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Learn 3D Modeling using SketchUp

Hendi Brkić

Learn 3D Modeling using SketchUp

Hendi Brkić

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7 Lessons (6h 6m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Designing the Main Blades

    • 3. Designing the Body

    • 4. Designing the Missiles

    • 5. Designing the wheels

    • 6. Enhancing the Body

    • 7. Finishing and Adding Colors

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About This Class

This SketchUp training course will teach you how to model an object from scratch using this popular 3D modeling program. This class was created for the absolute beginner, meaning no prior experience with SketchUP or any other 3D modeling software is required.

We will start with the basics of Sketchup and will take you through all of the variable obstacles, projects, and learn how to use Sketchup to solve it. By working with effective way by using Sketchup variable powerful, simple and easy techniques.

So thank you for considering to learn Sketchup with this class. 3D Modeling is a very useful skill to have.

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Hendi Brkić


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1. Introduction: Hello. My name is handy. I'm an expert in the sketch Up I After years of experience, I have working Environ company like Execute Designs and creative group and this project we're going to create Apache helicopter using sketch up. In this project, we are going to be creating the Apache using at sports because when you create a project the best way to created by using and creating the parts off it when you create good parts of the project, you get a good project at the end and we will be working through this project step by step and we will create board my board. We will start by using and creating the wings off the helicopter and then we will train the spine and then we will be creating the body of a helicopter, including the glass off. And we also you create the wings, the rockets and tails. We will be working on the project using sketch up to produce the most realistic scale and position and rotation angle off every object so we can get the most realistic production and then of this project. So if you are interested in creating a matching helicopter by using sketch up and get your own model. You can start now following me video by value. So let's go and start with me from the next very. 2. Designing the Main Blades: Hello, my friends. And we've come to the first venue of our project. The first thing I would like to do best grade and are accusing Arc Tool and then close it using lion tour. And then I need to retain the ark using rotation tool around X access. So I get rotation tool and select the best point and stored Rotating. They are accurate. Okay, that's nice. Now we need to create a circle to make the ark we have created Follow it to grab first year off the helicopter, which is access, but I need first together, large tool set. So I'm getting it from two bars now. I can draw a circle from the center point to the edge of the ark we have. And now I need to extrude the circle after ended using rochambeau toe to the other edge off the ark. Now I can make the ark we after that, full of the inch off the circle, which we have extraordinary to be a slender, but first I need to make them has the same height. Okay, that's nice. Now I can use follow me tool to create the first trip we have. Okay, everything. Now, the first trip using follow me tool, I can just get a little down. And here we had first ship of the helicopter, which is the end, the bard off the excess that the wings attached to I don't I really need to Skeletal alone . Okay, No, I can create a 2nd 2nd board first. I ain't may and group from the first day we have created now to move the first chip and create the second slender by creating circle and then extruding let's lender on it, love just to increase its size and then attention through the first cheap to make it to the center of the circle. I can do that by having and are so graphic view. So I'm getting from cameras. Thunder view, talk. Sorry, I'm getting parallel to you so I can move this lender to the center of the circle with Kristen. Okay, Now we need to skill this lender and down very nice Have been making the group. And then we had the first shape created using slender and circle and octo was to need to continue our first shape by using so then their tools by using circle tool and then extruded so slender. So first I need to create another circle and pull it and push it up. First, I need to create the parts of the second chip, which contains three segments. So I'm creating the first port and then coming in to a second port skillet down. And then I need to re skill the second board using Skilling Tool. It was something I need to get and are so graphic view or panel parallel view. So I would be able to center the second shape and to the 1st 2 Okay, I think I have another method to create the second chip. So I don't need the third the boards. So I select one face and then I can move it my move tool, and then scale it using scale toe so we can get the right shape we need. After that, we can extraordinary the port we have here. So we have this sink and shame created and you can extrude to increase the size of the slender. Down here we have two shapes we need to combine together by the second shape. I need to be a bit smaller, so I will need to use scale solar from this shape. First we need to move it to is the first chip using Berlin views. So for the first view, amusing back view and then getting the view to move it Exactly where is the first shape and try to put it in the center After that, I'm scaling the second shape as I need. Okay. Very nice. Now we need to move the shame we have created and I'd love to. The first trip we have created. Okay, Now we have the access off the helicopter created, which is the rings attached to now, innit? Grand the wings itself. I was started by using rectangle at the surface so I can draw on it, get rectangles doing and start creating every single. And now I can start drove the wings on that rectangle that we have just created. Let's get the view Other started by creating the exes or the slender those wings attached to that would be smooth one. And I created a 2nd 1 so I can get the distance between the exes and the wings. Okay. We're nice. No, I'm creating the drawing exes and I can draw the wings using yet And he restored with the first wing, starting from the exes and trying to great on the other side. Here is the direction we can start toe. I'm going to the right direction or the first direction off four directions off the wings because we have four rings and the helicopter. So I have divided the circle and 24 pieces so I can start drawing the wings. Is it easily and using the excess. Okay, we're nice. Here is the first step grating the wing. Let's create another line that this closer to the center off the circle. And here we go. The nine draw a straight line so I can in the mineral point of the first point we have very nice. Okay, let me lead the extra lines to me. Clear and be easy peasy. Now here we have the first port all the first wing. Now it's easy to be seen. And here we drone the arm, all the wing that should be lunk and to draw the other part of it. My coming get funding. Trying to make mirror effect using minus one, using skeletal. And here we are. We just need to Redrow, The first port on the other side, which is extension off the wing using line tool. Okay, that's great. Here in our okay. Here is the first wing off the helicopter we have. We can now move it to the first chips we have created. If we need first to extruded and pull it and at a lump so we can have with for it. Okay, that's great. Now we have to make it component so we can edit it. We can end it all of the wings if we had it. One of them. Because the difference between component and group the component you can make modification toe one of the components. And then all of the remaining components will be affected by the magnification done in the 1st 1 So all the components will be changed and will be modified by the modification you have done toe one off them. We just killed the wing. Little little up. Okay. Very nice. We just need to skidded. Let love right like that. Okay. He created the wind of it. Nothing at the views. So we can we have so we can have a better vision. And I'm trying to move the wing to be aligned with the exes. Okay. Okay, that's nice. Now I'm dividing the wing using land tool so I can one line up or run, line down and start modifying on the wing chip my modifying lines and points off it. Okay, here are hold, shift toe, make the lying go. And one of the directions. When you move something in the street, they mentions when you get the the right dimension, you hold shift so you can look, then dimension and move on that dimension only in a city that you can press on your keyboard on the arrows, every arrow has its direction. And that's to deter mine, Which is the directions you want to go to. Okay. Very nice. Okay, Now we need to scale the shame We have created little down. Let's get the view and move the wing to the excess. And they moved. Moved little down to the excess we have on the blue. They mentioned Get it off of you again. And the creative the winds on the wing in yet the view and adjusted with the exes. What I'm doing now is I'm trying to maybe the wing and the shape we have created at first have the suitable skill for the helicopter we're creating now. So let me have the view. Okay? Very nice. I need now to copy the wing around access. So angered the invitation tool, selecting the center point and then starting to retain the wing on the form they mentions on the three dimensions we have created one that mentioned Now we are creating a three other dimensions. And then by making one coming and then pressing three and our keyboard and presenter. And here we have the four wings created. But of course, we can do some modifications that so it can be realistic. Okay, Now I have the wings created and as components and then as one group so I can skill the group of the wings. I'm trying toe unify the wing to be suitable for the about you are creating. And the end. I'm trying to make street covers around the exes for the new wing. Dizzy. How looks at how it will look like after the modification. Okay, It's not still need some divisions for the wings. It's all about the scale. If you go the scale And if you managed to green the skill and create the wings have a suitable scale. It would be easy go on on the project because using scale is very important in a project that has many ports to create. And you have to scale every part off the project to be a suitable skilled with the other object you have Que No, Let's get the view again. And now I'm selecting the ring and they dio come yet around the exes again. But first, let's do it. No modification off it. I'm trying to move the