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Learn Albanian in 7 DAYS # DAY 2 - Albanian Verbs | Rules of Conjugation

teacher avatar Sira Academy, School

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (32m)
    • 1. Greetings in Albanian

    • 2. VERBE TO BE - folja JAM

    • 3. VERBE To HAVE folja KAM

    • 4. Albanian verbs conjugation

    • 5. Rules of Conjugation

    • 6. VERB TO GO - Folja SHKOJ

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About This Class


  • This is the second day of Learning Albanian Language, in this class we'll focus in conjugation of verbs, rules how to and what rootes they take ? 

If you haven't follow the first class, search DAY 1 

If you have any question feel free to write me ! 

Hope you'' ll enjoy it ! 

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Sira Academy



Bonjour ! , my name is Ylber, a founder of Sira Academy. I was born in Novosello, a small village in the south east of Kosovo, now I live in Montpellier which is a city in south of France, exciting and much more dynamic. I studied French Literature at the university of Montpellier but also English as a foreign language. I have been teaching for 5 years now in many schools and associations. I really enjoy teaching. It gives me the opportunity to learn about the different cultures around the world.

I have become a self taught, Depending on the complexity of a topic, learning something new can take a long time. And it's bound to be frustrating as you grapple with new terminologies, new models, and apparently irrelevant information. When you are learning something by yourself, there ... See full profile

