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Learn All The Basics To Read Arabic& Quraan Within 5 hours Book.

teacher avatar Adam Fathy, A Physical Therapist + Online Teacher

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

22 Lessons (4h 24m)
    • 1. Promo

    • 2. Pages 5&6 "The Alphabet and the Short Vowel Fathah"

    • 3. Page 7 "Practicing the Short Vowel Fathah and combining 2 letters together"

    • 4. Pages 8 to 11 "Practicing Full Words"

    • 5. Pages 12&13 "Practicing Heaviness and Lightness"

    • 6. Pages 14 to 18 " Practicing Short Vowels "Fathah&Kasrah"

    • 7. Pages 19 to 26 "Finishing the 3 Short Vowels"

    • 8. Pages 27 to 29 "A quick quiz and Starting Madd rule"

    • 9. Pages 30 to 34 " First 2 shapes of Madd Tabee"

    • 10. Pages 35 to 37 "Finishing the first 2 shapes of Madd Tabee"

    • 11. Pages 38 to 43 "Finishing the 3 shapes of Madd Tabee"

    • 12. Pages 44 to 47 "Madd Badal,The Joining Madd and The Separated Madd"

    • 13. Pages 48 to 54 "Going through the first 2 types of Tanween"

    • 14. Pages 55 to 63 "Finishing the 3 types of Tanween"

    • 15. Pages 64 to 68 "Sukoon Rule"

    • 16. Page 69 "Laam Qamaria"

    • 17. Page 70 "10 Ayahs to challenge yourself"

    • 18. Page 71 "Intro of Shaddah and Practicing Shaddah with Fathah"

    • 19. Pages 72 to 76 "Shaddah with Fathah&Kasrah"

    • 20. Pages 77 to 81 "Shaddah with Dammah,Laam Shamsia and The Joining Hamzah"

    • 21. Pages 82 to 85 "Madd Lazim, A big challenge and Shaddah with Tanween"

    • 22. Pages 86 to 88 "Starting the journey"

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About This Class

Assalamo Alaykum

This course is for having rock basics before starting your journey through the book of Allah. If you’re looking for a course that can help you teach your kids or your students and even you learn Arabic to be able to read Arabic and Quraan then you’ve come to the right place. This course is actually an Audiobook where I went through the book from page 5 to page 88 teaching you how to pronounce the letters, words, sentences, and Ayahs.
I have attached a PDF that explains everything within the book and extra in the resources section, so I advise you to read the page first then listen to the video I can’t stress this point enough. Also, I mentioned some Youtube videos that I think can help with further knowledge so please help yourself and check them out.

To be honest, this course is not only for beginners but intermediate and Advanced too, however soon there would be courses only for Advanced levels regarding Arabic and Tajweed and you'll see new faces In Sha Allah.

Some bits of Advice:
Don’t push hard at the beginning on yourself or your student, it is all about practicing regularly.
Try to set times for the course through the week like 2 or 3 days per week where you only have 30-40 mins each day.
On average it takes 1-2 months to finish it for adults and 3-4 months for kids and boys. It might take longer or less it depends on lots of variables.
If you can start the course with a friend that would be brilliant to gather each other till the end.
If you’re targeting your kids or your children try to go through the full course first then find a proper way to help them.
Invest today and gather tomorrow and in the hereafter.

I’ll be more than happy to communicate with all students, who have questions or anything in mind, we can share ideas on forms and we might be able to do Live discussions sometimes, besides that you can reach me always via e-mail or by Udemy messages, so I would reply to any questions ASAP.
Hope you are ready for the course and I will be waiting for the feedback.
Your brother,
Adham Fathy

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Adam Fathy

A Physical Therapist + Online Teacher


Hi there,

My name is Adam, a graduated Physical Therapist who started teaching Arabic and Quraan in 2017 with good experience in Online classes.
I joined Alimlive, Tareequl Jannah, and IQRA institutes but I finally settled down with my private work through which I helped many to be able to read Arabic and Quraan and start the journey.
Hopefully, there would be more courses here on SkillShare soon enough.
Take care.