Lionel doing so I can end in the shape of the wing itself. I'm moving in that love moving the other Lyon still need some medications. Okay, Very nice. And here we have the first wing created. That's again, some of you again and we get capitals rotation tool and make three copies to see what will we see? What we will get after coming in the wings? You have four wings again. Very nice. Okay, It looks nice. It still needs some modifications. To be better have to be a futile, suitable skill. Okay, here we have takes loom The second share we have created and divide them on when it killed them. Little down to be smaller. The rings we have created. We need to scale this sport down to and slender off the excess. Then we need to scale this lender we have here the leader and pull em potion. The circle we have year. Okay, Cantor, I'm trying to get the circle to the center, on the shape we have. Okay, We're nice. And trying to create the circle inside we have. So I'm drinking circle than I was extruded. Let me first drag it and put it on the center. As we can see now. Okay. Very nice. Now I can move this shape down and then center it this year. We have Okay, let's have another look on the wings. I ain't to create some modifications on the wing. I think we need toe. Do it better than this. Okay, No. Let's create more copies to see what we will get. If we do that, we have four copies. So I would create only three coverage of the wings. No slender made to me longer defenses. So I'm I'm dragging it down. And now I'm unifying on the wing and scale it down personally to make some modifications on the ring we have here. I'm going to create three Comey's okay. I need to make component so I can add in the wink when I edit on the one wing Now coming the wing again. Serie times. Okay, great. No, if I am applying some changes to the wink. Okay, as we can see here, if if I am doing some changes or playing some sense, some changed on the wing. Their meaning wings will be affected directly because I'm using component. Not that group. And then we can see the changes we can do if we change one off the wings. Okay, great. Let's say for Brazil. And now let's continue creating the other ports. Okay, That's right. We have the access with the wings and this great that as a group and continue creating the other ports off the Apache helicopter. That's great body, actually. But first, that's great. The holder that holds the wings. So I'm creating circles to make slender inside the body we have created. Okay, I'm creating the body off the She never we are creating now. Okay, that's great. We need to come in there. Just line the other side. My mentor getting right. Not a smooth the line refrigerated. Okay. We still need toe drove to lions and the foreign. And that's why we're doing this now. We need to extraordinary circles we have created inside the ship so we can get avoid space so we can but the access off the wings inside it, and then another circle to be able to. But the wings, the excess of the wings inside a small circle. Yes. Like that. Okay. And then texture the extra part. And here we have the container that contains the X is off the wings. That's giving the view and start moving the container to its place. Okay, Very nice. Okay, Now we need to read vertically, so I'm getting another view, But first, let's skin ship. It's love. Okay, Now we need to know the shame down. So I am pressing on down arrow on my keyboard. Here we are. This is the first part of the body off the Apache. And here we have the first shape or the body and the axes and the wings attached together. That's great. Group first for the first trip off the body of the agriculture. Okay, that's great. No, no. Let's scale B upper board a little down. Okay, that's great. Okay, we have the first part traded, but we need to scale it down. Okay? Was getting down and then scaling at moving the port down? Okay, That's right. Then we have the first port created. Okay, that's continue creating me. Should we have here? We have another shape. Let's get the view so we can move it. Okay. And then we need to move a little down and then skidded. Very nice being in that store. Yeah. I love you and center it. Let's get it little down then. We need to make a copy of it. Okay. Very nice. Of course, we need to do some modifications. The more modifications we do, the more details we give to the motor toe. Make some modifications. But here we have some mistakes that we need to fix first. Win it. Great lines in support that divides divides the chair. We have courage. Que very nice. And then it's having those or look on the ship we have created everything is a group or component and move it little way. Now we have the first port of helicopter created. Now let's start creating the body itself. And we will started that by creating a surface by using rectangles tour and then start drinking a section and the helicopter buddy So we can imagine and predict me shape over the final shape of the helicopter we're creating now. Of course, we can really find that letter, but that screen, the initial lions, it's not necessary to be vory they killed are very specific. We need for us to create the conceptual lines off the ship. Very nice. This is the first port on the body. We don't have to create the full money. It's just the 1st 1 and we can have more refills later. We need to close the gaps between the lions to have in closed chip correct object. And I am using lyinto toe. Close the gaps between the lines. Okay, Very nice. Let's leave the extra lines we have. So we chang get the correct shape. Okay, Now we have the correct shape off the body on the helicopter and we need to extrude it and then start creating the glasses. But before we do this, we can irritated and yet perspective, mood and align it with the first chair. We after it extraordinary, little bit conceptually. And then we have two shapes that we need to combine together the money of agriculture and wings with the excess off it. Okay, Very nice. Okay, Now I have the body of the culture and the wings created that scared a little bit, and then we need to start creating the glass of the Apache by using rectangle or offset to I'm using Officer Tool so I can get on offset from the lines or external lines we have. Okay, another one here. Very nice. We need to do the same on the other side and they bleed. The extra lions offset here again. And let's shoes. Let's choose a suitable often for the glass on that side and on the other side to okay and doing this, get the line on the other side at the same point and leave extra lines we have here and another offset here. Now we have started to create the correct shape off the Bachi stlead, some work and some modifications, and giving at more details. The more we work on the mother of the more litters and get very nice. Okay, let's get a little down. And here we have the ship directed on the body and of the exes, all the wings. Very good. And now we need to add some details to the glass. So we are adding some lines on movie moving. Get a little up so we can add more details to Z body of the helicopter. Okay, Very nice. Something on the other side using some line. But we can do mirror and create lines on one side, and they married it to the other side. So it's not necessary to start and keep drawing the sand lines on the other side of the in Bachi. And he will creating the by the end, defying the body detailing it, or any adding details straight by moving the points and lines on the shape. Okay, Very nice. We need now to add more details by using more lines with invitation tool or are brittle. Sorry. And now I need to get some offset off. The glasses were created after after modifying the shape or after modifying or adding more details to the body of the helicopter need to get that offs again. So I am using something. The Sam off the tool on the glasses to get that Officers. Okay. Very nice translating the lines. That's more lines. Which is the gym entry off the ship. The ship get slated. So we need to keep this, like, these lines and keep doing our project using lines and adding more details, trip and, of course, using scale toes and moved toe to enhance the shape of the helicopter we have. And he will. Very nice. Okay. Okay. Now we need to add some details to the should we have here. Let's see what we can do now. We have last's year and blesses on the other side, and we are now thinking on how to and some details to the helicopter using lines first, Let's hide the shame about the helicopter. Okay? And here are now we're finding the first chairman helicopter, so I can the modifications to leader meaning shared. We have Okay, Realeyes. Let's see what we can do now. Okay, good. We need to portrait and create a slew, not straight line. We need to make the line slope and irritated a little bit so we can get the realistic, less appearance off the pitch. Okay. Very nice. No, I'm office thing. The blesses After getting more than realistic a ship and appearance of the less very nice we can keep going and draw more realistic last by using lyinto. Okay, we find the second point depending on the realistic appearance off an Apache and what's and that's what I'm doing that right now. Okay, here are I just need to scroll in and zoom in a little, okay? You have he rathe shape of the glasses. Then we need to remove the extra lines. Okay, great. Okay. I need to great another line and then great. An extension for for the second line so I can increase the size of the glass. Very nice. And this is the final shape. All the the last we have. But we can also add some metals as needed. By the way, let me at some things and improve the ship on the and after we have. Okay, we're nice. No, we have drawing and we have more than one side off the helicopter. We need to copy that. On the other side of it. Okay? Very nice. No, I'm creating some edits to the shame on the glass to prove it little down and then creating another line to draw the realistic appearance of the glass. Okay, I'm lying created. I mean, now, too closed the gaps between the lines. So we can I have spread ID polygons. Let me with lion to this point and lead extra lines when we drove the line we have here. Okay, The more a cure soon we have the more details we get on the more and hand said project we get at last. Okay, Very good. Let's continue adding some details. No, we need to create the glass above the and it helped her. And on the other side. So I am starting to draw the upper part of the glasses. The upper part of the blessed on the helicopter. Okay. Very nice. Need to moving and covet on the other side. Very good from anything. Get on hide. Also, I can get the other models for a nice okay. You have created the ship off the bless, and we know I need two more. The access and the wings little back so we can get the rest of the mother and plays the excess and in the wings on the correct place and on the right place off them. Here we have the body of the Apache on. We have the wings of a very nice running now to kill the up report little