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1. Greetings in Albanian: And in this lesson, we should learn some greetings in Albanian language. Let's start with a welcome Welcome. Your Sevigny Mere civilian. Is she pretty welcome in Albania. Hello. So we read Persian Data Person data. So when we meet someone, we can say perdition. Data Person Did you in the war Russian data? Mick Wim. Hello, my friend. Human Just. Good morning, Mir man. Just me Religious production Data mirror Sevigny Human Just near Dita mere Dita. Good afternoon. Near Dita Billy. Good afternoon, Billy Mendieta. I know. Meer Editor Ana Mendieta Miram Bruma. Good evening. So don't forget this position. Data human. Just mere Dita member Emma a mere seven e person data human. Just Merdeka member Emma Human Jess, UNITA member Emma. So just try to repeat. So if you want to say to somebody goodbye can same Europe option Munib option Millar pops in. She pre near a path Seem please. You know them. Please You Luton. So excuse me. In Albanian language, we seem a felony. No felonies? A three. Excuse me, sir. More funny. Thank you. Family mean There it I mean, did it milita calendar? It mean Brahma telling David believing Did Schum we say Thank you very much. As you see, we have. Thank you very much for leaving nearly trump. Okay, You pull only on Billy. So you should also check the words that I have explained in the other lectures. So once again, let's repeat together Mere Savini person data Human Just milita member Emma. Mira Passion. You look them You loot of new coffee, please. Coffee. You look them new coffee. You knew Tom New Chai A de Mutai. You wrote a new guy? No. Follow me. Follow me in the bedroom. Okay. You? Yeah, you. So that was old for the remaining readings. These are the most common. I mean, common greeting, senile, being a language. So try to repeat once again and we'll see in the other leg. 2. VERBE TO BE - folja JAM: I hear my students. So we're backing or next lecture. And in this lecture, we're going to learn the world to be in Albanian language, as you know. So we read in the same way that we right, We have learned the alphabet. Now, it's too easy for us to read. You see here were own. Okay, you know. Uh huh. So this is with two points above on I It's on Example. In yum in, um, in a being in language means I am Okay, so it's were easy. I am only young, So yeah, it's the word to be in the present for the first person I So, Sonia, I am. I would remove this so own young. This is the pronoun and visit work Example. Only ability own young Billy. Now we have the second person. So they d a d a. You are. If your name is example Basie, I would say tear Basie. Oh, Or if you're a girl, I will say example, De honor the owner. We can make also questions if we put example though the word before the pronoun 80 busy Yemen Bailey brought union. I am monium ship. It are in young shipped are in Yemen less in your mug, Liz, I am English or I am an American on Yom Ameri can d a. You are the e. Okay, the you. So this is your t eight now. We have by Yo Bush gushed Pelosi as an age. Sure, we pronounce as sure. So this is brushed. I go. So Okay. Okay. She it is. Okay. So in in general we don't have this it in Albanian language, so we don't have it in a bigger language. I will make it smaller. So he she it is. Okay. I first example I urged Bailey are your worst Ana are your first Americana example Are your first maybe corner? Ok, your summary. Connor Ah, yours. French, is it? I used French. Is it so remember we don't have this it in here. So we use even for the animals Example We use I or I o So it depends from the gender. Now we have the plural. So we have learned the first part on the I i O. Now we have to say Nay Namie, Name me. We are okay. So it's very simple. Nay basis a. So there is it has no points that both No, you me. We are Namie No course off name in a ship Ary So we are in Albania. Namie name in Italy We are in Italy. Name me ship It are We are Albanians. So we will learn in this step slowly. So just right on date notes So it is better for you Now we have the plural side example you You uni you uni zoo tree Billy, you are Mr Bailey. So you are OK. So you see in English we have this the plural, the plural one on the singular we have in the same way. But in Albanian it's different as you seem. We have tea and you uni So the pronounce are different And the world also it's different He I first name e u uni. Now we have the lost part or a toe Yon Okay, so Lotte at Oh yeah. Atta Acto. Yeah. So check once again the alphabet and try to memorize it and see how we read in or next lecture. We're going to learn the work to have but after that we're going to learn how to read in Albanian, so I will tell you step by step So this is example If we say you are they are you see in English we don't We don't This tank this is a so it's for both gender. They are example If we say they are in Paris, we don't know if we're talking for girls or for boys and you know, being in language that this is clear. So when we say atta it for boys and for girls So this is masculine gender And this is family in gender battle at Ayaan or a too young So let's repeat once again from the beginning we have own Yum di yea yea I I you gushed So we pronounce Namie. May you, me, you uni you uni at the toe young toh yung So that was old for this world. And if you have any question, don't hesitate to write me So thanks watching and see you in the next lecture with word to have you know, being in a language 3. VERBE To HAVE folja KAM: again. So I hope you have repeat it in the the world to be and you have memorised it. So now we're going to learn the word to to have impact So we have let the world to be Now we have to work to have enough band language. We say, like full yet Come. Okay, It's full of come in a 1,000,000,000 language We said that on It's a pronoun personal pronoun So when we say won't come, it means I have so William it waas Let's make it smaller So when, uh, I have so I have I have a book income New labour Okay, I have