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Learn After Effects - One Motion Graphic at a Time [Part 3: Fluid Rectangle]

teacher avatar Andrew Pach ⭐, Animation all the way!

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. Introduction

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    • 4. TUTORIAL 3

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About This Class

One Motion Graphic at a Time™ will teach you After Effects usage while creating one motion graphic project at a time! In this part we are going to create this:



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Meet Your Teacher

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Andrew Pach ⭐

Animation all the way!


Hi! My name is Andrew Pach, to my friends known as 'Nigel'! I am an After Effects / PowerPoint / video / graphic design junkie eager to teach people how to utilize their yet uncovered raw design talent! I run a YouTube channel called "andrew pach" which I do with absolute joy and passion. Here on Skillshare, I would like to share interesting, project-based classes that will make your design workflow a greater experience.

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1. Introduction: welcome and learn aftereffect. One motion graphic at the time This serious is dedicated to teach you about motion, graphic trends, designs and most used techniques in the quick, easy and understandable way in part. Number three, I'm going to teach you how to create this kind of liquid rectangle. We will work with the mental. We'll create a custom shape and create a custom liquidy animation from it. I will try to show you a lot of after effect tricks along the way. Let's not waste any time and start creating this product and roll the class and I'm waiting for you on the other side. You in a moment. 2. TUTORIAL 1: Hello, sir, and welcome in part Number three in one motion graphic element at a time. This one will be really interesting because we'll make some custom animation. Currently, in 2016 and 4 2017 the liquid motion animations the entire liquid trend will be surely one of the most used styles and trends in motion graphics. At first, let's draw a triangle in the middle, and this will be the first tutorial. Please go to view and make sure that show grit is enabled. What you also want to do is to go to view and snap to grid because we'll make a custom triangle. Now grab your pant will get a bit closer and make a perfect triangle. We can do a triangle like that, like that 12 tree, 12 tree and I would close it down like this. I didn't want any stroke. To be honest, I want to have Phil let me select a more viable call or that's maybe go a screen one. Okay. And this will be their first color. I have. Once you have this triangle, please drop this window. Go to content, click on the shape and click on path. This will be my entire working area. You always need to click here on the pad to enable the pad visibility. If I go in here and I click here, I select the entire triangle. But if you click on the path like this and you have your pen tool selected, you'll click the point and you can adjust them now to make this a bit easier. I want to have one more point here and one more point here. If you are in the same spot, you have this triangle. Please go into the pet and select a key frame. I would put this keeping for later because this will be our end key frame, but they're beginning key frame will be a bit different. You want to select the pat one, you want to click this object and you want to close down this entire triangle. OK, I'll do this like that Boom, boom. And this is what you should have on your beginning. Now click on view this select snap to grid and this will be your first animation. With this. We are completely prepared for the work and we will continue by making this epic more interesting and a bit more fluid to suit our needs. 3. TUTORIAL 2: Hello there and welcome back to tutorial number two. Now this is our animation and let me start. The work right away will slowly work with the animation, but we need to make those elements rounded. How to do this? We need to convert those points to Benazir Pet. It's really simple, but take a careful look. I need to click on the pad to reveal the path options and the pad point. Now I need to select my petal. I need toe click on the point. I need to click my left old key until you have such an object and you need to click here The reason that we cooked on this one point because we don't want all elements to be best here. We only want this this and this point to be a busier pat, so I'll click. Convert it. Click converted Click Converted. Now I can make a custom animation and I'll use my page up and page donkey. Let me go forward page down, page down, page down. Let me maybe place this year. At this point, I want this to be something about that, and now you are completely free to roll with this too. Page down page don't mean down as you come closer. It won't be one second. Of course, this 20 frames is enough. Page down, page down, maybe something like that. A bit more rounded a bit closer to the corner. Paraded on, pit down It slowly gets to the corner. We know the disc e frame has a perfect corner here. Okay. Like that We don't need to make much adjustment. Page down, page down. And we have