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Learn Adobe Illustrator Menus bar practical Video Tutorial Course

Sarwar Ahmed, ClipoTech

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17 Videos (3h 28m)
    • File menu Part 01

    • File menu Part 02

    • Edit Menu

    • Object Menu Part 01

    • Object Menu Part 02

    • Object Menu Part 03

    • Object Menu Part 04

    • Type Menu

    • Select Menu

    • Type Menu + Type Tool

    • Effect Menu

    • SVG and Style in Effect Menu

    • Wrap AND Effect Gallery in Effect Menu

    • View Menu

    • Window Menu

    • Layers

    • Convert image from Raster to Vector


About This Class


Be a Skilled Graphic Designer and Vector Illustrator with Adobe Illustrator!


An industry-standard vector graphic app, Adobe Illustrator is amazing software that allows artists and professional graphic designers to create their own logos, complex illustrations, interactive videos, sketches, icons and typography. The software is a powerful tool to resize many vectors and they can be enlarged to any size without losing the image quality. This versatile program caters to a wide range of pursuits including architectural designs.

The primary objective of the course is to focus on the workspace and to explore the basic tools of the illustrator. The progressive introduction to illustrator workspace will lead to the use of art boards, editing, adding, and deleting the graphics, saving the vector graphics in PDF format and export of this to other formats. Next the students get hands on how to work with versatile images, linking and embedding features of the software, clipping masks, forming the page layouts, rulers and guides on the import of texts, working in columns, linking of text frames, and text wrapping. Participants will also learn to add different texts and colors to the graphics. To maximize the productivity right away, participants are also assisted to discover the layers and are made familiar with all the basic techniques. Equipping the participants with the advanced illustrator techniques, they are shown to have the advantage of symbols, styles, transparencies, effects along with advance drawing and blending techniques and much more. The training course will also be an exclusive learning opportunity for fashion and apparel designers. Convert your visions to reality with this with this amazing training and get a remarkable career success. The in-depth training will equip the participants to transform their business and personal ideas from dream to a reality. Participants will be able to learn flat-drawings, patterns, storyboards, and other interesting information through classes tailored for the needs of the participants.

The aim of the course is to drill down every minute detail of the course where participants will also learn to make their own infographics. The course also provides comprehensive information about the difference between vector and raster based graphics and the essence of using vectors. A detailed look on how the versatile anchor points are used and the utilization of isolation mode in Adobe Illustrator is also discussed. Participants are also given the complete understanding of the alignment buttons in the control panel and the creation of multiple groups of different shapes. In addition, rotation tools with various options, demonstration of transparency panels, and the usage of various color mode overlays that are applied to overlapping vectors are also taught.

Not only this, the loading of solid swatches from existing libraries to reorganize and recolor the artwork, a look on the gradient panel and the creation of gradient swatches, and the to get control on the direction of the gradients are also drilled down in the detail. Get all this excellence from the top-notch Illustrator instructors and hear the most interesting illustrator concepts, and explanations with the most comprehensive exercises at the end.







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Sarwar Ahmed


Sarwar Ahmed is web developer, online marketer,SEO expert, Video tutorial’s working for last 3 years on internet managing a successful websites. You can contact him via Email or on Facebook.

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