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Learn Affinity Publisher from Scratch

teacher avatar Prashant Gupta

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

40 Lessons (4h 12m)
    • 1. Introduction to the Course

    • 2. Interface of Affinity Publisher

    • 3. A suggested Work Flow

    • 4. Setting up a Document

    • 5. Working with Pages

    • 6. Working with Master Pages

    • 7. Inserting and Formatting Text

    • 8. Working with Column and Guides

    • 9. Linking Text Frames

    • 10. Using Artistic Text Tools

    • 11. Working with Character Panel

    • 12. Working with Paragraph Panel

    • 13. Creating Text on a Path

    • 14. Inserting Images

    • 15. Using the Shape Tool

    • 16. Wrapping Text around Images

    • 17. Inserting Page Numbers

    • 18. Creating Table of Contents

    • 19. Creating Hyperlinks

    • 20. Working with Tables

    • 21. Fill Color

    • 22. Stroke Color

    • 23. Working with Color Swatches

    • 24. Color Picker

    • 25. Working with Layers

    • 26. Using Layer Effects

    • 27. 2 Fold Brochure : Introduction

    • 28. 2 Fold Brochure : Setting Up

    • 29. 2 Fold Brochure : Front Page - Part 1

    • 30. 2 Fold Brochure : Front Page - Part 2

    • 31. 2 Fold Brochure : Inner Page - Part 1

    • 32. 2 Fold Brochure : Inner Page - Part 1

    • 33. Creating PDF : Introduction

    • 34. Creating PDF : Setting Up

    • 35. Creating PDF : Inserting Text

    • 36. Creating PDF : Inserting Images

    • 37. Creating PDF : Book Cover

    • 38. Creating PDF : Table of Contents

    • 39. Creating PDF : Hyperlinks

    • 40. Summary

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About This Class


‘Learn Affinity Publisher from scratch’ is a Complete course to Master this application. You will learn the following:

  • About interface of Affinity Publisher

  • Setting up a document

  • Inserting and formatting text

  • Using paragraph and character styles

  • Creating and using pages

  • Using master pages

  • Typing text on a path

  • Using columns and guides

  • Inserting and formatting images

  • Using shapes

  • Using tables

  • Inserting image in a shape

  • Working with color

  • Using layer effects

  • Using hyperlinks

  • Creating an interactive PDF

  • Publishing your document

Having learnt the basics, you will learn to create real world documents such as a brochure and an interactive eBook. This is a course which will take you from zero to hero in publishing with Affinity publisher.

