Learn African " Yoruba " Language ( BEGINNERS FRIENDLY ) | Johnson Olusanya | Skillshare

Learn African " Yoruba " Language ( BEGINNERS FRIENDLY )

Johnson Olusanya, An Online Skill Coach

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About This Class

The Yoruba Language is spoken in some part of West Arican countries.

Millions of Yoruba speakers can be find in the United Kingdom, United State of America, Australia, Asia and other art of the world. 

Understanding the language will help any one communicate effectively with speakers of this language all over the world.

Over 40 percent of the worlds most populous African nation speak yoruba language.

In this course you will learn how to pronounce


the Yoruba Language alphabet and Words in Yoruba Language.

You will be glad indeed.

I look forward to helping you learn a this new language.

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Johnson Olusanya

An Online Skill Coach

Johnson olusanya specialize in SEO, Video Editing, and Social Media Marketing.

He is an award winning Social Media Adviser to Business Owners

He holds free training for College Students.

He is an Author and the Founder of Social Media For Church International.

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