down. Okay, I'm they re skilling the upper port to have the realistic appearance off. And as I say, for the more correct, it's clearly give to the object. And the more on the more suitable scare you get to the object, the overall skill and suitable scale you get from the final project by giving every object it's right skill. And it's correct skill so can give final, realistic project result. And then we already too group the wings and the excess we have created before. We need to re skill them. But of course we can more the slender little um as we can see here, The more you add to the modern, the more you get. We need now to re skill the wing so it can be realistic because it's now very small. So we need to increase the skill that Okay, very nice. We no need to shrink the Web or the wing getting very nice. We still need to get the actual skill or the actual size of the wing so that we can get the actual size of the overall project. Okay, Very nice. Okay, that's good. Little and get suitable skill. Answer is a suitable size. Those wings and the more details you give to the rings or to support you get more details from the project overall. Okay. Very good. Not just the middle part of the wing. Okay, Very good. Let's continue in the next port. 3. Designing the Body: Hello, my friends and waken for the second venue of our project. So let's continue. We need now to modify this board of the wing so I won't try to scale it down first, let's see the wing we have here. It means to be longer than this. So I'm using skeletal and scaling it and when one direction. But we have the first part of the wing need to be scaled down little because it's so being . Now we need to scale it down to be smaller than this. And there is overlaps between the big parts of the wing. So now I'm getting rotation tool and trying to have different appearance by rotating the wings off the helicopter. Okay? No, the ring need to be longer advances and the weather off the wing need to be small little vanities. So I'm trying to I'm going to find them by using scale toe. Let's tried toe. Drink it down little. Okay, Okay, That's great. Now we need to modify their meaning Wings. Do we ever Cem, blink. Okay, we know ties. Now the this part of the wing, I need to be smaller than this. I'm trying to focus on this part first. So I am hoping around that, See if I have mistakes or off false around the object we have here, Okay? I mean, get back to the first position so I can see that greening port or doing when we scale up the wing and make it larger. And that Lord resent this or bigger dentists. The first port, which is the link between the wing and the excess, gets bigger and make overlap between each other. So entering now, toe scale of the wing was out making the link between the wing and the access. They go relentless. So I'm trying to so like the wing. But let's first see how to hide the remaining ports or the rest of the model oil. I am working on one pluck or one component so I can see the component only and the rest of mothers. I don't need it right now so I can turn it off or hide it while I'm working on the component. Once I finish working on the component, I can get the rest of the money back. Now I'm choosing a short cut. Who's this? And here we go. When I click on this shortcut. I don't see their meaning or the rest. All the money I see only the port I'm working on. You know, I'm selecting the component and pressing the shortcut to hide the rest of the money. No, I'm trying to scale doing. I'm with scaling the link between the exes and wink. Okay, let's first rotate it, because this is a position we need toe the wings to be okay. Great. Now we need to scale up the wings. Results. Killing the link between the wings and the exes. I mean by the access is a spy in between or among the wings, which catches his wings and make it during around itself to make the magical butterfly. Okay, now, I was killing the wing using scale toe. I'm using the shortcut for scale toe, which is this Here we go with the wings. Has more realistic skill to the body of the Apache. Once we get the right skills, we don't need to work on the wings anymore between. But if we I need to get a realistic result, we need Toe said the right skills or get the right skill to the product. We have. Now let's modify on the link between the wing and the spine. I'm getting in the component and selecting the link between the wings and the spine. And now I'm Skilling at using skill toe. And here we go. We don't need to scale it down. Is this much? So we would have the festival before we get the right scale. So we need to get to see how this will. This will look like on the one. Okay. Still need some modifications during his first to close the gaps between lions and to add more points, we reliance draw lines to get the extra points so that we can control the object we have from many points. Not only two or four points here, I'm dividing the shave we have. Okay, I'm pressing. K k is due. Show the headlines under the ah object you have so that you can see the headlines and control line between them. Okay, that's great. Selecting the external line and now need to kill it. But let's see first how we can do this. I'm pressing this and to scare it on the on the post direction. I'm collecting pressing control on my keyboard. Okay? We don't need that much, so I'm trying to figure out the the ship I won't get the right scale and write shape of the wings. Now, let's move this port first. Let's skill the link with three in the wing and the board, okay? We are starting to get the right shape of the wings, but we're standing to do some modifications that Okay, I'm selecting the wink and then going inside the components so I can edit on components so the remaining components can be affected by the modifications. I do. End the component. Okay. We needed to be here Just a few steps, okay? We need their meaning. Part of the wink. Go on this line. So I have created a draft line so I can see how I'm going to move the wing toe that line to be in the same extension off the first part of the wing, which is attached to the spine we have here. Okay, let's see what we have here. I'm selecting the lions here. Okay. Ah, we missed the lion here, so I'm drawing it. Yeah, Okay. Okay. That's where it Here we have the line. We have drawn Iranian the remaining part of the way and go on the extension or on this line . So I'm getting the top view on oceanographic mood so I can see the line and the wing we have here. Okay? Very good. Selecting the remaining part of the wing. And here we go, moving at to the line we have here. Okay, that's much better, But we still need to move the lion inside little so we can get more realistic result. Okay, I'm holding shift toe hold the moving on the red access. So if I'm moving on the red access I can hold shift or press left are my keyboard. So I can deter mine. The excess or the direction I am moving operate to. Actually, I need to move with a little inside towards the spine we have here. Okay, great. Actually, I'm seeing the best distance from the spine I can get, so that's optional. But we can get the more realistic Krisel by doing it right and moving on the right distance . Okay, Now we need to scale it a little bit. I'm selecting the ring line around this part, so when you select the ring Lyon or drawing a line around an object. A few selected the whole line and skilled it. The segment off the ship will be skilled with this line you have thrown or you have created . So I am creating ring the line around the ship around the chip and then using Skelton so I can decrease the size of the segment or increase it as I want, or move it if you want. Okay, that's great. We have much better results now, but we still need toe and more details that I'm trying to figure out the best distance for this line. Selecting the whole port and moving towards the spine. Okay, we have 40 years that we need to make it a little bigger. Okay? Very good. Okay. And they're working on the component itself and the wing. All the Apache. Okay, here we have the wings around excess. We have OK, everything good. We just still need toe skillet, little so we can get the best to result for the wing so we can close it and then come back to that again. So we need to get the best results and the best skill if it and I mean by closing it and don't come back to it. I mean by that that we can close the rings and finish it as a port. All the parts we have so that we can think a helicopter port my part once we finish all the parts. So we are finished with the whole with the whole shape, which is a helicopter we have. Okay. Very good. That's nice. Okay. Okay. Now we are almost finished with the rings, but we need to increase the lens on the link so we can get the right scale of the wings. Okay, That's great. No, I'm selecting now. I'm selecting the link between doing empty explain. And there we are trying to make doing itself has suitable skill. We can do them my using scan tour, selecting, wondering the line and move it out. Okay. Very nice. Trying together. The best value off the length on keeping using skin tool. Intend getting the highest or the best value for the lens of the wings we have here. That's very good. Okay, here we go. Now I'm scaling down the sport little bit during itself. Need to get trained or scale down a bit. We introduce its size and move a little way to get longer wink. And the suit was skillful. That Okay? Very good. Yeah. Okay. We now are almost finished with the wing if we need to add some modifications to the lens off it. So we need to make it longer to carry the body off the helicopter. We have? No, we are three thing with spying itself. We need to give it the suitable skills. So let's see what we have. You here is the spine we have that carries wings. Okay, we have this plane and we need to move the wings on it. But first, we need to explode the or extract the board from the component. So I'm excluding and getting the wings as we need so I can move it, then down, Rob First, let's move the 2nd 4th making a group. So we have free groups now the wings and the spine and the spine itself. I will regroup. The wings have longer for them. Moving the rings on a suitable distance just distinct the distance and seeing and see if I get the perfect distance for the wing and the spine. Okay, here we go. I'm trying now to re skill the top of the spine by using skeletal to get the best skill we have. So amateur of the scare. Right now, I am trying to scale it to figure out the best skin we have. So I'm trying now to get the best skin off it. Okay, here we go. Here. Have better skill for the head. Over the spine, the educated, little down on the vertical axes. Okay, here we have better results, but we need to, and some are more modifications. Toe the first part. So I'm moving it a little down. Let's move into love. And okay, here we have the best tourism for it between It's like the wings. Get that line and then skillet little. Yes, that's good. You have small toward that. We need to