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1. Introduction to the Course: Hi friends. I'm Christiane Gupta, and I'm the author of this course Tight to learn FBT publisher from scratch. You have been looking for a publishing software. I'm sure you must have come across Adobe in design, which have been using for quite some time. It's a very good software for creating knife publication, but it is expensive now on the block we have definitely publisher. It's a very cost effective application, which helps you to create very good publications, which are engaging an eye catching. And the final product is as good as what you can create with Adobe in divine, especially when it comes to print. Yes, there are a few shortfalls when it comes to interactive publications here in divine. Currently it better, however, comparing the cost. The output which you get out off definitely publisher, I think, is very good, and I recommend to everybody to use this for your publications, especially if you are a solo entrepreneurs. I've used Adobe designed for a long time, and I have now switched over to a pretty publisher because I find it quite good and cost effective. This is a complete course to master this application, and in this course, you will learn the fall bring First of all, you will learn about be interface off. Definitely. Publisher. You will learn about all the tools required to create a good publications. You will learn to set up your document. It will learn to insert and former text. It will learn to use paragraph and characters types. You will learn to create and use pages. Then he will learn to use master pages to create a standard format right throughout your publication. It will learn to type on a part. You learn to use columns and guides. You will learn to insert and format images. You'll also learn to use shapes in a publication toe. Create certain design FX. He will learn to use tables to be able to present data in a nice looking manner. You will learn to insert immediate in shapes and then give it a layer effect. You will learn to work with colors. Toby ableto use color and harmony with your publication so that it looks eye catching. An appealing to the users. You will learn to use layers. Layers are very important aspects of creating any kind of publication, and therefore this is something which is, you know, done very well indefinitely publisher, and you will learn all about it. You will learn to create hyperlinks and thereby we learn to create an interactive PdF, which can be distributed on lines. And finally, we learn everything you need to know about publishing your documents or friends. If you are into, you know, publishing. Either you work for somebody to create large publications for companies or you create books , or you are a self publisher who wants everything toe happen at home on a computer. Then this software is very, very good for your work. Apart from learning the basic, I will also take you through steps to create real world projects that is grating a brush, er, creating an interactive PdF and many more publications as we move along in the course. So I recommend that if you want toe learn everything about Afridi publisher than do take this course and enroll in this course really take and happy learning 2. Interface of Affinity Publisher: hi French In this video, I'm going to explain to you in detail the interface off affinity Publisher. Before you learn to use any kind off software, you must first of all, a breast yourself with the interferes because you need to know where other tools that you need to use toe work on your document. You also need to apprise yourself with the place where you're going to place your text any immediate, you need to understand as toe what other panels which will help you in further improving and enhancing your work. You also need toe understand the tools that are available, the contextual aspects off that tool which will help you to further refine the use off the tools to do all that. We need to understand the interface now, Right now, right in front of you is the interface off affinity Publisher. This is what is going to be in front off you when you launch your program when you'll see here on top. This is the menu ba, and this is where you have various aspect like you can book of the files. You have certain commands to help you to edit your objects. This can help you to set up your document. This can help you toe improve your text Look and feel off it. This will help you to create the tables again the abortion aspects. But you can you through layers, the other commands which will help you to select or de select a particular object in your document. This also lets you view the document the way you want. And then, of course, you have the help screen where, in case you have any doubt and you want to further know about that particular command our panel, you can use the help, so achieve that. Then you have the tool by here. I want to go into details of each of these tools every produce in the course. Right now, I just need to understand that we have a tool by here are on the left. There are three personals. Firstly, the publisher that is the designer and 3rd 1 is the photo persona. Now these will only appear provided you have subscribed and haven't store these programs. If you don't have it, then you only will have the publisher persona. Now, in this particular course, I want to be working more on the publisher persona other I would be touching and how to integrate deals with your publisher. But I'm not going to be going into details of the EU's off this person, because they are soft failed by itself, and they require a complete course buy for themselves, which I have, and you can surprise for those to learn, in case you want to learn more about the person right now. Then, on the left side, we have the tools panel. Here you have the tools which you will be using toe work with your publication. First of all, you have the frame textile, losing that you can draw it off Freeman and fill it with text. You can type text, then you have the table tool. Then you have the artistic textile. I will be explaining to the difference between the frame checked and artistic text in a separate Well, you're together. Then we have the mental. This will again be used to draw things. You have these shapes now here. Remember that they still got a small triangle here. If you click on it, you have many more options for shapes, but you can select and draw in your documents. Then you have the picture frame rectangle. You can draw this to put in your pictures. You have the picture of the Ellipse stool, then you have the place. It makes total sense sort of going toe. The many weakened from here only click on it and place a picture. There you have the crop to you have the fatal. You have the transparency tool on you have the color picker toe. You have the view too. You have the zoom told the French. I'm going to be working and explain it to you in detail about all these tools, but not here. This is only introduction. I will be doing this in subsequent videos so we don't for it. When you select to lecture, we select this particular to let transparency Or let's say the textile here. You will find that here on this line there are more options which have appeared. This area is only the contact tool box and this is going to be different for each kind off tool. With you select save To select the pentacle, you'll find that the context toolbar the elements there have changed and they put a toe the use off that particular tool and select this. This doesn't have anything to do with the context toolbar. So we will disclose that. Let's take this particular tool. I will find that again. The cortex toolbar. The options there have changed. I shall be discussing and we will be working about this Grady Day another at the bottom. You have the state those. But this has certain details. We will learn about deed every progressive, the course. We have panels which help us to work with our Darkman. We have pants on the left side and you can say we have a pigeon. We have assets and guess who have certain passage. They will be available here. Your stock. Right now we don't have anything here, right? And then the most important thing is that all this panel that I don't detail about Master Peter than pagans help you to add more pages in your document. All the right side you will find that they are more parents with which you could work right on top. You have tabs like color three billion popular scratches stroke. When you go down here, you have in a balance allege for characters for paragraph for textiles and many more. You can also add more panel by going here toe windows, another two of you and the ones which are picked out your other ones we can with the ball at the moment you go tick mark more to be shown in a panel or otherwise, and I trained. So in this video I have given you a brief. All of you off the interface off affinity publisher, Go through this video again and again toe acquaint yourself with all the tools and panels which are available within, evidently publisher. And that is what we're going to help you to create meaningful documents after you've learned to youth f nitty publisher in X totality. So that's it for this video. Thanks for listening Take and happy learning. 3. A suggested Work Flow : hi. Friends will come toe this video, and in this video we're going to learn or other discuss about the workflow off, creating a document using affinity Publisher Avenue show. I want to give you a feel of how our documented created indefinitely publisher, and we're going to be doing it with a very small document of just two pages. But you'll be getting a basic idea as to how one needs to go about creating that. Let me also, you know, sort off explain to you that this is just toe. Give your idea. I'm not working on the nitty gritty than details. I'll be explaining whatever you're going to be seeing in this particular video in great detail as we progress in this course, you know, things like how toe set up your document, things like how do and the text things like how to insert images, how to format your immediate how toe insert, how to pay the shape, how to insert millions in shape, how to create certain special effects toe the objects with you, create right. Having said that, let's go and now have a look at the workflow. So right now you are in the interface off affinity publisher. And from here we can click here on new document and we get this kind over window using which we can set up our document. Now I warmly document will bring, So that's fine. Otherwise, you have plenty off options. I'll be explaining about how to set up a document in great detail in a separate video altogether, I wanted to be a foresight. You have many options. Select a four and I want the document units to be in inches. When you're working with print, I think best is to work in inches or centimeters or millimeters, and then I'm going toe, you know, in a displacement policy. Preferred, preferred linked. Now there are two options Lincoln embedded as we will click here. Find that embedded. I prefer embedded for that. If I move my document to some other computer, that OK, but if it's going to be a very large publication with a lot of images that probably my like will have it linked, otherwise it may create a bit of problems. Our pages I want to make it toe to pages. I am not well toe have the default master, so I want to click here because I'll create my one master and then we have big with This is ah, you know, suggested to you by the software itself because we selected 84 for the City of Standard Side. And I am going to have it in portrait more the DP I'll going to be 300 when you are working for a print, you should have a deep playoff. 300 or more, not less than that. Margins and bleed. I want to give it within the master pay because I'll be working and I don't want a facing page. So I'm not going to check this box on. We're going toe click on. OK, But what? I do it, you'll find that two pigs have been added. Now you're getting the rectangle because I said the margins etcetera in masturbate earlier . So we're going to go down here to masturbate. Click here, ADM. After pitch, Marjorie. Okay. Okay. So you had it marked up. Idiot! I'm goingto makes it and changes. So I'm gonna board on her toe view and I'm going to go around toe. Gosh, manager, I want to make it toe columns. I noted that two columns have appeared here. I want to reduce this to the rope on five inches and similarly the right model is going to be zero point five inches on. Then I want to blow this so you know that you could have taken place. But let's go here. Another Children have not got a plight of the period, so I can right click here and I will say Apply Master. And he will find that we only have marked a So I didn't go to flicker. OK? And they're the hero. The margins and the columns have now appeared here Similarly, if I go down to this speed, it doesn't have anything. So I want to again right click and click on Apply Master, Get going! Okay, there. So now all of big have bean created in a manner they adhere to the master Biggest Remember that once you create one master you can apply those same canyon and format to your other pages to I'm going to be going into great detail of how to do this in a separate video All together, right? So having set up my document, the next thing we guy likely do it instead the text. Because, you know, French publication is all about text and images and certain special things like shapes and all that and a bit of design to make it look more attractive. So first aspect is to insert text. Now, how do I do it? I generally type it out in a word processor. In this case, I have done it in a word. So I have a document. Here I am going toe klik it, selling this and die a text. What? I wanted my publication and right click on Copy it and then we'll get hold off a frame text tool and I'm goingto create a free What is that frame text tool with which I have greater a text for him a lightly. And I want to base the text which I had covered. No, this is my work flow. You can have a different work for over Basically the task which we are going through in this particular video is the one which will have to go through. I will find that there the red Triangle we have below. Which means that the text is more than what this particular frame you designed the whole. So we click here on, go down here and pull it up. We'll find that the text has now filled up the document. No, I want Oh, create a heading. So already there. Then I went with us. Then select this and I am one toe. Make it bored by clicking here and also give the fourth lecture to 50 and I will send it without I want to insert any made into the document. So I need toe were down here. So this particular icon, which saves place, remains tool. I'll click on it on. I'll never get to my directory where I have this image. Let's say I want to insert this, but claim it so I will click on it. I will open it. And since my cousin was active, this is appear so I want to go to edit on dopest click outside and now take the best pool click on they made open. Now I can play this anywhere. I want to let me rest. Let's it, place it here, and some text has gone behind this image so we can now flow. That takes around. So I go down to this particular icon and I get some options I won't do with scratch and inflamed that the Texas now wrapped around this particular even if I grab this and I'm making Smalley find that be pictures wrapping it on No, I can move the text distance. So let's say the right part off it. Lincoln, you must be seeing that detective again. The bottom bottom and top are looking OK to me. They're fine. So this is how we can start off place an image in a rock meant and also wrap text around. No one more aspect. I want to show you that. Now you'll notice that these red dots have appeared. That means that is more text in the frame text than what it can hold. So I What I don't normally is go down to the last frame. You know, the frames have got leg. Go down here to this triangle, click on it and then I'll go around here toe the second bid, and I won't go. You know, the text has now floored through. Go back to the first base now. I just want o insert another aim it but insider shape. So here in the ship. Cool. Let me just take this Ellipse stool. Let's draw tha ellipse here in the center Now there it is. Let me throw this. Okay, now I wouldn't insert and they meet Ana with the selected Let me go around a little. The selected files on we can go down to this. Let's say I take this party claiming, uh let me do all this on top here. No, this is really heard. It appeared in the layers. Grab this ellipse and put it on top. If I now grab this particular layer and move it here, you'll find that the immediate now appealing inside be ellipse. Now, how do exactly go about doing all this? I'll be explaining to you in great detail subsequently diarrhea just to get a feel off What can be the workflow while creating a document and how to go about creating a nice looking document? Now I can also even thought off and not it on fitted in here. That should be okay on then You noted that here nothing much happened but will happen. I want to take to wrap around this So again I will do go down here to short text rap things this time we're going to again select square. There's the text has wrapped as required it to and more texture now thrown in here. So we increase the side. There it is. So just remember, whenever you know the red dot up there, that means it is indicating that there is more to the text than what you see with your eyes . Let's go back to the first. Now, having created this, I want to format this. If I right click, I get the option. From here, I will select clear affection and then I completely see out a share of their more options available, which we will discuss as we proceed ahead in the court right now. If I increase the radios, let me just move this away and then let me, you know, sort off it. Who can now notice the Shero coming up on Let me. That's including the city of this glove it So here a lot of that we have formatted the shape with you acting in the container to an image on it is available to us in the document , right, French. So in this video, I just walked you through a possible workflow for creating a document ill affinity publisher and where I explained to you how to create a master pain. How to add painted Explain to you how images can be inserted and how text can with wrapped around ready made are using all these concepts. You can create very meaningful documents, even a book or a printable book using affinity publisher. Now you're going to be going into great detail of How toe do all this. There is much more to creating text there, much more to inserting anyway, that formatting that he made and working with shapes, working with many more towards which are available with an affinity publisher to help you create a very good layout and design for your document, which would be you know, what the reading. So that is what we're goingto be learning in subsequent will use. Thanks for being with me take and happy learning 4. Setting up a Document: Hi. So, in this video, we're going to learn how to set up our document. At the moment, we want to create a new document. Let's say we need to go down here and kick on new document. Or you could even do that from here. You have the option of new, but we will take this option and click on it. No, you have in front of you a new dialogue box are using this. You can set up your new document, so let's go through and see what all can be set up using this particular window. First of all, you have the type very deeply care on the drop down menu. You have various options like print, print, person, ready photos web divisive than presets. So all these will give you a different kind of her set up here. Now, let me just go around here and say photo. I will find that the details and the paid preset have changed. We go down to devices, you get many more options from which you can choose. So there are pieces available for every kind off option which you want to work on. So basic options are these So let's go around toe print and here another page, he said. You have many options, so if you click on this, you'll find that right from a one toe 8 10 I will not be talking about these. In fact, also letter and legal. Because there are using us. You can set that up a lovely A 40 of the one which meets most of the comments for regular use. Now. The third option, which is there in setting up your document, is the document units. This is again a personal different. You can choose from fixes, points, bikers, inches, yards, millimeters and two meters and meters. Normally, I use millimeters, and if you know you need, you can also go down. So let's three inches intact. Inches would be a better. We are working with printed documents. Why live with that inches? Then you have the option off deciding on a major placement policy. Now you have two options. Firstly, the before M 1,000,000,000 next year's prefer length. This what happens is any kind of female we took, which you're going to be bringing into your document. If you have preferred embedded selected, then they are going to be a embedded in your document, and it is going to make the size off your publication quite heavy or large. I guess you want your publication, Toby Light. Then you can choose from linked now. In this case, whatever you're going to be inserting in your publication is going to be linked. So you need to ensure subsequently that all your assets are available at the same place as before. As you're working and you're document if you change it, then there were problems in linking up toe those particular document. So I generally I prefer to leave it embedded. Now. Then you have the options off either deport master or creating her own master. I normally like to create my own master for each kind off publication which I create. So one could uncheck this, or in case you want to use the default partner, go ahead and keep it checked. Then, below that, you have four stabs the 1st 1 of the layout tab, which is related to the other options which we have already discussed. Now here you have the paid with pale height. By default, it is going to be in portrait format in case you want to be getting our document in landscape format. Then you can uncheck this and was slain. Let the page with and paid high tell change. Let's go back to the default. Then you have the options offsetting the DP I and you click on it. You have many options. 72 to 400. That is what this particular software supports. 300 is the one which is used mostly for your print work, so we will select that for this particular demonstration. Otherwise, you have many options, especially if you're creating any publication for the Web or for your device. I would say that Go ahead with two things 72 because then your document is going to be very small inside and we lord much faster. So keep that in mind. Use anything beyond 1 44 for print purposes like Then you have this option off facing pages . You can select this. I think we will leave it toe selected so that I can explain to you when it comes here. One thing I missed out on the pages, you know, if you know already that these many periods or document is going toe have. Then you could sort off set the number of pages which you're requiring her document you. Then we've up and down buttons. You can change the number of heat with you required. Now, even if you start with just one paid later on, you can keep on adding the pigeon. In your document, we learn about all this every progress in the course. Then the arraignments are there, horizontal or vertical. Then start on. Right. Our left. So any of these options you can have in your document based on the kind of project which you are creating right friends. So we went through all the options which are available As far as setting a document is concerned, we have gone ahead and set an option for print with certain dimensions off the pages which was selected from the page preset. Let's now click. OK. And our document, You're going to get created now. Here. You see that? You know you have the initial page. You have a default martyr pay. That is why you have this box coming up. And then if you go down here, you have to facing pages now. You could have chosen there to just have one piece on normally, that what you're going to be in case for creating a pdf, a document. But if you're creating a print, I'll recommend that. Have you're facing period so that it's easier for you to lay out your work right? Friends. So in this video, we have discussed how we can set up our pages. It definitely publisher. And this you must do before you start creating any kind off document. We learn more about this as the problems in this course we learn how toe set periods for, ah, online document. We will learn. How does it you know, pages for or document for our published work or printable? So that's it for this video. Thanks for listening take and happy learning. 