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1. Promo: I used to look in for a full Arabic course for beginners. Are you still struggling with the basics? Tide of trying learn or teach in your kit Arabic and answer was no progress. Well, I think I can offer a hand. Hi there. My name is Adam, eagerly awaited physical therapist and an online teacher for more than a year now, I joined many institutes like 30 Agenda and ylim life and ended up with my private comprehensive curriculum that help many cities to stop reading Arabic and Grant. And he started that journey. My curriculum has gone through all the basics from a to Z that enables us to ask for more knowledge in future as we lend the alphabet different shapes of letters, blending the lattice together and form and a full word than false sentence. In this course, we are covering some topics like the alphabet, the shore long vowels. It's a lightness. The friendships over stretching, so-called lampshades, Vietnam, Korea tend when the cutting and the joining SAMHSA and finally, the shed design. This course is for beginners and intermediate. As you'll go through a comprehensive book that focuses on the basics of Arabic and grant. You'll be able to recognize old Arabic letters under different shapes. At the end of this course, I guarantee you to end up with be able to read Arabic and Qur'an. If you follow my advice and help me keep doing it till the end and see you there. 2. Pages 5&6 "The Alphabet and the Short Vowel Fathah": Page number 5. So page number 5 contains all the names of the letters. 29, Arabic alphabet, shallow, gonna go through each one of them, Java today. So we're just going to start by the first line. We're going to take it line by line in Java, you can get started. So the first line we have elif. Elif. And by the way, elif is always like a standard stick, you know, like just a line. If we add a hands-on top of it, becomes Hamza. If we add Hamza below, becomes Hamza, It's not enough anymore. So after the LF we have Hamza Hemings. We are talking about the names, not the sounds. We are not in the Xunzi. Shahla from page 6 on we're going to talk about the sounds of the letters, not the names, but in this page, page five, we are just talking about the names. So try to know the names as a, B, C, and so on in English. Sudan, shall I give you a more easier way to do the sound of the, of the lettuce children. So after the hands that we have, but that said the next slide we have GM. Gm had, had. Then. Then then then the next line we have xa. Xa, see in, see him. She, when she saw, saw the islam, have BAD, BAD, the body is very important and actually you need to sash how to pronounce them correctly. And also, you can have help from an Arabian friend or an ribbon teacher can teach you how to pronounce them in a proper way. After the dot, we have a common one which is bought, bought. A line. And each time we have of lamb lamb me, him. The last landing page we have well well, yeah. Page number 6. Before talking about the contents of page number six, we should first know that we have three short balance that we call Erdogan. We have feta, we define the EMOC symbol on top of the layer, which makes the sound of the, Becomes Air, changes into air. And we have Castro, which you find it below that, which is e sound E. And the last short noun, which we call dhamma, you would find that as a small well on top of the lattice. And it's like the oo sound. Oo sound. In page number six. Actually we're talking about the sound which is the fat hat. So the best way I told you earlier that know the names of the letters makes it much easier for you to remember the sound of the law. So basically the first part of the name, we're going to take it and then we're going to add the sound regarding the fact that we've got the short vowel. So the Hamza is going to be the exception. And there is always going to be a a that's in the first line. The second line, which is the bat, that's the name, the bat. But here the sound would be the bay. Like be a. Okay. And then we have the, the then fair. Fair. The next line as we used to. And instead of saying G M, because M is the name of the lab, we're gonna say J jam. Because if the shorthand for accountable when, then we have the next line there, then draw the line after it. Share, share. Saw, saw, ma, bar. For the next line we have law. And then we have Paul Paul, man. Man. And the last one we have where? Where yeah. Yeah. 3. Page 7 "Practicing the Short Vowel Fathah and combining 2 letters together": Page number 7. So in page number seven, here we are trying to combine two letters together so that the next step would be to combine three letters so that we have a full word. And from now on, jello going to try to know how we combine the lattice together. So here in this page we are practicing the Hamza, the bat. And third letters. So the second one, we're going to start from the second line which is practicing one. We have two Hamza, as you can see, following each other. So the first one is, as we used to say, it, it is air. And the second one is the same because we said earlier, Hamza, it has many shapes. It has more than five shapes. Here. We have only two shapes. We combine them together, it becomes, then we have. And after it we have. To remember from page six, we are talking about sounds of the letters, not names. Okay. So I'm not gonna say this is Hamza and I'm going to say, because the sound here is going to be out of the Hamza and of the tab. Okay? So we have n becomes at the, at the last one we have and say, Hey, becomes as a, as a next line we have bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad. Best, the best villain after it, we have there the data that the last line says a survey. Third, third. And last one is Seth. And actually a quick reminder, a quick note, which is the settler anaerobic. We actually pronounce it as the th sound and the number 3, we say th. So the th here is clans as the snake sound. We actually put the tongue below the upper teeth, so it gives us this sound. So here the Theta is the same as the th sound, number three, as in English. 4. Pages 8 to 11 "Practicing Full Words": Page number 8. So in page number a, we are actually practicing the Gim, the hat, and the whole lattice. So for the gym, the first line we have two gene. So the first one with the sharp outfit, how we say as j. And the second one is also jet, so it becomes judge judge. Then we have Jim with her. It would be j-hat. Then we have Jim with Paul. It would be Jehovah. Jen Hall. They move into the line of the hat. We have had hijacked, then have her hair. Then call the last line regarding the holla We have call the Hijra. Then call her how her then? Paul. Paul CA haul. Yes. Coco. Then we have the Hamza said Gim Pat, hop in a colon. So regarding the Hamza, we have because Hamza with the sugar off at how we pronounce it as a. So it becomes then eta essay as a whole. And that's the line of the Hamza. The line for the back would be better, better, better, better, better. The line of that would be the tab that tells a badger. And the line of fat. It would be a survey. Says a surge center hall and the land of Jim, we have. Jab, jab, jab, jab, jab, jab, jab. The second last line is had we have had a hat, has a hedger. How Hall? And the last line in page 8. We have copper. Hotel. Ca ca, ca, ca, ca, whole. Page number 9. On page number 9, we have the, the, the, the, the row and the z. And then we're going to combine three letters to form a full wet. And page number 9 in Java. So regarding the first half of the page, we have that then the z and the z. Let's take it line by line. So the line of dal we have the Bose becomes that. And then we have the Bose becomes theirs. Then we have the row, becomes the row. Then we have the z. It becomes theirs. And then we have the line of Z. We have, because we have that. And then it becomes. Then we have the a becomes. And by the way, this della, the pronunciation of the word in English. So if you're going to say like the moon, for example, the wet, that the th of the wet, it gives the sound of Y. Actually put your tongue beneath the upper teeth and gives this kind of sound, which is the sound of the T-head, because you know, you have different sounds of th in English. So this is nearly the same as that. Okay. Then we have the arrow, then it becomes theirs. Okay? The next one we have Rob row. Rather than Rosie. Rosie. The whole difference, Big difference between raw and it becomes rather and the rho and z, it becomes Rosie. And then the last line in the upper half of the page, we have the XYY LA, we have Zed, Zed. 0. All right, the low half of the page, we have the first line and it becomes then we add the a becomes I had a, I had a. So the way that we are doing the wet as syllables, we are combined into syllables together so it becomes easier for us. This is a very beginner way to know how to pronounce O, to know how to read the wet directly. This is just in the beginning and after this initial login to be able to read the wet directly without applying this kind of technique. So here we are doing it like a had a becomes a hat. Then we add them. It becomes a had a gonna see again without saying a becomes and so on. Have a head, the head. And so on. The next one we have a call at the AHA, the next line, the row that all. The next line, Ben Ra, battle. The battle is the last line. Has the has the has, have a page number 10. So in page number 10, we are carried on doing the last thing, the syllabus technique. We have seen the xin basalt BOD. And also this is in the upper half of the page and then the low half of the page you have taught law and right system from the upper half of the page, we have seen Shem solid. But so the first line we have, we have say j, k becomes 30. Then we add the k becomes said that the second line we have share, share. The next line had, say has the, has the line after ball, bottle, the bottle obey the next line. So the saba row. So about all saw about, all right, Moving to the low half of the page, we have. Bob. And I just, I was the best line width. Then say, Hey becomes meso, then we add Paul a becomes mass L Paul. The line after the, either the, either the, the next line. I buy the bias, the line after it. I share. Aisha. Aisha, page number 11. And in page number 11 we are actually finishing the Arabic alphabet. So the upper half we have fat, gas, Lamb. Let's take it line by line. So the first line we have a becomes F. Then we add the next one. We have the all o. The next line, share Shaker. Shaker or the last line in the upper half of the page we have okay. All right. The lower half of the page, we have meme known. Well, MEN, first line, we have a becomes Hecker. We add man. It becomes high gamma. Then the NaBr. And NaBr. The next line. The last line in the page. Yeah. The yada. Yada. Yada. 5. Pages 12&13 "Practicing Heaviness and Lightness": Page number 12. So actually in page number 12, we are actually focusing on gathering the heavy and light lattice. And the lesson or heavy or light lattice, it is totally impotent for the people who wants to learn to read. That's regarding operand and shall law. So I recommend just taking it for now. Okay? And then you need to have a lesson separated from this one on the heaviness and lightness of the electrons. And to give you a hint about the heaviness, lightness way actually say in the lettuce, harder or softer. So how do we call it heavy letters? And softer? We call it light letters. So shall I am having another book about those kind of rules of this week. And Shahla is going to be much beneficial. So here in this page we are actually taken it line-by-line, so don't be distracted. Please focus. We have the first