move down. I'm moving in down a bit and then skidded the up. Okay, that's much better. Okay, I'm rotating round opening around the for body of the recruiter to see what I can do next. Okay, that's much better. Okay, We need to kill this sport. Listen and movies upto s chip. And now I am trying to get in the best position for the spine. - Okay , that's very good. Okay, very good. Now the born the first part of doing that is attached to the pine. Need some modifications? I need to get a little up. Very good. - Okay , that's killing them down. And here we go. The more you scared it right in, the more you get the best Tressel's for me. Full verdict. You have so far for the part between the wing and the spine. I am trying to May the wing go and sort the these parts attached to the spine and between the spine and wings. Okay, Now, that's scary and vertically to give the best value off the distance between the spine and wings. Now, for the for this little small object, I'm trying to get best scale and position for it to, So here we go. Okay. Very good. Now I'm skinning the second board. Little down. Okay, Let's see if we have one object created by coming the 1st 1 That's very good. - Okay , here we have in the body off the helicopter created, but we need to check if we can do more modifications to the wing over the spine or the spine we have. So it can be more realistic as we can see that we have good, much better from the first result, which is very good. And now we can check if we can do more details on this part to close it and go do the second port. 4. Designing the Missiles: Hello, my friends. And welcome to the third venue of our project. In the previous project, we have adjusted the length of the wings and added more details to is a glass of helicopter . In this lecture, we're going to adjust the body of a helicopter and adding the wings and the rockets. So let's start. No, I'm moving the lines and Boyens of the money Let him back to see how. How can we increase the sense of the body of a helicopter and get better result by adding monitors to it? Okay. No, I'm trying to divide the surface we have here so I can treat with every part individually without affecting the rest of the mother. Here we go. No, I'm trying to increase vigilance, the carrier, but you carries wings off the copter. And now we're going to see what we can do here to draw the wings off the nickel. That Mr My Creating a Circle. I mean getting getting the line. Okay. No, I got that off circle and skid. One of them and there were am trying to connect them using act old. What I'm trying to do now is to create a section. And in doing so, I can extrude it using Bullimore stool. So let me start closing the shape we have here as a section of the link. Okay, here we go. No, we have a section in going of any copter? No, I'm extruding it using belittles after taking it. I can skillet the size I want using Skeletal. Now I'm trying to get the suitable skin for our project. Okay, When you move an object toe, another object and then tries to move one object of them, the whole object and both of the objects moves move together because they are the sketch up treat. Treat them as one object. So if you want or if you if you planning to create an object and then move it, make the first object group or component so you can move it as you want after adding it to the second object scaling down the wing we have here. Okay? No, we need to place the wing and it's right place. Okay. I'm skinning one of the faces so I can gets little between the two faces. Okay, Very nice. Okay, that's good. No need to come here on the other side. As we can see, I have to put it on the same place, um, clicking shift while moving so I can get it on the same access or the same direction or the 1st 1 Okay. Very nice. Okay, Now let's get the right skin so we can get right skin for the home for the whole project, as we can get the scale for every unit over the project. Now, when I move one of the wings one face with the weight of the one of blinks, both of the wings moves move together because they are one component, which is good. Uh huh. Okay. Very nice. Okay, Now let's see what we can do. Now. I'm getting the view so I can start drawing the rockets of the helicopter. As I have said before, I'm trying to get and draw one section so So we can get the whole object from one section by extruding and putting the face we have created using will ambush toe, as we can see right now. Okay. Very nice. Uh, okay. Here we go. Now I'm trying to draw slope between the two surfaces. Let me hide the rest of the model so I can treat with the current object we are using. Okay? No, I'm trying to connect the boy and so I can get in closed face. I want to get close the face. So I'm trying to clothe buoyancy we have here. - Okay ? Very nice. I'm creating component so I can tree treated as one object after creating it. Now I have to half. I created 1/2 and then I have one object from two off. So if if I modify and one component, the other one gets modified as I modify the 1st 1 Okay, let's see what you can do. This is the object that carries the rockets. I'm attaching it to the wings there, so I will create the the parcel of the rockets that can carry the records on the matchy. Okay, very nice. Now I have a report I've created to the wing. I just need to taste a little bit. I want the rockets to be and it's loop. So I'm trying to retain the part that is holding the parcel of the records. Very nice. Okay, Now I am trying to replace the other one and to add the same object to the other side of the helicopter. So I'm trying to call me, commit on the other side, and I can do that using Skeletal. - Okay , I'm trying now. Great. The part that is holding the rockets, which is a parcel of the rockets by creating a rectangle and then trying to create a narc here between the lines so I can get the final result. Have the courier of the rockets very nice. - Okay , Now I'm trying to create the slope between the two lions. I need them to close this area. Let's see what we can do to close this area. I can select one boy in answer like the other point and more of them. I'm trying to rid it, a shame that we have created. So I am now creating a copy of the shape we have created, which is the other half off the object. Then we have the complete chip that can carry the parcel off the rockets. Okay, Now I'm closing the object we have created. And now let's see what we can do if we can add more details to it. Okay. - Okay . We need, though, to create the other parts of the carrier off the Verceles of the rockets we can use with the helicopter. - Okay , No. Currently am creating the object that is carrying the the other point which carries the rockets itself? No, I'm need to stick it to the first chair after it'd and make a copy off at using. Move, tool. Let's let's see first what we can get here. Okay, so here is the 1st 1 trying to skin it down. That, but Okay. Okay. Very nice. Now we need to covet through the other side. But first, let's make another copy off it here. Okay, here we are. I need to scale the main ship down the okay. No, I'm trying the second reshape, which he carries the parcel of the rockets. Very good. Now I'm need now. We need to move it to its place. Okay. Okay. Here we go. No, we have theirs. The two seconds or shaped to the main ship. We have and need to move it on the other side. First, let's see what we can do. And the main shape has received. When was killed, 1/2 of the ship. The whole shape changes According to the changes. We are doing very nice now. We need to start creating the Rockets. But let's see first what you can do with the carrier of the Rockets. Okay, Now I'm I'm creating the bar, which is carryings rocket itself. I need to get it first. I'm placing it on its place. Very nice. Okay. Moving to its place on the main object. Okay, let's continue. I think now it has. It's treatable skill, so it can be adjusted with the main object. And then we can get the final result as main and second object. Here we go. Now we have one boards that can carrying a rocket. Now let's drive Great One rocket. See? Well, it felt fit on it. Or or no. So let's see what we can do by creating first rocket here drying to create the first rocket using circle and an extraordinary use it and use bull on Bush tools. So now I can create the rocket on the top of the rocket making a copy All the circle. Okay, Now I'm trying to create the ark, but I don't have stable or one surface I can drove the arc on. So let's see what we can do with this. Creating first the lion and then creating the art between the two lines. My pressing shift so I can get vertical arc. And now I have the face created so I can get it and make it full the edge of a circle. Do we have full half of bull she that they can use as the top point off the rocket we have now? I'm rotating the rocket using rotation tools, scaling a scaling it little up, And now I need given the right skill and place it on its right place. Okay, We're nice. - Here we go. - He revel in the rocket trying to place it on this place. So I'm getting one direct view on the North Geographic mood so I can see correctly where I am moving the rocket. Okay. Very nice. I need to get after them down. Okay? No, I think we now drink in the first struggle, but now we need to move it tomorrow. Multiple places first. I ain't grand. The separator between the rockets. So I'm creating a link from the from the men from the men from the main ship we have here to the second shape on the red. So after that, I can Comey the rockets we have created and to the monument places we have. Let me see. You can do now. Okay, Very nice. Now we need to move the thing. But first we need to kill it and give it the suitable scale so we can commit on time with the correct skill and the correct position. - Okay , I'm now creating a copy off the off the link we have created trying trying to figure out the best scale and position for it. My first. I'm starting with the scale. So we kanga the correct skill for our shape here. Okay, great. Nice. Okay. Very nice. No, after it'd link between the rockets, but I need to increase the heights between the upper area and the area below it. So I'm trying now to move the shame a little down, and now I'm trying to skill the link. Little lump. Then we have the suitable height between the two slots off the rockets, selecting the rocket now scaling a little up, using skeletal and moving it to its right place. Okay, Very nice. Okay, Now we have right lands of the rocket. Then we need to create the tail off the rocket and that dish it to it. Now I am creating a surface so we can create the tail off the rocket on one level. Okay, - Okay . Let's see what we can do now. I'm trying to complete the then of the rocket using lion tone. And now to leave the extra lines and move one lane, Frank, the distance between the two lines now moving until to its place and the rocket. And then I'm protecting it. Selecting base. Buoyant. Okay, very nice. Now I have created the Cubbies on