5. Working with Pages: Hello, friends. In this video, we're going to learn how to manage Pale in a public eight. In a previous video, we learned how toe set up our document, and then we also learned how to create pages When I talk about managing period. This implied how to create sections within a publication off pages, how toe advocated how toe duplicated pages, how to delete pale and how to navigate through our pages. That is the water we are going to be learning in this particular video. So here I have a page, in fact, are spread, I should say to a big open in front of us on top. Here you'll find that there is a top pages. If I click on it, it loaded all our pages. If I click on this again on the arrow is pointing downward at an angle. You get few options here on the right side to manage your pages. But the 1st 1 is section manager. I'll talk about this a bit later. Then you have had PD. You have duplicate selected video and you have delete selected big. So we already have this paid selected. If I click on the right one. Now I have selected the four paid and if I want to add appear, I need to just go down here and click on add pages. When we do that, we get this small dialog box. It said, How many pages do you want to add? Since we are working with facing period than we'll be adding to be, If you were not working with dressing period than you could just add one Pete, then it has the option off. Whether you want to insert this paid before or you want to insert it after and after which big so you can toggle through this, relive it at five and then it will ask you which masturbate should be applied to this page so we only have one master. In case you had more masters, you got selected anyone out of them. I'd be talking about master pages in the next video. Right. Once we have done this, all that we need to rule, we click on okay. And there you will see that we have now a spread of two pages which have come in front off eso to see how you add pages. Now you can also duplicate 1,000,000,000. Let's say that you have on a page, you know, kind of formatting, which you want for your next way or certain elements you want to use from that page in your next page two. So in that case, it would be prudent for you to duplicate pages. Now all that is required, you right, click on you can say to placate pages that is one all you can even from here, click on duplicate selected pages. If I click on it, they're the people have got duplicate. Let me delete this page. So we just go here on the leaves, selected pages. And there it is, the pay their now got deleted. Let's go back to the space on. We're going to delete the space to right. Click on delete. We're going to read the state also right, click and delete, Peters. Okay, let's go back to this page where we were working Now, here at the bottom. If you see there certain controls using great, we can never get through a payday. So here we have the page numbers on. Then we can go to the next Great Oh, you can go back. We can also click and go to the beginning of the document again. Navigate through document write friends. So this is how we manage up bigger and and we navigate through a pages so explain you how to go about and do this one more aspect. I would like to explain to you before we finish this topic. Now, here we have I gone, which is section manager. If you click on it, you get another dialog box. Let bigger delete this. Okay, so by before you have ah option off creating sections and the affinity publisher has taken all the period and put them in a section. Now we can scribble in that and create our own sections. Why are sections important? Maybe that if we have a large publication you want to divide your period into selections for the purpose off page numbering or any kind of other. But so here, if you want to add more sections, what we need to do is we need toe click here on, say, add section by default. It takes a number of pages and gives you the balance of periods. Section two. Now here you can go down on, you know, either increase or decrease. So I just wanted five period. So I am going to be doubling down toe so that the Section one has only one toe. Five pages on balance begin available here, and similarly, I can keep on adding sections. Click here by the 400 gives me a number and then the other set up idiot are here. So again we can using this start on the page with we won. We can also name the sections here if we have selected let's say we want to say it, uh, anything Book on Enter. We'll find Section three have been named book, and to each section you can apply a particular kind off number style. So here it's all mentioned and you can apply them. And once you don't require a partner section, you can go down here and remove the section. So this is how you create and manage section off Bigas. Let's close this right friends. So in this video, I have given you insight or shall I say overview off. How you can manage pay is there in how you can add pages, how you can duplicate paid in how you can delete it, how you can navigate through a payday that also explain you how to create sections off our pig. So that fit for this video. Thanks for listening. Take it and happy learning. 6. Working with Master Pages: Hello French. In this video, I'll explain to you how to use master pages and create Masterpiece. Before I do that, let me explain to you what are masterpieces. When you create a publication, you want certain formatting to be applied to your pages. You could either do it on each big or if you want a uniformly out. Then you could apply a set off attributes to your master beach. And once you do that, that will get applied toe all your period here after way, which you create. Now that is what is master paid all aboard this to give you an example. If you want to logo Toby appearing in your publication at a given place on all your peers, it would be prudent toe. Create that artifact or design in your master P, and once you do that, that will get applied toe all your pages without creating separately for each piece. Master pages help us and first of all, reducing our when it comes to formatting your peters and also giving a uniform look and feel to your publication right across your publication. So, having said that, now let's see how we can modify a masterpieces were here since we had given earlier as default, We only have a masterpiece that we double click. This is what we have now. Suppose you don't want this kind of margin, but you want the margin, which is narrow. You can go down here to spread set up and go down here to margins. Select this here which say Edit all mothers together and click on this and make a 0.5 and enter now when we click. OK, see, the margin has changed right now, before I create pages to show that the master preacher has been applied. Let me that's create few more elements but flicker on view and we go around the guides manager and we want toe, you know, apply a column guide toe. All a page is therefore we need to create this in the master paid first. Now if I create two columns will find that now to Great Out column guides are available on the masterpiece. Let's cause this right now. Having done that, let's go down here on lips at Bt's. I'm sure you noticed that the margins are similar to what was there in the masturbate and also the column guided this. Let's duplicate this. Okay, let's go down here Now let's say we do not want the attributes off Master P to be applied to a particular page. We can do that rightly. From the fly out menu, you have options off clear masters if you click on it. The formatting which had got applied because you had earlier applied the master gets removed so that flexibility is available to you. It is not necessary that once you have created a master is going to be there on all your pages. You have that place. Let's rightly on again. Click on Apply Master. So it will ask you which, master, Right now we only have marked a So I just leave it at that and click on hook And the attributes which we had created on a master big for the page layout have got no applied toe . This particular page right now you can also create more masturbate if I go here and click on Add Master. Now it will ask me certain things like name and the latter goose. I live it that whatever is the default on also let the name we must Toby we click OK on this, Master, This is what we have. Well, I click on weekly Gone clear last but this is masturbates and I think it's clear Deal So what? We need to do it. We will go down to view I don't want this column here. That's why I'm tryingto tell you this because one worldview and we go down to guide manager We are going toe Make it 21 column and click close So now our muster b doesn't have any column guide Very the master A still have the column. Great. So we have no to master pages with different attitude on this master, be less create holographic which can represent a local So let me go down here on pick up the star tool Let me have this little I want to have this here This column make it a bit smaller Put it here OK, and change the color So now I've created you know, an element or object on our master BB So let's say now I click here on paid and I want to create two more newbie I do right click, I say add biggest. It said number off pages and it is given the option of Master A or since we've got master, be master be I would select Master, be on Click on. Ok now noted that there are no column Bratcher Master had the column bags and we have the start applied here So you have their flexibility off on a bit Either toe apply a given master that is master a master be battery having created a uniformly our to be applied across a publication Still your it in the flexibility off changing that you builds a certain big there you like to do it right from so in this video I give you insight into how we can create and apply master pages in a document I explain to me what master paydays are all about I also explain to you how we can, you know, create certain paisley out attributes for the Master Pete which can be applied too many other pages subsequently I also explain to you how we can create additional master pages and apply them. I also explain to you how toe clear the attributes applied via masturbate. So that's it for this video. Thanks for listening Take and happy learning 7. Inserting and Formatting Text: hi friends. In this video, we're going to learn how to insert and fallen text. When you have a look at any publication, you will find that the majority off content is normally text combined with images or certain shapes or design elements. Toe make your document look visually appealing, so it is very important that we understand how we insert and for my text in afternoon tea Publisher now there to wait off inserting text in publisher. The 1st 1 is using the frame text tool. That is what we're going to be learning about in this particular video, and the second is the artistic textile, both off these different bit. Both are used to enter text, but using frame text tool, you can insert bulk text in your document things like paragraphs or articles and then formatted the way you like it the way you want to create your document. The artistic text tool is normally used for a small amount of text. It could be used with heading or maybe a court or every element which has a text element which had artistic feel to it, so you can format it in a artistic manner to insert text in a frame. We used the frame text tool. You click on it, you can draw out of frame and I have done and you can type in it. Let's just type a shot. Sometimes the brown folks jumps over the lazy dog. Right? So we have the kind of text which we wanted in a frame, and we can add as much text as we want. Oh, on whatever we add in this frame can be formatted. I just talk about it in a minute. Let me if three do the side of the stream on either way, it will start text in your document and by just copying and pasting what I normally do. Because it's a bit cumbersome toe type and format. In definitely publisher, I type in my text in a word processor. Mostly I use the word so I already have certain text with your type thing. You can select it. Copy this text. Go back to the ftt publisher, take the frame textile, draw out a text box, right click on the instant text. And there it is now, since we had ah, you know, smaller text box. As you can see her the texture inside the frame, but it's not fully visible, and therefore you get a red triangle here with a you know, bone. Like I call you can pull and bullet in the time that the whole text is visible. It's not happening here, so what you can do is you can create another textually where the text frozen. Now that can be done in by just clicking on this read mark, and then you get a co se. Yeah, and when you draw textbooks now you'll find that the text overflows into the next text box . And both these textbooks say they're now intellect, meaning that if I, you know, in grease the side of this text box will find that the text in this one is reducing. And if I pull it down, then the text is going into throwing into the other friends. So here I just explained to you how we can flow the text into another frame and how we can link it. I shall talk about this aspect in much greater detail in a separate video altogether. Right now, when I have a deck selected, you will find that here they're the contextual menu which comes up and this relates to the formatting of text like here we can, you know, J in the front, off the text lists of yours. It doesn't cfb we have done that. We can make it bold. So we go down here, we have the option of making it bowl and you can see let's go back to regular. We can gain the side of the foreign, for we have option through which you can scroll. And let's say we want 16 that it is no again. We can make it bold. We can underline it. We can kill the foreign color, so you get options and either you can pick it from swatches or you can pick it from color. Let me say that I want read text so that it is. Let's get back to swatches and I am goingto elect Black Girl. Enough now. Then you have options. Toe apply stains about styles. I wonder. We're talking in great detail later on. Then you have options off, you know, justify Olympics. If I have selected this text, it is currently left justified. I can make it to align in the center. I can write, justified I can left justified, I could justify it so the options are available and you can see here. Also, there are options toe create bulleted list or numbered list. You can also include and decrees the gap between two sentences or paragraphs. By using this, we will discuss about it in a bit of greater detail. Later on. Let me just delete difference. And here I will just extend this a bit to fit in all the text Let heritage not currently. There are no columns. We can create columns by we go down here, the Texas Select eight and we make it true. Columns will find that now we have got two columns now. Other aspects off formatting that textile with discussing in a separate video together, right friends. So in this video, I just give you a basic idea as to how we can use the frame text tool to insert text in a document and also carry out some basic formatting. Now, as we progress in this course, I will recovering in detail. You know more aspect, Like how toe apply textiles, how to save textiles, etcetera. So that's it for this video. Thanks for listening, Dick and happy learning 8. Working with Column and Guides: hi French. In this video, we're going to learn how to create columns. You know, when you're creating a book or a magazine or any kind of brother, you may like to have columns off text on your pages. Onda, definitely publisher makes it quite easy to create these columns, so let's see how we can do it. First of all, we select this textual unless draw out our textbooks. Now we need to insert some text into it. I won't type it for this demonstration. I'm going to insert some filler ticks. So to insert the filler text, we need to go down here toe text on from here. You know, it's insert politic, we just click on it, and some gobble. A meaningless text has now been entered in our text frame. But that's good enough for me to be able to demonstrate what I'm trying to say. Now we want to divide this entire, uh, text, which is there and column into columns on appeal. So the first option is that you have, you know, here columns. Now you can create two columns or three columns of four columns, and you want Oh, let's go back to two columns? No, here you find. Now the gap between these two columns are there. Now. This can also be adjusted by you by using this text free. If you click on it, there are various options available. Go through it. There are some very interesting things you can change. But for this particular video, let's just talk about column. So here the gutter. No, this is the doctor right now. The rope on turn three inches. If I click here, you will find that the good days now change in. You could also stay the rich in the texture, or you can reduce the cutter. So this would be handy to format the columns and have the gutter the way you want to for your particular document. Right? Alexa, just grow this parent right now. Here. If you want to go back to frame one, you can just click here on your back to frame one. So this is how you create. Call up the one method. Let me go Delete this and we can also create columns free. And we deal, in fact, better. In case you want to create, you know, columns which are customized in nature. for your requirements. All that you need to do is selected textbooks on draught a column, and then you draw a second column. And there you have now two columns, and subsequently, in a separate video, I'll explain to you how you can link these two columns so that once you have type of something and detective more than what the scholars can take than how this text gets linked to the other column on Flows The texting Toe, the other column that will be topic for another video. Right friend. So in this video, I explained to you how to create columns and explain you two methods. One is by using this context tool bar from here you can create, and also you can draw out columns. Freehand! So that's it for this video. Thanks for listening Take and happy learning. 9. Linking Text Frames: hi friends. In this video, we're going to learn how to link text frames so that in case one frame cannot accommodate the entire text with you have pasted in tow, it can be linked and made to flow into other frames. And this is one of the very important aspect off any guy enough publishing software. And so we need to learn about this. Now, before we go toe that, let's create a document for that. I'm going to go down here to file and click on New, and we will accept the default on and we are going toe click here on. Okay, so we have this document here on, uh, let's go down to the master paid. And here before I explained to you any further, let me explain to you how we can create college guides for that. We need to go down there to view from here, go down toe guides manager, and in this window, we're going toe, make it two columns two and you'll find that two column guides which are great out have now appeared onto the masterpiece. Let's now close this. And if we click here and find like since we did this in the master pig, the they allow available on our page on which we are going to be working. Let's now this had pitches a number of pages to Yeah, that's right. And we click on okay and let's go down here. So we have these facing periods now available. Waas. Now let's see how we can link the frames. So let's create the frames. Click on this frame textual. Go down to the guides off columns with the help of the guides. Let's create this column. Let's create L A column. So let's take this. And here lips create a second column. So we have now two columns on the speech knowledge. Select some tests from a word processor. I already have the text selected, so I'm going to just right click and competence. And then let's based this text in the first text frame. Now you'll notice that this is not floored onto the other frame would be created, but here we have a red triangle. Now this is indicating that there is more text in this particular frame, which needs to be placed somewhere for it to be visible. So let's click here and now when we move toe The text free, which were created earlier, is getting, you know, highlighted. And if you click on it, the text has now Floridian and still here You can see that they the Red Triangle which indicates that still the complete text had not come onto the PD's. So let's again so like this And let's know could yet another takes free and to link it we need to select this at this fungal we need to click. We moved here the moment and gets highlighted. We click on it and there No, I think we will have to responsible. So click on this and now it would roil find that their texted appearing within now. Still, there is ah more text which is not yet visible. So we are going toe create another beach or add beaches and click on OK, go down here and just place the cursor Android. Since we had not click on this red triangle, the texture not got linked or floored in tow. That particular friend. So we'll click here on go down to the second page The moment we over over it, you can find that it has become I like it will click on it and there it is. So it was just one hard line, right? For we will just leave it here. The point to note is that now all these friends are linked. If I click on this selected, you can see the lines and the arrows here which are basically indicating that the textile linked now here the last bid. We only have this much of text. I want to just explain to you one more aspect before I close this lesson. Now, if I select this frame on, you know I make any Kailua like I am dragging it down, it will can apply toe the entire frame which is links right now. Since I've done that now, if you go to the last people find that the text which we pushed down in the furious speed has now appeared on toe this frame. Now all this is going to help you in creating or documents. And I'll be progress towards creating and explaining the world examples. You will come to know how this, you know, linking the text frames were going to help you in creating a good layout and creating a good publication. So that's it for this video. Thanks for listening Take and happy learning 10. Using Artistic Text Tools: hi Friends will come toe this video and in this video we're going to learn how to use the artistic textile. And how does the artistic textual differ from the frame? Textile? Soto Create artistic text tool. We can go down here and you have this icon we say artistic, technical click on it and then you can drag it to set a size for your front and then typing a letter I type in here. India. Another difference between the artistic textile and frame textile is that artistic textual is scalable. Well, the frame textile is nor scaled. So in case we dragon and view the size off the frame in artistic textile, the entire text will in large or decreased in size as we improved the side of the box off the container. But the same is not applicable toe detectable. Let's just see this with the demonstration. I will report some frame textile here. Let's call it India, and I will just in Greer the size toe. Let's say 64. Move it down. No, this is the artistic textiles, and if we grab this here and dragon, you'll find that the entire content off the box or the text is increasing inside. And as we re do the side of the box, the side of the text is also getting skilled. So that's attribute, which is applicable only to the artistic text tool and therefore the artistic text tool is suited for creating headlines, titles, writing shot, Goard's or something declarative text with you want to place in your publication now. When it comes to oh, the frame text tool, it is ideally suited for creating body texts on. It was noted that if I drag the from the side of the frame with increasing to accommodate more text, but it is not affecting the text itself for that we'll have to select it on. We will have dough over guarded by K, the funds in the sighs panels. I hope it's clear allowed to do that, how to use the and when to use the artistic textile and when you should use the frame, textual and water difference between the tooth. So that's it for this video times for listening take and happy learning 11. Working with Character Panel: Hi. So in this video, we're going to learn how to use the character panel toe format text in our publications here. Right now on the screen, I have a small amount of text typed in using the artistic textile. No deformity it with Selig days on end. You know, here we have certain panels, like less character paragraph in textiles. So we need to click on character Toe Xs, The Radius attributes which can be changed using this panel off the text. Let me also just explain to you that a lot of these attributes can also be changed right from the contact toolbar right here which appear once you have the take selected. But let's for this particular video. Concentrate on the character pounds. So here the character panel will find that you know, you can see the characters by various options. We will live with that default and then we have the foreign drop down list. We click on it. We get a list off all forms which are installed on your PC and which are accessible. Toe affinity, publicar if you, you know, just put your cursor over it will find that you're getting a feedback as to how your text we look and gives you apply the forms. Now let us leave it at the fourth. You think this you can change it? Actually, Leslie, we tended to stencil on. Then again, we can just