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Learn Albanian in 7 DAYS # DAY 3 - General Things you need to know

Sira Academy, School

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6 Lessons (23m)
    • 1. Family relations

    • 2. Months of the year

    • 3. Numbers in albanian language

    • 4. Places in Albanian Language

    • 5. Colors in Albanian Language



About This Class

If you have followed the previous courses DAY 1 and DAY 2,  you really did a little progress in reading and writing basic words.  

You have also learnt rules of verbs conjugation. And you know how to conjugate regular verbs in Albanian language.  In this class i will teach you some useful things you should know.

Try to learn this vocabulary and repeat 3 or 4 times, you can add me on skype if you need any further explanation.  Teacher Beli is my skype id -  in the profile photo there is a yellow school bus.

Albanian is easy when you find your personal teacher, never try to learn alone. Find a teacher.



1. Family relations : family relations are were important have been language. So in this lecture I will explain in family relations. So keep the relations between your mom and dad, your sister and brothers and everyone let you know from your family. So, mother, in Albanian language, we say none. We see Mother. So you see Mother Mother, it's none. Then we have Bubba. But Motor Villa. So you see way use No Baba Motor Villa. No NBA more motor. You have a sister. One company of a lot. I have a brother daughter, we say Abia e beauty son maybe a a beauty. So it's very simple. No Baba Motor Villa. Maybe a beauty do shot juicy. So when I was young I used to visit my grandmother for issue every visitor edition Douche MMA There's a book or do shame And Samir, my grandmother is good. Jeanne She dodged for my grandfather. He's worried love person and peace person juicy most black My grandfather is old. Do she must study which my grandfather is 70 years old Now we have a visa. So we use Mies Baesa me Be nephew So need be Vieira So mother low on beauty Vieira beauty who naughty so sister low and rather low use. Karnataka penalty. Probably these are not so important. I learned the useful things like none Baba motor, the law habia beauty drew Shah Drew sheep based on me, Vera. Very Nata could not take. So that was all about family relations, you know, being a language. So try to learn to memorize his word and it will find Albanian language. It's a really easy, easy language. Thanks for watching. 2. Months of the year : So you know, being a months white means months The mountain off the year white defeated white He and I are so it's very easy to learn one defeated Yanar squirt They are never be aboard In January, its nose Pienaar scored Mars Mars a little So we have Yanna scored Mars April And then we have my my so once it can Yanar So you see how we re tnr score So we have s age Score Mars April my church shore share shore Coric Let's repeat it once again From the beginning he and I are score Mars pretty ill My chair to shore Coric So here we have chaired ashore Coric Now we have pushed in Albanian language Bush so try to repeat, gushed gushed So girl who shut gosh stutter the door. So turn shore Coric. Gosh, the ninth Or yet Or they tore Mentor theater on the AM Leader Todor, I have board in October Only I am Linda or debt or Nimoy in total. No wine. That or so you get. Or don't or that or start? Or is he he? We have endings with order. Kortrijk to sure my April Mars scored. Yeah, matter. So these are the amounts of the year In Albanian language. There is a common song and we're in a very well known song and have been language. When we say Patsy an orange Corti Marsa Pass kitty really mind Majority Korey Cooper The most stood over the door Natori movie Viator make good column. Give it the Aryan meditator. So this is a point. I mean, I've been in language that WAAS recited by the olders or grandparent's before, so thanks for watching and see you in the legs lecture. 3. Numbers in albanian language : We need to learn some some numbers and have been a language. So zero, we say 00 Then we have new do. Did it zero near Dutra Coulter Base Qatar Base Example. Onto a new book own. Do our new McKeen. I want a car. Yeah, so we use this near you can check near to the definite articles that I have explained do today. Zero new Dutra Carter Pace. I think Now you're able to read and you can read in the same way I'm reading and pronouncing No Dutra Calder Pez Then we have joshed. See, we have judge joshed stopped, I think meant get Josh. Start it. No, don't get so to number 10. There worry easy to use. So let's repeat once again. Zero new Dutra Calder Pace Johrj start state None. V it. So now we're going to count till 12 New booty it. So you see, we put the traffics in here in your so the numbers And then we add an ending. Civic V it You see Number did so This is this fixing here And then this is the ending number. The it do body it do embody it trembled it Catherine Big yet so Onley. Remember this? Birdied? OK, ember D it Bassem of yet just a movie it So let's repeat once again. Number of yet Do not yet tremble. View Catherine movie ins based symbol of yet Justin Movie it. Now we have started, but yet stop somebody it that number did so you see, it's very easy because we had only numbers from 1 to 10 from 1 to 9 and then we had descending. Embody it start up idiot Tatham 1,000,000,000 None somebody. And we have news that news that let's see some big numbers. I mean from 10 million till 1,000,000 from 10 2 million Soviet news that we have learned this than three v It do that three v it so this you need to learn by heart. Some of some are very logic but some of them not example three d it do that. See, this one does that. You have to learn by heart. It's 40 the number 40 best serve you That's a view. So we put this past the number and then this v it So this is the ending of you passively It just did Justin