line. I'm going to say like, you know, like sounds always. I'm not going to mention any names here. Okay. So please try to keep up the first-line. We have a hall l saw, elbow, l, L, l, L Apple at all. All right. That was the first line. The second line. By the way, if you didn't hear it properly, just go back and replay it and that's it. Okay. So the second one we have backhaul bounce all male ball, belt law, Melville, Belgo, medical, bed. All right. The deadline we have del Sol, Bell Ball, delta L, L vol. Now call pedal. The line after it. We have Hall. I saw I'll ball eyeball. I of all I have all I'll call. I add all the line after it. We have del Sol. The next line we have Mau Mau, Mau, Mau, Mau, Mau, Mau call model. The next line we are now, so now ball, now tall. Now vol, vol. Now call. Now at all. The second last line we have. Well slow well ball. Well, wells all. Welcome. Well, the last line. Yeah. The ESOL. Yellow ball. Yellow. Yellow. Yellow. Yellow call Yara. Alright, so the low half of the page to the small pot at the end of the page. Or I am going to talk about like, let's make it three pumps. You get the right, the middle, and the left one. The right one. Actually, we are just, you know, as you get used to wet where we didn't Arabic from the right side. So we're going to start from the right side. We have there. Draw. It becomes narrow. Doubt all that is a Laila and nor is heavier. Then we have Paul draw. Both of them is heavy. So it becomes again, borrow The middle one. We have. I say I say both are light. The one below it. We have I saw I also actually die is like endless heavy. The left one we have saw the saw the Saudis heavy and then is light. The lower one we have saw. Ball, soccer ball. Both of them are heavy. Page number 13. So actually there we go. In page numbers setting, we're practicing real wet from the Quran. We are practicing RealWear. It's now we again rid of the syllabus technique. And even if you are going to apply the syllabus technique, It's okay as a practicing, but please try to do your best and say directly if one CCA or I'm taking it line by line. Actually we have prevalence in this page and page setting. I'm going to name the line and then I'm going to say the words in that line. Okay? So the first line we have where J wedge, the wedges. This is the syllable technique. Actually the way that we need to say is YJ directly. Then we have wire, the wire. Then hazard a hazard. The last word in that line. Either the either the second line we have. Then guess. Guess. Then the last one in this line can move into the third line. We have NESDIS. Nasa sent the wet after a hammer. Male. Last word. I'm I'm the one below it. The fourth line, we have cat, cat. Then we have ICMA has done after the last word in this line. All right, Moving to the fifth line in this page, which is the last line, we have, well, the wild then neighbors, the neighbors. Then we have cell, then we have cache. Cache. So actually maybe someone would come up now and tell me, all right, so I knew the letters. I learned the Arabic alphabet, that 29 Arabic alphabet what now? I'm confused with the shapes of the letters. So how come like the looks like this when it's in the middle and so on. I'm going to touch a page or two pages that shows the different shapes of the letters when they're on different locations in the world. So basically in Arabic, the lettuce or change it and shapes according to the location and the wet. So that is in the shape when it's at the beginning of the weld. And it's in another shape when it's in the middle. And it's in a third shape when it's at the end of the web. Measure of the wells, you have three shapes only, but for example, you have unique ones like the Hamza, it has more than four shapes. It can be five shapes. Waterway. One of the most common one, where you have the LF and you have Hamza on top of it or below it. This is Hamza is not alive anymore. And also regarding the wow. And yet sometimes you would find, wow, we're having Hamza on top of it. So this is Hamza. It's not well. And also Yeah, Hamza on top of it. It's Hamza. It's not yet anymore. 6. Pages 14 to 18 " Practicing Short Vowels "Fathah&Kasrah": Page 14. Soon beach 14, we have five lines. Let's take the first line is model. Model, then Mecca, Mecca, then bellow. Bellow. Then we have Nezha Hall. Nezha o. The next one we have although the logo. Then we have after it. What are the, what are the plus one? By sample. By sample. Right, moving to the deadline. Then I'll throw it out. All Ball I2 plus one in this line. Felt, all Ball felt. All right. The second last line we have Tanaka now. Okay. And then we have several call I'll call after it. Fell soils, euler plus one and this line, process a process loss line between 14, not RJ, Zen, sorrow, sorrow, after it. Shout or hair. Shadow here. Plus one and this line, solar hair, solar. Page 15. So in Page 15 we also have five lines in this page. Let's take it from the first one. We have. Welcome. I welcome. I said we have after it shall I shall I. Last one in the first line, Prof. Crawford, moving to the second line. How bottle? Bottle. Then we have Nevado Navarro. After it. Jailhouse, Jailhouse, Rock, loss, wed loud, all law out. All right. Move it to the deadline then. Well solidarity. Well, saga of threat. Well cause FA well close f plus wed well has FA has moved to the second last line, indice page, where I say, well, Lech Walesa like well, there well, I there after it was 00 plus wed. Well, well well, well do I loss line in this page, filmmakers, a filmmaker. Then I'll spray for hashing. For hashing. Last word in this page was ECA. Well, that girl. Page 16. So on page 16 where I'll start in having this short vowel, cassava, which is the ee sound Angela, we'd find the.pdf, attach it to this ODE book. So in page 16, let's take it line by line. Actually we are doing the sounds. Remember, after page five we are doing sounds, not names of the lattice. Okay, let us take the first line. We have e, e, then B, B, then ti, ti plus one, C, C. The second line, we have G, G after it. Hey, hey. Then we have p, t plus one. The, the, or the third line, we have z, v, then three. Three after zi, zi plus one, C. C. Alright, the fourth line we have Shi Shi Sui sui. After we lost one. Newline, R3, we have z, V. Then we have a three after 33 plus one, fi, fi. The second last line in this page. Then we have key. Key. Don't offer li, li mi, me. Moving to the last line in this page, we have me, me. Then we have the noun after. We we lost one, E E, page 17. So in page 70, well approximate some words with the shore verified. Also the show Val customer. Let's take the first line, the middle line, and the lower line. The first line. We have b are o. Then we have heavy ball. Hey, B bar, heavy at all. Though, after it has polarity, call d t. The last one, the first line, edgy, the G, the edgy. They're moving to the middle line. We have Brahimi preheat the oven after it. Certainly at all. Next one, parody. Crowded. And after it. As, as we move into the last line and dissipate Mary. Mary, you call next one desi, the desi B. The second last one has eBay, has either the last one, Cauchy. Cauchy. Page 18. So in page 18, we also have three lines. Let's take a with the upper one. We have Rabi probably. Then. Copy. Copy. Plus one. Mary. Mary. The midline we have healthy law has no after Malcolm Malcolm X one, Meli key may leaky. Then we have eileen. Eileen, last line in this page, ME. And then we have thoroughly, thoroughly second last word. The last word, the idea. The idea. 7. Pages 19 to 26 "Finishing the 3 Short Vowels": Page 19. So page 19 has five lines as well. Let's take the first line. We have Rahim. Rahim. Then we have Ferry had fairly high after the feeler. Becky, the energy, the energy, the move into the next line, we have satiable, appall mix word, lobbies, lobbies. The word after it. Carry her, carry her. Loss. Widen the second line. Milky Belk, we move into the third line. Barrier. Barrier call. Next call to 0V, called prefer. Next call CRO, policy, euro. Last word. Sadly are or the fourth line we have what we call BBA. Next word, Sherrie. Sherrie by the lead author, has either has eBay. Last word, where C? I well, see, I move into the last line in this page. Yeah. Yeah. Is a next word. Nessie. Nessie. The next share he the share he the last word in this page. Selfie her safety, her. Page 20. Alright. So page 20 has five lines as well. Let us take the first line. We have Yeshua ie. Yes, a Zen. She SAT, then highlighted the quality last word, Baghdadi. Baghdadi, right. Moving to the next line. She had she had the next word, key Bella. Bella. The next one. The last word. I'll LP. Alright, the sideline. Fairly. Fairly man. Next, but Fabien. Fabien, an expert, where earlier, earlier. Last widen the headline. What I mean? When I write the first line we have well, I welcome IT. Does then we have Bella Bella quality. Though I had after is why NAT NAT last web cam SLE, came SLE or at the last line in this page. Prepay LacA, Tribeca. Next one. Debbie daga. Daga, daga, da un, after it. Be bad, Anika, be bad. A 10K. Last word on this page. Lee has NAT. Lee has NAT. Page 21. Alright, there we go. We are moving to that showdown, dhamma, which is the last short vowel. So until on this page we'll have in the show vowel Dharma, which is the oo sound. Okay, so let's get started with the first line. We have buh buh buh buh after 22. Then through, through the second line, Jew, Jew. Then we have KOH, WHO after co, co, last one and this line do, do the Sandlot. We have x2, x2, then through through after x2e, x2e plus one SUE, Sue or I. The fourth line we have Shu, Shu after it. So, so the next word, boo, boo loss 122. All right, the next one we have x2, x2, then we have 000, then o plus one, foo, foo. All right, move into the second last line in this page, we have pool. Who then cou? Cou after it. Loo. Loo. Last one, mu. Mu. Okay, moving to the last line of this page we have nu. Nu. Then who grew? Next one? Woo. Woo. The last one is u, u, page 22, fluorescent page 22. We just have two lines to do. So. Let us start with the upper one. We have Una. Una. Then we have who's a caboose? After it? Totally a totally a. The next one yet is ooh. Yeah, east who password? Do ala. Do Ala. But taking the lower line, we have pushy, pushy arrow. Then holy, holy. Then we have Taiji do, veggie do. The second last one. Zucchini. Zucchini or the last one. Does L2, desal. Page 23. So in page 23 we have three lines in it. Let's take the upper one. We have 100100, then sooner and sooner of threat. So Soho fee, then X1, body. But the last one in the first line. Toby, I will be taking the middle line. We have vole man. Then. Are we see or, or, or, or the one after it? Wholly Betty. Holy Betty. The next 144 ala. Then put taken the last line on this page. Cutie eBay. Cutie bear. An explored Luay. Blue A1a. To an officer it led Kou Lai Qu. The next one. No fee hall. No Fee Hall. And the last word in this page, well, Huawei. Huawei. Page 24. Alright, page 24 has five lines. Let's take it from the fast one. We have cody, hoodie, then nuclear or nuclear or after it. 250k. 250k. Next one. So K So K. Second line we have Sui le sue ILA, then pulley. Pulley. Then there'll be there'll be. The last one tells you tells you for to condescend line into space. But also loo. But also then tells you, tells you an X1 messa Lu massa Lew. Last one, household. Household, whoo. Okay. Move into the first line of the spayed. Yet Cooney, Yasukuni mixed web, Cabo, caribou. Next one, Subaru le sue. Plus what? You Heaney. You'll hear any tick in the last line of this page. Where Jimmy, I was. Then when Moody. When? X1. Well, we will we will we lost widen