go out there and go back to where we were. So this is one aspect. You can also use the character panel toe change the phone size as you know, whatever it you're getting a feedback and what they were for inside meets the requirement of a publication. You can go ahead. And Leslie, we touch 64. Or should we say that 72 points Now here you can also make it regular or bold. And you can also change the foreign color. If you click on it, you get a panel using this. You can kill the color. Let's make it toe black again. Now we can also decorate artist right now there no decoration applied. We can underline. We can double underline. We can also change the color of the underlying where we go here. We could make it read. We could make it green so you can customize everything here. Then you can select to have no strike two. Let's first make it. Have no under life. Need to select this Making known the land then you can, you know Right now she knows like through we can strike through we click on it There it is . We make it as most like So all this can be done now we can also have outlined style. If we click on this, we can increase the with for this less in the color. Let's make it fair. Hello. And there you can see that the outline style have killed Who asked for the requirement for your publication? You can do this. Let's ah, make it toe nail Right. Then I remember that when you want to apply any kind off formatting your text using the character panel, you must have your text selected. Now here you got positioning and transform. Now, friends, I would like to tell you that there are a lot of options available. I just go through a few of them to explain how to use it. Thereafter. Kindly explore on your own for each kind off option available in the corrective panel. And it should be ableto get it right If I start going in tow the details off all of the will take a lot of time. So let's say here we need toe Drew Curtis. Know what is turning? If I select here and I know school over, you can find that the distance between two letters is either increasing or decreasing. So if your publication required this kind of formatting, go ahead and use it Really? With that zero. Also, with this elected, if we go down here, it saves share. Now, In case I include this year, you can see how it is leaning toward one side. So again, this can be very handy to format your text. Then we have tracking using this. There are options to see whole step. The gap between two letters is increasing or declaring as we select the delivered option. Let's say we said 10% The gap now increased. We go back and we make it toe zero. This is what the creator off front who wanted. So I think I lived with that. This I'm not going toe go through all of these. I'm sure you god'll idea. Play around with these options and be able to understand after how you can use the character panel and the options which are available within to format your picks. Then you have things like typography. You can use this options toe format, your text in the man I will require. Let me explain to you one thing here. See if I have one dash to the cell fraction and I want to format it. I just selected and I go down toe typography. And if I click on fractions, see how this is key? Similarly, you can explore how other options work. Let me just go with that and will delete this Texas we created. But then you have options off language, hyphenation, language, etcetera. Just play around with this and it will be ableto get diarrhea quite clear. Right, friends. So in this video, I explain to you how we can you the collective panel, to format the text which we typing into our publication. I haven't gone through all the options. And if I do that, this video become too long. So I recommend that you now having got the concept, please explore all the options and see how best you can apply the in their publications. So that's it for this video. Thanks for listening. Take and happy learning 12. Working with Paragraph Panel: Hi friends. In this video we're going toe Learn how to format are paragraphs using the telegraph pan. You could format characters who could format words on you can format paragraphs and there will be times when you're creating your publication that you would like to format paragraphs. So to do that when you come down to the right plans here you have certain times like layers characters paragraph in text lines, sort of format paragraphs who need to goto paragraph panel, click on it and you have various options like here. You will not have that here we have high confidence Help Pasto align our paragraphs Right now it is aligned to the left We click here the paragraph gets aligned to the center Now here noted that the panel which is selected only that is getting affected. Right, we will click here. You'll notice that it has got to write the line It has got justified Hook You can also apply this across the boards Let me that who don't here on dick on goto the initial situation. If we select all the columns now, when we apply the paragraph settings off formatting you will find that is getting now applied toe the columns which have been selected right now. Once you do this, you will find that there are situations which have come up like, you know, abnormal gaps between these are talk about this. How we can take care off it later. To be able to explain this, I just want tohave one column selected because the idea is to just I understand the concept there after you can try it out on your own and seawater Best source. Sure requirement for the publication which you are creating now. You can also change pressing for example, head if you go first time in not every degree of this. It was noted that the indent off the first line is changing. Let's go back to the nation state No similarly other spacing like left and then you're right and end than a paragraph leading on spares before paragraph. All these can be changed. So the way I did this for first line and then go ahead and do this for others and you will understand how to apply the formatting toe the document which you are creating. Let's just collapse this Now. You noted that that you know a lot of options which are available, especially tab stop Justification, flow options. Bullets and numbering baseline green hyphenation, drop caps, initial words and decoration. I will just explain to you a few of them so that you know that using the paragraph panel, you can format the text for the entire paragraph or just for that problem paragraph. Let's say that Let me go here. If I want to apply in the formatting to adjust this selected paragraph, this can be done now if I sent out, it is just getting a plight with that photograph, you know? Yeah. There. Okay, now I've done this for this paragraph. You'll find that certain gaps have appeared, which are making this entire paragraph look a bit awkward to me. So in that case, we could go down here toe hyphenation, and we could use auto definitions. And there, to a great extent, the spacing has now become something which is not very distracting to the eyes. Duet with that. And then you have various options like minimal minimum score, minimum world land all just play around with it and you will get that thing off as to how to use the paragraph. Panel two for my text in your document. Let's just do away with this or drive a nation for the timing. I'll go back toe left alive and collapse this right now with this paragraph selected. If we go down here and we apply that they and never the drop caps click on it, you will find that the drop gap has come and where the drop cap. It's the initial letter, which becomes a bit and lives now. We can also increase the drop capsize, or we can recreate it less than toe goes to normal. So, too, is the smallest drop cabinet. You can clear it every select click on this. Yeah, every. Let's say we select more paragraphs and apply the drop cap. Make it animal. You'll find that the drop cap has got a nibble for all the paragraphs with me selected. Let's undo this so use this judiciously toe format your paragraph where you want the drop gaps. Let's collapse this. No other options in all these panels on drop down details Do go through it carefully, take your time and see how best you can use it for your document. You also have the options toe format, your text with bullets and number rings. Let because demonstrate this to let's say, yeah, I have ah list, which has not been formatted. Now I can go down to bullets and numbering, and right now it's a type no list, and they have any options here. But you can explore your own. I'll just extremely with the basics. You click on it. It said no less. Now if I click on bullets, a lot of that the bullets have got applied and you can change these tab stops off bullets. How dough I dough that if I actually do that, see how it is going clothes or I can increase it. Let's keep it with default right now. You can also apply numbers. They're notice change. There are more options in the soaking up, like any one of them a B C. D. So as you must have noticed, that paragraph panel is a very useful panel using which you can for my two paragraphs to a great extent. Now, add the many options here. I cannot cover all of them in this video, otherwise that this is going to become a very Lindy video and probably will get bored with it. So I gave you a basic inside into it. Now take your time on your own. Create some text formatted using the paragraph panel, and you will get the hang off it in detail, right French or in this video, I explain to you how toe use the paragraph, panel toe format text in your documents. So that's it for this video. Thanks for listening. Take care and happy learning. 13. Creating Text on a Path: Hello, friends. In this video, we're going to learn how to create text on a part. Now this matter what we're going to be learning just now can be very helpful in creating some decorative test which can help you to improve the look and feel off your publication. We're going to learn to matters. In fact, first of all, you need to get a part to be able to create detection apart. So we're going to be using to metal in this demonstration. First of all will create apart using the pen tool and then for some text on it. And next we will use a circle or ellipse toe, create a cub text part, and then, for some text, they'll selectively how we can do that. Let's select this mental. And from this, let's select this smart mort click here. Um, we click here now when we click and pull, see the girl is going on its own. That's why I selected the Smart Board and one more so this is now our part. Let's go and select the artistic tool, and when we hold over, you can discuss her click and let's type in some tests so here we have now our text written now this green small triangle here the notch the big inning off text. So if we grab this and move it, we can move out texture. You can see and place it anyways. And this orange triangle here donate the end off this text line and I guess we go ahead. Then you're going to go on the next line. So let's just, you know, sort off. Put it here. Now there are certain controls. When the tech story that you want to come we can use like here we have reversed ex parte. If I click on it, see how the tech spot has reversed. Then we have this baseline. If you click on it, we have a slighter using which we can, you know, in the best line off our text that you're seeing exactly we 20 so you can use the tools toe set attributes of your text right now, just like any normal text. Once you placed the text on a part you can use, the context will buy here, tell the property of the text like you could in the for you selected. You go down here you and you can take any fun to one toe literally. Take Algerian. It's big so we can adjust that we can increase the end off and letters. We can change the size off the front for Let's say we make it to 30. Looks better. We can hear the color of the horned. Let's say we want to make it right There it is or even green. Firstly, we Tetrick and then in a solar Vanna, you can use the other options available. You can also change these attributes by using the character panel and you can see and you can use all the options which are available between the attributes off your text here. Right, So this was the first method. Let's now learn how to create text on a curve using Ellipse tour. To create a part for that, we need to go down here selling their lips tool and then draw out ellipse. Let's take this. Select the artistic textiles. Put your cursor here and click on it then, Piper Amazing India. We contain the font off this last year toe Okay, so here again, this green triangle of the Big Ling and this orange strangle at the back is the end of the text you can write more. Texts should not spill over this if it's there, so we'll go to the second line. And using this, you can adjust where you want That takes Toby. Now you can use the reverse tech spot to do us the tech spot and I'm doing, or you can maintain the base line of the text and using the context toolbar or the character panel, you can change the attributes off the text itself, like reformed color and size of the text. Right friends. So in this video, I explain to you how to create Texan apart, and they should help you toe create some nice looking designs on your pages that you create in publisher play around with the stool. There is much more to it as we progress in the course, I'm going to be explaining to you certain practical aspects off using text on apart toe, improve the look and feel off your publications. Thanks for listening. Big hit and happy learning 14. Inserting Images: hi friends in this video, we're going to learn how toe place images in our documents or a publications. It's quite a simple affair to place anyway. We need toe go down here to play seaways tool click on it and then we need to navigate toe the directory or folder. Where are images? So I have it here and this is they made what I want to place where Click on it and click on Open how I get a loaded Karsa like this. Either I could just click if I click, they made gets placed here in full size. Let me delete this, or I can again click on this, choose a wage, open it, and then place it where I want to let check and drag it out like this. So that's it. And then using the move tool, we can place it wherever we want toe. Now, here only. I would like to explain to you in this video itself that you have other options to place the image to. You have this picture frame rectangle tool. If you click on it and dry it, and if this is selected, you go down toe, place him a stool on logically contest Inmate on click on Open So it goes straight into that particular box and you with a slider which will tell you how to place the image inside this. Now here you have this officer to side the frame to content. Click on it and the frame will side itself in a manner that it's proportional on fills up the entire image. Let's delete the sun and we also have option toe Take this picture frame Ellipse stool We can create an ellipse again we take this place remains to will click on it and let's at this time we want to for 10 decimate We click on this and they made gets placed here again We can use this aside from toe content all by clicking here and it will sign itself toe adjust as body frames and then you can you this later toe how you want Oh, side up a place your image You can also move very witch like this and visit You cannot sort turn they with within this container, right? French. One more thing I want to explain to you in this video itself is using the crop to let you have this image selected. You can use the crop, will hear the better cropped, will click on it and find, like certain handles have come up. Now we can use this crop. My image. Actually, we just wanted the flower. We can do that and we can petition it. And there it is. Right, Friends. So in this video, explain to you how we can bring in any wage within our publication. And I explained to you one method of doing it just by using the place in my stool. Then I explained to you how toe use a picture frame, rectangle tool and picture frame. Ellipse stool. I also explained to you how we can crop. They will get just the area off anyway, which we require for our work here. So that's it for this video. Thanks for listening. Take and happy learning. 15. Using the Shape Tool: hi French. In this video, we're going to learn how to use the shape tool. And definitely publisher will be learning the basics here and subsequently we will learn how to integrate using the shape tool toe refine our publications in conjunction with on integrating with text and images. So to create the shape tool we need to go down here onto the tool panel and you have this set off shapes which you can create. As you can see, there are many possibilities here. I will give an example of one of these and the concept remains the same for all other shapes. So let's take this rounded rectangle tool and we can draw this Now If we express our left mouth android, you will notice that this is you know, not constrained who? Let me delete this. If we take the same shape tool and press the shift key and now draw, you will find that the shape is constrained collection. Do that and Lou it here. Having drawn this once you have the ship selected, you can change the color within. So here we have the context. Toolbar on the 1st 1 is filled. If you click on it. You get this panel where you have swatches. You have a color on her greedy int. Let's talk about just color. For the time being, I'll be covering how to create shortages on radiance in a subsequent supplier to video altogether. So let's say we want to change the color toe blue. We just click here and there in Kenya, we want green. Which idiot search all possible from the context? Bulba, We can also by clicking here, increase their stroke with For that it is visible. So if I include the with you will notice that the stroke is increasing and we can also change the color. So we click here, we have got Bestia and let's say you want this red color and there it is. Let me dwell with the stroke. So I'm gonna click here and I want to reduce the bit to be able to explain to you other aspects. So now single radius, absolute sizes, corners. We will discuss this a bit later for the time when you drive, keep it to single radius. Now we have options to change the corner off our ship and this every press Here we click on street Corner. This will look something like this. If we go toe concave is going to look like this and we click on Cut out is going to look like this. Let's go down to this conclave And here you have the percentage so we can reduce or decrease the percentage of the corner as but our requirement on you can see. Now that this is having a direct effect on our ship, then we have no tools like enable, transform or again and the others. This week, I'm going to be talking about in a subsequent video together. Every progress in the course of the idea here is to give you just a basic look and feel of how to you shapes to create objects which you can use any a publication. Let me just give this back rounded corner a little way, make it the corners none, and we can convert the ships in tow cubs. So if I click here, this is now converted into toe a cup. So if I click on the cup tool now, I can He was the stool. Create a shape the way I want. Oh, no, If I want to create a career. I could press and draw it out. Then I can you handle to define the scope. This concept or method would be really useful to create decorations for you publications. Right, friends. So in this video, I have given you a basic idea of how to create a ship. Let me just explain to you a few more things by taking another example. Let's say I take this cocktail pressing the shift key. Let me Rogers here. Okay. Having grown this God well, if I don't select, be nor tool and click on it, you get certain points now. Using this, we can, you know, change the look and feel of the ship here. If I grab this, I can produce this. Increase it, then. Here. Also, you have options. You can pull it out. Or you can even use this to turn it around. If you place your cursor somewhere here, you get the double arrow. You can now change the ship as you can see on get the ship the way you did, Eitel. For your publications, right? Let me go down and under transform. So that is back to normal. So by now you must have got a very clear idea as to how you can use shape, toe, create objects which can be used in a publication. Now, this was just a demonstration off what you can do with shape tools and subsequent videos. I will explain to you how you can use the ship's to create real world objects, which can make her publications as particularly more pleasing. So that's it for this video. Thanks for listening take and happy learning. 16. Wrapping Text around Images: Hi, friends. In this video, we will learn how to wrap text around an image. Now, if you just take some text and place it, it may look a bit awkward in your publications. It would be prudent that you wrap detector. Um, let me demonstrate this to you. So toe tap the text first we need to place and he me will go down here to file on a place we could have done from the tool panel also, And this is they made, which I want to play. So I click on this and open now my cursor is loaded. I'll go down here and draw the Now this is going to play they made. But as you can notice now that some Texas behind which can be they said the best way to get around this is toe grab the text for doing that. We need to go down here, toe text, wraps settings and click on it, and you get a panel here. They have options like none. Right now, the texture not wrapped and you have jump square tight inside and a mistrial. This Let's jump. It would do that. The images in the center and we have some text on top and some at the bottom. If we make square, the text will wrap around the object. If you make it tight, it's something like square itself. We do inside. It's again jumping, as we have done here. And then let's make it toe edge. It's something again, like square. So I would like to do it at a tight. Having done that, you will find that the texture now hugging the image and this is not looking very good. Nor can I make out where the word starts. Some will go create a distance from text using this Alia. This could be either locked or unlocked, so we will lock it. And I'm going to make the light, Toby, say about 15 pixels. And you noted that the distance off the text from the meat has now included in all directions, and we close this. So this is how we wrap the text around. Anyway, if you grab this and you move it anywhere, see how the text places because it only knows what is to be done. All right, so now, having done the text wrapping ones, you can move your remain in place it where we want. Oh, and the text will still be wrapped around enemy Rightfully So that's it for this video. Thanks for listening. Take it. And happy learning. 