the date of the rocket, and now we can see that we have the right tail off the rocket. But now we need to create the whole of the rocket by using offset tool, which great offset from the circle. And there we're creating the tale of the rocket. Conceptually, here we go. Okay. Now we have one group off the rocket that we can skill. The rocket itself was old components off it. Using skeletal. Okay, Very nice. No, I need to come with Rocket and make three copies of it. But first, let's see what we can do. But the current wanted we have here we go. And creating the second tubby of the rocket. Okay, that's good that we have the four rockets created. And we need now to at some details to the me in port is that carries a rocket so we can see that we have right scale of it. Using skeletal. Okay, here we go. Okay. Moving the man. Fourth, according to the final shape we want to get, we can leave half of it and recreated after finishing one port with, I mean 1/2 off it by using mirror tool, which is scale, and then importing a value, which is minus one. And here we go. We have the mirror rockets on the other side of the main port. Okay, Very nice. Okay. We need to get the current right. They mentioned for the current shape we have using scale and move toward okay and throwing about the rocket on its place. I'm using move toe. Here we go, knowing that shit to the area we have here my eyes way. We need to complete 1/2 so we can get the other house. My mirror, as we seen for. Okay, Very good. Now I'm pressing minus one again. The mirror version we have here moving it now to its place. Okay. Okay. It looks quite good. So we can continue adding more details to the ship. We have year so we can getting the final shape. Okay. Very nice. Now we're taking the rockets. See the best angle we can get for the rocket. Okay, here we go. Okay. Very nice. Then we can sell it. Now we cancel, like, 1/2 and move it to the other side in order to get in final shape. After the modifications we have done to the first ship. See, what is the results to even get after getting the mirror done in the other side of the rocket carrier? Okay. Very nice. Okay. We need to move the porters at a club and skill the link. That alone. Okay, there we go. And there, we need to make sure that we have correct dimensions and the right skin for the object we have here. Okay. Very nice. He ran as a result. Now we have created the four rockets, a touch to each other using lengths, and then we can group the whole thing. I'm a component. So if we changed one component, these changes can be moved to the other components we have on their culture. So you better to be working with components. So if you have done any any changes to the component, decisions will move directly to the other components you have and the project. And here is initial result we have and we will continue and the next lesson to you in the next video. 5. Designing the wheels: Hello, my friends. And welcome to the fourth video and our project and last video. We have created the parcels off the missiles off the helicopter. So let's continue first and trying to get the right rotation tool off parcels here. So I am using rotation tools to make it a line to the carrier that carries the parcel of the missiles. Okay, very nice. Now I need to dedicate or Comey the parcel or is a pluck itself. But first, let's see what we can do with the skin we have and the rotation tool. Okay, we're nice. Now, I am moving it doing threat place. Okay, here we are. Okay. For a nice Now, I'm trying to get the right rotation tool for the mesas to be the most realistic way to see the missiles. And the more than so I'm trying to get the best result by using the best attributes and the addition angle and scale and the position. Okay. Very nice. No, I was killing the secondary objects. I have created an attested main poor on the parcel of the rockets. - Okay , Very nice. Now I'm moving it on the green access so I can get Ryan position for Comey. We have Let's come here with me. Extra shame. Which is a carrier of the rockets and trying to move it to the Greg or the right position on the wing of vehicle. I'm trying to figure out the best position for them, so I'm trying to move the both of the objects, and you are, But we can see if we need to. What if I more and moved wing that lump? And as I have said before, we can work on one side and then try to come in that side to the other side. So we we don't need to work on the sides on the same time. And we can fix that by using skill tour and then making a mirror using a venue off a value of minus one. Together the metal in shape of the original shape we have. Okay. Very nice. No, I am trying to get the mental shape for a wing we have here. Okay, We're nice. Okay. We have the wink created with the rockets on it on both sides. Okay. Very nice. No. Now I'm trying to extrude the way the tale of a helicopter using board member stool. Of course we can do that and a bit of a way, but let's keep it simple and try to use the tools we have here. I'm using their scaling toe. So I am Skilling the edge or the end of the tail, using skeletal by selecting shape over the lines off and then pressing us. So I'm getting skeletal and then start to scale using Shefki. I'm pressing shift key on my key on my keyboard so I can get the fix and dress you between they hide and winds on the rectangle and the endpoint off Deal off the court. Okay. Very nice. You have wings with rockets, and we have created this plane for was wings. We have the glass on very copter completed. Now we need to work with tail and ex report together helicopter more details and to be able to finish the project was fine details. So that's you can do. Okay. Very nice. I would rather the the two parcels of the rockets, which we have great and on the first side, no increasing link, increasing the skills off the wink, the result of direction I'm managing and controlling the words on the wing by using skeletal so I can get the most suitable skid for the wings to get them the most realistic way for the project. Okay, lets see if we can get here. Okay. Very nice. I'm trying to figure out the best scale for the rockets here while he's killing. Make sure that you are pressing Shefki on your people too. You can get the fixing the ratio between the words on the high on the object your skilling , if you release just Shefki you again different reissue and you don't get the fix it or the summer issue between the height and width off the object. Your Skilling. Okay, now we have the ship off the missiles created and completed, but we need to modify the scale and the distance between the missions and wing to make sure that we have the best value for everything. For a skill for the position and for the rotation angle. We have very loose. Really nice. No, I'm suggesting the height off the wing we have here, so I'm making sure that we can get the best skill food, wing and based skin for the rockets for the rockets we have here, and they're trying to. But the most realistic skill and position for the for the missiles or the rockets we have here, Make a copy, making a copy off the new, broke it set. And we'll carry this into the other side off the helicopter. Here we have here, I'd prefer toe move it with the wings to the other side toe. Weekend it the Sam skill and position for the wing and the rockets we have here. Okay. Very nice trying to figure out the scale we have here. Here. We have the suitable position and the scale for the wing, plus the rockets. I need to scare the rest of the wing. I'm trying to get also graphing few, so weekend. See the real dimensions off linguine is killing it while it's killing or moving or treating with angles. You're better to be working with the autographing view so you can get the real dimension or the real angle when you are doing. Yet you can see it matter, and you can get a militarism. So when you're scared and of or using rotation angle, you'll be better using Ortho graphic and no perspective. So I'm using now or so Graphic mood. I mean the parallel view, which is or terrific mood. Do you have a better vision with wings and the rockets? Okay. Okay. Very nice. - Rotating now with missiles to be aligned according to the ship was that carries up. Trying to get best tradition to was the best tradition angle for the missiles we have here . Okay, Very nice. Now I am trying to unify the scale of the rugged itself. Everything here is a is a component. So when you would defy on one component, the rest off the model gets modified according to the component you're modifying. So you are treating with the project as one unit. When you learn to fire one component, the whole project affect the whole project effects. Where these change changes you do to the object you are applying on. The medications do okay. Very nice. - Currently , we have the modifications on the wings and the the rockets we have here. Okay, lets try again. Now I'm trying to move the rockets I haven't defined to the wing. Now I am making a space beside the culture itself so I can add more objects beside me Helicopter. And between helicopter buddy and the rockets we have created. As we have said before, I am using minus one for men or scaling. Okay, I'm now on or photographic mood. And now getting the front view for the matchy trying to get the best result we have here. OK, Avery. Very good. Now I'm trying to create the line. Okay. Lets you can do here. You know, I'm trying to create. Let's see what we can get here. Okay, Now I need No, I need what I need to verify the glass. That's a great line on the less itself behind this surface. So after creating the surface, I will try to create lion, but using the head in line, so I can. Caroline the headlines behind the surface. We have you Okay? Very nice. I'm trying do some modifications on the glass off the Apache. - Okay . We're a nice No, I'm trying to draw the line using the headlines behind the surface. We have Okay. Very nice. No, I'm creating an extra port for the copter. Using a surface and trying twos. Rule an extra port bellow the body off Apache. So I am using surface, which allows me to create all the avoidance on one surface. So it will be is easy toe close the gaps between the lions and get the final shape we have here. Then we can extraordinary shape and but it under the helicopter so lets you can do now. And he doesn't shape. We have created try to close lines. Okay? And here we go, leading the extra lines. Okay. And we have the ship we have created a now that's extraordinary using belittles and now trying to move it under the helicopter. But first, let's create a group or components so we can move. It isn't. It was affecting the body off that much. You we have already. Okay, Very nice. - I'm trying now to get the best that mentions for the shape. So I have got coming off it because we need to put it on the both sides of the helicopter. So I need to scare just one and then come back to the other side using mirror, which is the skin. By using the value which has minus one