that page. Now Colby, page 25. Then we'll go Having the lines in page 25. Stein was the first line. We have one as o. When n is o, then when Navarro, when they'll borrow. After it. Way I have wu wei, I have the last one. Will has Una. Una. Okay, taking the second line, what a mess. Well, a mess together was an X1. Ellie, do do we say like Bozeman and do. The next one fell Toby, I felt lost one February. February ITA. Taken this headline. We have gi gi LA who then lie Lima who? Lyle email after it has, who has L after it? Fair. For the next line, we have Kelly me2. Kelly met two. And then we have we're 40 Haiti. Where footie Hattie. Then let edgy do, Eddie do. Plus whether this line, alright, the last line in this page, we have Albo Decca. I'll do deka. Then. Fair bells, bells model. After it. I'm Luke. I am a luca. The last one. Luca. Page 26. So there we go. Congratulations. You've done all the short vowels. And page 27 is a summary with all the lettuce, with all the three show valence for no man Castro. Let's do it. Starting with the first line. We have E, ooh, ooh, baby boo, boo, boo t0 to t to. The next line says he sue, sassy, Sue JG do. Jg Do. Hey, who? Who? Cauchy. Cauchy. Who? De do, de do. Zazi x2, x2, x1, x2, x1, x0 x2. Sassy. Sassy Su, Shuang Zhi Shu Shang Shi Shu. Salsa. You saw salsa, you saw baldly bu ball believable, tall QE2, baldly to evolve wheels all reusable. I a row. Who, who, who, who, who? Who? Paul. Paul Kay, Qu, Qi Qu, Li Lu, Lu man, MIMO, man, MIMO. Many new nanny knew he who? He, who? Where we, where we where we will. The last one, the air. E. You Ba Yi Yu Da Yu. 8. Pages 27 to 29 "A quick quiz and Starting Madd rule": Page 27. Alright, though we have real sentences now in page 27 actually goes into this, are formed by just to whet. Yes, those are real sentences. So let's get started with those two weds synthesis. Let us take the first line. Alright, we're going to split into 2.5, the right half and the left hub. We always started with the right-half. Ok. Let's take the right one is Saj. For Ashoka, says death Ashoka. So actually we do when we're actually pronouncing the first word, then the second one, then we combine them together so that we haven't fully rational sentence. Alright, so the second one on the left side, I say web Pesaro. Bestseller. All right. Moving to the second line. I bet there were Hami, the albedo hemi, the unexplored in this line. Cephei had finite edema. Cephei half an ad the mass. Moving to the set line, we have the zone where the Xubi, how bright the lift sentence, color call. Hello. Cowell was moving to the fourth line while the cell Saliba. Why the FL saw all the left sentence. Quetta, wash-out or her. Get. Moving to the second last line. Holy, call. Fab, the holy off the left sentence. But all the way Schachter. And I'll be o Ashoka. Lost line in this page. Mro. I shot I shot on the left one. Sabah. Oh, well off out all saw borrow a half. Page 28. Alright. There's a base before moving to page 28. Actually, I'm attaching a PDF regarding this page. Know exactly record and this one bachelor, We've got an old basic study you need to have before doing those pages from now on. So you need festival to dispatch to the Fest. To read it at least and then come back to it to this page 28, then you would understand what I am saying. So basically in this page we are doing the first shape of papyri that we call the normal met. And actually we are stretching the letters like we are seeing the elif. Elif, yeah, here we are stretching it. There's a wet, cold second, shallow, we use it regularly. Second means that the law has no short vowels. Previously, we were saying that the shore bounds are Fatah and gesso. Okay? And now we are saying when it has no shore bound, we call this layer, the second layer is less, gets started. The letters from now on Insha'Allah. Let's get started with the first line. We have back there. Say j pair. Call. They're there at all. There. Say share. Saw ball, ball vol. I. Fair call. Ok. Man. Man. Where? Yeah. Page 29. So that will go without practicing now real weds continuing this stretch metric, which is defense shape of metal VA, stressing the elif for two counts that need a equals 1 second, let's do it. The first line, we have barely, barely role. An expert at Decca, EdTech plus one. And this line says NEA Sania. Move into the second line. First word, 2J De Lu to Jack Lew. Next, for hair color. For hair color. The one author. Yeah. Hall foo. Yeah. Hoff who lost weight in this line? Surge. Surge. So actually when a word ends with a yet and there isn't a small elephant top of this yet, so we only pronounce the elif Not yet. So in that case, we structured the elif because it's the second proceeded by the shore velvet hat. We call this the natural met, met Toby. And we stretch it for two counts that nearly equals 1 second movement to the set line, the last line in this page we have G then G, then next as boo. Either taboo, next, c at all. See you at all till the last one, as well. As a whole. 9. Pages 30 to 34 " First 2 shapes of Madd Tabee": Page Sadie. Alright, so in page Sadie, we have full lines. Let's take it from the first one, the upper one. Let's do it. We have the first wed, may say g, the mass energy, the next Asia. Asia. Next Alsace. I saw that. The last one. You'll draw Eiffel. You'll draw i fu move into the next line we have felt off. Felt off. Next word is a is all man. Though, after it, buy me, buy me plus weight in the second line below. To condescend line in this page. Fail early. Fail. More or more call FAQ and FAQ and plus word wavelet. While at the last line in this page. So in the first way that you are going to be confused, who after seeing this wet. So actually after the war we have noon then mean. So you know, the uncolored and the red color, it's a meme than elif, but on top of it there's a known ok. So we say net man, the leaf has no show vowels because we're going to stretch it. So it is when Mary, Mary Mix word, it has the same idea that we said the last time when we have a small elephants, we spell we pronounced the elif and we make the yes Island. We say the the the lead after Lee has Li has a second lost Web Worker where IBA worker where IBA plus word, batty. Batty. Page sadly one. So in page sadly one, we have six lines. Let's take it from the first one. We have tab. Tab next web. Paul. Now I think he knew the real difference between that and the tall tes always like Paul, is always heavy. Okay. Next what they said right in the first line. Hong Kong. Last width, call, call fair. Move into the second line. Paula, mix word. Nike. Nike. Said wet, drawn. But on a loss, what else or else? All right, move into the third line. Now too. Now to next. Now to now to the said wed metal, metal. Plus wed as Abu. As Abu. Where I move into the fourth line. Attack, attack xhat. That. Then there. Here we have two Meletus ban plus one. Alright, the second last line in this page, felt off. Felt author. Then for hair color. For hair. After you'll have Paul. You owe. Plus what? Joanne. Joanne. Since the last line in this page, Malika. Malika fell, PD fell madly, madly. Loss, wed RIME. Jimmy Page said two. Alright, so in page satiety, we have six lines also lists. I was the first line. We have settlers, say ls. Then we have so many, so many. Mixed web to Jadi Lu, 2J De Lu loss, whether this line barely, barely move into the second line in this page, to the next word. Then the next word, Baja. I'll have plus word. Waldo. Waldo. Move into the headline. Match, Baloo, Mab ALU. Those are two weights, by the way, man is a wet and Baloo is another word. Baloo. Then. Yeah, gee Baloo. Yeah, gee Baloo. Of threat. Lay a hall full. Lay a Hall for those are two wells as well. Most what when at the zoo? When at the Jarrod was taken the next line. Color, all coalesce or next one, G, then G there. Then more calm, more comma. Plus Web Worker where IBA? Where can wear IBA. Next line we have share Ni, AKA share eniac, sweat. No, there we know that. The next one, whole polarity. Pull polarity. Plus one. When a medical I'm sure you know, and when a medical plus line in this page, well, I say well I say Thou saw FAO saw fan. There. Finally, there is S, is S edge. Page set is three. So that will go and move into the next shape of metal. Be, well, we have a second proceeded by the short vowel cosine plus two it b, t, c, g, p. The, The Zhi three Si Shi z p Qi Li Mi me, w0 h0 E. Page Sadie fall. So you approximate real reds. We have three lines listing the upper one we have said Be Lee, said Be Li, Zen, Yeti. Yeti may last wed to see row to 0. Move into the next line. Uag, UAA, UAG Bu, expert. Thus one. He he, he plus line in this page. Chevy do shabby do. Next web. Nosy. And as the next one, no redo, redo plus one here, 0 here, 0. 10. Pages 35 to 37 "Finishing the first 2 shapes of Madd Tabee": Page 35. So in pitch satisfied, we have full lines. Let's start with the upper one. We have. We'll see you call where C, call. Next. Mushy. Mushy you. Next. They'll see you. They'll see you. Offer PLD. Pld, cool. Move into the second line here we have SLP, SLP, o half, half field. You are, you do you are a two plus one. And this line where the law where the ball moving to the third line we have Alfie. But our V o. Next we have wealthy. Wealthy. After what key do? Well, a key do. Next, fare. Fair? Plus one and Islam, I am me. I mean a plus sign in this page, we have Mooney B. We have two yeah, bottle in this word when need to stretch both of them equally. We have Mooney B. Again. Mooney be mixed word. Faqih, he faqih. Second loss. Wed there we there we Ye Zai Yi. Page services. So in this bed we have five lines. Let's take it from the first one. We have no redo. No redo. Next. Chevy do Shadi do. Next. Where key, do. Where? Do plus where? This line where you are to where you were. Nextline, coffee or Orfeo of threat. That the, that the next word. You Ni Bu. You need 2k plus one. And this line, UAG, UAA, UGA, Bu. Next line we have. The elderly who? The elderly who next year he do. Yeah, he do. After the Azi. He SEO. Plus One had these who had these who move into the fourth line in this page? While we were reliable. Who as he was he well, he well, he must one. Tell me the tammy The taken the last line in this page. I mean I mean faqih faqih, Mooney be Mooney Bina, must one. Whereby Nina. Webmd, page 37. Also here we have five lines list taken from the first line we have here the yield will yell the low. When ME through. When EMI SLP row, SLP. Well, be whew. Well, Robbie bu then we have the next line. Sorry Hall. Sorry Hall. The B, the B, the B, Lee Sibelius, Lehigh. Lehigh. The third line in this page. Fairly, fairly. Hawley Dina, Callie, Dina Hadfield. We have yield. Sad GED. Fair GED. Moving to the next line. Care TB. Tb. Jesse, me. Jesse me. Selfie, Lena says tells a mean, a mean a plus line. This page. Vahid arena law, he arena. More, GZ more B. B cell B. Cell B. 11. Pages 38 to 43 "Finishing the 3 shapes of Madd Tabee": Page 78. So there we go. We reach into lost shape of metal B. Well we have in Wow, second proceeded by the short. Now Dhamma. We stretch it for two counts and we call it meant toby. Let's take it line by line. The first line we have to to do who do? But x2 to shoe. So Hu Qu Lu mu nu o, you said in ion. So in this page we have just three lines list to him. The first line we have Abu Abu Mazen. Yet to yet to the lobbies who lobbies who saw what happened to the Los Alamos as small circle on top of it, basically would find h outline the PDF that says when you have a small circle on top of any law, it makes it. And so we do not pronounce it. So this one is going to be silent, neglected, or being dropped. So we do not an onset just lobbies who and so on. Move into the second line in this page. We have yeah. Oh, yeah. Oh. Now hold do now hold oil plus line. So do so Dory. Oh, here it is. Again, we have this Mohr circle on top of the LF who do not pronounce it. So it's silent. We say Ye Xu Ye Xu, old Bureau. Not always. Ooh. Ooh. Page 4D and page 40 we had four lines into M. Let's start with the first one. We have cross Zulu. Cross Zulu. No SIO2. Colossal. Carlos who had all due. Next line. Mortally. Mortal Ni. There is a una dairies. Ouzo. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Oh, say next line we have awful. Awful. Yeah. Yeah. Nella Ku Di Ku Di Tu causality Lou that tocar de Luna. Loss line and dissipate Yamuna to yeah. Mu2. Yada, yada. Say who? Say they're there. The volume d. D, page 41. In this page we have six lines. Let's take it line by line. Okay. I'm not going to name the lines by the way, it's glissando net. We have yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Pal Qu yet to yet to bear. Now. Ouzo. Ouzo. Next line we have so Dory. So duly volume, the volume d v 0, b. Then the then the next line. You are, do you, do you'll see you'll see more. He knew more. He knew. Know the know the next time we have for our Zulu or ASU. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, do the WHO DO there. The next time. You all saw you saw Nala cuh tuh Nala Cu two. Now who'll do? Now hold ALL jab. Jab ux. Must lie on this page. I am I am. I mean I mean, all well, all do well. I'll do page 42. And this page we have six lines as well. Let's take it line by line. The first line we have not OSU. Now does who met Godel? Mecca? Gesso or not? I do not want to do next line. Law, Lemuel. Lemuel. High-level Sioux. Call L. So hollow. Hollow, total pawn, alkyl, pawn out. Next line. I out awful. Idle full. Jana who? Jenna who? Lowering, lowering, cozy, cozy bowl. Next line we have for module four, joule. I'll call that doh de doh, de Leeuw, faqih do knee, faqih do ne. Next line. Caddy, who? He has? He has e una Luna. Say who? Say who? Last line in this page. You already know. Yet the known and you'll feel your your your loss would be EZH2. Ye Xu Ornette, page 43. So in page 43, we are quickly recap in oldest shapes or mentally ate the 3D shapes, the lift they, and the wow was old lithos. Let's do a line-by-line. Insha'allah, we have may be bowl that T2 says he. So J Ji Du Shi Hou Cauchy. Then the du as easel broadly rule says E. So Shen Shi Bu Saul Cecil, law. Legal. All please. Vol lethal. Fair fee for all the key. Lastly, Mami mobile, nanny. Whee eeh, oh, yay. 12. Pages 44 to 47 "Madd Badal,The Joining Madd and The Separated Madd": Page 44. So though we go and beat 44, we actually do in the middle. So if you go back to the pdf, you would find the mud, but that is defined as the same as what I mean by that. I mean like it has reshaped as MapOverlay Alice second, preceded by the shoulder? Yes, I can. Pursued by the shore of our KSR. Wow, second, preceded by the short vowel Dhamma. Plus all of these three shapes must be preceded by Hamsun. Proceeded means there is a hamster. Before the MATLAB. We said earlier that we have three modalities and live well. And yet I'm to stretch those Mellitus, they need to be second. Second means having no show vowels for packers law, Dharma. So we met by the limit of the second millileters, preceded by the appropriate show val1 plus lambda. So let's get started. Let's do the first line and you would get in Charlotte. First-line. We have as as I am an amateur and then add them at the at the end. So maybe someone would come up and say it is the same as probability. Yes, I said it is. Actually it is the same, but the change is going to be just the name. Moving to the second line we have an early. Early may be, may be boo, boo, boo, boo. The third line, o v, o, v as Charaka, Sri Lanka. And a2, a2, a0, li e lessee. Move into the fourth line. We have CE, CE at Haruna. Fair, where where The next line we have 0202. So in this wet, particularly, we have the two types. We have the metal, the a at the end and we have met by that at the beginning of the wet. The next slide we have a, well, be your wealthy old as x2. As f2. At last line. Ami, Nina, AMI, Nina, little boo, boo, boo, ba, ba t. Where to? To page 45. So 45 is the sum of the four counts category and we are actually stolen wisdom joint met. If you go back to the pdf, you would find that the joint met is all about having the med sign followed by the Hadza joined in the same way. Okay. And from its name, the full count Smith category. We stretch it for four counts. Yes. It's less. I don't it was the first line. We have. While E, E, share, share. Jazzy, jazzy. Nextline, Sue, taboo, Latin. The sad line. For our model. She'll have an milia. He had at the first line we have the FEM ce there to there. Yet this Muslim Lee EZH2. This word particularly it has the joint Matt and followed by the obviate, the national met. So when need to stretch it for counts first, followed by two counts. Lee ESU. Next one more on page 4646 has the separated met where actually you have the Met sign followed by the SAMHSA index flood separated into two wets. Okay, let's do it. This have the first line. We have y map, an OD though. Why man? I'll saw beca mass out on the next line. The tool bag. Furman, fam I am one at the next line, Wyoming. And here we have the joint met and separated met. Why man? Mixed one pawn to SLP. This 110 mu will. The next line we have V D. Paul Bahn. Last one. Yeah, Benny lyman dispatch. A daga walk on page 47. There we go. The Reddit took up would be here in this page. So let's get started. We have some ideas here from the Quran. We can stop one-by-one, lesser the best. I'm going to say each AIA twice. So please pay attention. All right. You can just hear it twice and then you say your one. That's why I prefer so pesky book work. I Fabien has EB. White. Has EB. Next one. Well, Claire de la daga. Daga. Daga, new. The next one? Well, I MAC MAC out a long while. Mac. Mac out on law. Who? The fourth one here? Your Jadi law, NFP. Your Jadi law, NFP. He don't after it. Fatty gene I beam at fatty gene I beam at the unauthorised. You'll call a D, B. You'll all the law and Effie said be an X1 all leaf at Dina. And Paula Lief who add Dina. And the second last one. Eur. The last one, this paint. Well, fees. Me. Ooh. Ooh, ooh, ooh. 13. Pages 48 to 54 "Going through the first 2 types of Tanween": Page 48. So on page 48 we are going to start to talk about the win-win. So what is it? And when? If you go back to the pdf, you would find that ten wins a known secondary At the end of the words. So it's not a short vowel nor it is just assemble. You would find that on top or below the lettuce. And basically we have three shapes often when I'm going now to mention the names than when feta, 10-week Casa can win them a song from this page we are going to do then when feta, can we in fact high, it's actually the sound of and at the end of the words. So let's do some vaccine and figure out why also. We have Ben. Then. Sen, Jen, wha, wha, what is going to happen to the elif at the end? Should we stretch it? Actually, no, we don't know why. Because this is not really yes, it's not. This. Elif belongs to the 10-week score of it. We do not pronounce it. Basically that unwillingness followed by other elif or yeah. So both elif and yet not lettuce in case of the wind fat ha, it's only related to determine for itself, only. It has no relation to 10-minute Coursera and the window. Ok, so let's make a base here. Can we infer is mostly followed by LF or yet? And those elif and yet are not pronounced. They are part of the 10-week, so we do not pronounce it. No, we stretch them. Ok. We have the second line. We say Han. Han. Then then run Xen, san shen Son. Don. Pawn. Vaughn. I'm on, Fenn On can, lend men. Then. Here it becomes more obvious when I said known followed by a ton when I said that when Fatah or audited when is unknown second, at the end of the west. So here known followed by it than when fat hat would be men. And 1 second, 1 second means no show val perfect plus line and this page is and one. And yen page 49. So in this page we have only three lines. Lipstick along my line. First-line, we have hija, hijab and for 4t n, for all, n for all b. At all be ten. Way we wait. Descend wind does not end with elif. No. But he may go back to my record. I just said mostly I didn't say always. If I say always, it would be my that for here. I said almost all mostly. Okay. So sometimes when it ends with a tag, a circled tab, or a closed path as we call it in Arabic, we call it that more and more Botha means closed. Okay? So this one of the cases that is not followed by either elif nor yet. So this is for all d at n plus wed, SSN fs and its line. Cro Jan. Cro Jen saw Li Han saw Li Han. Shu Yu Han Shu Yu Han. Fear on fear on NFS and AFS and page VFD. So on page 50 where I'll actually do in full lines is taken from the upper one. We have Liberius and Liberius and mash. Mash and call alleles on color liaison. Had all been had all been. Next one we have shell ball time. Sherpa upon highly Yvonne. Hello, leaves on Sue where I am to where I am. Valley ON valley on the red line in this page. So for fan, Soho, fan con, law down on Meli can Meli can be Len, stabby land. Men, men. Taking the loss line and dispatch Lebanon. Lebanon. Han, Han, Khufu and Qufu and the and the and the, and the. A question for you in this page is the wed handy and which type of metric is it? Page 51. In page 51, we have five-line slis taken from the first one. We have either been either they're ban saw Web and saw where ban SSN SSN, my affairs and my affairs and next time we are so bad and so bad. N for all, n for all n. So where I am, where I am. Cro Jan, CRO Jan. The headline in this page we have the bass and play bass and B cell. B cell on and ease all men. I evolve men. Fear on, fear on. The second last line in this page. Then, then psi, then saw higher then how all Dawn had all gone. How all ban had all been. Plus landing this page. Selfie len, len be Len. Said be Len. Yb, yb len, len. Where Qi Lan, page 52. So here we have five lens as well. Let's take it from the first one. Gazi ban, Kenzie, ban, hijab and Hijab. And so Who fan? So whole Fan. Khufu one. Khufu one. The second one we have Sherpa upon shell ball time than than coin. Coin. Hello there. On holiday. Next line. Fair Gee or on. Fair Gee are on. Now see you're on. Now see on Sue or on when a hair on B1. The second last line, it is page j, d, then JB, then yeti. Yeti man. I'll see. What else we land at all. Be ten. Crawl the last line in this page. Hammy. Were there any yet and were there any atom? So one. Yes, it is just so and because we've just said they as part of that and when we do not pronounce it, plus one and this page 2121, page 53. He in this wage will actually practicing that and Wind Casa where you have double Castro below the line and one away. Why Castro is below the line? Because when you try to pronounce the Castro sound, you need to lower your Joe Sue. This is kind of a reminder for you to low age of first when he find this symbol below the law. Okay? So here it is going to be the inner sound, like IN english. C here we're gonna say it line by line. We have been thin, thin, gin, pain, thin. Then the xin, green, Xin seen shin swim boiling point. When I plug-in thin. Qin, Qin Lin Min name again here to noon as if they are to noon following each other. Mmm him. When? In yen page 54, we have three lines and dispatch list. Take it from the first one. Show I been sure IRBs tin tin that are Artin had these in had these in. Moving to the next line we have Morrow Jin, Jin know him, know him to be ethene. The ethylene. Plus landing this