You need to open the idea. Actually, where you installed the Akula application. In my case, it was within the federal and the attempted react free under the air. Normal tools You need to open the air dot Being do actually and the A copy the entire part . And we need to wear this part into the systems. And while went variable for this, you need to open the system property, Click on the and woman Paribas to let the apart like wanted it. Newell Best. Okay, Okay, okay. And now you need toe low to start the year. Someone from in the air mean more Now when you hear Dio or know what come on, it will produce the air some information reaching load the Elias options and the some of the example for creating the quarter replicas. And we need to first of all, switch to the exactly where we want Oh, store the our new application. I am sure within the federal. So I am so two's there. And now I am writing core 48 creating Cold War application that is called Awa Agree it. Why do you use form Lord Abdullah? Timo, Why here? The Kodo up create is a command, my dear, is a reaction where I am going to store these application home Lord Abdullah demo is the a packet that is used to uniquely identify the application. And my app is a name of the in my application Now we need with the independent which take some time. When my dear folder here we got the m s Asian you Cold War project was created. Let's open the a file explorer or where it wasa So you Jamie boarding. That's a this my applause. The creator by the physician real and my dear was created by the ECOMOG problem in common landing diversity. That is a no platform body for you. Needle manually. But this we need toe What I Gordo, uh let flown bad on droid on. He didn't talk about it. Oops, I am Gooding Heather. Because off I am not within the court a while so far, the water you need to moving to the my directly. Where the reason Courtois Project wasa store Saudi is a city, not just less my. And here, the unit or idea Koloa platform Add android and we go to the A message. Entry project was a career dude with the S expenses. It'll on it. Firstly, a plug in white list. We're gonna have a little seed in the for less water now and ready actually was created, which was not previously present. It takes some time because it cleared the lot subdirectories within that and also don't know dear someplace from the Internet. By using the NPM to building applique it's and winning to use quarter our baby command by specifying dear platform name in a work a city's ah enjoy Therefore be right Koro a bit android reached this Clady and lift off the pretty fine, but for the android Andjela if it was not aware that the you need to set Indian woman variable after some time you the rest of the message Bill was successful. It take the A 42 2nd Indian my system and it the wheels under the following the p a within the let form Android Bill output a big air and enduro debug dot a PK that's seen the our directory Android Food output on a PK. This is the epic a off the hour order. While project to run these appear with the emulator winning to write the Cold War uncommon . It's indexes like Cordova around and the a platform name. In our case, it was Android and who don't go it also dig zeal or some time because the anti Miller don't need to be year. Start here. You can see that the our imminent Awassa started. I am not, said Thea Imitators, So it waas choose the report. One rich was the galaxy nexus. The putting off the hour in Merida was a complete and it wasa now insuring theory. PK you can see that the Pakistan is that we are which we are specifying the quarterback created. Come on, planete. It was a studied Here is the other quarter. Why play Kison mighty Feli, Take the, uh I cannot be a corner where we can change it in later. This was the before public assemblages The Hallowell type that react, created in the of is actually Oh, are we obviously checking the browser? My military is a little bit sleaze, but you can change. Oh, it's resolution by using the DVD for these you need toe open. The idea actually were very you asked for the air Android sdk for the I am story in the SEC 36 on droid Pandora's Sergei, from which we have been into changing the city manager which would open the DVD in which we can specify the anyways that we want to emulate Mizzi a larger screen, smaller screen and it's a reservation in a work is the reservation was a very poor. We need to select the keys and click on the add it. It was now galaxy nexus, but you can target the any specific anyways. Yes, for the Arctic woman. I am not changing it now, so I am place on the can so what we are learning this season for creating applicants and by using the command line in the face for so far, we need to open the A command from than open their debt free. Well, we want to store the A replica is in and use the quarter. Why create statement with the A direct free name baptism and the applicants and name by the focal? What does not include the any platform we need to add the Emanuel in platform in which a lot of places and will be gone. Ford is willing to use the accord O R Platform had command. Then we need to build the application by using the quarto our bid. Come on, Onda for run the application of winning to use the Cold War on command. Thanks for watching the few. How and you know Please contact me because this is one of the more typical citizen off the cities 7. Managing Platforms: base in this assembly real and how to manage the applied home in which our quarter why public is and will be run part is we need to switch to the command prompt. I'm already in the