tools. President care to get the point off skill And you are, but of course, we can add some some more because that in order to be organic and to be realistic more than this. Okay, here we go. Trying them. Great lion going to find the last we have here. There are more than one way to do this with that store. To see what if If we can do it with a simple way using lines and connecting lines between the lines we have already. So let's see what we can do with this way. The chick if we can do this with the lion story. Okay. Very nice. - Okay , we're nice. And now let's try a second way by creating a surface and then selecting the modern and the surface and great intersection for them. But, I mean, try again here. Sort of this. Okay, let's see if we can do it with assemble way using Lyinto. We can do it with lion tools and we can use another way. We was see, after we're trying this method. So I'm trying to show you if it will work or no. Okay. Now let's try the other message by creating a surface and now moving the surface to the more than we have this this way. It is much easier than the way we was trying to claim for my right leg. Selecting the model and the surface on right leg and then making intersection between them , which, which will be translated, enter lines on the mother that can be selected and we can treat with these lines. Okay. Very nice. Id. Rather the surface. We can take a section and lead their meaning. Ports of that section gave you a nice Now I can move lions and the points using. Move tool. Okay, we know we need get right position for stool for the points we have with the move tool. Okay, Very nice. Okay. And then we need to see what we can do now with the Boyens. We have No, we have much better and more realistic view off the bachelor copter. Okay, We're nice. I'm trying now to create small rectangle in front off the Patrick Alter to close the recruiter in the front area and to be treated and front part on the match helicopter using small rectangle exists, we can center at in front of the copter and use it at the front end for the magic after we have here. Okay, Very nice. Now I'm now using scale. Tour was out. Press England shifts. So I can Skillet is mostly without being restricted with the rest room. Between that, the height and winds on the rectangle we have here. Now let's try to move it to a suitable distance between the front and off the tree and the end we need to create, which is this small rectangle we have here. Okay, Very nice. That's continue. Okay. Very nice. Trying to figure it messes skin and best ratio between the winds and height off this, more retained were just created. Okay. Very nice. I'm trying now. Grade A similar rectangle between the in the point of the match and the small reclaim we have created Very nice. Okay, Okay. Very nice. I'm trying now to use Sandbrook story between their three rectangles we have created. We have another solution by downloading curvy loved Blufgan from the warehouse of blood gins. So let me see. Let me see. How can I help, though that we get into the existential warehouse and then search for curvy love to Blufgan ? And then we go to the We're bench off the warehouse. And here we tried to get into education website after looking in. We have Logan him. We have a Logan. And here, Okay, I'm trying to logon with. So after looking, now you can plug in. Okay, here and there. Looting it. Okay. We have the blood in here and that are busy extension or five for Met. And we have blood and looted that ensure you have. We have got the London's. And then we installed it by using install extension. I have radiance told the blogging, which is here, your beloved. Okay. Now I can use it to create the in the area and the from off the Imagine copter. So let's see. That's first leg. The outline off the front end of the match. Helicopter. Every lice. No. Trying to use cover left to connect the two rectangles. Outlines. To which others? Okay, Very nice. - Okay . Have selected the outline. Let's try again, like I'm fixed. That Why dating rectangle we have here. So that's try now, after irritating the front rectangle. Okay. Very nice. I'm trying to correct to connect the our plans to each other's and here we go. Okay. Canceling the option that we can use for connecting the outlines off the rectangle, selecting the right option. You can get the right lions. Okay. Very nice. He rev Let's have a look on the parts redecorate. And now we have a more advanced look off the matchy. Now let's start curating a new shame. Actually, I'm trying now to create the wheels off helicopter. We can create the wheels using circle tool, and then we can use pull and push to convert circle to a slender Okay, very nice. Okay, we have in copter trying now to get the best scale and position and the addition angle Officer Linda, we're creating for the winds for all objects we have created in this project. Every single object we tried to get to give the correct and the right and the most realistic can, um, position and tradition angle so we can get the best result for the whole project because the project has many ports. And as long as you create the ports in a good way and in most realistic way, So you get the most Ristic way for the project itself at the end, because the project has many parts And if you take care of these parts, you can take care of the project. And you can have a good project threatened by create a good parts. So the better Barts you created, better brush it to get, and vice versa. Okay. Very nice. No, I'm trying Ukraine. The winning itself, using circle and them building it up or pushing it up. Using, pulling or pushing tool. Okay. Very life. I'm trying now toward dead. The well we have here. Now let's add it to the length between the weed and helicopter. Very nice going that we have moved the wheel through the link we have using movable and showing the head and lines. Okay. Very nice. Then we have the real attached to the link we have created and trying to give them the most suitable skill for the three ports. The real and slender we have and link between them. No, I think the front view so I can get right vision for the rotation for the rotation angle for the wheel and this lender. Okay, this is very good. No, we need to move the share we have created inside the part we have added to very coughter. First, we need to scare that using scare store and using the medal boy so I can move it vertically without losing the scale of it. Okay, here we go. You have the real attached to the slender, and we can move now to the shape we have operated under the match itself. Very nice. No need to come yet to the other side of the Imagine, but first lets you can do using the tools we have here. Okay? Now I'm trying to move the wheels to its place and trying to use rotation tool to bend. The Mr addition angles for his wheels. The rotation angle now and they're trying to get the bit tradition angle. Okay, Very nice. Okay, here we go. No, I'm trying to send the right skills for the different parts on the wheel we have here and see if we need great another copy on the other side. Trying to get the right scale for every port. After finishing, we would be getting the rice care for the whole wheel and the right Scared for the whole project we have. Okay. Very nice. Now I'm trying together, Mr. Position for the win. After this, I can Cobi and use mirror by using scale skeletal and using minus one at the value over. This can reuse. And here we go. Very nice Here. We have the two wheels on its places, from their places on the body, off the helicopter. We have Okay. Very nice. No. We have created the wheels, the wings and the rockets. His ex report off the sculptor. The body of the their very culture itself. It's a glass. And this Brian and the rings. Okay, Very nice. And we started creative. Pretend off the helicopter. Let me increase height off. Lenders off real here so we can get nice reels. And here we go. The right skid for its lenders. Very nice. Now I think we have completed the wheels and we already to go to the next object. So let's start creating more objects. Starting from the next video, we will see what we will be using to create more objects. After creating men objects here we have created the wheels, wings, the body and the extra port Alice. Fine. Let's see what we will create. And the next venue. See you in the next video 6. Enhancing the Body: Hello, my friends, and welcome to the fifth video in our project and the last videos reinvigorated is a spine and the wings off the doctor. And then we have created the body of the culture itself, and we have corrected the rockets and forces that carries the rockets and the link we have getting the wings. And then we have attention. It do the copter to the helicopter body using move tool. And then we gave them the right scale using skill to. So let's continue and see what we can do. And there's video in this video and trying to start with the tail off helicopter so we can get best result for it and best chimp. And to get more realistic way off, showing at an armada so we can get the project done successfully. And, as we have said for the most realistic result weekend, like giving the most realistic result for every object, all of the project. So let's continue. Okay, here are here. I was trying to draw a circle at the end of the body of the magic so I can Attash and link it to the other circle we have at the end of the Apache. So that's you can do. Was the tools we have here. Okay, I'm trying out to draw a line to see what I can do to provide the best shape for here we have now. I'm trying to skill the rectangle at end off money of the Apache. Okay. Very nice. Okay. No, I have great. A second circle so I can manage and control the scale I have here for both on the circles we have created. Now I can use curve aloof, Blufgan so I can connect between the rectangle and the money of the circle we have here. Actually, I'm attaching. I'm attaching the outline off the circle with the outline off the tangle because come left , works and treats with the outlines and look the shame itself. Okay, here we go. Let's see what we can do. Now. I'm trying to get more to be done with love, So I'm trying to lead more area all of the helicopter body and then creating it using curve loved so I can get more realistic result using the Curtis and the options the curvy loved has to enhance body and the shape of the body on the copter we have here. Okay. Very nice. Here. We have the results using curve aloft here ago. Okay. Very nice trying now to create the tail itself using curvy left after I have created a part of the body using curvy Live to see the result we can get. Okay. Very nice here. I'm trying to connect them, but that's you can do when I moved the circle to the end of the body of the character to get the exact position for the small circle. So I can Carrie the shapes mostly and easily. I'm now creating a circle inside the end circle off the Apache. So when I created careful off shame, I can get the correct change for it so that