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Learn After Effects - One Motion Graphic at a Time [Part 1: Energy Surge]

teacher avatar Andrew Pach ⭐, Animation all the way!

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (13m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. TUTORIAL 1

    • 3. TUTORIAL 2

    • 4. TUTORIAL 3 (Bonus!)

    • 5. Thank You and how to submit a project

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About This Class

One Motion Graphic Element at a Time™ will teach you After Effects usage while creating one motion graphic project at a time! In PART 1 we are going to create this:



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Meet Your Teacher

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Andrew Pach ⭐

Animation all the way!


Hi! My name is Andrew Pach, to my friends known as 'Nigel'! I am an After Effects / PowerPoint / video / graphic design junkie eager to teach people how to utilize their yet uncovered raw design talent! I run a YouTube channel called "andrew pach" which I do with absolute joy and passion. Here on Skillshare, I would like to share interesting, project-based classes that will make your design workflow a greater experience.

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1. Introduction: hello and welcome to one motion graphic element at the time. In part Number one, we'll create this interesting energy search. It's a really great effect which can be twisted and animated in various ways. If you are looking forward for a simple project you can complete, you can work on and it will teach you something about after effects along the way. Then you are in the right place. I hope you are prepared because my after effects is already opened. So please open up yours and I'll be waiting on the other side. See you in a moment. 2. TUTORIAL 1: hello and welcome you to this serious where we will design one motion graphic element at a time. This time we'll create an any research and well, for example, use a photograph to pre parities because it will look simply cooler. These photographs have some nice speed into it. And let's preview them. We have something like that a baseball player, a snowboard guy and Wakeboard. And I think this, for example, would suit very well. You can use any photo you'd like. I will attach this one. This is a free photo. We can use this. Basically, we should have video footage. But let's do it on a photograph just to show you how to do it, because it's a really cool project. Now, once you have this photograph imported, click on it and drag it over to the composition. It will automatically create a new composition to the size of this photograph. Now we will lock this down because we will not use it anymore and let us start working. At first, we need to go to our lovely panto and we'll create something with a stroke. Now I'll make the stroke to 15 pixels. This should be enough. We can off course change this later. I look, come closer with my space bar. I'll move across. I would like this energy surge, something like that. So let's simply start creating. I'll start here. I will drag this like that. Please do the same. Open up this photograph and start drawing. It doesn't have to be super precise. We're only practising here. But you can, for example, go like that. Go like that above him. Go like that. Let us finish somewhere at the hand. I want this to be a little bit longer just because it's so cool. Okay? And it should. And here now, this is the basis for our animation. Once you have this shape layer preferred, we'll use the trim pads to prefer the initial animation we want to have here. So I looked like on the shape layer. I will open it and I'll add trim Pat. Perhaps you already know dysfunction trim, Pat. Once I open, it allows me to run along with this line will make an animation where the line will slowly disappear towards the end so we can work both with the start and with the end at first I want to key frames and I want it to be 0% and 0%. Once you have dusky frames peppered go, let's be safe one second forward and make it 100% 100%. We would see nothing because the percent are equal. But we can make a little trick. We can use the bottom key frames, place him a bit forward and this will make the line now, depending on how strong we want the energy search to be this far, we want to place those key frames. I want it to be fairly long, so it will be something like that. And this is the animation I have. Now you need to decide if you like this motion or you would like to adjust it. Basically, I believe this motion is really, really good. I wouldn't have to adjust it, but just to have some little flavor in this animation, let us right leg and easy. Is them just a tiny bit because I want it to start slow because I wanted to start slow. I was like the 1st 2 key frames, and I'll drag them forward a little bit. This will make the line slower at the beginning. Then it will gain some speed and it will slow down at the end a little bit again. You see something like that, This looks more energy like So this is my initial animation. I don't want to do anything else, because in the second tutorial, I'll show you how super simple and easy it is to create this. 3. TUTORIAL 2: Hello and welcome. In the second tutorial, let us follow up on the trim pads animation we did before. But you can click on the shape layer, and we'll finally work with some effect. The first effect we want to apply will be rough and address. So just right here in rough, you should find in the stylist options rough edges, and we'll place this effect here. Let me click on the shape layer. Let's maybe make the stroke toe white so I see it better. I'll come a bit closer now. Why is the quality so low? Because my previous quality is set to turn. I wanted to have four quality, so I see what's happening. What I recommend you can off course freestyle, because this doesn't have to be an energy surge connected to a lightning, but it can also be a more liquid energy surge. But I'll recommend you in the rough and urges to select instead of Ruffin Spiky. This creates this little nice, interesting effect. Let me go a bit back so I see more of them and we can together decide how this should look . I want more of those edges because we barely see them, so we'll work with the edge. Sharpness. Let's make the at sharpness stronger. I'll come closer and see how it goes. All right, we'll leave. It is about nine. This should be enough Now. The border makes a huge impact. If I make the border stronger, you