area free where my court of our project wa score I am now switched to the five X For you can see that that I truly agree within the platform direct free for the android and therefore the a BlackBerry dame to see the available platform or the platform India a prosaic we need to use the Cordova Let form least come on, which will provide the available Bless him as well as install platform. You're going to see that there are two inshore platform and following are the available platform. If you want to remove any platform, then you need to write code Let form Let's remove the a black better then So I am right like very tense On hit the enter button, you can see that there are two folder Onda like bay then was removed from the file explorer If you want to add the of industry instable Dan, you need your ideas on special. Come on for these we need to use Cordova Blurred form windows. I did that. Did it be? Call on Celeste Less. Hey got amorous, Less gold oa high fun Green then and Heidi and evident. This is the temporary You are human by day a Microsoft party of Indo stints about it was cloning from the given you era. Who can say that the windows Exactly. Waas adding the our platform directory It produced the yes, I'm warning because we are on the order wars and nobody accord a while. Let's see what we are learning these assassin for adding perform venue to use the corridor platformer add command followed by the name of the platform which can be IOS android ability eight for the windows phone windows. We can also remove the A platform by using the accord operate from remove Come on, followed by the let homely Thanks for watching 8. Managing config.xml: Hello, guys. In decision, we are learning about the convict door next summer. If I love dear Cordova, convict or ex identify, it is global computers and files using which we can manage the behavior of the our quarter . Why public is on this file is a place on the top level. We're free when we are creating the 34 conflict fire also created. Let's switch to the reserved for your answer. This is the Osama Blixen that we are building the air war Brig Assassin, this is the A convict or ex ember fire about. Click on it to open. Gonna feed or take 75 years Ex Im gonna fight. How are the results? Your typical white of the using the first for leading it eating glorious out our Debs. That display name is the name for the application. The striped bass Specify the fire name that will be automatically open. Wendy, a lot of legs and wars started. Usually it waas in this God Estimate. But you can also edit it when we are creating things that we are not specified. The back his name therefore the visual studio clear the air Some junk. Well, you and upend with it how we can modify it. We can also specify idea wasn't to do for our application as well as the or 30 day the scripts unfairly condemned Dear Leader description had to use for the year store. We can also see where we're already over a place and will be a last cup or the A portrayed or in the air full screen, more Roman accesses, the important value it condemned your list off you other or the year Britain had alot to excess by the other application. For example, if you want oh, access the google dot com in New York a. Please and then we will need. You must need to specify the you are in these. If you want to accept the multiple you are, then you can simply use the star or you can also are already has some more platform. The platform went, and only one field that specify the equal Twas war zone. We can select from the available problem that we will learn about the airplanes in the air later season. Windows, Android and I us are the operating systems specific volume. We can specify the application name packets and there was, um, 40 of windows as well as we can also specify the year target for the or oblique is in. I am not in surely have been no standing. The platform reiterated, therefore, it so the only. When does it 11 India on droid Deb The minimum. Maybe a little maximum. Really? When the artery Baylor is a very important for the us, we can also specify the attack a depressed about It was iPhone, iPad or the Universal as well as a begin. Specify the year stories. Break up V but it was a cloud local or known. If you are building ah application by using the command line interface, then you are not getting using defensive like these incestuous, and you get the interface like this is the XML fire. This is the X amount fired behind the scene. That Manitoba idea was your studio. The village. It is the air attack for the our application. The name deck. Specify the name of the replicates in this conference visit by the leader with description , Autodesk specified the or the name as well as it email lady and the high billing content content. Expensive, high the home page of the over replication accessories in specify the list off your at that hour application will be year access Blufgan Days, used to specify, really stop liking that used by the other application. Whiteley's is only plug in that used by the other applicants, and now it was so provided by default. Hello. Intent is also one of the most important bag using which you begin. Specify the list off you, Ari or the protocol that replicates and will be access in this case of metabolism can access as treaty beer, TBS, Osama s middle. That's it. We can also specify the platform specific configuration by using the A platform check in which we willing to specify the platform name. And we need to pull all of the blood on all of the setting things dead. Our only android app can access the market. You are, and