example I have a cat own Come Newmont's that we're going to learn in or next lesson Some examples. So now you know the pronoun you example ticket I think a you have decay Won't calm Take a Okay, take a Remember How was how was it the word to be in the present when we have learned it? Waas on Yom in young and hear its own come So the work to have its incoming the president's TK DK example TK Near chain. Okay, so like example, you have a dog. OK? He can you 10 p. Kate, you have. So these are the pronounce. Don't forget on de This is the word income. He came. Oh, come decay. So you see how we read on? Come pick a Now we have I Your car He she didn't has. Okay, he she it has. So I you call Come take a Ah, your call. Well, come TK I are you car bio Kanye months she has We can't yoke on your months only, um, Bailey income your chin Example. If we tried toe example on. Okay, let's make like this, Kate. No, it's not working. Own example. We put on com one young Billy. Just an example own. Come income your months. Okay, so you have baby won't come. You months. So this is the phrase a simple phrase that we have took. So this is were to be And this is the work to have union. Billy, I am Billy and I have a cat own young Bailey. Come. Yeah, months it. Okay. We put months like this Months, huh? I have a cat. So it was just a simple phrase. Now that we're going, we're going to learn the problem. The pleura. Okay, there in a day making me we have Okay. They came in your months. We have a cat. Okay, Now you know how Waas with the second person you Kenny. So it's very simple. You have Kate. So in Albanian, you see, it's different the singular and the plural. It's not like in English. Take a you Kenny. You can. In your months you can in your marks. You have a cat. Okay. You have a dog you can in your chin once again won't come Take a I your car Make a me you Kenny. Now we have the third person at upto can. Okay, They have They have at that oracle can What can Okay, let's see. Data are to can I took on new land? Example. They have a flower. Okay. I took on a new lula Ato can in your blue They have a flower Let's repeat once again So this is the world to have an opinion Language income decay I are you call. I know car may came me Nay Keamey You gave me data are toe can that can Okay, calm decay. I yoke are making me you Caney Atta Atta can! So that was the word to have hope. It was simple for you and comprehensive. And you have understood it well. So banks watching and see you in the next lecture with older examples and with older steps in Albanian language. 4. Albanian verbs conjugation: Hi again. So in this lecture I will explain you the congregation of the Albanian words how to congregate A word like example. The world woke, so or the were study to study, sleep or jump. So there is a rule how to congregate the Albanian words. So it is where you easy So here. But we can see some tips How to complicate work. So example if you want to. So this is a rule only for the regular words. So it's not for irregular verbs. As you know, the work to be in the work to have They are irregular words. So in Albanian language most of the words they have this endings. So they end with this endings like that example. So for the first person we take you at the end No, no Then you know e una So what does it mean? We'll see here in the example. So we have take we We have taken the word miss site So the work to learn As you see if we want to congregate the world we take on Lee This They're the storm of the word here and we put the endings here. Example on As you know, this is a pronoun on. Mostly. So you see, this is the ending. Almost site means I learn. Example. If we say here on Masai anguished on most English, I learn English. Almost no ship. Almost a tip I learned all being in. Okay, So here is the congregation. So don't forget this endings year. Then we have no. Then we have old owner for the third person Singular. Then we have, um uh, So this is for the plural? No, a you must on example. And una so here we have una here una so much so in a we read missile. So I think you have already started to understand How can we read in Albanian how to educate? Words were easy way so example If I say to you can you congregate this word example to work in our opinion, this work when I so I would like from you to congregate this where pony in Albanian language. So let's take example. We say on Okay, let's copy this because we cannot write it on July. Okay. You see, he is the ending. Then they example people none. No, for Jones. You work in France. Okay, people on a Frantz can take like a question also, if we change the intonation People in France bone put in France. Pour own porno in France I you Musson So we can say I You Okay, you see, we congregate in the same way for non and Masson own Portnoy people. Non. I open on. Okay, Naples Know him. So we put on Lee this endings here, you pu Nani at Seattle pulling. So that is how we can educate these endings can help you because with them you can congregate most words into the present ants. Katie's is only for presidents, which belonged to first type of congregation. You only need this term. So, Runje, in Albanian, we call like Rayna, this one we call our Runje. Okay, Stem off the word. For example. The stem of messiah to learn is must so Okay, this is the stamp off the world. And then we have here in here. So that was all how it works with a a regular words in Albanian. So we have explained you some tips, and in the next lecture, we're going took under gates of all the words in the present tense like example, word to go and older words. Then we will start learning some propositions and adjectives. Something's watching and see you in the next tutorial. 