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Learn After Effects - One Motion Graphic at a Time [Part 4: Butterfly Circle]

teacher avatar Andrew Pach ⭐, Animation all the way!

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (13m)
    • 1. Introduction

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About This Class

One Motion Graphic at a Time™ will teach you After Effects usage while creating one motion graphic project at a time! In this part we are going to create this:



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Meet Your Teacher

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Andrew Pach ⭐

Animation all the way!


Hi! My name is Andrew Pach, to my friends known as 'Nigel'! I am an After Effects / PowerPoint / video / graphic design junkie eager to teach people how to utilize their yet uncovered raw design talent! I run a YouTube channel called "andrew pach" which I do with absolute joy and passion. Here on Skillshare, I would like to share interesting, project-based classes that will make your design workflow a greater experience.

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1. Introduction: welcome in Learn aftereffect one motion graphic At that time, this serious is dedicated to teach you about motion, graphic trends, designs and most used techniques in a quick, easy and understandable way. In part Number four, we'll use after effects to great surfing our motion, which I called a butterfly circle. Let's not waste any time and start creating this product and roll the class and I'm waiting for you on the other side. See you in the moment. 2. TUTORIAL 1: hello and welcome in part number four off the one motion graphic element at the time. I hope you are well. We have a really beautiful day to day and let's learn something. It will be really interesting and really a fun project. So once you go into after effects and prepare your new composition, please go to the bottom side and select title action safe. So we actually see where the Middle East I'll come a bit closer to the middle. I also like my pen to you can also click G and please click once in the middle like that. And somewhere around here, depending on how long you want this animation to be, press the shift key and make such a line while really amazing, we have a line we don't really see, so I click on the shape layer. I'll click on Phil, select None and select Stroke, and I want a big visible stroke. Now I have this stroke. Let's elect Okay, currently, it's 20 pixels. No problem. We'll adjust it in a second. Now let me get rid off the title action safe because I don't need it anymore and let us start to design. Now the entire reason off this tutorial is to show you something interesting about shape players. Look at contents. I created this shape, which is within shape layer number one. And what's the beautiful thing I can rename it, for example, Toe white. I can click on it and I can press control D. Now I have to object within this shape layer and I can vary a bit. The animation between them and they will still apply to the same shape layer. So I'll maybe call this right or depending what second color you want to use. Name it like that. Let's let's say that I will work with white and red and let me start right here. Click on the white Oh, I should have done this previously, but I will add trim Pat. I also want to click on the red and select Add trim Pat. Now I have two impacts on boat. Let us first work with the white. I will de select the red one so we only see one on the screen. And let's work with prim pat Trim pads allows us to animate this line this way. Okay, and let me go from the beginning at about five frames. Let me any made both off them. I want both of them to be about 50%. The reason is because I want this animation to start from here. I don't want this entire line to be animated. I don't only this bottom part to be animated. So let me go forward to about one second, maybe a bit less 25 frames so it won't be so boring and so long and animate the bottom one . Select the end to 100%. So this is your initial animation boom. Okay, let me also select a key from here. You can grab a new key frame and selected here, and you have still 50% at the start. Then we want to end this animation so I will go the same amount forward. That's for example, say one second and one second and 20 frames, and I want to end to be less about 45% and also to start. Let's make it 45%. And that's preview. What do we have? We haven't animation like that. It comes around. It grows in this part. Then it goes slightly forward because instead of 50 I have 45 it goes a bit upwards and it fate off completely. This is about the animation I wanted to achieve. One last adjustment will be go to the middle off the screen, or maybe a bit later. Maybe here and I want to work with the stroke. I'll open the stroke and I want this first line to be about 15. I I don't want to be so big. I'll select a key frame and right where it and it should be. Zero. So we have to animations here. It goes around and it gets smaller until it disappears from the screen. Let's preview What do we have? Boom, Boom. Okay, this is the first animation. Let's continue to the next tutorial. If you already have this animation and we'll try to make it a bit better 3. TUTORIAL 2: hater and welcome in the second tutorial. Now, in the first tutorial, we made those red and white objects and we have this animation currently. Boom, Boom! All right, it's nearly okay, Let's tweak it a little bit. Please click on trim pads. Select older key frames. Control, See, and I'll place the play had exactly in this place. Now I'll open red Open trim, pet selector impact and I'll a press control V. What? This does it paste. It's exactly the same key frames along and we have to animations like that. Now what do we have to change here? I want to click on Red. Obviously, I want to make it visible. Obviously, I want to make a dread. Since I already named it like that, Let's make it reddish. Something like this. Okay, we have both animations overlapping now, but I want a slight change here. So let's work with the stroke. And I want this one to be bigger, so I'll get to the same place. Well, the stroke key frames were here off the white one. So let's maybe make them there and I'll place 30. So this line will be a bit bigger once the animation ends, it should fight off 20 I see I've made some mistake with a stroke off course. I didn't make any key frame. Key frame. 