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Learn Acoustic And Eletric From Scratch

teacher avatar Gabriel Felix, Music Teacher

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (1h 7m)
    • 1. Introduction Learn Eletric and Acoustic Guitar From Scratch

    • 2. Acoustic and Eletric Guitar From Scratch

    • 3. Extra Lesson 1 - How to Play Vance Joy Riptide

    • 4. Extra Lesson 2 - How To Play Johnny Cash Hurt

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About This Class

Learn Acoustic And Eletric From Scratch is the perfect start for any musician. This course was developed to beginners. You will learn Harmony, theory, chords and 3 songs from scratch to develop your skills in music.


  • ->How to Read Tablature
  • ->Easy Rhythm Pattern to Beginners
  • ->Major and Minor Scales + Exercises
  • ->Major and Minor Chords
  • ->Special trick to memorize chords very quickly.
  • ->Nirvana - Sliver
  • ->Pearl Jam - Last Kiss
  • ->Bob Dylan - Knocking on Heavens Door

The more you practice the better you will get. With the Right Practice style you will be able to witness fast results!

Meet the teacher

Gabriel Felix

*Music degree at California College of Music;

*Teaching since 2010;

*More than 20.102 on-line students;

*More than 1 million views on youtube ’’Meio Musical’’;

Feel free to send me any questions you might have on this course. I want to make your learning experience the best that it can be.

Thanks for taking the time to look at this course. I look forward to seeing you on the inside and teaching you the beginner steps on how to become a better musician.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Gabriel Felix