page where I share he didn't he didn't. He is in is in car or in a car or in IZZ in ion. Alright, so this word has four lattice. The second law in this one is as the last letter in it. Because I had most of the people are being confused with this law. Yz, you just started writing handwriting style. It's Zai might ask us Law. So it's x0 IZ as 0s in. That's it. 14. Pages 55 to 63 "Finishing the 3 types of Tanween": Page 55 and page 55 we have four lines. Let's take it from the first one. We have in our Bazin. Fu Xin Yin. Within Yin. When moving to the second line, we have clean blue when when Ali yields in June, July in bed in valid in moving to the second line we have so for thin SOI, Fin, Qin, Qin no Zukin. No Zukin. Lynn, Varley Lynn. Plus line in this page. Min, min in, in, in, in, in in nasa in nearby in page 56 in P256, we have five lines. Let's take it from the first one. We have neighbour in. Now bear in Kibera, Dean, gaba in failing akin, akin, RBS in RBS in moving to the second line, we have so-called v_1, v_n, polo Quinn. Hello quinn. No Zukin. No Zukin. Show I been sure IRB, in taking this headline in this page. In the whole ruin. Poodle Jin. Jin. When Wu 14. When who fought in? Wow. Wow. When moving to the fourth line into space, Lu clean, blue, when you do a in jus, in bello or our dean. Dean, I'll call Batygin, are all called backed in plus line in this page. Bear when they're in the in the in in Isaiah been either been page 57. And in this page we have five lines. Let's take it from the first one. Says Qin sat in Berlin. Berlin. Their fee I in their fee. Share he then boy share, he didn't move into the next line. We have very clean, very clean volleyball in valine Lynn. Now AE min, max, min, min, min. The headline in this page mean Hami min, min, min, min, BMI, Min, Ni name variable and move into the second last line and dissipate. I mean in I mean in the body, I in body I am Michelle Orrin. Be Chardin. I thin, thin. Last line in this page. Mohair G-protein. Tin, tin, tin on the dev team. Connie, teen. Share MY heart in share MY hall. Tin. Page 58. There we go. We are doing the large shape of the wind, which is then when Dharma, which is the own sound at the end of the weds UK. Let's start line by line. One. Don't soon join Cone. Zone. Zun Xun. Shown song, Born Von Braun, Kuhn. Loan. More than none. One. On page 59. In this page we have three lunch, please take it from the festival. Cu2 bone to bone to dissuade has the med battle. Remember, when you have a matlab proceeded by a hands-on UK, a second MATLAB proceeded by Amazon. Proper. Tone has an add-on, has an add-on. Move into this AC line. How do I join? How will I join? Now? C one. Now, so you own a home? A home. Last line in this page. I hadn't I hadn't share key RON. Share key Ron Isley. He's on IZ is on page 60. And reach 60. We have full lines, please take it from the upper one. We have the bass on Liberius on paddy, you saw Heidi, you saw on variable one. Variable one. Moving to the second line. Coupon on sales on rails, on fair P on fair key on my layer one layer on moving to the deadline and displayed on our phone. Zi, he gone. There, he coin more bell icon, more bell icon. But also learn. But also loan plus line in this page. Eileen one. Eileen one. Ouzo known ozone on Va-Homer own vomit on page 61. We have five lines into space. Just take it from the first one, we have y lead on. I hadn't I hadn't z z-bar dune, Rama. Rama. On the second line we have nasa. Nasa out on our own palette, out on all babum. Babum. How do I join? How do I join? Moving to the headline in this page. Don't lie, born soon, unknown. Soon and on. All Ma'am, on taking the second loss line in this page. Cu2 born CO2 bone. Wu Xun on brucei, brucei Zulu. One last line in this page we have z here. Z here. Where the lawn where the lawn. Share key RON, share key RON. Fairy, Elon, Fairy Law on page 62. And this page we have five-line slays. Take it from the first one, we have nearly gone. Econ, more bell icon, more bell Akan. Volume one. Volume one. Module on module1. Moving to the second line, has an add-on, has an add-on. Hall, Lafayette on coffee at dawn. Harley soil tone, color liaison had done. Was he add that on Waze app that don't move into the third line in this page, we have our Libor. Libor Or D. D, or on your own. Awful Ron. Eileen one highly on the second lost line in this page. Why Biao? Well beyond where Ajay alone, Ajay alone, fanno Zulu on Fair New Zealand law concept among us, m one plus nine into space we have final Z or Auto-Tune. Final's the AUTO-TUNE. Gazi bad tone as the baton. Bi-layer Latin. Baudelaire lead on Kitab one. Kitab on page 63. In this page, this is like a quick recap on the three shapes often when can we in fact hired to incus rotten window with all the lithos Lister were won by like men been born. Then PTEN don't send seen Suan, Gen Jin, John. Han. Han. Han Han. Then been done. Then Z zone. Ron Garan, Zen Zim zone. Send scenes on Shen Xin Sean, SON, SON. When dawn on clean tone. Vo1, when I'm home, I'm a in and in on. This is totally away from the main point is I am out. Okay. Then we have 00:00 AM on Fen fin, phone on clean coin. Can gain can lend Lynn lawn. Men, men, men, men, men, none. And him HON, one when one. And in on Yen in yawn. 15. Pages 64 to 68 "Sukoon Rule": Page 64. So here we've come to a very valuable point, which is the spoon, SWI Sue. If you go back to the pdf, you would find the following. So cool when it is the noun and the adjective is second. Sousa Kuhn is a noun. It means that the letter has no show valance. Okay? But second, it's an adjective and it's related to itself. So we call this a second law when it has no show valves. So the state is soon, the adjective is second. So basically to pronounce a secondary must be preceded by a multi-headed UCLA. One would haddock means, if you go back to the first couple of pages in the PDF, you would find the pathetic means that the law has a short vowel, which is the opposite of the word Second, okay, it's an adjective. When it has a short vowel, motor hydraulic. A quick note here. The time needed to say a second layer is longer than the time needed to say a motor had UCLA because any second we hold it for a second to pronounce it clearly. Okay? So Sukarno is all about holding without any photonic Azra. Like to pronounce della normally. And this is not going to happen unless you have a metallic layer before, unless you have a lab before it. That's why in this page you would find that we have to let us connected together. One of them has a short vowel and one of them has a very different sign on it, which is the second sign. Sometimes would find VCE sign on the lattice and sometimes you wouldn't find it. You would just see the lettuce with nothing on an old below it. Okay. Do when it shall law. You're gonna get used to it once we stop vaccinate regularly. Ok, let's do Java, this medulla. So here we have the first line. Let's take alot ml and this is very sensitive, so please pay attention and replay it twice, three times, four times. It doesn't matter. Just keep doing it and keep tracking this medulla. But may mess. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yet. Is it as ES ES del dot f, z? Mm. I am. Yeah. Hey, alright, before moving to the next page, we have a very valuable rule here, which is the humps rule that we call in English the West bring hamster is only applied to the lettuce when they are. Second. Second means notional val. And it's only applied to tell us that we can't call them the hems. Let us, those ten Hamlet is, are collected in the following sentence to make it much easier to remember all of them. The sentence or the phrase A's. Second for Hester who shall soon. So the two letters are seen. Caffe, that Fed had said, Xin, caulk, and the solid UK. You really need to open the PDF file and listening to the audiobook here, because that would be much easier for you to attach the knowledge together. So what sounds like, sounds like the following. Miss the set in the first line in page 64, miss. And then the second one we have the satellites, we have S. The fourth line we have two humps, lettuce. Yes. Sj. Yes. So the sound off the pronouncing the law. Okay. The second last line in this page, we have the calf, the V. And the last line we have yeah. Yeah. Page 65. In this page we have four landslides. Take it line by line shall law. I'm going to mention the humps and also I'm pretty sure they are going to do your best to pronounce it clearly as I'm doing. Okay. The first line we have, but scene by scene, okay. I'm mechanism in slow motion. That scene where ban whereby we are not posing by the way, by just saying add. Then we say the second layer or the next law directly. Blair ban meat, meat man. So that he is Hamster. That's why we said meet sound. They had S model. S, damps, sound. S. Alright, let's say this line again. That scene where ban MIT S not all. Move into the second line, we have a Jeru, Yeah, boo, boo. Yeah. Oh, yeah. The deadline it is paid. We have sod Baraka. Sod Baraka as as middle yet in males yet in as well Jan as Jan. Last line in this page. Ness yen. Yen is the amps sound. Ash. Ash, Hold on. I'll spare tune out all sped on top. Li Ling Dao Li Ling. Page 66. Please take it line by line, we have the first line, melt. Melt boy. Who who your URL. They allow. The next line we have F where Jan, Jan del, del, Z or aka. The next line we have fed them. Them. Fed them them a home. And home. His damn sound. One last line on this page. So fair. So how phone? Phone K phi K phi way, long way loan. So maybe somebody would came up and say to me, why you didn't mention the Calcutta or are actually the vocalize a bet advanced? If I mentioned here, it would be a bit confusing to everybody, especially the kids, older, younger ones. Also calculate, or we call it the echo or the vibrating. It's a bet sensitive. So you need to have a teacher, or we need to have somebody who call lesson to your recitation or to your reading while doing the echo or the Caracalla today he tells you whether you say right on, on page 67. There we go. We have six lines in this page. Let's take it from the first line. We have seen that scene. Get seen. Seen screed. Where ban whereby N 010010, meat. Meat, smell as modal. Miss. Miss. The next line we have edge. Ron Garan. Re, re, you lead. You lead. Sod brca. Brca. The force line in this page. Una una. B is me. Beat me. More. More ED50 In the second last line in this page. Clearer tours in all seen as where gene, as where Gene us, we sue us, we sue. Yes, Daddy. Daddy. Last line in this page, we have a hold on. Hold on. B. B. B. B. I'll spare. Don't all sped on Dao Li Ling Dao Li Lin, page 68. We also have six lines here in this page. Let's take it from the first one. We have. Your peak. Remember, the second law takes longer time to be pronounced, longer than then we had to clear that while we said your yard because he is a second one. But if it was motor hydraulic, if you have, for example, it would be way faster than the second one. So we said, your tea. Pharaoh felt all the billionaire, Mattie. Mattie. This word ends with a closed that photo, if you remember. Plus within this line, F where F, where Jan moving to the second line we have now are I'm now call I1. I'm fine. Cell call Fen cell called Van Ness yen. Ness yen. The third line in this page, telco, we mean telco, we mean the alcohol, how they'll call, how PR called Yoko DO malcolm Robert in malcolm Robert in the fourth line in this page, what I'll call batch. Oh, ash. Ash fell yet. Yet to the raga. Xik, aka family ADD, DO, DO. Yes. Uga, yell, Mizuki. Fed them, them them them. The last line in this page we have Mm, no Nin. Mm, new name. Way am now where