see already what happens. It's crazy, so I can't go so much. Let's make the border to about 10. And basically this is my thing. Maybe with the scale, something. If you're really into it, well, let's preview how this will look. I'll go a bit lower because it doesn't look as cool. Maybe even make the scale to 60. And it's no more sharp. And the spiky effect comes really into play. Okay, we have our first effect now will come the main player off this effect. Go here to the effect and right turbulence, turbulent, displaced or turbulent displacement will really create something awesome. And I'll even place this as the first effect. Let's see. Okay, the amount and size is not as important as the evolution because the evolution makes everything move. The amount can be lowered, can be made stronger. This really doesn't matter. It will be up to you. The stronger the amount, the further away. It's from our initial path. So I would like it to be precise. So I will not work with the amount of march. Maybe with this ice just a tiny bit. But the evolution at the beginning I will keep him the evolution, maybe make it like to. So it will be stronger at the beginning. And at the end it will go back to zero. Let me press you. And I see the evolution goes from 2 to 0 like that. Okay, we have a nice little movement. Our energy cert is nearly complete. Boom, Something like that. You see already what's happening? We have something like this. And now we need to find unit. We off course need Our glow glow will be also amazing because it will make everything look stronger. You see how blow operate color? A Corby. You can use the color but it could stay like that because well, globally change the color. What do you want to change here? Apart from all those options, I know this looks complicated, but there are three options which are made to this effect. Threshold rages, intensity so the dress hold should stay at 60 because else it looks weird and it isn't applied a strong the glow radius. Now this is up to you. I usually don't go much over 10 or 20 because it will stick to this, so I'll leave it at maybe 15. Let's select 15 and up the intensity yet because we want it to be really, really strong. Now let's preview what happens here, Okay? It already looks more interesting now to add some depth to it, because now it's a bit boring. It's just a white line. I want to colorize boat, the glow and the actual white color. I can do this by selecting the tent effect. So we have four effects here. Sorry that we are doing so much, but turbulent displays, rough edges blow. We can forget about this effect because we will not be working much with them. Will now select tint. What's didn't us? It will select every color and recall er it to something else. Now I'll met black too Something towards red, and I'll met white to something yellow. Since we have only the white color here, the whole energy search will be yellowish. If I would know, change the stroke toe a black color, it would turn orange because black is mapped to orange and wide Ismet to yellow. At this point, I would say we are somehow ready with our effect. And this is the energy surge, which we created off course. We can do some more adjustments and make, for example, the stroke a little bit more interesting, like I'll go into shape. Let me close everything down the stream pads. I'll go into the shape into the stroke and we have the stroke with. We can, of course, also make the with at the beginning of it stronger and at the end to about five pixels, so it will start out strong and it'll be a bit smaller later. Now this is a really cool effect. Look how this looks. It renders a little bit. The more effect replace the longer it will render. And I believe it's really, really interesting. Now imagine how cool will this look in some footage? Please check out the bonus lesson to learn how you can duplicate this effect and how you can make some adjustments to find June. Everything 4. TUTORIAL 3 (Bonus!): let me show you in this bonus lesson how you could duplicate this object and make one more search. For example, I just let the straight player and I'll press control deep. Then I'll open it up. I'll take my selection tool and I'll drag it to the bottom side. I'll open up content. I will open up shape and I'll click on Pat. Nothing goes Want you click on Pat. Look what happened. We have all the pad elements here, so I can just simply click here, Place this here. Click here. Off course. I could also delete this point because I believe not so many points will be necessary. Here. Click here, click here. And that's what's so cool about this effect. We could make this in a matter of minutes. This energy search will be looking really, really cool. Let's make it along here, Struthers. Like this. Okay. Again? One point too much. I'll press delete This will here. This one here, This won't hear. Adjust the best year handles. This would, of course, take a bit more time to make it very precise. And in the stroke, I'll go a bit darker because as you remember, we had yellow and orange. I want it to be a bit more orange. Now what? What will happen? I can place this a bit later. So it isn't so aligned with this other one. They are both similar because we didn't adjust any key frames. But I've created this in the matter off. Really seconds. We just adjusted the shape path. I don't like this color. Quite a smart as I see it now. And we had again some fun and created another little effect. 5. Thank You and how to submit a project: it would be really awesome, and I would appreciate it. If you would like to leave me a review, just click here, click the Time's Up and select Submit Review. You can also click here on the top off the site. Now let me explain how to submit a project once you have the animation completed, for example, like in the first part and you have the composition here ready, you go to composition. Add to render queue. Once you are in the render queue, just select an a movie fight. For example. Quick time the information coded It's OK, Select OK and select where the file should be saved. Won't you render the file? Then you can import the file into photo shop. Simply go to file, say for Web. You can lower the size here and said the looping options to forever you have here some basic options. Just make sure that the gift is fairly small. I'll go for 600 pixels because this is a amount that I know that showcases well and then just clicking forever and saving the file. This ready gift file can be uploaded to skills her as a product file