17. Inserting Page Numbers: hi French. In this video, I will explain to you how to add period numbers to your publications. It's a very simple affair and we just need to understand the steps toe Adlai page numbers. We need to go along to our master pages, which were already there in and then we can, you know, draw out text for him here. What? It was I we want on the location can be anywhere where you want to, But having selected this, we need to go down toe text and then go down here toe insert and feels and in that big number. So this hash comes up, It may just add appeared here, and I am going through Former disobeyed on Make it board. No heavy the control. And she have to keep rest. We're going toe president left mouse and dragged through the night side. And that it all on, I guess which would be having up here number on all billions. Let's have a look at it. There We have been one big toe in three Big foreign five and B six and seven. So that's how you add paid numbers to your publication. That's it for this video. Thanks for listening. Take a and happy Learning 18. Creating Table of Contents: Hello French. In this video, we're going to learn how to create a table of contents in the publication which were creating Once you have created a magazine or a book or any short document or maybe a company report, you might like to have a table of contents for evey reference as to wear that section or chapter live in your book. For that reason, we need to create a table of content. Now, here I've got a very small publication which I created other demo piece just to show you the concept and idea. So I have a title of the book and I have a table of contents. This is a very Babel's publication which I'm using just so that you don't get distracted and you pay attention to the concept and idea being used. That is what is important. So this is the place where we are going to have the table of contents and then I have a couple off bitches. You can see here. All of these previous have got a body text. As you can see here, when I click on the body text, you can see that no style have been applied to this body takes, but then we have heading on each be. That is what is going to be pulled out as the content for table off content. So if I click here on this, you'll find that now the textile has changed to heading one. So point to understand here, is that anything which you want within your publication, Toby included as part off table of content that needs to be assigned a textile. And there are many options available in F. Kennedy publisher, it would be prudent to restrict yourself to heading one and heading to. So I've got heading one here on This is how it is. I don't have any heading to in my publication, but if you want to, you can have it and then pull it in within your publications. I'm explaining to you a very simple idea and a concept based on this later on, you can explore and work on even larger documents like a book which you create. But the concept and idea will live in the same right not to create the table of content. We need to go down where we want the table of contents and select the frame textual and draught text streams. Now this is where the content for table of contents able to come in with the curse of within the frame box. We need to go down toe. Next we go down a table of contents and from the fly out menu we will select insert table of contents later on. In case you have any changes in a table of contents, you also will need to come here only on update or table of contents as and when you change it for the timing, let's just in 30 below content. When I do that, you see that this has got populated with certain text, a style and the numbers. I'll explain about it in a bit how you can get this kind of a style orgy in the style, and you'll also notice that now here we have 1/4 tab, which has come up, and we have a panel which helps us to carry outs have been changes in our table of content . One thing which I need to explain to you is right now, you know, we have this heading dotted lines and he paid numbers and guess you want to reverse it. You can click here on numbers before headings click here and there. The thing is, Jane, and now you first have numbers and then the headings. Let's do that. You could have selected any off the elements, Toby, as part of a table of content. But I will say this that keep yourself restricted to anyone and heading toe as weighed once and your learning and work. You could use any one of these elements within your table of content. So here we have heading one on heading toe. Have not you'd heading tooth like and? And check this. I only have heading one. Now let's say you don't want be paid numbers in your table of quantum than you could uncheck this box. It says include paid numbers for this style we and check it and the page numbers have gone . We check it again and repeated numbers are back. You can also for might be content with them by going down to textiles here and you have this. You'll see one heading one. That is what we're working on. Every click here there are options and let's say let's goto this edit TOC one heading one So you get a panel from your you can change the front if you click on it right now. Articulate. Extra bullet applied. We could go here and left. They select the Homa and then for in size 18 we could increase the fun side to luxury 20. And there are other options which you can play around with. But I will stick toe the default. Just one aspect. I want to explain to you. Tab stops. All right. Now you will notice that we have doctored line going down now. This was because earlier I had worked on a Rockman where this formatting were required and I didn't change it back to default. In case you don't want the dotted lines, you could go down here and they click on tap. Stop leader None. And you will notice that all the doors have gone away. Let's say you want it. Then you just click on this and the dotted line and again come up. Maybe that you don't want dotted lines, but you want underlying So click on it. You get this kind overthink. Let's leave it to daughter lives. Because this is what generally I have seen in publications. And then we can click on OK and this will get applied. So in this video, I explained to you how we can create a table of content based on the headings which we were assigned within our chapters or sections off text. You know, textiles, which were assigned to a heading off chapters and sections. Quite a simple affair. You just need to understand where you need toe klik. What option and check Mark. You know what boxes? And it's that simple. We have gone through it. Go through this video a couple of times and you will get a hang off it. Initially, I was used to get a bit confused and how to go about it. But since I will working on documents for quite some time now, I'm quite clear. And so will you become quite clear about creating people of content. That's it for this video. Thanks for listening. Take and happy learning 19. Creating Hyperlinks: Hello, friends. In this video, we're going to learn how to create hyperlinks by using hyperlinks. Any a publication, you can make the document interactive. You can publish it at a pretty of file on whoever receives it. If he's connected to the Internet, you can use that hyperlink to connect two pages So even, you know, Correcto, other websites or to send emails. So that is what we're going to learn to create in this particular publication. I have a few pages. As you can see here, they all have headings and then we have a table of contents which is right now visible. Tow us what we're going to be doing if you're going to create hyperlinks to these headings so that when you click it, you jump straight toe the relevant page with you want to have a look at I'm also going to be tell you other well of creating hyperlinks because there are five types of hyperlinks, but you can create in affinity publisher. We learn about all those. So to begin with, let us say that we want toe give this I public so that it jumps toe heading to beat. This is the fourth page So toe playa happily we can go down here toe Let's serve you Goto Studio This is one way off going there We can click on hyperlinks and you get this window here right here would save al hyperlink. Click on this on you have options. If you click this, you will see that you can create a hyperlink based on paid anchor You are ill file and email. Right? So this one we're going to be working on page. So this particular heading there are two is on fourth paid So we're going toe Look here on collected style We can leave it at hyperlink and click on Ok, right. So we have work now This heading there are two which has been a sign at a hyperlink not to be able to see the hyperlink. We need toe publish our documents. Well, let's publish it. Go down here Go to export Onda, Pdf for VBS Okay, All this is acceptable on we click on export and save. Okay, right. So we now go to a table of contents. You find that here? We have heading there too on as we move on this, you can see that our karsa is changing toe Hankerson click on it and we're jumped with heading the roto pitch. Right, So this makes it easy. If you have ah, lie document with many pages than this makes it easy to jump to the topic which you want toe See at that moment, right? Let's close the speedy a file. Okay, here I want to clarify One thing to you is that you know, you can high pulling based on pages But if you're document A the work in progress, then it is quite possible that the content what you're tryingto Ling tau might push onto another pain or another place. In that case, there is another way off insuring that even if your baby didn't have changed Still, you can link toe the concern item and that is by using anchor for that. What we need to do is, you know, let's say that we want toe give a hyperlink to heading the rueful on it need to link toe page six because that is waiting. 04 is So let's click on this on the very writings on Pier sick and they're heading now. We need to first create anchor here on that concern page. So to do that, you need to select this on your right click on here from the drop down menu, you have this optional interactive It said, Insert ankle, Look on it and name. You can keep the name or live it as it is, So I want to give it as heading zero for and click on OK, and find let you know This anchor shaped symbol has come in here, but this has become a anchor. Now let's go back to the index here, Highlight this again. Right Click good on her interactive and say Insert hyperlink Now here hyperlink type we choose now anchor on the anchor because we only have one entire the moment heading zero phone has come up corrector style. We live it as hyperlink and click on. OK, now let's publish our document again. Okay, so you have everybody. And now we see that heading the Roto Holy explained to you that is linked by big No, here it's linked by anchors. If I click on anything, therefore there we have come to heading there for Paige, right? Let's close this, but there's certain other types off hyperlinks also we can, you know, create for example. I want people with it. My site. You could select this if you right, click. If you go down here toe interactive on click on insert Hyperlink Lo you go to You are and you can Let's say my Ural edge. Okay, having now written this, just click on OK, on. Let's publish again. Export CEO. Right? So again, Here we have this with my Web site Click here and the weapon to which I have high polling. That text is now in front of her. This is my personal website. You can in your spare time, go through it. You'll find it interesting, right? Okay, let's close this. I explained to you three ways of creating high pulling. Now there two ways left. One is contact us, that is. You can link toe email. Let me try to. If I select this, I right click and I go down here toe interactive and I insert a hyperlink. One of the options is you are a week. We just so and then it's fine in a simple one. I will give you I give this to you at a challenge. Try and work it out. If you can't send me a query and I will I tell you how to go about it again. Email. Now, here, instead of you are ill. You need to just type in your email on this would be a really good thing, especially in a document when you want somebody to correspond to you on give a feedback or maybe sending a query. So for that purpose, you could have email as your u. R L. Your inbox will open up. You can compose the mail and saying across which will be reissued by whatever address you have given. So let's close this. I would not be practically showing these two methods for you. Take it to the challenge, work on it and how you can hyperlink using those do method. And should you have a problem? Still, you get back to me, right? Friends. So in this video, I've explained to you how to hyperlink to be able to jump to the content with you want to see right? That's it for this video. Thankful, listening, taking and happy learning 20. Working with Tables: Hello, French. In this video, we're going to learn how to create and use tables in our publications, a table in a nice way off, preventing data to your readers To create a table, you need to go down here to the tools panel, select the stable tool, and then you can draw out a table, press the lift most and, uh, dry it out. I'll find that as we drag it is increasing the number of columns and rows so you can. From here, you can visually plan how Maney columns and how many rules you want in your table. Let's say I want this. I just leave the mouse and the table has got now drawn. Not is the column headings here and here. Another. I won't say they are headings. They are handled. So if I click on this, you'll find that the whole column gets selective. Similarly, I click here. The whole column were selected. If I won't know, select both columns. I need to press, shift and click, and what the columns are now selected in the same manner. If I click on Lee Side dating of the rows, columns get selected. We'll see that in a moment. Let's type some data. I'm just going to take him some random leader. Let's it fruit. We want the list off fruits and the calories on with calories on. Here it is. Ah, orange on. Gordon has gallery off 60. Then we have, Ah, apple on the calorie. Here is 95. Then we have banana. On the gallery is 111. Did you know just one date? If I want to, you know, format the cell, what is written? I need to select these and then we can apply any kind off formatting using this context tool bar. You can see here it's available to us on. Let's say we want to center the tech so we can go down here on Click on Alliance Center and you find that detection. God centered. If we want to change the form, we can do that. Let's say we want agency A B, and they want to also in clear the font size. We can do that. Let's say eating and we can also make it bold. I want to increase the gap between the, you know, lines. We can just grab this and pull it down a bit. Let's also select these on well. Center it going on here. Align center. There it is. You can also let's say, select on. You can change the color. Here we have cell if you click on it. This is the one which we need toe use to change the background color of cells. Let's say we want a yellow background, De Ritter's. You can have a separate background in this one. If you go down here on, let's select politically, then we can go along here toe colors, and we can also change the saturation off that color. This is how you can format your tables. One more thing. I want to explain to their two handles here in the bottom. If you grab this handle here and pull it, see the table is going toe in clear or Dick Lee's inside proportionately. But if you use the inner handling her, then you know we can also format frames don't hear there. The icon which saves people click on it. We get a panel using this, we can format our tables, right? Not sure the fill color. We can go toe frame, and there are certain failure and stroke and insects. All this you can format. We just see limit how we can do that Naturally Click on this. We get this fly out panel here is with No If I grab this and I increased event, see how the frame including in with So we can also change the film If I click on this and clicker the entire frame color have seen Okay, because that you and the color of the stroke that's you wanted Lead click on it And there the stroke Palestinian. So play around with this and you will be ableto get the hang off How you can better format your tables Then we have the stroke. And Phil Now the other box says Let's say we want toe make a difference just toe the center line we need toe klik But before that your table I got here should be selected. Then we click on this OK, it's needs to be selected. We click here and if now we increase their stroke size the side of these is 10 the African Sea. If I select this one, let's make this too a little You click here and there are no lines at all. We can increase the with now again. Yeah, on if I select here this one. But before that, I need to have this they will selected. So if I selling this and low drag this see only the left lining shavings, and similarly, you can select anything. If I select this and loud like the with. I see what is changing so you can format your table the way you want. Oh, using the options available within the tables panel, which you can invoke either from here off from. And I explained to you earlier Goto view Goto Studio and here you have the there was a click on it. It's gone. If I go again to studio and I check this table and we have the panel with us, right friends, let's close this panel on. I just want to explain to you a few more things with this Selected. If I have, the they will do is selected. Now we click on this and let's say you want to insert a column. I rightly canned option in the insert column Delete column. So I just click on this insert column and the column gets now let's say I want O lead this column. I go down here, I click on this and I can delete the column. Le let's say this. These two cells, I want to merge again. I right clicked often in their mouth, says I click on it and the cells get merged. So this is how you create a table within your publication. And as you must have realized, there are many options available to format your table to meet the requirements off your publication. So that's it for this video. Thanks for listening. Take care and happy learning. 21. Fill Color: Hi friends. In this video, we're going to discuss about the color panel on. We'll understand how to apply color to object whenever you create a publication. You want that publication to look good on vibrant because that is what is going to draw the attention off your readers or viewers and color, please, a very important part in doing so. So it is very important to understand how we can apply color or fill color toe an object. Now, here, right now on the screen, I have ah, squared rounded, gonna square and the color is quite bland. Let's see how we can apply color. So let me first explain the tools available within affinity Publisher. On the right side panel, you have the color panel. It can be actually by clicking on the color tab here and then you have a color wheel. You have other options to view the panel, which I will be discussing a bit later. Let me just explain to you what this means in this Colombian. This outer ring with you. See, this is what represented a huge. So let me say that if I click here, you noted that blue collar has got applied toe the grounded square toe object on. As we move this circle down the hue off, the color is changing. Here you are seeing Ej s l. This represents you then the saturation and Alan luminosity of that color. So if we go on top in that range, we have saturation of mucus 200% and who is to 58 and we can come down to change the hue right now within the strangle. If you move and click, you know, observed that the hue is not getting affected. It stayed at 2 58 But the hydration is Jenny. Now the saturation is just 61. If I click her, the saturation has gone down to 52. If I go here, it's even gonna run further to 29. And probably if I go around here, it's zero knowledge white in color. If I move up here, the saturation is 100 person. But the EU has not changed. If I grab the top circle on, I move it. Now this side who noted that the hue has changed. So by combining hue, saturation and luminosity, you can get the kind of color which you want. This is to be understood. Another thing which I will explain to you is you know, the icons here, this blue circle on topic. You see, the small circle is the one which shows you the active color. So if I have blue filling inside, this would be blue in color. If I click here on the red as you can notice, this circle now has red color. So this depicted active color on top of the hollow circle which you see is their stroke about stroke. I'll were discussing in a separate with your together. If you want to switch between the applied color and the collaborative, therefore the stroke, you need to click on this called Arrow that were switched to black. Now, if I click back toe here, we're going to read. So this can be very useful when you want to have the stroke and the body color. Same. This small circle here is the one which if you click on this, you'll have no fills. If I click here, There it is. I have no Phil now And that the water being shown in the active color circles Let me click here on we feel that right? So this is about this. Tell a pan in and how you can use it toe. Apply the exact color, which were required to an object. I also explain to you that to be able to view this panel, there are many options. Like, right now we're in the wheel. If you click here on top, you have real Slater's boxes tent and there. Few more options, the less because Slater's you have a color palette here. If you click on it, you can get the color to required. You now have here the RGB values you can valued by, you know, using this later and change the color in your object. I said Dick color as you did I This can all be done by using this. And on the light side here, the RGB values off red, green and blue are being so you can also very this. If you click here, it can be argued. Be hex at yourselves. Young like a lab, and great skill now are to be is normally used when you're using it, to be viewed on a device or on your computer, in case you want to up your publication Toby for print than problem electoral selection. Wake in order that now the panel has changed a bit. But the sliders are there. The concept stays the safe. Let's go back to our TV now Then we have the boxes. Now, here you select a color and you can just value the you will by using this hit. Okay on. Then it can be done by saturation by Hugh and by likeness. So use any kind off color panel, which then we have the tent. And again this in civil a manner you can you that. Now, If you want to get more colors, you need to double click on this and you get the color chooser have you're seeing. And from here you can pick up the color and change it and then play around with this Slater to get the said with you. I want let me also explain to you that here you can also change the opacity off the object . So here we have this lighter right now, 100%. If we go down towards the left, the opacity is now to becoming more transparent. You can see below. Let me that explain this with the help of an example. Let me draw you another triangle. Fill it up with color. So let me go back to the real and I'll put red color here. Include the saturation a bit and let me make this ho pick. Now, if I place this, you can't see the box below the portion which is covered. Now, if I send this to the back there, I can see this box which is below through this because I had seen the opacity off this object to 30 person. And if I make it 200% you cannot see below this. So this needs to be understood. And when you start designing certain aspect certain things in your publication, this concept may help you. So this was a safari at the panel concern. Now the same filled aspect can also be accessed from the context toolbar here, I think. Click on it. You get the same color wheel. You have the options off Slater's ethicists Later, Stephen, workers laters. Legislators hue, saturation, lightness and airiness. Basic concept remains the same. So I will not go over it. Play around with this and you will get a hang off how to use the color panel to get the right kind off color as you fill for the object which you have created will speak more about stretches on and strokes and brilliance in a subsequent video that's part of this video is concerned. I think you should have by now understood that that how you can use the color panel toe, apply color or fill color three objects. So that's it for this video. Thanks for listening take and happy learning. 22. Stroke Color: Hello friends in this video. We're going to learn about strokes now. What are strokes when you create an object like literally rectangle here, which we created a shape or do type in some text using artistic text tool or you place an image. All these objects have a stroke inherent in them, but abin issue You can't see them because the with off the strokes is said toe zero by default. Not to understand this, let's go down to the strokes panel. Let's click here and you have certain options here. Let me explain to you first of this style. Let me select this subject here. In fact, before that, let me just increased the width of the stroke so that their stroke visible. So using the which slider in the Strokes panel, we can increase the stroke, and now it becomes visible. Lifts in create a bit more, and they're certain styles, which you can apply toe strokes. First of all, you can have no line style. Click on it and there is no line. Then you can have solid line style and you can have dashed line style and you can have decks. Airlines plane, Let's said they're still solid lines flight. Right now you can change the color of the strokes by going down here toe color. And, uh, you know this hollow circle, which is a photo click on this. Now this is coming top, and now you can change the color of the strokes. Well, actually, we want to make it black. We place it here and now the stroke color is black. Let's go back to stroke now when we have solid lying. This caps, which you see around cap, but cap and square cap cannot be applied to a solid line so we can make a difference by joints. Now this is a rounded joined. That means if I click on it, the corners off the stroke will get around it. Let's click on it. There it is. If I click on this icon, the corners become as B will joints. Let's click on it, and there it is, and then we can also create a mystery joint. If I click on this, you'll see it will become a proper corner. We can also align the stroke to our object. If be, click on the picture alliance, stroke or center have click on it, and this broken now got a lying to center. Then we have the option off a line stroke toe inside for left. Click on it and the spoken got aligned inside. And then we have The options are aligned stroke to outside. We click on it. It got a lying toe outside. We can also change the order of the stroke. That is, we can draw the stroke behind your back. Click on it the stroking out behind the object. Or we can draw stroke and friend off object. Let's just uncheck this now. If you don't have this skill with object and we skillet, no plays the shift key and let's skillet see the dimensions off the shape itself. It's changing, but the stroke stays constant. That is not very realistic, because if you make it to a small, the stroke is very ticked of it. We can scale with objects. If I check mark this and now move the stroke scale the stroke scale object. You will find that the stroke is scaling along with the object. So far, I've explained to you what is stroke? How toe make this stroke visible by including the wick And then we spoke about certain attributes which we can change off the stroke now. This can also be applied toe text with you create you than artistic tool and also due to the inherent within any kind off a major object with you place in your project. Let's first take this one stroke if I include of it in Fine, let a stroke hell. Now come up around the text with we have This can be a very youthful way off making your text stand out and look better than the other. Attributes can also be changed just like what we did for the rectangle. So I would not explain this. Play around with this yourself and you will be able to get a clear hang off now when it comes true and he made again, we can improve the with and we have ah stroke inherent with them. I know I have. Ah, great color applied. Currently you can change the color. We go down here to color Onda. We have this active, you know, we can sit between the stroke and object color If I click on it, it's now on object alive. I click here. It's going to affect their stroke. Let's say we want toe make it. But color maybe read. Why don't so they removed this here, you'll find left the color. No change. Do read. This is not appealing to me, so I'll make it a bit dark. Here are a bit like here. Okay, so this is how you can create stroke for your images. And these attributes which I explained to you for this particular shape can also be applied to this. It may well not tinker with it at the moment. Play around with it and you should be able to get the hang of it. You know, once you create a border using the stroke, you can also give it certain effects. Right? Click, Go down, toe layer affects and let go without a shadow. Let me this bring it here. Let's say I give you the tedious and then I include offset. As you can see and also the intensity and close. We'll find that now, along with the border, which we created using the stroke, we'll have shallow and be made. It is now looking much better than what it waas looking earlier. I speak about how to use layer affects in a shepherd will you are together. This was just to give you an idea as to how we can use the stroke and later fixed toe and hands an image. So in this video, I have given you inside in tow how to use strokes in your publication. What they are, how you can make it visible. What kind of attributes? You can apply your object when it comes to strokes. That's it for this video. Thanks for listening. Take and happy learning. 