view So we have to put on a year. Also just the did start of yet Justin Pierre status Did that the view it So there there is an h here. So we have to put an age. I will correct this that I did none today. It So you see. Let's repeat once again have Yate news it the deviant do that example we can say Is that an ant? 49? Best of you did 53 Just the view Take author 64 Start of yet started The Kenya 71 That idiot we see anti I see we have none 30 it new chin New chin If you would like this to say example True has read You can put on Lee do the change, Gretchen Cat region. So you only put the numbers from 1 to 9 And then you add this chin Example 90 we say no intelligent mentioned. So we have new me milion. So new. Me, Amelia 1,000,000 is he were with six zeroes. New me Nugent. Milion. So these are the numbers not being the language. I hope you will learn it and you will find it easy. So thanks for watching and see you in the next lecture. 4. Places in Albanian Language : Hi. And in this lecture I will bring you some places cinema in a language. I think it's necessary to extend or work a blurry. And to use more words in Albanian language shut only there in a shot. I live in a village. They shot the Vogel. I live in a little village to death. So it's the city. The town OK, City town to that do John. So we have shot Treat that do John which are going to do? I'm going to the shop. The room ST on your time. No gun me highly. Grab a no. I lived mystery and criminal and we have their tastes Dirty Pneumonia willing number one Fala A lot immigrated Call a plan. So we say ballot once again shocked to that new U turn in the shot upon it. Do you live in a village or in the town? Only a toy shop. I live in a village Do John room There days we have people take people take so library We say politic. No big a tick car Libera elaborate their books No big take courtroom Libra in the library. There are a lot of books on the restaurant I go in a restaurant school own squareness school. I go to school so we have big Take restaurant school. Then we have Zonis. We use the Zionist not only for students, because we have separated this thing. Student, we say also in Albanian language because like I said English, it's influencing some off or words or common words like student we use also stow them politic with duras Bilotti with orders. Bruske. So we use for the municipality Blaschke or for a commune office. It zur I have the obvious uncommon yuzu nature That example own Kamuzu No territory Kanye's You're in the school. The director have it Has office in the school. Schooler consents the school last students. So don't forget this words because they are very useful if you would like to use their language So shot turned robe In 30 days follow people take really start school Biological Duras Blaschke Common zero So that was all about. Some places have been language. If you don't understand something, you just can drop me a comment and I was respond to you quick as I can. Thanks for watching 5. Colors in Albanian Language : Hi again. So in this lecture I will explain you some colors. I think they are necessary to learn this lesson. So colors are very important and we use every day discussion. So in Albanian language we have e and aids. It means one is masculine and the weather is feminine. It means that even now is a masculine. So we need to put e And if the the down its feminine, we need to put a example If we say the Marquis now emerged a check. So my car is red. We have to put this eight because the car is in other language. It belongs to the feminine form. If we say he example. Equusearch, we say jock week. Which red blood? Jocko Equusearch. So So you see, in English we have same gender. But in a language they are different. So he was or a a cool check here. So now you know that we use E for masculine noun and a for feminine noun He could shake He barred at bar He barred and bar nearly you e barred white man boys. I am barred White girl e is Is Z is so equal Each coach e a bar. Is he There, you see there, the yellow cartoony there. So you see cartoony. Where the yellow card. It Delbert e j. Hilbert and Delbert. Sometimes we had that team here, but in this case, it Gelber I would put like an indefinite for you. So we say group sky blue. It's Carter countered Chili counter blue sky Might I counter so blue T shirt. So first we have used the eat and the a gray We used, like greed for a here in here in most general because the English is implanting or language in some words. So people are using like blue and green Brown cafe So Andrew McAfee Cafe he countered. Blue Jolbert Very xjs bar e A. So these were the colors in a vague language. Try to repeat once or two times and he would learn it without any problems. Thanks for watching 6. DAYS OF THE WEEK : Hi. And this lecture I will explain you in the days of the week. Did it the office So being in language, its data the office a hum. So you see a home? If we see her now in Albanian language, it's of the moon. But when we see a hand, it means Monday a hung sort. Lester home Today it's Monday in marts, Kmart, a Merc or so you see that we have this A with two points, both murder. Cool a hand Aymar a Marine Corps. It aimed the it end. The sometimes we use in your family are language We used a without putting this nine here because sometimes difficult to pronounce a and that it and that it friend that a huh? A mart, a mark or it end a program that it brand the a paradigm. That example Sotos the printer. Today it's Friday. His stone a stuhn. They're still not deep Bazaar e a deal. A stone A deal. A villas did pushing me. So Sunday it's we can date. Hey, Gil, is stone a prevalent? So let's repeat once again from the beginning. A home, a mart, a Marine Corps it end it plenty if stone dill. So these are days of the week in Albanian language. Try to memorize. But before doing that righted towns all right it in her notebooks. That may be easy for you to learn by heart then.