Music Teacher


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1. Introduction Learn Eletric and Acoustic Guitar From Scratch: Hello. My name's gave her Felix. And today I'm going to teach you how to play electric and acoustic guitar. I have more than 10 years off experiencing teaching music in Brazil and a relevant. And in 2013 you graduated at California College of Music in Lis, Angeles. Before we begin our class, I want to talk a little bit. Watch Ari are going jeweler. This course was developed for beginners. So you are going to early all this step by step to learn your three songs. He fell regularly. How cheaply? 456 songs. Probably this class is not for you. You are going to learn all major and minor court reading Battered How to read tablature. How to Play the most core progressions in a special treat to memorize courts very quickly in an off discourse will be able to play trade Sung's and have knowledge normally fut and read, um, to learn much more songs by yourself. So if you are looking for a class to develop cures accusing normally, fury read um, and speak technique. This glasses for you. Let me know what you have any kind of doubts. Remember, I'm here to help you. So it's Sandra Heifer. Let's play a little bit after meals. Thank you so much. Bye bye. 2. Acoustic and Eletric Guitar From Scratch: c d E f g a n b. Everybody knows our seven notes, right? Uh, however, we now we are going to add a few sharps. Gabriel want the house? A sharp sharp is like this. Okay. Sharp is like a hashtag. Okay, um, now we have 12 notes. Pay attention because between e enough and B and C, we don't have sharps. So you have, like, a cycle circle. You start with C C sharp the the sharp e f of shark g sharp a a sharp and me and start over again the sharp end b and start over again. The first thing that you need to know is how to read court box This show you where to put your fingers on the fingerboard play courts. The six vertical lines represents their six strings. This string on furnace left is the ticket string. Eat the two lines at the top off the box representing it the flask bone or a metal piece that the strings go through on ahead stock and the rest off the resulting lines represent the frets. The dots represent the place where you put your left hand fingers and they are number to show which finger to reduce number. War is the index finger. True is the middle finger tree is the ring finger and far is your pink little finger. If you have played it the piano, make sure you don't get confused. Piano finger numbering is completely different. It our players generally don't use the left hand terms guitar. That, or dark tablet sure is a way off writing music specifically for a guitar. It's perfect for those that do not read music and in many case offers more information. Them. The writing notation would anyway, Tab has six or resulting lines that represent the six strings on the guitar. The top line is the Dinos String. In the lowest line represent the Deka String. The numbers that are placed on the lines tell you what frat you play notes. You only ever played the strings with numbers on the festering has no number. Don't play it. The zero means status true, displayed open with no finger pressing down this tree. Going to France, Rita is the most important thing in music. With that, I will teach you the main ingredient so that from now one you can develop your on and over time be able to play by your please plantation to Darryl's. Initially, they will be extremely important. Do you help you to muster the Peking and play your first reading when you see And I don't try to speak louder, for example Down, down, down, up, down. Okay, He's gonna haps your brain, understand the reading back terms. Remember that you can always change this speed off the video increase or decrease a court to your music skew level. - Yeah , you e e. Hey, guys, since part off our course, I have that Syria's off exercise designs warm of both your fingering and alternate picking . The exercises are all buttes of one concept becoming mawr difficult as you progress. I suggest you use the Metrodome. Google has a great one. Best advice is to start off at around 65 BPM and increase in increments of five ppm. As if you like your timing in form, are solid at the current temple. Plainly for metronome oh is a thing most guitarists struggle with a few points before we begin. This exercises are designing to create a muscle memory and therefore are pretty dry. Take then insurance stints, maybe three or five minutes a day was your fingertips. Your fingers should be curling in a cup. It position not laying flat against the fretboard. Don't worry about perfect from running on. The most important thing is to teach your fingers how to move on your instrument. Minimize Fred Butts. Keep your big from hitting Only the stream that your fingers are on and muting order strings with your fingertips will become easier time plantation. We have several guitar symbols. Uh, yeah. - Now we're going to learn half step and holds that it's very important when you're going to stay this case, I give you a few examples. Okay, So if you are playing see and 1/2 have stepped, I'm going to see Sharp. All right. Another example. You find me E and I want tohave step. I'm going to f simple like that. Just play the next note. Okay. Gave her now in plain of F shark, if you wanna have stuff, you're gonna play g k simple like that. However, we have it posed that. Okay, so hold stop. Let's do some examples if im i g sharp Okay? I wanna hold step. I'm gonna play a heart. Nice, right? All other example. Find d sharp. I gonna play. Uh, okay. You You cannot play this type of notes right here. You need to jump one notes and play Dillinger