this perfect corner. What is the difference here? The perfect corner has no best year handles. So this will be a very useful key frame. I'll control See and on the bed. Control Vite! Now, as I have disc, Ephram copied I'll once again best year, but not everything. I need to click on the pad. This bears ear this bears ear. This best here at this point, let me have some fun with it. I need to make these closer and work with this point. That's what those points are. Four. So I want an animation like that and like that 12 it will grow bigger like this 12 Now it gets a tiny bit smaller. Just above the edge. Just about here. 12 and it will get back to the original form. Was this the one? Okay, this is the key frame with the perfect triangle, and I want the perfect triangle Toby pasted here. Now this is the information that I have. Well, it's a bit too quick your again, so it will need some adjustments. As I see, I definitely need to switch those key frames so they take a little bit longer to play because this was too quick now and let us preview. What do we have now? Well, actually, it's pretty decent. You get the idea. The animation still would need to be a bit better, But with this amount of key frames, I think it's fairly okay now to make everything a bit better, right click key frame assistant. Let's easy is it? Now let me go into the graph editor by having the pad selected. So I see those key friends and let me preview them well, a bit linear. I will select all of them at once and maybe accelerate it at the beginning. What will this spring? Maybe a quicker animation? Also here. Let's preview what do we have? Okay, It needs to render of it. Well, I don't quite like it. Let me make it may be like this to the left side. Okay, This animation is fairly okay. Now I think it takes a victor long, and I will take all key frames. I was like my left old key, and I'll place them closer. Just so the entire animation takes 25 frames. I want perfect 25 frames. Okay, Okay. And this will be my initial animation. If you are on the same spot, you create the destroy angle. You made the custom animation like this. I want you to do the last adjustment. You see this line because we have better handles. It is visible like that. That's why I pressed t I prosecute from here for zero opacity, I go a few friends forward, 100. And now, now, this was my simplest solution. At first it's invisible and two or three frames in its lovely gets faded in. So now this is our initial animation. Let's head over to the territorial where we'll finalize this animation and I'll show you how quick and easy this can be done. 4. TUTORIAL 3: I want to show you how to finalize this animation. Now you have the shape layer. Let me press you. Let's go to place. Well, it's fully revealed. Okay. This shape layer is here. I just duplicated. I rotated and I wrote it to 1 80 degrees. I'll place it here. Let me maybe de selected. Great. I will go to view show. Great. You can also click here and taken Great. I'll come closer. I'll come closer. I make sure that I have full quality full quality here and I'll try to cover the pixels with each other. I'll select this object, second object of it closer to itself. And now we have perfectly covered here. All right. This is my first animation. And now you see what's happening here? It really looks cool and I can click on them. I can press control. D place it here. Control de place it here. So they are the first to control D. Maybe one more time controlled. Okay, I have to first. Once the first ones are green, I take the second ones and I select the next color I've prepared. So I have a red one. I take the next ones. I select a fill and I select my next call. Then the next one. My next color. It's kind white and the last color. Maybe. Let's stay with the green now. You would just have to select those two and one pixel. I'll go buy one pixel, one pixel. 123 1234 Now let's preview what happens. We have an animation like that and you see this little pop. That's no problem, because I'll make this animation to play like this. And at this point, at this point, I want only this one to be visible. I'll click on all of the rest left. Hold key, right bracket key. Everything will disappear. I can adjust it like that and look, what do we have? So the first moving my front view. But the animation itself emerges like that, and this is how you can create this liquid and fluid animation in the matter of few minutes . Now, as I've told, those could be done a bit better. I could maybe make more bounces and not so strong ones. This would look a kind of more smooth because this is a very quick and swift animation. But the basics off how to edit and how to create something like that are going to stay at the exact same way. So this is the animation we've prepared. I'll now maybe pre composed everything. I'll take this composition. I place it more in the middle. I make it bigger. So I have the animation more visible and it's a bit stronger. And this is what I preferred in this part off the one motion graphic element at a time. Okay, I've adjusted the animation a little bit, and this is how the finalist animation looks like. Thank you so much for taking the time to watch this tutorial, and I do hope you learned a lot. Keep it up, and I hope we see each other in my next glasses.