you can do very nice. Okay? No, I'm trying to modify the new circle have created. So now let's try using curve aloof on these circles. But first, I need to let the outline of the circles So we have a small problem here so we can see that we have small edge there, the preventing us from creating the careful of chip. So I was going to find that and lead extra area and then I can use girl left. Very nice. Okay. - You have created a shame using curve, aloof tool, No, against, like, a circle and then and move it because I have on the one segment, I don't have multiple segments so I can move the circle. Derrick De. So when I move it, I move the whole shape. And this is one option. And careful over that loves you to connect the two or more shapes directly to be able to move one of them. And I think the old shape Then let's you can do and trying to figure out this kid vertically so I can get the best skills. Were three for the tail of the helicopter we have here. Okay. Very nice trying. Now to get the best ship for the tail using give love and other tools we have here, Cavor, unless you know we have the shape breath created. I need to lead it. And then I can use cover lift again. Only then I can use the shape we have getting directly. I need no tends to shape. We have created so trying first to skillet. And then that's see what we can do trying to figure out the difference. The difference in scale between the two shapes. The two circles we have here so I can get missed skill for the shape overall. Okay. Can you go trying now to connect the shape we have here? Okay. Very nice. - I'm trying to get the best skill for the for the circle we have here at the end. Off the matchy. I know. I'm getting the best position for it. So we can She's a difference and level between the two circles so I can get the right shape of the deal we have for the helicopter we have here. Very nice. - Here we go. You know, I'm trying. I'm trying now to get the best reserved for the circle we have here after connecting the circle to the body of the new copter. Very nice. Here we have the ship of the copter that for a nice here we have the money off the helicopter. I mean, just at some details, so it can be enhanced and have the best result threat for it. So very nice. No, I need to connect in the till with them in the fight area. we have using curve aloof. I need to move it. And a suitable height for the body of helicopter. Okay. Very nice. Using curve. It'll now Here is the result we will get. I'm trying. See the options we have here. Very nice. Okay? No, we have the complete the chip using curve aloof. And then I'm moving till to the body off the copter to see the best two results I can get. I just have moved the points between the tail and the body of a helicopter toward fun toe toward the front area of the copter. So I can You had the best trestles for the shape. All the money of Eric after we have here. Very nice. Here we have the shape of a helicopter. There's the tail. They were nice. Okay, Now I'm trying to create an extra port so I can see what I can get here. I'm trying. Coming. The till has better shape. So I'm trying to add the extra eyrie above it, using slender, extending it from the body out of the helicopter until the end of the still we have here. Very nice. I just need to scale little down Now I need to scale the circle at the end, point off the shape we have created to be attached and to me, fit, Suitable for the end of the culture. We have already very nice trying. Now, given the mess tradition angle. Okay, here we are trying now to move them to the best place for a nice. Okay, Now I'm using. Could have lived again to get the link area between the tail and the body. Ready. Very nice. Okay, Now I'm getting tradition petition to end, trying to make the extra we have created aligned with the tail we have already. Okay. Very nice. No, I'm trying. Turns it a birth off the carrier of wings. So for this part, I can We're dead down and medical after we have very nice. He and we are. Okay. - Okay . Now I need the ring line around the career, all the wings. So I'm trying to draw the extra line we have here to extend that make it finishes smoothly with the meeting for off the new copter. Very nice. Okay, Okay. Very nice trying . Now to move the rectangle, which is in all the extra ship we have which is a carrier of bling to be inside the body of a helicopter. Very nice. No, I'm trying to create the new shape, but great. And you shape. I need a surface. So I'm drawing rectangle and then I'll start using Lion Tool. Actually, I'm using gland toe to create the field off the copter we have this thing can, can be can be model. I was lying tool on surface. And then we can lead the extra parts, the extra lines and then extrude the tail itself. Okay, Now I'm adding an extra boy on extra port for the theory of year to me attached in the tale of a helicopter we have now and leading the extra areas. So now I can close the next report we have year and then reverse fists and then I can push or pull the tail itself. Here we go. Okay. Here we go. No can extraordinary. The extra port attachment to the tail is important. And push tool, but I'm making it smaller. And the height so can be more realistic. And then I I can add it to the tail we have already. Now I'm trip. I'm trying to create the bays. Where the motor off? The second rulings behind the main wing. So I'm trying to create the blades off the engine. No, I've got in the engine behind the main engine we have. This is the second engine I have just created the the place off the excess, which is a core off the engine. I wouldn't need now to create a slender so I can create a mother of the blades off the wing outside the main wing we have already in, or they look up on the req Achter we have. So let's see what we can do now. I'm trying to enhance the shape off the core. Here we go. - Okay . Very nice. Now we have the core of the engine created on the tails. Here we are. Okay. Very nice. Now I'm trying more than the port that carries the blades off the engine we have here moving it to its place on the X is on the spine. We have here moving into the center of it so I can start molding the wings. Here we go. Now I'm trying to decrease the skill of the spine itself. Okay? Kill now. Very nice. Okay, Now I'm trying to grant Blade one of the blade so I can move it, come here to its place, and then make a cubby off it. Using rotation tool by pressing control. So let's see what we can do with irritation. Tool to clone and copy the blade we are creating right now. So I'm creating it using land tool. I need now to fix the gaps between the lions to be in one surface. Here we have our mistake. We didn't drove on one surface, so I'm trying to create again on rectangle tools. Be working at the surface. Here we go. Drawing the blade again. Okay, here we are. Okay. You know, I'm trying. Created the length between the blade and the core off the engine self. Now I am making it a component. So if I made changes to one blade, the other blades can be affected by default, as we describe and as we've seen for on previous object, and here we are scaling down the blade to be at suitable skill so I can move it and club it around the spine of the core. Which is it? Which is the engine we have here. I'm trying to give it the right with using skeletal on the right with and, of course, the right lens. Okay. Very nice. No moving the blade to its right place, so I'm giving it the position and rotation and skill. Very nice. Okay. Now trying to retake the blade around the exes. Very nice. Here. We have a copy off it. No, we need to make two copies, but let's see first what we can do here. We have four blades. Let's see what we can do to increase the enhancement off the scale. A musician and irritation angle for every blade. Okay, Very nice. Now it can modify on one component so the other components will be affected by the fold. Very nice. Okay, Now I'm trying to move the tail to its place with the engine we have created and leads. Okay, Very nice. Now I just need to move it little up. Do. It's actual place. Okay. - Here are trying to get the best skill for the blades we have here. Very nice. No, I'm trying. Okabe leads. I have created with the right skill now holding shift to create the curry. Okay, We're nice now. I'm trying to, but the engine on its place on the helicopter we have here, they're nice moving the engine left forward so we can decreases lens off. Then we have here to see the results you get okay. Very nice trying to figure out the the result he will get if we decreased length. All that we have here searching for the best too realistic appearance for the till we have . And also for the whole for the whole project we have. Okay, Very nice. Okay, - now we have the four blades around the core off the engine. Now we can create the group and the group them. Okay. Very nice drawing now to give the engine the right scale to see if we can get Mr Realistic Way to present the tale of the copter. We have trying to increase the lens off the tail. We have very nice. Now I'm trying figure out the right lands for the till We have year. Okay. Very nice. Here we have the result off the scale and trying to scale again so I can the best I can get the best value off skin we have. But I can also move some points with the best results. Whatever I use scale or used points. I'm trying together with results, so I mean to use move. Tool to move some points off daily begins with traveled. Okay. You need still need to adjust some of the blades trying to figure out the right scale for them. You more tryingto one of the leads away. So I can now with them again if needed and creating a coming off them cleaning to increase the lens of a little bit. So it's not that short. We need to move the engine raft. Gated. Also, here we go trying to put it on the suitable position for it. And here we go. Very nice. Okay, Very nice weekend. Continue. And the next video? We wouldn't be able to create more complicated objects and add more details. And we will we we will be starting with materials and colors. So see you in the next video 7. Finishing and Adding Colors: Hello, my friends and was Come back. This is left venue. In our project, we have already created and world almost ninth person off the helicopter we have here. But we still need add some details and give it the materials over the colors. So that's start first time. I'm starting with adding more details to it. One of the because we have Is there a meaning ship, all the pill and the end off the helicopter. So I am starting to create the shame here and have great and component of that shape and then trying to move it to its place. Me first for identity using rotation tool. And then I'm scaring it so I can get the best skill for it, moving it to its to its best position. By giving the best position for it. I'm getting the best result. So it needs to be aligned with mainly in we have here. I would move it doing and then start moving it, Nick to its place. And here we are, So