notes Post that is this half staff is just a falling note. It's really simple. Oh, oh. Um um how oh, to learn Major minus case. You need church. Fall a few steps. Step number one right. Number one, shoot seven. What? Three for looks. Uh, the second part is the formula, so Oh. Oh, look, those that one more holes that now you have formula off Mayer's ko. So I start with war. No, Let's see if I want to do a C major scale. I'm going to start with C in north number one. OK, but give her I want to do a asked Majors K. Okay, so you start number one. Whatever I want to do. Like a d major scale. So start with these. Simple like that. Let's start with Visa is a good note. Does the number one now we need to discover their order notes. Right? You are indeed. Right now you need to check one whole stacked, So don't play the shark goes to next one is a whole step as well. So don't play f m play f sharp. All right. Next one is 1/2 statue. You We are in your sharp, so next stop is much more easy, G. Okay, now we have one more home stat. So Jeep goes to eight and the last one is sharp. This is D major scale. Okay. When you think about majors K, you first thing you need to do is move to seven numbers and fall always right down right on this. You need to follow D formula. Okay. It's really simple. Just do this true steps. If I wanna miners ko, I need to change my formula. Right. So it's gonna be like this. All right, hold step. Have stopped. Holds that holds ever again. Have step and holds that. Okay, No, let's try to do. Didn't miners no one. Let's see, Let's go with e minor scale. 1st 1 is he all right? And I have a whole staff so f sharp. Uh, now we have a whole step and 1/2 step. Rain out. Right. So f sharp goes to jean one more hole Stop G troop A hold step again H b beat now toe have stepped Soap wearing be have stepped You just play the next note, See? And the last one is whole statue D Now you have a minor scale E minor scale. Uh uh Uh huh Uh uh uh Ah, First of all, I'm going to be true College Warner, stand all this corn part in fury and experts gonna be practicing. Okay, so first of all, we have a e major scale. Okay, a f sharp, G sharp. Sorry, E f sharp C sharp. Eight b c sharp in the sharp. However, if I want to do a e major court, I gonna take notes. Number 13 and five. Just want treat and five, OK, one in five. And now you have the tree notes off off. Eat major court. Next example. Let's think about under scale. Let me see a major. So a major A B c sharp d e f sharp and G sharps the same fee. Take notes number one tree and five n. You're gonna have your major chord. Simple like that. That's too since my face simple like that. Okay, My how to do how to do a mine or a minor chord. It's the same thing. Let's see if we do being a minor fire escape, have a minor corn warn tree and five. However, now you're gonna have a C and e. Okay, just major gonna be Hey major etc Shark in minor A c can't be alright. People like that. - No , it's time to find several chords applying egged our shape. What do you mean with that? If you played a major corn, you can re preach the same guitar shape that by stepping your fretboard So a major court I'm going to play during the number five open strain Finger number one Right to drink four being the number two frat to string tree and finger number Tree for actu String it you simply won't have step ahead. I'm going to plea a sharp major. However, have a little brother my open strength. So I need to change this guitar shape complete like this same guitar shape Whoever with finger 23 and four. Okay. Yeah, Well, I think the number one my suppose open strength. Okay, Now I have a sharp major applying to sing guitar shape as a major, you can play a major like this as well. However, we're going to have a no pay string. You can imagine a ghost, Fred, Right here. All right. A major. A sharp major won't have Step ahead. Same thing, be major, and you can't keep doing this. All right, So let's Brax, you're ready to learn a dark shape. Try defying, uh, D major. All right, D Major Reno here, however, applying the a d off this egg tart shaped. Okay, 1000 is video you try to find If you play exactly the right notes, you're gonna have to be a shar c c sharp and finally d major away, right? It's very important shipwrecks with me. So let's try other example. Ah, Tried find a c sharp major court. Same idea here. All right. No need to count this string. Number five is a string count unto. You find C sharp positives video and try to do this example. If you play correctly, the C sharp major will be in front number or so a a sharp C and C sharp major. Okay, you can play like this, or you can change your tree fingers simply like this something less example Tragic. Fine on F Sharp Major, if you played exactly the right notes you're gonna find right here in the hand off, my friend Born and breath number nine. Let's count A h r sharp, sharp and sharp. Major blame a cord beginning in Frank. Number nine, if you get number one will be the most important thing. All right, let's do the same thing. However, in minor court, you already know. How do you play a minor core? Right, So the idea here is to use the same step by step. However, we from minor core a minor. Um, imagine, uh, ghost fret right here and then off my fretboard. Right. So I'm gonna apply this guitar shape today. Are there examples if a minor is here, a sharp minor is right here. B minor step ahead. C minor. Step ahead. C sharp. Minor can keep doing this. So let's play the same exercise. Stop this visual right now and try to find I e minor chord flying. These guitar shaped you simply exactly the right notes. You are going to playing right here. Breath number seven e minor court. So let's count the minor