5. Rules of Conjugation: Hi again. So we are explaining the Albanian words. I told you how to congregate the regular words in the present ends. So we're not going to learn the past in the future tense yet So we will learn later when I will explain the of being an advanced course. So here you can see that we have three. We're for where words example. We have the world to woke Study, sleep and jump. Example If it we would like to congregate the work toe woke or the word to study or the word to sleep, example or jump Being in language, we can congregate with these stem. You see, we just take the stem example to study studio So we take this word Example the words to joy OK, so if we would like to complicate, we can see one example It's couple this one phones today. You see Studio, this is the stem of the word and this is the ending. So the ending you see for the singular it's it's the G and and so J n n. And then if we would like example to say you study, we can say the studio. Okay, so we have to put a J. OK, he's to job. Then I over your studio. You see, this is the singular poor We have learned to pronounce. As you know. So the I i o name studio him. So now this is a plural part. Nice to join. We have the plural. Now, what is the other pronounce used to? Johnny example Used to during the Frantz. Okay. You still Johnny the name as you see the endings here. So don't forget the annex, Violetta and Auto to doing you see, the congregation is very simple. So we have conjugated the word to study in the present ends. Following this room's this simple rules. In the previous lesson, we have learned the word to learn example or to work to learn all Masaki example. Almost ownership. I learn Albanian now we can say own studio ship people known in France. You work in France now we can put another word for example. Deep stood. You know Franz, He's too Jenna France. It is too generally you study in England. Okay, so this is you see the ending the endings for the words They haven't changed. As you see Studio, this is the second. So we are in. We're talking about you in the singular Good on you. So that is the rule, how we congregate, the regular words and even some irregular verbs not being. But for this I will explain later. So this is only the beginning. And in the first step in the Albanian language so example now we can take just just take a little sentence we can say own Yom. So we have learned the word to be own young baby, Calm your chin. I have it up So Chen intravenous, it's a dog So don't forget this. It's a dog So union baby won't come your 10 you? No, the Newmont's and a cat. They're in Albanian language its end. Okay, I will put here And so and so This is the country. A connector of phrase. We link phrases in your baby Come to chain then your marks. Okay, Mozza, We would make matter. We can write even months. But Marta, it's better. Okay. When a baby when can retain then you Marta own Yam Bailey income New chain. They Numata. It is very easy to read on Illinois. They studio no France on paranoid their studio in France. Don't forget us. Own Portnoy, their studio in France. So I work and I study in France. So this Waas simple sentences a simple sentence. So we have learned how to educate their being words. In the next lecture, we're going to country gave the word to go and some other words. And then we will move to the propositions and adjectives. Thanks. 6. VERB TO GO - Folja SHKOJ: And now in this lecture we're going to learn the work to go in Albanian language. So the work to go to go it's the word screen in a language, you see? Sure. Clean example Queen of France. So don't forget we use this proposition before everything. So in general, before example if you go toward if you go to another city if you go to another country if you go to school if you go to university on going university at Underscore Enough Franz onscreen Ang Lee So it's the most common proposition that we use in a language. So now we have the pronoun. Okay, so don't forget this endings in here on sky Example now parties. Nacer, I go in Paris tomorrow. Hey, Nacer! Need Sir Naser on showing the bodies. Mr who's going to parties? Nacer, It's a simple sentence. What is Come, He's gone longer. Nacer, Teach! Gone The longer Nacer! Thanks. Quality. So we have the word to go. This con I see the rule hasn't changed has not changed even for the world to go. What's going to parties? Naser Disco No longer, sir. They con no longer Nacer. So don't forget the alphabet that we have learned, you know, province lesson. Just repeat once again, if it's difficult for you to read. So now we have the pronoun I yo, I don your No Jenny, No de name sucked sort in a Bennett's today. Ayush con imaginative thought your con new genetic thought. So you see, we have this. No may showing. So now we have a school. No school. So we go to school today, huh? So we go to school when you're scoring the school school. It's the school Sona proposition. And here we have the word to go on a school. Him you can repeat next school him. I go on. So on sky disk on IOS con next going on a school in the schools that you now it's the pronoun You, you, Connie, you gonna inner sipri, Nacer. So as you know, we're learning things only in the present ends. We are only in the present ends usually know shiftiness. Er go in a vain intramural can be also like a question. Okay, your schooling a shipping answer if you change the intonation. Huge corniness. Cipollini Sir, you're schooling alone journey, sir. Or it can be your skin in a super Penis. So free bull once going to Shit creek for on Oy. No, she pretty Yes, I go in Albania. Okay. Oh, Queen and SIPRI. So I'm going to shoot three. Then we have. But then and that'll A town that schooling. No new Frantz. Okay, that I taught school in a problem school disk on IOS con Nash Co him use Connie at that battle going. That was the with the word to go in Albanian language. And these are the simple rules off the congregation off the Albanian words. So try to learn these rules and we will continue learning. We will continue learning some adjectives and propositions in older lectures. If you would like more words, don't hesitate to write me and explain you. But this is only the beginning. A course for beginners. So for those who have I would like to start to learn, they'll be in the language. So see you in the next election.