I us Afghan X is the items all the item maps you are again. We ask specifying the icon by using the platform bag for the android. And same apply for the rus on were also playing the icon for the windows windows Phone eight android ah, us on windows foreign aid. Let's see the most important eggs off the convict. George Exim, if I really get is a road element for the conflict. Nordex Empire, which specified the I. D. Was an Andean name sprays name. Specify the applicants unnamed that appear on the eredivise. This constant specify the year Meet added about the applique isn't that may use by the score what has specified the, uh or Terms name and one dignity is and in specified the obstructing base within the deluded little direct free access. Specify the action or Roman. That about application will be access. Hello, Intense. Specify the protocol or you are a in which other application will be open. Likens specify The Alestra plug in had currently in scored reference reference. Specify idea. Set off various Hobson as a pair off for name and value. Attribute blood for that first visit. Five years had a preference for the years. Single platform. This is the simple configuration Fire Really good Is the road element condemned The name this groups an author and then Liggins Excess ongoing dent platform following, then on the air blood for Thanks for watching. If you have any doubt 50 to 1. Take me. Thank you 9. Using Local Storage: Calloway's in this Essen realign about the local stories began. Used the issue or is it p A that available for storing your did on the airplane site. This is very used for of any wonder dollop and application in which users can perform the incident. Aso and yours is off line. Claude is via using the JavaScript on we. No doubt Lucas Torres object is used for the spreading and nurturing the A value look. Assurance is a similar to the assassin stories. The only difference is that that is an oil exploration in the local stories. Following are the aumentar off the local stories by using years, said I. The matter. We can are the key value pair into the local stories with the guy data matter, we get rid of the value of the any specific E. Using the moviedom began removed the item from the our local stories. He meant that he's a useful idiot of the item by using the index. Atlanta matter is the usual letter of the number off item that exists in the locals for is video clear matter. We can remove all of the key value from the local Shorey's Let's switch to the physician. Heal and see the example. This is the same it that we agreed in the our previous examples within the year. Script folder Winning toe Open the index Gore GS This is the beautiful fire, that Arab idea. Korda. Why it's there when the waste already memories a matter that we automatically call where a lot of the reservoirs already we need your i d all of the accord within this matter. First of all, we need to it through the object to first off of any door to the local stories Object for these I am using the one variable name lookers storage de Quito Reno door looker stories And after it is we need to add the ism give a Lapeyre stories is realizing that I didn't matter on specified e aqui Leszek name Really? After the setting began all sorted through the value for this example I am going toe idea Well, you in the council for this We need to use the Contador look matter really good idea Object name Lord get item and the specified the a G that is apt name That's sick We need to execute in the Reaper We're going to see that the whatever gets you started to view the conservative winning toe open the inspector women for this You can also praised the court Click on the concert. You can see that that is one lug with the name app. Name is the my That is a written by the one first of all we need to retrieve the your local storage object and said the values and redrew the value by using the air. Get item. Thanks for watching. If you have any dope, please contact me. 10. Cordova Events: hello ways in This isn't we are learning about the humans that provided by the accord a while, Coto a priority a very strange of the evens for the wise, such as I Wendy used at that the pet button or praised the wall. Wimbledon's all of the U. N. Must be managed by the edge. I was criminally Not that the all of the re raises does not support the all of the violence . Following are the A list of the evens provider by the Ottawa Diversity The trigger of Andy A photo eyes are fully loaded if you see in the process in the U s really matter. WAAS, already created by the Cordova because he went is a U. N had three year. When the application will put into the a big round there is a me one will be triggered when the applicants and we're rhythm from the let's switch to the irresistible and city of them all. You can see that this is the only U. S. A very matter which is resistor by the statement in this example I'm going to preventing user from pressing the volume down button. Don't say it's something like funny forties for so far. We need to create the year function on a war looms known. Do you don't on dear Buzzy, It's you in on simple e v er swing, the other can not cool blue No India seven color. And now we need toe And now we need to bind these function with the U. N. What is willing to write document dot had even listener with India. But I gotta we need to specify the human name that is a one limb number 10 on the funks and name that is on Lim Loan Kiddo that is created by us and the force. For this, we need to just in the emulator, I'm water the selected and a sudden you can see that the now emit a look pretty than the previous example. Prada's I am make clear changes in the already Here is the map, which was a study now going to praise the world. Them down. You're going to see that release of the allergy messes you can or limb down and now going toe crazy or limb a button. It works on leave volume down button waas, he said. Well, however, you can save a limb down from the home or the other replications like Let's City I was imported m o for We need to create the function or the list narrow. Andi. Then we need to go at the even listening to the air document. We need to specify idea, even name, even listener on the world. They will prevent or not. Thanks for watching. 