30. Go forward zero and now it's animated. Now we see the red line. The red line is obviously too big now. So what do you have to change? And that's the beauty off A players shape. Players allow you to interact with all the properties I could, for example, that stroke. The trumpets make changes, and now we have the white above and the red under it. So this animation is to exact. What do we want to do off course? We want to adjust the key frames a little bit. Let's maybe we take the key frames. Place them a bit area, maybe two friends area what we have now. Well, we have an animation like that, but it's still it's it's to equal. So let's take the last key frames and placed in four doorway boom. Well, let's say this goes in the right direction, but it's still I don't like that this white is going out here. You see this animation? I think they're right. Should be dominating and the White Should should never go above this place. So I'll take the white. I will take this place and disk iframe, and the second key frame should be adjusted. The second key frame should be shorter, all right. It shouldn't go to 100%. It should go to 90. Boom! All right, now it looks better because this one doesn't extend above it. Let's preview the animation that we have. Okay, I really nice animation. It's a bit slow, but that's no problem. Please click on the shape layer and press you on your keyboard. Now you see all the key frames you can imagine Start and and stroke is from one shape and start entin stroke are from the second shape. I'll select everything, right? Click, key frame assistant and Easy Eastern. So the animation will be a bit more interesting. And right now I think this animation looks really good. We have swift motion. It's not too quick, not too slow. If it would be too slow for you, just take those key frames and place them area. This would make the animation happened quicker. But you know what? I like this slow and patient animation, which goes at one second and 20 frames. Boom, boom. All right, we are nearly finished. If you would like to know how to end this information to make it go around and go one after another and please head over to the next tutorial where I'll show you how to finalize this entire thing. 4. TUTORIAL 3: Ah, hello or welcome back. I hope you have this animation finished. And let me show you a few cool things that we can do now. I want to duplicate this item to go around. But I would also like to change the color. But how to change the color very quickly. We can use an effect which is called core control. The reason that will use this Because we can use the color control to control the car off all layers we have here. You just have to right click, select new and select No object. This object is an empty layer. And until this empty layer, by going to effects and presets right here, color or control and click double on color control. Or just take this effect and place it on to the new layer. You see what this does? It has a simple, very simple color control box. I will open this I'll open effect. I'll open color control and we have this color here. I will also duplicate this effect. Maybe I want both colors to be controlled. Then I will go to shape layer number one. Let me open it. We have the white one I opened the white one. I opened its stroke. I want to control this white color. Let me make this bigger for a while. Go up. I want to control this white color with the first handle. Let me call it white collar. Okay. Click on the color press your left Hold on the keyboard like that. And now expressions are opened. I want to link this with this little snail. I want to connect it with this color. Go away And whatever color you have here, like the white one, it will automatically adjust. Then I'll close this down. I'll select the color control two Or in my case, Brett Color. Open it up and then we go to the red one. I'll close the white So you see it better. We have to read one. We have a stroke. We have it's caller. I even copy this color because I like it so much left Old or option key? If you are on the mark, click on the stopwatch. Take this big whip, Link it to the color the selected. I just paste this color and you can see this right here. It will change automatically as I change the color now we are perfectly prepared because we have a control layer. And in the next quick tutorial, I will show you how to finalize this animation for real. 5. TUTORIAL 4: all right. I hope you did also prepare the color control layer. If not you maybe just watched the lesson. It's also cool. Just so you know that something like that is possible. Sorry to keep you waiting. Let's maybe rename it to mothership. So we know that that's the main layer. And this will Maybe we the smaller, like, void links. Okay, we have the smaller avoid links. I'll call it like that, and I want to duplicate the void links. Now the perfecting here is that we have our object perfectly in the middle, so I'll just duplicated many times, like 18 times, as I remember is is necessary. Then I'll hit my till Dickie toe open up the entire screen, and I will just click on one layer. The next one press are on my keyboard, maybe are on all of them, and I want to rotate it by 20 degrees each. Please do the same, and you will see in a moment that on your screen the rotation will duplicate it around. Please make it until you have 340 degrees. Go along with all of them and we see each other in a second all right. I have done my part and I have a nation like that. Let me maybe close everything down. So I will see the layers. And this is the finalized animation. Until now, we have something like that. Then we have the mothership. And if in any moment I realize that I don't like this color, I wanted to be green. No problem at all. We just selected We select the color we wanted and we can change it on the fly. Now. One less thing. I would like to adjust because now they appear all at once. You can make this bigger and staggered the layers. I'll select this layer and with the shift key all layers 12 left control de select. 12 12 That's called staggering. And once the layers will be staggered, it will look a lot better. Let me quickly finish that. Okay? I'm nearly done, and this will be my finalized animation. You see it very nicely. Fate off like it would be a loading bar or something like that. I know this was a little bit more tinkering, unusual, but it's really an interesting effect. And we did learn a lot of things. If you didn't like the content And like what I teach, please leave me. It comes up. I will really appreciate this. And hopefully we see each other in the next tutorials. Thank you and see you in the next one.