a sharp minor team on your C minor b shot Mayer e minor E minor. Let's find C minor core stop disease. You and try to fight it. If you play exactly the right notes, you're gonna play right here. Fred Number Tree, A minor. A sharp minor B minor in C minor. It's very important to practice type of exercise. Probably one in two weeks. We're going to be able to play every kind of measure in minor core from the old fretboard. Next example, these sharp minor stop disease. You and play right now. If you play exactly the right notes you're going to find right here D sharp minor track number six A minor, a sharp minor B minor C minor C Sharp minor D minor, D Sharp minor. Now it's time trebly ever single measuring a minor chords in string number six. We're going to apply i e. Major guitar shape, so we're already learning how to play Major. You have two options. You can play with this fingers or disorder fingers. These examples I'd prefer if you play with this kind of fingers, okay, will be easy to understand. String number six hoping string finger number tree, Fred two String five. String number four frat you from before last one. Finger number two, String number, tree threat one A. You complete everything from this B strain. The second string and east during the first string will be open as well. Did you hear? Is to thinking e major ever single time. So if you play a major right here and I want to go 1/2 step a hat, I'm going to have af major court. However, we have a little problem right here. My old been strings. Okay. That's why they're gonna put my finger number one. The next fret can hold average single strength will be a barrel core is the same thing. You fishing. Collect this ghost for at right here. All right. Want have step ahead of Sharp won't have. Step ahead. She and you can't keep doing this. So let's Brecht, uh, for example, if I want huge play, a major core stopped If you two right now and try to find a misericorde applying this e major technique, if you play exactly the right notes you're going to find right here in the middle off your guitar. So let's count e E major. One step ahead. F Major Sharpe Major She Major Sharpe Major a seizure. I'm not example. Tried to find be measure court. So you're going to find be major card right here, Fred number seven So E Major F Sharp Major Major Sharpe Major A major, a sharp major and the meat You can do this step by step in ever. Single Less example. Let's try to find a C sharp measure. Court Campli. Exactly. Right here. Bread number nine. So let's count E. Mitchell corn F F sharp gene Sharp sharp. Sure, Now it's time to find a minor chord. So it's exactly this same idea. However, we for minor court, you already know how to play even minor. However, I would like you should give a little shortcut tragically with this Jew fingers right here . We're gonna be easy. Join us down. So averaging will be hoping strings, right? However, finger number tree. You need to play frank number true. It's during five. And you know, before frat to string a number form so you can imagine Ah, kind off ghost fret right here. I have step ahead. We're going to have, uh if minor however, we have a little each about a bit strength. So so scored. It would be after minor. Have step a hat f sharp minor and you can't keep doing this. All right, So true to trebly on the streets. All right is a difficult court for beginners. So let's try a few examples and see if you want to send really well, a minor court. Where can I play a minor court? You should play exactly the right notes. We're going to play right here. Frank Number five. So minor minor f sharp minor, She minor sharp minor e minor chord. Where can I play b Minor core to play? Exactly. The right notes are going to play right here. Fred number seven. So e minor asked Minor F sharp Minor, a minor sharp minor. A minor minor minor. The last example. Let's try to find the sharp mind or plantation will be a little bit difficult, but the idea is the same If you play exactly the right notes you're gonna find right here in front number 11 in the end off your fretboard. So let's count e minor asked. Minor that sharp minor G minor, sharp minor a minor. A sharp minor B minor C minor C sharp, minor, G minor and finally sharp mind treasure. Apply this technique and breaks a lot. One or two weeks, you're probably playing average type off measure in minor courts. Your practice session after you have learned your court shapes in how to play, then are made up off court progressions. The court progressions must, including the notes off the song's melody in Armory Aziz. A move along, for sure, but they also have to sound good all by themselves. By far the most common core progression for folk classical jazz standards, country and pop songs is 145 N. One that is on the 1st 4th and the fifth courts in each key measure or minor. Uh, however I can suggests 10 R. Two very common core progression as well. Track Desseaux. Uh, - problem is one of the most important techniques rock n roll music. These is core triply. Mahmuti is the public, or so you don't remember bar record. We can play as example a pollock or so from their number one for at number five, string number six. So finger number Tree Fracked number seven string number five and your pinky String number four. Fret number seven. So you can play everything you get. You have two options. Triple core with your pinkie or doubt your The most important thing you need to think is about your right hand. The secret is your right hand. So you need to put this park off your hand. Very close to the strings. Okay. You can post like a, uh, very close to the breed as well. Does Father Woody wait? Okay. Try to find a balance between adult from wanting and the Bolland