11. Managing Plug-ins: Hello guys in process, and we are learning about the plug ins. What this begins a blogging is a bit off. Adam Court had probably a JavaScript in the fish to the energy company Liggins for where the and duty wise compatibility beyond the PR babe, all of the, um, encode y be a future implemented as the plug ins. You can also download theater plati plug ins by using the N B M convicted maximum firing. Clearly all of the Liggins name that we control Not that they all of the plug in, does not support the all of the operating systems to view the list off Liverpool again. So we need to open the court award or a pat a dog watches last planes this brisk and India lots of plug ins. You can see that that are around 1500 plug ins available, and they are implementing continuously. We can also print idea blocking based on the operating system. Let's open the quarter up looking dialogue. You can see that it was really like to the NPM site. These babies continue for editors about that blocking. It was a big success on the Android IOS. Windows 8.1 store on the industry and store poor insuring that Blake in. We need to use their following command. Korda up looking. Add on the applique, a name that is Ah Courtois High from plugging hype on dialogues, it condemned ear following matter. Allied, Conform, Prompt and the baby that's index sub that is like that. It also provided the example, and they supported operating systems. It also clearly a platform specific tricks for this. We need to open the come on from India. I mean more. And this was true. The area for you, every our creativity. Our Korda. Why public is in for CD and show plugging, willing to read the year or DOA plug ins, you can see that the only white leashes insure bloody to instruct the year dialogue. We need to write the year plug ins. Cool, huh? Lugging high fund dialogues. Now it is a fetching data from the NPM on installing it was installed successfully again. We can execute d 1/4 applicants. Come on, see the insured plugging. Now you can see that the in order because Annie's also insure it. Also call where the overs in detail to remove any playing. We need to use Cordova, rule our genes anymore. And your blogging name. That is good. Oh, uh, I fun plugging. I find my lock now it was uninstalling playing on the every morning. If you notice that this really was not built by the ec Amanda line in defense, it was ability by the visual studio. How worship I can execute those command because of visit studio itself. Exhibit those command behind the scenes humanity. All of the applicants. Why idea? Vittorio Grilli toe used the conflict or tax amount of fire Click on the applicant step It provided Really Stop the available plug ins. We can click on the any of those on We can see that the city there, Andy. A supported operating system also were you really do just click on the add a button Visual Don't know all of the leader in the big around. Why the n b m now? It wasn't sold, so I saw the area forward and we can symbolically cornet and avoid You can see that it also display the current Pickman along with this list it specified that this plane was in school . You can also see the least often show plugging by just clicking on these sort and take on more. We can also add the obliging custom Lee by specifying the leg 90 or from the if you are so you stopped liking where Come on land When you toe. Use the common lane plugging at Come on and for ensuring why the visual studio we need to open the air config dot xml file Thanks for watching. If you have any doubt, contact me. 12. Managing Contents: Hello, guys. In this isn't who we are and how to manage the content of the work order. Why the Louisville deluded actually, is the mehndi agreeably or code wipe which contain all of the S E s s images, script and the estimate. Pity's If you are familiar with the developing than you know how to make those content, you go. You can also there for the extra style or the S C ss, such as I am now are leading the take credit city in which is a fine. The condition is that you won't much no to ensure the white least plug in. And you must know to specify the Roman access to the you and you are in a workers I am using the estar means the all of the you are allowed. Therefore, the credit side is also allowed to access. Linking widow in the adobe's is there's simply such a taqueria. This is to create the air pits condemned the a medical basis we need toe at the steamer place within the hour. Deck three name New York Visa Door takes a man and we need to provide link to that page. You can also remove those later that body for created by the accord away. Yes, acquittal. New piece door, that steamer. I am also removing the content from the Dallas scrip so he does not tendered the any other because off I am remove the home based content A Now on Why the people? - You can see that the click here to open new bristling wars