I am now? Yes. Yes. Yeah. Yeah. And the lunar 16. Page 69 "Laam Qamaria": Page 69. Regarding this page, if you go back to the pdf, you would find the following. The title would be second lambda. The lambda has two types when its second, lamp, Cambria and lamb Chiemsee. Yeah. Those are names of two different types of second lamp. The lamp calm area that we call it the pronounced lamb. We pronounce it regularly. Normally. But the lamps MC, Yeah, it is a silent Lam We do not pronouncing how to know which calamities. Basically regarded Lancome Maria, you would have the following. It must be preceded by joining hands-on and proceeded means before there is a joining Amazon and it must not be followed by Russia. Why should that shutdown shall login. It took about from page 71, I think so. So geologist wafer, but for now, just take it like this one about lunch and CIA lumps, Gypsy, yeah. It is preceded by the joining hands as well. But it's followed by asha. Okay. So let's give some examples. On page 69 we have some examples of the lamp calm area and the pronounced one. You really need to know the names, the pronounced and the silent one. Lamp calm area and lump-sum. See you. So for example, the first word is N, a L bar. Let's just skip this one. Let's talk about the second one. Because it's much clear. Al Bell Bay. Normally Al Bell. She had the lamb. It is a second lamb. It has this concern over it. Even if it has nothing over, it's OK. It's a Sakalava as well. So a second lamb and there is a joining hands that before it. And if we look in front of it, we have no shutdown. So definitely this is lamp for Maria. But if we go to page AD, we would find the following pitch AD. Okay. The first word in page 80, it is l to l employee bad to you don't need to pronounce it today. Just wait for it. Just look closely, would find lamb has nothing over it or below it. So it's, it's actually lamb. Okay. And there is a joining him said before a bouquet looking in front of it, we have a shutdown. We should definitely this is Lam subsea and we make silent once we see it. So that's why I said Paul. I didn't say L, Paul. Exactly now, so this is lunch MC Add Assignment lab. The now let's go back to page 69. Let's say the words in it. We have a little ball ball and Bell Bell alloy. And hacky mu L, hacky. Moving to the second line and displayed we have LG. Lg. Remember the joining Amazon when we start with that, we say as a OK, but only when it's in the middle between two lattice, it acts as a joiner, joins delay before it to the law threat and it is silent, vacuous. But when we start with, when we start the speech, when we start the recitation, when we start the reading with pregnancy as l k, l k. Where c, where c, l, v. As we move into the deadline in disparage, Fela Kuti, alfalfa, P L L this tall. And Chris, Paul and Yemeni. And Yemeni. Taking the second, last line, anticipate modal Qu. Qu, had the, had the lead. Who their land. Where are we? Where we live in this page? We're led to L2, VB. Vb NME, Lynn, Me, me, me, me, me. 17. Page 70 "10 Ayahs to challenge yourself": Page 70. In page 70, we have 10 is this do them from the first one, Miss Miller? The Help Me Nooner. Others slightly more Meenu. Next one. Alan Shore saw the. This shut off little girl saw a bit like. Remember, here we are doing the echo and the House rules. Musharraf Nesh. This is Demps Sword, Sword Sodded, this is for the people who learned the echo, who learned this is for you, for the people who didn't learn it, it's OK. It's just a rocket. OK, but for the people who learned it, it is sword sodded. LML shut off like elshaug. Next one. Well, often like Karaka. What I family like Karaka. Don't after it. Who they talk. Man, they took. The one after sober Hanneke Toby to L.A.. Sober Hanneke to be to L.A.. The next day. Get a tollgate bill hackey me. Dilg tollgate bill hackie me. The next day. Wormer del Gaby Mineka Morseu. Well, Martin, can Mineka Moossa. Nixey. When Limosine is PAULITO mill at the. One of our limosine Eltis, Polly, will be Mattie. The second loss, I anticipate. Luckily, Al Robaina, whereby Eneko. Called the L m. This is the joining hands in the way it acts as a joiner joins the letter before it to the letter, after the lie, before is the year and the letter after. It is the lamb lamb comerio local, the L m Robaina or by Nachum. Last one shuttle on this page. While the day in a local man she met. Well, according to a local man, Manalich met. 18. Page 71 "Intro of Shaddah and Practicing Shaddah with Fathah": Page 71. There we go. We have come to the shed, their sign, which is the most common sign in the whole Quran. You would find that it is really sensitive, really valuable. Once you perfect. July gonna feel your pronunciation of letters. I'm your reading your recitation of Docker and becoming much better. What if we look to the PDF, we'd find it's assembled, looks like small w. And it means that this is being doubled. We pronounce the w as w, u, w, OK. By an Arabic, means that this lab that has the shed, that sign is being doubled. So we have two lattice of the same shape of wonder. That means shed. They gives us two letters in the shape of Allah. Magic. Yes, it is. The ship design is always on top of the lattice and it must be a combined with a short vowel or any kind of win-win. Or are the question says, how come the earth has a shed? The sign is doubled while I only see one. That's what I've just said to the gives us two letters and the shape of one. Because the double glass is formed from a second. Hadn't wanted to be honest. And we hadn't seen one I one that we can't see. So that's why you only see them had UCLA. However, we do pronounce the secular as well. For our next question is, which law of the double glass should we pronounce first? Should we denounced the second or them with Heydrich? Actually, we should pronounce, we must pronounce the second left, which is hadn't won, that we've announced them had UCLA after it, immediately afterwards. A quick note, you would find it in this page. The mean and the non RB in colored in yellow. And actually this gives you a hint that this is going to be special. Yes, it is. Because actually when we have a meme or unknown that has a shadow over it, would do the nasal sound for two counts, which we call the owner. Just search for it, look for it, and it would find the right answer for what it means. Let's do that. Page 71 now, this ticket line by line, and by the way, you would find the lines to lines colored in a specific color than two lines in a specific color, the two lines and so on. So the first two lines, same lattice. And then below it, it is just adding an elif, which is MapOverlay actually just giving you the idea of unity, stretch it all, the economists stretchy layer, it comes into shape as well. Okay? So we're just gonna say the one that has no stretching just to consume the time. So the first line we have prob I said Rob back as if Rob crop, followed by a second and then followed by a bat was farhat. It is the same, but directly. Then meet the Meet the best say Bess had had. Sure. Sure. So how could this deadline sharp, shadow raw MES MES has share. Share was so while saw how how live in the line Austria and moved to the line after it will have sulfur. Sulfur. Help call Paul Shen. Shen. To kinda second last line in this page. We've come to it. The nasal sound, the sound for two counts. If we didn't mention that before. Where? Where? Hey, yeah. Yeah. 19. Pages 72 to 76 "Shaddah with Fathah&Kasrah": Page 72, chloride value actually practicing now, the shed there was fat high in this page we have five lines. Let's take him from the first one as we used to with MLA. Said. Setbang. Fossil. Also. Best. Best. The next line, borrowed jetty. Jetty. Darrow ad, the ad, the headline in this page. Coul, rotten. Rotten. The firewall call. Felt while call ESTs the nasal sound. Cough, fat. Guess, bombs. Cough, fed. The second last line in the space. Field, but in field latIn. All salting, all sorting. They'll rotting. Plus landing page. Where boost fatty, fatty, oily or polio. Yet. Yet. The eta them. Yet on page 73, we also have five lines here. Let's take it from the first one. So hiring fair Qin, Qin hut therein. What they had seen in the second line in this page. Where hadn't low where hadn't say yell, I don't say Yes. I guess. I don't. Well, if I set the deadline in this page, they will urge and urge and said Jan Jan said, judge. And then the second last line and displayed on and on and on. Why Gen? Y Gen. That was yes, the nasal sound of the last line in this page. So where so where? They'll rush. Now I share this is the word in sort of Alfred hat plus current Alice's voodoo. Again as so this one is a yes. Now ball hard their knee. Now Baja Danny. Page 74. So here we are. Don't shed there with the show valid Coursera, Let's take it probably would be made the Bessie. Had g show. He could be. Is the sharing the sharing V a z, a z, mess. See how she will see how we help. Help Z. That the selfie. Help check Qi Li, BS, nasal sound. My V1 knee. Where how we Hi, Paige, 75. In this page we have five lines do when the shutdown was the Coursera, this two-way x2 widget, x2, WeChat, oui, oui. For four. So, so the second line into stage two had the SU, two had these ou know solemnly foo no saddam lifo. Where you had VMO. Where you had VMO. So I said the third line in this page. We let let while both were born reserved the 00. So the second last line in this page, you'll see a whole suite. Bush Bush year or two had the lamps of the calf to head. Facade fell silently. Since this is in sorted L cosine when Alice photolysis facade because it's not facade Lee, Because if he said that you actually add in a yet and you are making a med probability to. And actually this is wrong in Egypt to say Nili Fossae, Nili Fossae nearly aerobics when, how and dismayed. Clojure mutton, IE mutton. So in year or suing year. Really, really counseling been colossally been. Paged 76. Have in five lines in this page. Let's take it from the first one. Nowhere. Nowhere. So this cassava belongs to the lamb nor to the, yeah, because yeah, he has a second one perceived by a cassava. We call this metal VA and Australia for two counts that while said no when Lee a session at the end. While caught on V, while current V. C here particularly have a, yeah, we should do. And then you have a, I need distraction. So pay attention. Li Yi, Yi, C T, C T and the second line in this page. So in the column, the column posts Sui he, closely he, C and G and M. C, d min, no net giga, no net JICA. The headline in this page. Why use a key him? While he was at CPI him. The nasal sound risks come in. Where you Men Ni him. You man, Ni him. Fare you well, him. Failure where f0 him. Urvashi como yo Rashi. The second last line in this page. Motto FP, FPGA, motor OF Viega. No cell we come, no cell we come see Ji Lin, Se De Lin. More when Lee had more, when Lee had lost lamb in this page, around 100MB broadband, the nasal sound is coming. Mei Ye, Mei Yi. Layer TM, Ni, layer TEM N0. So the cartoon be call it Don. 20. Pages 77 to 81 "Shaddah with Dammah,Laam Shamsia and The Joining Hamzah": Page 77. In this page you are doing shed. That was the short list when Rob Bu mid to ves Sue had do show who said I could do? He has Zues, Zues, Zues, Zues, Zues Hao Bu Hao x2. So who help? Shed? Ooh. Ooh. Ooh. Ooh. Ooh. Ooh. Page 78. Here we have six lines. Let's take it from the first one. You ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, doo, doo, doo, doo. The second line we have the FAR rule, Desso rule Tzu. Now also now Xu Yao Yao Bu headline in this page. Yeah. Door, who? He? Adorable. Where you Hey Lou. Why you Hey Lou. Lou. Well, lou, L bar Lou. Lou. Next