23. Working with Color Swatches: hello French in this video we're going to learn about such is now what are swatches? Once you were down here to swatches, you'll find that there are set off color small boxes available to you to be applied to any object. Now these are such is all the recent colors which you have used are going to be ab initial available to you. As you can see here at the maximum 10 last swatch. Other colors with your youth would be available. Do now, right below this recent launches, you have this drop down menu. If you click on it, you have certain befall palace available to like the graves, then colors than villians. And then there are few precepts like Pantone, easy and like a coated. And you also have this color bridge courted. No, from here, every select object. We can apply the color from the palette. If I click on this, this Gallagher supplied the point understanding that there are certain precision available , but you can create your own color palette using the swatches panel. If you go down here, this drop down menu click on it. There are various options available, like add global color add registration color at application palette. Add document palette. You don't. We're discussing this application and document palette in this video. And then you can rename your palate ones who created one, and you can sort delete, in case you don't require a pallet, Right. Let me explain to you what is this ad application palette. Now, when you use this matter, whatever color palette to create that is going to be available across your entire application that any project or file you're working on indefinitely, publisher, that pallet is going to be available to you. In case you create a document palette. You're going to be available only for that particular product once have created it, you can really in the palette and it will get saved under that name. And you can sort delete the parrot in case you don't require it. So here, let's click on add document. Palace will create one. And right now nothing is yes. So what? We need to live. Whatever selected, we go down here to this icon, it said, add current field to palette. I click on it. So our name palette was created, and we now have one color here Now let's change this color. We go down here and lecture. I apply this particular color, this one go down the swatches. And since I have a failure, if I click on this ad current feel toe palette, this comes into my palette. Now, at this stage, I would like to save the name so that I know where I'm saving my color palette with them creating. So I will go down here with the menu and I have this often rename palette. You get a dollar box and let me just really limit. Let's say my colors little one and I click on OK, so in order that this name here has changed and their two colors now available, let's do few more. So I go back to this color. I go here and I want this color maybe a bit DACA go down to sorters and I again click on Add current Frito palette And if you got apply little one more go to color on here only. O R Maybe here I want this color, Toby. In my palette, I go down to slaughter and I click on Add Karen filled with color. So now, under Michaela 01 I have this palette available to me and I can apply this to any off the objects from here. Let's go here and you'll find that apart from these. No, I have this Michaela available Toe me. That is my palate. If I go down here, I waas different kind of a palette. If I wanted a word back toe the palate with I created I go up and I click on my color one and both Coletta available to me So there's a nicer off creating own color palette. Now let me hear. Also explain to you and talk to your board another kind of palette which you can create that ad global color. In fact, it's not a palette is just a method of adding global color. What does this imply? If I click on add global color quickly can add See, here in my color palette one color has been added, which has got a small triangle. And this is what depict that 80 the global color. Now we can apply this color if I apply this color with this box. This has changed. Um, again I applied to this All these were applying global colors. Now. Benefit of this is that if I double click on this, I get a color wheel. And now, if I change the color, it will get applied toe all the objects to which I had earlier applied the global colossal . Let's do that. See how this color got applied here? If I move this, the color is changing. Good on here. Got applied toe all this. It is the, you know, magical way off changing colors in your product toe. Arrange off objects across the board. Right. Let's click here. So I explained with these two aspects now there a few more aspects which I would like to explain to you Let me just, uh you know, good. Phil, that file. And here, let me put the skull. So I have no again in a certain objects on my page with different colors. I go down here, there to more options which are available to me. One is create palate from the Darkman. So if you only work on a document and you want that both color should be available to you, Toby applied toe other objects in your product. Then you can create palette from document and you know, here you're getting option whether it should be an application palette or other document Palace. So we're going to have another document palette. Click on it and there you will not do that. All the colors which were available here have got applied here. You can really am this again if you want. Oh, I live. It'd default for the time being. Another thing that you can do if you can create a pallet, create palette from evade. So if I click on this, I get this dollar bottles, select and emit. I click on it. Let's say I get this particular big Jeff open and you will order that this is these colors which are there in the spectra available to me. And I can just click here on, say, create and I have a palate which is now available to me, right, friends. So in this video, I explained to you about swatches. I explain to you how we can create sort of her own and save it. I also explain to you how to rename pallets. I explained how to apply global color two objects. I also explain to you how toe create a color palette from the object or the colors, which are only available in your page. I also explain to you how to create a palette from an enemy. Do play around with all these options available, have not covered some of them. Just play around with them on your own, and it would be ableto get the hang off it. So that's it for this video. Thanks for listening. Take it and happy learning. 24. Color Picker: Hello, friends. In this video, we're going to learn how to use the callup. Icka color picker is this. I drop it will here, which is available on the color panel and also on the sorters panel. And let's go back to the color pan. It is also available in the tools panel here. As you can see, the both help you to apply color toe an object. But there is a bit off difference between the two, which we will learn every progress in this video. Notto use the collapse picker from the swatches panel. We need toe click on it and drag it from where we want to pick up the color. Very the small circle toe the right off the eyedropper. You will notice that as we pass over a color, the color of that circle is changing. Tell you which color is currently picked. So let's say we pick up this color and you leave the left mouse. Now you have this color evident. But even though this circle was selected, the color had not got applied. That's a safety feature. Now you need to click once more on this and then go back and click on this small circle on the color which you had picked gets applied. Let's do this one small. We go back here and let's say we pick up this color from here on. The color in the small circle here has changed, but nothing actually in an object. So we need to click here one small and we need toe klik now again on the pick color and their vehicle has changed. Having done this, let me explain to you about this gallop, Icka. How we can, you know If you click on it on, you will move anywhere. You will find that wherever you are, that color is not getting visible within the small circle. So this is the different between the two eye droppers. Now when I click on it, the selected object the color will get applied there at the same time. The color which has been applied reflection lee their circle. Let's go down here we have our kala pickle From the tool span inactive, we click on this color and immediately the color within the selected circle or object Health chill and seemingly reflecting here Now we can do that from and he made also because it gives you a nice palate of colors. Let's say we go here and click here and there and there. The color has called applied night friends. So in this video, I explained to you how to use the collapse Vika. Both which is available to you in the Calyon Swatches panel and also the one we could are available to you in the tool spell you must have by now, relying that it's a very handy tool toe pick color from anywhere in your project, or even otherwise, and apply toe a selected object. That's it for this video. Thanks for listening take and happy learning. 25. Working with Layers: Hello, friends. In this video we will discuss the layer panel in ethnic Republica and how we can use it in our publications. Let me first of all, explain to you the layers panel right here. The first panel which is available toe you in the last panel. And as you keep on adding objects to your publication on in Quetta Publisher on a page, they are added onto separately. Now we have ah, red settle here. If I click on it in order that it is on edge all there the green circle, even another layer and the blue circle is on its only. And then we have the master which is actually representing the page. No, to understand layers. Let's go back a few years and try and remember the days when a presente or your teacher in a classroom was usedto use an overhead predictor. He had a slight on top which got predicted onto a screen. And in case he wanted toe really some additional information about that particular slide usedto add transparent cellophane paper on top off it, which gave you additional information and that way to stack up a number of Sullivan papers toe divert more information to you about a particular topic. And if we didn't want you to see at a given moment some kind off information used to remove that cellophane paper Exactly. That is the concept when it comes to less in affinity publisher or any kind off a graphic application. You know, we have three objects right now on their own layers on. I would like to expand you certain aspect as to how we can change the look and feel off our publication right now. Because all these objects which we have placed on the layers, are you pick so we can't see below because each layer has its own stacking order. As we keep on adding objects, they're goingto the only and whichever is on top is higher in hierarchy. So below that, in case it is not transparent, you will not be ableto see items. But we can change that. If I have this layer selected and I reduced the capacity off the layers, let's say to 58% You can see that now the layer below is visible and similarly in case me increase capacity now the layer will not be visible. Not this kind off thing you can use in your publication toe. Enhance the look and feel off your publication. Another fewer distal elements on layer panel, which I would like to explain to. I heard the bottom. You have the mask layer, not this layer is used to hide or reveal certain area off your publication. Delete this, then you have adjustment layers. If you click on it, you get various options. I'll be talking about adjustment layers in a separate video together, but you can create a different layers to affect your publication. You can also give sudden affects to a layer. Using the layer affects again. About this I shall be discussing in a separate will you're together and then you have this button here. You think what you can delete, a less. Let's say we want to delete this particular circle so we just go down here and click on it and that get deleted. Let's do this. Also on top. You have a lock public unlock icon. If you click on it, you have now locked this layer. That means I will not be able to do anything with this particular layer till we unlock it for less unlock it. You can also affect the visibility off a live now like this layer. If I click here now, it's not visible, and once I click again is visible. Not. This may be handy when you want to work on layers below, which have been covered by n objects on a layer, which is higher in the stacking order. Now, when you add an object, it goes on to a new layer and will be hiring stacking order. So let's, you know, place. Anyways. Click here on I will place one. You mean this one here? There it is. So you'll notice here that this image is now wanted only, and it's hard stacking order. So if I move this made on top off any object sensitive hiring stacking order, it is covering they made. So this needs to be understood, since they made it a. Let me also explain to you the blending Morse, which I will ever write knowledge normal. And then there are a lot of bending more like if I move my karsa two areas blending Moore's , you can see how they are affecting the object in our publications. Now you can, over a period. Play through this and learn how best you can use this blending more too weird Wanted in you publication. I help explaining to you with really well examples about being as we progress in the course . Another thing which I want to explain to you is that you know, you can create Childers. Let's say that this area is I wanted to put in the from this circle inside so we can create a child layer and that also what you call is known as layer clipping. So if I grab this made here this layer and I pull it down, I'll bring it to the level with you. Have you noticed that that he may have gone inside the red circle? Live it and you have now created a layer clipping and we can have just the child there the way we want toe click on it. Here you will find that there is a layer inside which we shall come as a child and this can be very handy in case you want to create images within, you know, a shape off any kind. We should be seeing various real world examples as we progress in this course. Lively auto. Delete the shyly. We need to just go down here to remove layer and click on it, and they're the child has got deleted. So in this video, I have explained to you about the layers parent, wherein I explained to you what a less what are elements which are available within less panel. What is stacking order of various layers and objects on the layer? What is the masking Lee? How to create a child layers How toe Baykal a visible or invisible and also how toe, you know, play around with opacity and blend Moore's So that's it for this video. Thanks for listening take and happy learning. 26. Using Layer Effects: hi French In this video, we're going to learn to use lead effects later. Fix is something which makes your object. Once you apply the letter fix, make look good. It enhances the look and feel off their object there to wade off. Accessing the layer object ones who have the object selected on. You need to be in the layers panel right in the bottom. Here you have certain options and this ethics. If you click on it, you get a dialog box like this window like this. You think that you can apply? Certainly l affixed to your object. This is one place from where you can access this Bannon. Let's close this. The other one is that you? Right? Click on that object and from the fly out menu here is the layer affects. Click on it and you get the panel toe. Apply layer fix. Now, as we will see the 1st 1 in your God's temblor, I will run through all the layer effects. It will take a bit of time certain I'll skip because they will not be very important enough . But you can play around with all these settings on your own later toe a driver. What best suits your requirement? That's important. As far as you understood the concept, I think I'm quite happy with that. So to apply it, you first need to check this and also need to selective. Now you get this option here using rich you can, you know, using the sliders. You can change the values toe, get the kind off effect you want. Like if I increase this there's blooding more. The blooding is reducing. So this is one effect which you can apply. Let's uncheck it. Go down here to outer Shero. Unique toe. Select this to able to chain the values. Click on it and you change the values by using this lighter. So right now, the radius of 39 you can do the radius Are you getting then offset again. You can, you know, gain the off it and then the intensity. As you make it more intense. The shadows become about DACA. You can redo that. You can change the color if you want to. You can have even a red shadow. But I am going to go back to black. These parameters can be adjusted by using this lighter and you will get the look and feel have you required? So let's take this on. Go down to in a shadow. I will not discuss this. These also have certain parameters. OK, let me There through this to the shadow is coming inwards and going out. And if you like this kind of effect, you can play around with this lighters and get the effect which you desire. Outer glow. This is something which have Sciutto give emphasis to an object. If a selected you get certain sliders using which you can change the values, the intensity. If you increase, it becomes more opaque in nature. On. If you re do that, it's more soft on blurred out you can also in the color let's say we make it toe orange and check this in agro. Play around with the slightest on your own. You will understand what it is all about. Outline Outline is something like stroke, which have covered earlier in a total. So if you select this, you have certain sliders like radius. If I increase the radius so you're getting us outline. You have fill styles. Your greedy it let it go back toe solid color There you have it. Now, this is the color. You can change the color from the color. Well, let's leave it to black. And then you have this option of alignment outside sent, uh, and inside again, neither. Quite handy toe, you know, help you get the kind of effort to required for an object. Also, remember that we can also apply more. You know, effects to one of the for example have been given this outline. I can go down toe outer, Cheryl, click on it, and I can apply the shadow. Have your sink. Yeah, let me in, Creel. Intensity a bit. You can use this ville here to change the angle. And if Syria in the direction of the saddle, So do it that we want to for your project. Now let this outline off. Bracero then is the three d thing. You know you can play around with this and see how best you can you that in a product has increased. You get a bit of three D effect. There are other sliders. Play around with it and it should be able to get something which meets your requirement. I find this bill and Boss quite interesting. It has be to enhance an object. And also it's very good toe work with text toe get some kind of special effects. So again there are various parameters like radius, soften and direction. Then you also options like what type off people are in both. You required. Right now we had embarked. We can have it in a outer on. We can also have a below him boss. Bill. Um, boss, if I change the use but I would just fine and I go down, it's hardening and I go and clear the value. That is something. Then you can change the direction if you move this, see the direction off the embassy. Also Kidding. So keep it at what actually looks good in your right hand. Check this then we have this color overly. By using this, you have again only one parameter that is color and capacity. Click on it. You can select the color will become overly No. As people progress in this course, I'll be using the effects on certain objects toe, you know, conversation really world examples to you and that the time probably become even more clear . I explained to the basic concept. And I think that should help you out in applying certain leah traffic to your objects which meet your requirement night friends. So that's it for this video. Thanks for listening pick and happy learning. 27. 2 Fold Brochure : Introduction: Hello, friends in this section of the course, we are goingto be working on a two fold brochure. I want to take a real world example of creating a two fold Brucia to be ableto explain to you how to go about creating a real world product. In the previous section, we learned about the basics and the essentials off affinity publisher that knowledge we are now going to transfer into real world example. So this is what we're going to be learning to create right in front, off you on a page, the a four size publication. I've divided this and two portions because it's going to be folded in two. This is going to be your initial paid or the main front p. This is the back. How we're going to be creating this. We're going to be discussing in the subsequent videos. Then we're going to be creating the second paid, which is going to be the owner paid way. We have created some kind off art design. We have created some text on apart, were inserted for tours and applied certain FX to it. And then we got this text which has been formatted. So you will delays that whatever we have lung so far in the basics, all this is going to get applied here, but in a very basic manner. I'm not going to be explaining to all the, you know, fundamentals of creating a real world product right here. We are going to be working on a couple of more products subsequently in this course, and that is where I shall be going into even finer details, which will come in handy when you create your own products. So this is what we will learn to create and let's get going and learn how to set up your project in the next video. Thanks for listening. Take and happy learning. 28. 