come here by clicking this. We are rich to the new piece that senator by us linking Lopez is similar to the leading talk busies India Cordova Let's see what we are learning this season. Manet's India contend off Kodo. I appease like medicine. DEA contend off the any website. All of the content must be placed with India Www directory. But you never get from the A one bridge to one of the basic we can use the anchor. Dag. Thanks for watching. If you have any doubt fearfully to one, take me 13. Debugging App: Hello guys in decision, we are going to learn how to do the work over application rebuilding a lower student program indirectly. Why? Watching the source score and the values off variable. We're putting a break point in the S or score of this. Specify where the programs will be a stop during execution once people. But I'm sure we can be put the A value off variable and change it Contents 40 backing. We need to use the yearly Buckman war dearly back to about India Visual Studio 40 Working in 100 There are three ways the flash is a ripple emulator. It is ah, chamber file browser is mobile applicants Interesting Cool which worked with Diego work room intruding militar humility and I are android operating system physically the wise in ritually to connect the automobile Be wise to computer Why USB And we also need to anybody USB debugging in the otherwise we already see how to debug India rip eliminator as well as the enduring militar 40 Bucking in windows there are three ways The first is a local missing innovative application will in show on the local mussing. Second is a simulator in which are replicas and will simulate on the local PC, where it requires the use animal bustle for lowering user thirties of physical, the ways in which we need to connect the audio wise to computer. Why USB? And we also need to anybody recipe booking and develop a more for debugging in IOS. So we need to install the lvs high for amalie High front remote duel on your Make y N B m. Again that I three ways for debugging ah US application reporting Merida, which is a salmon. As I enjoyed emit of ritual emitted the I was on my physical, the ways in which we need to connect the iPhone with the back. Let's reach to visit you dont back out application for this. We need to create a button when the user operates on the spread, and it will so the our dialogue first before we need to create a but on India screamer. And we also need to specify the i d for that button. We need to recruit this button on the mosque by using the document or get element by Idema's by specifying the idea. But and that is a beauty in. We need to write the owned on this button with the human listener matter. We need to listen for the clicky one and a specified the human listener name. And now we need to create even listener function that is a get up name. And now I am goingto twisting accord without using the previous season in which we are starting the oval. You in the local store it as well as a true it instead, off swinging the one. So I am now. Place it in the album and now I am going to be. But this application in the area here is what our biggest. When we are click on the click here button, it will immediately switch to reserve studio. You can now see the yellow point that come here, and by holding the closer, we can see the value of DEA anywhere, ever, such as we can see that the local stories contend the app name we work to back and then the year many button like stepping step out and continue. Now I am going to use the continue button. It will immediately switch to the Google Chrome and this lady our model again when you react like all India but anyways which do with their studio? Same process will be a continue thanks for watching 14. Publish Android App: Hello, guys. In this lesson, we are going to learn how to publicize the enter that for this when it was an early a key by using the veto and update the end or property or the ability gorgeous and fire, we need to debug India. Release more. It wasn't really a key Using the key tool we need to use their followings Index store absence Physic fire the about where the our kitchen will be. Agent read unless specified the less for that store he elk specified here or rhythm go be used. 200. The Yankee he says Face if idea size off valid isn't specified and involved a year, he will be willing for whatever reason, I wasn't ready. Yankee win you toe open the command prompt In the women, more readers restudy everywhere we are installed, I am installing the default. But that is within the program pies. Okay, he do is a valid common for this re extreme. I am already copied EECOM and that you slipped under the G airport over there. It will stand ready again. The surgery ls is ah my app On the used the rsl algorithm size will be 20 for it and it's relative these 10,000 days. It will ask for Saudi a bus for four over Kim. Not that the Apostle were nor print on the screen. I am using the airplane. Text. Mila Meta et with us DSR 10 question we need once that it it will ask for all the three days I connect. No known. If it was a correct, then we need to dive the Why Empress Ender. Now it will ask for the said the Apostle for Elias if you want to use the same password as a key showed, and you'll simply need to praise the enter button like me, it's sores. Method that DEA keys isn't better in the future. Let's switch to see Dr All You can see that de aqui stories has entered. Now we need to update the key store part in the under property or build gorgeous and fire for these. I am searching to Brazil. Sure, Leo, under property follies a store under the