need him without, like that Here are skinning it. There's a lot and it alone. Okay. Trying to create the other side. Okay. No trying to move it to its place using move tools. Now he drives a result just very good, but still need to add some Dale step Could really nice trying to adjust the direction off. Deal. Tried to kill the bars report and its end and admit Okay. Very nice trying to figure out. Is it new chip using curve aloft for his deal to get a better shape off it. Anything that deal again? Trying to scare that little and given the right champ selecting the Ellis line. Here we go. Okay. Very nice. Here. We have the result. We need to move this area Them. Okay, Very nice to me. Careful with the give off the money off the copter. We have moving the end off it. I was killing the supporting Tailed. Okay, Very nice. Okay, that's good. The result now is quite good, but here we have modification. We can do. We need to cut the extra area of the body so we can rotate it. Okay, here we go. Creating another line to me. Ringel, line that this That's closing the gaps between surface now. I can like the area I want to rent It. Are we moving back a little, and then I can use rotation. Tool two dead. The shape we have. Okay, that's nice. Was way a cancel leg the surface on lee and irritated so I can increase or decrease its height. Then we have an area here that we can produced was more quality. Okay, here is I'm selecting the rather rather our doom. Scaring it. Linden. - Okay , very nice. Here is the initial results we got from ships we have. Can it Good. Real nice. We can now start adding the twin terrible chef engines onboard both size on both science off the helicopter we have here. So we need to start to see where will I start from? I need first grade the shape and then increase its height using bull and bush tool. I think first I'm creating the wheel on on the back because imagine copter has three wheels . Two in the front area and one at back. Very nice. Okay, very good. I mean, scared a little bit. Now I'm selecting one real and getting a copy of it so I can, but and the wheel and back. So I came about in the wheel in the back area. Okay, Very nice. Okay. Okay. Now I'm trying to get the wheel on, but it and place on the on the helicopter. We have let me first fix the issue was killing. Okay. Very nice. No, I am the were created Skilling and limit. Okay. Very nice. No, we have the real on the back area that there's to the helicopter. We have Okay. Very nice position. The most important thing is a position off the wheel. And scared, Of course. So I am putting it on its place and then scaling it. Okay, this is very good. Okay, Very nice. Henry, go. Okay, here we go drawing. So I just That's lenders mature. There's to the well we have here. By the way, I can skin the whole shape and it remind place for it. Okay, Very nice. Good. Now start moving the real and in its place and scaring boards a little bit. Okay. Very nice. Moving the meal to its place while I was killing it and giving it the right skill. Selecting a slender and scared a little down the other one here. Scared a little down. Okay. Very nice in rava skill. I think we need to skill down the renowned men, but let's move it, love. And then to see the resulting Got here. I mean, to move a little. Scanning the first lender. Okay? Tryingto real itself and the end of the lender we have here. Okay, here we are. I think the skin now is very nice. That's just retreated, Linda. Okay. Skinning it to see if I can give it more suitable skill. Okay. Very nice. Okay. No, I'm trying to get the secondary lender for the winds for the main means we have in the front area of the copter by creating two cylinders and then touching them to his mince lender trying Figure out the miss tradition angle. Okay. Trying now, Durand a secondary item or object to the wind and the end off the copter using circles and then extraordinary just lender and moved it to its place while giving it the right skin and the right drill. IOUs for the circle we have. Okay, we're nice. Should we have the final reason off our helicopter? But I still need to add one more detail, which is a twin terrible shaft engines that will be on both off both sides. Off the helicopter we have here. Let's see. First, if we can add more details to the current more than we have. Okay. So we can start by creating a rectangle samba rectangle and then extruded No, we have object trying to use more complicated chimp. And then I can extraordinaire, I'm using body gone with eight sides. He ran the it science. I can explode it and then select lions because when I trying to leg lines now, it doesn't selected. So I would be trying to explode the ships we have year and you can see I have selected. You hear, abs? No, I can treat it. Sign my signed sensing with that one. Okay, that's no select half. And now let's get the view. And that is you. It's like tough it and move it. Now again, make use on the mentions that's killed the over old shame down. Good. Very nice. Now I'm trying to make a circle and the center plane over the shape we have here. Okay? Very nice grating. Comey probably going going because I want to make a lion so I wouldn't be doing intersect with Mother so I can get line surrounding to the object we have. And they can treat this part individually without affecting the other meaning parts on the shade we have here coming line. And then we can treat with every single ring line selecting the 1st 1 And Skilling is little down sensing the 2nd 1 You can also skillet. Okay, We're nice here. We have became of also the current chip inside, and then we can delete this drawing. Now Figure out Miss stands for the lines. It is the first line. Here's the second line. I can move it inside. And the line we have here, I will be moved more inside leading it's extra surface and he would have the whole created and the shape we have. This has look. Yeah, very nice. No trying. Coming. The secondary. The second, The object. Okay. Very nice. By using a slender okay. Trying to create a bull or a sphere using circles. So I'm going to use to circles and then make one of the circles full of the other one so I can get a sphere. Let's see what we can do. Getting follow me tool and starting to make this fear. Okay, Okay. We can solve that by using another way. I am. I will use half off circle. I want I won't use full circle. So lets you we can get now. Okay. This is for the first part. I need to add the full sphere. So I will leave a dividing line. And here we go learning to reverse faces. Let's see if we can do that. Okay. Very nice. I would create the cubby on this fear, and then we moved up. And then I can intersect with the models and need one of them. And let's see what we can get now. Okay? And we go Very nice. This is a reason to You want to get I'm reversed faces. And here is the end board. I can't move it now on the slender redecorated on the benefit. And here we go. Very nice now inserting should have corrected and toe the men shape we have. Okay. Very nice. Okay, Very nice. Now we have the secondary object and sorted. And the first object. Very nice. - Okay . Now inflating the engine in its place trying to get the best position for it. You having that's you double scared and then more closer to the money of the sculptor. Here we go drying Skilling options without holding. Okay. Very nice. Okay. Hair out of the ship on one side, weekend on just one side and then try to move it to the other side after modifications, trying to make it symmetry. Let's see if we can get okay, here we are, moving the shape to its place. Okay. Very nice trying to Comey the other object and move it to its place. And let's see what we have here on the appearance of the Apache. Okay, that's good. But we can do more. Let's move them out. Love to the surface or the jump off the Apache. Very nice. Here. We have a result getting perspective so I can get a better view for the amount you have here. Okay. Very nice. Okay. I'm giving the helicopter its colors. Okay. We have I started boating the colors off the helicopter. We have some colors here. Okay. Very nice trying to give it the most suitable color covering the whole shape off the helicopter with the color we have shoes in. Okay. Very nice. - Here . Have choosen the best color for it. I think we again make more suitable kind of resent this. So let's see if you can do and you can, of course, and your favorite colors toe the helicopter you have designed with me filling the colors on the extra parts we have here trying to give every board that's color to be more realistic. Okay, Very nice. - Okay , here we have the colors filled, the whole shape off the doctor fitting out. These there is with the same color, which is our primary color. We need else who to cover the place. Where is the glass? Let's see first, if there is any ports it we felt with main color we have here trying to get a secondary color for the blades off the engine. Okay. Very nice. Trying to fill the other ports with the secondary color we have. But first, make sure that you have a suitable color for every object. Very nice trying to fill in the Yes, we have here. Okay. Very nice trying. Now to get the color off the glass using a new color for some a pastie. Very nice. Giving the main color to its places. When I make a color, I press altar wine Amusing main packet tool so I can get a drummer that can make the color I want back. And then after breaking the color, I can now apply to the empty ports here. So I have make the main color. And now I'm feeling the parts I need felt there was the main color fixing out these old colors or or blank areas. Let me to me, filled with color. - Okay . Very nice. He really defend this part? We can use more bright color or we can use main color itself. You can choose the color you want. He is the color for the rockets. I'm trying to enter the components. So when I select the component and do some application or modifications that the rest off the modern it was the same components will be affected with the same edits I have made to the first component. Okay, Very nice. Now I have given the color to all the rockets we have here on the match. We have Okay? Nothing. I think the black color and then applying it to the area inside the rocket. Okay. Very nice trying to get the front area off the rocket with another color. Very nice. Trying to get into the moon did so I can control have better control on the component we still need. Have we have way Still need toe fell these areas. I think that we are done and are more than is ready. And we have designed the Apache helicopter, but you can add more details to it the morning it is you got into the model, the best result for the more good result to get. So by now we have created the spine, the glass, the wings on the blades and the rockets, the wheels and they'll which is very nice. We have created also the second rib blades and the ridge or above the helicopter, which is very nice. So that's all what we have and see you in the next project.