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Learn 360 Painting In Photoshop

George G., Unleash your creative mind.

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9 Videos (36m)
    • Introduction

    • What is 360 painting

    • Examples

    • How to create the spherical panorama

    • How to paint inside the panorama

    • Grids and layers

    • Quick Demo

    • How to export

    • How to upload it to facebook


About This Class

Do you want to learn how to create the world around you? 

Or how to create a sci-fi environment that you can immerse in it by putting a VR headset.

Well this course is for you! 
Join with me in this journey to create some amazing 360 panoramic paintings

This is not a drawing course! I will show you all the techniques you'll need to create a 360 panoramic painting. All the creative work inside, depends on you!
You have the freedom to paint like on a flat peace of paper but also create a virtual reality painting in the same time.

You will get:

- personal contact with me

- lifetime access to course materials

- 360 perspective grids 

Sign up not and start creating!





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George G.

Unleash your creative mind.

George Grancharov is an online entrepreneur who is very passionate about teaching.

His vision is that education its the only thing that can guarantee happiness in life.
That's why is responsibility for all of us, he believes.

Georgi is a young motivated guy who's previus job was a team leader
at the biggest online learning platform in Bulgaria.

His mission is to help other's to reach their creative goals in life.

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