2 Fold Brochure : Setting Up: Hello, friends. In this video, we're going to learn how to set up a document for creating a twofold Brucia. To do that, we need to go down here to file and click on new. So you get this kind off window on here in type. We're going to live it as print because we're going to be printing this particular document on paper, he said. I wouldn't live with that. A four Darkman units. I want to change it that our options available. I'm going to have a dialogue. Inches. I'm going to live this to only paid one and master. I live it to default, but I'll make you later on On this layout, you can see all the details are correct. Now here. If you check this, it is goingto be for portrait. But I am going to be having it as landscape because a to four brochure is going to be divided in two parts folded in half, so that would be more appropriate then. Dp I I'm going to live with that 300. You have options available in case you are creating this for use as Web or distributing it online, then you may like to go for 72 which will make the document much lighter in size. But since I will be printing it 300 bp, I should be good facing pages I will not be having here. So I will leave it, inject a few more things. I want to changes color here. Sales colorful, bad a sense. This is going to be a document for print. I would be selecting C n y que That is what is the best for printing, then margins right now say zero. I'm gonna make it through the report. Five. So you need to check this so that the margins are uniform. I'm gonna check the role 0.5 and press enter and you see all of them have now got updated and click on. Okay, Now there is a default bleed. That's why didn't she in the lead part off it? Now, having done this, we need toe, do a few more things. I will place a guy. Let's click on it, go down here, toe engaged manager. And you get this kind off option. No, I am not going to be dealing with column guides in this particular document. When I want tohave a guide to say that Look, this is what is going to be my size off the brochure. Vanity for lead. I'm going to click here. They add new article and it says 5.846 inches. That's the thing which is coming toe half. But what I want I could use a whole new close this and is my guide. So we have now laid out the page. And since we require two pitches because for, ah to for Russia this party going to be the front page and this is going to be the back page and on the other side, both the piggott, they're going to be in a patient having content. So all that is required is we just go down here, right click on we duplicate this. It's a very small document. Therefore, I don't want to think over the master paid. I only got all the details, and once I duplicated exactly the same layout I've got for my period right friends. So in this video, I explained to you how to set up the document for creating a two fold brochure and here, after we're going to start working with design placing images, inserting text, applying certain letter fix to make it look visually appealing. So we'll start doing that from next really own words. Time for listening, take care and happy learning. 29. 2 Fold Brochure : Front Page - Part 1: Hello, friends. In this video, we're going to start creating the front. Pete, this is going to be a slightly longer work, so I may have to break it down toe few videos. First thing which I want to do is I want to lay out the front, paid for that. I'm goingto create the first element using the rectangle tool. Click on this, and we already have laid out a guide. So you think the diet we're going to go down here to the edge of the bleed and we are going to draw out this rectangle here as I'm doing it. We're going to make it a bit smaller. Okay, that's fine. No, I want Oh, give this a different shape to do that. I need to convert this into cubs, so I'll take care and cannot two cubs. And now this is converted into cubs. And how do I come to know? Because now we have four bounding boxes. We're going toe, select the no tool. Go down here and pull it Now. See, coming in tow are I don't want this. Therefore just go down here to edit and under your doctor of segment. But I will look click here, but this is going toe. Create an order, as you can see. And now, after clicking and dragging, I'm getting a ship. But I I want to do what I wanted and, uh, I'm going toe push this a bit up. Leave it. Or maybe both this a bit up. Let it go a bit up here. That's fine. Now, having created this, I want o place animated inside this For that, I'm going to go down in the file, click on place. I am going to go to the idiotically where I have the we just now here. I just want to explain toe, I have placed all the 1,000,000 side one directly because I want it to be linked on, not embedded to reduce the side of my document. And therefore, it will be a good practice that you have it in the same folder where you mean document is so it will not be, you know, very difficult to look for it. Just in case you transfer your you know, fights were different. Computer together or you want to send this for print will discuss more about minding all this at a later stage. No. I want to insert this image into the clips and will open it. I have this card say, here. I'm going to just pull it out like this with this covers. And now if I grab this image in the layers panel and I pull it inside, you know, you'll find that now it is visible in side the shape which we created. This try and see what I'm doing, and it will give your idea. So we have created a clipping mask. If I click here and find that will in blaming you have the immediate here, and the cub is here. Okay, let's close this. And I want to reduce the side of this a bit. I think that should be okay. I lived that this. In fact, let me just take it up a bit with glued. Two more things that should be fine here. Now, once you have done this kind of a clipping mask, then you can move your images to adjust whatever portion you want. Toe make available within the frame which you have created using the ship to. Okay, now, let's click here on. You know, before I proceed, I want to create a uniform color palette using this image. Because if I apply anywhere color using this teammate, that's going to be in harmony with the rest of the document. So to create this color palette, I'm going to click here on swatches, and we have certain sorters only. In fact, I've discussed this complete aspect in an earlier video. In case you've forgotten about it, do you go back and have a look at that? So to create the color palette from the same way that we're click here? And I have ah option create palette from document or create palette from him it. So I want to create the palate from Erie's I'll click on it, and it's just selectively. Frankly speaking, I don't really want this for cancel it. I click here again and let me now create palette from doctrine because I only have they made here. And I'm going to create this as document palate because I want this palette to be available only in this particular document, which I'm creating. So click here and noted that you have now a new palette which has actually picked up the colors from this image. Now, once we start using the color from this particular palette going to be in harmony with rest off our image. And that is a much better practice in my view. So one more aspect I want to explain to you in this video is you know, this white background or not looking very good to me. So I'm going to use again the elect angle Click here on pull it out right till the end across the bleed, and I will apply a color which I, which I created right now And let's say that this is the color that I want to apply right on. Or maybe this color this will also work out. Let me try this one for this particular publication And having done so from here, I will move this to back click on this. And now this is behind Lamy There somehow we're not looking really good to me, so I will click here. I think this color should be OK. Only thing is, we are going to lower the opacity off this to let's say 50%. Hardly with it. About 50% would be fine. Okay, so in this video, let me do one more aspect and locate some shape again at the bottom and in certain limit for that will go down again toe this rectangle goal. Come here on and dried out like this I will convert toe Goethe by clicking here and grabbing this corner and will pull this down a bit like this. Now we are going to insert anyway it again. So we're going to go down here. Toe, please. You made and I want to use this image. Click on it, Dry it out like this that we're going to clip this image again. Same thing by pulling it. There it is. And we have godless. Let us at justice image a bit. That that looks okay to me. Click anyway. And we have this. We'll apply some effect before we close this video. Select this rightly consummate. Go down here to layer affects on and we are going toe apply out of shadow to pull this out . Years of it, you can see what's happening and then offset increased to about 24 or so on. We're going to include intensity off her, but so that is visible. Maybe we want to reduce this outfit and also the radius. I think this looks good to me and we click on close. Similarly Will apply the effect here or right click. Good. On her toe letter fix. We will reply out of shadow. Increase the radius. We're going to include offset. Now the offset is not visible. So I would say in this you can see and there it is not visible. We I went toe include the intensity offset. I want to redo of it, So that does it. So in this video, we have ah started creating a front page wearing I have created this shape within which we inserted an email. We applied some little affects. You created a background for our Brucia. And we also created this ship using the rectangle tool and inserted a picture into the by using the process off clip masking. So that's it for this video On in the next radio, we're going toe, learn more and add more elements on this page. So thanks for listening. Take it. And happy learning 30. 2 Fold Brochure : Front Page - Part 2: so continuing from the previous video, we're going to insert a few more elements onto our front page on First of all, we will create a hexagon for that. We're going to go down here and then select this polygon tool dried out here on here. When you see beside five, we're going to make it to six. Like on we are going toe. Then turn this and out so that it cooks Laker. Excellent. Okay, they should be fine on. We are now going toe in certain image. Go down here. Toe place on. We want this part claim is toe Come inside. This we click open and we would write out like this and this year only seen earlier. So we want to just grab this and pull it out here and get more than their Let's just reduce the side of this a bit, okay? That should be fine. And we are going to go down here to a stroke and give this a bit of stroke. So we need to have the excellent selected and we're going to add the stroke. There is getting added here. We're gonna change the color off the stroke for that we need tohave the stroke selected and then we're going toe gain the field toe that the film we need to change The strokes were going toe go here on da your agenda Stroke toe. White white may not look good. So your bundle take this color. Or maybe this color here, why not begin from the slot is Let's pick up this. Gonna hear that Looks good. Okay. Now, with this elected, we right click go down to later fix, and we're going to apply out of shadow. Include the radius and the the offset on intensity. Look, that looks good to me. Onda. Maybe I want to in clear the radiance a bit more. That should be okay. So now we press control on drag to the right. And there we have duplicated this double click contest to select a wage, and we're going to go down here to replace him it on. We are going to be now in certain this a 1,000,000 Sadiyah open. Who in this? Let me just I just think you mean here. Okay, let's select. Will do the image. We're going to reduce assailable death. We want to fit in one more off the air. No. Let's select this. Press the control key and then drive out. This is how it duplicate stuff. Centrists of it to the left shifted. Here, this one, we need to change the image inside this we're going to double click on. We're going to go down here to replace him is I will report this invasion home with this one. Click on Open on we go the side of it on moving and staying here. That's fine. Click down. Right. Shall we now have three immediate inside a hexagon you can see. And you, I'm sure, must have learned few new tricks by just seeing what we did. For example, how toe create Exxon. How toe give a stroke to it. How toe insert anyways embed any major inside the X organ. And then how so? Duplicate it and then change the image within. So there are a few aspects which are take home points here. You can now select all this this shift G and we could go down here toe a line on left, align top and we also need toe change. The that's all right. I think I'm quite happy with what we have done so far. Let's close this now. I want to duplicate this one. Select this press control and drag it out. And I'm going to click on this and delete the image from inside this that it is. I want to increase the size, press the shift key and get out. Get it done here. I want to fill it up with Let me go to the stroke and, uh, so are exported. I want to take this color. Since I had the stroke selected her, the color has changed, so I will just go down here. Click on undo set line. Phil, we're gonna click here toe, make the color for the mail area active, and now you won't go click here. And we have this here we live. This broke. Have it this on. We are going toe now. Type in some text using the textile extremes. Bash 17 for to 0 to 0. Let's 10 the front. Let's say acumen pro or maybe articulated trouble. I'm going clear this school 14 Open fiction on center it. Grab this. Moving here. No, it's not fitting. And so I'm going toe include the side of this a bit That would be fine, Ana. Let me guess. A gigantic a lot of this toe. Maybe this popular Coletta look that do not show you how Well, why not take a white color natural fine on we are going toe Live it At this, you can apply some effect, But I think I will explain that we will leave it at this. And we now have completed our front page. I just want to do one more thing, and that is insert a map of the back Bay here for that. I want to go down here. I will go now. Grab the picture, friend Going to put on her and brought up a cure for him. And I want no place anyway, which is off the map of the area I want to include in the brochure on we'll click on open and then this has got now inserted here. I don't want the stroke toe this map, so I'm going to go down here to stroke and I want to make it to zero right friends. So we have now over two videos. The previous one in this one have learned how to create the front page and the back paid off our botia, within which we have learned how toe you shapes. How do you clip masking how toe use layer affects to enhance the visual effects in our immediate you will learn how toe put some text using the artistic text tools. And we have also learned how to generally lay out our brochure the way we have done it. So that's it for this video. Thanks for listing. Take care and happy learning. 31. 2 Fold Brochure : Inner Page - Part 1: Hello, friends. So far we have learned how to create the front page, as you can see right on a screen. And we also learned how toe create the back page. Now we will start learning how to create the inside of the pale with the content which we required, which are shown you in the intro video off this section. For doing that, we're going to go down to the second page. So go here, double click on it. And we are now on the inside page, which we need toe create from scratch. The first thing which I want to do is I want to give this a background which is similar in nature or color toe the front page. So we'll go back to the front page. We're going to click on the background. We're going to go toe edit and copy will go back here, right click, and we're going to paste it. So it got pasted on the night side. We can now grab this and pull it out like this to cover the entire pitch. Remember, we created this using a rectangle tool. So this is a victor object and therefore there will be no distortion or picks elation in this particular image. Now we need to lock this so that when we start working on top of it, it doesn't move for that. We need to go down here to last panel and click on this lock Public unlock button. Once we click on it, you'll find that a lock symbol had appeared on this layer. And now we will not be able tow, you know, move this particular background with replaced on this layer. Now I want O first thing create some artwork both on top and bottom to make it look a bit different or nice. Whatever you may call it that the practice generally when you're creating a brochure. So I want to be doing a very simple one. But that will give you the basic concepts. And let's select the rectangle tool will go down here to the gonna. We're going to draw a rectangle like this. This already had a color, but we want because we had selected this color, we could change it. This I will explain to you how to colorize your obvious. So I leave it at that now to be ableto change the shape of the rectangle we need to convert toe curl. So we're going to go down here to convert to curves. Now we have this, nor Tool. Just grab it and pull it out. There were creating. The curve will go down here and we're going toe. Push it in. Let's reduce this a bit. We'll see that handles with Joe. Come on. This we could in clear this government like this, we can push it up here on it. Is that simple? To be able to create some kind of a declaration in your product, we want we can, you know, lower this using this handle. Right? Having done this, I want to give it a bit off special effect. The layer effect or right click Go down here to let her fix click on it. And I want O drop shadow. So we're going to click here pre owned. Let's just put it out so that you see what's happening. We're going to increase the radius. We went to also include the offset, another shadow visible. And we're going to include the intensity. I think that looks fine. Maybe that we want toe redo the offset of it and That should be Okay, So that's done. Now let's select this. We're going toe, right Click. Grab it then We're going to go at it and click on based. Now we have a duplicate Lee left. Pull it out on. Let's place it somewhere here. And we want this to be facing upwards. We're going to go down here and flip vertical. We can now aligned this to the bottom. Let's the school it up a bit. Okay, that would be fine. And I want this the brother space to be on the left. So we're going to go down here toe flip, horizontal, click on it and narrative that this is what I wanted. Only one more week I want to make in this particular object is that I want the shadow toe becoming absolutely visible. So I want to right click, go down, Go! Let effect the shadows. Only days the effectively applied because it duplicated this subject. So all that we need to do is highlight this and we're going to change this angle. I think that short survives and there you can see the shadow moving upwards. That gives a nice look toe the object This is done in. The last thing in this video I want to do is I want o write some text on this curved part. For that I will select this object go down toe artistic tool. You know the moment because that changes we click on it on. Uh, I can't see any close up because this beginning in right here I want to grab this. I'm going to pull it out and bring it here. And this is the beginning of our text. Will, right? Bombay foretell Walk on. We're going to select Best increase the foreign trials toe. Let's say 24. I think that should be okay. Or let's keep it toe 20. Click anywhere and tentative. So we now have this. We could move it a bit. Don't by grabbing this on, uh, pushing it here. I think this looks okay to me. Saluted here now. Also noted one aspect that since I use this object as girl to which a layer if it was only applied that has got transferred to the text tweet recreated on this cover. So that's also that saves you a bit off work. Remember that right? French in this video we have learned few things like how to create the correction objects, how toe duplicate it, how toe give layer effects. We also learned how to put text on apart. And we also learned how toe create a background by using an object which was previously created and also locking that layer so that he doesn't move. So that's it for this video in the next video. Now we're going to play some images and add some text to complete our inside of the Brucia . Thanks for listening take and happy learning. 32. 2 Fold Brochure : Inner Page - Part 1: Hi. So, in this video, we're going to add some content to our Brucia the details off the Mumbai photo. For that, I want to insert a few photos and for Madame and thereafter Insert some text before that. I just want o make the color of the stroke to white because I want to be applying these on my for those. So let's go down here. Toe, please. Image tool on. I am going to be taking this photograph. Open it. The Lord it because there Dragon priority photograph like I have done. Let me just till date of it. Then I'll give the stroke so good on her to a stroke. So let me Jean the stroke color. I'll go down. Toe sort is on bay. Take a very light gray color. Let's say this one. That's fine on right click. And I'm going to apply some later fix out of shadow and hideous, then offset Really know how to do this. So I'm going fast track. That should be fine. Let's radio this a bit. And you in the okay, that should be fine. No, let's go That no. Once the first major ready there after things become quite easy. I'm just going to press control and drive this out is going to duplicate this image. Turn it up a bit, see how the you know, effects of also got transferred to the duplicate bridge. And here now we are goingto go here to replace it iconic. And now we want this particular aviate. We click on it and we're going toe open it. So this gets applied here. You're going to press control again. Pull it down and let's know ReplayTV image. I want this. It may. There. So click on this open and they supplied We can increase the say that it. Okay, that should be fine. Let's just turn it around a bit. Another two. You conclude that side of this tool, but OK, that's fine. No, look good at this again. Press control. Pull it out. Here. Rotated this. He made a bit and change the go around your place. Image on. We are going to pick up this image and open that's done again. Press control and ragged that duplicated this image. Oh, $20 of it and we're going to replace the image toe. Let's say this one open on there it is again. Press control. Drag it out. Let's don't let this Oh, maybe like this. Suit your style, That is no. Okay, but this one I want to change the inmates, so I will again click here on the place of it on This is a maid I required. I'll click on it Open on. We can include the same of this of it, right? Play around with the size of the rotation and things like that to get the lead out as you required. So now we're going to add some text. I already have the text required typing, and that is the best practice. So I was deputed in north bad. I'm going to select the 1st 1 And now take this text tool and draw out a text box. Right click and I would base the text. There it is, but I think the founder to try the but big Let me just do it up. No, it's OK. What I need to do is I released and see the sights a bit. Pull it out to the margin that the job and I am going toe now justify this. Who can find that there are certain, you know, gaps which are not looking very good. So I need to go down here toe paragraph, and in this we'll go down toe hyphenation, and I want to use auto hyphenation, so that does a bit off work. And you're looking much better now. Right now, the next one we're going to add. But we need toe de select this text box first. We'll go down here. We're going toe. Select this right click Koppett, draw the textbooks on based addict in. Okay, so this again we can apply the hyphenation. And also just to fight. Let dough the other ones. Now for this again, I need to take the text box. Before that, I want to select the fixed. All right click will be on based it. We copy the text. Okay, so we have now all the texture we're going to round. Justo, you know, make certain areas bold. All that is required going doors. We got that names off these places. And now let's not these textbooks of the big toe I lying them with the because Fine, it also fine. This one. I will turn it around a bit also I want to turn it around a bit on this looks to be find Rightfully so in this video we have worked further on our publication that is there to full Brosa. We brought in certain text. We brought in certain images and now we have you on the inside complete when they saw the very simple one. When we creating a brochure, we can work on it much more and create Ah, you know, certain design house, which would be my portability. And we learn about it every progress in this course. So friends, that's it for this section of the course in this section. I've explained to you how to create a twofold Brucia in that I explain you how to create the front pay, the back page and how to lay out the content in the inside page. In the next section, we're going to be working on a publication which is going to be a PdF. It's going to have a bit off more text and we'll see how we can floor text from one pay to the other from one frame to the other, how we can insert immediate and text rap and many more such aspects. That's it for this video. Thanks for listening take and happy learning 33. Creating PDF : Introduction: Hello, friends in this section of the cause, we are going to be learning how to create an interactive Pdf. This knowledge, what you're going to be learning in the section would be very handy in case you are in tow distributing documents online. And definitely publisher has the tools to let you create very nice