Learn Adobe Photoshop CS6 | Dahud Deji | Skillshare
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4 Videos (27m)
    • Getting started with graphics design

    • Designing a report book

    • Banner Design

    • Final Thought


About This Class

It's a perfect course for anyone who needs to learn the basics and for those who need to refresh themselves with the basics. I use to use photoshop years back but had to learn it by myself. I wish this was there when I needed it; it's so much easier and the instructor is clear and goes straight to the point with my delivery. I learnt things that I either forgot or didn't know. I will definitely recommend the course to my friends.





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Dahud Deji

Master Adobe Photoshop CS6

Have made that a reality. Have managed to combine learning whilst having fun, where you'll be able assimilate and put into practice everything you have learnt.

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