looting sound. You need to use your years for this. Usually you played in the string number six and five, but sometimes you can apply. Answering an unfortunate, very good example is bottom nine Black Sabbath E Try to Brexit very carefully. Hey, guys. Giving Felix here and now it's time to learn a few songs. However, four things before we begin Number one, All the songs you can play with acoustic or electric guitar. Number two we have issue about cop, right. Me. Unfortunately, I cannot play the regional Algerian video Some days I cannot play my guitar with the regional song. Sorry, about that. But Koppen writing issue in the last thing don't know the quarter list in the compliment, Terry Material. Did you make it all the classes? Very easy. All right. So don't begin your brax class. Your music. Last doubt did the core list. You can allude to your tablet cell phone or you can print as well. So the important thing is have this scoreless with you all the time. All right, so let's begin sliver by Nirvana. Let's begin with the courts. We have power chords, entire song. If you don't remember, Father Cords is a core like this complete like this or induct your duty. So I think this case is See France number tree string number 51 and finger number Drees drinking number four for at five. The last noticed my pinky finger them before frat number five. String number tree. You need to be the strings off your fingers. So five for entry, you're going to repeat this same guitar shaping. Never sing part off your neck. So for us once, see f come back to see a you can play like this is the same thing as you can see is really the same thing. All right. However, I my advice for you guys is I really like this gonna be easier and faster. OK? Your finger, this part off your finger in Fred number choo String number four and three and obviously a big hits drinking over five for entry. We need to start with strain over five way. Just have four courts treat courts. Have you on this, right? See any for this song? Read in part C. You going? TOdo disagreed him. So down, down, down, down. Sent enough down count. Come back to see one into you. Okay, The last major down. Down. Okay, So be careful. And this part Don't your chorus. You have way Carter's. You can improvise a little bit. The reader I I don't want to give you every step by step because it's important to work your years. You can provide a little bit. All right. So it's important music to practice everything learned in reading a little shortcut for you guys. It stretches. Sing the melody in believe freedom, for example. First you need to do is learning all the guitar courts. So the 1st 1 is Jean Major Finger number four entry. Frat number, Tree string one and two. Finger number one, String number five, Frat number two. Finger number choo prepped. Number three. String number six The everything together major core 2nd 1 d major finger number one, Frat number choo String number, tree finger number, tree fracked number tree stringing no virtue and finger number to first fret number choo string number one you need to pick. It's true number for tree chew and one major pinker. Number one scratch number one String number choo finger number True Frack number choo dreaming over four and finger number tree for at number Tree string number five. You need big string number 54 Treat that you can be one. A swell in the less corn is a minor finger. Number one. Track number one String number two finger number tree fret number choo stringing number. Tree finger number choo Frat number. Choose stringing number four. You can't be string number 54 tree that you breathe reading bar. This read, um, is not so difficult. So check this out for 34 You're going to repeat this to the next court as well. 1234 less court is a little bit different. One to treat for front seat very slowly. 1456 feet together. 1234567 Treasure practices Music very carefully followed his step by step. - First you need to do is learn all the courts This music just have four court. So for us one Jimmy pick a number four entry string number one and shoe Fred number tree number one Frack number choo String number five and and figure number two. String number six for at tree You can peek everything. Second quarter e minor finger number one frack number choo String number five Uh, I think a number two threat number Shoe string number four on Do you can pick everything over C major singing number one fracked number one String number choo number choo Frat number two Steering number four Sing number Tree for at number three and number five. You can pick street 54 treatment chew one as well in the last core D major thing A number Born frat number two string number tree singer number Tree fracked number three, string number to the last one finger number to frack number two during the number, so you can pick four. Treat you breed apart. First of all, we need to play. Diz. Read. Um right here. Check this out again. It's nice if you count. Okay. Makes everything easier for you. So 14515 So, very slowly you can play this. Read in one section of this reading for each court. So, major. Five minor longe for five. Major 55 All right, so try to ladies read it very carefully. 3. Extra Lesson 1 - How to Play Vance Joy Riptide: Now Sandra play Vince, Dr. rip died. You can play with acoustic or electric guitar and you, whoops. And you need a cape as well. Puts Cato in the frat number one. Okay? So the first part is the songs very simple discord progression. You, you, you are going to play almost during the entire San. So the first chord is a minor. One. Rat number, choose string number two. Number three, fret number trees, string number tree in figure number two, frat Numbered Treaties during an hour for you can pick 541. The second chord is G major. Do your finger number four and tree, ring and no, breath number four, stream number one and chew. Pretty simple, right? Being a number one fret number three, string number five. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Number two, Brad, number four on a string number, bakes. Big Amherst. In the last chord of this part. Measure. Though, being a number one fret numbers on a string number 2B, finger number two, when a frat Numbered Treaties number, or in figure number, tree, breath number, thoughts, bringing other five. You need to be 5-4 treats you in one, right? Let's talk about greet him. The randomness that, that, that, that data. Why do you treat 4-5-6? It's important to count is gonna make everything easier for, you know, 123456123456123456 in the last part is two times, so 123456. Okay. Trash account in pleaded with me varies. Lord, don't worry about big downward. Okay. Just calendar radon in tragic play the same though. There is a lowly 34 is 123456123456. What do dream for 123456 again, 123456123456123456123456 will have a kind of melody as well. So it's a very nice melody. Though. It again, we've Froude number four, string number to any play like a hammer on the frack number six, the same string. Okay. All right, so just one thing. And peak fret number six wasn't again. Next bar is or what? A string number 146 or a stream number two wasn't again. Okay, so you're going to repeat this a few times, so let's count one. Okay, be careful because this guitar riff is very fast. Alright, tragic bracket. Very carefully. Nonetheless, bar off. This song is right after this. Tara lake. So you'd play a minor and F major. This is a new court, so it's buried core being the number one fret number two, number three, fret number four, stream number five. You are pink forth during a number four in a field number two, frat numbered tree, bringing number tree. In this part, my device for you, gaseous play exactly the same freedom as with playing the beginning, however, do times each courts. So 123456123456123456, 61234566. Okay. It's very hard to count. And let's play is lowly, is seeings. Alright, I don't sing very well. That's why I prefer to account that a, I cannot play with this original sound because of operating R of I think you have enough information she played as some perfectly. You have just first bark did get tarrif in this last part, right after guitar riff. Okay, so inter, he's the div for tarp regression to cars as well. In the last bar as well. Just a bridge. You have this f. Clark, alright. I hope you enjoyed his class and thank you so much. See you later. Bye-bye. 4. Extra Lesson 2 - How To Play Johnny Cash Hurt: So guys, now it's time to teach you Johnny Cash hurt. And the first bar of the Sun is a minor. C major. D major. Bear is a very nice and easy song. Okay? So a minor, one, frat number one, stream number two, and number three, fret number, choose string number tree. Figure number two, frat number to string or for big 5-4 treats you in one. This is the first quarter. The second quarter is very similar to a minor, so it C-major. We need to keep finger number one in Chu. Okay, so string and number two and string number treat in interchanging finger numbered tree. Okay, so remember tree, breath number tree on a string, number five, and you can pick 54321. This is C major core number trees deep. However, we don't have common nodes, so we need to change averaging. Though finger number wants during the number tree froude number two, number three, Froude number trees, string number two, and number two for add number to string number one. So this time you pick 4321. Alright? So a minor, C major, and D major. According to the original song, he plays like this. It's very simple. Actors out. You're going to play a play the first core, or however you please, strings number five, K. So five far, averaging. A second car, same thing, strings 5-4 and averaging. And the less core D-Major strings foreign treat an atrophy, so aren't complete freedom to treat for 56121. Alright, It's an option. In foreign goods cars, you play m, i, c, d, same thing. However, the last chord is major. So you measure its finger number four, entry, number three, strings number warned, Chu. Huan Froude number toString is number five. And figure number two, number three, number six. And finally, the current is a minor. Seven is the same thing as a minor. However, we're downplay. We show our finger number tree. So remove your finger number tree. Second chord is F major plate like this, the same thing as C Major K, as you learned before. However, you often can chew and tree one string down or so. And you are going to play or treat N1, right? They're not. The core number tree is C-Major, irregularly hotplate is coordinate. Last chord is major. Urine. You know how to play this Gore. However, if you want to play like very similar to the song with the same sound, the same cork shapes. My advice for you guys is putting our finger number for your pinkie in the frack number treat on a string number one, average single core During the chorus. Okay, I'm going to play down my pink and I'm going to play with my pink. Okay, check this out. Now, we've made pink. I prefer if my pink because the original sum, he plays exactly like this. So the malady is every single time. This is genome. Alright? So you can play barrier cinema, similar to Johnny Cash. As you can see, this song is very simple. So now it's time to practice and have fun. Let me know if you have any doubts or I, unfortunately, I cannot put this durational sound and bleed together. However, I think you have nothing for emotions to play this step-by-step. Alright, see you later.