PD apps. So this is what we are going to be creating. The document will have ah, cover your country, huh? It will have a table of contents. Certain images would be embedded within the and then you have the text, as you can see. So basically, we learn to set up the doc men. How toe in certain format text how toe place omitted how toe, you know, make the text wrap around your images and the like, Then as far as incl activities concerned from the table of contents, when you over over certain, like here, the cancer, 10 years into a hand. Custer. This indicates that you'll be able to jump toe this participated. Let's click on this on their We have gone to this part slippage and let's click here and we will We went back two hours Table of contents. Similarly, we want to see that this pay the clean portrait, click on it and we're here on to the speech on we can rework back to I was table of condoms . So whatever you have learned in the basics section, that is what you're going to be using. But you're going to be creating a really well document and that is creating a period. And these periods are going to be very handy to be able tow, send them to somebody online or this concept you can even use in creating and a book. Not really that whatever you're going to be learning. Apart from creating interactive document, these concepts can also be used in creating printed documents. So, enough said, as far as the section is, Gunson, now let's get going. And in the next video, we will learn how to set up our doc, take care and happy learning 34. Creating PDF : Setting Up: So in this video, we're going to learn how to set up your document for creating an interactive Pdf's. Or shall we call it an interactive A book right now in front, Off you, you can see the interferes off. Definitely. Publisher to create a new dog meant we need to go down here to file and then create on new , and you will get this kind of a window there certain options, which we need to take care off. We want to create attractive period, and that's only possible when we have a Web document going all a document for device, so we'll create it for the Web. We'll click here because this can also be used for otherwise. And we have basic presets. CIA. So they're going to create actually lips. They won their total four by 768 and the document units is going to be pixels. We're going tohave the media as embedded because it's going to be a very small document and therefore embedded is good enough. We will stick to default. Master here paid with his wonder or 24 and paid high do 7 68 because it's right now by default gate for creating in landscape mode. So we're going to check mark this box because we want the pages to be in portrait mode and then dp I we have options. But since we're creating for a device or web, we can leave it at 72. That will make our document lighter inside and therefore it will be ableto lord in your browser on your device or honor device much faster. We will not have this facing paid here on. That's it. I think we have. Then OK, we click on. OK, so we now have the master paid and the first document ready. Now we're goingto be happily show, creating about 12 pages. That is what I've estimated my document is going to require. And for that before I duplicate these behaviors, I am goingto on the first page created extreme so that it is available to me are all other pictures which I duplicate having done so Now I'm going toe start duplicating these pages So selectors on click here against the like this Look here, do that 10 times. You can do it from here only at the bottom. Here you can see how many people were done so far. So it with one off it, we're going toe. Create about 34 more. No, let me explain to you I could have, you know, place this text frame on the masterpiece by before it will have been available on all the pages which I created subsequently. But I didn't do that because the ones who created masturbated and you want to reside that on that option is not available. You do not have the flexibility to work and resize the extreme that if I have selected this option right now, I have 11 period available. I'm going to add one more selectors and replicate, right? Okay, friends. So I have now explained to you how to set up the pages for publishing on the Web or for your devices. And we have taken an example off the size being 768 by 10 to 4. Right friend. Now here the 1st 2 pages, we are goingto leave blank because the first page is going to be the page for cover image on the next page is goingto be the paid for the table of contents. So I mean, content will start caring, created from paid three onwards, right friends. So in this video, I explained to you how to set up a document for your publication on more So for your interactive, PdF or interactive a book. This is one example, but I'm sure this would have cleared the concept and giving you an idea. And you can use this to clear every side document you would like. Toa learn the next video, we will learn how to import and format text for our publication pick and happy learning. 35. Creating PDF : Inserting Text: Hello, friends. In this video, we're going to learn how to place a word file which has all the textual content within it. In our publication, this project, we're going to leave the 1st 2 pages blank for the time being. Because the first page is going to be the go a page on the second page, you're going to hold the table of contents. So we're going on her toe, Page three, place the cursor at the beginning, and then we're going to goto file, please. And within definitely. Publisher. This is a document which we want to play. So we're going to click on this on Click on Open. Now you will notice that the first page has got populated and we have a red triangle earlier so we don't toe click on this. And the balance of textures now got loaded in this karsa. We'll go down toe base to when we Khobar over the text box. You can see that it got highlighted. This click on the text gets pasted. Now pick up the thread from here on, go down to the next page, over over it click, and the text gets pasted. Noted that you know all these pages are getting link. Click here again. We'll go around toe the next page, click again, and there it gets pasted. If you do not click on this red triangle, let us go down here. See the pages not getting highlighted because there is nothing lorded in the Carson's. I will go back to the state again. Click on it. Click here, go down to the stage on like, look here again. Go down to the empty page. Click here on, Clear the texture. Now I think all the text has now got placed, and we still have three paydays spared. We'll leave it there for the time being, because when we start placing other objects like, um, idiots or tables, they're going toe. Eat up onto the space and we will have toe flow the balance of text in tow, This blank period saw. Let's wait and watch. So far, we have learned in this video how toe place the text. Let's go back to the first page and here I want to explain to you one thing that we can size the big toe, a requirement first paid. I want toe dragged down to make some space for an image, so they will go placed Any made here. And I'm also going toe cut this heading on. Put it on top. So right, click and cut. Delete this. We want to create a text box. Lived that heading inside on. We're going to include the side of this to, let's say 24 points. I just the textbooks and place in the center. Okay, that does it on. We're going No place when he ways to fill up the second area. So we're going to go toe. You know this I got here. Place a major tool. Click on this. We're gonna pick up any made of ah bird, which I like. Let me see which one I want. Oh, put there. Okay. I want to be putting. They're similiar on will replace it. I'll make it a bit No narrow with the height off the rate, so we'll click here and then drag it up. OK, do it at this now some formatting which I want to be doing for all the heading sidings which I want to appear in my table of contents. So first before we will create more space between the headings and paragraphs and this is going to be one off the OK, so we're going to make a bit of changes in this heading style on. We're going toe in Crete. The for inside toe reading on it is bored already through. Leave it at that. But what? We need to do it here. We need toe update, paragraph style. So we will click on this and now this is our new paragraph styles. So we're going to apply this paragraph tile toe all the headings which we want to be included in your C They get here first of all, I want create a bit of space. Select this and we're going to go down here on apply heading to another woman. We do that. You noted that deforested 18 points. So let's quickly do this for all they had infantry required. Try board. No, not required. But years we nikto in Greece, the space this also we're going to apply heading to okay, the swim again. We need toe select this on apply her link toe. We'll include this also. So all that we're doing is creating a bit off space and then applying the heading style this is essential if you want toe include the as part off table of contents. Okay, so this formatting which we want eight has bean done Right now I have all the textures board you would like toa you know the ones which are as paragraph You would like to convert them back to body text. But I am going with us. Live it as it is for the time being because basically I'm just tryingto they want straight the ones. Okay, so in this video I explained to you how toe import word file and then laid out Rather Floyd through various pages and then link them up with gets done on it phone and then a better formatting and giving the euro paragraph headings a style which can be later reference to create a table of contents. So that's it for this video. Thanks for listening pick and happy learning 36. Creating PDF : Inserting Images: Hello, French. In this video, we're going to insert a few images in a publication which we're creating in this section. So for that, let me go down here and we are going toe insert a picture off camera here. This place. So we are going toe click here on place. Goto this directory and we'll insert this. You mean now we're going to wrap the text around this for that will go down here, click on this and from this panel, we're going to click on tight and we want some space between the media and detect. So we are going toe. Make it to say about five pictures. That should be okay. That's done. Let's close this. I'll leave it open because we're going to be working on this more. I made you going to adhere off Tripod, We are going toe again. Goto place. Take this image on. We're going to place it here on. We will again make it tight on this time. We'll have the dissents on text on the left side. Now we can move this and adjust it the way you want that done. Let's no go down. Do we're gonna be placing two immediate here. So we are going toe click on place. Onda, uh, go down here. Toe this image. Open it. Grab the textural on. Yeah, You know what I'm doing? Okay. And one more will adhere, So we'll go down. Toe fly, please. You know, players 50 ways here on the right side. Once again, we need to wrap the text, so we'll click here and, uh, make it typed. Okay? We can now move it, and I just get the way we want. Toe. Leave it here. One more here. So let's ah, place an image. Okay, let's take the series on. We're going toe. Put it here. You know, you can even survive a bit like this on. We want Oh, have the distance on the left side. So we're going to go toe subtext again. We will make it tight on. We're going toe. Have this kind of a separation. Close this on. That looks okay to me. You can move around to get the best kind of a placement. Okay. I want o insert one in major to give you ideas. If you want the text to flow in a shape around an image, then you need toe, create eight other transplant, you may say, like pink. And then you that No, I want to place one. Yeah, so let's click on this on, uh, go down ahead of place. On, uh, I knew this image. This is a transparent to wait. So now when I get gone tight through the Texas now flowing right around this bird, we can start off, move this to get what we want. Like, this may get cut, but that is not in a geometric shape. It's It's ah, you know, sod off, hugging in the bird or the round. In certain cases, you may like to use this kind off an effect. Let's click on this. And one more aspect, I will explain to you now that we have bean, you know, putting in text, you'll find that we here have a red dot And then I did dangle this click on this click here So the text is going to flow into the next bitch. It's ana. I am Wendell Place can run a major. So let's goto file, please on we're going toe pick up. Let's that syringe. Um place it toe cover the entire right friends. So in this video, I explained to you how we can insert images in our publications which were creating And really, I also explain to you how you can wrap text around the majors as explained to how toe insert a transparent doing Toby ableto wrap text around the shape off an image. So that's it for this video. Thanks for listening, taking and happy learning. 37. Creating PDF : Book Cover: so French in this video, we're going to be learning how to create a book over. We're creating US shot publication is going to be a pretty a publication going to be distributed online. And it's like a book, basically. So we will create a book cover for this, and we will be creating this book over right within. Definitely publisher that, you know, need toe use any, you know, costly graphic design software, like a rube illustrator or photo shop. We can do all this within affinity, publisher, because this is a very powerful program on. We're just going to be using one image and some assets which are within affinity publisher . So let's first of all, place an image click here. And from here I am goingto pick up this image and we're going toe go here and draw out this image like this on. Make sure that it hugs the bottom of the page. Now I'm going to place a rectangle shape which will cover the entire page and place it behind. So let me get this The tangled go down here. Um, go with this entire area on. Let's now send this backwards. So moved to back. I need to fill up this. But before that I'm going to create a palette which is going to be drawn from this image. So we will go down here toe, such is and we're going to click here on. We are going to go toe create palette from document on as document ballot. Click on this. And now we have this kind of her ballot which has come in front of us, which was drawn from this image. Why I'm running so that I can select a color and use it on this background area which is in harmony with our image. We must first select the rectangle which we created. And we're going to take this color on Philippines right now. Here they the hard air coming in. So to get rid of that, we are going to select the same age. We're going to go toe transparency toe click here. Andrea gets Quinto dried up like this and now you cannot do that very smoothly. This you may have modern with the background. I haven't done that. We now need to play some text, so we're going to take the artistic textile we'll need toe create this outside. So let's do that. Let's call it. Okay, lets grab this and we do the site so that you're going toe frit here. Okay, we will gain the phone click here, and we're going to take this hell, Mac font, and we'll also change the color of this. So we are going to go down here. Click here on. We are going to take the white color. Right on. We are going toe. Make this a bit lug. Let's get this below in center. Let's elect this. Center it. And now let's increase the side of it. Okay, that's done. Now place it. Were you feel it looks good. I think this fine right click go down to little effect and we will give this outer shadow so that it, you know, stands out within the background. We're going to increase this radius toe. Let's say this much I bring to the side. We're going to offset this on. We're going to increase the intensity, as you can see. No, we will. I could reduce offset of it. Also be on. I won't go increase the intensity of it. Okay, So that should serve the purpose. You can play around and get it the way you like it. I leave it where it is tonight. Friends and our book cover is now ready. So without going to a graphic designer without using any other software, we have created this just by using an image and the tools available within affinity publisher. So that's it for this video. Thanks for listening pick and happy learning. 38. Creating PDF : Table of Contents: hi friends in this video, we're going to learn how to create table of contents. So far, we have created almost the entire media for a book which we wanted to create. We have learned how toe set up the document. We learn how to insert, detect and formatted. We also learned how toe insert images and wrap text around it. We also learn how to create the book go out with You're seeing right in front off you. Now we will learn how to create a table of contents. So let's go down toe this failure. We already have ah, text box here. Based on this, we are going toe click here on text and then go down here to people of content. I think the concept was not that so we're going to click here on text on good on a table of contents on, then clicker insert a table of contents. Now you can see that this has got populated with some text and paid numbers. Let's increase the size off the front of it. From here we are going toe. Let's say take fund 24 on. Let's pull it down a bit because I want to use the top and bottom. Really? I just let you know. For what? Now we've got this and I really would have. It is nothing must be done here. All that I want to do is I'm gonna take the and here will type in a table of contents. Before that. Let me change the formed and we will have a death about 18 points. So let me type in here. We need to attain the phone color. Black. We went over to do the side a bit. I think this looks okay to me. You're gonna place it here, and I want to place one in media because there's all of blank space lying here. Okay, let's now place and the media. So we're going to click here. We're going toe select anyway. And this is the way they want Click on open the curse. A loaded we have worked with. I like it. I don't like this. We can take it up a bit on. Bring it. Yes. Okay, So our table of content is now already here after we're going to work on this and create some hyperlinks. But we'll do that in the next video. Thanks for listening. Take and happy learning 39. Creating PDF : Hyperlinks: Hello, friends in this video, we're going to take the last step off finishing our project very. We're going to learn to create. In fact, we only learned in basics. We're going toe create hyperlinks to certain pages so that we are able to access them right from our table of contents. But this hyperlink, I'm goingto base on anchors therefore less create big anchors. Firstly, And why do I want to take this approach? Because if I do it by paid and subsequently would make certain edits and that particular content changes and go to some other paid, then it will not be linked correctly. But if we do it by anchor, even if you add more content that particular heading or whatever object you have a bit of anchor. That is what is going to be referenced when we hyperlink and therefore we will always be ableto access the desired content. Right now, let us just move around various page and see where we want to know. This is one thing which I want to create Ankara on. So highlight this right click. It saves interactive and it said insert anchor. We will leave the name additive. You can change it. But we are going to live with additives. Click on. OK, so this anchor has now been created. We're going to go around here. Onda, We will also create anchor of this. So right click Go down here toe interactive and insert ankle Leave the name toe default! Now let me see if this No This is the condition of girls who leave it. Not this one again. We want this to be hyperlink. So even though clear an ankle insert anger on Click on! Ok, okay. This also will create a banker, right click Onda, We are goingto go toe interactive on in third Anchor this again I want to create an anchor So we're going toe right leg Interactive on insert anchor. Okay, I think that should be sufficient for giving your demonstration. So now let's go to the table of contents speech. We're now going to create the hyperlinks, so select this right click Go here toe interactive and we'll click on insert hyperlink. So we get this window here we're going toe click on anchor and then we get this list on. We are going to select this particular anger on we're going to click on. OK, just Toby Able Toby, you know, fast. And we'll just do this again. Get right. Click Interactive Insert a hyperlink on We are going toe Goto Anka And we're gonna select again technical settings. I am not going to be given anchor. I'm not going to be hyperlink but photography ethics, Right Click Interactive Inside anchor. Know we're gonna be asserting hyperlink. So click on this anchor on bird photography. I think that's right. We click on OK, and then we're going to be doing this for the last one here. Right Click Interactive in third hyperlink Go Anka and we are going toe. So, like this one and click on. OK, so we have now hyperlink certain text in our table of contents. So when we click on this, we're going to be straight over directo the page which has the relevant content related toe this heading toe. See this in action? We need to publish our document. We are going to go down here to publish You're going to go export. That is how we export a videophile. And from here we have got precept media for that is what we want. Do you have other options, but we're going to be selecting period for Web on. We're going to preview it when export is complete and we're going to do export off all bigas. So let's go here and click on Export and let's see if this so we have our beautif. Let's fitness to Page and let's scroll down. So this is the table of contents from where I had, you know, link various pages. Let's say we want to goto Gates. Let's click on this and then we are on the speed where the Gators one thing more you could have here put a small text or button and you could have linked that to get back. Do the table of contents, which we have not done. I have not done it for ah want off time, but the concept is the same. So kindly take this as an assignment and create your own period file and then create interactivity within that by hyper linking certain text to certain pages. And then from that, you should be able to return back to the table of contents who do that. The concept with the same as what we have learned so far Let's go back again. Let's say you want the clean portrait. We click on it and then we'll hear on the clean portrait we have, you know, hyperlinked into a state of jumping toe that content and that you what interactivity is all about. Let's scroll back on. Uh, let's school what is but photography. And there it is. We're here on that particular piece, right, Friends. So in this video, I've explained to you how toe in fact we have created within a product this particular video where we have learned how to create hyperlinks to various area off content, which we want toe Xs just by clicking somewhere else. So that's it for this video. Thanks for listening. Take a and happy learning. 40. Summary: hi friends. We have come to the end of this course and he will agree with me that we have covered a lot of ground. We learned about the interface off. Definitely publisher. We learned about all the tools, which are their INABILITY publisher, which can help us to create meaningful and effective publications. We learn how to set about document We learned how to insert and former texts. We also learn how to use paragraph and character styles. We learn to create a news pages and then we also learned toe use master pages to create standard layout. Throughout our publications, we learned type text on a path. We learned to use columns and guides to make ours publications visually more appealing. We learn to insert, and for my text, we learned to use shapes to create designs within our pages. We also learn to use tables to prevent data in a more visually appealing manner. We learned to work with colors. Then we learn how to use color so that it is in harmony. Throughout our publication, we learned to use layers and layer effect. We also learned to use hyperlinks toe, create interactive documents, such a interactive pdf's, which can be used for creating able. And we also learned various methods are publishing a doctor, so it has been a long journey. Newer number off videos. We also learn how to create real world product. Now, this is not going to be the end off our association. You have the scores, and of course you have it for life. You can come back to refer to it as and when you require, too. And should you have any kind off problems or doubts, you can always be word back to me. Send in your query, and I'll be quite glad to answer them as and when they're certain updates in the software. I'll keep on posting new videos to keep you abreast with these changes or updates so that you are able to create effective and engaging publication. Take care and happy learning