platform we agree, which is and also one by the port in the solution Explorer. For this, we need to praise the soil file button writin Andrew Venuto open the and are probably fire here. We need to specify the led lob. The other key reaching Lucia Pathmark Iwas store. It's ah less name people's work Andy Ellis password to make the changes India Bill, daughters. And finally, we need to open it and update the assembly. It is he start, I feel a bit remained playing. We need to see you both off file. After saving both of fire, we need to select the release more. And yes, like the simulator or the locally ways. Not that the ripple emulator does not under the baby game. I'm going with the emulator. This is our project, their free within the applied for military. We need to open and right bill out food a big area. You can see that That is a no fighting this rectory. - We can say that the android Have fun feliz dot ap geysers 100. We can use this file toe a party or application to the year play store. Not that we need to make these changes in the only and our property or the bill dodges and fire not both off them. If you are the older wasn't and you need to change in the wind or probably fighting if you are on the in, your wasn't a portal. What? And you need to change the abilities and fight and I am on Koro US explained 1.1. Therefore, I need to think in the Bill George's and file. Thanks for watching. 15. Publishing Windows App: Hello guys in previous is and we are and how to bubble is the Andhra in this is and we will and how to publicity of windows up. Publishing windows up is a simple just We need to click on the project from the MN What, and select your store and create backers. Let's work through Is there for you. First of all, we need to select a we know as a platform. You can see that there are very s very years and off the windows from these I'm going to like the window. Any CPU means windows with automatically minutes for the a r am 64 wheat or the harder to wheat. Then we need to click on the project store. On a clear that back is is it will ask the question whether we want to upload the picture to Industria or not. I'm going with Dino. No need to ask for the words an ember. We are going to score the our bracket and we can also is like the art collector ways platform. By that it was 22 weeks 64 weed or the M and select U. N. Answer. That is any CPU. They're winning toe click on the A career button. It will be the year project. You can see that there is a naughty afraid Name packages in off the air free. You guys say that the Packers directly was created and the message from the observatory up brackets creates and complete. It's truly a part of our gear back. It is unsure. Here is the our FX upload file that we can use toe upload the or application onto your store. It also condemned years some dependencies. For this It is Ah, wind. Yes, you know, we are testing the replicas. And, as ah entered platform, let they stood under the android platform. Um, just three new to click on the local machine and are replicas and he's started. This is a split screen. We can also change those images. This is not like the are replicas, and he's on India browser by showdown. We can see that it is like running the mobile. The UAE's cream. That's it, guys, You can also start the whatever because I'm from the start menu applicants. A name is my click on it. It was started for publishing Windows. Have we need to click on the project from the M enema than store and create baggage. Thanks for watching 16. Best practices: Hello, guys in this s and we will see some practices that we must Newdow follow for improved e about ones of the order prison. We need to create the using their place applications rather than the amenity puppies. If you want the more data than we need to use the Egypt School when it already even ways on the year. But rather than the click, we does not need to use these Oscar bays. Any reason we can use three years years as three beers enemies in which our pastor storage . When you do provide the locus for us for the application, Yes, we improve the horns off the hour apple. It is in Blevins. We need only add those places that we are using. We need to read the shame, a core which is simple and the complicated because the dome structure required is sometimes do you allude it? We can also use the M or visa from Makovich in Prudie of home loans as well as the elements speed. There are various Mobile Bay's framework exists, such as I only get angers es movie school are sacra. Thank you for listening 17. Conclusion: okay, So gorgeous. On making end up course, I hope you are able to fall along with the all of the examples and the SS and and hope that you find all material useful and you are now able to create your own hybrid applicants. And with the Apache Cordova as a previously say, you can now use all your street IQ development skill with the accord of application. There are lots supplicants exist for the public is in, but in this series, we or consider only how to wear our removal against you can visit NPM. Self is a site which contain all the readers about that bludgeons with the example you can also visit. The quota was officer site. A document isn't off the Agudo applicants, and he's properly organised on the I want. Just last opportunity will see that if you have any questions or feedback regarding here, course what if you want to get in touch with me via meals and you can also post to York wedding the question and some sex and or in comments. So thanks again for taking courts and the business. Look for creating Yokota widely. Gibson