time we have more more. Yellow zone. No. Yes. No. Yes. No. Yes. No. Why you hold while you who? The second last line in this page, horseshoe. Horseshoe. Vuca. V-u-c-a. I need don't need don't tell crash area rule. They'll call Sharia rule. Plus landing page where Li Yu, layer one, layer well done NACA. He also done MCA. Couldn't login. Page 79. We also have six lines here in this page. Let's do a dream be Una. At MBI una, una. Where you, hey, Buena, where you hay una. The second line in the spade. To hey Buena. To hey Buena. Yeah. The alcohol saw yeah. Yeah. More. No. Yahweh. Yahweh Luna. The headline in this page. Fashion, we do all this Mohr circle on top of the lattice and top of the LF specifically, we make this Alexandre and because of that, so we'll just say I should do. I think this is in page one into PDF or page to just go back for it. What do we do? Well, while some loss on the line after the fourth line. For hey you. For hey you there. So buh buh buh son Lue, Zhan Lue. While solver rule. Well, solve a rule. The second last line in this page, Alban Lou, elbow lu, mountain rule. Not rule. The rule to describe is yeah, P. So this is hat and ask us are below m. So it is. Yeah. Yeah. Yes. Or do you also do Last landing page, where a police officer, this is the profit a QQ. Plot to one loo, loo lemme, lemme with whom? The host sooner whom? The host, una WHO? Page. And finally we've come to the lamps MC. We've come to the page that we can practice the lamps MC, Yeah, the West as the land from CIA plastic assaulted. If you didn't know that I'm from C, I go back to the PDF if you can't remember it, let me give you a quick anti-A lump-sum. Cia is a silent clamp. The main character of this lamb. It's followed by a shutdown. We don't pronounce it to silent lamp, and it's preceded by the joining SAMHSA and we store it as a, Let's get started. We have just five lines here. Let's take him from the first one to L. Two. And pressure will die. Now you can't do the word. Remember before when we were doing lamp, can Maria, we've came to this page to show you just a hint about lamps. Mc Yeah. And it was weird for you when you started when I started to say the web, honestly. Now you can say it because you learned the Shanda, unalienable MC, SML, naughty, SM ROT. I'll saw early Hetty. I'll saw and he had the outer why man to man. And the second line in this page, at tau where boo at Del Webb who bought me me as deco as x_ coudl. Massey. Massey. The headline in this page, SLM. As Mattie. Mattie was was second last line in this page. As shim Sue. As scheme's su una. Let me batty, batty less soil layer. Here we have the small elephant top of the wow, we just announced the LF plesiosaur polarity plus line in this page. Please carry please. Zachary leash, Chiemsee. Leash, AMC. Please. Please list the four counts. Might this is the joint met. If you don't remember it, just go back to the PDF list. Page AD1. Previously we were talking about the joining hands and we said it is only pronounced as when we start with. But when it's in the middle, it becomes silent. White acts as a joiner, joins the light before it to the laughter. He will go and again, we are talking about the joining him again. And what it does here, let's jump into it. So here the joining him there, it actually canceling the Met to actually canceling the stretching before it. So when we have a stretch, when we have MATLAB followed by joining him, said, we drop this Matlab and we cancel the stretching. This guy started, you're going to get, pay attention. So the first two words in the page are Chicago. And and this is how we say them. Yes. By if we combine them together, we would drop the elif, the last elephant, the wedge are Corner and the joining hamster. In the UK. They say Chicago. Chicago Law. You're going regularly. Use this technique to please pay attention for it. It is so easy. Just follow it. Next one is LB hell, where as if there is val followed by land directly, we drop the LF, we drop the joining camps. Where is l behavioral? Mental Korea to metal to melt melt. Claudia Ku. The second line in this page is as shim Sue is as scheme's Sue Hale dropped three lattice the lift in the wet Eva, the joining SAMHSA and the land because this is lampshades. Yeah. Yes. Next one and this line where LNG barely where? Lng barely. Ill. Ill Iike island like Vb. In maybe. The third line in this page. Yes. Yes. Lend out all the less Suzhou, the the less sue the veal Lao Shi Zhi Shi La saw me loss or loss line and this page, why me or saw early hair t. Here we dropped four letters that I went to wed whammy lou, the elif, because it had a small circle. The joining Amazon, the Lamb shift Z and Y Milo's saw early Hetty. Well you will be most Scilab way, you will be more solid. Where you way you do that. 21. Pages 82 to 85 "Madd Lazim, A big challenge and Shaddah with Tanween": Page AD2. Alright, before go and deepening beach AD2. I'm just asking you a question. What do c hat is coming in? Old us. Stay calm. Sea. We have two more common sings. You've got glucagon. You might know it. You've got Med sign followed by a shutdown. Yes. You've got an at sign followed by shortening. So basically that we've come to the lost met mentioned here in this book which is called MATLAB. If you go back to the pdf, you would find that metabolism is all about having a med sign followed by shut down in the same way. And we actually stretching this med six counts. Okay. There is a point in each of which is you've got mad followed by a shutdown. So after stretching, but you need to land on the lab that has shed that to pronounce the second layer first, then the metallic law. That has assured the ovary. Because we've said before a shed the means doubling the lettuce, whatever him second one of them was, how to take the first one, the second the second one is methodic. Second means notional valve. Yes. We've had it means there's Shor found. Yes. All right, let's jump into the content. They say the first line, second line, and so on. The first line we have the betting. So I said that after six months, I said Ben. Ben here, I pronounced the first second law than Heydrich, which is bad. I said Bay and so on, right? But on the whole, then, the second line, we have to do, the That Debbie Ni This is the nasal sound. This deadline and dispatch call. Slotkin. Yet. So I saw the second most time into speech. I'll saw H2. Am Mina to share the loss line and the speech. Una Leo do Cume. E plus wed has two metal ASM and two counts of nasal sound, tika. We say at two. Page 83. All right, here we have some isolates. Save him from the first one. We have. In. The second one. Is o. This said when we have phase NFS data is mean as shape on Neil Rajiv Gandhi. The fourth one we have allele a lot. Who I saw Lehi in a semi D1, although I die T1. The second loss IN this page, debbie, a coup de la WHO jammy. Plus I anticipate what the eyelid is. Meanwhile, Liaodong, page 84 for IPV4 has the shutdown combined with a stick alone by line. Then been born. Met, Dan met, Dean, met Don. Best, Sen. Mess seen. Best soon. Fed Jan, fed gene fed June. La, la, la Han. Han. Sought then slot been solid done. First, then Fen Xin fellows zone door one door, green door RON as Zen as xin. As Xun, best, SEM, best seem best soon. Passion. Has shin. As shown. Now B1. Now been now b1, x1. When x1 one twin. Upon health one. How's when held zone down? L1, L2. L1. Soften. Soften. Soft phone. How on? How clean? How coin shed can shed skin. Shed colon, colon, colon, colon. The nasal sound. Some men, some men, some men. One main pavilion. Tell one. Though when Haiyan hey Yin Haiyan, page 85. We've got six lines into space. Let's take it from the first one. How Ben, Ben, Dan, Dan cells one fell x1. X1, x1. The second line. What then what then? Then then said Ben said then that can that can the said line. Dotted 11010111. Soften. Soften. The fourth line in this page. How coin, how I'm sharp, shell climb ON. And the second last line in this page. So I'll be soybean yen yen. So we so we ban, ban plus line in this page. One. Now we'll do one. Yen yen men. Men, men. While some men. 22. Pages 86 to 88 "Starting the journey": Page 86. So in page 86 we have civil lines list taken from the first one. Alu one. Alu when I fall, when I fall one. I'll do when? I do when yen the second line in this page, coffee and coffee and Sharkey yen, Sharkey yen or RBM. And all the yen. Nij yen. Now GEM, the deadline, a DEM, a DEM. Why I am, why she goes Zen. Awesome. Awesome man. Man. The force line in this page, limb, when limb, parallel pin, pin, shed in Czech game. When when the fifth slime nice page Marad been narrowed, been high Yin Yin. We adore rain. Rain. We shall win. Michelle when second last line in this page, phi1. Phi1. While you could LIM. Well, he said Jin. Jin. Min, min plus line in this page. I will do when I'll do, when. I do, when I do when our Albi yen, I'll be in. B, how thin? We help thin. Page 87. Here also we have said the lines less taken from the first one. Lean IBM. Lean IBM limos terracotta when limos staccato Vin coffee, Yin Yin. This is for the people who went through the Alcala. Now for the ones that didn't go through where it is. Yen for Alcala rabbit. Yin without hostilities. In the second line we have Yin Yin Lin lin, lu Ji Yin. Lu Xun. Most damage Jean. Most damage when the satellite wardrobe Boone Boone was done while doing Sharon. Sharon, b21. B21. The fourth line in this page. A sharon. Sharon, I help I help coin. Could loan could loan. Loan Felton loon. The line after it we have check, check gone, hidden, non some one. Some. Matlab is here. Jab, jab. The second last line in this page. I do one. I'll do one. Arabi Arabi yawn, f21. F21 plus line in this page. Yawn. Yawn, Hathi yawn. I neon. Neon. Jamie. Jamie yawn, page 88. Before diving into page 88, need to go back first and have a lesson in it to go back first and have a lesson about how to stop at the end of the welds. And basically the main rule is you're going to make the last level of this word. Second, Of course, there are exceptions to this rule, but you need to go back to have a lesson. Just search for it and leave you a link for some videos on YouTube so that I can have some knowledge about it. Let's get started. Before going through what you need to check the VDS to have an idea about what is this? Because this page is just talking about it. Uk. Say in the first line we have mid mid Bess. Mess. For the second line, as shown. As shown. I shall LSS model. Model. The headline is where do I mess? Mess. Shh, hush. Now calls. Now calls. If you don't have an idea about what I'm doing yet, go back to page 83, a lesson to the eyes that I said that I said, haha, for the fast ion. I didn't say he didn't say Alcoa mu I said alcohol when I made the last meme in this second because we stopped on it. That is why a set do you need to sash on how to stop at the end of the west? Then excited, I said, I'll fail saline. Well, who are high Euro solely in? I didn't say NFL, Selena. I didn't say alpha slowly. Man said Julian because I made the last, last second and so on, not after it analogy and I'll solely he and one nor nor instead of going after Jamie. Jamie, just something that we call MED I love the compensation might need to look for it. Most one well, oh do when an acetyl while low do when he. We eliminated the short vowel and made it. So it becomes one load. And going back to page 88, the last three lines we have. Yeah. Yeah. How how how? Yada yada. So six counts. The last line in this page. Oh, how Paul? Shed shed felt I felt like b from b. We don't get rid of the nasal sound. Tika still exist, the nasal sound plus line and displayed. I'll do, I'll do maybe, maybe.